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#taekookau jungkook decided to prank his boyfriend by telling him he was a vampire, but his prank backfires

07 “hi baby” tae greeted jungkook “hi i missed you” jungkook quickly hugs him, surprising tae “i missed you more” tae pulled him closer, smiling a bit “so why did you want me to come?” jungkook asked “i just missed you” they both stop hugging and jk looks at tae
08 for a bit, he’s so beautiful he thought “is there something wrong?” tae asked “no no you’re just very pretty tae” tae smiled and said “no that’s all you” “okay then we’re bruh pretty” “yes yes, now come on let’s go to my room” tae grabbed jungkook by the hand and
09 leaded him to his room “ouu are we going to cuddle?” “yes” tae’s room was dark but not too dark, only a bit of sunlight lit it up, it was a bit chilly too but jungkook didn’t mind, he liked taehyung’s room, his bed was big and the room smelled nice too
010 “do you want to watch a movie? or eat? i can make you something” tae offered, both were making themselves comfortable on the bed “i am kinda hungry, maybe some ramen?” “i’ll cook you some then” “not now, i feel comfortable please don’t move” jungkook made himself
011 comfortable, his face on tae’s neck and leg on top of tae’s legs, and arm on his waist tae chuckled “okay if you say so” tae slowly caressed jungkook’s back, eyes closed enjoying his company “wait let me turn on the tv” tae moved a bit and grabbed the remote
012 “are you going to watch a movie?” jungkook murmured “yes” “hey tae?” jungkook spoke again “yes baby?” tae looked at him “you know i’ll love you no matter what right?” “yes baby i know i hope you know too” jungkook nodded his head and gave tae a small kiss
013 “you’re so cool” he giggled “i’m cool?” tae snorted “aha, i have the coolest and most handsome boyfriend” “well that makes both of us” jungkook smiled “can we eat ramen now?” “yes baby i’ll go” tae was about to stand up but jungkook stopped him “wait- let’s go
014 together yeah?” “uh yeah if you want let’s go” they both walked down to the kitchen, holding hands, jungkook already knew where everything was so it was no problem. tae boiled some water and they both sat and had a small conversation
015 they spend the rest of the night together, jungkook fell asleep while tae stayed up watching tv, like he said, he barely sleeps at night. so he just cuddled jungkook and watched tv, quietly
019 they both spend the next days together. they were both so lucky to have each other, they couldn’t ask for more. every time they both fell for each other more. they feel so comfortable and safe with each other. things didn’t change after tae told jungkook the truth
020 nope! because jungkook loves tae and tae loves him. they were both happy.
- the end
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