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#taekookau where taehyung is jungkook’s sugar d*ddy and by time he gained feelings for him. and he can’t help but get jealous when others flirt with jungkook

“wow you look pretty” tae admired him “don’t i always?” jungkook teased “of course always” tae stepped closer and removed a hair that was on jk’s face tucking it behind his ear “you also look good” jungkook smiled “thank you darling, now let’s get going yeah?” tae opened
the door for him and jungkook got inside, tae closing the door and heading to the other side. “here is your present” tae handed it to him, smiling it was a small box “open it” he said jungkook took it and opened it and there was a necklace inside “oh my- it’s beautiful”
he stared at it in awe tae smiled looking at his expression “i saw the way you looked at it last time we went shopping” “thank you so much taehyung- put it on me please?” jungkook looked at him with his doe eyes and tae couldn’t say no “of course” tae grabbed the necklace
and careful placed it on his neck and put it on “it looks so pretty” jungkook checked himself on the small mirror “because it’s on you” tae buckled up and began driving “where are we going?” jungkook asked “it’s a surprise” was all tae said.
once they arrived to the restaurant they walked inside while holding hands. “right this way mr kim” the lady guided them inside, it was like a private room for just the two of them jungkook was confused but didn’t say anything. they arrived and both were seated
“we’ll order later” tae signaled the lady to leave which she did. “woah it’s just the two of us?” jungkook curiously asked “just us” tae replied with a smile “why?” he tilted his head “well you see i want to spend some alone time with you, because i have something to
tell you” tae replied “oh? what is it” jungkook bit his lower lip waiting “well you see, how do i begin- jungkook i like you, i’ve gained feelings for you, at first i just thought it was a small crush but the more i got to know you and the more we talked or spent time
together the feelings grew and i knew i had fallen deep i want to cherish you, to protect him, to kiss you, to hold you, and to call you mine” tae finished speaking and jungkook sat there eyes wide. “hyung.. why didn’t you tell me?” “because jungkook im scared, i don’t know
how you feel about me” tae closed his eyes and took a deep breath before speaking again “darling you make me so happy, i love listening to you talk, when you get exited over the littlest things, i love your doe eyes and the way they sparkle, i like seeing you happy
there are many things i love about you jungkook, you mean so much to me” tae was pouring his whole heart out “you’re beautiful, smart, kind you’re amazing” jungkook didn’t know what to say, but he was so happy, tae just confessed to him “and i understand if you don’t feel
the same i understand if you don’t wanna talk after this” “taehyung oh tae i have feelings for you too, i’ve also fell for you and we can’t control our feelings, you also mean so much to me, i love being with you i feel so happy and safe i see you as more than a sugar d*ddy
when i first saw you i was like woah how can you be real? and fuck i fell for you and i was honestly scared because i knew you didn’t like me back, well that’s what i thought” jungkook looked over at tae who was looking back at him “jungkook i’ve never cuddled, kissed
it took my sugar b*bies on dates you’re the only one” tae grabbed his hand and kissed it “you’re so special to me” “and you are to me” he smiled “does this mean you want us to be more then what we are?” tae asked “yes i want to be your boyfriend” “and i wanna be yours”
and they both finally kissed each other (on the lips ofc) giggling into the kiss a little but that didn’t stop them. these two lovers finally confessed they both ordered their food and spent a good time together. they were so happy
the ending was rushed bc i have to go do something but i hope y’all enjoyed k bye
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