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Mar 4, 2021
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just a yoonmin au idea where jimin is in love with yoongi, and circumstances have it wherein they are forced in an arranged marriage. but jimin had always known it's one-sided because yoongi and his bestfriend are in love with each other, and he's a mere villain to their story

and in all actuality, he just agreed to the arranged marriage because he needed the money for his father's treatment while yoongi's wealthy family just needed someone to fill the role and jimin just happens to fit the description (blah blah details but yeah)
making it abo because heirs
it's not like jimin actually expects for his feelings to ever be returned, and he does regret even agreeing to the whole thing just because he was selfish and saw the opportunity.
but he sucks it all up, tells himself to endure it at least until his father gets better and he fulfills the other end of the bargain to stay in their marriage for the agreed upon number of years. after that, he can divorce yoongi and be free. he just has to endure for a bit more
through it all, they do engage in sex, more because of duty to have an heir and nothing else. jimin knows that. he also knows how his husband's gaze fleets across the other end of the room, just to steal a glimpse of the one he truly loves. jimin knows about all of that.
those longing glances lingering for a few seconds too long. the secret smiles shared in passing. the forlorn expressions in their faces. the sadness in their eyes knowing what could've been but now can never be. of course, he knows all about it.
it doesn't make it any easier though, knowing how he has ruined the happiness of the two most important people in his life because he's just that selfish, all the while still clinging to the faint traces of that same selfishness every time yoongi reaches out for him
tw // cheating but he convinces himself to make up for it and live with his mistakes. he'll be strong for himself. won't let emotions sway him ever again. so when--
when word reaches him of secret rendezvous his husband has been engaging in every night that he's not lying beside him on their bed, jimin just-- he just...
of course, he turns a blind eye. smiles his same smile at yoongi like nothing happened. like everything's normal, because it is. because this isn't his story. in this story, he was never meant to be a main character. just a mere pebble who cheated its way up.
in this story, there's no happy ending waiting for him. there has never been, and never will be. and that's fine, he thinks. it's just how things are meant to be, and that's fine. he just has to endure for a little bit.
he just needs to endure for a little longer.
A/N: ahhhhh it's hurts. this idea has been dancing around my head for years (encompassing too many otps/ships of mine to mention) and it's my go to plot i daydream about when i'm craving for pain.
but i never really got around to ever writing anything...also, cheating really does make me cry sksksksksk and i haven't had the courage to ever tackle it nor read fics where it's a major element sksksk but yeah...
if you're curious, the ending--the one conclusion i've always had each and every time i revisit this same plot, is where jimin eventually asks yoongi for a divorce after fulfilling all conditions of the deal.
his father gets better, thank god, and even though he makes sure to end things in a good note, he also sets out to cut all ties with yoongi for the better, allowing the other to finally choose the path he has always wanted to traverse, while jimin's finally free to be himself
they never managed to conceive any children, and jimin tried to avoid mating as much as possible. not that yoongi actually attempted, anyway
also, yoongi's not an asshole here please. they're good friends from the very start. he's just know. in love with another person. but the cheating was wrong. no excuse for it. and he'll realize that one way or another (but that's another story for another day?)
maybe throughout the duration of their fake married life, he had, at one point, started caring for jimin more than he realized, but the pull of his real love is too strong for him to actually ruminate over those budding feelings, and in the end, he gave in to the temptation
it's just very-- it's sad. and fucked up. and wrong. and idk why i'm doing this to myself (???) maybe it's my own way of touching grass because they hugged and fell in the water and even held hands........
but yes glad to be able to share this~ it's a very precious story to me, although i'm not planning to write a full fic about this (especially not a yoonmin one) (probably) but it's just really close to my heart for all the reasons.
to my fellow angst enthusiasts who enjoyed this small drabble, thank you for reading. might delete this sometime in the near future. i'm horribly sleep-deprived these days so i'll just blame this totally uncalled for emotional mess on that. just know that i'm crying with you.
peace offering coming soon ✌️


so on their 10th wedding anniversary, the last year that they have to stay married in the contract, jimin decides to give yoongi the divorce papers as a gift


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