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Feb 14, 2021
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#taekook king au drabble. a valentine's special ✨ Taehyung woke up with a smile in his face. They don't actually have some time to fool around during the day because the Palace often needs Jungkook to be up early. But maybe not today.

He could still feel Jungkook's arm resting by his waist, and the warm breathe by his nape, and the manly scent of The King that he always find so comforting.
"Aren't you going?" Taehyung whispers, caressing the arm around him. Jungkook seems to wake up, humming deeply and pulling him close.
"No," he whispered back, kissing Taehyung's nape and he hums. "Cleared the day for us, my love."
Taehyung secretly smiles. My, what is this? They've been married for years but he's still blushing! He turns around and saw Jungkook opening his eyes, a smile slowly painting in his face.
"Happy Valentine's," Taehyung whispers and giggled softly, feeling a kiss all over his face and then a long one in his lips. Jungkook pulls away and sighes.
"Mhm, to you too," Jungkook replies, voice a little hoarsed and deep due to a long sleep. He tucked Taehyung's hair by his ears. "What do you want to do? You have me all day."
Taehyung laughs softly. "Really??" Jungkook nods, playing with the curls of Taehyung's hair. He heard him mumbling, "Hm, we'll see. For now I want to spend more time with you here,"
"I'd loved that," Jungkook replies, moving around to get a comfortable position before he opens his arms for Taehyung
Taehyung almost giggle in excitement as he curls himself closer , feeling more comfortable with Jungkook's hands going inside his night dress shirt, carressing his bare waist comfortingly.
Jungkook looks down and laughed a bit when he saw Taehyung biting off a smile. "Why are you smiling.." he mumbled and saw the other shaking his head.
"Nothing, I like this very much," he answers.
There's something so pure and comforting about morning cuddles with Jungkook. It doesn't happen so often because of how early they must be up, but he always look forward to it when they're not too busy.
He gets to see Jungkook in a way other people cannot. Raw, a bit vulnerable, sweet, clingy, sometimes childish and very affectionate. Jungkook shows all of his sides behind closed doors, and mornings are one of those times.
He would always hold him close, would always shower him with kisses and would talk to him in soft whispers and smiles. Far from the well reserved and quiet King that everyone knows.
Indeed, it's one of his favorite time of the day. Jungkook might still be drunk in sleep, but he never fails to show such strong affection.
🐯🐰✨ i originally planned to drop how tk would celebrate the valentines but i got so busy v__v i'll drop it some other time <33


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