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Feb 24, 2021
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Taekook AU They are straight™, They hate each other, They were after the same girls but they're also two broke coworkers. So when someone suggests for them to do the dirty for some cash, their curiosity gets the best of them. It's not like it can make things complicated, right?

-Jeon Jeongguk -23 years old -He started going to the highschool Tae was at so suddenly -He was famous as the Emo boy that everyone had a crush on but no one could approach -Or that's what Tae used to think until they became roommates -He is now training to be a pro boxing player
-Kim Taehyung -24 years old -He is studying fashion to be a designer -So working at the bar with Jeongguk is a temporary job to help him pay for uni and the place he has with Jeongguk -He doesn't know why everywhere he goes he ends up stuck with Jeongguk -It's a curse, really!
-Min Yoongi -Jeongguk's best friend -Business major -He was sharing classes with Jeongguk until Jeongguk quit the major -He actually had a crush on Tae until he realized he is 'straight' -His current boyfriend doesn't know -He knows things about Jeongguk that no one else does
-Jimin -He is Tae's best friend from their high school days -He is also Yoongi's boyfriend -He got to know Yoongi through Jeongguk -Tae might not be that cool with Jeongguk but their friends actually get along with them -He is always trying to match Tae up with nice girls
-Kim seokjin -He shares classes with Tae -He wanted to be a model but Studying fashion sounds great as well -He has a rich family -But he's not really in touch with them anymore -He wants to set his future himself -Even if he had to quit his own major before starting fashion
-Jung Hoseok -Single dad -He lives next to them -He lets them take care of his daughter sometimes -Sometimes he feels like they like his baby more than him but that's not true -To be fair, she is probably the only reason Taehyung and Jeongguk even get along when she is there
-Kim Namjoon -Jeongguk's coach -He has known Jeongguk since a long time ago -But he doesn't really know what Jeongguk does now other than the training that they do -Openly bisexual -But his head is mostly in his own business
-If it wasn't obvious from the intro, yes they are gonna do porn -Which means this au will have a lot of 🔞 moments with a lot of kinks that might seem excessive -Angst -Comedy -Hate to love, sort of? More like dislike to love! -Fluff!
-There will be a lot of cursing in this one -There will be side ships for Taegguk as well -At some point, things will get a little too serious and there will be some sensitive topics but I'll tw// them before we get to those parts so you can skip those parts
-Internalized homophobia -Mention of Depression and anxiety -Plot twists, lots of them! -If you get confused, that's good, it'll all make sense later -The characters are going to make lots of mistakes, morals will be questioned and you're going to let them make them and learn
-I can't stress this enough LET THEM MAKE MISTAKES -Remember this is fictional, just inspired by irp people -I might include some polls on some parts. -I planned the storyline, I might change it a bit later or add things based on the reactions but I know where I'm going with this
-Also if you can please try to follow the story and support it as it's going. Even if you have some days of delays. The story needs the most support and opinions while it's going -I know what I'm doing -T.R.U.S.T M.E - Enjoy the ride with the characters <3
"WhY DoN't yOU TaKe ThEsE and StOp WhInNIIING?" Taehyung mockingly imitates what the bartender just told him and walks away to put the drinks down on the table. "Do you need anything else?" He asks, his tone completely changing from how he was just mocking Jeongguk.
The people he is smiling sweetly at are just around his own age, five girls and four guys and they all had the crazy idea that tequila bomb would be the best idea for the night. "Actually, how do you drink this again?" One of the girls asks, playing with her hair nervously.
"Come on now, I told you. Just watch me."One of the guys says and then puts a few tissues on top of the glass before starting to shake it. As soon as it started bubbling up, the guy started drinking. Their friends started cheering, one of them was even filming.
The guy puts the glass down, breathing out like he swallowed something great and then looks proudly at the girl. Tae is tempted to tell him that this is not exactly the part he should be proud of because the drink doesn't even taste bad but he holds his tongue.
"That's how it's done." The guy says, leaning back on his chair. How can someone look this proud over just drinking? Sure, the drink can get them wasted fast and good but he's obviously not even close to that point yet. Is he trying to impress the girls? Cuz he's clearly failing!
"Can you do it for me please?" The girl asks Tae and Tae just nods with another sweet smile and then shakes the glass for her. He gives her some tissues and lets her drink right away. Some start running down her face as she drinks so he holds another tissue over her chin.
She smiles and then brushes her hand over his to take the tissue. "Thanks!" She says. "No problem darling. Anyone else?" He asks. The other three girls ask for it too and Tae is sure the guys are glaring holes on him. He knows the girls are trying to get his attention.
It happens a lot, especially with people that already have enough alcohol in their system to think it's a great idea to hit on someone who works at a bar just because they look attractive. "Mine too please." One of the guys says, surprising Tae a little bit.
He moves to shake his glass by smacking the back on the table. The guy quickly starts drinking and one of his hands moves to Tae's uniform to hold it as a way to keep himself steady. "This tastes freaking good! I see why you wanted it." The guy says to the first guy that drank it
"Told ya, want another?" The first guy says. "I'm already starting to feel a little off." The first girl says, giggling. "Again, told ya so." "I want another." "Me too." Tae nods at them and then walks back to add the orders on the computer. He feels someone's eyes on himself.
His own eyes move up and sees the bartender who is looking at him with a poker face. I mean, to everyone else it is one but he knows Jeongguk is judging him. So what if Tae uses the customers and their interest in his and the bar's interest? Jeongguk shouldn't be one to judge!
He lets them take as many drinks as they want from him, they would end up tipping him real good and if he's in the mood, he might even pick one of the girls to go home with. It's a win-win situation for him! "Shut up." He says and lifts his middle finger.
"I didn't say anything." Jeongguk says. Tae glares at him. They both know that he didn't have to, it was written all over his face. Jeongguk puts the next orders on and watches with a smug smirk as Tae walks away to take them to another table.
He continues delivering and then stands next to the cashier to check his phone since no one else seems to be having any orders. That's when he hears Jeongguk's voice on his phone. "I'm sorry baby but I really can't!" Jeongguk whispers on the phone.
"Of course not! Come on now. No I really can't, I have a- You, Wait..." He says and then pauses, breathing in frustration. "Another one just dumped you?" Okay, maybe he is too smug about it but can you blame him? Jeongguk doesn't even look at him, he just looks annoyed.
He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks at the screen to see if there is any new orders. Tae knows what is up, this is not the first time it happens. Tae is the kind that is more into one-night stands but Jeongguk is into relationships. And he can never keep one!
They are either mad at him for being too busy for them with how he has to practice AND work this much and some of them just deadass hate the fact that he is training boxing. Looking at the small bruise on Jeongguk's shoulder, he can get why they would hate it.
He doesn't get it. Jeongguk seemed to be good in his previous major, Yoongi said he was on top of the class but suddenly one day he decides to call it quit and go for something like boxing. He really is stupid! Tae is sure of it, Imagine wasting that much effort!
"Not to be that person but I could see it coming from miles away." Tae says. "Not everyone are easy like you." Jeongguk says, his eyes looking unimpressed at the other man. Tae licks his lip, the asshole just had the audacity to call him easy! "At least I'm still getting some!"
Jeongguk turns to look at someone asking for Tae. "Some orders, sure you do." Jeongguk says. Tae presses his lips together and walks away to take the orders and clean some of the tables. A few hours later they both finish and end up getting out together and getting a taxi.
The busses don't work at this time of the night, they go to the same direction anyway so sharing a taxi can actually help a lot with their financial situations. They have to pay the rent again in a few days and they both are already struggling to make money for it.
That actually is one of the biggest reasons they fight a lot. Jeongguk doesn't go to uni anymore and he is struggling, Tae is still attending, it means he has less time and he also has to pay for his university debt, so of course this can take a toll on them both.
They are not talking in the taxi, Tae is pretending to be busy checking Twitter while Jeongguk is actually typing fast. Tae looks at Jeongguk's screen from the corner of his eyes and he can see that the other man is actually trying hard to get his 'now ex' to understand.
She doesn't seem to understand at all. This one seems to be mad because Jeongguk can't be there for her tomorrow and since he has been blowing her off a lot, she can't forgive him anymore. Jeongguk just ends up sighing and giving up. They get back home and walk in their unit.
Tae checks his phone, Hoseok is asking if they can take care of Seulgi tomorrow. "Hey." Tae says and Guk looks back. Tae just shows him the message. "Can't tomorrow, I have practice." Jeongguk says. "I have uni." "Then just tell him no, I CAN'T." He raises his voice at the end.
Tae lifts a brow at that, scuffing. "You do know I'm not your cheap girlfriend right? I don't care if you have time or not." He says. Jeongguk blinks a few times like he just caught himself. The whole thing with his girlfriend must be getting into his head.
Tae types a quick text to let Hoseok know they can't look after her tomorrow and just heads to his room to shut the door, take a shower and probably pass out on his bed. They think being a waiter is easy but of boy, they have no idea. There is nothing easy about it!
He has to be on his feet for hours, clean people's puke and dirty tables, handle drunk assholes, be nice to everyone and then barely get paid anything at all. He's lucky he can even check his phone or talk to people at work, in most places he wouldn't be that lucky.
He takes his clothes off to take a shower but then just gives up on the thought and falls on his bed. He scrolls through his phone a bit more and then ends up sleeping. barely five hours later his clock rings and he knows he has to get up, do some of his homework and rush to uni.
He's lucky Jin is a fun guy to hang out with otherwise he would have hell. Sure, Jimin is fun to talk to but both of them have packed days, none of them really have that much time to meet or call. He heads home to quickly look through his lessons and then changes into his uniform
He gets to work and gasps when he sees Jeongguk behind the bar. "The hell did you do to yourself again?" Tae asks, feeling speechless. Jeongguk just looks up and him and then looks down to continue mixing drinks up. Tae starts taking the drinks, trying to ignore the other man.
Jeongguk's face is all bruised up and even though Jeongguk is one of those guys that has an unbelievably fast healing system, Tae knows that the shit is gonna last for at least another week. He is even flinching when he leans onto the bar.
Tae tries to ignore him, he really is but it is starting to go on his nerves. Jeongguk tells one of the workers to fill for him so he can use the bathroom and Tae finally lets his inner conscious win and goes after him with the cream he always keeps in his bag.
Jeongguk comes out of one of the stalls and his brows shut up when he sees Tae. "Wash your hands and lemme see your back, you're really a pain on the ass." Tae says. "I don't need your help." Jeongguk says and walks to wash his hands. "Even the costumers were watching."
"Good for them." "Keep this up and the boss will finally fire your ass. I'm not gonna pay for the rent on my own and you're not leaving either, I can't do it alone." Tae says. Jeongguk huffs out and then finally takes his shirt off and turns his back to Tae.
This is just because he doesn't want Jeongguk to lose his job, he just doesn't want to pay for everything on his own until Jeongguk finds another job and who knows if he can even find another housemate if Jeongguk just quits. Tae opens the cream and hisses at the bruise.
"Just what do you do when you practice? Wrestle with elephants?" Tae whines as he starts applying the cream. Yes, he takes it around with himself because of Jeongguk. He tends to get a lot of these and Tae is just... careful! "No one asked you to do it." Jeongguk says.
