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#taekookau ABO where alpha Jungkook absolutely abhors the cheapstake excuse of an omega, Taehyung, from when he was a pup. Imagine his surprise when he finds out they are true mates twenty years later, and he doesnt know how to deal with it

Nobody knew where Taehyung came from, he was that unknown pup who just appeared out of everywhere, everywhere the other pups of the Golden Sun pack used to be at. Nobody knew where the cute little white pup used to come from
But one thing was sure, he was a troublesome pup. Very troublesome, everyone was quite worried about hin and wanted to stop hin from coming in to their oack but that task wasmore impossible than anything else
-ABO au -Angst with a happy ending -Rivals to lovers -Fluff - def 🔞 nsfw so minors dni with them -true mates
Jeon Jungkook —pure blood alpha —heir to the Golden sun pack —very sweet and great at studies —hates Taehyung more than anything — if someone needs helo, he is the guy you want — the definition of perfect
Kim Taehyung -pure blood omega -came from unknown location -sassy, bratty, a trouble maker, does not listen to anyone -is incredibly snart but too rogue to act on his studies -so beautiful
Jimin -Jungkook's older brother -an omega -is betrothed to the neighbour pack, Silver moon's heir -support's Jungkook and is open minded to Taehyung
Yoongi -alpha -is the heir to Silver moon pack -not much is knonw about him except for the fact that he love his to be mate a lot to send in gifts every other day
Namjoon and Jin -the current Alpha and Luna of the Silver moon pack -Yoongi's parents -they have a special skill from the moon goddess’s blessing -other things: unknown
Hoseok -Alpha? Beta? Omega? Nobody really knows -he is the other one who doesnt belong in the Golden sun pack but is always here -doesnt cause trouble unlike Taehyung but akways seems to be tailin something
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The beginning The wolves land is divided into five parts and therefore packs: the Silvermoon, the Golden sun, the Summerstar, the Wintercynth, and the Lunar pack. Among then the Lunar pack is the general pack where everyone is allowed to roam free and mingle.
Its where the packs meet to take a decision. Its a neutral ground. As such on a day around September, 1997, all the packs met to discuss something important becuse there has being rumours about wolves sighting the rare witch of the east around the Golden sun pack.
Nobody has seen the witch before going around to any pack so this has caused an uproar. Other packs think Golden sun's leader has done something to bring the witch of blessings to them when they really haven't.
"How can this be? The witch of east doesnt go anywhere!" Voices murmmered. Namjoon, the leader of the Silven moon pack put his hand down loudly on the table, "before jumping to conclusion, cant we just ask the pack leader Jeon Junghyun himself?" Voices angered.
"Fellow wolves, you must believe me, it isnt something I did. Our pack has been busy celebrating the birth of my son, Jungkook since the start of this lunar month, we havent got a clue as to how this happened."
"Maybe you wanted your son to be blessed by that witch of blessings that why you summoned her-" "Now we all know she just doesn’t come whenever someone just /summons/ her, she has her pride." Namjoon cut in. The four pack leader and the keeper of the Lunar
pack was sitting together on the table while the advisors and the other important people from their pack remained behind, watching and murmuring amongst themselves from time to time. "But-" "I told you it wasnt me! I invited all of you to my pack to engage in my
celebrations and this is what you have to say?" "These topics aren't related-" Thunder roared overhead as the intensity of the rain increased outside, the sound almost defeaning against the wolves sensitive ears.
"So what? Leader Namjoon has invited us to his packs celebration for his youngest son too-" The reasoning was again interrupted by a loud, frantic knock on the main door. Everyone could hear the knocks echoing around.
