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May 24, 2021
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Megumi who gets hornier in the morning because the first thing he feels as soon as he wakes up is Satoru, and Satoru’s hand on his bare back, and Satoru’s thighs between his as they tangle in bed, leaving close to zero space between their body.

He nuzzles close, rubbing his nose to Satoru’s, and then to Satoru’s lashes, making them flutter open groggily. Satoru groans softly before tightening his arms around him, pulling him impossibly close. Warm, comfortable, Satoru, Satoru, Satoru.
And so Megumi rubs the back of his feet across Satoru’s calf, up and down, feeling him up, and press his chest unto the man’s. It doesn’t take long before the older responses by running down his hand to his buttocks, squeezing them slightly, and Megumi grinds himself down.
“What is it?” Satoru mumbles, voice still lacing with sleepiness, but with the way Megumi acts so coy and clingy at him, he can feel himself getting hard. Megumi purrs, “want, let’s do it.” The boy rarely asks, he’s shy like that, maybe it’s the morning drowsiness this time.
Satoru groans at himself, his boy, so needy like this, how can he ever resist? He flips them both, now settling over Megumi between his legs.
It doesn’t take long for Satoru to enter him, making Megumi hot all over, moaning his name again and again. And when he looks up, Satoru’s frowning, his lips in an unconscious pout, the kind of face he makes when he concentrates but is still too sleepy for it. How cute.
Like when he tries to read the news in the morning. Or when he tries to blindly make coffee. He is never a morning person like that. His eyes flutter close as the pleasure takes over him, hips never stop thrusting, and Megumi drinks in the sight of his Satoru.
Like this: both still dazed, with sunshine slipping through the window, Megumi’s face half buried in the fluffy pillow, hands gripping tightly at the sheet below; the two lovers are caught in clumsy sex. Only soft and raspy moans and bed creaking and birds chirping are heard.
He reaches up to touch Satoru’s face, and feels the man leaning into his palm before a lazy smile crack. Megumi thinks, he wants to wake up like this for the rest of his life.
🫧💫bi 💫🫧

🫧💫bi 💫🫧

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