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BJYX University AU where Art student XZ enrolled late for college and became someone who gets picked on by Sophomore Dance student WYB.

XZ - 23 y.o (stopped schooling for 2 years) WYB - 20 y.o
YB first saw him at the cafeteria during the 2nd week of classes. The new, pretty student was having lunch together with someone he knew as Xuan Lu at their college cafeteria.
The next day after that, YB saw the freshman student lounging under one of the shades their college provided, reading a book placed on his lap. The boy was a real beauty. His nose scrunches up cutely at what he was reading with a small smile plastered on his lips.
The art student stuck his pink tongue out to lick his finger a little and flips the book's page to it's next one. That one innocent act making something twist inside YB's stomach. Gods, how would it feel like to suck that tongue on his own one.
He was about to walk towards the beauty's direction when another person ran and siddles to the spot next to him. The new face was unfamiliar to YB but with the way the new comer was excitedly talking to the beauty, they must have known each other pretty well.
[forgive me for being dumb, xz stopped schooling for 5 yrs D:] Maybe the newcomer was talking too quickly since the pretty boy was gesturing for him to slow down with a smile still in place on that lovely lips of his.
YB decided to observe their interactions for a bit before thinking of some ways on how to seduce the pretty boy to his bed. -- "Zhan-ge! I got the role! I can't believe it!" Ji Li excitedly gushed over XZ the moment he arrived at the older male's favorite reading place.
XZ has his hand raised to his heart and was about to scold the other boy. But XZ can't bring himself to do it because the younger one seems so excited to share the news about his theater play auditions. He giggles a little before gesturing Ji Li to speak slowly.
Ji Li speaks normally this time and XZ claps for him to show his happiness over the news. "Let's go and get some boba tea to celebrate!" XZ just shook his head good-naturedly before following his excited friend.
YB's plan was fool-proof! The pretty boy was once again on his favorite shade spot and the dance student's going to randomly play with his soccer ball in hand in lieu to try and grab the boy's attention.
He goes somewhere closer to his target before stopping few inches away from him. YB placed the ball on the ground and kicked it just enough to roll by the beauty's side. It hit the other's shoes and the pretty boy raised his head to look at him. /Gotcha!/
YB has an apologetic smile ready on his face. "I'm sorry," he said and the boy just smiles and nodded at him, going back to his book. YB's eyes widened fractionally at the smile sent his way before frowning once again. Is that all he got?
He tries to get the pretty boy's attention again, "Um,are you hurt?" The boy just ignored him completely! How dare him?! "Hey! I'm talking to you," YB raised his voice but still got no answer. The audacity of this new student to brush him aside!
Cursing under his breath, YB took the ball in his hands and walked away. He had never felt rejected like that. *No one* ever rejected him before. It is usually the girls and boys at school who were drooling at his feet when they saw him!
That new student has some nerve. He'll show him that no one ever dares to ignore someone like WYB!
YB just got done for their urban dance class. The routine had some sexual undertones to it that made him turned on as the dance progresses. He took a quick glance around the room and made eye contact with one of the girls inside.
YB gave her a slight smirk which she responded with a coquettish smile. She'll be good for a quick romp in the sheets after this schedule. He packed his bag and reached the girl, asking her if she wants to come to his pad for a private show and the girl agreed immediately.
He has an arm wrapped around her shoulder, already imagining her naked body bouncing up and down on his lap as they walked down the corridors. YB was so into his dirty thoughts he didn’t even hear her shout of "Watch out!"
YB looks confused momentarily before a sudden weight crashed into his chest, making him stumble. Good thing the girl held his hand tightly or he might have fallen to the floor. The boy who bumped into him however didn’t manage to break his fall and landed on his behinds.
The fallen boy has all of his stuff scattered on the floor, looking confused as he tried to get back on his feet and collect them. YB was about to snap at the boy who wasn’t paying enough attention but stopped when he saw it was the beauty whom he was trying so hard to seduce.
