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Feb 20, 2021
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yoonmin au where jimin is known as yoongi and his band’s #1 hater. except there’s more to their relationship than what people know aka the “oh no there’s only one bed because they live in the same house stuck in a forced marriage” yoonmin fic

🥟 tags: childhood bffs yoonmin, boy band member yoongi, childhood bestfriends to strangers to enemies to force married to ? au 🥟 slightly winging this as i go, might add more tags in the future :] 🥟 likes and quotes make me feel valid 🥟 tip jar:
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some people
and the devil shall appear or sumthn
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very very short update bc it was a busy day
told you it was short pt 2 i forgot to upload the last one 😭
thank you for 1k hehe :]
The contract said 3 years. A merge between companies, and Jimin and Yoongi were the perfect fit. 1095 days. 1095 days of being married to Min Yoongi. It’s been more than a year since their “marriage” and now, there’s 758 days left. Yes, Jimin keeps count.
The dance room is empty, the way it usually is at this time of the hour. It’s nearing 8 pm & he’s still practicing. It’s not like there’s a performance or a competition to prepare for, Jimin is just passionate in what he does Passionate in dance, in his studies, in hating Yoongi
Yeah. Hating Min Yoongi. Jimin thinks it’s been 3 summers since he swore to never have anything do do with Yoongi again. Alas. Life must have other plans for him.
Jimin looks at the clock. It’s 3 minutes past 8. He guesses it’s enough time to avoid Yoongi. He packs up his bag and leaves, praying that the 8 pm bus is still there.
taekook dormmates 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼
tell me why
continues after run
It’s already half past 9 and the buses are still not coming. Taehyung and Jungkook offered to fetch him and bring him home but that would mean risking the probability of them meeting Yoongi.
Calling his driver is also out of his options, the drive from his parents to school would take up at least an hour. For a minute, Jimin considers calling Yoongi. It’s almost 10 pm. He wonders what would be worse — enduring a 30 minute drive with Yoongi or walking home.
Jimin sighs. He’s about to swallow his pride and call Yoongi when a man approaches him.
press F
rip in pieces
let the games begin
🍊 12 years ago
The Min household is quiet, aside from the rushed steps of an excited 6 year old. 6 year old Jimin rushes upstairs, leaving his things in his wake. He runs as fast as his chubby little legs can handle, up the flights of stairs and past the big bedroom doors until he reaches /it/.
Jimin opens the door slowly, excitement barely contained in his small body. A giggle escapes his lips as soon as he sees a peek of Yoongi’s messy hair. Yoongi sleeps soundly, entire body wrapped in a blanket. However, even his sleeping form doesn’t deter Jimin.
Jimin rushes forward, giggling. Once he reaches the bed, Jimin rests his head on the cushion, cheeks squished and he whispers, “Yoonie hyung.”
A whisper. Soft. Too soft to wake someone and so Jimin tries again, “Yoonie hyung.” This time it’s much louder, loud enough to hear but not to wake and Jimin giggles at the sight of Yoongi wrinkling his nose.
“Yoonie hyung!” Jimin squeals, the excitement from seeing Yoongi spilling out his body. This time, Yoongi wakes. He opens his eyes slowly, a frown on his face from being woken up. He’s about to tell them off when Jimin giggles again.
His hyung is awake now! Jimin can’t contain the pure joy in him. His small hands tap against the sheets, feet bouncing. His hyung is awake now! Yoongi’s eyes soften. “Jimin-ah,” he says. “Hello,” Jimin titters. “Play now with Diminie?”
Yoongi smiles softly and nods. “Yes, Jimin. We can play now.” Jimin squeals. “Yooni hyung play with Diminie always?” Yoongi laughs. “Of course!” He exclaims. “I’ll always be here.”
Jimin screeches in delight at the promise. Small fingers reaching out to Yoongi and pulling him out of his bed. There and then — as he drags his Yoonie hyung out and on to the backyard, Jimin realizes, his Yoonie hyung is his most favorite person in the world. Always.
🍊 Jimin stares at Yoongi’s sleeping form -- sprawled across the living room’s sofa. His mouth slightly open, breathing out soft snores. The sight of Yoongi’s sleeping form bringing back memories to the previous summers. Jimin shakes his head.
There’s no room for memories here. Memories are just dead days, old friends, past loves. Just nostalgia. There’s no bringing them back.
