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Mar 21, 2021
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● commissioned by @Voicila Bianca Andreea
Notes: ● This is completely fictional. Obviously. But I just wanted to say it 💀 ● Pairings would be Taekook, Namjin, and Yoonminseok ● Very little smut 🔞 but it's top jk ● I do appreciate kind comments a lot so please don't hesitate on quoting the tweets ^□^
● 1 ○ Taehyung - art student, second year ○ Jungkook - music student, idol trainee, second year
● 2 ○ Jimin - dance student, second year, tae's best friend ○ Seokjin - med student, fourth year, tae's friend ○ Namjoon - music student, third year, tae's friend
● 3 ○ Hoseok - popular dancer and rapper, dance student in the same uni, third year, jk's friend ○ Yoongi - popular rapper and producer, music student, fourth year, jk's friend, hobi's boyfriend
● 4 joonie is clearly struggling 🤭
● 5 and so the bet was made
● 6 is he winning tho? stay tuned to find out!
● 7 jin is too pretty to worry
● 8 joonie is trying his best 🥴
● 9 and it's finally valentines 💓
● 10 soooo... who won?
● 11 taetae bby i'm sorry
● 12 time to come clean ig
● 13 joonie is sulking,, help 😭
● 14 minnie we believe in u ♡
● 15 punishment time ✨
● 16 he's going thru it
● 17 hobi is, in fact, not a meme
● 18 love the persistence <3
● 19 minnie and his bfs(???)
● 20 oh no they know minnie ✋🏻😭
● 21 D-Day 💃🏻
● 22 jm won't let him get out of it 🥴
● 23 pls help tete ✋🏻😭
● 24 and so he gives in
● 25 fans found out 👀
● 26 well at least jk is having lots of fun
● 27 jk please omg
● 28 jm is busy goodbye 🏃🏻
● 29 his friends are of no help 😄
● 30 you can do it tete <3
● 31 time for an apology
● 32 jk ain't stopping yall
● 33 deep breaths tete 💆🏻
● 34 well the response is very positive!!
● 35 okay time for some action
● 36 they're finally talking 🤪
● 37 taehyung is indeed pretty cute
● 38 yall is he okay
● 39 tae chill he just called u cute
● 40 jk bestest bf wbk
● 41 well ig it's good for publicity 🥱
● 42 yoon is disowning him 🚶🏻
● 43 be gayer jk
● 44 okay jk what u up to
● 45 have fun taetae ヽ(´▽`)/
● 46 he's gaining lots of attention 🤭
● 47 Taehyung expected a calm and peaceful day on the campus, although he probably shouldn’t have. As soon as he got himself involved with Jeon Jungkook, he should’ve known that his life wouldn’t be peaceful for quite a while.
Because as he walks through the crowd of various groups of students, he could practically feel their curious gazes following him. It feels a little weird because Taehyung has never been one of the popular guys.
He just likes to nerd around with his friends and talk about art, not to get the attention of strangers he could care less about. Taehyung convinces himself to just suck it up and not let it bother him because it will definitely go away after some time.
These people would realize that it was just a joke, and they would stop paying attention to him at some point. The news will surely die down. Surely. Definitely. These people will get bored.
At least that’s what he thought until he sees a very familiar face right in front of him. It’s Jeon Jungkook, walking directly in his direction. Taehyung’s eyes widen as Jungkook grins at him and waves excitedly. ‘It’s not me,’ Taehyung tries to convince himself.
‘He’s probably waving at someone he knows from the crowd. I will just pass by peacefully like I didn’t see him.’ But Taehyung’s plans, as usual, only prove to fail him as Jungkook calls for his name, loud enough for everyone around them to hear.
“Taehyung!” he yells, jogging towards Taehyung so Taehyung wouldn’t have the chance to run away from him. Taehyung tries to smile at Jungkook. Maybe they can pass it off as being good friends who were just joking around with each other yesterday.
But as Jungkook reaches him and automatically leans in to press a kiss on his cheek, Taehyung feels his entire face heating up. And he knew – he knew that it would definitely be hard to drop the rumors now.
“Hey babe, want me to walk you to your class?” Jungkook cheekily asks, even having the audacity to throw a wink at him. Taehyung hears some of the girls squealing when they saw the interaction. They are /so/ enjoying this.
Taehyung clears his throat and grabs Jungkook’s arm before pulling him away from the crowd. “Woah, you’re a little aggressive, huh?” Jungkook teases him, and Taehyung just feels his face heating up even more.
“We need to talk,” is the only thing he says before pulling Jungkook inside an unoccupied room and locking the door behind them.
It was silent for a while as Taehyung tries to catch his breath, and Jungkook is just looking at him with amusement clear in his eyes, lips pulled up into a smirk. “You do know that they’d think we’re doing something here, right?” F/uck. He’s right.
● 48 and the rumors start,, again
● 49 jm living his best life 💃🏻
● 50 “Jungkook-ssi,” Taehyung calls as soon as he finally clears his head enough to gather his thoughts. “Just Jungkook is fine,” Jungkook answers, giving Taehyung a charming smile. Ah, this must be the result of all those years of training to be an idol.
This man is so charming with just one smile that Taehyung feels like he’s getting light-headed with how overwhelming his presence is. “I already apologized to you. Are you still holding a grudge against me because of what I did, so you decided to make fun of me today?”
“Why? Do you hate it?” Jungkook asks, sounding genuinely confused. And that’s not the point! Of course, Taehyung thinks Jeon Jungkook is pretty damn gorgeous, and who the hell doesn’t want to date this man? But that’s not the point at all!
Taehyung was just joking, and Jungkook is going to debut soon! Isn’t this bad for publicity too? Jungkook grins when Taehyung fails to answer. “Okay, then I guess you don’t hate it. I have time later. Let’s go on a date. I’ll message you after class, yeah? I have to go now.”
“What- a date-” Jungkook leans forward again to grab Taehyung’s waist gently before leaving a light peck on his cheek as a form of goodbye. And then he’s out of the room, leaving Taehyung frozen on his spot, staring at the open door and wondering just what he got himself into.
● 51 namjinmin best bois
● 52 memes are a call for help
● 53 time for some contemplation
● 54 nah he doesn't hate this at all ☺️
● 55 and the date is set ✨
● 56 jump him tae 🏃🏻
● 57 jk is not good at keeping secrets 😭
● 58 “Jungkook, they’re staring at us,” Taehyung whispers as he glances towards the other table. The tables are filled with people who are obviously only here to spy on them and not eat their own food.