"You're easier to be around when you shut the fuck up, try that more often yeah?" Tae says. Both of them suddenly look back when their boss opens the door to get in. Tae gets so surprised that he actually drops the cream and yeets. Jeongguk turns and looks with wide eyes. "SIR!"
The boss just looks between them for a moment, looking a little suspicious. Jeongguk quickly grabs his shirt and puts it on again, making sure the uniform looks neat. "What are you two doing in the bathroom?" He asks. Tae leans to grab the cream and holds it up to show him.
"He just... I mean I..." Tae is too taken back and stressed to say anything. "I get bruises because of my boxing training. He was just applying some creams on them." Jeongguk says. The boss looks between them and then walks to p*ss. "Go back to work." He says as he's at it.
They exchange a glare before rushing back to work. Tae is still a bit shaky even if he shouldn't be. he almost thought his boss would think they were hiding there so they wouldn't work. What if he would just fire them? He tries to please the customers even more tonight!
One of the girls even slips her number on Tae's pocket and Tae actually thinks of calling her for tomorrow. It is his day off and gosh, he could use something to just get his head off for a while. They both try not to even look at each other's sides anymore until the end.
Jeongguk ends up going to the bathroom again while Tae waits for him so they can leave with the taxi when their boss walks to him. Tae stands still, feeling like this can be nothing but danger. "Kim Taehyung, was it?" The boss asks. "Yes sir!" Tae says, licking his lip.
"How is everything Taehyung? Are you enjoying the environment here?" The man asks. Tae blinks a few times. He has been working here for years! Their boss barely visits, this conversation has never come before. "Of course sir, it's great." "You seem used to calling people that."
Speaking of calling people, why is he calling Tae with his first name? "I guess?" He says because what else he is supposed to call him? The boss tilts his head, looking at him with an expression that creeps Tae out but he doesn't know what it can mean. He looks... interested?
"How about your payment, a young man like yourself must have a lot of needs!" The man says. Tae looks at where the bathroom is. Where the hell is Jeongguk already? "It's great. Not gonna lie, I would prefer it if I could be paid more but I appreciate the job." Tae says.
"Why? Is it not enough?" He asks. "I mean, I have to pay for my university, I should eat, I have a rent to pay. It's obviously... a struggle." He says and looks at the side of the bathroom again. For fuck's sake Jeongguk, COME ON! "Hmm... Interesting!" The man says.
"Why why are guys like you even working at a place like this?" "This... is your bar sir." Tae points out unsurely. "I know but there must be more opportunities, better money?" "Not really as far as I've searched." "I actually might have something you might find interesting."
"Okay?" He is really not sure where this is going. His boss is almost never interested to his workers. "I have this... specific video production gallery. If you and your boy actually let me videotape you while you follow a script, I'm open to a good payment." The man says.
There are just so many things wrong with that sentence that Tae doesn't even know where to start! Who is Taehyung's 'boy'? What the hell kind of specific gallery the guy has and why does this freak him out? "What kind of payment?" He chuckles nervously. "How about 20k?"
"20k?" "In dollars, yes." What the hell? Why is he trying to waste that much money? "It's pretty risky but I think it should be enough for one night, you can even blur your faces. It's just for a personal collection. I won't show it to anyone."
Is he saying what Tae thinks he is saying? No way, right? This is absurd! "Excuse me, what?" Tae is trying to lower down the tension with laughing lowly but he's actually getting uncomfortable! "Other people are usually satisfied with the number, it's a fair amount!" He says.
"That's not really-" "There you are." Tae stops speaking when Jeongguk comes back. "Sorry, but we really need to go." He shows a fake smile to their boss and grabs Tae's wrist to drag him out. "Wait, bye sir!" The man snorts. "Such a good boy." He mumbles and watches them leave.
"What the hell is wrong with you, he was still talking!" Tae says, pulling his arm when they get to the taxi and then sit in. "Are you stupid or what? Didn't you realize what he was saying?" Jeongguk asks. "I'm not sure if I got it right, he said 20k and I blanked!"
Jeongguk looks at him in disbelief. "You must be kidding..." "I'm not. Now what if he fire us both? That was rude!" Tae says. "What's rude is that he sees us once and he suddenly thinks it's okay to ask to..." He starts saying but then stops, the driver is listening.
"Ask what? Was that what I thought it was?" Tae asks. "Shut the hell up, we'll talk at home." Jeongguk says, looking out of the window. Tae tsks and looks out from his own side. Once they get in the apartment, Tae folds his arms. "So?" He asks. "You're insane!" Guk says.
"You were the one that rudely dragged me away from the boss without even saying bye and I'm the insane one?" "He wanted us to f*ck so he could film it and all you heard was just the 20k he wanted to pay." Jeongguk shakes his head in disbelief. Tae's brows shut up.
"Wait... So that actually was what he was saying?" Tae asks. "What else do you think it was?" Jeongguk asks. "I don't know, science fiction? Porn is literally illegal, he wouldn't just come and... offer that sort of thing. You're probably wrong." Tae says.
"Are you really that oblivious?" "Why would he even want that?" Tae asks, folding his arms even harder than before, feeling self-conscious. "It's literally a trend. Rich guys go around, find attractive people that want money so they can film them f*ck." Jeongguk says.
"How would you know that?" "I have internet. He says it's not gonna be shared but trust me, it IS! It's porn." Jeongguk says. Tae looks away, thinking about what was actually being said. "It was a lot of money though..." He suddenly ends up saying.
Jeongguk looks away with another scuff. "I'm not gonna have this conversation with you." "I'm just saying." Tae mumbles. "Have you ever even been with a guy? Since when you're gay?" "You think anyone that does gay porn is gay? Grow up." Tae narrows his eyes.
"Let me put it like this, the reason he is paying that much is because almost no one says yes unless they are desperate. You're gonna be with a guy, let some old f*ck film you WITH A SCRIPT and it's gonna go all over the internet, forever." "It's not like anyone knows it's me!"
"He does! I DO." Jeongguk says. "I don't care about you and he would be in more trouble than I would if it ever gets leaked. I don't care who would get off to me, I won't even know. It'd be either me saying yes, suffer a night and get 20k dollars richer or to just suffer!"
"You actually call this suffering?" Jeongguk asks. "I live in a cheap apartment with you, my every day is the same, I barely even get enough money to pay the rent. yes I call this suffering." Tae says. "And you think that is the answer..." Guk says. "I didn't say I'd do it!"
"The fact that you're even considering it is insane." Jeongguk says. "Look, he told me about it. If it's just about two dudes being attractive and if I actually would want to do it, I could always just find another twink to do it with. Why are you so pissed off?" Tae asks.
"Because you're being insane!" Jeongguk says. "I can't deal with you when you're like this. I might do it, I might not, it's none of your fucking business." Tae says in annoyance and just walks to his room and smacks it shut. He actually feels more insulted by Guk than the boss!
He is about to take his clothes off when he finds the number the girl slipped in his pockets today. He ends up sending a message to her. It doesn't;t take long until she responds. He smiles a bit. They make some small conversation and then Tae invites her over for the next day.
He goes to uni the next day. He might have a day off but he can't say the same about the university. And one thing he hates about the university is that it's almost always so freakishly hard to manage. His professor is keeping him over while he has a date to get ready for.
He ends up sneaking to the bathroom to quickly call his housemate. "What?" Jeongguk says as soon as he answers. "I'm stuck here, the old fart is keeping me. I told someone to come over. Just... keep her busy while I come back okay? It probably won't take long." Tae says.
"You didn't tell me you were gonna bring someone over!" "I just did." Tae says and then hangs up. He goes back to the class to finish as fast as he can. "You look anxious." Jin points out. "I asked a gild to come over. Guk is home but I'm gonna be late." Tae says.
"Ohooho." Jin makes a sound. "Yes Santa?" Tae mocks him. "Don't tell me you actually asked Jeongguk to do anything." Jin says. "Did you forget the last time you told him to do it and-" "He won't do that again. I fucked up the last time he did it." Tae says, or he hopes!
"Sure, since he is reaaaally scared of you." He looks amused. "Oh come on!" Tae huffs in frustration. He finishes quick and then heads down to quickly catch a taxi. to hell with the money he'll waste on it, he has to get home soon before Jeongguk does his d*ck move again!
He opens the lock and then groans in frustration once he hears it. "For fuck's sake!" He mumbles while he hears the woman screaming her lungs out in Jeongguk's room. The door is closed and the tie on the doorknob is like Jeongguk is actually mocking him. "YES AH G-GOD THERE!"
He is annoyed now. It was a shitty week and he could actually use some fun time but of course his asshole of a housemate would pull this shit again. He goes back to his room and just goes straight to the bathroom to shower. at least he won't hear them there.
He walks out, puts on some fresher clothes and once he walks out, he sees the other girl walk out of Jeongguk's room, looking clearly f*cked. "Oh... Hi again?" She says nervously. Tae just ignores her and walks to the kitchen. It doesn't take long until Jeongguk gets there.
Tae turns with his noodles and just glares at the man. "Have I ever told you how much I hate you?" He asks. Jeongguk is wearing his normal clothes, looking like any other day! The audacity! "You told me to keep her busy, you're welcome." He fakes a smile.
"She gave me her number, you didn't have to pull this shit again." "As if you wouldn't do the same. She came here to f*ck, you weren't available, I happened to be bored, two birds one stone right?" He says. "How did you convince her." "You think I needed any convincing?"
"Jeongguk!" He says with a warning tone. "I might have told her you're just... a little confused about stuff." He fakes another smile. "I told her I was gay?" "Confused is what I told her." Jeongguk is about to grab some food too but Tae takes it from his hand. "F*ck you!"
"Who was the one that got my ex to his bed two days after we broke up?" Jeongguk asks. "You broke up!" Tae says. "A tit for tat." Jeongguk says, looking just as annoyed as the other man. "Don't act like you don't pull the exact same shit." "Your ex came onto me." "Boohoo!"
"You're not even sorry?" "Were you in love with her? So you wanted to feel good for five minutes with a girl you wouldn't even know her name after it, that's nothing compared to your usual shit." "Whatever, be like this for all I care." Tae walks out to grab his things.
He grabs his keys, phone and wallet before heading to the door to leave when- "Miss Choi!" "Hello Taehyungie. You know why I'm here, right?" She asks. Tae gulps and then looks back at Jeongguk who walks closer when he hears her too. "We'll pay you soon." Tae tries.
"We're a little tight on-" Jeongguk is trying to say but she cuts them. "Are you really going to do this every month?" She asks. "We're really sorry Miss Choi." Tae says. "What do I do with your sorry? You are two adult healthy guys, you want to rip off an old lady like me?"
"We're not trying to rip you off, we just need a little more time." Tae says. She shakes her head "I don't want to keep coming here for this. I expect you to be more responsible." She says and then walks away. Tae looks back at Jeongguk with a disgusted expression and then leaves
He is actually thankful that Jimin is free and goes out with him. He should be keeping money to pay for more important things but f*ck it, he deserves this drink. He takes a sip of his beer and smiles when his best friend joins him and asks for one drink as well.
"You look like shit!" Jimin points out. "I feel like shit." Tae admits. "What happened again? Is it Jeongguk again?" Jimin asks. "Why am I living and working with him again?" Tae asks. "Because it helps with the rent and groceries and stuff?" Jimin asks with a smile.