#taekookau Tw// blood Someone hurried to open the door and a naked man came into the room. He was bruised everywhere and blood was leaving all he gashes as he panted hurriedly, trying to get his words out. Leader Jeon felt panic rise in him when he noticed the wolf
was one from his own pack. Had something bad happened to his son? Somehow he had a bad feeling about everything He hurried to him and grabbed his shoulders "Speak lad, SPEAK" "W-witch.." "What is it?," the keeper of Lunar came forth. "A p-prophecy", he said
His gashes got larger but he tried to talk a bit more clearly now that he has calmed down a bit. "The witch came again and- and bewitched my m-mate to- to give her message." Everyone gave out loud gasps of shock and chaos ensued as everyone went to grab the man by his shoulder
The man groaned and winced painfully as he doubled over in pain at the fear the engulfed him having the most powerful wolves coming at him. "JUST SAY" "S-she said a pair of true mates has been born this month" Stunned silence, then chaos
The reaction was given. True mates to them was something divine, something that occured in the rarest of rarest occasion. In their book of law, only two pairs of true mates has been born before but that was almost thousands of years ago. None of the wolf has been
blessed by the moon goddess with such luck, such blessing. Being true mates was truly a blessing because the pair would be that one pair who would achive the greatest thing in their time. The first true mate pair had been the first mother and father of the wolves
They had given birth to their kind of wolves. The second one has been the one to establish this five lands, the creator pair. And now there was a third pair. Nobody knew what they would do, nobody had an inkling. But one thing was for sure, they were scared out of their wits
And curious as to who the pair was. Upon further investigation, they found out the witch did not specify who they were or which pack they belonged to and that around a thousand babies were born on the month over the five packs. And thag was worrying. It could be anyone
because they could not determine who was an alpha, who was an omega from thess thousand babies and the true mates would be an alpha and and an omega. In some cases, pure blood ones too So nobody had an inkling.
They finished the meeting because they understood the witch was only in the Golden sun pack because she was looking for a vessel to carry her message about the true mates. So they did not hold leader Jeon anymore.
They went their own ways, not having any other thing to do about it except wait and watch. The moon goddess has lready set the fate of the true mates in stone and has already decided who they were so there was nothing they could do excoet waut for signs writen in their law book
First meeting Three years passed after the fateful night. Jeon Jungkook grew up to be an ideal pup. An extraordinary one because he wasnt a kid who was mischievous. Infact, he was calm and collected, someone who.was polite to everyone and hanged out woth everyone
Simply, he was walking with other pups as they group of them decided to play tag that day and they were all walking in a band to the pack's large open space, right in outskirts of the pack. They were all interrupted in their walk
as a pup rolled out of the treeline and came to a stop infront of them all to suddenly. Followed by a larger pup. Nobody recognized them and nobody could but what they could see was that they are an unique pair.
The first pup stood out like a sore thumb because of its fur color. Its fur color was white, pure white, so different from the usual brown and ochers they were used to in the pack. Even different from the pure black color of Jungkook's fur. Jungkook had the most
unique fur in their pack so it was very surprising to see someone else literally rolling out of treeline with an equally unique color fur. They were awed, so very surprised but that did not mean they were not weary of the new being.
They did not recognize the pups, meaning they were either strangers or invaders and those kinds were something they were taught to keep away from in the pack school. If they ever saw one, they would have to report to them
And here they were seeing them. The second wolf did not have unique fur, in fact its one was only shades of caramel brown and almond one, similar to one of their own pups, but if had a scratch mark over its chin. As Golden sun pack's kids, they were protected in everyway
So seeing a scar on a pup was also new to them unless they belonged to the heir. Jungkook could get a scar but that would be when he would start fighting. He would before others anyway.
The white pup shifted in front of them all to suddenly making every other pup let out small gasps of surprise. In place of the white pup, stood a boy now. His tan skin glowing in the sunlight filtering out of the trees. His shoulders rigid as he stood tall. His face
snobby with a scowl. He didnt look particularly harmful. Jungkook came forward, thinking it was his duty as the heir to ask the stranger about himself. The naked boy looked at him with narrowed eyes.
"W-who are you?" His voice came out lowly. The boy ignored him to look behind his shoulder, an arrogant flair to everythig he did. Jungkook's nostrils flared at being ignored. He could /not/ be ignored, /ever/
Behind the boy, the other larger pup shifted too and in his place stood another slightly tan boy but he was taller, looked older than this one. He cleared his throat and Jungkook was forced to look at him. "Hello. I am Hobi and this is Tae. We are wolves of the forest."
Jungkook narrowed his eyes, "the wolves of the forest died in the last big war, you cant be from them" For a pup, he coukd speak pretty clearly. "Yes our parents died, we are still here." He waited but Hobi did not provide any more information. He looked at /Tae/ again.