They seem to think that Taehyung and Jungkook’s interactions are more interesting than the dishes on their table. “Let them,” Jungkook replies, ever as charming. He meets Taehyung’s gaze, and then he breaks into a smile, even letting out a few giggles.
“You eat so messily. Here, let me wipe it off for you.” Jungkook takes the napkin and gently dabs Taehyung’s lips to clean him up. Taehyung just stares at Jungkook, allowing the man to do whatever he wants. It’s not like he minds it anyway.
Having a gorgeous man touching his lips?! Taehyung really doesn’t have anything to complain about. But - he reminds himself - Jungkook is still an up-and-coming celebrity, so he can’t take any of this too seriously.
“Thanks,” Taehyung says as Jungkook finally pulls his hand back. He could hear the group from the other table whispering amongst themselves, probably squealing about how much of a gentleman Jungkook is. Jungkook winks at him before proceeding to eat his own meal.
“Anytime, babe,” he answers, voice loud enough for the people around them to hear. They heard someone squeal after those words came out of Jungkook’s mouth, and Taehyung saw the smirk on Jungkook’s face. He really is enjoying this, huh?
Well, maybe Taehyung can enjoy this too. It can be fun to pretend to date Jeon Jungkook in public. Yeah, Taehyung will give it a try - it could be fun.
And if Taehyung kept on giving Jungkook these intense stares every so often, which Jungkook just returns with just as much confidence, then it’s the spectators’ problem and not theirs.
● 59 pls don't stare at jk's boyfriend yall
● 60 he's losing his shit help 😭
● 61 oh he's enjoying it yall dw
● 62 jungkook best bf??
● 63 don't be mean to kookie 😞
● 64 it was his first date? 😳
● 65 okay but he loves sope a lot 🥺
● 66 and the date is set~
● 67 excited for the meeting? 👀
● 68 jm's future husbands, apparently
● 69 Taehyung has never seen Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi up close in his life before, and it should be pretty weird considering they attend the same school. But with the duo’s busy schedule, they mostly take classes online and rarely show up in school,
except for some exams (which they still take the majority online). And Taehyung is so starstruck, not able to do anything but mutter his name as he introduces himself to the two.
Jungkook sulks for a while after noticing how preoccupied Taehyung is just because of his two friends. “I’m your boyfriend. Pay attention to me,” he whines, gently shifting Taehyung’s face towards his direction with his forefinger.
“Sorry, they’re just- they’re so cool,” Taehyung whispers, eyes wide with excitement. Jungkook pouts playfully. “I’m cooler than them,” he mutters before placing a bag of snacks and drinks on the table in front of Taehyung.
“I got these on our way here. I thought I should at least bring something for my boyfriend’s friends.” And that charming smile is back on his face again. It almost successfully pulls Taehyung’s attention away from the famous duo sitting on the same table
in favor of admiring Jungkook’s beautiful features. With Hoseok and Yoongi around, most of the attention is on them and away from Jungkook and Taehyung. There are crowds all around them, with people just gaping at the rare sight of Hoseok and Yoongi on the campus.
They’re probably just trying their best to stop themselves from running in to get the duo’s attention. Not Jimin, though. Jimin is too busy showing off his most attractive smile (or most seductive – that’s debatable, but Taehyung is leaning more towards the latter).
Taehyung chuckles when he sees Jimin act cute or giggle softly at whatever Hoseok and Yoongi would say - probably doing his best to act as charming as possible. It’s not really a secret that Jimin likes these two too much.
He has never been subtle in showing his love for them and their music. And it’s probably evident with how much screaming Jimin does in his Twitter account about these two. Namjoon also got along pretty well with Yoongi, but not in the same way Jimin did.
Jimin is obviously flirting with Hoseok and Yoongi, and Namjoon wouldn’t do that because he’s practically in love with Seokjin. Namjoon is just happily talking to Yoongi about music-related things Taehyung knows nothing about
(Jungkook might, but he is too busy fussing over Taehyung and acting like the perfect boyfriend – an act Taehyung would’ve also believed if he didn’t know that they’re not really dating). And Taehyung, for some reason, feels comfortable with this.
With the crowd’s attention focused mainly on Hoseok and Yoongi, Taehyung doesn’t feel the heated stares on himself and on Jungkook for the first time in a while. And without the gazes, this - whatever is happening between him and Jungkook right now, feels really nice.
Taehyung doesn’t know if Jungkook is doing this just because they’re in public, but he really doesn’t mind. Taehyung likes being taken care of, and Jungkook is precisely doing that right now. Yeah, this thing between him and Jungkook is kinda nice. Taehyung likes it a lot.
● 70 yes taekook give us everything
● 71 well arent you proud of him 😌
● 72 jm tryna steal hobi? 🤔🤔
● 73 jm is proud thank you very much
● 74 jk is so gay but what's new
● 75 gay first, school later
● 76 bad boyfriend? 😔😌
● 77 uh oh jin comes with threats
● 78 tae does, in fact, like kisses
● 79 jk loves dates, doesn't he 🤭
● 80 jm u nasty ✋🏻🥴
● 81 minnie comes to the rescue 🏃🏻
● 82 to be fair, who doesn't want to make out with taetae
● 83 cute tete 🥺
● 84 jk has no intention of stopping 💃🏻
● 85 This dinner with Jungkook now is so much better than the last meal they had. Eating without having numerous eyes trained on you is much more preferable and comfortable, Taehyung thinks.
Jungkook takes him to another restaurant - a much less crowded one this time - while insisting that they need to get to know each other better. And Taehyung just agrees, not really minding spending more time with Jungkook. Taehyung finds him very pleasant to be around.
“How did you know me anyway?” Taehyung asks Jungkook before shoving the noodles in his mouth. He’s always wanted to ask Jungkook that. He was following Jungkook on Twitter ever since he heard about him being an idol trainee,
but imagine his surprise when Jungkook completed the mutual around a month later. Taehyung remembers Jimin screaming into his ears at ass o’clock in the morning and calling him a lucky bitch for being followed by a hot soon-to-be celebrity.
“I saw your art,” Jungkook says, making Taehyung freeze with the noodles still halfway in his mouth. “I really wanted to be your friend when I saw your art.” Taehyung shakes his head and laughs after swallowing the noodles down.
“Now you’re just making fun of me. There’s no way that’s true.” Jungkook probably just made assumptions because he knew Taehyung is an art student. But there’s no way that could be true.
