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Feb 9, 2021
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namjin au— after a silly argument, namjoon stops replying to seokjin’s texts. seokjin wants to fix things, but it’s difficult to reach his boyfriend when namjoon is in a concert abroad. and everything gets worse when seokjin finds out there’s more to namjoon’s sudden ghosting.

• established relationship namjin 🥰 secret famous couple, comedy, pure chaos, lots of mysteries and misunderstandings... • side in-denial yoonmin 😌 • this is a commission out of my drafts! it’s an original idea, and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it
the couple
in a secret relationship
their friends
first, there’s a tour
missing joon hours
soft cypher edits 🌸
lonely 😞
cypher tl
an idea
the only one not online...
taking it easy
he waited patiently
still no answer
and panic
let’s not jump into conclusions
giving him space
and the side ship is here
yoongi is easy to break
a mystery
hold on
what now?
back on business
pants on fire
hoseok’s version
the real panic
teléfono malogrado
there’s a lot of tension
they are here
worried boyfriend 😔
anxiously waiting
just kidding 🤭
good flight 🌙🧡
Namjoon takes a long moment to open his eyes; he knows he's awake, but if Namjoon keeps his eyes closed longer, then maybe he can sleep more. The light coming through the window doesn't let him through. He feels like shit. He has a headache; he’s thirsty, his ribs hurt somehow.
Namjoon covers his face before groaning from tiredness, and at that moment, he notices he has a bandage on his forehead, and bandaids nears his cheekbones. Namjoon sits up way too fast, and the movement only makes him feel more pain. Last night happened; it wasn't a dream.
There's a lot Namjoon needs to process about last night, but so far, he's glad he's back in the Hotel Room, wearing his clothes and with his wounds treated. Everything seems to be under control. Except, he needs to talk to Seokjin. He needs to charge his phone and call Seokjin!
Namjoon hopes his phone is charging on his bedside table, where it should be. But before he can check, the moment he removes his hand from his head and turns his body, he sees someone sleeping in the corner of the Hotel Room. Legs to his knees, wrapped in a blanket. Seokjin.
But it makes no sense, Seokjin is not in Japan. And he looks so peaceful sleeping, like an angel. Namjoon must have died yesterday, he must have passed out while drunk, and he ended up covered in snow, and he's dead, and Seokjin, in the form of an angel, has appeared to him.
There's no phone at his bedside table, so perhaps this Hotel Room is a product of his subconscious. Namjoon died, and he didn't get to answer Seokjin's texts, and he died, and Seokjin was upset at him. And the tour isn't even over! Yoongi will kill him even if he's dead already.
Namjoon groans, upset at himself for dying with so many regrets. There are so many things Namjoon didn't get to do! He refuses to be dead. Maybe the angel is here to forgive Namjoon- perhaps he's in a coma, and if the angel forgives him for being a bad boyfriend, he can wake up.
Namjoon throws the blankets aside and stands up towards the angel that looks like Seokjin. He bends until they're on eye level and can see the angel sleeping deeply. Namjoon is not a religious man, but he's spiritual, and he thinks he can recognize an angel when he sees one.
Namjoon leans forward to move a strand of hair from the angel's forehead. "Angel, that looks like Seokjin," Namjoon tries to wake him up. "Hey." The angel scrunches his face and grabs Namjoon's hair to stop his touch. "Angel." The angel opens his eyes slowly. "Joon?"
"Angel," Namjoon replies. The Angel makes a funny face before rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up fully. "You've never called me that before. Angel." "Mmh?" "Babe, love- I think you called me prince once, but never Angel." The Angel smiles gently. "I think I like it."
It takes Namjoon a long second to understand the angel's words. He's not dead, he's not in a coma, he's in his Hotel Room, and Seokjin is in Osaka with him. Namjoon's mouth falls open, and Seokjin lifts an eyebrow, confused by his lack of speech. "Joon?" "You're in Japan."
Seokjin looks away, and lets go of Namjoon's wrist slowly. "Yeah. I was worried about you. I bought a ticket and came here, but not to pressure you or anything! I just was anxious you were in danger." Seokjin is acting weird, making himself smaller, and not meeting Namjoons eyes.
It's unlike him, who usually gets on Namjoon space and looks into his eyes when talking. "Wait- pressure me about what?" "In case you want to break up with me. I didn't show up to dissuade your choices!" Namjoon might be back in the Hotel room, but he's as lost as yesterday.
"Hyung?" Namjoon crouches so he can remain close to Seokjin more comfortably. His boyfriend seems to require reassurance, and Namjoon will give it all. "What are you talking about? I don't want to break up with you. Why would I want to end what makes me the happiest man?"