"Yeah... that." He sighs, taking another sip. Every time their landlord comes he just feels so freaking humiliated! "What happened this time?" Jimin asks. Tae starts playing with the sticker on the bottle, thinking. "You had... a lot of sex right?" He suddenly asks.
Jimin snorts like Tae just made a joke. "Not as much as you but sure. Want me to tell you about the bees and beeses?" He jokes. Tae chuckles, feeling a bit tipsy. "Nah, you're too vanilla for me. I'm just thinking... how is it? I mean, with a guy."
"Why? You're interested?" "I'm...drunk!" He says, staring at the sticker. Jimin hums, thinking a bit and then thanking the bartender for the drink. "It's different. I obviously like it more than straight s*x." "No I mean... is it painful? How do you even do it?"
"It can be but, it depends. It's like anal with girls. You just have to prep good and then you're good to go but not gonna lie, it feels better when you're... y'know, taking it." "Really?" Tae cringes his nose at it. "Yeah! I was surprised too!" Jimin points out.
"It just feels like it's gonna hurt like when you're taking a bit shit." Yup, he is drunk! "It's not like that at all, you can feel it in your prostate so with enough lube and preparation, even roleplay, it's actually freaking amazing. Most gay guys like bottoming more!"
"I don't get it." "I can't explain it man, it's just how it is." "So you just... bottom?" "I switch a lot but I like taking it more. I'm just saying, most of the reason people switch is either cuz they both want to bottom or cuz they just don't want to get hurt!" He says.
"It's not uncomfortable?" "It is but not as much as talking about it with my 'straight' best friend. What is this about? You usually get all cringed out over the whole thing. I kissed Yoongi once in front of you and you gagged." "You're my best friend, of course I did."
"You're so dramatic!" Jimin says and then takes a sip of his drink. They end up just hanging out, talking a little bit. Tae rants about how frustrating everything is but he doesn't mention the offer he is still thinking about it. He does know how humiliating it is!
The more he talks about problems, the more he just wants to take the offer. It's going to be uncomfortable, even hell but it's just s*x. He had some really awful ones with girls too. It's just one night and then... It'll fix a lot! Jimin pays for his drink.
Thankfully he doesn't ask him more about his questions before. Honestly, he's actually a little...curious? I mean, he knows he is not gay and he won't like it, he just wonders what could possibly feel good about something like that! It just seems uncomfortable.
He told Jeongguk that he could just find anyone else but... he really prefers not to! Sure, Jeongguk is an ass but oddly enough, Tae trusts him more than... well, anyone else he would probably find. He knows none of them would ever mention it if it ever happens.
He ends up walking home, sobering up a bit while getting closer. Jeongguk is laying on the sofa and playing with his phone when Tae walks in. Jeongguk looks up at his phone again but then realizes that Tae hasn't moved from the door and he is still staring at him. "What?"
"I'm gonna do it." Tae says. Jeongguk just looks back at him for a bit until it hits him. He sits up, looking at him with careful eyes. "you don't mean-" "the porn thingy, I'm gonna do it." Tae says. "Are you drunk?" "Not drunk enough not to know what I'm saying."
"But do you, really? It's illegal, you might go to jail for that!" Jeongguk says. "No one will know who I am anyway." "I thought you were straight. How can you just... decide this randomly?" "You really call this random?" "You're not even wierded out by it?"
"I am but I've been weirded out by a lot of shit and it ended up going well. It's one night, it's just s*x, who cares!" Tae says. Jeongguk frowns at that. "Look, if you're up too... just tell me till tomorrow or I'll just try to find someone else. But I'm doing it!"
"You're really serious about this..."Guk says. Tae kicks his shoes off and walks in. "you bet I am." He mumbles and then goes back to his room. He doesn't close the door so he can hear Guk walking back and forth from his room to the kitchen all night. He can't sleep either, huh?
The next day Tae doesn't even need the clock to ring and tell him he should get up, he is already up by the time it rings. He turns it off and starts getting ready. He walks to the kitchen to eat something and pauses when he sees Jeongguk there, looking in thought.
Jeongguk looks up with his cup in his hand and then licks his lip. Tae nods as a good morning and heads to find something to eat too. He gets his bowl of corn flex and sits. Jeongguk is silently just thinking. "Fine." He suddenly ends up saying. "Hm?" "I said fine!"
"Fine... what?" Tae asks. "Fine, let's do it. Tell the old perv we're up for it." Jeongguk says. Tae's brows shut up when he hears it. He's not sure if he's happy or sad or shocked he is just... taken back! The whole thing actually feels more real!
"What changed your mind?" Tae asks. Jeongguk just shrugs. "Just a piece of advice, these things only work if you're actually into it. If we're awkward... He might just take the whole offer off." Jeongguk says. "And how would you know that?" "I just do okay?"
No it's not okay! How is it that Jeongguk seems to know way more about this stuff than Tae does? Or is he just pulling things out of his as*? He decides to just let it drop. "Look, if I'm awkward then I'm awkward. I'm not even gay! I can't help that, I can just try." Tae says.
Jeongguk inhales and then moves his chair closer to Tae's chair. Tae looks a bit unsure of what is happening when Jeongguk grabs the bowl that Tae was eating from away from the boy and puts it away and then cups his cheeks, moving closer to catch his lips between his own.
Tae quickly pushes him from his chest, looking really shocked. "Dude, what the hell?" "If you can't even kiss me now, you definitely can't do anything more when we're in front of the old perv." Jeongguk says. "At least you'll know if you can even do it after this."
"Why are you so chill about this?" "I'm testing the water too!" Jeongguk says. Tae fists his palm on Jeongguk's collar. Jeongguk waits for him to push him away again and slowly gets closer again but once he feels safe, he presses his lips onto his again.
Tae closes his eyes shut, maybe a little harder than he should and tries to move his lips to kiss him back. He sort of expected Jeongguk's lips to be harder than the girls he had kissed before and maybe it is a little but the lip palm the man always uses makes it hard to tell.
They are both leaning a bit to make it work. Tae lowers his hand from Jeongguk's collar to his biceps and he can actually feel the hard muscles under it. He was nervous about it before but it somehow gets him more curious, Jeongguk's kiss is really... particular!
It's hard to explain but he just feels more curious about it. His body moves on its own and Tae doesn't even know when Jeongguk pulled him on his laps or when he started roaming his hand on his back. The strangest part is that he doesn't even mind! It actually makes him feel hot!
It must be because this is crazy, that he is trying something like this for the first time because his heart is just beating so fast, maybe a little too much and he just hopes Jeongguk's hands don't feel them while moving onto his body. He bites Tae's lip slightly.
Tae opens his mouth wider, returning the favor and letting it get deeper than before. He should feel disgusted, he should feel wrong but he is just feeling too drawn by the action to care. Jeongguk finally pulls away with a sound of their lips, Tae accidentally follows his lips.
But he stops the moment his sanity comes back to them. Their faces are still inches apart, they are exchanging the same air while panting and Jeongguk is just looking up at him with a strange expression, as if he is searching for something in Tae's eyes.
"I guess we're good!" Jeongguk says. "I guess." Tae quickly gets up and then looks away, trying not to look awkward but they both feel it. Tae rushes to his room when he realizes it and closes the door, looking down in shame. He actually... got a little hard! What the hell?
This must be just the adrenalin of the insanity of the whole thing, yeah it must be. Who even gets hard from kissing? He's just glad Jeongguk didn't notice it because that would be too emberessing. How would he even explain it? He doesn't understand it either!
He barely even understands what is going on with the lessons when he gets to the Uni. Jin notices how Tae just answers with 'Wow cool' or 'Fair enough' or 'Interesting' to anything he says. Even when he says- "You dog poops like a crocodile." He still gets an 'Ohh cool!'
It gets even more awkward when he gets back to the bar and finds Jeongguk behind the counter. They exchange a look for a second and then Jeongguk quickly looks away. This is already awkward and they just kissed, what if the whole thing fucks their relationship up?
Then again, what relationship is there to be fucked? At worst, they can just move to a house on their own? He shakes the whole thing off and then starts doing his job. He is barely even doing his usual special customer service, he is too distracted for that. "Mr Kim?"
He turns and his heart almost stops when he sees their boss, looking very confident at him. His eyes fall on Jeongguk who is looking back at him with worried eyes from where he has to mix the drinks. "Hello sir!" Tae bows with a polite smile. "I'm sorry about before."
"Don't mention it, I'm sure you and your boyfriend were busy." He says. "Sure..." Tae doesn't mention that nothing is going on between them. "Have you thought about my offer?" He asks. Tae licks his lip nervously, looking at Jeongguk again. "What kind of script did you mean?"
"Hmm, nothing too extreme. I will film it, I can even touch whatever I need to fix or reach for but I probably won't. I show some amount of money to you, you pretend like you don't want to but end up accepting it. Then I'll tell you what to do little by little." He says.
Tae gulps at that, holding his hands in front of himself. This makes him feel nervous! "You can even pretend like it's your first time doing anything with a man, it usually makes it more provocative. Every time I will show more money, you'll do more." He says.
"But even if it's okay to act innocent in the start, I need you to be very... into it by the end. Be loud, ask for it to happen more, use whatever shameful word you can say to make it seem like you were actually always living for this. It's just for the camera." He says.
"Our faces will be blurred, right?" Tae asks. "I'll let you edit it yourself so you can trust me. Then I'll give you the rest of the money and that will be it! Pretty easy, right?" He asks. Tae bites his lip. Easy? Not really! A little exciting but also...scary!
"Okay!" Tae says. "Okay?" "Okay... sir!" Tae says. The man smiles, looking pleased. "Such a good boy." The man says again and then looks at the man behind the bar who has probably already heard everything. "Jisung, come here." He called for their manager.
"What is it sir?" "I need Mr Jeon and Mr Kim for another one of my bars tonight, put someone on their spot tonight." He says. Tae's brows shut up. He wants them to do it tonight? "Yes sir." The manager says and then leaves. "Go tell your boyfriend that we're leaving." He says.
Tae nods and hesitantly walks toward Jeongguk. "You heard all that right?" Tae asks. Jeongguk just stares at him. "Yeah." "We should go." He says with a gulp. "If you're nervous or don't want to, we don't really have to, y'know?" "Yeah I know... I made my choice! You?"
"Yeah..." Jeongguk says. "And Jeongguk, whoever ends up... taking it, I heard it's pretty painful without prepping. The other one has to do it, okay?" Tae says. "I know, don't worry." "You do?" "Just call it off if you feel uncomfortable and want to stop any moment okay?"
Tae just stares at him for a bit. He must be going crazy but it almost feels like... Jeongguk cares! "He might not give our money-" "I don't care, just call it off even if we're in the middle of it." Jeongguk says. "Fine... You too. I'll just go and change." Tae says.
"You go, I'll be right there to change too." Jeongguk says. Tae nods and then walks away. Jeongguk frowns and then walks to the old man who is smoking in the balcony. "Mr Choi." Jeongguk says and then man looks back. "Is there anything more you need to say?" The man says.
Jeongguk knows that his stare is cold, that he is probably looking half as mad as he feels. "There will be no touching from your end." He says. "Excuse me?" "You said you can touch whatever in the middle of it, you're not going to do that or the deal is off." He says.
"Aren't you a little too possessive? He seemed okay with it." He says. "I'm not. You're not gonna touch, you're not gonna make him do anything too weird if he's uncomfortable and you will give us the money in cash asap or I swear, I won't let you live it down." He says.
