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Mar 23, 2021
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🔞just a lot of slick, pseudo- squirting Bunny hybrid jk who always has a plug in his hole when it's not playtime, to stop him from making a mess everywhere. Except now Jm's curious what happens to his slick when he's teased with his plug on.

He needs a really big plug, because once he starts to produce slick, his walls loosen up naturally, so any normal plug won't do - it'll slide right out along with the slick. Jm gets him a really special one, and they decide to have him hold it in for as long as possible.
Jk loves a challenge, however difficult it may be to stay still while Jm ties him up, leaving his sensitive bunny bits exposed and at his mercy. Jm attaches vibrating pads to his nipples because he wants to give his full attention to the bunny's nether regions.
Jk struggles in his bonds as the vibrations start, already starting to get wet in his special place, thighs trembling as Jm's hand ghosts over his hard little cock. There's no need to edge him, Jk comes quick with little stimulation, the release making him a less squirmy.
Jm gives his bunny whatever he wants, coming multiple time when he begs to, he just can't take the plug out. It fills up inside him, the warm slick making him feel full. Jk gets so delirious, doesn't know what he wants after the sixth orgasm wracked out of him.
His cock doesnt even need to be stroked, just holding it with a thumb playing with his sensitive head is enough. He feels like he's filled to the brim, he just wants to let go. Squirming to displace the plug because the slick wants to overflow, whining because he can't.
Jm tuts at him, watching his hole trying it's best to expand and let the plug out. Thing is, it's a very special plug. It's inflatable, which means the wider Jk stretches, the more space it takes up in his hole. Poor Jk doesn't even know he's helping to make the plug bigger.
No slick can escape, not until Jm presses a button on the tail of the plug that makes it slowly deflate. And why would he do it now? There's still bunny's soft little cottontail to play with. It's so sensitive, and a sure-fire way to really get him desperate.
So much slick inside the poor bun, made himself full with the plug and his own warm wet heat. Jm can even see his belly starting to swell from it. He's gently massaging bun's cock and his tail with his hands, cum weakly spurting out of his cock as Jk wails. He wants to let go.
Orgasms do nothing but make him wetter inside. Jm leans in to lick at his bunny cock, suckling the cute little thing in his mouth while Jk's thighs spasm, his tail twitching like crazy. Hole spread so wide apart Jm can't wait to see how it gapes when he finally removes the plug.
As it turns out, he doesn't have to. The plug reaches its limit by the time Jk is well into the double digits of his orgasm, a beep telling Jm it's reached it's maximum possible width. Jm resumes fondling bunny's cock with his fingers, watching in wonder and awe as
his hole ejects the plug on its own, so much slick helplessly gushing out of his relaxed hole. Almost like he's squirting. Jk moans and shivers because there's no way to stop it. It feels so relieving, but humiliating at the same time. So much slick it looks like he peed himself.
The bun goes completely relaxed, mewling as his hole coats the middle of the bed, resembling a puddle, and he's still going. His tail's all wet now, hole gaping as wetness dribbles out - nipples and cock still being stimulated. Jk's eyes are closed, mouth open in soft pants
as Jimin coaxes one last orgasm out of him, before turning off the vibrators. He unties him from his restraints, swaddling the exhausted boy in a soft towel and telling him how well he did. Jk smiles at him weakly, "I won?" "You did, bun."


jk's age 🔞fictional content - dubcon and nc. have age in bio to interact/follow - or get blocked. otherwise fub freely
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