Seokjin finally meets his eyes. "I don't know! You were acting weird yesterday!" Namjoon was, he knows, so he can't argue with Seokin. After a sigh, he touches Seokjin's hand. "Yeah, we need to talk, but I swear it's nothing bad. No breaking up! Just the thought makes me sad."
"You scared me yesterday!" Seokjin complains. He looks ready to push Namjoon but thankfully decides against it. Namjoon would have fallen to the ground even at a light push. "I'm sorry. I said everything was fine and posted on Twitter so you would know it wasn't something bad!"
"But you were acting weird! It didn't seem like it was fine, and then you disappeared!" "I know. I'm sorry." Seokjin bites his lower lip. Namjoon feels bad; Seokjin is not one to get seriously upset. He usually picks up silly fights with Namjoon, but he never means harm.
"Come here, let's lay down, and I'll tell you everything." Namjoon stands up, and this time he holds both of Seokjin's hands. Seokjin's nod comes after a long second. He puts the blanket aside. Seokjin lets Namjoon drag him up until they're both standing in front of the other.
Seokjin is wearing jeans and a white shirt, probably what he wore to the airport, and this close, Namjoon cant see the bags under his eyes; he must have been so worried and stressed. They don't take a step anywhere, Namjoon wraps his arms around Seokjin's arms and hugs him.
In no time, Seokjin lifts his own arms around Namjoon's middle and settles in Namjoon's shoulder to hug him back as tight as he can. "I missed you," Seokjin whispers. A smile finds its way to Namjoon's face. "I saw you were watching cute videos of me. I do that too, you know."
Seokjin doesn't answer until he's burying his face against Namjoon's neck and then mumbles. "I know." The hug and sweet words ease the atmosphere between them. "Why weren't you in bed with me?" Namjoon wonders. "I woke up and saw you in the corner, and I thought I was dead."
The comment makes Seokjin snort, and he pulls away from the hug just slightly so he can meet Namjoon's eyes with their arms still tangled together and keeping them close. "Because I move a lot when I sleep, and you have a bandage on your face, so I wanted to be careful with you."
Namjoon frowns. "That's true, but you could have slapped my face while sleeping, and I wouldn't have minded, hyung." Seokjin hasn't laughed yet, but Namjoon is on his way to achieve it. "The bruise you're going to get would have minded, though." Namjoon can't dispute that.
"But now we can lay down," Namjoon whispers against Seokjin's temple. "Yes, and you can tell me everything. All of it! Since the start! Your manager should arrive soon too, and they want explanations too." Namjoon sighs; he has a lot of talking to do. But first, Seokjin.
Namjoon finishes drinking the glass of water on his bedside table and starts speaking before laying down. "Well, I think this started before the Song Association video." A loud gasp- "Before they posted it or before you recorded?" Seokjin visibly panics, and Namjoon faces him.
"Before they posted it! Don't go so far back!" Namjoon reaches for his boyfriend, and Seokjin calms down after meeting his gaze. Last night must have been terrible for Seokjin if he's still so jumpy about everything Namjoon says. "Oh, okay," Seokjin whispers.
"We had just finished soundcheck, and I go on Twitter, and I see that you're watching Cypher videos with Jimin and almost like every day since I've arrived at Japan, you're tweeting about how much you miss me and stuff, so I think- 'I'm going to give hyung a surprise!'"
"A surprise?" Seokjin squints his eyes. "Yeah, so instead of doing the usual, I didn’t send you a text and didn't reply to your tweets." Seokjin nods; he's looking up as if recollecting his memories. "But I called your manager." "You called my manager?" Seokjin sounds confused
"I did. I wanted to be secretive about the surprise because if not, it's not a proper surprise. I didn't go online, and I told your manager not to tell you I called." "Of course," Seokjin sighs before pinching between his eyebrows. "Already starting with the secrets."
"What did you tell him?" Seokjin's voice is full of tiredness, and Namjoon offers him the softest smile he can give. "I told him, 'Hey, I want to send some flowers and maybe a dessert to our apartment. Do you think you can make that happen?'" Seokjin looks up with wide eyes.
Seokjin is shocked by the turn of events, but he still pouts. "I didn't get anything." "Well, because after I asked that, he went like, 'Oh, this is such a good idea, Seokjin will be so happy after everything that happened.' And I'm a little confused because what happened?"
"But I don't ask him. I pretend I know what he's talking about, and we continue chatting, but I'm trying for him to spill the beans because I wanted to know what happened for you to need cheering up?" Seokjin frowns before looking down to see Namjoon playing with his fingers.
"And you know your manager, he spilled everything after a minute." At last, Seokjin's eyes widen. "And he tells me 'yes, Seokjin was so sad that he had rejected that role in America to stay with you, but you ended up going on a tour just when Seokjin had started his vacation..."
