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Mar 12, 2021
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#taekook [18+] Tae and Koo are both respectful of the time they spend with their respective friends. But when Koo goes clubbing and comes back the next morning, complaining about this guy who annoyed him all night, Tae can’t help but see red. Or when Taehyung and Jungkook fight.

· trigger warnings: couple fight, possessiveness, insecurity/jealousy, harsh language. · this is obviously fictional. · lighter than you think. · jungkook is cool. · taehyung is just an insecure puppy. he’s really possessive too. · [🔞] smut: toptae, bottomkoo.
Taehyung has always wanted to be the best boyfriend for Jungkook, showering him with endless love and attentions, but still making sure to not suffocate him, to leave him his personal space. That’s why he never prevented Jungkook from clubbing with his friends if he wanted to.
Jungkook likes clubbing, he likes dancing until he’s out of breath, music pounding into his ears, the loud ambiance and the dark lights flashing between moving bodies. Most of the time, they go together. But sometimes, Jungkook wants to go with his friends.
And Taehyung has no problem with that, obviously, he trusts his boyfriend with his life. So he kisses him sweetly on the doorstep, tells him to have fun and takes the occasion to sleep in the middle of the bed.
Taehyung wakes up in the morning with a Jungkook curled up against his chest, snoring softly, apparently fresh from a shower, his hair still damp. He must have returned a few hours ago, Taehyung thinks. He smiles, dropping a kiss on top of Jungkook’s head before getting up.
He is in the middle of preparing the breakfast when Jungkook joins him in the kitchen, bare chest, sweatpants hanging low, eyes still half closed, his hair a wet mess. Taehyung coos and ruffles gently the hair of his zombie boyfriend.
Jungkook groans as a good morning and falls on a chair, grabbing the water bottle and pouring one liter down his throat in one go. Taehyung, hands on Jungkook’s waist, kisses his naked arms and shoulders for a little while, smoothing his baby down to soberness.
They eat breakfast in silence, sharing smiles instead of words. Jungkook doesn’t feel the strength to talk just yet, so he simply reaches for Taehyung’s hand and holds it while eating.
When they both gets dressed in the bedroom, Jungkook has almost found all his senses and his energy back. Voice still a little hoarse, he tells Taehyung about his night.
Overall, it was fun, but there was this stupid guy who hit on Jungkook and stayed glued to him the whole night. Taehyung tenses a little at that, uncomfortable with the idea of another man approaching Jungkook when he’s not around. “You didn’t push him away?” he asks, confused.
“I think he’s an actor. A famous one. I don’t know, I just… the guys told me to not reject him too bad, it’s dangerous getting someone mad in this club like... they’re all powerful or some shit. I can’t risk getting into a brawl.”
And Taehyung… Taehyung gets it. At least he thinks he’s supposed to get it. But he can’t help but feel something ugly curling inside his stomach. In other words, he’s pissed.
He’s pissed that someone dared approaching his Jungkook and that Jungkook didn’t push him away immediately. He has always been a little possessive, and he has really been trying his best to not let that suffocate Jungkook.
Taehyung wears his emotions on his sleeves, so he really can’t help it when, during the day, he is somewhat cold and distant towards Jungkook. He knows it’s childish, but he can’t hide it, he doesn’t like the thought of his baby getting hit on by some random man in a club.
Seeing Taehyung giving him the cold shoulder, Jungkook obviously gets upset too. Because damn it, that was not his fault? He can’t help it if he’s hot and everyone wants him. He didn’t do anything wrong, and his boyfriend is just overreacting. Koo has nothing to be ashamed of.
The night of that day, when they both end up in their bedroom, Taehyung’s gaze is still dark and turbulent. He undresses, back turned, like he refuses to look at Jungkook. And Jungkook. Is. Pissed. So, he snaps.
“Hey Tae, can you stop being a bitch about it? Nothing happened, okay? Calm your tits, for fuck’s sake…”
Taehyung stills. Then, really slowly, almost dramatically slowly, he turns around towards Jungkook, his eyes dark under his bang. And Jungkook might have fucked up but he’s too upset to regret what he just said.
“What. Did you just call me.” Taehyung says, his voice deep and calm but dripping with anger. Jungkook rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue, insolent, undressing himself with harsh and fed-up movements.
“I said: stop being a bitch about it. You’ve been cold wih me the whole day and because of what? Because a guy hit on me? And I didn’t do anything because I was in a public space with loads of celebrities and I couldn't do nothing about it without risking our whole reputation?? +
Seriously fuck off man, I didn’t let anything happen, be happy with that already.” Taehyung is, absolutely, revolted. “You could have insisted you were not interested; he wouldn’t have stuck with you the whole night. Or maybe you enjoyed having the attention on you.”
Jungkook throws his pants, literally throws them across the room, the belt clanking against the wall when it hits it. He’s out of himself, furrowed brows and clenched teeth, his bang falling over his dark eyes. He is disgusted by what Taehyung is implying here.
“Having the attention on me? You think that’s why I go out? You think I go clubbing just to have guys thirsting over me? You think I’m some type of whore or something, Taehyung? Is that what you’re insinuating here??”
“I didn’t insinuate anything. You’re the one saying that” Taehyung says with a dry chuckle.
And really it’s a bit ridiculous. Jungkook is in underwear, looking so fucking mad he could break something, and Taehyung only has his pyjama pants on, looking cold and so disappointed it hurts Jungkook more than anything.
“You… you motherfucker… you really have no trust in me.” Jungkook lets out, horrified. “I beg you pardon?” Taehyung shouts suddenly. That’s scary, Jungkook thinks, he really is not used to see Taehyung getting mad at him.