The pup was still looking at him with narrowed eyes. Jungkook did not know what to do. He was just a kid, was he even allowed to allow them in their pack? But they had to do a ritual for that right? Or a dinner?
Before the three year old could say anything, the others noticed his hesitancy and took it for a yes and all of them rushed to Tae, taken by his beauty. He opened his mouth and closed it back again. Hobi watched him
The others surrounded Tae like he was a weird species, like he wasnt a pup too and asked him a million questions while touching him. Some of them went to Hobi too to ask where his scar came from. He could see as the both the newcomers squared their shoulders and
answered all the questions with a kind of confidence Jugkook envied. Hobi gave proper answers while Tae gave exaggerated and arrogant ones, ones that made Jungkook fume in his place. Someone had asked him how he was so beautiful and he had replied it by saying he was known
as the most beautiful pup all over the land. He wanted to wipe that smug grin from him face, Taehyung wasnt the most beautiful pup, Jungkook's brother Jimin was. And his voice was stupidly deep for a pup, he was weird, why would the others even think he was beautiful?
He did not like him. The small pup knew Tae was trouble, but nobody listened to him when he called them out except for his very best friend Yugyeum, who satyed by him. Jungkook threw the stil they were going to play with angrily and left them. Not noticing Hobi watching him
go with a dutiful smile, that could be described as a smirk to the adult wolves. Tae not even noticing him leaving
Years in between Time went, slithered past slowly. Tae and Hobi became a constant in the Goldensun pack. Somehow nobody, not even the adult wolves questioned their oresense but Jungkook knew there was a question in their mind, like there was in his. They couldnt
question because the head alpha did not. Jungkook asked his father but his father had the sane answer about them as Hobi had said first. His father was adamant on the fact that they were just orphaned pups from the forest. But Jungkook knew something wasnt right
Just like now. Some of the pups also did not like Tae anymore because of how arrogantly he spoke about himself and how confident he was. Because of these attributes, the other did not get the chance to come on the spotlight.
A seven year old Jungkook was gritting his teeth as he watched the small boy leeching up all their teachers attention with his pouty lips and charming self. He was charming, chamring like a snake.
Jungkook could see how the other pups werent getting the attention they wanted from the teacher as Tae whined about /something/ Hobi, as always, watching the younger boy from the sidelines. Even though Hobi was older than them, he did classes with them, claiming he was a bad
student. Jungkook wasnt sure if that was really the case. Hobi might have just wanted to tail Tae like he always seemed to do. Like always, every single minute of the day. Jungkook did not understand why. It irked him to no end
Why would a boy like Tae need Hobi to tail him? All the time? Jungkook wasnt happy about it. Only because Hobi was older than them, he was supposed to hang out with wolves of his age, like his Jiminie hyung did with his friends.
But he didnt. Weird It was absolutely weird how Tae and Hobi integrated themselves into the Golden sun pack like they belonged here from the start.
They were given a space here to live, they sat with the whole pack during eating hours. They did classes with the other pups and played in their playground like this pack was theirs and that is very very irritating to the young heir Jungkook. Everyone would have
much more happier if Tae wasn't here. The pups would get their needed attention and would not feel ignored. If there was one thing Jungkook hated, it was to be ignored by snobby people and thats exactly what Tae did when he first came in. He acted like he was above him.
And he kept on acting like that now too. "Tae, stop whining! Let Chuhi get her chance to draw too!" He said. Tae ignored him to keep on drawing on the board like he owned it. The teacher shushed Jungkook softly. "Let Tae draw, he doesnt have his parents to let him
buy these materials at home to draw, so.let him have his chance here. Chuhi can always draw st home." Jungkook shut up
Because he didnt have his parents, everyone ga him more love then was needed. It could be seen from how overly confident Tae was growing up to be. In between all the seven year olds -minus Hobi of course- only two people excelled at literally everything
One was Jungkook himself and the other was Taehyung. Be it drawing. Jungkook's was more detail oriented while Tae's more versatile. Studies, both of them butting heads as top students. Arrows, excelled.