The man is about to laugh it off but the way Jeongguk is looking at him, it doesn't look like the usual sheep he sees around. It almost looks like this is not the first time the man threatens someone so much bigger than him, as if he knows he can actually turn it into reality.
"Alright." He says curiously and Jeongguk fakes a smile. "Pleasure doing business with you." He says and then turns to walk away. The man watches him suspiciously. There is something strange about that boy, something that screams danger. And Choi happened to like danger!
Tae looks at himself in the mirror and just zones out. Is this really going to happen? The reality of it keeps hitting him harder and harder by seconds. Jeongguk walks inside and pauses when he spots the other man. Thankfully they have spare clothes!
Tae doesn't turn to look at him, he just continues staring at himself. He finally gets out of his thoughts when Jeongguk clears his throat. "You can still just say no, y'know?" He says. "I'm okay." He quickly says and heads out before he might change his mind.
Jeongguk follows him. Choi looks a bit pleased when they come back. He has his limousine parked in front of the bar. The driver opens the door for them. Choi points at inside with his head. Tae gulps before stepping inside, Jeongguk doesn't sit inside.
His eyes are looking harder at their boss. Choi lifts a brow. "Get inside Mr Jeon." "After you." Jeongguk says with another fake smile. "You're a polite one, aren't you?" The old man says and then sits inside in front of Taehyung. Jeongguk sits next to Tae.
The driver closes the door behind them and sits on the front. "Hit forty." The man orders and the driver nods. A black window between them and the driver comes up and separates them, making it seem like they are in a small room with the man. It's unnerving!
Tae is just looking at the window next to himself, he can't look at the man in the eyes knowing what is going to happen. "Would you like some wine?" The man asks. "No thank you." Jeongguk quickly says. Choi snorts and grabs the wine from the little fridge next to himself.
He pours some on a glass and then sniffs it, humming in satisfaction. "I would try it if I were you, it's perfect to make us all relax." He says before drinking a sip. Jeongguk knows what he is doing. Making it about himself too, yet drinking to prove it's not poisoned.
So he's a player, huh? "Maybe one glass?" Tae ends up saying, sounding nervous. The man grabs another glass and pours some for him. Jeongguk frowns suspiciously at the glass as Tae grabs it and drinks. "Mr Jeon, you?" "Like I said, no thank you." Jeongguk says.
"Suits yourself." He says and closes the bottle, drinking more of his own glass. Tae has already finished his own. "Slow down Taehyung-ssi, there is nothing to be nervous about." Taehyung-ssi huh? "Just relax, get ready and tell me when you're ready." "Ready? Here?"
Tae is finally looking at the man but this time with wide eyes. The car is still moving. It is close to midnight, obviously, some people might actually... see! Choi hits on the window. "No one can see inside with these windows, black is all they see. Unless you want them to see?"
"NO!" He quickly says. Their boss smirks like he just won teasing him and drinks a bit. "Then no one will. It's just me, him and my cameras." He says, circling his glass on the air. Tae follows it with his eyes. "Ready whenever you are." Tae turns to look at Jeongguk.
Jeongguk is looking back as if to see if he can actually read anything in his eyes. Tae bites his lip and then releases it when he looks back at the man. "I am!" He says, not sure if the shakiness of his voice is over fear, humiliation or... excitement? "Mr Jeon?"
Tae waits for Jeongguk to say something without looking at him but finally ends up looking at him again. Their eyes make contact for a while longer before Jeongguk sighs. "It's whenever with me." He says. "Wonderful." The man says and then grabs a remote from his side.
"Remember, do whatever I tell you, play hard to get or innocent at first but I need you to be really into it once we're done." He says and then hits on a button. That's when they see the red lights from five different angles. The man reaches for the bag next to himself.
He takes out some cash and then smirks when he notices the way Tae is looking at them. The cameras can't take their boss, it's all just on them. "you both look like such handsome men. Are you friends?" He suddenly asks. "We are... colleagues." Tae says.
"Hmm, colleagues huh? It must be hard with the kind of things you need to do. Sometimes you must feel like having fun, don't tell me you've never tried having fun together?" The man looks like he is having too much fun. Tae remembers what his boss said before.
He said it's better if they pretend like they have never done this before or don't like it. It's not like he has anyway, so maybe it's for the best. "Of course not. We're straight." Tae says, there isn't even any lies in what he is saying. "Are you now?" The man sounds amused.
"We are." Tae insists. "Then what about the night I caught you together? If I was just a few minutes later, who knows who would be doing who that night." He says. Tae bites his lip at that, this is starting to get annoying. "Does it matter?" Jeongguk suddenly asks.
"Doesn't it?" The man asks. "I'm just curious, so you're saying you really have never done anything with another man?" "No..." Tae says. "What if I tell you there was a way you could see what you're missing and you could get some cash too?" He asks.
"Do you mean..." Tae tries to play along. "We're not interested." Jeongguk says. "Don't knock it till you try, I'm sure the money could help you. Don't worry, this video is just for me, no one else will see it, it'll be fun." The man says. "I don't think it's a good idea."
It is already decided, they are here for it to happen but of course there would be these shitty lines. The man suddenly lifts the money in the air, the cameras must be catching them. "What about now? All of these can be yours." He says. Tae gulps at the sight again.
That looks like a lot of money! They are both silent. "Tempted, aren't you?" The man says. "We just... I don't think I'll like it." Tae says and a part of him means it. A part of him is curious but the other is still scared! "No thank you." Jeongguk says.
"What about now?" The man asks, adding more money on it. Tae inhales deeply, thinking of just how much this can help and it's not even all of the money they were promised. "You don't even have to go all the way with this much, I'm just gonna see you play."
"Fine." Tae ends up saying. "Hmm, your friend doesn't seem to still be into it! How about you kiss him and change his mind a little?" The man asks. Tae turns to his side, remembering the kiss they shared this morning. This is gonna be okay! He keeps telling himself.
He puts his hand on Jeongguk's back and then leans forward to peck on Jeongguk's lips. It's more like he is just testing the water at first but then he does it again, kissing a little harder after it and then Jeongguk finally kisses him back.
Tae is hovering over him but it's hard to kiss properly from this angle so when Jeongguk pulls him on his laps again, he just follows his lead. With their eyes closed, it actually feels like they are back in their apartment again. It takes away some of his worry.
He's not gay, he knows he is not but damn, he can tell why girls are into Jeongguk. He is such a good kisser! The way he holds Tae's nape and runs his hand on it to relax him a little is just so... sweet? He didn't know Jeongguk had it in him!
He pulls away slightly and opens his eyes to see the man under himself, looking up at him with... What is that? If Tae didn't know any better he would call it lust. But he prefers to just call it anger or annoyance. That makes the most sense.
"Good boys. Now why don't you take his shirt off and lets him sit for me to see?" The man says, reminding them that yup, he is still there. Jeongguk's eyes darken at that a bit but Then Tae lifts his arms as if to say it's okay. Somehow, being around Guk feels safe!
Jeongguk takes the hint and then takes the shirt off and throws it away on the side chair. Tae returns the favor and turns to press his back onto Jeongguk's -now- naked chest, looking at the camera the man is holding in front of them. Jeongguk suddenly holds around him.
"You've played with a lot of breasts haven't you, boy? Has anyone ever played with your nipples?" The man asks. Tae tries not to feel embarrassed. "No." He whispers. "Well why don't you show him how it's done?" The man asks Jeongguk. Guk's hands come up and flinched a nipple.
The air is cold but Jeongguk's body is so hot behind himself. Tae has no idea what kind of expression he is having but his face feels really warm, he must be blushing really hard. This is embarrassing! "Why are you blushing, boy?" The man asks. "I'm not a woman." He suddenly says
If he is supposed to act straight, which is what he is, he might as well just let it out. It feels nice but he has never done this before, he's usually the one doing it! One of Jeongguk's hands is grabbing one side of his chest while the other keeps flinching the other nipple.
"You're what I tell you tonight, boy." The boss says and Tae feels his face heating up even more. Jeongguk suddenly starts trying to turn him slightly so the man can only sit on one lap and then grabs Tae's hand to press it against his own nipple. He moves his face closer.
He stops when he reaches the other man's ear, Tae licks his lip from how hot his breath feels against his ear. "You don't have to be one to enjoy this, why do you think we have it too?" He whispers and then bites the shell of Tae's ear when Tae flinches the nipple.
"Exactly, it's for s*x." Jeongguk's tone sounds a little playful, like he is calling Tae out of something so obvious that Tae has missed and then moves down to press his lips against the nipple he had been flinching, sucking on it hard, bitting it gently between the sucks.
This time Tae doesn't stop himself from hissing when Jeongguk pulls away to pinch it again. It feels strange, nothing bad, he actually likes it but Jeongguk seems to like it even more from how his body keeps reacting to the touch. "Cut." The man suddenly says.
They both look at the man, both feeling a little warmer than before. "From this point on, I'm just gonna give you one more order, give you the money and then you're gonna do everything one by one on your own." The man says, like he's actually discussing a business.
"What are we supposed to do?" Tae asks. They listen to the instructions the man says and then they both nod. The whole thing is starting to feel a little less intense than before. Maybe they are actually getting a hang of it? "Now here we go again." The man hits the record.
Tae has done some acting when he was still in the school for their drama lessons and oddly enough, this feels really similar to that! He's not uncomfortable being touched by Jeongguk, he'll never admit it out loud but he actually kinda likes it! He just needs to get used to HIM.
Being watched while doing anything is always a tricky subject and in this case, Tae is conflicted. A part of him is uncomfortable and another is actually feeling a little more aroused by just how crazy this whole thing is. Especially since Jeongguk is there too.
The man lifts some money and shows it to the camera he is now holding. "I can give you this too if you take everything else off and let me see your cute unused hole too." The man says. Shit... Why did that actually make him feel a little more turned on to hear it?
This is crazy, this is just so crazy! Jeongguk helps him takes off his pants and boxers in one go while he presses his back onto Jeongguk's chest again, they are trying to do what they were instructed before but god damn it, it's getting hard to even breathe!
The man in front of them must be about twice their age but he's fairly handsome for his age. He wonders why someone this rich would have a hobby like this, to waste that much money just over this! He opens his legs like he was told before, Jeongguk's hand slips between them.
Jeongguk opens the cheeks a bit wider and lets the camera get closer to it. Tae throws his head back and closes his eyes shut fast, biting his lip. This is just so... He knows he is getting hard! His eyes open slightly and his heart almost jumps in his mouth.
They are moving past people and Tae can just hope the man told the truth when he said no one could see him like this. But somehow the thought of more people seeing him makes the whole thing better. "Someone is getting hard." The man says with a snort.
He bites his lip, this is embarrassing but it just keeps turning him on more. He feels Jeongguk's fingers on the same spot that was being filmed and feels even warmer. No one has ever touched him there before and to think he is letting Jeongguk do it at a time like this!
Jeongguk's other hand moves onto his already aroused c*ck and starts pumping it. "How much more do you want to let him finger you boy?" The man asks. "Just say a number." He was already told not to say anything. The man suddenly throws more money at them. "Is it enough?"
"Yes." He whispers. "Good, use a lot of lube." The man says and then Guk grabs the bottle from the side the man told them before. He pours enough on it while the man in front of him keeps his legs open. He almost closes them when he feels the cold lube running between the cheeks.
