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May 28, 2021
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Hira(k), a famous model, receives death threats. With a duty to bear in the name of his family, Gan(d) was tasked by his own mom to guard Hira. Will Gan develop feelings that would make him want to protect Hira far more beyond just for the sake of his duties? #KathNielSerye #MDA

🖋Most photos to be used are NOT mine. Credits to the rightful owners. 🖋Time and Date stamps DONT MATTER❗️ 🖋I ain't that good of a writer, please bear with me😪 🖋I am very open to people calling out my mistakes. Feel free to tell me whenever you see one😊 🖋Godbless🤍✨
--MDA.01 | "Goodnight" 📌TRANSLATION (Convo): [Gan]: "You annoy me" [Raph]: "I'm telling you"
--MDA.02 | Threats
--MDA.03 | Bodyguard
--MDA.04 | Prime's Assignment 📌TRANSLATION: [3rd pic, last line]: "F*ck it!" [4th pic]: "That's just f*cked up."
--MDA.05 | Bolivia
--MDA.06 | Fragile & Scary
--MDA.07 | Nice
--MDA.08 | Mean
--MDA.09 | Mr. Hottie
--MDA.10 | Door Lock
--MDA.11 | Sniper
--MDA.12 | Ship
--MDA.13 | "Scent" Tracker
--MDA.14 | Sungit
--MDA.15 | Woman
--MDA.16 | Gwapo 📌TRANSLATION: [3rd pic, Raph]: "Interesting"
--MDA.17 | Madaldal
--MDA.18 | Russian 📌TRANSLATION: • 1st pic • [Gan]: "Cute little bear" • 2nd pic • [Leighton]: "I knew it LOL" [Raph]: "Someone's falling in love"
--MDA.19 | Chocolate
--MDA.20 | "...from time to time"
--MDA.21 | Three weeks
--MDA.22 | Complain
--MDA.23 | Dinner
--MDA.24 | Clingy
--MDA.25 | Bad Joke
--MDA.26 | Feelings
--MDA.27 | Smile of Stars
--MDA.28 | Raymond Alvarez
--MDA.29 | Beautiful
--MDA.30 | Duty
--MDA.31 | Invader
--MDA.32 | "Don't be..."
Please let me plug my short serye🥺 If you're interested, please read Paraluman🤎
yvan 🫧

