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Feb 16, 2021
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#SakuAtsuFluffWeek2021 @- day 2 + day 3 #sakuatsu in which Miya Twins are half human-fox. During mating season, they turn into their fox forms& become very clingy w/ their supposed partners. Osamu's been with his lover for a while. But what about the single Atsumu?

It's day 2 tier 2: fantasy day 3 tier 3: let's just stay like this for a little longer Sorry for bad tagging lol pls enjoy this drabble that's been revolving on my mind since last month!!!!πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜†
Unlike his twin, Atsumu has never been in a serious relationship. Not that Atsumu is looking for one. His enormous love for volleyball is more than sufficient to maintain. Tho sometimes he longs for some affections, hell he loves to be the center of attention.
But he tries not to bother it much. He's got volleyball after all. His serves. His tosses. His teammates. His rivals. (Especially one jet black curly locks friend/enemy in his team.)
Indeed, it is quite hard to handle the mating season while it only happens once a year. But Atsumu always manages to get thru it somehow. Luckily breeding time usually occurs to him in late March, just when the off season is about to start.
During his heat, Atsumu just surrounds himself with lots of fox plushes and bolsters that he feels like in an embrace of one β€” safe & warm. He might feel under the weather but he convinces himself he's fine.
To alleviate the pain for the long of touches and hugs, Atsumu will take sleeping pill or two before period so he can spend his times in deep slumber. Especially with his tired body after weeks of vleague games. Shutting his eyes will be piece of cake.
So it hits Atsumu like a goddamn comet when he feels slightly feverish and touch-starve during the game, here, in the middle of winter, in January. What the hell. He struggles to start his serve. He's too focused not to shift into his fox form or else it would be utter chaos.
But what drives him almost insane is the thought of wanting to run into this comrade before his eyes, the one with 192cm posture and those two dark orbs and those two moles on forehead. No. No. No. No. This isn't happening, Atsumu murmurs.
It's time for Atsumu's serve. But his mind goes blank. His body takes over. After that, only series of failed attempts and poor perfomance comes on the surface. They lose. Atsumu is dumbfounded. He cannot believe his body betrays him. The body he takes care the most failed him
Why the schedule comes way ahead of time? After all this time? And the biggest question lands on "Why is it Sakusa Kiyoomi?" Why? Since when?
Atsumu's thoughts in shambles. After the game, Atsumu runs as fast as he can. He feels his fox fur start to appear. He needs to hide at any cost. He messages Coach Foster, telling he's not feeling well and apologize for his shabby play.
Just in time when Atsumu arrives at his hotel room, he completely transforms into his fox form β€” a red fox with fluffy white fur on belly and black fur on his feet looking like socks. His jersey on the floor as he roams around the room. Trying to bury himself under the blanket.
"HOW DO I TELL THE WHOLE TEAM THAT I AM NOW A FOX THAT CAN TALK?!?!" is how Atsumu's thought screams. He really tosses around on bed, trying to seek some warmth from heavy blanket while thinking how to get outta this disastrous circumstance.
But just after minutes, he hears someone entering the room. And that's when he remembers that he shares this room with Sakusa. And that's when he realizes he's fucked up with no way back.
Atsumu doesn't have the time to make better disguise. "Miya? Where are you? I heard from coach you're resting?" To Sakusa's sight, he sees a lil stack on Atsumu's bed. "Hell, he's not here? He's slacking off??" In respond, Atsumu makes a little noise that startles Sakusa.
"What was that!?" Sakusa scrutinizes the little moving object under blanket. He's not a big fan of surprise. He thinks lot of probability of what's under, but decides to lift up the blanket anyway. To his surprise, he sees a cute living fox there with glassy expectant eyes.
Sakusa is stoned. He wanna shout out loud. Where does this fox come from? He peeks at the window but it's closed. Then he looks at the bedsheet, is it clean? Does this fox leave some foot step stamps around this room? Is this fox even clean?