“I don’t trust you?? I’m the one who don’t trust you? I let you go to this fucking club, right? I let you go because I don’t want to be this guy who refuses to his boyfriend to have fun with his friends.” He takes a threatening step towards Jungkook who doesn’t back off.
“I /trust/ you, Jungkook. Okay? Get that into your skull. But I would like for you to /respect/ a bit that truth I put in you, and to not let guys approach you so easily. It’s hurtful for me, don’t you get that??” “SO WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, HUH?” Jungkook shouts back.
“I’m hot, okay? Obviously, I’m gonna get hit on, take that as a compliment! Your boyfriend is hot, I have literally every man at my feet, I could pick anyone, but I don’t do it because I’m with you Tae, what is not clicking???” Taehyung widens his eyes, utterly shocked.
“You… seriously? That’s how you see things? You’re just… doing your boyfriend job, but don’t care about how I feel? don’t care about how I trust you?” “Stop making this about yourself, oh my god, Taehyung!! What’s wrong with you? I seriously don’t know what you’re mad at. +
I literally said I don’t want anyone else but you… what’s your problem man??” Jungkook screams, because he’s angry, and lost. He understands that Taehyung can be mad at that club guy, by why at Jungkook? What did he do? “Jungkook….” Taehyung says darkly.
But Jungkook knows his boyfriend, and he can hear the hint of sadness behind his angry deep voice. “I’m fucking scared when you go out without me, okay? Because I fucking know you’re gonna get hit on, obviously you are, I know you have every man at your feet.
And you don’t think that worries me a little? Fuck Jungkook I’m... I’m your first man, obviously I’m scared to lose you because you could probably find better and-“
Taehyung clenches his fists. He’s scared, and angry, and Jungkook is beautiful in front of him, and he feels again like he really doesn’t deserve this angel. Fucking feeling like he’s not good enough, never enough. “Jungkook” he says, voice low. “Listen, I trust you. +
But I don’t trust /me/. Okay? And you can’t… you can’t tell me a guy stays glued to you the whole night and don’t expect me to not feel anything? He /wanted/ you Jungkook, fuck… someone else than me wanted you, probably wanted to do things to you and that disgusts me because…”
He walks forwards, and grabs Jungkook’s jaw firmly with both hands, maybe a little too strongly. Jungkook's heart is racing. Taehyung was too fast, anger still in his gaze, he looks at Jungkook with so much intensity, like he's going to absorb him into the abysses of his eyes.
“You’re mine Jungkook” Taehyung growls lowly. “I /need/ you to be mine. I /need/ to know you’re with me and not with anyone else. Do you get that?” And Jungkook furrows his eyebrows, grabbing Taehyung’s wrists, his eyes as dark as the night.
“Then stop being a bitch about it and make me yours, Tae. Make me, if only you’re capable of” he growls back. Taehyung clashes their mouths together the next second, lips devouring, tongues fighting each other, battling a fight of thousand words they could never tell.
Taehyung pushes Jungkook onto the bed a minute later, hovering over him, crushing him under his weight. He pins his hips to the mattress, grinding his crotch against his. Jungkook tangles his hands with Taehyung’s hair, tugs harshly, making Taehyung groans in his mouth.
They get rid of the rest of their clothes quickly, not caring where they disappear around them. Hot mouths press everywhere, kissing, biting, claiming every inch of skin on their naked bodies.
A few minutes later and Taehyung is entering Jungkook, the youngest throwing his head back, eyes shut and teeth clenched. They did the prep quickly and he can feel every inch of Taehyung’s cock stretching him, the only cock Jungkook ever took and wants.
Taehyung looks at him underneath him. Jungkook is so beautiful, so strong, so brave. And yes Taehyung still doesn’t feel like he deserves him. But he needs him. He needs to own this boy as much as he needs to belong to him.
He clasps their hands together, pinning them on both sides of Jungkook’s head. Finally, Jungkook opens his eyes, looking straight up at him. Taehyung’s chain is dangling above him, their two blue birthstones dancing lightly as Taehyung pushes deeper inside of him.
Jungkook lifts his head up, grabbing the pendants with his teeth. And he pulls, he pulls Taehyung towards him until his mouth is on his again.
They kiss with the sapphire and turquoise between their lips, cold stones between their hot tongues, making love with their mouths while fucking with their bodies, like they both like it, need it.
In no time, Taehyung is pounding deep and hard inside of him. Jungkook doesn’t let him breath, sighing between his lips “harder… come on Taehyung, come on... Fuck me better. Deeper, de-Ah! Ah yes, yes like that, c’mon fuck me up!” And Taehyung growls, and complies.
That’s his way to say I love you for tonight. No soft kisses nor sweet words. Just his body against Jungkook’s, his raging love rolling in his hard thrusts, fucking Jungkook with all his might.
And Jungkook takes it and he loves it, watches Taehyung’s face clench above him, hard jaw and hard brows, and he’s so beautiful, so beautiful Jungkook wants him all for himself. So he rolls his hips back against Taehyung’s.
They fuck until they’re spent, until they can’t breathe. They lay next to each other, wordless, because they know who they belong to.
The sapphire and turquoise between their bodies, pressed against Taehyung’s chest, pressed against Jungkook’s back, are there to remind them of their stupid big love and the stupid little words which will never be enough to express all there is between their two hearts.
— End. Couples fight. Lovers work things out. i wanted to try something longer. thank you if you made it until the end lol. and thank you W. for being my inspiration, as always.
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