So, Jimin shakes his head and hardens his gaze. He sends a sharp glare at Yoongi’s oblivious form. If he thought Jimin would brush aside what he did, then he’s wrong. Jimin never forgets. He takes all the keys before he leaves.
the Plan
updates will probably be late at night (kst) cause uni starting again
things are getting better
two moods
“What if it’s a metaphor for something? There’s so many colors for hearts! Why use red when, looking at his tweets, it’s always yellow? What if it’s a symbolism for blood and he’s out to get you? Like the heart is red because he’s about to make a drawing of it with your blood?”
“Namjoon, it’s a heart not a fucking thesis for you to dissect,” Seokjin deadpans. “And Jimin would never do that,” Yoongi murmurs. He stares at his phone screen, where Jimin’s messages are currently open. The twin red hearts glaring at him.
“You can’t put it past him,” Hoseok hums. “Jimin totally looks like the type to murder their rich husband.” “And Jimin hates you!” Namjoon adds. “Can you stop saying that?” Yoongi asks, frustrated. “Jimin doesn’t. He doesn’t hate me.”
Sure, he and Jimin drifted apart and there was a time that Jimin pretended Yoongi didn’t exist, but Jimin doesn’t hate him. Jimin wouldn’t. Because the Jimin he knows is /his/ Jimin.
His Jimin from when they were younger — the one who followed him around with a big smile and stars in his eyes. The one who pulls him towards the backyard and asks if they could play, if they would play like this always.
Because the Jimin he knows is the Jimin whose most favorite person in the world is Yoongi. The twin red hearts glare at him from the screen. Deep down, he knows they’ve always been yellow.
Seokjin sighs. “Let’s just go back to practice,” he suggests. “Neither of us are Jimin. We can debate whether that heart is a threat or not, but we won’t know the truth, yes?”
Seokjin turns to Namjoon, “no more telling people their bestfriends hate them, okay? And Hob-ah! No more giving people ideas. Yoongi--” “I’m going home,” Yoongi announces, already packing up his things. “Band practice is only until 6:30, right? It’s almost 7. I’m leaving.”
He doesn’t wait for a reply, already out the door the next minute. Yoongi tries to be hopeful, tries to think that things are starting to get better. It’s only when he arrives at the parking building when the feeling that something’s wrong settles in.
🍊 author’s note: i made a mistake in the calculation of years. to be clear, jimin is 22 and yoongi is 24. the first flashback occurred 16 years ago
🍊 9 years ago
The first time Yoongi saw Jimin dance was when he was 15 years old. It was an accident. The first time Yoongi saw Jimin dance was in the privacy of Jimin’s bedroom.
Jimin had been elusive. He started turning down invites to come over after class, giving excuses that he was behind homework and chores to do. Except, Jimin never did chores and he was never behind in his assignments. So, Yoongi started to worry.
He wondered if maybe Jimin was hiding something. And so, Yoongi also grew curious. And a curious and worried Yoongi thought it was a good idea to sneak up to his bestfriend’s room and confront him. Maybe, catch him in the act of whatever it is he’s doing or hiding.
The first time Yoongi saw Jimin dance was when he was 15 years old. He slowly crept up the stairs leading to Jimin’s bedroom. Quiet in his steps, ready to catch Jimin except when he arrives in front of Jimin’s bedroom door, the door is slightly ajar.
The first time Yoongi watches Jimin dance is through the small opening of Jimin’s bedroom and it felt like he was intruding. Music bled through the door gaps and as he watches the movement of Jimin’s body, he thinks the younger is too.
Stories bleed from the sway of Jimin’s body and the flicker of his hands. Words write themselves in the way he twists and turns and he’s telling a story. And Yoongi has always loved stories.
He watches from the gap in the door, feeling like an intruder. The dance is too personal and he feels like he’s intruding but he can’t move. He stands there captivated, mouth hanging open. Yoongi was 15 when he first watched Jimin dance and he thought he was beautiful.
Eventually, Jimin feels eyes on him and he meets Yoongi’s eyes through the gap in his bedroom door. He fumbles and flushes and tries to explain.
At that moment, Yoongi is captivated by him. Too far gone to understand what Jimin is saying and not coherent enough to say anything else. But he’s desperate enough to speak and say, “dance for me again.” Jimin is caught off guard but he complies.
Later in the evening, when Jimin is spent from all the dancing and Yoongi is high on the adrenaline of watching, Jimin tells him he’s been taking classes. It’s the reason why he was always busy and hard to reach.
And he didn’t know how to tell Yoongi, scared that Yoongi would judge and sneer at him the way his classmates did. Jimin tells Yoongi he’s scared of what Yoongi would think of him. Yoongi tells him, he thinks Jimin is beautiful.
