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Mar 12, 2021
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his assistant's voice, but his attention remains focused on his manager. From the start, Jimin hasn't discerned a single emotion on his face : annoyance, joy, anger, surprise...

ecause Jimin feels a lot of emotion and in an intense way, he easily discerns them in others. And Jimin loves it, seeing the emotion he arouses. But his smile, or his flippancy, had not provoked anything in his interlocutor.
at him.  Yes, he looks at him, but how he could look at an incredibly normal, ordinary person. But Jimin is not a person to be looked at without consideration. And the Idol works, every day, hard for it.
ger must not escape the rule. And Jimin has to test it.
yung hold the door and beg his friend to follow him, Jimin walks towards Yoongi, still seated, and stands behind him. Yoongi sighs between his lips. And if Jimin had been in front of him, he could have discerned a streak of annoyance on his face.
r Yoongi's head at the open file where is written at the top of the page: Reason for leaving. Yoongi was reading the page about the reasons for resigning previous managers. It's perfect.
closer to the manager's chair, then leans his body forward, narrowing the space between them and touching Yoongi's back, forcing him to lower himself as well.
his tongue against his palate. Jimin smirked at this. The situation must be uncomfortable for him, strongly Jimin supposes, and it was going to become even more so.
Yoongi's back muscles tighten to avoid bending further under Jimin's weight, although he isn't actually very heavy. Her head is at Yoongi's ear level and a few strands of his hair tickle his cheek.
o watches the scene helplessly, stomps lightly on the spot, Jimin starts again.  He can only wait for the Idol to finish his little number. And Jimin enters the scene.
full attention to the file and uses his index finger to point to a sentence on the page, which instinctively draws Yoongi's gaze to the same spot.
s to read aloud: "Duration of position, two months. Reason for leaving: Stress - Burnout". Then, he pauses, and puts his weight more hastily on Yoongi's back before whispering slowly in his ear, in a hot breath. "And you ... you won't even last 3 weeks."
eaction, Jimin is about to move away from his manager, thinking that his little number has worked, but the latter suddenly closes the file.  He swivels his chair back, toward Jimin.  Surprised, the blonde guy who was holding the chair, rocks forward.
for it on the first support. Yoongi's chest. "What the ..?!", Jimin yells inwardly. Jimin finds himself facing Yoongi, both hands on his muscular chest, and his face in front of his.
doesn't seem really concerned about what just happened, Jimin's face is marked with surprise.  He has two large round eyes under his glasses, raised eyebrows and a half-open mouth. And shit.
himself inside. He had relied on Yoongi to provoke him, now relies on him out of necessity. Quite the opposite of what he had hoped for.
are close.  Nothing new for Jimin who often flirts with all the staff he finds appetizing, but Yoongi stares intently and without any difficulty ... while Jimin struggles to hold his gaze for a few seconds, ashamed of his position.
hose few seconds of hesitation as Jimin thinks of getting up, he feels warm hands grab his wrists. Taehyung swallowed, bewildered.  Yoongi may not be that impassive.
grabbed Jimin's thin little wrists with his big, warm hands and held them tightly against him. He looks at Jimin as if he is discovering him for the first time and Jimin feels the blood rising in his cheeks. He's fucking handsome.
have the upper hand.  That's what Jimin was telling himself.  He bites his lower lip, and is about to open his mouth before being interrupted.  "Floor 6 - Room 13".
s.  He doesn't believe it. Did Yoongi really just indicate his next training location while his hands are firmly placed on his chest ?!
at him in astonishment. Yoongi has this same detached attitude, as if nothing has happened ... not exactly. He makes out his feline eyes narrowing in satisfaction. Yoongi tightens his grip before throwing Jimin's wrists away from him.
htens up and pulls back.  Without looking back, he hurriedly leaves the room, passing Taehyung who does not know if he should hasten to follow Jimin or greet his superior. He opts for both.  He chases Jimin while shouting: "See you later, Yoongi-ssi".
es them walk away with a sigh, before resuming his reading.
ng, are you going to let yourself talk like that ?!". Taehyung presses the close button on the elevator doors. Jimin leans violently against the wall, staring at his friend, his brow furrowed and his cheeks still red. His voice is choked with anger.
want to thank him too, right ?!" "Jiminie-ssi .. I. .. this is my boss…" Taehyung stammers. Jimin can't believe his ears. He puts his hair back and turns his assistant's head away. He takes several deep breaths, trying to let down his anger and body heat.
t's not Taehyung the culprit, it's that asshole financier. And Jimin will make sure he doesn't talk to Taehyung so with impunity again. That he will never look at him with so much indifference again. That he will never take the initiative on him again.
d he dared to approach his face so calmly. Jimin becomes enraged again and subconsciously rubs his wrists.
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