He manages to keep them open, barely breathing anymore when Jeongguk pushes a finger inside of him and then kisses the side of his neck. It feels weird! Just freaking weird! He turns his head to look at Jeongguk and focus on him instead. Jeongguk bumps their noses together.
Call him crazy but it almost feels like Jeongguk is silently asking if he's still okay with what they are doing. Tae leans forward to kiss his lips, somehow his lips look so inviting to him tonight. Maybe it's the alcohol? Yeah, he will blame it all on that.
A whine leaves his mouth when Jeongguk curls his finger inside of him and it suddenly touches something sensitive inside to him but before he can pull away Jeongguk holds his face to continue kissing him, pressing his finger harder against the spot. F*ck, what is happening?
It feels so strange and Jeongguk's finger is barely reaching it but that is the only annoying part of it because it actually feels so different from everything he had ever experienced before, he wants more of it, wants Jeongguk's finger to pressure hard on it again and again!
He actually moves his hips a bit, trying to get Jeongguk's finger to go deeper. "Look at you, you're already showing your sl*tty thirst huh?" the man says and moves closer to reach for the spot he is still filming. Jeongguk quickly slaps the man's finger away.
Tae pulls away from the kiss when he notices the strange action and then looks away. Jeongguk's eyes look sharp at the man again. "I thought we agreed there would be no touching involved from you." He says, not even caring that the cameras are still filming.
Tae's heart skips a beat on his chest when he hears it. He is actually a little confused. When did they have that conversation again? "You said it, he didn't. Are you uncomfortable by this Taehyung-ssi?" The man asks. Tae gulps. "Don't touch me!" He whispers.
The man snorts, looking even more amused. "Just watch and don't touch huh? Then at least give me something worth watching." The man says. It's actually like he is just playing a game and the messed up part is that Tae is enjoying this F*cked up game!
"We're doing what you asked." Tae says. "How about you go on your knees and s*ck him off? I might call it entertaining then." He says. The blond man tries to control his heartbeat. He moves down from the chair and sits in front of Jeongguk before opening his pants.
It seems to be Jeongguk's turn to be nervous, he actually holds the security belt next to them and tenses up a bit. Tae looks up at him just to see if Jeongguk is still in. It takes a few seconds but Jeongguk nods and Tae reaches for the shaft and then pulls it out. He gasps.
It's still half-soft but it's freaking huge! They have never showered together or saw each other completely naked so it actually takes the blonde man by surprise. Jeongguk looks away, actually feeling a little shy about what is happening. how can he even fit this in his mouth?
"You must have gotten some before right? Just do what those girls would do to you. Kiss, lick, suck, cherish it." The man says. Tae gulps at that. Do some guys actually look at someone else's junk and think something that shameless like 'cherishing' it?
He looks up at Jeongguk again and then sees the little blush on Jeongguk's cheek and then he realizes. They have known each other for so long but it's so hard to get Jeongguk this flustered or embarrassed. It actually makes him want to get him more worked up.
He doesn't know what he is supposed to do. Sure, he got some from some girls but he never really paid attention to how they were doing it. He closes his eyes and just does what he was told, kissing on the tip before licking the length, smirking when Jeongguk hisses.
The only reason he puts it in his mouth this easily is one, the wine actually worked wonders and two, he knows Jeongguk is a clean freak and his d*ck probably shouldn't be dirty like most guys. It's hard to get it all in his mouth so he just uses his hands at the end.
His eyes looking up through his lashes to see how Jeongguk is reacting and f*ck, he actually loves seeing how Jeongguk is breathing heavily and squirming around a bit, even the way he is bitting his lip is satisfying. He sucks hard, moving his head in even more interest.
He even forgets about the camera, he just wants to get Jeongguk even more worked up because he knows he might never have the chance again. Jeongguk accidentally thrusts deeper in his mouth and he chokes on it, pulling away to clear his throat.
"Sorry!" Jeongguk suddenly says and that's when Tae knows this is really something new. Jeongguk is not one to say sorry, ever! Tae just huffs and snorts. He takes it in his mouth again. He is leaning forward, not knowing that his as*cheeks are wide open toward the camera.
But Jeongguk knows, he actually can't stop staring at it. That is when the car suddenly stops. Tae pulls away from the member and looks back. "Why did we stop?" He asks. "You didn't think you were gonna go all the way here, did you? We're at my special place." The man says.
Tae quickly puts his pants on before the driver opens up. They are still shirtless. "Just walk in, no one else comes here." He says and walks out. Tae and Jeongguk exchange an unsure look. "I'm not kidnaping you, you can tell a friend you're here if it's too scary."
"I'll message Jiminie with the location in case we don't leave on time." Tae tells Jeongguk and Guk nods. They both walk out, Jeongguk grabs their shirts, making sure he gets Tae's boxers too while they wait for Tae to finish typing. "Okay, done." "Now come in."
It is an old apartment, they are surprised a guy like this even knows a place like this exists! He opens the apartment and then walks to open the door of one of the units. They both walk in and then they see the big bed, some cameras and some s*x toys around the room.
They exchange another look, both feeling surprised. This does seem like the man actually sees this as some sort of business. "All you need to do is to finger him, try eating him out too to make it sexier and then f*ck his head out. I'll give the whole payment in cash after it."
"Wait, I didn't bring any condoms!" Tae suddenly says and then looks at Jeongguk. "We were at the bar, I obviously wasn't planning this either." Jeongguk says. "Aww you poor things." The man doesn't sound sorry. "I guess you either go or... leave!"
Tae tuns to Jeongguk. "Look, I'm clean. I did a test recently for uni, I never do it without one. Just tell me you're clean too. I didn't go through all these for us to just leave without getting the money." Tae whispers to Jeongguk. Guk frowns at that.
"I'm clean." He says. "So I guess we know what comes next. Undress, make it wild." He says and then walks back to start recording with the cameras. Tae takes his pants off again and Jeongguk throws the clothes away to get undressed too. They stand in front of each other.
"Wait, who does it to who again?" Tae suddenly asks. The man looks at the blonde man's ass and then at Jeongguk's fat c*ck and then lifts a brow, as if to say the answer is pretty obvious. Now the blonde man is even more nervous! It was easier in the darkness of the car.
Jeongguk moves closer to reach for his face. "Let's start kissing, we'll go from there." He says. Tae bites his lip. Jeongguk leans to whisper to him again. "Don't worry, I've done an*l before." "You what?" "Some girls are into it, I'll be gentle." He says.
Tae nods nervously. It felt nice when Jeongguk was fingering him so maybe, just maybe it might actually end up being fun. "Wait, did you just say eat him ou-" Tae is about to ask cuz what the hell? They are both guys, it's literally an ass, is it even a thing any guy would like?
But he can't finish asking because Jeongguk is already cupping his face to kiss him again. And again, Tae is not gay... he is NOT! But Jeongguk's kisses are just too unfair. He doesn't even realize when Jeongguk pushes him on the bed and hovers over him, their crotches touching.
He moans into the kiss when he feels the way Jeongguk's d*ck suddenly moves against his own c*ck. He was already excited for it from before. Jeongguk continues putting butterfly kisses on his face, moving down to his chest and then belly and then lower and lower.
Come to think of it, do all people that do porn kiss this much? There is something really tender about it and if Tae is not careful, he is scared he might actually miss being treated this gently. But that's when Jeongguk suddenly flips him on his belly and pushes his ass up.
He gulps. why does he feel even more exposed to his as* being in front of Jeongguk than how it felt when there was a literal camera filming it? "WOA!" He almost moves away when Jeongguk opens the cheeks and pushes his face between them to kiss the rings around the hole.
But Jeongguk holds around him to keep him on the spot before starting to lick it a little too hard. "Woa, dude, f*ck!" He is not even sure what he is saying, he is just trying to get used to the strange sensation. Even Jeongguk's breathing against the puker is distracting.
"How Sensitive!" The man says and Tae knows it's not even an exaggeration? It feels good, it feels freaking good but still so strange that his body just wants to get away from it, even though a part of him actually wants Jeongguk to continue even more.
There is no way Jeongguk has never done this before! Tae holds onto the sheets, not even being able to hold his moans. How can it feel this good? He is pretty sure he is leaking and Jeongguk hasn't even touched his d*ck! Jeongguk pushes his tongue between the rings.
"HAHH, GOSH!" He shouts out loud, pushing his head to stop his voice from sounding this desperate! Jeongguk pushes two-finger in and starts thrusting them in and out while still kissing and sucking around his as*hole. How does he do it so good?
He wants to cry, how can something feel so alien and good at the same time? He doesn't even know if wants to stop it or push back? although he's pretty sure he's already pushing his as* back to get more connection with the other man's mouth. He tenses when another finger slips in
"Relax." Jeongguk whispers and kisses one of his cheeks a few times, using some more lube so he can feel a bit better. Tae shivers from how cold it feels over his already heated body. "You're taking it so good baby, just calm down." Baby? And why did Tae just moan again?
He looks down and tries to ignore his disappointment when he realizes that Jeongguk has his eyes closed. He is probably imagining some other girl and somehow, it makes Tae feel a bit bitter. No, he's not jealous! He just... They're doing it, so he wants to be more appreciated!
That's why when Jeongguk opens his eyes and sucks hard on his pucker again with his half-lidded eyes looking straight at Tae's eyes, Tae actually shakes in excitement! "I'm pretty sure he's ready!" The man says. Guk continues thrusting his fingers-Wait, why did he take out four?
When did he even add the fourth one? "Are you good?" Jeongguk asks. Tae nods. "Do I turn or?" "No, it'd hurt more of you turn, just relax." He says. Jeongguk says it but how can he relax when there are three big cameras filming the first and probably last time he does anal?
Plus, he had Jeongguk's c*ck in his mouth already, it barely fit, how is it gonna-H-HoHolly shit! "Oh myyyyy-a-a-y." His voice suddenly gets stuck in his throat when Jeongguk suddenly pushed into the rings he was just sucking on a few seconds ago, pushing all the way in.
Holly shit, holly fuck, no way! Tae's mind is blank! It is like someone just tore him in half and he is scared if Jeongguk moves, it is actually gonna burn more! Jeongguk is waiting for him to get used to it but how can he? He can feel it in his stomach, that's how big he is!
"You like it, don't you? How does it feel to have another man's c*ck in your ass boy? Doesn't it feel like you were always born to be his little c*ck whore?" The boss says and Jeongguk gasps from how hard the blonde man starts squeezing around him.
"F-Fcuk, Tae relax. You're pulling me in." He says, feeling a little breathless. He's not trying, it is all just getting to him so much. So what if it's already been half an hour or so since he had that wine? He's still going to blame it all on it.
He turns to look at Jeongguk, he sort of needs to just see him and then his eyes fall on the raven's lips. "Just relax, I got you. It'll hurt now it's gonna feel good soon, I promise." Guk whispers net to his ear but Tae is not listening, he just wants to kiss him so he does it.
He moves back again and Tae whines into Jeongguk's mouth, he is big enough to brush against that sensitive spot Tae was so desperate for when Jeongguk was fingering him that he doesn't even notice he is reacting to it this much. He doesn't want to break the kiss.
He feels the way Jeongguk holds around his belly, even touching the part he is pretty sure Jeongguk's d*ck is poking against from inside and then starts moving. Tae finally stops kissing him and closes his eyes to shout, it actually burns so f*cking much.