All the other things all the pups were trained in? Brilliant. But there was one thing Jungkook was smug about. When it came to fighting, he was the stronger one, the mighties seven year old pup anyone has ever seen. And he knew Tae was not happy about it.
He knew, even as pups, everything was a sudden bout of competition to them and this? Was no different. Why Tae was weaker he didnt know and he didnt care as long as he was stronger. He knew this hit Tae low because he saw Tae trying to lift up weights even he didnt
dare to lift and hurting himself instead of achieveing what he wanted.
This could be seen as the bell rang for their recess period and everyone rushed out. Jungkook watched as Tae made his way behind the small bamboo house that was their school, followed by Hobi
Jungkook followed. He left his best friends Yugyeum, mingyu, bambam there to eat. Behind, Tae tried tk life himself uo on a stray monkey bar that was there, trying to do pull ups but he couldnt life hinself up fully. Pff he should just give up
But then slowly, slowly he managed to pull himself up. Hobi watching him from the sidelines. And it happened all to suddenly, his hands werent strong enough to hold himself and he let go.of the bar. Before Hobi could even react, Jungkook was there, holding Tae
in his arms tightly, his heart beating wildly in his chest as Tae let out a small scream of surpirse. The two pups stared at each other before Jungkook let him down gently on the grass. Taking his hands from beside him hastily and gesturing at Hobi awkwardly to
see him before running away from there. After the incident, Tae ignored him more and started to work on his arms excessively to grow his strength
Jungkook noticed he was getting weaker. Strainig himself. From the very start, Tae never ate much food. He only knew because they all ate food together, no other reason. But eating less was burdening him. Jungkook wished to force feed him more just so he could have his
very anticipated strength. But alas he couldnt, he hated him. So he did the next best thing: became the polite heir he was known to be. A few days after the incident. Today in their school, they were supposed to practice fighting
And as usual, since Tae was the closest to Jungkook in strength, they were told to pup spar with each other but this match was to be different and would surprise everyone. Why? Because in this match, the great fighter, Jungkook, lost. Tae won
Jungkook let him win as long as he got what he wanted. Which was having Tae go easy on himself, which he did. Tae was so happy he hugged Hobi(something Jungkook definitely did /not/ not like, I mean what was the reason to hug, huh?) And stopped practising separately.
Stopped exerting on himself and Jungkook was satisifed. At least the leech wont kil* himself doing those
As a heir, it was Jungkook's duty anyway to look after his pack members and Tae and Hobi were pack members already. Two years passed uneventfully with them ignoring each other and steering clear of each others way except only occasionally, till Tae dissapeared one night
It was a smoky night. The smoke from their campfire was heavy today as it surrounded them almost like a cocoon. After their dinner, all the pups gathered around the same hearth to listen to an elderly grandma of the pack.
Everything was going smoothly, almost too smoothly that there was a feeling albeit very small, feeling of something being up right on the corner of Jungkook’s brain. Just then Hobi came barreling in their large circle without a care,
his panic stricken face causing everyone to get wary of what news he was carrying. “Tae, Tae is nowhere, is Tae here?” Everyone looked around them, Jungkook too, but the said child was nowhere to be found. Hobi let out a shriek that scared almost all of them
out of their wits. “He is not here wither, where could he have gone?!” The grandma wobbled to stand up and patted Hobi’s hair, “boy, calm down. Tell me, did you check your cottage?”
Hobi nodded frantically. “I checked EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t find him, where could he have gone?” A feeling of something draining trickled up Jungkook’s spine. Tae was present during the dinner. He knew he was, he could hear his twinkling laugher from almost kilometres away
then where could he have gone in the short span of space and time. His heart started to beat fast for some unknown reason as the band of them went with the grandma to one of the wolves patrolling their pack boundary.
Informing them about the missing pup. Hobi seemed to get more frantic at the word as he screamed and pulled his hair strands. Jungkook looked towards the forest line that seemed to be looming around the whole pack like an evil shadow.
Tae had come from there, rolled out of the forest line. Was it possible that he was there? He could be but Jungkook didn’t know if he himself could sneak into the forest without getting caught. But he had to try.