"And at that moment, I'm a little speechless because yes, I remember you being sad because you were on vacation, and suddenly we got the extra dates for the tour, but I don't remember you rejecting any role." Seokjin's mouth falls open. "I mean, it wasn't an important role!"
"I was a little upset but not at you!" Namjoon only looks at Seokjin. It seems now, the speechless one is his boyfriend. Namjoon knows they should have had this talk yesterday, but he needed time to organize his ideas- and got lost in between all that, so he guesses now will do.
"But you didn't tell me about it. So I end up feeling a little uncomfortable because why didn't we talk about the role? So I tell your manager- 'hey, you know what? I don't think I'll be able to call Seokjin tonight. Can we do the surprise later in the week?" Seokjin sighs.
"Of course, I ask him not to tell you I called and keep it all a secret from you, which I must admit- you look shocked, so he did a good job at keeping our call a secret." Seokjin lets go of Namjoon's hand to cover his face. "I hang up, and I have a lot of questions."
"I'm wondering why didn't you tell me? It can't be a secret because otherwise, your manager wouldn't have mentioned it. At the same time, I know I don't have time to discuss anything with you because the concert starts soon, and I don't wanna argue so close to the show."
"So I just ignore my phone, and I don't check it because I feel weird about this secret, but I know it's not the time to bring it up, but then I got a text from you about that song video." Seokjin pouts. "And you're your usual self, just picking up fights for fun."
"But it wasn't the moment." Seokjin grimaces, and Namjoon pulls him closer into a hug. "I know." "Not just because the concert was about to start, but also because I was not in the mood for a silly little fight when I had genuine concerns about something regarding you. Us."
"And that's why I answered the way I did. With that attitude." Seokjin nods. "You know me well, you quickly picked up that something was up, but I just couldn't bring myself to reply because I knew if I did, I was going to mention the role, and it wasn't the time. "
Before Namjoon can continue explaining, Seokjin lifts a finger, signaling he wants to say something. "What is it, hyung?" "Yes, I understand what you mean. But I think you could have communicated that better," Seokjin murmurs. "Without leaving me to wonder what I did wrong."
"You answered that way, and I apologized because I had clearly picked up a fight in the wrong moment, but then you ghosted my apologies, and that made me feel bad." Namjoon nods, listening to his boyfriend. "Unless you wanted me to feel bad as punishment," he snorts.
"Of course not! I don't want to make you feel bad ever!" "Maybe you did it unconsciously." Namjoon doesn't retort, and he only sighs. "I wanted to organize my thoughts before talking to you, and I wanted to understand why I felt uncomfortable, but I ended making you anxious."
"I'm sorry," Namjoon ends up saying. Because even if he didn't intend to, his actions made Seokjin worry and doubt himself. Seokjin nods against his neck. "Then what happened?" "The concert ended, and it's not like I had done much thinking about our relationship while rapping."
"So, I wanted time by myself. Because I was uncomfortable knowing you had kept that information from me, but at the same time, I can't get mad at you for making work decisions about your career without talking to me? So I didn't know if I had ground to be upset."
Seokjin hugs Namjoon tighter, and Namjoon returns the embrace as best as he can. "I tweeted for my fans and then just locked my phone and tried to get my shit together. But then you texted again, and that's when I told you I didn't feel like talking." "I remember."
"I think I was aware I wasn't being the most mature person or the most emotionally responsible boyfriend." Seokjin pulls away from their hug only to raise an eyebrow at Namjoon, amused by his choice of words. "So I tweeted a code for you, expecting to do damage control."
"It didn't work," Seokjin says and buries himself in the hug they're sharing. "Then I did something worse, which was going for a drink with Hoseok. I wanted to go somewhere crowded, I needed the noise, but we didn't want to get recognized, and we ended in this shady place."
Seokjin hums, and he brings a finger to Namjoon's collar, playing with his shirt. "You know how I get when I'm stressed, so I drank more than I should have." "Yes, we all can tell you were wasted yesterday." Namjoon grimaces. "And while drunk, I have the need to call you."
"But my phone had run out of battery, and I hadn't told Hoseok about our fight, so I didn't want to ask for his phone; I wanted to charge mine." "But you didn't have a charger?" "I didn't," Namjoon tries to offer a smile, but Seokjin does not find this part entertaining at all.
"So when Hoseok walks outside to call Yoongi, I stand up in search of the most friendly-looking person at the club, to ask them if they have a charger." Seokjin closes his eyes. "Drunk Namjoon makes the worse decisions in the world." "He does, but he wanted to call you."
Seokjin smiles a little wider than before, and Namjoon is glad. "But that wish lead me to do an idiotic thing." "I don't wanna know, but I wanna know." Namjoon juts his lips. "I found someone who had a charger, and they were okay with me using it, but..." "But?"