The pretty boy made a face, scrunching his nose like a little rabbit. And that is when YB noticed he has a beauty mark under his lips. He seems okay and just took his stuff from YB's hands, bowing a little in a silent apology before turning and walking away.
"Gege, are you okay?" Suddenly aware of the girl's presence, YB looked at her before saying, "Uh, yeah. Look, I-I'll see you in another time, okay? I'm sorry but I've got to go." "What?!" she asked, shocked but YB already ran to follow the pretty freshman.
He tried to look around but the boy was already out of sight. [Stopping here, for now, gonna continue this tomorrow. This will be a little angsty btw. Good night! πŸ˜—]
XZ frowns at the bruise that formed on his elbows. He had hurt them when he bumped into that weird guy earlier. "I'm so glad I've passed the audition" Ji Li cheers as they walk back to their dorms, clinging to the older male who hissed in pain when his elbow was nudged by Ji Li.
"What happened?"Ji Li inspects his elbows to which XZ shakes his head and mouthing, 'I'm okay.' Ji Li fished a band-aid from his bag and plasters it to the other male, "You need to be careful next time, Zhan-ge. Feeling better?" XZ nods, a small smile still in place.
"Do you need help with anything else?" XZ shook his head. "Well, I'm going, if you need me text me, ok?" XZ nods again. JL left and XZ stayed alone in the dorm, sitting on his desk and browses through his books.
However, his mind wanders to the guy ealier. He saw him once a few days ago but he didn’t looked soft as he was today when be apologized to XZ.
Last time, the weird boy look all in love with himself and it didn’t impresed XZ. He tried to go back to his books but gave up again a few mins later. What was in that guy's face that got XZ thinking about him? Sighing, he decided to read under his fave tree spot instead.
"What the hell is wrong with you? You became obsessed with that freshman." Jiaer says the moment he spots Yibo staring at the boy reading under the college shade spot. For the last few weeks, eversince that day at the hallway, Yibo had became a little obsessed at the pretty boy.
He tried a couple of sleazy and stupid ways to make a move on the freshman, but the beauty just kept busy in his own little world. It's like he doesn't’t even knew who Yibo was! He's one of the the richest and most popular guy in this damn university!
But that boy won't give a shit about him and only ignore him every time Yibo tries to talk to him. No one /ever/ ignored him! "It’s not like you." Yixing said as he pops a chip into his mouth, "You used to go and find someone you like, you take it, f-ck it and move on."
"If I could I would! But this one just ignores me!" Yibo snapped. Jiaer bursts into a laugh at his friend's situation. "And that's what irks you the most, right? Knowing that he doesn't fell to you like everyone did."
"I'll show him." Yibo grunts as he got up from their lounging table and walked towards the reading beauty. Yibo will get him right here, right now.
There were many people in this spot of their college and XZ was done with his readings when Ji Li spots him. He was about to stand and head to Ji Li's general direction when a guy stops him in his tracks.
Zhanzhan smiled politely at him before sidestepping to pass when he got blocked by the guy again. The familiar guy looked a little frustrated and takes a step forward, making Zhanzhan take a step back, looking confused at what's happening.
Zhanzhan tries to look for Ji Li but the guy just took a closer step, and another until Zhanzhan was trapped between one of the building walls. A crowd of students already gathering to know what the spectacle is all about.
The guy was talking too fast to him, Zhanzhan can't understand what he's talking about. The guy's face was too close for comfort with his sharp eyes glaring at Zhanzhan.
"...No one! Do you understand!? No one treats me like that! Do you even know who I am?! I can kick you out in this college if I want to!" Zhanzhan looks around for Ji Li again, his heart thumping nervously as students whisper to each other. "Hey! Leave him alone!" Ji Li!
The smaller male tries to pull Yibo away from his Zhan-ge who didn't even budge at entrapping the beauty against the wall. "Go away, kid." "I said leave him alone!" "Oh, I will." Yibo smirks and stared at Zhanzhan, "after I'll teach him some manners."