Something in him felt like it would go feral if he did not do what his instinct told him to do. So amongst the chaos, he stepped outwards from their band and the boundary wolf looked at him with narrowed eyes since he got separated.
“Little Jungkookie, where do you think you are going?” After the question, everyone looked at him like he grew two heads. Hobi had stopped mid tears to look at him too.
By then, for some reason, the news had reached everyone in their pack, it had too as Jungkook saw a throng of massive brown wolves running to them, one looking mightier than the other: his father was here. The wolf barked, the sound resonating around the whole place.
He had asked where Taehyung was last seen. Then he barked out orders to his subordinates and everyone followed without asking much questions. Some went into the forest, some all around the large pack, some even he didn’t know where.
Everyone went into a search. Jungkook wanted to jump into helping them too but his nanny had materialized beside him from thin air and took his wrist in a tight grip to stop him from doing anything. Hobi refused to go inside to the main hall and instead cried to stay here.
So all of the pups, in the adrenaline rush, decided to stay with him. The grandma and all their respective nannies with them. Hours passed and there was no inkling of anyone yet. Another hour passed, and now they could hear
a rustle coming from one of the bushes in the forest, a loud rustle echoing around the trees. And then all the pups let out loud shrieks as a figure came out of there, excluding Jungkook, whose eyes just widened.
Tae came out from there looking the epitome of innocence, walking towards them slowly with a- if he was any other wolf, it would be seen as a sheepish smile but since he was Tae, it was a smug one- small smile.
Hobi surged forward in a hurry to hug him as the others rushed to surround him, once again, like deja vu leaving Jungkook with his friends to be with the other pup, asking him questions. The grandma went past them to grab the small boy by his tiny shoulders,
“where have you been, pup? You shouldn't go anywhere-” Tae hugged her and said a little sorry, “Grandma I got lost in the forest. I was walking and then I got lost.” The grandma calmed down because of the tight hug, thinking Tae must have been so scared alone
It was bullsh*t. Junkook could tell from the look in his eyes. He was lying his way through to not get scolded. He had been aware of where he was, he knew he did not get lost, he just knew. It was weird. Very weird, he thought.
As an heir, he was taught many things others weren’t. One of them being somehow able to read the expression on Tae's face and one of them was knowing that whatever happened tonight was unusual. Very unusual. Because as far as he knew, pack leaders seldom got involved
in cases like this. A pup missing for only three hours was not something they were supposed to out their head into but his father proved him wrong. He would have to ask someone about this
Another thing he was wondering about was the Tae. He went into the forest on his own, he /knew/ he did. The mischievous look in his face said he did. And he came out... unscathed. The monsters they were always warned about in the forest did nothing to him. He was unharmed.
Completely. But the monsters took pups, his nanny told him so. Was everyone wrong? Was what he taught all this time all a lie? It looked like a lie when it came to Taehyung. Perhaps because he did not abide by the rules the way Jungkook did
He wondered as he laid down to sleep for the night. His Amma kissing him on his forhead, makig him smile softly. Tae did not really like rules the way Jungkook did. He hated them. In their school too, the pup always did everything against what he was told
The complete opposite of how Jungkook was. Jungkook liked rules. He liked having everything done in a sequence so maybe the rules were only for him because of he was a follower and Tae wasnt. But that thought only confused his little brain more. With all these thoughts
in his mind and the adrenaline rush from the events that occured, he went to sleep soon. Not noticing the barely there shadow watching him from beside his bed.