But it doesn't take long until Tae realizes what his best friend was talking about before. Tae is not new to s*x, he does it enough and it usually feels nice but this... The way Jeongguk keeps rubbing his nipples, how his c*ck keeps moving against that spot inside, it's amazing!
Jeongguk's arms feel so strong around him, giving him some sense of security that he never knew he wanted this much, his kisses on Tae's shoulder are the tenderness he was never into and he's pretty sure he's going crazy. But it gets worse when Jeongguk holds his d*ck.
"AAA-Ah God!" He shouts out loud with his eyes wide open and it doesn't even take him a second before he shoots his c*m on the bed, his as* squeezing harder around Jeongguk's pulsing c*ck. Guk doesn't stop, he just speeds up, holding him hard against his chest to thrust deeper.
A few more hard thrusts and Tae can feel the hot and white liquid filling him and burning up up from inside. He lets out a cry. It feels so strange but he loves it, it's insane! He is back onto his knees and his head on the bed while Jeongguk is panting on his back.
The man has been filming them f*cking in all angels but only now Tae has realized just how it must have been. Jeongguk is still inside of him! The man gets closer. "Okay now all you have to do is to pull out slow, you try to push out the c*m and then you push it in again."
Jeongguk catches his breathe then waits for the man to get the camera in place before slowly pulling out. Tae lets out a high pitch whine and shakes, he feels so sensitive down there! He doesn't even try to push anything, the c*m just starts oozing out of him.
He looks back and bites his lip embarrassedly from how the other two men are looking at it and filming it. Jeongguk looks at him and then grabs his d*ck to push the c*m that was oozing out back into his asshole. He quickly looks away, not wanting to get hard again.
He thrusts slowly a few times and then pushes more inside again and that's when Tae remembers that he is actually still taking another man's c*ck and he is shaking from how sensitive it makes him. And the fact that he's about to get hard again makes it worse.
The man finally turns the cameras off and walks away. "Good job." He says. Jeongguk's hands brush over Tae's as* and squeeze them a little too hard before pulling out again. The man throws a tissue at him on the bed. "You might wanna clean that or it'll be messy." He says.
Tae gulps and sits, opening his legs to watch what is running out of his as* and then feels even more embarrassed when he grabs the tissue to clean himself off from Jeongguk's c*m. Jeongguk is not looking at him anymore. "It's time for the pay up." Jeongguk says.
Tae rolls his eyes. He is the one who is dripping and Jeongguk couldn't even wait a second until they could dress up before talking? The fact that it is the first thing Jeongguk thinks right after the whole thing kinda pisses Tae up. The man snorts in amusement.
"A promise is a promise." He says. "Want to edit the video here or are you okay with me doing it?" "Give me some time to do it at home, I'm not exactly in the mood to relieve the whole thing again." Guk says. Tae gets it, Jeongguk hated it but can he not be this blunt about it?
He is about to get up to put his clothes back on but flinches when his as* touches the surface as he tries to move and he gets to feel just how sore it is. Jeongguk looks at him and then throws the clothes at him before looking back at the man. "Come on now, pay up!"
"Patience my dear." He says and then walks to his coat. He takes out some money and hands it to Jeongguk. Guk looks a bit unsure and then starts counting them. "It's just 15k." "You'll get the rest once you give back the edited video." The man says.
"Just let him edit it himself and get the rest." Tae says. "Our faces are in the videos." "I don't care." "Shut up, I do." Jeongguk says. "Give me a laptop, I'll just look through them and blur everything myself." "As you wish~" The man says. Jeongguk puts on his clothes.
He follows the man to a room and starts editing it with a program he is used to. Tae just finishes dressing up and waits for him outside, trying not to feel like shit over what just happened. They finally walk back. Jeongguk is counting some money again. "It's 23k!"
"I like being generous." The man says, looking really proud of himself. Jeongguk glares and looks at the man in disgust before counting 3 thousand of it and handing it back. "No thanks!" "Dude, what the hell?" Tae grabs it quickly. "Thank you!" Jeongguk groans in frustration.
"The pleasure was mine. Get in the car, my driver can take you back home." The man says. "There is no ne-" "Ignore him, I'm coming. Thank you." Tae says. Guk grabs Tae's arm to stop him. "What the hell?" "You wanna be difficult, you're on your own. Give me my half and I'm going."
Jeongguk narrows his eyes at him, looking really unimpressed. He shakes his head before heading to the car, obviously looking mad. Tae sighs and sits next to him. The man sits too but none of them really speaks on the way, the tension is really high!
"Right there." Tae says and the car stops. "It was a pleasure. Keep in mind that if you ever feel like doing anything more for some extra cash, give me a call." The man says. Tae pauses at that but Jeongguk just pushes him. "Thank you but no thank you." He says.
"Think about it, if Mr Jeon is that against the idea, you could always come alone, I could find you an even better partner." The man says. "I said thankyou but we're not interested." Jeongguk says before they both walk out of the car. "Is that true Taehyung-ssi?" He asks.
Tae looks at Jeongguk and then back again. It's not that he is considering it. Tonight was just a... spicific night! It's still hard to think! "Thanks Mr. Choi but tonight was enough fun." Tae says. "Fair enough, but the offer will stand if you ever change your mind."
The door closes up and the car drives away. Both men look at it. Jengguk looks at Tae and then sighs before heading inside. Tae follows him and then gets inside. He tries to use the bathroom but it's hell to even do this much! He walks out and Jeongguk is waiting.
What sucks is that Tae doesn't exactly regret it. It was a mutual agreement, he wanted to do it. Sure, it was a bit of a bummer but his biggest problem is that... He actually enjoyed it and he wasn't supposed to! Meanwhile, Jeongguk is acting like he forced him or something.
"Here." Jeongguk says and then hands Tae the money. Tae is not an accountant but this looks too much to be just eleven-point fifty thousand dollars! "How much is it?" Tae asks. "All of it." Tae narrows his eyes at him and starts counting. He pushes half onto Guk's chest.
"Don't piss me off." He says and walks away. Jeongguk follows him. "Stop being stubborn. Get the money, pay for the rent until we need to do it and buy some groceries. I don't go to uni, I don't need it if it's not for what we both pay for." Jeongguk says.
"I don't need your damn money. You get your part, I get mine." Tae says. "I don't f*cking need it." "Then why did you do it?" "Obviously the rent, you got it now, congrats." "Okay you're really pissing me off right now." "So you're cool with his money but not with mine?"
"Exactly." Tae says. Jeongguk scuffs. "We're both broke and I'm not gonna owe you anything when the money is gonna be all spent anyway. Wanna pay the rent? do it yourself." "You're so annoying sometimes." Jeongguk says. "Well you're ALWAYS annoying." Tae says.
"If you need it so much that you think it's a good idea to go to that creep again, then just take it and shut up. It should be enough for the time being!" Jeongguk says. "That is what this shit is about?" Tae asks. "What? You think I forced you or something?"
"What?" "No one said you had to come. You heard the guy, even if you wouldn't come, he would just find someone else for it to go along." "You're that comfortable doing shit like this with f*ck knows who?" "It was one night and look, we're the winners here!" He waves the money.
"He's gonna get way more for that video, what he gave us was charity." Jeongguk says. "What? You're a porn star now?" Tae asks, folding his arms. "I know about that shit, it's not that easy. We could even get arrested for this." "Then you shouldn't have done it!" Tae says.
"You'd still go anyway." Jeongguk says. "Of course I would. What? you thought I went to just jump on your d*ck? I wanted the money, didn't care who or how, still don't. Get off my ass." Tae says. Jeongguk pushes his tongue into his cheek and looks away in annoyance.
"You're literally the most insensitive and stupidest person that I know." Jeongguk says and then just throws the money away before walking to his room and shitting the door with a bang. Tae glares at the door and goes back to his own room. He needs a shower!
He doesn't want Jeongguk's money, he doesn't want him to take it like he owed Tae something for even doing this with him. It was nice when he knew they were onto this together, that he wasn't the only 'desperate' one. What is he trying to gain? Superiority?
So he does it, ends up being free from paying for the things he does but at the end of the day 'He didn't need the money so here take all the money, it was just a favor.' FUCK that. He flinches again when is back hits the wall. This is gonna be more than a pain in the ass!
The next day he just skips uni. He doesn't feel like going out so he just stays in bed all day until his stomach starts growling. He doesn't feel like cooking so he just goes out to buy some Jajamyeon for himself. Once he comes back, he hears giggling from the kitchen.
He lifts a brow and then pauses when he gets there. He recognizes her, of course he does. Is he really serious? "Taehyungie!" Jieun cheers when he sees him. "Jieun!" Tae calls her name. Jeongguk doesn't look back to see Taehyung, he is cooking. "Is that food?" she asks.
"Yeah I was hungry." Tae says. "Why didn't you just tell him too? We could all order something." Jieun says. "It's fine, I'll just go and eat in my room. I have work soon anyway." Tae says. "Nonesense, I actually missed you! It's been so long since we saw each other!" She says.
"Yeah, I thought you broke up for good the last time?" Tae says. Jeongguk is just cutting the vegetable, not adding anything to the conversation. "Oh no! We're not... like that! I mean, not yet. Today I just called him up, to catch up and stuff." Jieun says.
That's how it always starts! They call to catch up and two hours later they are hooking up! Everyone knows her by now because her relationship with Jeongguk is so on and off that it never seems to ever get completely off! Jeongguk's 'lifetime love' or whatever he'd call her.
Jiminie once said he thought if soulmates existed, Jeongguk and Jieun must be IT! Tae rolls his eyes at the thought when he remembers. "The food will be ready soon, just eat with us!" Jieun says. "Thank you but no thank you." Tae says, repeating what Guk kept saying last night.
He goes back to his room. He is not pissed, no he is not! He is just a little annoyed. No, he is not jealous! Why would he be? This story is just a neverending road and it's just exhausting to see how they keep breaking up and going back together like a yoyo!
He looks through his lessons while eating and then gets ready for work. They usually head to the work together when they are both home but this time Tae doesn't even tell Jeongguk he is leaving. Who knows, Guk might even skip work just to f*ck her and forget about last night!
He is a little early for his shift so he just starts looking through his phone. He looks up when the main door opens and Jeongguk walks in. He pauses and their eyes meet for a few seconds before Jeongguk frowns and walks to him. "We could share the taxi, where did you go?"
Tae puts his phone away. "I thought you didn't need money? I'm sure you didn't need any sharing." Tae says, not even hiding the bitter smile. "You're really being childish about that again?" Tae makes a mic-drop gesture and then walks to give the customers their service.
Jeongguk really didn't want to go to work anymore and honestly, he can't tell how Tae can even still work here after what happened! He looks like nothing even changed, still smiling and flirting with the customers like every other day. It's so frustrating!
He tries to just ignore him and goes behind the counter to start his own shift. He is just trying to mix his first drink when a flash of his housemate, naked and moaning and flustered under him comes back to his mind. He greets his head and throws the drink away.
He tries to just shake off all the thought and get his mind off of them all but every time he sees the blonde man, it gets a little harder. He grabs his phone and dials Jieun's number. "Guk!" "Can I stay over tonight?" He asks before she can even say anything more.