🍊 Jimin feels eyes on him — following every turn of his body and every flick of his hand. Someone’s watching him dance. He turns to look and meets Yoongi’s eyes.
Yoongi’s smiling. He looks at Jimin with gentle eyes and a soft smile. Something about it irritates Jimin. “What are you doing here?” He snaps. Jimin stops in his movements, moving towards his things instead. He pauses the music and drinks from his bottle, waiting for a reply.
Jimin probably wasn’t mean enough because Yoongi takes this as an invitation to enter the dance room. He hovers near the entrance but instead of answering Jimin’s question, he says, “you dance so beautifully.” “I said, what are you doing here?” “Waiting for you.”
Jimin scoffs. “And why in the world will you wait for me?” Yoongi shrugs, trying to look nonchalant, “it’s been a long time since--” “I don’t care,” Jimin replies sharply, cutting him off.
Yoongi sighs. “I think I left my keys at home and my car isn’t in the parking lot. I also don’t have a buss pass and—” “Again, I don’t care” Jimin resumes the music and returns to the center of the room, poise ready. He’s waiting for Yoongi to leave so he can return to dancing.
Yoongi doesn’t. He’s still by the entrance, leaning to the wall near the door. “What are you still doing here?” Jimin asks, irritated. “I said I’m waiting for you.” “And I said, I don’t care.” “And I said, I’m waiting for you.”
“Yoongi hyung,” Jimin groans. He glares at Yoongi but Yoongi is undeterred. “Jiminie,” Yoongi groans back, imitating him. Teasing him. How dare he. “Please leave. I have a dance to practice.” “You can dance! I’m going to stay here and wait quietly.”
“No,” Jimin answers quickly. “You’re not going to wait quietly, you’re going to watch.” “What’s wrong with that? Is it scandalous to watch my husband dance?” Jimin screams out in frustration. An amused smile plays on Yoongi’s lips.
“Can you stop calling me that!” Jimin hisses. “What’s wrong with calling you my husband? When you are in fact, my husband?” Jimin looks like he’s ready to kill him. He’s glaring daggers at Yoongi and his hands twitch by his sides, as if looking for something to strangle.
For a minute, Yoongi’s scared that Jimin would march up right to him and maybe slam his head against the wall. Except, Jimin doesn’t. Jimin closes his eyes and breathes in deeply. He counts from 1 to 10 in his mind and tries to calm down.
When he opens his eyes again, he looks at Yoongi sharply. “Fine.” Jimin says, voice cold. “Let’s go.”
back in buziness
Yoongi never liked riding the bus. It was always too crowded. There’s always too many people and too much waiting. He especially hated the rush hour, when both students and workers were riding to go home. Now, though, he’s grateful.
The crowded bus provides Jimin an excuse to sit next to Yoongi. But Yoongi guesses it’s not enough to make the younger talk. Jimin hasn’t spoken to him ever since they left the dance room. He didn’t spare Yoongi a glance and turned down all the other’s attempts at small talk.
He did, however, pay for Yoongi’s bus ticket. Yoongi’s grateful for that. Jimin is quiet. The type of quiet that feels like a storm is brewing over, just waiting to be unleashed.
Yoongi’s not stupid. He’s perceptive enough to know that it’s Jimin who took all his keys and let Haein go early. And he knows Jimin enough to know that the other isn’t the type to let grudges go. And this is his way of getting back at Yoongi for stopping all the bus routes.
Yoongi doesn’t mind. If he gets to spend a few minutes walking with Jimin in the silence, or sit next to him in a crowded bus, then he doesn’t mind. “Jimin-ah,” he calls. Jimin doesn’t reply. “Jimin-ah,” Yoongi tries again. “Remember when we used to go to school together?”
“Ever since we were young, we’d go to school and go home together,” he reminisces. He smiles softly at the memory, remembering when Jimin was far too little and his smile was far too big for his face.
He remembers the time when Jimin used to greet him with a big smile, tiny fingers clutching his much bigger once. When he was Yoonie hyung and Jimin was Diminie. “And then you’d always reach out for my hands,” he recalls fondly.
Jimin continues to stare out the window, looking far more interested in the passing scenery than what Yoongi has to say. Yoongi sighs. He looks at his hand sadly. “I kinda miss it.” Yoongi expects to be met with silence but he’s surprised when Jimin scoffs at him.
Jimin’s still staring outside but he hums. “The last time we held hands going to school was when you were 15. It’s been 7 years since then. I doubt you remember.”
