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Lately I have been talking to some students and friends about various places to look for academic positions. Because there is no ONE-FOR-ALL space to find opportunities, here is a thread summarizing the ones I know of 1/34 #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #phd #internationalPhD

Having said that, I must emphasize that this #database is skewed towards #Asians and #Indians (and other #internationals) to study in #EU #UK or #USA in general and is certainly not exhaustive. I have no info. on #NSF grants for example or grants within India. 2/34
Most importantly, I’m hoping this thread helps #colouredwomeninSTEM & #WomeninSTEM, please feel free to RT. And as a #biologist, I am more aware of databases in #ecology, #wildlife, #evolution and #conservation circles, feel free to add more and share. Let’s dive right in! 3/34
PHD fellowship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), @DAAD News , DAAD Research Grants, Doctoral Programmes in Germany, covers insurance + stipend, up to 4 years, any subject, for #studyinGermany 4/34
Commonwealth Scholarship for PhD in the UK @CSC in the UK… 5/34
To find advertised PhD positions in #biology #ecology #evolution #conservation fields, check… (all countries) 6/34
To find advertised PhD positions (any field) and around the world, check 7/34
I sincerely recommend reading research papers of your interest & in #biology, keep an eye on the last authors as they are often professors. Google them, find their universities and websites, this might open up university or lab specific scholarships or PhD positions 8/34
Here is a google sheet where Profs. are updating #PhD and #postdoc opportunities, again specific to #Biology… 9/34
Here is a google sheet with info on Herpetology labs who are hiring now and in the near future (for people interested in #amphibians and #reptiles):… #HERpers #HerpetALLogy 10/34
Here is the link to EU’s database for #research #positions , use specific keywords in the search to narrow down your field of choice 11/34
Lastly, if you are on #twitter, you would already know how useful it is to follow labs/profs of your interest & wait for their ads. Summing up, PHD positions can happen in 2 ways: 1. Fellowships (including USA type assistantships etc.) and 2. Advert. Jobs 12/34
Moving on to #postdocs , #postdocPositions can also happen in the same two ways, either you obtain a #fellowship or you work in a project run by your PI and these are often advertised in the following places (not exhaustive) 13/34
Fellowships: To work in any EU or EU associated country, one of the most popular fellowship programme is the Marie Curie PostDoc Fellowship @MarieSkłodowskaCurie… 14/34
Again to work in the EU, the EMBO postdoctoral fellowship:… 15/34
To work in Germany, the Humboldt Fellowship @Humboldt-Stiftung :… 16/34
To work in the UK, Newton Fellowship @Newton Fund :… 17/34
To work in France (multiple subject areas) :… 18/34
To work in Israel (specific to Indians and South Asians):… 19/34
To work in Canada, Banting Fellowship @oliver:… preferably senior PostDocs, extremely competitive 20/34
Many countries eligible, but specific for Biological Sciences is the Human Frontier Science Program fellowship @HFSP :… 21/34
Now, moving on to more specific fellowships, here is the Smith Conservation Fellowship to work in the USA @Smith Fellows :… 22/34
Some institute specific ones, here. UT Austin has the Stengl-Wyer Endowment postdoc fellowship program:… 23/34
University of Washington at St. Louis in collab with two other institutes in St. Louis has the Biodiversity Postdoctoral fellowship: 24/34
University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine etc.) also have a specific President’s Postdoctoral fellowship program:… 25/34
Princeton University Postdoctoral fellowship (application closed now):… 26/34
A database here!!!!! This database has a lot, lot of info. On various fellowships. Because there are loads more that I have not mentioned, check this out:… 27/34
University of British Columbia specific Postdoc fellowship to work in Canada, applications closed now but save this link for later:… 28/34
University of Toronto also has its own Postdoc funding scheme:… 29/34
Aquatic Biology specific funding for a PostDoc in EAWAG, ETH Switzerland:… 30/34
Another SUPER UPDATED job advert database here for postdoc positions @EvolDir :… 31/34
Women specific postdoctoral fellowship alert! The Loreal USA funds 5 women each year:… #WomeninSTEM 32/34
Another job advert. Database to find postdoc positions specific to ecology/evolution/conservation: 33/34
Years of searching, info from friends and talking has accumulated this data. If you know of any more that are useful for international students, please comment below and RT! Also please share fellowships for women and career re-entry, it will help many! 34/34
Ashwini V Mohan ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ (she/her)
Marie S Curie PostDoc @ Natural History Museum London. #HERper, Evolution, biogeography, PopGen, eco-evol in islands, genomics (?) | RT ≠ endorsement
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