Taehyung’s art has never been popular, so there’s no way Jungkook would stumble upon it in any way. Even Taehyung’s peers do not acknowledge his art. Every single showcase, he’s been told that he doesn't seem to have any artistic ability,
so maybe he should consider doing something else he could be good at. Taehyung cried the first time he heard those words. The night after the first showcase, Taehyung was buried under three thick blankets,
with Jimin’s arms around him to provide comfort, a tub of ice cream placed on his lap, and a spoon is tucked into his mouth as he cries softly.
It was a very pathetic sight, and Taehyung did his best not to repeat the same act the next time someone tells him negative things about his art. The words still hurt, but he learned not to let his emotions show on his face. Taehyung loves doing art.
Sure, his art is probably not the same as the realism art his peers are obsessed with. Taehyung likes being expressive. He likes going with the flow of his emotions. He likes abstract. He likes connection.
He enjoys seeing his own personality in his art to show that it’s him – that his art is him. But not a lot of people recognize that, and surely, someone as popular and talented as Jungkook would never.
Besides, Taehyung heard that Jungkook is very artistic too. He’s a music student but he can create really cool paintings and sketches, and Taehyung might be a little jealous of the amount of Jungkook’s talent
but he had mastered the act of being nonchalant about everything through the years. “No, it’s true. I promise I’m not lying,” Jungkook says, chuckling as he trains his eyes onto Taehyung.
“I was having a hard time back then because Hoseok-hyung and Yoongi-hyung have been very busy and I didn’t really have other friends since it’s hard to know if they’re just approaching me to get close to hyungs or if they really wanted to be my friend.
So I went to the first-year art exhibit to clear my head, and I saw a place that’s not too crowded, and your painting was there.” Taehyung remembers that. He was so upset that night because he didn’t receive a lot of praise from others.
He remembers throwing that painting away after the exhibit is over. “It was really different and refreshing, and, I don’t know, it made me smile for some reason. I saw your name under the painting, and I felt like I already knew you just because of the painting.
It has a really unique personality.” Jungkook giggles and Taehyung couldn’t help but smile a little. It’s the first praise he has ever received that didn’t come from his close friends.
“And after that, you decided that you had to follow me back?” Taehyung asks, grinning and shaking his head, finding the reason silly. “Yeah, exactly,” Jungkook says with no hesitation.
“I planned on talking to you because I thought you were really cool and I wanted to be your friend but I thought I would look pretty creepy if I message you out of nowhere. But then you made that tweet and I thought it would be a pretty fun way to get to know you better.”
Jeon Jungkook really is something else. Taehyung doesn’t mind getting to know him better too.
● 86 oops someone saw 🏃🏻
● 87 jm wants to go on a date with a hot guy too
● 88 hobi's birthday 🤔
● 89 well at least jm has a gift 😌
● 90 taetae is confused 😂
● 91 dessert huh
● 92 which on is the dessert 🤔
● 93 yes, valuable information
● 94 jk calm down pls 🧘🏻‍♂️
● 95 taetae is happy 🥺🥺
● 96 oh.... OH
● 97 shhh sokay baby you did well
● 98 yes he likes you 🤩
● 99 taetae likes him too 🥰
● 100 yes taetae more gayness please 💃🏻
● 101 and he's back
● 102 what did they do 🤔
● 103 sope rly hot tho 🏃🏻
● 104 oops jk saw 👀
● 105 more gym time for jk yall this is the end of me
● 106 hoseok pls have u seen urself king
● 107 he's sulking 😭
● 108 is his ass safe? let's discuss 🤔
● 109 The next date leaves Taehyung a blushing mess in the hands of Jeon Jungkook. They went out to watch a movie, and honestly, Taehyung thinks that the money they paid for the ticket was wasted anyway because Taehyung doesn’t remember shit about the movie.
He doesn’t remember the plot, the characters’ names, and even their faces. Taehyung doesn’t even remember ever really focusing on the big screen because he’s overly conscious of Jungkook’s hand touching his ever so slightly.
Jungkook's fingers are moving slowly to take Taehyung’s own, intertwining them together and letting their joined hands rest between them for the rest of the movie.
Taehyung doesn’t remember anything from the movie, but he does remember how Jungkook’s eyes sparkle in the darkness as their gazes meet. He remembers the soft smile on Jungkook’s face as his eyes trace all of Taehyung’s features.
And he remembers leaning in to meet Jungkook’s lips, his own fitting so perfectly against Jungkook’s as if they were made to be together. Jungkook’s other hand reaches up to gently cradle Taehyung’s jaw, before pulling away slightly, nose touching Taehyung’s.
“Is this okay?” he asks softly. “Yeah,” Taehyung answers, and then he’s leaning in to capture Jungkook’s lips once again.
● 110 they're pretty fine 😌
● 111 being gay is awesome i agree
● 112 oh no he's so adorable 🥺
● 113 oh? 👀
● 114 could this be- 👀
● 115 he's so excited 🥺
● 116 it's okay jk <3
● 117 proud taetae 🥰
● 118 debut day 💃🏻
● 119 taetae proud bf 😌
● 120 he is so loved 🥺
● 121 four days since he last saw kookie 🥺
● 122 dont cry taetae ╥﹏╥
● 123 minnie bestest friend
● 124 call him <3
● 125 kookie answered! ヽ(´▽`)/
● 126 he misses taetae too 🥺
● 127 date plans ·ᴗ·
● 128 A knock on the door pulls Taehyung out of his thoughts, and he practically jumps out of his bed and rushes towards the door, pulling it open while fully knowing who’s outside. No one else would visit him at this time anyway.
It’s almost nighttime, and his friends are busy studying for the upcoming exams. So it could only be one person, and it’s the person he’s been wanting to see the most lately – it’s Jungkook.
And there he is in Taehyung’s doorway, holding a box of pizza and a bag full of other snacks and drinks. He's grinning widely at Taehyung and showing off his adorable bunny teeth.
“I’m here,” he says, and Taehyung just grins back before practically launching himself against Jungkook and wrapping his arms around the man to pull him closer. “I missed you,” Taehyung whispers, shutting his eyes and just letting Jungkook’s warmth soothe him.
It hasn’t even been a whole week yet, but Taehyung feels like Jungkook has been gone for so long. He just feels so far away lately, like he’s somewhere Taehyung can’t reach.
