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Jan 21, 2021
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232. struggling just the same

233. freaking out (2,4k) ps. hope this chap can explain gio’s side. pps. thanks to @nn. for willing to talk about the song in this chap with me the other night!…
234. spotlight for yuda (intermezzo)
235. don’t jinx it
236. coming home
237. insecure (1,6k)…
238. date night went wrong
239. how to soothe a fussy baby
240. cheese and crackers
241. feel happy
242. like real people do (3k)…
243. sayang
244. pamer
245. “sweet” boyfriend
246. najis pt.2 ps. special for you all sendi-jemi shooter :p
247. payment
248. reek of love
259. unexpected comeback
250. open up
251. good listener
252. i’ll keep you warm (2,9k)…
253. feel so loved
254. kaka ipar
255. tearing us apart
256. aches for them
257. something is off
258. askara, u mean
259. dika sayang
260. Tuhan memberkati
261. Gaza Strip/ Westbank ps. can’t believe i came up with this hshshd
262. art deco —maybe i’m just a deco (2k)…
263. kombucha
264. good instinct
265. same old fear
267. offended
268. comprehension
269. the closed door
270. failure
CHOOSE FOR GIO with these conditions: 1. aska is mad but wants some time alone 2. gio is ‘somehow’ wrong and owes apology what gio should do:
271. apology (it’s short! 1,3k)…
272. marah-marah
273. lapor 24/7
274. please?
275. the umbrella
276. kemana?
277. khawatir
278. free will (1,5k)…
279. a daydream for one, a nightmare for the other
282. finding comfort
282. about that...
283. love, aska
284. the less i know the better ps. don’t mind the weird time stamp. itu pokonya dalam waktu dua minggu, ya! pss. gio’s text is the lyrics and it’s about being cheated.
285. jagoan
286. penjelasan (1,7k)…
287. epiphany
288. awkward
289. hadiah
290. the last chapter: casualty (2,6k)…
casualty spin-off (sendi-jemi aka yoonmin)


CHECKMATE —yoonmin lokal fanfiction —casualty spin-off —mature —22k 🔗: happy reading! with love, rara.


RPS. bts writing acc—mostly writes.
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