She pauses for a moment, not saying anything. "Sure, why not? Are you sure it's a good idea though?" They both know that 'staying over' is never about just staying over. "I miss you!" It's not a lie, it's just not the entire reason. "Okay you dummy, just come over after work."
A few hours later Tae comes back from the bathroom, feeling less angry with Jeongguk. "We're going?" He asks because they always leave together, always! Jeongguk nods and then they both head to a taxi. "Where to?" The driver asks. "You tell him first." Guk says.
"Tell him what first?" Tae asks. Jeongguk tells the address. "Go there first, then I'll give you where I'm going." "Where are you going? It's two am!" Tae says. "I know mom, I'm going to Jieun." Jeongguk says. Tae lifts his brows at that. Is he serious? He scuffs and looks away.
Once they get to their apartment, Tae gets out, he doesn't say bye, Jeongguk doesn't say anything either. He doesn't even look at Tae as he walks out, being busier by his phone. Tae gets up and just takes everything off of himself to lay on the bed, feeling tired.
He tries to sleep but he just keeps tossing and turning. Every time he gets up to drink some water, he just glares at Jeongguk's room. He doesn't care where Jeongguk is, it's just annoying. He goes back to his bed and keeps wondering if Jeongguk is already...
He probably is! Honestly, Tae needs to find someone to just sleep with and forget about the horrible night with Jeongguk. He knows Guk has probably forgotten all about it, Jieun would make anyone forget! But then again... the night wasn't horrible. That is the problem!
He holds his pillow harder and then tries to just shake off the thought and sleep. As someone who is only into one-night stands and then kicks them out right after it, he is too much into hugging something. Too bad the pillows tonight don't feel as cuddly as they should tonight!
Tae has been trying to ignore it but it is getting really hard to ignore. "What?" He suddenly asks. Jin has been staring at him for the past thirty minutes or so and it's starting to get really... annoying! "Why did you skip yesterday?" Jin asks. Tae just shrugs.
"I was just not in the mood." "You never skip." Jin points out. "You needed me to get you to the bathroom or something?" Tae asks with a snort. "Maybe." Jin smiles. Tae looks back at his paper and tries to work on his model. "But really, did something happen?"
"I just got laid and it wasn't what I expected." He says. "You get laid all the time." Jin points out. "Then imagine how horrible this one must have been." Tae says. "Have you ever thought that maybe you just have to... I don't know, get into a relationship?" Jin asks.
"I don't have time for that." Tae says. "You don't exactly need time for it though! You can just use it as a distraction. You wouldn't need different people or just booty calls for that and less chance of sexual seseases." Jin points out. "Oh, I need to do a test!" Tae says.
"That bad?" Jin asks. "We didn't have a condom." "Okay, this is starting to get worrisome. You're starting to act like a sex addict." "I'm not a sex addict, I do it once a week or every two weeks." Tae points out. "With different people." Jin points out.
"It's not always different people. I do have booty calls and... friends!" "Your roommate's exes don't count." Jin says. "Come on now." "I still don't get how you're okay with fucking whoever he breaks up with. I'd kick your ass if I were you." Jin admits.
"They're his exes, it's none of his business." Jin says. "Legally, yes but morally-" "F*ck morals man." "For real though, if I didn't know any better I'd say you're just obsessed with the guy. They try to get back at him and you just let them!" Jin says.
"He happens to go out with attractive people. I'm not really into them but when they come to me, what do I have to do? Honestly, I don't ever know what Jeongguk had seen in most of them. They were all lousy in bed." "And yet you still get them in yours." Jin says.
"I don't, they come and I just don't tell them to leave." He says. "I really don't get you." "You're a rich kid, you can never get how us lower beings do." Tae jokes. "My family is rich, I'm not." "Yeah but they still raised you, it makes you different." Tae says.
"Then inform me, in what world f*cking people you barely know or who have been with people you knew is better than having someone you can be comfortable with and stay with?" Jin turns. The lunchtime is always like this, Jin is a chatty one.
"My family didn't give me sex education nor one for a relationship. But I still don't get it." Jin adds. "When was the last time you had a girlfriend?" Tae asks. "A couple of years ago?" "Then you're not exactly one to tell me I should get one." Tae says.
"I'm not the one who can't live without sex, you are." Jin says. "I can live without it, I just chose not to. Why would I? I still have some time to have fun." "It's not going anywhere, right?" "Right." Tae says and smiles at his paper.
"Want me to be honest with you?" Jin suddenly says. "Do I have a choice?" "Not really." "Then just shoot." "It feels like you're just trying to prove something." Ta'es pen stops moving, he just stares at the tip. "Prove what?" "I don't know, you tell me!"
Tae turns his head to see him. "I had this thing when I was a teen. I liked cooking but my parents said I should just forget about it, we had servants, I sucked at it... But I just kept cooking and cooking. I just wanted them to know I can do it if I want to." Jin explains.
"It was a little excessive and I knew it too so when I see you like this, how proud you are just because girls come after you, it kinda reminds me like that." "It's just sex man, stop seeing too much into it." Jin looks at him in suspicion and then gives up. "If you say so!"
"When your family told you that you couldn't cook, it was because you couldn't. I obviously can be with those girls, it's not even comparable." "Okay." "I'm serious." "Okay Taehyung, I told you, I get it." Jin says. Tae pauses, realizing that he is pushing it for no reason.
He looks back at his paper and breaks the pen's tip from how hard he pressures on it. Jin hands him what he needs and focuses on his own food. Tae continues looking at the broken pen, something inside of him twisting and turning uncomfortably.
Jeongguk gets back home from his training. Tae must still be at Uni, their work doesn't start for another three hours either. He sits on the chair next to his laptop and looks at it like he wants it to just disappear. He ends up opening it and there it is again!
He woke up to it and it didn't take long to find it. The asshole didn't even waste much time before uploading it. He can't see their faces but he knows it's them. And the messed up part is that he knows how his roommate looked under those blurred effects.
He has practiced so hard today, he almost broke the damn sandbag but he still feels frustrated. "G-GOD Hng." The voice comes again and Jeongguk just looks away and tries to keep his hormones in check. He closes the tab and gets up to take a cold shower, f*ck knows he needs one!
Once he gets out, he sees the message from Yoongi on his phone. He calls him. "Guk, why didn't you answer?" "I was taking a shower, what is it?" Jeongguk asks. "Nothing, I'm just getting ready for a test. I don't understand shit, can you come over later?" Yoongi asks.
"Hyung, you can study on your own. I'm not even studying anymore, remember?" I'm really stuck, come on!" "Isn't there anyone else that can just tutor you?" Jeongguk asks. "Not one like you. I'm seriously gonna fail." Yoongi whines. Jeongguk presses his lips together.
"No." Jeongguk says. "I'll make it up to you." "Still no." "I'll come to your next match." Yoongi tries. Jeongguk puffs his cheek at that, thinking. "Just this once, alright?" "Yes just this once."Yoongi says with a sigh of relief. "When can you come? "When is the test?"
"Next week." "I'm coming over now." Jeongguk says. "Don't you have work to do?" Yoongi says. Jeongguk looks at his laptop and frowns again. Maybe he should still... He shakes the thought off again. Tae brought it to himself. "Not anymore." He says.
He heads to Yoongi's place and they start having some snacks while Jeongguk teaches Yoongi about the parts of the book he can't understand. A few hours later Jeongguk's phone lights up with a ping and it lights up. He grabs it and sees 'The devil' written on it.
'Where the hell are you?? The manager thought we were coming together and now he's mad.' He just ignores it but then his phone lights up when Tae calls him. He responds. "Yeah?" "Where are you?" Tae asks. "Does it matter?" "Yes because you're not here yet."
"I know." Jeongguk says. "Jeongguk..." "I'm not coming, tell them to just find someone else." "Why not?" "I don't want to, I have enough money to pay my share for at least another year, I'll just find another job." Jeongguk says. "They'll take it out on me." "I don't care."
"I worked my ass off to get you this job and this is what you do?" Tae asks. "I never said I was planning to work there forever." "Jeongguk, what is this about? If it's the money, then why did you still show up last night? I don't get you!" Tae is still arguing.
Jeongguk thinks about it. He probably shouldn't say it, knowing Tae it might actually f*ck his head but Jeongguk is done trying to have his back. He really doesn't deserve it. "He uploaded it." "Who what?" "Choi, he uploaded the video." Jeongguk says and then it goes silent.
"How would you know that?" Tae suddenly asks. "I found it on the internet." "How the hell did you just find it. Since when do you look through gay porn?" Tae asks. "I don't but this time I knew it would happen. You wanna keep working for him? Go ahead, I won't."
There comes another thirty seconds in silence until Tae hangs up on him without saying anything more. Jeongguk looks at his phone and then just puts it away with an annoyed expression. Yoongi looks at him in interest. "Who uploaded what?" He ends up asking.
Jeongguk lays back on the couch. "I f*cked up." "Which means?" Yoongi asks. "I fucked him in front of a dude with a camera for some cash and now the old fart uploaded it." Jeongguk says bluntly and Yoongi suddenly starts choking on the sunflower seeds he was trying to eat.
"Are you crazy?"Yoongi asks between his coughs. "I'll let you insult me all you want tonight, I earned it." Jeongguk admits. "And what do you mean him? I thought Taehyung was straight?" Yoongi says. "He still says that he is but he was kinda into it the other night." Guk says.
"You of all people should know how stupid that is." Yoongi says. "Especially for someone like your own boss!" "I know, I'd take it down but I'm too petty to do anything for Taehyung's stubborn ass." Jeongguk says. "There is your own ass too." "It's all blurred."
"Is it for the same-" "No, they don't work with each other." Jeongguk says. Yoongi tries to actually let it sink in. "But wait, didn't you say the whole thing from before was a phase?" Yoongi asks. "You don't have to be gay to do porn Hyung." Jeongguk points out.
"No but there is a pretty good chance of you being one if you do the gay one." Yoongi points out. "Not in this case, give me the book again." Jeongguk says. Yoongi hands it to him. "I still think you're stupid for letting it stay." "Says the one I'm tutoring."
Tae looks into the mirror from the bathroom and tries to breathe. He is mad, no he is beyond mad! The asshole told them that he wouldn't upload it! I mean okay, Jeongguk called it, he expected it but now that he knows he lied through his teeth, it just pisses him off.
He was too busy with his own hormones that night to care about editing their video but now he's kinda happy Jeongguk did it. That is the only thing that calms him down a bit. He takes in a shaky breath and then walks in. He pauses when he sees his boss.
The man is smiling and talking to some people that Tae assumes are business partners. He was okay with it all, heck he'd even be okay with his video being posted if he was told but even being here after the asshole did that... He suddenly takes his apron off.
"What-" the manager is about to say when Tae hands it over to him. "Find someone else to fill me." Tae says in annoyance. "Wait! Kim!" The manager tries to stop him. Tae doesn't even stop to ask for the money of the nights he worked this week, he just rushes out.
He heads to the taxi and for a second he waits for Jeongguk to get in too but then remembers that he is not here tonight. "Sir?" The driver looks at him from the front mirror. "Just keep driving, I'll tell you when to stop." Tae says. He just wants to get away!
Jeongguk opens the door of their unit when someone quickly squeaks and hides behind the couch. What the hell? "Who is there?" He asks. The woman quickly runs to Tae's room and that is when Jeongguk realizes that she was naked. He pokes his tongue into his cheek.