“I missed you too,” Jungkook replies, moving the bag to his other hand just so he could wrap an arm around Taehyung to hug him back. “I’m sorry I’ve been so busy. I’ll spend all of my free time with you, okay? You won’t even know that I was gone.”
He chuckles as he pulls away from the embrace only to lean in and capture Taehyung’s lips with his. Taehyung smiles through the kiss, his lips moving softly and slowly against Jungkook, not wanting to let it end just yet.
It’s not even just about the kiss. It’s the feeling of Jungkook against him, lips pressed against his, and making him feel that his presence is real. That he’s really here and not somewhere Taehyung couldn’t reach him.
When another student opened his door, only to see Jungkook and Taehyung still kissing against the open door, the pair finally decided to shut the door behind them, giggling softly against each other’s lips and a bit embarrassed about being caught.
“We should probably eat the pizza,” Jungkook whispers against Taehyung’s lips, and Taehyung just nods in response before pressing a light kiss on Jungkook’s lips, seemingly not having enough of him just yet.
And so the entire night was spent cuddling on Taehyung’s bed and watching anime on his laptop while feeding each other pizza and ice cream. Taehyung is so thankful that he decided to get a dorm room without a roommate because it’s easier to spend time with Jungkook indoors now.
It would’ve been awkward if he’s sharing the room with someone else. Jungkook’s popularity is skyrocketing in such a short period. They could only expect it to grow more and more through time, as Jungkook continues to make beautiful music to make everyone fall in love with him.
And it’s scary. It’s scary because more people will get to know Jungkook, and he’ll feel even farther away from Taehyung. But Taehyung is too proud and happy for Jungkook to even worry about that now.
They’re doing their best. Jungkook is reaching his dreams and still making time for Taehyung while Taehyung is patiently waiting for him and cheering for him all the while.
Taehyung is just so proud of Jungkook, so proud of everything Jungkook is achieving so far, and everything Taehyung knows he’ll achieve in the future.
He just misses Jungkook a lot sometimes, and a small part of him, the selfish part, sometimes wishes that Jungkook could stay beside him for a long time.
● 129 this is making me hungry yall
● 130 oh 👀
● 131 he had to leave 🥺
● 132 hardworking superstar bf
● 133 he is very busy 😞
● 134 oh no taetae :(
● 135 but jk is doing his best 🥺
● 136 hmm 🤔
● 137 oh no,,,
● 138 taetae working hard ·ᴗ·
● 139 he saw,,,
● 140 well at least he has his friends beside him 🥺
● 141 he's hanging out with minnie ☺️
● 142 they're friends 😐
● 143 a package? 🤔
● 144 maybe a surprise from kookie? ☺️
● 145 oh no what could it be
● 146 homophobes don't deserve rights tbh
● 147 be careful taetae :(
● 148 again,,,,
● 149 man,, yall sick
● 150 he's not telling kookie 😔
● 151 vmin soulmates agenda
● 152 kookie misses taetae so much 🥺
● 153 uh oh
● 154 i will fight yall too fr
● 155 gorgeous ikr 🥰
● 156 Taehyung probably should’ve expected this at some point. The moment he got the box with a decaying rat inside, he should’ve known that it could only get worse. He knew that something was wrong the moment he steps in front of his dorm room, only to see his door left ajar.
He didn’t leave it like that this morning. When he leaves his dorm room, he always makes sure that it’s locked because he gets very anxious leaving his belongings behind.
He has never forgotten to lock it before, and no one else owns a key to his dorm room – not even his friends or Jungkook. So he knew. He knew that something was wrong.
But he didn’t hear any noise from inside, so he gathered up all of his remaining courage to push the door open, his heart instantly dropping to the sight right in front of him.
His room is a mess - and not just like the mess that it tends to become after days of forgetting to clean it up. No. His room is a mess like someone had purposely made it that way.
There were intelligible scribbles all over his wall, paired with colorful spray paint scattered on every surface. The white sheets on his bed, freshly changed just the day before, are now stained with what seems like red paint poured all over it.
His closet is completely wrecked, with his clothes scattered all over the floor, some of them seemingly damaged, but at least a few were safe underneath the ruined ones. Taehyung is just thankful that he will at least have clothes to wear.
Taehyung grips his bag tightly, a little relieved that he brought his laptop to class today because it would be hard for him if it ended up destroyed too.
He drops down on his bottom, practically collapsing on his weight as he allows himself to fall apart for a while, back resting against the door as he holds back a sob. Frustration, anger, embarrassment, and fear are coiling up in his stomach and making him want to throw up.
“F/uck it,” he mumbles, teeth gritted, and eyes shut close. “I didn’t do anything. Why would anyone do this?” His lips are quivering as he tries to hold back his tears, hands trembling as he pressed them against his face.
A tear escapes the corner of his eye as he fumbles with his phone, calling the only person who could possibly help him right now – Jimin.
● 157 he picked up 🥺
● 158 minnie is always there to help him 🥺
● 159 ah it got worse didn't it
● 160 get behind me taetae i'll fight them 😡
● 161 hmm,, hobi saw 🤔
● 162 kookie is very busy but he's doing his best 🥺
● 163 taehyung first, everyone else second
● 164 sope know 🏃🏻
● 165 jin bestest hyung 💃🏻
● 166 tw // homophobia
● 167 that's bad,, 😔
● 168 he went back alone :(
● 169 kookie messaged him,,
● 170 taetae :((
● 171 yall i cant do this
● 172 kookie :((
● 173 pls help kookie :(
● 174 they both don't seem fine
● 175 yes minnie talk to him 😔
● 176 🥺🥺
● 177 kookie is performing 💕
● 178 oh no,, kookie,,
● 179 pls he had his heart broken 😭
● 180 he just wants taetae back :(
● 181 namjin knows now 😔
● 182 yall they mad
● 183 sigh,,
● 184 facts ✨
● 185 kookie is resting 🥺
● 186 tw // homophobia
● 187 taetae :(
● 188 he's trying to distract himself 😔
● 189 minnie is very upset >.<
● 190 yes yoonie tell them 💃🏻
● 191 time for him to know a little about the issue 🏃🏻
● 192 talk to him kookie 🥺
● 193 yeah screw interviews
● 194 yoonie softie 💕
● 195 go kookie 🏃🏻🏃🏻
● 196 Jungkook drives away that very morning, not giving a f/uck about his phone buzzing endlessly on the passenger’s seat, with his manager’s name flashing on the screen over and over again.