"When someone calls him, he needs to answer." Zhanzhan tries to understand what's going on and looks at Ji Li's face twisted in an angry rage, face red as he screamed the words Zhanzhan can clearly read on his lips. "HE'S A DEAF, IDIOT! HE CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
Zhanzhan's eyes pooled with tears as students pointed at his direction. Even the weird guy who was backing him up againts the wall leaned away, eyes widened in shock before it was replaced with pity.
They were looking at him like he was a freak. They're probably wondering why a hearing-impaired student like him got to enroll in their college. Ji Li held his hand tightly as he pulls him away from the crowd, "I'm so sorry, Zhan-ge. I'm sorry."
They managed to return at their dorms with Ji Li consoling his Zhan-ge and never letting go. "I'm sorry." Ji Li once again apologized, all the while doing the [I'm sorry] sign language. It's been a while since he used sign language to communicate with Zhanzhan.
When they were little, Ji Li tried so hard to learn the sign laguage to be able to talk with him. The younger one learned that Zhan-ge became deaf due to a high fever he had when he was just a baby.
Because of this, Zhanzhan closes himself off from people growing up and not letting out a word out of his mouth, choosing to be mute instead. What's the point if he can't hear his own voice anyway?
But Ji Li was persistent and that's how he became Zhanzhan's best friend. Zhanzhan now /listens/ to what people are talking about through reading their lips, using sign language only to his family and those who knew about his condition.
One of the first friend he made in college is Xuan Lu. She's a Dance major student but also take minors in Art. She also knows how to sign laguage because she used to volunteer in a special class at their neighborhood. She's usually the one who guides Zhanzhan in classes.
[It's not your fault. They're bound to know about it sonner than later anyway.] Zhanzhan signed language to Ji Li with a small smile. "[Still! If it wasn't for that jerk, Wang Yibo! I really want to kick his ass!]" Oh. So that weird guy's name is Wang Yibo.
-- Yibo has been tossing and turning in his sleep but can't even have a decent shut-eye without Xiao Zhan's panicked and hurt face appearing on his mind. Yes. He had bgchecked the beauty after that nasty show of his own temper.
Xiao Zhan has been deaf accidentally since he was a baby and he was 3 years older than Yibo. GDI, he had never felt this extreme guilt over his own actions before. He just can't take his mind off Xiao Zhan since the day he first saw him. And now the beauty probably hates him.
Grabbing his macbook, he hovers over the keyboard and types, /how to say sorry in sign language./ He practiced doing the gesture and successfully memorized the alphabet SL that night. He feels real guilty and hopes Xiao Zhan would accept his apology.
Classes were already over but Xiao Zhan chose to stay at the art room for lunch instead. He doesn't want to deal with the incessant stares from the other students in their college.
He was busy taking his art materials back to his locker when he noticed someone hovering over the door, making Zhanzhan trip on his feet and dropped his art brushes. Wang Yibo hurried to help him, but Zhanzhan stopped him and gathered his things himself.
Zhanzhan has his mad face on, lips slightly pouted and brows lining up in an angry frown. However, it just made him more adorable in Yibo's eyes. The dancer mentally slapped himself. He's here to apologize, not ogle on Xiao Zhan's cuteness!
Yibo decided to move closer to the art student when Zhanzhan finally settles his things, head down as he mumbled an apology. And then he remembers Zhanzhan can't hear him. /Stupid./ His own mind supplied.
He raised his hand and started doing the ["I'm sorry, Xiao Zhan-ge"] sign language. He shouted along while moving his hands, like that would make Zhanzhan understand him better.
Zhanzhan just looked at him like he's crazy. Why is Wang Yibo screaming? His mouth was wide open and the veins on his neck might pop at all the shouting. Trying to hide his amusement, he went to his bag and searched for his phone.
"Hey! Did I do it wrong?" Yibo asked, panicked. Forgetting for a moment that Zhanzhan couldn't hear him. The beauty typed something on his phone and showed the screen to Yibo. XZ: I'm deaf, not stupid. Why are you shouting?