Jimin looks at him. His eyes are sad. Jimin smiles at him but his eyes are sad and he says softly, “Yoongi hyung. Stop saying things out of your ass. We both know you don’t mean it.” Jimin smiles at him before he stands and rings the bell, signalling the bus to stop.
Jimin gets off two stops before theirs. Yoongi doesn’t follow. Outside, the night continues to buzz and Yoongi’s hand feels cold. Jimin walks home alone.
i hate biochem
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interrogator kook
more later maybe
🍊 9 years ago “So, Jimin, do you like Min Yoongi?” Naeun, one of Yoongi’s classmates, teases him. Jimin blushes before quickly denying, “I don’t!” He’s 13. Jimin is 13 and he’s too young to be in love with his best friend but Naeun laughs, and so do the other girls.
They’re always laughing at Jimin, he notices. They snicker when they see him outside their class as he waits for Yoongi. They giggle when Jimin runs past them to reach his hyung. Jimin doesn’t like them. “Oh, Jimin,” Naeun says, voice pitiful.
She looks at Jimin like she knows something Jimin doesn’t. Jimin shifts in place, growing uncomfortable. He hopes Yoongi comes out of the classroom soon. He wonders what’s taking him so long. Before he can wonder more, the door to the classroom opens and Jimin perks up.
“Oh~ Jiminie~” Jimin flinches at the fake saccharine voice. “Are you here for your boyfriend?” Sung-ho sing songs. Jimin tries not to curl in on himself. The senior sneers at Jimin before shouting towards the room, “Yoongi-yah! Jiminie is here!”
Jimin tries to swallow his discomfort, putting on a smile as Yoongi exits the classroom. His hyung is cringing, looking embarrassed. “Shut up, Sung-ho,” Yoongi grumbles. He looks at Jimin and offers a faint smile before motioning the younger to follow.
Jimin rushes up to Yoongim smiling wide. He reaches for Yoongi’s hand naturally but before their fingers touch, Yoongi quickens his pace. Jimin runs after him.
He doesn’t reach to hold Yoongi’s hand anymore, the other boy is already moving away before he can even reach. Jimin is 13 when Yoongi stops holding his hand. He doesn’t know why.
this will be short sorry had more things to do than i thought
what can not be happening
min jimin
cyclic voltammetry fuck you
did not think things through
just more jimin tweets hehe
who’s at fault 🔍
insert regina george meme
i miss jimin
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yes or yes
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found myself 3 sunoo pcs pls congratulate
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written update soon
bi comeback era
🍊 7 years ago “The hyungs and I are starting a band,” Yoongi says as he sits on the bench next to Jimin. They’re at the stands of the school field, eating their lunches. “A band,” Jimin says through a bite of his lunch.
Yoongi smiles fondly at him before handing the younger some napkins. “Yeah, Jiminie, a band.” “Which hyungs?” Jimin asks. His face darkens for a minute as he asks, “Sung-ho…?” Jimin hopes not. He doesn’t know how he’ll be able to watch them perform if Sung-ho was there.
But Yoongi scoffs as if Jimin said the most ridiculous thing in the world and Jimin’s worries are washed away. “Hell no,” Yoongi says. “Our hyungs.” Jimin squeals once he realizes who Yoongi is talking about. “Hobi hyung?” Jimin asks, excited. “And Seokjin hyung? And Namjoon?”
Yoongi chuckles, “yeah. The four of us.” “Can I join, hyung?” Jimin looks at Yoongi with pleading eyes. “No.” Yoongi tries to hold his smile as Jimin whines at the outright rejection. “Why?” Jimin whines. “Because… you just can’t,” Yoongi answers simply.
“Besides, we already have a name and you won’t fit in.” “I bet it’s a stupid name,” Jimin grumbles. “It’s not!” “I bet it is!” “It’s a cool name!” “Yeah?” Jimin challenges. “Prove it then.” Yoongi squints his eyes at him. He whispers something unintelligible.
Jimin is quick to catch on his behavior. “See! It is stupid! You can’t even say it!” “It’s not stupid!” “Then say it!” “It’s Hyung Line…” “See! It is stupid!” “Yah!” “What?” Jimin huffs. “It’s true. I bet if I had a band, we’ll have a way cooler name.”
“It’s true!” “Hmmm. And what would you name your band?” “I don’t know yet,” Jimin says, returning his attention to the forgotten lunch. “But it’ll be something cool! Like… like The Raspberries or Wild Cherry…? I’m not sure yet but it’ll be cooler than yours!”