Sakusa stares at this fox, piercing through the eyes. Why does this fox look so familiar? Those honey brown eyes...resemble Atsumu???? Sakusa tilts his head. Foxtsumu mimics him. Atsumu in his fox form really just wanna jumps into Sakusa right now. So he does.
Sakusa, not ready for this sudden attack, smack foxtsumu in reflexes. Foxtsumu is knocked on the floor, whining. Sakusa comes to his senses, rushes to to fox with his worried face. He hesitantly pats on the fox's head, realizes that some of his strands on his crown are gold.
The fur is too soft to Sakusa's bemusement. Foxtsumu then indulges into Sakusa's touch. He purrs, his tail wiggling, he likes it. Never it has ever crossed his mind that human contact would be this rewarding during his time in this form. Is this what Samu feels? It's nice.
Sakusa, a pet lover at his core, looks at foxtsumu with endearment, he wanna touch more. "I think you're clean. Don't feel any dust on your fur. Come here," Sakusa gestures his hand so that foxtsumu runs into his arm. Sakusa grins, keeps stroking foxtsumu.
Sakusa is still wondering why a fox lands on this room. But petting foxtsumu is more entertaining. "What should I call you?" He stares at his eyes. "Man, those caramel eyes reminds me of Miya. So, how about Tsumu?" Foxtsumu perks up, eyes widen. "You like it? Ok Tsumu, then."
Atsumu stupefied. How could Sakusa says his name so easily? And how could he say it when he's not in his human form? All he said was Miya, Oi, and Idiot. Sakusa calling him Tsumu is something he never knew he craved, now that it engraves in his ears.
But this moment that his body takes over, foxtsumu just wanna clings on Sakusa&nudges to his warmth as long as he is allowed. He never thought this prickly throned rival/teammate would end up smiling to him. Sakusa looks stupidly adorable. Atsumu can't comprehend what he feels.
Just when foxtsumu enjoys his companion in Sakusa, they hear something's buzzing. Atsumu's phone on the floor, with Osamu's name on screen. Hell, twin telepathy? But Sakusa is unsure what to do as Atsumu isn't here, so he ignores it. But the phone keeps ringing. "Is it urgent?"+
Sakusa thinks. By the 8th time, Sakusa picks up. "'Tsumu!!! Where the fuck are ya not answering!" "Ah, Sorry. Osamu-san? This is Sakusa speaking. Atsumu isn't here but he left the phone." "Oh.....uh." Osamu gasps. There is an awkward silence followed their conversation.
After half a minute of no words, Osamu finally says "Sakusa-san, is there, by any chance, are ya now with a livin' red fox? The one with few gold strands on its head?" "Ah...yes. He's on my lap right now.... Is this.....your pet, Osamu-san?" Osamu chuckles in response.
Osamu feels uneasy with his brother already turning into fox. His hunch is right. Yet somehow, he feels kinda relieve. But whatever, he needs to make sure Tsumu is okay. "Osamu-san?" "Oh, sorry Sakusa-san. Hope I dun' freak ya out. But I need to tell ya somethin" So Osamu tells+
Sakusa everything about their fox-shifting moment. Also everything he needs to know to help Atsumu get thru this phase. Sakusa listens in aghast. "..Sakusa-san? Ya still there?" "Yes, hello Osamu-san" "Sorry, it must be confusin' to take in." "Yeah, it is."
Osamu exhales, rubbing his wrinkled forehead. "I know. But please, take care of 'Tsumu for me. Well actually, 'Tsumu still can talk to you even he's a fox." Foxtsumu chokes. He tries not to say a word to make it less intense but his dumb brother just blabs on everything.
"Hi Omi-kun," Foxtsumu finally opens his mouth. Sakusa is dumfounded. He can't even process what is happening to him. "Ah, there. Tsumu finally talks! then I'll hang up. Gotta serve customers here. Hope ya both doin' well. Bye" Osamu ends the call. Another quiet moment fills in.