He has an interview scheduled for today, and his manager is probably panicking right now because he couldn’t reach Jungkook. Jungkook feels a little guilty because his manager is just doing his own job while Jungkook is making a mess, but he has his priorities.
He has to see Taehyung now. He can’t push this back any longer. Jungkook parks his car in front of the building. He rushes out of his car and runs in the direction of Taehyung’s room.
He doesn’t even have to think much because his feet are moving on instinct, knowing every single turn he has to take just to reach Taehyung. He tried to prepare himself for the confrontation and tried to think of the words he’ll say when Taehyung is finally in front of him.
But he just ended up freezing as soon as he’s facing Taehyung’s dorm room. The door is just slightly open, but Jungkook could see what’s so different inside compared to the last time he went to visit. The room is a mess, and Taehyung is nowhere to be seen.
And thank f/uck for that because Taehyung doesn’t belong in a place like this. Jungkook walks in, his heart dropping as he saw the full view of the room. It’s not a place for any human to live in.
There are horrible messages written all over the walls, and all of Taehyung’s belongings are broken and ripped apart. Taehyung wouldn’t do this to his own room.
No matter how frustrated and angry he could have been, Taehyung wouldn’t cause this much damage for himself to clean up after. So Jungkook has assumptions. Jungkook has some assumptions, and he’s so f/ucking mad.
He is so furious at the people who might have done this and so disappointed in himself for not being able to do anything - for not knowing this sooner. He was too focused on his career, on reaching his dreams, that he lost grasp on what matters to him more.
He focused too much on his broken heart that he didn’t consider that Taehyung might be hurting too, even more than he currently is. Jungkook needs answers. And he won’t rest until he finds them.
● 197 yoonseok didn't know about it too :(
● 198 Jungkook walks to Jimin’s room, trying to calm himself down despite the frustration he’s feeling right now. He has to see Taehyung. He can keep the anger until later. Jungkook is unsure whether he’ll even see Taehyung here, but this is his nearest option.
Jimin is Taehyung’s best friend, so if Taehyung is not in his own room then he must be staying with Jimin. Or at least that’s what Jungkook hopes because Jimin is the person he can trust the most when it comes to taking care of Taehyung.
Jungkook knocks on the door, heart thumping loudly inside his chest and anticipating what he’ll see inside. He hopes he’ll see Taehyung’s face. He hopes that he’ll be able to have Taehyung in his arms again because he’s been feeling cold all this time without Taehyung.
He just wants Taehyung next to him again, and maybe things will get better. Everything is always better with Taehyung around. The door swings open, and Jungkook sees Jimin’s face, looking at him with surprise that soon turns into nervousness.
“Jungkook, hey,” he greets, still maintaining the narrow opening of the door. “Can I help you?” “Is Taehyung there with you?” he asks bluntly, not willing to run around the subject anymore. “Can I talk to him? I really have to see him right now, Jimin, please.”
Jimin nods slightly, and Jungkook sighs in relief at the realization that Jimin wouldn’t be giving him a hard time to be able to see Taehyung. And he feels grateful because Jimin doesn’t seem to hate him even after he caused all of this mess in Taehyung’s life.
“Yeah, I think you need to talk to him. He’s been a mess lately. He misses you a lot, but he’s scared, Jungkook,” Jimin says. “I assume you know everything now? You look… guilty.”
“I do,” Jungkook answers, guilt coiling in his stomach and even wrapping around his heart. He feels so f/ucking horrible. He just wanted to love Taehyung, but now he has caused him this much pain.
“I just want to make sure he’s okay. If he- if he doesn’t want me back because he's scared that he’ll get hurt again, then I’ll respect that. I just want to make sure that he’s okay right now.” Jimin nods, giving him a soft smile and patting him gently on the shoulder.
“You’re a good guy, Jungkookie. Taehyung doesn’t blame you for anything.” He opens the door wider to let Jungkook in. “He’s in the shower right now. You can take a seat and wait for him. I’ll go out for now so you two can talk.”
“Thank you,” Jungkook genuinely says, giving Jimin a small smile. “No need to thank me. Just make Taetae happy, and we’re good.” He chuckles lightly, and then he’s out of the room. Jungkook hesitantly takes a seat on the chair in front of the table.
It looks very unorganized. Jungkook’s eyes browse through the art books messily sprawled all over the table and the open notebook which has Taehyung’s familiar handwriting on it.
He seems to be jotting down ideas for new paintings, and Jungkook feels his heart swell at the thought. He can’t wait to see Taehyung’s art again. He is sure that Taehyung would create something beautiful, just as he always does.
The sound of a door swinging open snaps Jungkook out of his thoughts, and he immediately turns to look in the direction of the bathroom, heart leaping at the sight of Taehyung just standing there and looking at him with surprise obvious in his eyes.
“Jungkook?” he calls hesitantly, almost as if he’s afraid that what he’s seeing right now is not real. “Yeah,” Jungkook answers, standing up from his seat and walking a few steps towards Taehyung. “Can we talk?”
● 199 minnie was kicked out of his own room 😂
● 200 minnie bestest boy ✨
● 201 pls i'm worried too 🙏🏻
● 202 They ended up sitting on Taehyung’s bed, with Taehyung still looking quite surprised and nervous, a small towel on his head as he slowly tries to dry his wet hair.
“What are you doing here, Jungkookie? Do you want something to drink? I think Jimin left some soda in the fridge. Let me get you one.” He says with a smile on his face, acting as if nothing happened between the two of them.
As if Jungkook is just a friend who came to visit for the day, not a lover who desperately wants Taehyung back. “No need to,” Jungkook answers instantly, hand reaching forward to grip Taehyung’s wrist and stop him from walking away. “I’m okay. I just want to talk.”
Taehyung looks a little hesitant, but he wordlessly sits back on his bed, eyes still refusing to meet Jungkook’s. “About what? Are you okay?” Taehyung asks, staring down at the towel clutched in his hand.
“I saw your room,” Jungkook starts, and he notices how Taehyung visibly tenses up at the mention of his room. Guilt starts clawing at Jungkook’s chest. Taehyung must have been so scared, and Jungkook wasn’t even there to hold him close and make sure he’s okay.
Jungkook didn’t know anything. He wasn’t able to do anything to help Taehyung at all. “And I saw the horrible comments you received too.” Taehyung’s lips are pulled into a frown. He looks so conflicted. Almost as if he’s trying so hard to hold himself back.
“I’m so sorry, Taehyung. I’m so sorry for causing all of that. You didn’t deserve it. I didn’t know that you were going through all of those horrible things just because you were with me, and- and I want you back, but I understand that it’s difficult for you.
