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Apr 19, 2021
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Taekook au Prince Taehyung never thought that by running away from the kingdom, he would meet the infamous 'monster' of the southern jungle. He didn't expect to know the reason behind his disappearance every day either and he certainly never planned to fall for him!

-Kim Taehyung -The youngest prince of the kingdom -He was born as a wizard but no one knows it because he knows his father would k*ll him if he knew -But now that he is dead, he knows he's in even more danger cuz of his other siblings -He just wants to be free and happy!
-Jeongguk/Guk -Has been called a monster all his life -Although it's not all he was called before -Tries to stay away from people but somehow he couldn't let the prince die in the jungle -It's ironic how one person can be so beautiful even in their ugliest form
-Park Jimin -Taehyung's best friend -They have grown up together -They both experience the loss of their childhood friend -He knows about Tae's magic -And he is the one who helps him run away when things get harder
-Kim Seokjin -The person Tae learnt more of his magic from -He never knew Tae was a prince -Otherwise, he wouldn't treat him as nicely as he does -He has his own secrets that he needs to shield -Has a strong dislike for anyone with a royal blood
-Kim Namjoon -He wasn't born a prince but he ended up concurring the land he is ruling now -He is an unashamed wizard -A lot of people love him and a lot of people are absolutely terrified of him -He lives his life the way he wants
-Jung Hoseok -Taehyung's loyal servent -He taught him everything he needs to know ever since he started working for him -Even after he ran away, he never sold him out -Tae always saw him as a friend more than an employee
-Min Yoongi -There is something about his brother that his parents have never told him -He knows it but no matter how much he tries he can't figure out what it is -Especially now that he has to get married and take over after their dad, he wished his brother would be more engaged
-Beauty and the beast / Shrek / Wizard AU -fantasy au -A lot of angst and dark themes. I swear if you complain about the amount of angst even after this I will pull all of my hair😂 -A lot of fluff when the time is right -some comedy -There will be NSFW 🔞 moments
-If there comes any sensitive stuff, I'll let you know before it so you can skip it -If you get confused, that's good, it'll all make sense later -There also will be plot twists -I might include some polls on some parts. Please answer to them carefully.
-Please allow the characters to make mistakes. It will get frustrating but they need it and I want to keep them free -Don't judge the characters based on the first look, they might be very different -Don't ghost-read. Even if you don't comment, your likes can help the story a lot
-Also if you can please try to follow the story and support it as it's going. Even if you have some days of delays. The story needs the most support and opinions while it's going -I planned the storyline, I might change it a bit later or add things based on the reactions
-In other words your comments can really help the storyline but keep in mind that I'm ultimately gonna make sure things go to the right direction -Werewolf Alpha/ Human AU -I know what I'm doing -T.R.U.S.T M.E - Enjoy the ride with the characters <3
The room is silent. All fourteen siblings are presented in the room and all Taehyung can do is stand next to the window and wait. They all know what is coming next, they have all been preparing for it. The royal doctor walks into the room and they all focus on him.
"How is my father, Doctor?" One of the siblings asks and the doctor frowns harder before shaking his head. The room feels colder than before but it's not because the weather changed. It's just the bloodlust, fear and pain that is spreading through them all.
Jimin puts his hand on Taehyung's back to silently tell him he is there and he understands but Taehyung's eyes are just fixated on his brothers and sisters and everyone else in the room. "NO! Father!" One of them screams and runs to their father's room, crying.
"It is getting late children. You might need to get some rest until we prepare your father's funeral and move on to what's the best for our kingdom." One of the late king's spouses says. There is no resting tonight and they are all aware of it. The chaos has already started.
Taehyung gestures at his best friend to follow him to his room as the rest of the princes and princesses leave the room as well. Hoseok looks up from his chores when they walk back inside. "You're going to be okay. We knew this day would come." Jimin says.
"How is the king?" Hoseok asks. Taehyung sits on his bed and just sighs, trying to keep his emotions inside. "He has just passed." Jimin answers Hoseok's question and the servant looks down with a thoughtful and sad expression. "I'm not doing this." Taehyung says.
"It's not a choice. Any moment now, one of them is going to come after you. You're lucky they don't see you as their biggest threat but you are still one." Jimin says. "We all know you can defeat them all. You don't even have to use your mag-" "Don't." Taehyung cuts him.
"You say something." Jimin looks at Hoseok who just looks disturbed and conflicted. "I'm not going to k*ll my siblings." "It's a k*ll or get k*lled situation, remember?" "You don't get it. I can't." Tae says. "He's right." Hoseok says and Tae looks at him emotionally.
"I know you're not one to hurt your siblings but until only one of you is left, the ceremony won't happen. They spent all their lives preparing for this hunger game. You have the power, you just-" "I'm not doing this Hoseok." Tae says with a more serious tone.
"So what? Are you going to just wait until one of them cuts your head off or poisons you? Do you even know who to trust in this place after this?" Jimin scolds him. "I thought I could trust you?" Tae says. "He's a servant, I have my own kingdom to go to. We're not enough!"
He sits in front of Tae and holds his hands. "Look at me. I cannot bear losing you like this. I know it's hard but you need to do it or they will kill you and we both know they will." "My father just died, can you-" "And you can be next. I can't let that happen." Jimin says.
"He's right." Hoseok says. Tae can't remember the last time he cried in his life but right now, that is all he wants to do. But he still keeps it in, trying not to show just how weak and hopeless he feels. "I can't." He whispers and His best friend closes his eyes in anguish.
"Then you have to leave now." Hoseok says. "Have you lost your mind?" Jimin asks. "That's the best I can do." Tae agrees with Hoseok. Jimin looks a bit unsure of what to say. "Just how long do you think you can run before they find you?" Jimin asks.
"They won't." Tae shakes his head. "You sound so sure." "Because I am." Tae whispers. "I'm going to the land of magics." "How are you even going to get there?" "Through the southern jungle." Jimin and Hoseok both look at him, terrified. "That is su*cide." Hoseok says.
"Haven't you heard of the creatures that jungle has? Almost no one has ever come out of it alive. What if the monster-" "I can take care of myself. I just can't stay here and k*ll the rest of my own flesh and blood." Tae says. His friends stare at him with sad eyes.
"I'm not sure about this." Jimin confesses. "Am I even gonna see you again if you..." He pauses and Tae can see his best friend's pretty eyes and how glossy they look. "I hope so." He says because hope is all he has at a time like this. "I hate this." Jimin greets his teeth.
"I hate it too." Tae says and wipes the tear that falls down from Jimin's eye. the other prince gets up to look away, trying not to cry in front of his friend but he can't. "If I never see you again, I'll never forgive you." He says. Even Hoseok has teared up.
Tae gets up and walks to them both, turning Jimin around so all three of them can press their foreheads together, a sign of respect and love that they all recognize. "One way or another, I'll see you both again. But I won't be able to if I stay." He whispers.


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