"We went to the bar to see if they had a plug, but they were all occupied, and one guy at the bar told us he could charge my phone in his car." "Oh God, Namjoon." "I didn't understand everything he was saying." "Of course you didn't." "But drunk Namjoon was convinced."
"And that's when Hoseok lost you." "Yeah. In my head, everything was fine. I was going to charge my phone and call you, and then everything was going to be solved, and I could walk back inside and return to the Hotel with Hoseok." Seokjin looks like he's about to faint.
"Nothing bad happened!" Namjoon tries. "Namjoon! You were missing for almost three hours, and you have wounds on your forehead and your cheekbones! Your lovely cheekbones!" "They will make me look badass for the next concert?" Namjoon beams. "Yoongi said the same thing."
Seokjin seems disappointed by that statement. Namjoon pouts. "Well, we went to his car. He wanted to make a move on the person that was lending me their charger. And once I felt like they were uncomfortable, I pretended his car connection didn't work." "You sickening gentleman."
"And then he got close to see how it wasn't working, and well it was working, and I panicked, so I punched it. You know those adaptors for the car- those thingies you plug into the car." "Namjoon..." "I punched it, and it got stuck in the socket." "Oh, God." "And he saw me."
"So he started yelling and asking me why did I punch his charger adaptor. And I didn't have an answer? I had done it because I wanted the thing to stop working so he would leave alone the person who had kindly lend me their charger." "Namjoon." "It was hard to explain."
"Especially with the language barrier." Seokjin covers his face to groan against his hands. "But in the end, we decided that I was going to accompany him to a garage so they could pull out the adaptor, and I was going to pay for it." "I have no words for you. You're a mess."
Namjoon offers half a smile. "It gets worse. After I paid for the thing to get fixed, he threw my phone at my face, therefore the wound." Seokjin's whole face goes blank. "I'm going to kill that man," he mutters using the most severe tone Namjoon has heard on him.
"And then I'm pretty sure I tripped while trying to walk back to the Hotel." Seokjin looks like he's about to cry. "It wasn't my best night, but I'm here!" "You idiot!" Seokjin sobs. "Don't put yourself in danger like that! I almost had a heart attack! It was horrible!"
"You came all the way to Japan." "Of course I did! I was so worried about you! How can you act so chaotic in only one night-" Seokjin goes quiet all of a sudden, stopping midsentence, and then sighs. "Well, it's not like I can complain; I've had my own chaotic night too."
Namjoon lifts his hand to Seokjin's face, softly rubbing his thumb over his cheek. "You're going back to Seoul today?" "I don't know." Their eyes meet. "I did reject a role so I could spend time with you not to be apart." "We have to talk about that," Namjoon sighs. "We will."
"We decided you wouldn't come to Japan with me because it would put us on the spot about our relationship. I mean, if you accompany us to all the tour, people might speculate and stuff." Seokjin pouts. "Let them speculate. Fans are always saying we're friends either way."
"I could post a photo of you sleeping next to me, and they will say we're cute best friends." Namjoon laughs at Seokjin's indignation. "And I don't wanna return; I want to be with you." Seokjin pulls Namjoon into a tight hug. "I want you to be here with me too."
Their eyes meet, and Namjoon thinks everything is a lot easier when they talk. He takes a deep breath, and Seokjin smiles. "I didn't tell you about the role I rejected because I thought you would feel bad about the whole situation and I didn't want you to feel bad while touring."
"I felt bad when I found out," Namjoon laughs. "Because of many things, mainly because I didn't want you to lose opportunities for me." "It's okay. It wasn't something I was dying to do. Otherwise, I wouldn't have rejected it. But definitely, I should have brought it up before."
Namjoon thinks there's more to discuss, and they should talk, but if Seokjin is staying with him in Japan, then they will have time to talk- right now, he needs something else. "I'm sorry I kept it-" Namjoon interrupts Seokjin with a kiss. First a peck, and then a deeper kiss.
But Seokjin pushes Namjoon. With flushed cheeks and biting his lips not to smile. "I hate when you interrupt me for kisses!" Namjoon tilts his head. "You hate it, hyung?" They stare at each other for a long moment, and then Seokjin sighs. "Eugh! No, I don't! Come here!"
By the time Namjoon's manager knocks on the door, Seokjin is on his back, and Namjoon is hovering over him, and they break apart with a loud smooch before groaning at the sound. Namjoon leans down for another peck, but Seokjin doesn't let him move, holding him close by the neck.
"I have to go get scolded," Namjoon whispers against Seokjin's lips. They share a peck before Seokjin asks. "And then you're informing them I'll be staying here with you?" Another quick kiss has Namjoon smiling. "I'll be informing them," Namjoon assures him. "Good."
he stays
joon’s wife...
jin swiftie
the end 🌙🧡


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