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Apr 3, 2021
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πŸ”ž#taekooknsfw koo appreciating tae's growing muscles? hell yeah let's go. koo likes muscles. he likes muscles on men, on women, on himself. he just really loves strength.

tae is quite strong, less than koo certainly, but he manages just fine. koo can't count the hours spent moaning under him because of how easily tae flips him over and manhandles him to pound into him hard and deep.
tae trains hard, like all of them, to be in his best form during performances. he has always been strong, without it necessarily showing on his body since he never cared enough to adopt a diet to build big muscles.
or at least it used to be this way.
because tae /is/ gaining muscles. koo sees him naked on the daily so he knows. he did notice his arms becoming firmer, bigger. tae's back is more defined when koo trails his nails on it, his ass firmer when he grabs it while tae is fucking into him.
gaining muscles is a slow process, and muscles, those bitches, love to hide when you aren't flexing. even koo looks way softer, his thighs big and squishy, when he doesn't flex, simply lays down.
thus, koo actually took some time to realize that tae is definitely becoming buffier. and he's all for it.
that's how, one night, tae ends up pinned to a chair, his hands tied behind his back, lap full of a koo with a dangerous smile on his lips. tae blinks. slowly. eyes wide opened, confused out of his mind.
because he was only taking his shirt off to go to bed, and the next second koo grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to sit on a chair before tying his hands behind his back and straddling his thighs. "hm. kookie... baby what is that for?"
koo doesn't answer, his eyes fixed on tae's bare torso. slowly, koo places the palms of his hands on his pecs, pressing down to feel the firmness of his muscles, a low appreciative moan forming in his throat. "hyungie is so strong now.." he whispers.
tae blushes. he has always liked his body, he knows how to use it, can probably make people cum just by dancing and moving with his confidence and charisma. he never needed to be a muscled guy to be sexy.
recently he has been hitting the gym a bit more, eating a bit more proteins. he discovers he also likes that, he likes having more defined muscles, more strength in his arms. can be very useful to lift koo and fucks him agaisnt a wall.
but he didn't pay much attention to it before koo really starts to get crazy over his muscles. he's flattered. and maybe a bit shy when koo strokes his chest with sparkling eyes.
looking down, tae raises his eyebrows when he sees that koo is already hard, bulge visible through his grey sweatpants. "well i.. i just work out" tae answers, looking koo in the eye again.
koo coos and leans forward, pecking his lips softly. "you're so sexy hyung" "huh thank you"
"you were already sexy" koo mutters, his hands tracing down tae's broad shoulders, down to his arms where he squeezes his biceps. koo moans lowly, starting to rock his hips back and forth, brushing their crotches together.
tae misses a breath when he feels koo's hard-on pressing down agaisnt his still soft cock. koo pecks his lips again, squeezing his biceps, rutting his ass down on him "but now i'm /losing my mind/ hyung, fuck you're so hot."
tae gulps. his cock twitches. hell yeah he also has a praise kink. and seeing koo mouth watering over his body makes him proud, makes him hot, makes him hard actually. he catches koo's lips with his own, tasting more of his pretty mouth,
swallowing down a moan when koo feels tae getting hard under him. koo presses his ass down harder, circling his hips, humping tae's bulge through their pants, tiny whimpers escaping his lips and falling between tae's.
koo's hands spread again over tae's chest, squeezing his pecs. "you worked so /hard/ hyungie. getting so hmmmmm. getting so /big/ and /hard/. so yummy. just for me yeah"
he babbles against tae's lips, humping tae's clothed cock, slotting it between his cladded asscheeks. he ruts his own bulge against tae's belly, firm and soft, so perfect koo moans out loud.
tae doesn't quite know how to react frankly, his cock rock hard, heat pulsing in his crotch where he feels koo's ass on him, cheeks flushed, always a bit surprised when his baby talks dirty back at him.
so he sits there, in awe, letting his baby enjoy his body and his cock all he wants, lets him do what he wants. koo wraps his arms around tae's shoulders, to get even closer to him, pressing his chest against tae's, rubbing them together
while still rutting his dick against tae's belly, still humping tae's cock with his plump ass. tae groans, his head falling back. koo is quick to grab his nape, catching his lips to kiss him deeply, with so much heat and passion that tae's thighs quiver.
koo is humping hard, the fabric of their pants rough and soft, so intense on their burning skin. tae is not far from losing his mind with how hot he is. the weight of koo's body on him is pining him down to the chair, the back of the chair digging into his back.
and koo keeps moaning in his mouth, keeps doing all the little noises tae loves hearing, swallowing. he feels like he's about to explode when koo starts whispering filth again between his lips
"you're so /hot/ and /hard/ now. hyungie is so pretty for me... could lick you forever, taking your dick forever, being such a g-good boy for you. can i have it? can you give it to me? hyungie please can i have your cock?" "fuck" tae hisses, his cock aching in his pants.
"yes fuck, just take it. fuck kookie, take it already..." fnally koo gets rids of both their pants and rides tae until his thighs are burning, until his whole body is shaking, delirious because of the delicious pain in his muscles and pleasure,
tae's cock nestled deep inside his ass, while he keeps licking all over tae's chest, babbling about how hot his hyung is.
and maybe, while he works out, tae likes to think about koo riding him and losing his mind over his biceps, as his new motivation but nobody needs to know that.
– end
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