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Mar 9, 2021
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πŸ”ž#taekooknsfw β€” koo kneeling between tae's open thighs, tae slowly tracing his pink lips with the head of his cock, precum glossing over koo's pretty lips, his doe eyes looking at tae with so much want and desperation, wishing to have tae's dick in his mouth

but tae won't give it to him just now. he holds koo's jaw, gently but firmly, with one hand, his other hand guiding his cock around his pretty mouth, poking his mole under his bottom lip. tae looks at him with hooden eyes, can't believe he has that pretty face between his thighs,
can't believe he gets to do anything he wants with it. finally tae slips the tip past koo's lips, galaxy eyes fluttering shut, lips closing around the fat head, mouth already feeling so full when it's just the beginning. "i love your lips so much baby..." tae whispers
tae starts fucking koo's mouth deeply but gently, dragging his cock all over his lips, his tongue and the insides of his cheeks. and koo takes it cause he's a good baby, moaning softly. when he opens his eyes to look up at tae, his eyes are sparkling,
grateful to have tae's cock in his mouth. he feels so lucky here, at his place, on his knees and having his mouth stuffed with tae's big cock. if he behaves, maybe tae will let him grind against his leg.
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