He walks to the kitchen to drink some water and wash his hands and once he comes back, the woman is all dressed up. Jeongguk recognizes her. It's the woman he sees the most when it comes to Taehyung's booty calls. "Sorry about that, didn't know you'd come back this soon!"
"It's fine." He mumbles. "I'll be... going then!" She says nervously but before she can leave Tae walks to the door. "Where are you going?" Tae asks. She looks at Tae with a surprised expression. "Home, I thought we were done?" Tae looks at Jeongguk for a few seconds.
Jeongguk can't really read Tae's expression, he is just in his boxers. "I'm not done." He suddenly says. Jisoo lifts a brow at that. "It's late anyway, just stay over or whatever." He says and then turns to walk back into his room. Jisoo looks even more surprised.
But she isn't as dumbfounded as Jeongguk is. Sure, she is the one Tae calls for the most but he has never let anyone stay over! He kicks everyone out the moment they finish! Jisoo walks back to Tae's room and then the bedroom door closes. Jeongguk just stares at the closed door.
He tilts his head and then goes to his room to change. It doesn't take long until he starts hearing the sounds. "Are you serious?" He asks in disgust. Are they seriously gonna do it when Jeongguk is home at this hour? And why is she so LOUD? He grabs his headphone.
He turns on some songs but she gets even louder. What the hell? "YES GOSH Y-YES, RIGHT THERE OH MY GOD." "for fuck's sake." Jeongguk mumbles and huffs out in annoyance. They are unusually loud to the point that the headphones don't work either.
It's like they want to make him suffer through it! If it wasn't this late he would just leave but he doesn't have that option either, does he? He continues ignoring them until the voice finally stops. He waits for Tae to send her away but the voice never comes.
He lays on his bed and keeps tossing and turning. It feels strange to have a third person sleeping at their place. It takes so long for him to finally fall asleep. He wakes up to the smell of eggs. He blinks a few times and then walks to the kitchen in confusion.
"You're horrible at this." "Whose fault do you think it is?" Tae's voice comes. "You burnt EGGS." "I was distracted by someone." Jeongguk walks in and pauses. Jisoo is on the counter, her arms around Tae's neck while their foreheads and noses are bumping.
She looks up when she hears something and quickly pushes Tae back. Tae looks back and notices Jeongguk too. His smile quickly drops. "The hell is that smoke?" Jeongguk asks, fanning his hand in front of his nose. "I was about to clean it." Tae says and moves to the sink.
She is still sitting but when Jeongguk glares at her she quickly jumps down. She is wearing one of Tae's shirts. Jeongguk has seen him wear it so many times! Tae puts the washed pan away and then turns to Jisoo. "I guess we're gonna try again." He says and walks to grab more eggs
"Can you stop wasting my eggs? I bought those." Jeongguk says. Tae looks back at Jeongguk with an unimpressed expression and then walks back to her, putting his hands on both sides of her. "He's being an ass, we could just go out for breakfast?" he asks.
Jeongguk narrows his eyes at that. It looks so weird! Taehyung trying to act sweet, it just looks... strange! Jisoo smiles, she looks really pretty! "I dunno, I kinda have classes today." She says. Tae moves up to press his lips onto her neck. "No! Stay!"
"Stop it." She says with a chuckle but they all know she is not even trying to mean it. "I'm gonna be sooo bored. We couldn't even eat, just let me eat you again." He says and presses his lips onto the skin to suck on it. Jeongguk looks away, feeling a little annoyed.
"I really can't, I have to go." She says. Tae puts as he looks up and when Jeongguk looks again, he has to bite his lip. "But I'll call you okay?" Tae asks. "Okay you big baby." She says with a smile and leans to peck on his lips. Jeongguk is starting to feel a little sick!
He follows her as she grabs he coat and wears it. He still hugs her from behind as if to stop her from leaving but she just continues chuckling and then heads to the door. After putting her shoes on, she just pecks on his lips again and then leaves.
he turns back and his eyes fall on Jeongguk who has a suspicious look on his face and has his arms folded on his chest. "What?" He asks. "What kind of game are you pulling?" Jeongguk asks. "Game?" "Forget what I said." Jeongguk gives up and just goes back to the kitchen.
Tae goes there to look for something to eat too. They both take the same pack of corn flex and mix it with milk. Tae finally ends up asking. "Where did you find the video?" Tae asks. Jeongguk pauses and looks at his side. Tae looks too. "Pornhub." Jeongguk says.
"How did you find it?" "It was recently uploaded, I recognized the thumbnail." Jeongguk says. Tae bites his lip. "Does it have a lot of views?" "The channel had a blue mark, it was filled with similar videos. I told you, it's a trend." Tae groans and just holds his face.
Jeongguk suddenly feels a little bad for him. Is that why he is acting like this? "What's the name? I need to see it." Tae says. Jeongguk hands Tae his bowl and takes his own too. "Come on." He says and then walks to his own room. He opens his laptop and there it is. Tae gasps.
Jeongguk looks at Tae's reaction carefully. Tae plays it and yup, that is them! Their voices are the same too! "That fucker!" Tae curses. Jeongguk tilts his head as if to say 'I told you so.' "Shut up, I know you said it but I kinda hoped you were wrong." Tae says.
He cringes his nose. "It has a shit ton of views! Is there any ways to just... remove it somehow?" Tae asks. "I don't want the fucker to get more money from it." Jeongguk stares at him for a bit. Yes, he knows how to do it. But a part of him is still upset at Tae.
Tae narrows his eyes at Jeongguk. "Really now? You're just gonna give me the silent treatment? You're f*cking unbelievable!" He says and rushes out to get to his own room. He sits on the laptop and finds the video Jeongguk just showed him and groans in frustration.
He starts looking through ways he might be able to and realizes that reporting is the only way he can do it. He is about to fill a complaint when he remembers that if he does it, he will just out himself and he might even go to jail for it! This is so frustrating!
There are more videos on the channel. He decides to just click on some of them. All the videos start the same, in the car with their boss and money but it takes different takes in some cases. Sometimes they are even being f*cked by Choi himself! "Holly shit!" Tae whispers.
A sudden flash of Jeongguk pushing Choi's hand away when he was about to touch his asshole comes to his mind again and he has to bite his lip to push the thought aside. He tried to just skip through the videos but they are still a little... distracting!
He ends up going back to the video of himself and Jeongguk and then bites his lip. He didn't know how they were looking when they were doing it but seeing it from this angle... He glares at his arousal. This can't be true! Why is he getting hard again?
Then again all it took him to get hard the other time was just s*cking Jeongguk off and being finger and eaten out by him. Why the hell does the thought makes him feel even harder? He wants to cry! It took him a shit ton of foreplay last night to get him half as hard as this!
He looks at the screen again and he can see Jeongguk's toned and muscular chest and abs in front of himself. He gulps. He always felt a little jealous by how fit Jeongguk is because of all his exercises but to think he actually was touching them just the other night!
He takes his c*ck from his pants and then frees it on the air out of his pants. He wants to just beat the shit out of it. Why is it... reacting like this? Jeongguk is a man for fuck's sake. All these videos are with men that he knows he doesn't like! He starts stroking.
He can't believe he is actually doing this! He looks through the screen and sees how Jeongguk is moving inside of him, knowing how it felt makes his imagination runs even wider. A part of him is actually annoyed that he can't see Jeongguk's face on that annoyingly gorgeous body.
He closes his eyes and just takes a shaky breath, trying to imagine he is still in that room again with the other man, stroking him instead and running his hands all over him. His breathing starts getting harsher. He spent a whole night having sex and this is making him hotter.
"G-Hh. J-Jeongguk." He whispers one of his hands moving to flick his own nipples, reminding him of how they felt when Jeongguk was sucking on them the other night. He is trying to hold his moans in, moving his hand faster. He is close, so close until he finally c*ms.
He tries to catch his breathe, his mind blanking out as he just tries to keep himself in check. He looks at his hand and gulps from just how much he came! Why did he c*m more by his own hands than actually sleeping with someone he has his wildest nights with?
He seriously wants to just cry! His eyes fall on the screen again and then realizes that the video has stopped. He blinks in confusion. Is there something wrong with his internet? He refreshes it and then his heart almost stops when he gets a message that the video is deleted.
"No way!" he whispers and quickly grabs some tissue to clean himself out. "No fucking way!" He pulls his pants up again and then rushes to Jeongguk's room. "Jeongguk the video-" He is about to say when he realizes that Jeongguk just closed his laptop. "I know." He says.
Tae blinks in confusion. "Did you... I mean he couldn't have! Did you?" "Yeah." Jeongguk says as a matter of factly. "How?" He knows there was no way! "I have my ways." Jeongguk says as if he didn't do anything special and gets up to leave the room.
"Jeongguk, wait!" Tae says. Jeongguk pauses in the livingroom and looks at him with his arms folded, waiting for him to continue. Tae might still be influenced by what he was just doing but somehow, his heart feels so happy for having Jeongguk around. "Thank you." He says.
Jeongguk looks a bit taken back by that, like he doesn't even know how to react to it. He just shrugs and opens his arms. "It was nothing, I was there too." He looks away. If Tae didn't know any better, he would think the redness on Jeongguk's ear is him blushing, not from anger.
"Still, thanks!" He says. "Yeah..." Jeongguk says awkwardly and goes back to the kitchen. Tae sighs in relief. He didn't want the asshole to get any more money from it. He goes back to his room to close the tab but curiosity takes the best of him and he ends up checking more.
The next few days they both try to look for another job that can match their schedule but it's almost like hunting for meat in front of a hundred other hungry kittens. Tae keeps going back to certain sites, looking through how much porn stars really make by doing... just that!
the worst part of doing what they did was Choi. Honestly, the only reason he even wanted the video gone was because it was giving choi more money! But if they were the ones making that money, to hell with anything else. Although something else bothers him too!
It should have been a 'whatever' night. He doesn't care about sex, not really. He thought he would just try something stupid, get money and that would be it. He didn't expect it to leave an impression on him. He wants to just blame it on being confused though!
He has a theory. It was a confusing night, he was already high on adrenaline because of how risky it all was and he had that wine too, it all probably just make him confused. Maybe, just maybe if he just does it again, he can just get it out of his system!
That must be it. He has been straight his whole life, he probably slept with more girls than all people in his class combined! He knows he's not gay. He DOES. Bringing Jisoo over often proves it too. He won't accept any other explanation, that must be it!
He knows that it will just confuse him if he doesn't just... get it out of his system. And for that he needs a guy. He knows Jimin and Yoongi are both into guys but they are together and he's not really friends with any other gay guys! His mind keeps going back to HIM.
Jeongguk is straight. whatever happened that night barely had any effect on him. Heck, Tae is surprised he even got it up! He doesn't know anyone else and honestly, he doesn't want anyone to even know about this embarrassing side of him. Jeongguk already knows so...
He has an idea that Jeongguk might accept! But it's tricky. It's something he already wanted to do anyway. And gosh, Guk already agreed with it once, maybe he does it again? "Uncle TaeTae? This doesn't work." Seulgi whines and takes Tae out of his thought. "Huh?"
"It keeps crashing, I hate it." She throws the device away and then pouts angrily. Tae walks to her. "Don't do that baby, you might break it." Tae grabs it. "It doesn't work. I want to go out." "Where do you want to go?" "Can we go and see Gukkie?" She asks.


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