Y-you must have been so scared, and I wish I was there to protect you from everything, and I’m so sorry because I wasn’t. I just wanted to love you, Taehyung. I never wanted you to suffer like this because of me. I’m so sorry.”
Taehyung’s expression finally breaks, and a tear escapes his eye. And it hurts so much to see him like this, so Jungkook did the only thing he could do. He took Taehyung into his embrace, wrapping his strong arms around Taehyung to pull him together. And Taehyung cries.
And cries. Jungkook doesn’t know how exactly he coped through all of those horrible things when they happened, but it seems like he’s been holding his emotions back for so long.
Taehyung clutches Jungkook’s shirt tightly in his hands as he sobs with his face pressed against Jungkook’s shoulder. All of the tension in his body slowly dissipates as he allows himself to completely collapse against Jungkook. “I- I was so scared,” he says through his cries.
“I d-don’t know why they hate me and- and I never wanted to leave you, but I was so s-scared, Kookie.” “I’m sorry,” Jungkook whispers, pressing a kiss on top of Taehyung’s head and not realizing it until much later. “I’ll fix everything, Taehyung. I’m so sorry.”
Jungkook just holds Taehyung close as Taehyung continues to cry softly, and he whispers sweet nothings and reassurances in his ear the whole time. He will never get tired of taking care of Taehyung until he’s okay again.
Because that’s what happens when you love someone – you just want them to be okay and happy. And Jungkook swears to himself that he will do everything in his power to fix this, to make sure that Taehyung will never get hurt again.
● 203 thy will be fine ·ᴗ·
● 204 yoonie ur a softie
● 205 taetae is okay ^^
● 206 come back home minnie 🤭
● 207 kookie stayed for a meal ^♡^
● 208 take ur time kookie <3
● 209 responsible kookie 🤭
● 210 keep him safe 🥺
● 211 he spoke up >.<
● 212 be a bit kinder <3
● 213 yes leave taetae alone 😤
● 214 yes besties apologize 💃🏻
● 215 don't feel guilty, kookie 🥺
● 216 yes king ✨
● 217 taetae famous era
● 218 taetae is too kinda yall <33
● 219 hehe they're okay ^^
● 220 goodnight kookie, dream of taetae 😴
● 221 interview with kookie ^^
● 222 taetae's suffering is over 💃🏻
● 223 we got him back yall 🥺
● 224 gorgeous mf 😔
● 225 yes taetae, you 🥺
● 226 the cutest boys 😌
● 227 really tae? 🤔
● 228 yes post more 🏃🏻
● 229 yes we want to see the biting
● 230 welcome back taetae <33
● 231 celebrity life is tiring yall
● 232 no practice 🤩
● 233 time to rest, he said
● 234 priorities ✨
● 235 so tae is not busy huh 👀
● 236 plan that date, kookie 🤩
● 237 The knock on the door feels comforting now. Days ago, Taehyung would flinch away every time he’d hear a knock on the door just to see a box placed on his doorstep with his name written on it, and again, no sign of the sender.
Taehyung absolutely dreads the looks his neighbors would give him every time it happens. And he has to take that walk of shame to dispose of the box without opening it because he knew that it will contain something he doesn’t particularly want to see.
But this time, the knock gives him comfort because there are only three possible outcomes. One: it would be his friends, most commonly Jimin, who would barge in and bring him snacks for them to share while they're trying to study for their classes.
Two: it would be a box again, but prettier this time. Jungkook’s fans would send him gifts as a form of apology for what he had experienced because of the others. He would receive boxes of snacks, clothes, and even art books that he had been wanting to buy for so long.
They knew about his interests because of his social media account. And while it’s kinda scary how they are really paying attention to all of his words and actions online, it still feels nice to receive gifts every now and then.
And the third possible outcome, the one Taehyung hopes for the most, is Jungkook. Taehyung pulls the door open to see Jungkook standing there, clad in casual clothing and holding a small bouquet of flowers in his hand.
And he couldn’t do anything but smile. Out of the three possible outcomes of the knock on the door, this is the one Taehyung anticipates the most. “Can I take you out on a date?” Jungkook asks with a soft smile etched on his face. “A proper one this time.”
“Yeah,” Taehyung answers without even giving it much thought. “Come in, Jungkookie. I’ll just get dressed, then we can go!” And then Taehyung is running excitedly to his closet and rummaging through his clothes,
while Jungkook is chuckling as he enters the room and closes the door behind him. He finds all of Taehyung’s actions adorable. He is just so endearing, and Jungkook will never get bored of watching him do whatever he wants to do.
Taehyung's acts have so much personality, and Jungkook finds all of them absolutely admirable. They went to an amusement park this time, a lot less formal than their former dates but one Taehyung enjoys the most.
Taehyung doesn’t particularly enjoy sitting in silence in a fancy restaurant with curious and judging eyes looking at him and possibly thinking that he doesn’t belong there. But amusement parks – Taehyung can do well with that.
“Come on, Kookie! There’s a cotton candy stall down there!” Taehyung runs towards the stall with determination burning in his eyes as he drags Jungkook with him. Their hands are clasped tightly together with no intention of letting go.
Jungkook indulges in everything Taehyung wants to do. They ate cotton candy together before browsing through the long line of food stalls which are probably really unhealthy, but Jungkook doesn’t really mind as long as Taehyung is happy.
After they got tired of looking at the food stalls, they decided to try some rides. They tried the bumper cars where Jungkook got really competitive in attacking other couples.
They would receive confused gazes from other people, but they would just giggle and find another pair to mess with. Then they went to try the rollercoaster, only to end up clutching each other’s hands and letting out loud screams as the ride drops from the peak.
Taehyung’s hair was a mess after the ride, and Jungkook ended up laughing at it for a whole two minutes as Taehyung does his best to fix it. Taehyung was scowling and complaining the whole time about how lucky Jungkook is that he has stylists to take care of his hair now,
or else Taehyung would be having a field day laughing at his hair too. The last ride they tried was the Ferris wheel, because well, they’re both hopeless romantics. And it was worth it, honestly, because the view from above is so beautiful at night.
Through the darkness, the lights shine so brightly. And it was just Taehyung, Jungkook, and the beautiful lights – no one else. So Jungkook did what everyone in those romance movies does when they’re at the peak of the Ferris wheel;
he looks at Taehyung, smiles as he sees the beautiful lights reflecting on Taehyung’s beautiful eyes before leaning in to press their lips together into a kiss. The concept is so cliché and honestly really cringe-worthy, but Jungkook doesn’t feel that way with Taehyung.