"Omi-kun? I know this is too much.... Sorry..... This is beyond me..." Foxtsumu says while nuzzles his head to Sakusa's hand. Who is Sakusa to refuse this lovely little fox? He swears he sees sparkles in those hazel eyes. He relents. "Fine, Miya" "Miya? Not Tsumu?"
God, Sakusa is weak. "Yeah, it's fine 'Tsumu. Let's get you out of here first." Foxtsumu beams then purrs. He trusts Sakusa to help him. So Sakusa just plans a little something, telling Coach Foster that Atsumu leaves first to Osaka bcs Atsumu's twin, Osamu, has something
urgent comes up. Lucikly enough, Sakusa drives his own car this time, so they can sneak out and excuse themselves just like that. The drive to Sakusa's apartment is not that easy as Foxtsumu whines for the lack of touch and warmth.
Sakusa multitasks in riding behind the wheels and patting Foxtsumu so that he feels better. Damn, Sakusa never multitasked while driving. He always thinks it's dangerous. He's a careful driver after all. But he just wants Foxtsumu to be comfortable. "We're almost there, 'Tsumu"
And finally they arrive. Sakusa carries Foxtsumu in his arm, all the way to his room. Spray a little disinfectant here and there, then lay Foxtsumu on the bed. He surrounds him with blanket and lots of pillows. "Wait here, I'll take shower quickly," Sakusa says.
Sakusa always cleans himself thoroughly it takes him even an hour. But with Foxtsumu in mind, he manages to finish only 10 minutes. He proceeds to wear comfortable t-shirt and short. Preparing warm water then comes back to his room, hugging Foxtsumu tightly.
"Omi, ya kno ya dun' havta do this. I can do this at my flat too, I'm used to it." "Shh, it's fine. Osamu-san told that this is the best way. I don't mind." Sakusa answers nonchalantly. "Ya....don't mind, Omi-Omi?" Suddenly, Sakusa blushes a bit. Shade of pink on his cheeks.
"Hm, I'm good. I've been wanting to have a pet too. You are like one." "Really, Omi?" "Yeah. You are.......cute too." Foxtsumu gleams, he snuggles more. "Can't believe ya scrub could be this sweet!"
"It might not seem like it, but I've been watching you since high school. I may pay attention more than you realize, Tsumu" Omi says, he reddens at his own words. Foxtsumu clings on Sakusa's chest, his tail wiggling from right to left. "Yeah, Omi-Omi. Thanks!" he grins. +
"Then, is it ok to stay like this, Omi?" "We can stay like this as much as you need." Omi answers with half-lidded eyes. They fall into sleep not long after. For a few days, Sakusa takes care of Foxtsumu. Giving affection as he could. This is the first time Atsumu enjoys+
his period of turning into a fox. He feels safe with Omi around. So he looks in horror when he finds out he's going back in his human form faster than he thought. What about Omi? Will he kick him out now that he's already the regular setter, not the cute fox with soft fur?
When Omi slowly opens his eyes from sleep, Atsumu frets. Yet Omi's eyes just go wide then soften, he strokes Atsumu's gold locks. "Hi, morning. Welcome back, Atsumu." Atsumu gasps in disbelief. Is this really Omi? But Omi smiles to him with the morning light cast on his face.
Atsumu feels overwhelmed and endeared by this sight. He presses his forehead on Omi's. "Hi, morning. I'm back" "Hmm." "Omi, can we still stay like this?" Omi rubs Atsumu cheeks, "Yeah, let's just stay like this for a while."
"Omi, can we stay like this for a long time?" "That depends, our legs and arms will go numb actually. But for now, I think it's all good." Atsumu chuckles, "Yeah, it's damn good." They cuddles and smiles until they fall asleep (again).
//END Ah finally!! I've been thinking about this for a while just wanna let it outta my system. Didn't expect this would be longπŸ˜‚I just love foxtsumu agenda. Credit pic from juniper fox the cutest fox ever.
PS: sorry for grammar error and typos!!! this is my first threadfic lol. think I need to enrich more vocab tho lmao. if you read this, thank u so much πŸ€—


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