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#taekookau jungkook’s ex won’t leave him alone. jungkook is now in a happy relationship with taehyung, but it seems like his ex still wants him back. taehyung is tired of his bs and isn’t going to stay quiet.

- short - just fiction - don’t like don’t read - don’t be a ghost reader pls - english isn’t my first language pls be nice - ignore typos and time stamps i hope you all enjoy!
“i’ll never do anything to hurt you, i love you” tae kissed jungkook all over his face jungkook only giggled, he felt happy, he is happy, taehyung is always showering him with love.
taehyung looked down at jungkook, he looked beautiful like always. he smiled and said “you’re so beautiful, i wish you could look at yourself right now” “thank you” jungkook whispered and leaned in for another kiss which tae was gladly to give.
taehyung loves him, jungkook is the reason why tae wakes up every day, he’s tae’s happy pill. he’s falling deep for him. he wants to protect jungkook, to make sure he’s always happy, and make him feel loved. taehyung will protect him.
“just hold me tae” jk said into the kiss and taehyung pulled him closer, kissing him more. after they both kissed they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. jungkook stared at tae’s lips they were red and swollen. “you ready?” tae asked “mhm” jungkook nodded.
time skip.
- the end
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