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Mar 27, 2021
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๐Ÿ”ž#taekooknsfw ever since they installed the big tv screen in front of their bed, koo has been playing his video games lying comfortably on his belly on their mattress. usually tae lets him play alone. but after two hours, he gets bored and wants to play a bit with koo.

koo is focused on his game, the gamepad in his clenched hands, face serious, eyebrows slightly furrowed. the headset over his ears shout the voices of his teammates as their characters on the screen infiltrate the enemy territory.
tae doesn't really care about the game. he's sitting on the bed, against the headboard, his laptop on his knees. that said, for a few minutes now, his attention is no longer turned to his screen where he was watching kittens videos. instead, he admires koo lying in front of him.
the boy has this habit of raising his calves when he's on his belly, swaying them slowly back and forth. his legs are slightly apart, and tae has a beautiful view of the round curve of his butt and the small of his back, even more curved because of his torso raised by his elbows.
tae looks at the time on his computer. koo has been playing for over two hours now, it is only fair that tae can have a little fun with him now.
tae smirks as he shuts his laptop and puts it on the side, before moving around on the bed until he is straddling the backs of koo's thighs. koo doesn't turn his head towards him but groans lightly and moves a little, to balance the weight of tae on him.
tae doesn't wait, he immediately grabs the hem of koo's grey sweatpant and slips pants and boxer under his butt in one smooth motion, revealing his pale little ass.
koo hiccups. โ€œhyung, i'm playing,โ€ he complains aloud. he doesn't care (yet) if his teammates hear him, they all have those awkward moments where they ask their family to fucking leave them alone in the middle of a game. "I also can play kook-ah" tae says absently,
gripping with both hands the koo's plump and bare asscheeks. he hears koo gulp but the boy continues to play seriously, as if nothing has happened, his gamepad clicking frantically in his hands. taehyung smiles. it's going to be fun.
he massages his butt for a little while, spreading his cheeks before pushing them together a few times, enjoying the way his fingers dig slightly into the tender flesh until they meet the hard muscle of his buttocks. finally, he gropes hsi cheeks tightly and pulls them apart,
his thumbs pressing the skin inside his crack to strech his hole. koo shivers at the cold air hitting his hole. tae licks his lips, his eyes fixed on the pretty little hole, always ready to swallow whatever tae gives him, his tongue, his fingers, his cock, anything.
tae half-turns, reaching out to dig between the pillows and grab the bottle of lube. they usually forget it between the sheets so they prefer leave it there rather than in a drawer. plus, access is easier.
tae doesn't waste time. koo doesn't hear the click of the cap, his teammates shouting into his ears to get into position. tae quickly covers his fingers with the flavored liquid before circling gently around the koo's hole.
koo jumps at the sensation and hurries to lift his mic up so his teammates don't hear him when he whispers through clenched teeth "hyung. not now." tae doesn't respond, instead he pushes a first phalanx into koo whose head falls between his elbows for a second. "shit" he hisses.
he soon regains himself, focusing on the screen as blood rushes to his head, his cheeks and ears blushing. tae smiles. without a word, he places a hand against the inside of koo's thigh and pushes so that he spreads his legs further.
tae kneels between his thighs, and pushes his pants a little further, to clear the view. tae coos, koo's nice round asscheeks are nicely parted to reveal his pretty hole glistening with lube, and lower, he can see the small mound of his balls pressed against the mattress.
gently, tae strokes his perineum with two fingers until he goes back to his hole, pushing his index finger fully inside. koo gasps and kicks his leg. "hyung ..." he protests, but his voice already sounds like a moan.
"what's up baby? don't you like what hyung is doing?" tae chuckles softly, fucking his finger in and out koo's hole. koo squirms in bed, his lips falling open, breathing through his mouth beacuse of the rush of heat in his body.
"i'm playing..." koo whines with a small voice. but he doesn't tell tae to stop. which is great cause tae doesn't intend to. soon tae is pumping two fingers inside koo who starts to gasp, his gamepad shaking slightly in his hands.
"such a greddy little hole" taehyung mutters "you're sucking me in so hard baby." but koo persists, refusing to let go of his game despite tae's fingers spreading inside him to relax his muscles. he wn't let tae distrac him now that his team is destroying the opposing base.
tae realizes that koo is staying focused on his game longer than he planned. he therefore decides to speed up. after hooking his fingers one last time inside him, tae pulls them out. he gets his erection out of his shorts and smears it with lube, koo squealing softly under him.
tae smirks as he taps his cock against koo's ass. he spreads his cheeks with one hand to slide the tip of his cock gainst his rim, sliding over his hole, along his perinium, poking his balls playfully. koo kicks his leg again and tae slams a hand on his thigh to immobilize him.
"shhhh so impatient baby ... do you want hyung inside?" koo swallowed. his eyes flutter, peering all over the screen to gauge his chances of survival, pursued by too many enemies to deal with on his own. he must call his teammates for help.
he takes a deep breath and pushes his ass back towards tae, putting his mic back in front of his mouth "guys, i'm in sector eight, got four guys behind, i need- HMM."
koo closes his eyes, warmth spreading through his body as tae pushes his cock deep inside him until his balls slap against koo's butt. "kook? are you okay? did you get killed?" say the voices in his headphones. koo bites his lip before stammering "n-no, but they're around."
two of his teammates join him in the area and koo knows he has to help them get rid of the other players, but his movements become slow, his elbows no longer supporting him on the mattress, his body getting weak as tae begins to gently pound inside him.
suddenly he feels tae's hot body lean over his back and tae smile near his ear "are ya winning baby?" koo would almost want to laugh if his vision weren't getting blurry as tae fucks him deeper, faster.
"y-yes hyung," he whispers, low enough to hope his teammates don't hear him. tae chuckles and thrusts into him so hard that koo can't help but squeal aloud. "kook-ah what the fuck are you doing?" the voices shout.
koo swallows. he begins to sweat, the pleasure in his pelvis spreading to his shoulders. tae's cock feels so big, so hot, nestled deep inside his ass, the head scraping against his prostate.
pouting, he gives up and lets himself get killed by his opponents. jhe hears his teammates yelling in his helmet but koo already hastily removes it, dropping his torso forward, head between his elbows, as he raises on his knees, rocking his ass back agains't tae's hips.
tae coos and nips his ear "aww did baby lose on purpose just to get fucked properly?" koo moans loudly, the pleasure making his head spin and he stammers "y-yes baby did ..."
tae smiles and kisses his ear gently, a contrast with the rough movements of his hips. "hyung gonna fuck you good to reward you, baby"
koo can only nod and moan desperatly when tae sits up on his knees, grabs his hips and hits them hard against his, slaming koo's body back and forth to fuck him around his cock, cause at the end of the day, that's their favorite game to play together.
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