With Taehyung, the most cliché things in the world are things that Jungkook could learn to love. Jungkook could sit still for hours, pressed against Taehyung without a single word exchanged between them, and just completely content with watching Taehyung do something he loves -
like painting, or watching sports anime. Jungkook could write songs about Taehyung’s smile, and he will proudly tell the whole world, not even caring about how lame he’ll sound.
And kissing Taehyung on a Ferris wheel under the moonlight is something Jungkook would have never expected himself to do before, yet he has no hesitation in doing it now. Because he’s not doing cliché things with just a random person.
No. He’s doing it with the person he loves. He’s doing it with Taehyung. And with Taehyung next to him, Jungkook can do anything.
● 238 amusement park date ヽ(´▽`)/
● 239 flex ur bf kookie
● 240 cute famous superstar bf
● 241 yes tae you are beautiful 😭
● 242 hobi 💀
● 243 gay little hobi
● 244 he's whipped yall
● 245 a message? 🤔
● 246 go get it taetae 🤪
● 247 model taetae 😳😳
● 248 he said yes!! ヽ(´▽`)/
● 249 proud bf 💃🏻
● 250 cute jealous bf 🤭
● 251 taetae's first fashion show 🥰
● 252 proud of taetae 🥺
● 253 jk is there 🥰
● 254 i am holding my breath
● 255 taekook gorgeous ikr
● 256 oohh the trio huh 🤔
● 257 tae's gorgeous friends 😌
● 258 nervous?? you??
● 259 jk r u ok 😳
● 260 yoonminseok date 🤭
● 261 okay go home 🥴
● 262 he's tired huh ☺️
● 263 they found him 😂
● 264 joonie- 🧍🏻‍♂️
● 265 wrong acc >.<
● 266 🔞 Jungkook’s lips crash against Taehyung’s so harshly, the impact sending them both down on the bed. It was a good idea to go back to Jungkook’s apartment, Taehyung decided as his mouth chases after Jungkook’s, tongue swiping across Jungkook’s lower lip
and silently asking for access which Jungkook soon gave, meeting Taehyung halfway and responding with just as much intensity.
After the show ended, Jungkook suggested that he wouldn’t mind having Taehyung crash in his apartment for the night because it’s getting late. It’s more practical to stay with him than to drive back to the dorms, and Taehyung agreed without needing much persuasion.
They both washed up after they arrived, preparing for bed – to sleep, of course, because they didn’t plan this at all. Perhaps it was just the way Taehyung looks so enchanting while wearing Jungkook’s clothes. Maybe it was what finally broke Jungkook and pushed him into action.
They have different clothing preferences, and it obviously shows when they’re together, so seeing Taehyung in his clothes - in something that is completely Jungkook’s - makes Jungkook feel like Taehyung is his as well.
And that’s such an incredible feeling that Jungkook couldn’t help but give in to his instincts. “Is this okay?” Jungkook asks, voice low as he pulls away from the kiss for a moment to receive an answer from Taehyung, a sign that Taehyung wants what Jungkook wants too.
🔞 “Yeah,” Taehyung answers briefly before pulling Jungkook back against him and opening his mouth to welcome Jungkook into another kiss. Jungkook groans into the kiss as his hand slides up Taehyung’s – or technically Jungkook’s – shirt,
🔞 hand caressing Taehyung’s soft stomach before sliding up to reach Taehyung’s chest, thumb grazing the protruding nub and smirking when Taehyung lets out a soft moan instantly. Taehyung has never been in such an intimate position before.
The farthest he’s ever gone is a few make-out sessions and groping here and there in the corner of a room with another boy he’d meet at a party during Friday nights. Taehyung never had the desire to take it any further – until Jungkook.
Jungkook makes him feels secured and safe as if nothing will go wrong as long as he’s in Jungkook’s arms. And maybe the biggest reason is that he loves Jungkook, and he knows that Jungkook loves him too.
Because he doesn’t have to be afraid of being alone anymore. Because once this is over, Jungkook wouldn’t get up and leave. Jungkook will stay and hold Taehyung close to his chest, and kiss him gently with that cute bunny smile on his face,
and whisper those sweet three words that never fail to make Taehyung’s heart race. Taehyung is not afraid because he knows Jungkook loves him – because he knows that Jungkook will never leave.
🔞 Taehyung throws his head back as Jungkook finally pushes in, a soft cry leaving his mouth at the strange feeling of being so full for the first time. Jungkook gasps above him, letting out a soft moan as he buries himself inside of Taehyung.
🔞 “Are you okay? Should I- should I pull out?” Jungkook asks worriedly as he looks at Taehyung, one hand pushing Taehyung’s hair away from his eyes so their gazes would meet.
🔞 But Taehyung just smiles at Jungkook, legs wrapping around Jungkook’s waist with no intention to let go. “Don’t stop,” Taehyung replies, and it’s the only confirmation Jungkook needed before he started to move,
🔞 cock dragging against Taehyung’s walls as he pulls out halfway only to slam back in, forcing another noise out of Taehyung’s mouth.
🔞 “Then I won’t,” Jungkook answers with a smirk, leaning down to kiss Taehyung passionately one last time before he braces himself against the mattress and starts to f/uck into Taehyung at a stable pace, not too slow and not too fast either,
just enough to make the moment last and to make sure that Taehyung wouldn’t get hurt - because the last thing Jungkook would want to do is to hurt Taehyung.
🔞 The room is filled with the sound of the bed softly creaking, accompanied by the sound of skin hitting skin every single time Jungkook would thrust into Taehyung, which would soon be followed by their moans resonating with one another
🔞 as Jungkook hits all of the right spots inside of Taehyung, and as Taehyung tightens against Jungkook’s girth, making Jungkook choke up and curse under his breath as he latches his lips and teeth on the nearest part of Taehyung’s skin that he could reach.
🔞 They came together, with Jungkook leaning in to press his lips against Taehyung’s desperately as he stills inside of Taehyung and finally releases into the condom, while Taehyung made a mess on their stomachs,
🔞 with Jungkook’s abdominal muscles pressed against him and rubbing against his cock so deliciously to push him over the edge. Soft huffs escape their lips as they come down from their high, eyes meeting each other and lips forming sweet smiles.