Yibo's ears redden in embarrassment before mumbling his apology again. Zhanzhan taps on his phone. XZ: I can't read your lips so I don't understand you. Yibo reads it and looks at Zhanzhan in the face, "Can you read my lips?"
Zhanzhan nodded with a small smile on his face, amused at Yibo's silliness. The dancer's heart stopped right there and then.
"I'm sorry for being an asshole." Zhanzhan shrugged. "I feel really bad about it. I want to make it up to you." Zhanzhan shakes his head, typing again. XZ: You don't have to.
"No, really. I mean--um I want to.. would you like to go out with me?" WHAT?! Wang Yibo, what the hell is wrong with you?! Why are sprouting such nonsense now?! You just want to bed him! Not /date/ him!
Different emotions flit through Zhanzhan's face before a forced smile graced his lips, shaking his head. The art student turned away from the other male and continued packing his things. "Why not?!" "Zhan-ge!" Oh, fck. He can't hear him. Yibo mentally slap himself.
Zhanzhan has his backpack already slung on his shoulders, ready to go, when Yibo blocked him. "Why not?" He looks earnestly sad which made Zhanzhan feel bad a little. Yibo looks just like a dejected puppy, unconsciously pouting at the freshman student.
The art student chewed on his bottom lips as he thought about ways on how to reject Yibo's offer but none came to mind. It seems the younger male is really genuine on apologizing to him.
"Can't think of any reasons, huh?" Yibo smiles, like the little gremlin that he is, and grabs Zhanzhan's phone, calling his own one to have the art student's number. "Now, I have your number! We can get dinner later. I'll pick you up at 7?"
Yibo didn't wait for Zhanzhan's affirmation, winking at the pretty art student before heading to his classes. Zhanzhan was left at the empty art room, dumbstruck at what just happened. /Did Wang Yibo just asked him out for a date?/
["You're going?"] Ji Li signed language from his bed when his Zhan-ge came out from the bathroom a total of three times, each with different outfits. Zhanzhan pursed his lips, [Yeah...] ["Did you forgot how he treated you last time?"] A sigh. [I know.]
["So why are you going out with him?"] [I don't know...] ["You've gotta be kidding me."] [But he looks so adorable when he apologized. You should have seen him!] Ji Li's face twisted in disgust, ["Assholes like that are not cute! Adorable guys don't act the way he did!"]
Zhanzhan sighs. His best friend was right. Even if Yibo doesn't know Xiao Zhan's condition, he shouldn't have acted that way to someone he barely knows. And yet, there is something that's pulling Zhanzhan to the dance student.
It might have something to do with the guy's persistent, playful attitude and cool smile. Maybe deep down, Wang Yibo is a nice guy and wants a genuine friendship with someone like Xiao Zhan. [I wanna give him a chance.]
Ji Li just rolled his eyes before signing, ["Fine. I'll help you bury the body after if he ever tried anything funny."] Zhanzhan just gave his best friend a wide grin and huge hug for his understanding.
With a quick shower and change of clothes, Zhanzhan was good and ready to go. As he was fixing his hair in the mirror, he noticed Ji Li heading to the door. Guess his 'date' finally arrived.
"Hello. " Ji Li pursed his lips, expression blank as he greeted back. "Hi." His Zhan-ge may be okay and an angel enough to give this idiot a chance but he still needs to make sure the said idiot won't make his Zhan-ge upset again. "I'm Wang Yibo. I'm here for Zhan-ge."
The idiot even has the nerve to call his Zhan-ge like that! "Oh, I know you, alright." Ji Li's tone was dripping with sarcasm. "He'll be out in a moment." Ji Li left the door open, Yibo following him inside the two-bedroom dorm unit.
Zhanzhan got out of his room and signed something to Ji Li; to which the younger one rolled his eyes at but signed back nonetheless. Yibo really need to improve his sign language better.