Yoongi scoffs, “yeah because fruit names are so cool.” Jimin glares at him but the younger doesn’t argue further. Full attention on his lunch. Yoongi is content to watch him eat.
The school field is empty at this time of the day, students are too busy milling around the cafeteria or other fast food chains. Still, there are few which hang around the field - running across the space and for a minute Yoongi is scared his classmates are there.
His insecurities are loud across the space. “Jimin-ah,” Yoongi calls. Jimin hums. “You’ll support us, right?” Yoongi asks.
And just like that, Jimin is quick to assure him. “Of course! I’ll always support you, hyung!” Jimin exclaims, grinning widely that his eyes smile too. “I’ll be your band’s first and biggest fan ever!” Yoongi smiles. He wishes it would always be like this.
🍊 Present Day Jimin is a good person. He helps out at the orphanage every month and tries to donate as much as he can. He throws his trash to the proper bin and never takes more than what he’s given. But if there’s something Jimin is great at, it’s holding a grudge.
There are two universal truths in Jimin’s world. The first is that there’s two things he absolutely hates. One, Min Yoongi. Two, crowds. Putting those two together and you get the school fair’s battle of the bands.
“For the love of god, Park Jimin! Stop whining! You’re ruining the mood!” Taehyung complains. They’re at the university grounds, sandwiched between sweaty bodies, right at the front of the stage. Great.
“You’re ungrateful,” Taehung says, rolling his eyes. “We bought you a ticket from the goodness of our hearts and this is how you repay us.” “Correction. You reserved us tickets and made me pay for them.” “If you really didn’t want to come maybe you shouldn’t have paid for them”
Jimin splutters. “I’m being a good friend and now, it’s my fault?” Jimin asks disbelievingly. “And you—!” He says, turning to Jungkoook. Jungkook is beside him, big eyes trying to look innocent.
Except, he’s also holding a very big banner filled with Namjoon and Jin’s faces. “You’re judging me,” Jungkook says, tone a little hurt. “Who wouldn’t?” “They need to know I’m here to support them!” The younger defends, holding up his ‘I <3 NAMJOON AND JIN’ banner higher.
Jimin is ready to argue and shatter the younger’s dreams except the host is up the stage now and Taehyung’s elbowing him to shut up. Jimin is about to say something but before he could, a strum of a guitar string is heard and the crowd hushes.
And like they always do, his eyes are immediately drawn to the boy with the guitar Yoongi’s eyes are already on him The song starts but Yoongi’s eyes stay on him. Yoongi smiles softly In the background Jin sings, “and I’ll give you one more time. We’ll give you one more fight”
There are two universal truths in Jimin’s world. The first is that there are two things he hates: Min Yoongi and crowds. The second is that, no matter how hard he tries, there are things you will never forget.
There are 2 universal truths in Jimin’s world but there’s 1 more thing he believes in. Love is an emotion too strong for the human body to handle. It’s a feeling craving to be shared and when that love has no place else to go, no person to receive, it perseveres as something else
🍊 7 years ago
“Excuse me--! Excuse me. Coming thru!” Jimin exclaims, trying to push himself forward. There’s a lot of people, bodies trying to push themself to the front just like him. He’s already lost count how many times he’s been elbowed in the stomach or in the sides.
Still, Jimin tries his best to get in the front - knows Yoongi will probably look for him. At least, he hopes Yoongi looks for him.
It’s a month after the birth of Yoongi’s band and it’s their first gig. Jimin was the proudest when Yoongi told him they’re performing as an intermission during the school fair. He went around his class, asking everyone to come watch his best friend perform.
Looking at the amount of people present now, he kind of regrets it. It takes a lot of pushing and an elbow almost hitting his face but he makes it to the front, right at the barricade. He’s just in time because it’s then that Yoongi and the others come up to the stage.
Jimin hurriedly pulls out the banner from his bag, the one with ‘GO YOONGI HYUNG!’ written on it. Jimin claps and cheers as they prepare themselves on stage. He watches as Yoongi’s eyes scan the crowd.
He scans each face in the body of people and stops when he sees a mess of ruly black hair and the same eye smile that greets him every day. Jimin waves his banner and cheers harder when their eyes meet. Yoongi smiles at him and then he strums the first note.
Yoongi is up on stage and Jimin is lost in the crowd. He watches as Yoongi plays the guitar, music echoing across the ground. Jimin feels his heart beating rapidly, probably from the excitement.
He keeps his gaze on Yoongi, drinking up the sight of him and never once looking away. It’s addicting. And maybe, Jimin should have been more careful.
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a thread;
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