“You look even more beautiful like this,” Jungkook whispers, pride swelling in his chest as he realizes that he’s the only one who will ever see Taehyung like this. Taehyung can wear all of those expensive clothes and show them off for everyone to see.
But this Taehyung – this Taehyung who’s looking at him with stars in his eyes, hair messy and lips red all because of Jungkook, is a Taehyung that only Jungkook is allowed to see.
“I love you,” Taehyung whispers, lips ghosting against Jungkook’s. Jungkook smiles softly, running his finger against Taehyung’s cheekbone before pressing his lips gently against Taehyung’s. “I love you too.”
● 267 good morning to you too 😌
● 268 no more bets ☺️
● 269 two bfs for minnie
● 270 tae doesn't need two bfs bc jk is enough 🥰
● 271 everyone say congratulations minnie 🥳
● 272 yes he cute 🏃🏻
● 273 yoonminseok rise 💃🏻
● 274 i can't with these boyfriends yall 😩
● 275 ohoho what is this (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
● 276 taetae actor 🥳
● 277 oh no kookie 😂
● 278 jk just loves taetae yall 🧘🏻‍♂️
● 279 no worries now ☺️
● 280 taetae accepted the offer ヽ(´▽`)/
● 281 go for it taetae 🥰
● 282 ready for celebrity life? 🤩
● 283 meeting the cast!!
● 284 okay jk calm down 🏃🏻
● 285 Everything seems to be going perfectly fine despite Taehyung’s worries. It was pretty nerve-wracking to be involved in such a massive project when he has no experience with any of this before.
But everyone has been very kind to him so far, probably knowing that he’s still an amateur, so he doesn’t feel as nervous anymore. The filming is scheduled to start a month later.
For now, the casts are just called in to familiarize themselves with one another and study the written scenes together so the filming would go well once it starts. They are urged to be friends with each other
since it’s apparently easier to act when you’re comfortable with your co-actors. And Taehyung really did his best. He introduced himself to the other actors.
He gave them his best smile and tried to keep his calmness, even though he could recognize a few of them from the films he had seen before. “Kang Yunho,” the actor introduces himself to Taehyung, giving him a sweet smile. Taehyung knows him.
He had his first casting just the year before, but he definitely has more experience than Taehyung. “Kim Taehyung,” he replies, mirroring the other actor’s smile and hoping that it looks welcoming enough.
“You’ve been pretty popular lately, huh? Everyone’s been talking about you,” Yunho says as he offers his hand, which Taehyung shakes firmly. “That’s probably because of Jungkookie.” Taehyung chuckles, taking his hand back from the handshake.
“I’d like to make a name for myself too with my own efforts, so I will be working hard for this project.” Yunho smiles, eyes glinting with amusement. “I think you’ll do just fine. You look really stunning, Taehyung-ssi. I’m excited to work with you.”
“Thank you!” Taehyung beams, excitement overflowing at the thought of having a friend in the industry. Yunho has a pretty important role in the film too. He’ll act as Taehyung’s best friend, and it’ll be really cool since Yunwo seems to like him.
It’s a good thing that Taehyung is not filming with arrogant actors on his first try. “I’m really excited to work with you too.” “Don’t hesitate to approach me if you need my help, okay?” Yunho says, placing a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder to show his sincerity.
“I’d be willing to help you with anything, Taehyung.” Taehyung grins and opens his mouth to thank Yunho again for being so kind to him, but he was stopped when he feels an arm snake around his waist to pull him closer to the owner.
“Thank you for looking after my boyfriend. That’s so nice of you.” It’s Jungkook. Taehyung hasn’t turned to look at him yet, but he could recognize Jungkook’s voice anywhere.
Yunho retrieves his hand from Taehyung’s shoulder, looking a bit frightened as he excuses himself, so Taehyung is absolutely sure that it’s his boyfriend.
Taehyung turns to face Jungkook, giggling as he notices the frown on Jungkook’s face as he stares at the direction Yunho went to. “Don’t scare him, Kookie. He was being nice to me.”
Jungkook just sighs and wraps his arms around Taehyung to pull him in for a hug, chin resting on Taehyung’s shoulder. “You’re too beautiful. I always worry about people hitting on you,” he complains so childishly, and Taehyung just knows that he’s pouting right now.
“You don’t have to worry. You know that you’ll always be the coolest for me,” Taehyung teases, making Jungkook chuckle slightly. Jungkook pulls away from the hug but keeps his arms around Taehyung.
“I brought snacks and drinks for the staff. I’ll send you a coffee truck when you start filming.” “Really?” Taehyung turns to look at the staff only to see everyone enjoying the snacks Jungkook gave them. “Thanks, Kookie. That’s so nice of you.”
“Just looking out for you. I’m sure you’ll do great, and I’ll be bragging about it for years.” Jungkook grins as he holds Taehyung’s jaw gently before leaning in for a kiss.
And Taehyung stills for quite a while as Jungkook’s lips touch his, perfectly aware of the stares they’re getting right now. But he pushes that out of his head and smiles gently, eyes closing as he responds to Jungkook’s kiss.
Who cares about what other people think, honestly? Definitely not Taehyung when Jungkook is kissing him so passionately. “Do you think that’s enough to tell everyone you’re mine?” Jungkook teasingly asks as he pulls away from the kiss.
And Taehyung just laughs, playfully punching Jungkook on the chest. “You’re such an asshole. You’re doing this because of Yunho, aren’t you?”
Jungkook grins. “Guilty.” Taehyung just laughs before kissing his adorable jealous boyfriend again. And Jungkook is all too willing to comply.
● 286 jeonlous strikes again
● 287 nothing to be scared about 🥰
● 288 he's just in love yall
● 289 taetae is HIS bf just in case u didn't know 🏃🏻
● 290 fr i wanna see them make out too
● 291 okay he's not in denial at all
● 292 lmao he's uncontrollable
● 293 forget the drama just look at jm
● 294 jm is not lucky he's pretty
● 295 tete live!!
● 296 his bf dropped by ☺️
● 297 i want to live in this au 🧘🏻‍♂️
● 298 sacrifices~
● 299 oh it's the other way around 😳
● 300 we get it u love each other 🏃🏻
● the end
That's it!! Thank you for staying all through this chaotic madness lmao I hope you enjoyed reading taekook's very gay love story 💃🏻Thank you again to @Voicila Bianca Andreea for commissioning this story ^^ ♡ You can leave comments and lingering questions here ↓↓
And you an also support me more here ↓↓ ♡
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