The dance student lets his eyes roam at the beautiful male in front of him. Wondering how a simple white shirt topped with a dark cardigan could make the art student so ethereal, it's actually a blessing to have this dine out with him.
Yibo took Zhanzhan to a quaint, family restaurant that specializes in homemade dishes. Conversation was a hard feat at first but after some time, Yibo got used to communicate with Zhanzhan's phone to help them out.
YB never had this kind of fun on a date before. Usually, things like this are just fake premises so he could move things over to his bedroom as soon as possible. But something about ZZ was different; that boy made him thirsty for more, he didn’t want this night to end.
"Did you have a difficult childhood?" ZZ: Not really. I don’t think that because I'm deaf I'm not normal. "I didn’t mean it like that. I'm sorry." Yibo apologized. It must have been an overstepping on his part.
ZZ: It's true I had a hard time growing up because I was bullied quite a lot. YB bites his lips shamefully. ZZ: But I think it made me stronger to pursue what I want in life and not give up on my dreams.
"Did you always love to draw stuff? Is that why you took Art as a major?" Zhanzhan nods, chewing softly on a piece of meat as he focused on Yibo's lips to read what he'll say next.
Yibo gulps. A little sheen of the meat oil was smeared on Zhanzhan's lips, it doesn't help the fact that the dish he was eating is a spicy one which makes it plumper and redder than usual. The dance student tries to think of another thing to say.
"I saw your pieces. They look great!" The art student's eyes crinkled in an adorable way, beaming as he types in his phone, -Thanks!- Yibo can feel his heart trying to jump out of his chest, a fuzzy feeling taking flight on his stomach. His heart never raced like this before!
Their vanilla ice cream for dessert arrived to soothe their tongue from the spicy dish they ordered. Zhanzhan scoops a little and takes it in his mouth, some cream smearing his lips.
Yibo watched with hungry eyes at the pink tongue and plump lips wrapped around the spoon, unconsciously licking his own lips. Before he knew it, he leaned forward and caught Zhanzhan's chin in between his fingers.
The art student looked at him, surprised at the touch. He thought there was probably something on his lips that Yibo was about to wipe off when the dancer pressed their lips together. Zhanzhan's lips were cold against his, must be due to the ice cream the other consumed.
Yibo pried Zhanzhan's lips open with his tongue, making the other gasp as shivers run down his spine. Dsmn, the art student tastes so sweet on his mouth.
Zhanzhan was dazed when their liplock ended, cheeks flushed as he licked his lips; as if taking another taste of what Yibo gave him. He immediately snatch his spoon and scoop some ice cream to calm his burning lips.
Yibo takes the other spoon and tasted the ice cream. Even though he thinks it tasted better on Zhanzhan's lips. His eyes were riveted to Zhanzhan, hypnotized by the look on his face: dazed and blushing from the kiss they shared.
Yibo insisted to take Zhanzhan back to his dorm. The younger didn’t even try to convince Zhanzhan back to his own home for some romp in the sheets just like what always happen with his dates before.
Xiao Zhan is different. Xiao Zhan makes him feel things he never felt before. Zhanzhan is more than a one night stand. And Yibo promised to himself that he'll only do those kind of things when Zhanzhan feels comfortable to do it with him.
Zhanzhan smiles at him as a goodbye, waving with his small hands and a nod when Yibo says "See you tomorrow." /God damn, WYB. You just fallen hook, line, and sinker because of a smile./ The dancer thought to himself, and for once is happy about it.
"I heard you went out for a date with the art student yesterday. How did it go?" Yixing wiggles his brows, nosy as ever. "Did you do it with him?" Jiaer enters the conversation. Yibo pulls his earphones away as he glared, "No." "Whoah, chill man." Jiaer raised his hands.
"We didn't do it. I..I enjoyed my time with him last night." Yibo feels hot at being under their knowing smirks. "Oh my! Is our Yibo-didi finally settling down?! Gosh, I'm so proud of you!" Yixing dramatically wipes his tears away, hugging him as Jiaer laughs. "GE, GET OFF!"
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