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Feb 11, 2021
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"Come on Kyungsoo, your job won't marry and give you children! its time to date!" Baekhyun says to his friend. The same exact line either of them heard and spoken countless time. "Date? I can't even afford a new pair of shoe." "And I can't afford to bring you on my Valentines

Day date. No No No. Sunday movie night is cancelled.." "Can I just come? Promise Baek, I'll behave." Baekhyun sighs, as much as he love his bestfriend but receiving a date offer from his longest crush is an opportunity he won't waste, maybe he don't love Kyungsoo that much.
"How about this, whoever comes out of that comfort room cubicle, asked them out to a date. I'll pay, don't worry." "But Baek-" "Kyungsoo please! I swear to god, if Chanyeol and I ended dating I'll treat you breakfast for three years!" The desperate man bargains. Kyungsoo
pauses, giving Baekhyun's offer a second thought. It sounds fair to a broke man like him, imagine how much money he could save because of free meals. "Make it breakfast and dinner." "Fine you bastard. Deal." Kyungsoo smiles, "deal." The two waited on the counter, pretending
to be conversing about their jobs upon hearing a flush on one of the occupied cubicle. kyungsoo swallows the huge lump of nervousness back, it's free food in return of his courageousness. It's not that hard, all he need is to man up & a shot of confidence. The door lock clicks.
Kyungsoo swallows again, mentally praying that whoever is coming out is atleast a decent person his age. If it's an old bald man, he's doomed. The door opens, the friends eyes grow bigger in trepidation. The man's shoe comes out first, and then his legs, he's got long legs,
Kyungsoo thinks. And in a split second the door spits out the man, the man is none other than- "Shit, Director Kim." Baekhyun whispers. Jongin Kim is staring at the males confused, brows furrowed as he walks into the sink to sanitize his hands. Kyungsoo was pushed by his
friend, reminding him that he's got a deal to do. "No!" Kyungsoo is determined to back out. "YES!" Baekhyun frustratingly whispers back. "No Baek- ouch ouch-" "Ouch!" Kyungsoo thinks he's getting fired, accident it was that he ruined his boss' suit. "I'm sorry sir, I'm
sorry-" "Do Kyungsoo." "I'm sorry sir, I need this job, please don't fire me-" "Okay if you-" "-sir please, I can pay you-" "Date me, Kyungsoo, go in a date with me." "-or you can take it out from my salary-" Kyungsoo is freaking out, stupid and deaf he becomes.
but Baekhyun helps his stupid ass out when the other man screams out, silencing Kyungsoo. "KYUNGSOO DID YOU HEAR THAT?" "What? Am i fired? Oh god-" Kyungsoo is ready to kneel infront of his boss but the latter is quick to catch him, stopping him from his attempt.
"Don't kneel down yet, atleast not infront of your friend." Jongin speaks and Baekhyun is quick to realize the lewd message behind every word so he immediately excuses himself. "-sir-" "Kyungsoo date me, if you want to make up for my suit, date me. On sunday."
sunday? sunday? kyungsoo blinks, still high from his anxiety. "Okay." He accepts. "Okay then. Valentines Day, I'll pick you up at your place 2PM." Jongin smirks and started walking away. Kyungsoo remained frozen on his spot, not understanding one thing as his brain slowly
process them. he watches the director's broad back, turning left where the exit is but stopping before he can leave. "And kyungsoo, you are free to kneel infront of me, I'm all yours." Jongin winks before descending. Right then, Kyungsoo had finally realized. his knees shake
terribly, in excitement, nervousness, glee? He's uncertain to what he truly feels at the moment. He nearly fell when his knees gave out, but lucky for him that a wall is right there to catch him. "oh jesus.." he sighs, rubbing his temple.
the end
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