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Apr 10, 2021
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taekook ★ starry skies Taehyung hated Seoul sky. Born in Daegu, he had grown up in the countryside, where landscapes touch the horizon and houses bloom like flowers. There, Taehyung used to admire the sky where thousands of stars shone in the dark of the night.

He had come to Seoul when he was fifteen, and had discovered the concrete tangles of the capital, buildings soaring to the sky. At night, the sky was agitated, the pollution made it a dirty black, almost no star could pierce this leaden cover.
And Taehyung looked out his window with a pang of heart, regretting the sky of his countryside. But in this town, he met a boy. A boy with thousands of galaxies and dreams in his eyes.
This boy was burning with passion and love, his eyes shimmering. his gaze was pure, shining with the millions of hopes he held in his heart and sparkling with mischief and ambition.
And maybe taehyung had fallen in love with those eyes before anything else, memorizing every constellation in Jungkook's eyes, every crease in his heart.
Now, at night, Taehyung couldn't care less about looking out the window. He lied in bed, cradling Jungkook's face above him in his large hands, gently pushing his hair away from his face, tenderly stroking his cheeks with his thumbs,
looking him deep in the eyes with such a loving smile that Jungkook ended up blushing. He didn't always understand why Taehyung silently admired him that way, but he let him, looking shyly in Taehyung's eyes with a fond smile.
Taehyung hated the Seoul sky, but Seoul had given him another sky, where thousands of stars were sparkling, a sky he could admire every night, and every day.
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