yvan 🫧

• PARALUMAN 🤎• ;a short serye "Namumukadkad ang aking ligaya Sa tuwing ika'y papalapit na" 🎶🤎 #KathNielSerye #Paraluman #shortserye @Adie
--MDA.33 | "Sa wakas..."
--MDA.34 | For lifetime
--MDA.35 | Undying
--MDA.36 | a random I Love You
--MDA.37 | Suspension 📌TRANSLATION: •1st Pic, Convo• [Raph]: "That's too long!"
--MDA.38 | Period
--MDA.39 | Demon Samael
--MDA.40 | No other...
--MDA.41 | Deal
--MDA.42 | 'Request'
--MDA.43 | Two Sides of Gan
--MDA.44 | Inlove
--MDA.45 | Raining Bullets
--MDA.46 | Shot
--MDA.47 | Warning
--MDA.48 | Tracking Device
--MDA.49 | Seraphina Dark.
--MDA.50 | "I love you"
--MDA.51 | Warehouse
--MDA.52 | Photographer
--MDA.53 | Goodbye Kiss
--MDA.54 | Una.
--MDA.55 | Sundo
--MDA.56 | Dangerous World
--MDA.57 | The Light of Dark🖤
--MDA.58 | As you wish
--MDA.59 | Marcus Arceo
--MDA.60 | Greetings
--MDA.61 | Unexpected Textmate
--MDA.62 | Work
--MDA.63 | Introduce
--MDA.64 | Favor?
--MDA.65 | VL🗡 & BM🥀 Children Amber [Belle] -daughter of Ember & Varo Azuri [Kyline] -daughter of Azi Naomi Soleil [Criza] -daughter of Silas Pablo [Zaijian] -son of Peyton & Sandreon Lux [Donny] -son of Drei & Amari Uno [Darren] -son of Cassidy & Zero
--MDA.66 | New Gan
--MDA.67 | The "Bomb"
--MDA.68 | Truth
--MDA.69 | His Game
--MDA.70 | Home
--MDA.71 | Bait
--MDA.72 | Rank 1
--MDA.73 | Seloso
--MDA.74 | Hira's Training
--MDA.75 | Hunos-dili
--MDA.76 | Verified
--MDA.77 | His Little Show
--MDA.78 | "About Raymond?..."
HIRAETHxKEEGAN try lang huhu, sorry na agad✌🏼
--MDA.79 | President Cortez
--MDA.80 | Wrong Account
--MDA.81 | Appreciated
--MDA.82 | Cuddle
--MDA.83 | Intimate
--MDA.84 | Serious Amber Vida
--MDA.85 | Weekend Date
--MDA.86 | How Can He
--MDA.87 | Flex
--MDA. | A Dark Thing
--MDA.89 | Grumpy Hira
--MDA.90 | Paranoid
--MDA.91 | Ruining Alvarez.
--MDA.92 | Ocean Yellow
--MDA.93 | Convincing Gani
--MDA.94 | Argue
--MDA.95 | Spoiled
--MDA.96 | Premiere Night
--MDA.97 | Protective
--MDA.98 | Missing
--MDA.99 | Awakening of his devil. 📌TRANSLATION: -2nd Pic. [Keegan]: "wrong move" [Vida]: "What's happening?"
--MDA.100 | Offer
--MDA.101 | Delay
--MDA.102 | Sabre Dark
--MDA.103 | A Bunch of Punches
--MDA.104 | Send Your Prayers
--MDA.105 | Gani's Here
--MDA.106 | Let The Torture Begin
--MDA.107 | Shadow Supreme's Revelation
--MDA.108 | Vida Strikes Again
--MDA.109 | Torturing Alvarez
--MDA.110 | Babies
--MDA.111 | Update
--MDA.112 | Flight to Russia
--MDA.113 | Russian Home
--MDA.114 | Blood-born Darks
--MDA.115 | Young Ones
--MDA.116 | Granpa Tav
--MDA.117 | Unexpected Discovery
--MDA.118 | Angry Hiraeth
--MDA.119 | Illegal
--MDA.120 | Truth About Temno (sorry guys, mahabang narration😭)
--MDA.121 | First Heartbreak
--MDA.122 | Away
--MDA.123 | Drunk Tweet
--MDA.124 | Keegan In Rampage
--MDA.125 | In His Twin's Embrace
--MDA.126 | In The Comfort of Someone Gone
--MDA.127 | Vulnerable
--MDA.128 | Peculiar
--MDA.129 | Too okay's not fine.
--MDA.130 | Lei & Raph
--MDA.131 | Distraction
--MDA.132 | Not So Good
--MDA.133 | Mission Failed
--MDA.134 | Messed Up Keegan
--MDA.135 | Almost
--MDA.136 | Hawaii
--MDA.137 | Kapayapaan
--MDA.138 | Serenity
--MDA.139 | A Sunset's Beauty
--MDA.140 | They're Home
--MDA.141 | Salty Air
--MDA.142 | Ain't Complaining
--MDA.143 | Dinner
--MDA.144 | Cheeky Hira
--MDA.145 | Keegan's Smiles
--MDA.146 | The Walls He Was Born To Build
--MDA.147 | Alive
--MDA.148 | Left w/ the Babies
--MDA.149 | Makeup Lessons
--MDA.150 | Home's Waiting
--MDA.151 | Kilig
--MDA.152 | Short Temper
--MDA.153 | A Secret
--MDA.154 | Group Photoshoot By The Beach🌊
--MDA.156 | Beach Lights
--MDA.157 | "It will mean everything to me..."
--MDA.158 | Dark Clan's Heirloom
--MDA.159 | Prenup Shoot
--MDA.160 | His Own Prime
--MDA.161 | "See You Tomorrow"
--MDA.162 | She'll be the death of him
--MDA.163 | "I need to let you fly..."
--MDA.164 | Tamed
--MDA.165 | The Birth of the newest Mrs. Dark
--MDA.166 | Unfilled Void
--MDA.167 | First Salute
--MDA.168 | Every Breath
MDA.169 | The Beginning Of Their Eternity
- END - Thank you for reaching this far! I know this serye took quite awhile, so I am grateful for the patience you had to stay with me in this one🥰 I hope you liked the story of Gan & Hira. ;May you find someone who sees you as their light but also accept your own darkness🖤
Hope to be with you again as I write Raph's story🥰
yvan 🫧

yvan 🫧

Luka's having a typical night of playing around. Then here comes Raph, with her instinct of an assassin, mistakenly interrupted his little "game" which she thought of as a crime; What happens when the playboy and the deadly assassin meet? #KathNielSerye #MHIB
yvan 🫧

yvan 🫧

let life flow through⛲️ || my seryes 👇🏼🤍
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