Weeks passed since the incident and the incident went down much like the way the excitement went down when Tae and Hobi first came in. A ten year old Jungkook was still without any answers. He had to ignore all of them because as he grew up, his duties were increasing in
number and so was his training. The heir title burning down on his small shoulder like the weight of the sky. He had less and less time to observe Hobi and Tae, but he knew of their existance, it was too blaring to not to
Tae got brattier as he aged up and Jungkook more reserved. The heir felt it wouldnt be wise to be as talkative for someone with his position and he was taught to talk in a more enigmatic, subdued way. Tae, on the other hand, seemed to grow his boundaries, getting
more daring with his demands from others and ordering pups and wolves equally around to do his bidding. The only reason he got away with it was because of his charm and loud presence. The combination made the elders, the ones in power, to turn a blindeye to whatever Tae was upto
Hobi remined, tailing him like a nanny and whenever someone made Tae cry - ahem disobeyed- Hobi was there to make it right. It irritated and irked Jungkook to no end, like n itch all over his body that he couldnt get rid of
but he did not have the time anymore to dwell on it. He decided with himself that only when Tae would do something like this to hin, only then he would fight back. For now he was a busy pup. That did not mean he was ignoring his play time, he always took time
out, set that time out in his schedule, to play with his best friends group that comprised of he friends from then. No new addition, they all were uncomfortable with that idea. Moreover another new resposibilty was gonna befall over all the eleven year olds
The responsibility of what they were going to turn into at sixteen and that guess was the hardest after it is made. And they had a little test for it where the judge was the coucil of elders of their pack. Today was their test.
The test was a simple one. The elders just observed the young wolves behavior and levels in different categories throughout a series of random games. Ones they played almost everyday, the difference being they will be observed with keen eyes.
In this game, his brother Jimin accompanied him. They were holding hands as they came in. The others looked at them to say hi to Jimin, not used to the omega being present in one of Jungkook's games but this was an important one. His brother was six years older than him
meaning he was eighteen and he was an omega. The sweetest, most gorgeous one in their pack (excluding Tae, because pff, Tae wasn't a part of their pack in his eyes) and his brother was betrothed, much to many alphas anger (Jungkook knew everything at twelve okay?)
But Jungkook thought he was betrothed to a good alpha. Yoongi was a good alpha in his eyes. He had all the leadership qualities Jungkook was being taugh and he was very friendly with Jungkook. He gave him everything he asked for!! So Jungkook was happy with their union.
And he knew so was Jimin because he would always catch his brother giggling whenevr he received one of the many courting gifts Yoongi sent him. Once he was only adamant on eating only the animals Yoongi hunted, refusing everything their pack hunters bought.
Yoongi had to come all the way from the Silver moon pack to feed the other, whispering plottingly to Jungkook about younger going to have to do the same to. Jungkook only blushed at his to be brother-in-law's words and went his nerry way to play.
So yes he liked Yoongi and thought him to be perfect for his brother. Jimin was awesome. He was greeting everyone politely around him, not letting go of the grip he had around Jungkook's wrist. He even stooped to kneel down on his knees to kiss the other pups on their cheeks.
Even Tae. Jungkook grimaced, Jimin was maybe too friendly. Because he kissed him on the two apole of Tae'd cheeks and whispered something in his ear, something Jungkook couldnt hear but Tae giggled conspirationally. He rolled his eyes- a trait he learned from Yoongi.
Then the brothers went their way to the starting line. Jimin stood on his knees again and brushed the fringes of his bangs back, his hair was growing out. "Kookie, everything will be fine alright? Dont worry baby." He wasnt worried, he knew he was gonna be guessed as an alpha
but he nodded anyways to appease his brother. The series of games finished uneventfully with Jimin cheering for him, the elders watching him with keener eyes and Tae's loud laugh at winning against another girl.
Night came and their results were given. Jungkook was named as a to be alpha which made everyone in their pack cheer, even his father. Jimin hugged him. Then the others ones were annouced and Tae, shockingly to him and a few of the adults, was guessed to be an omega
Jungkook was happy. Finally, Tae would not fight him to prove himself anymore because his biology was like that, but it was odd that he defeated all the other guessed alphas too before. He looked at Tae and Tae also looked like he was very happy about his sub gended
so was Hobi he noticed. Hobi's own sub gender was unknonw because he did nor participate in the games when it was his time, hs had gotten sick they said
Everyone dispersed to their own cabins after the big dinner. The hustle and bustle disappearing as everyone went away. Jungkook thought his night was over but as a young wolf he was often misunderstood as a kid and thus his presence was ignored most of the times
plus he was a quite person. So thats what happened this night too. He was coming after brushing his teeth and growig canines white. His canines were tested today with how quickly they could tear and chew up raw meat. So he had to be extra careful in washing them today.
While he was coming, on his way, he was crossing by an open window of his fathers large study on the second floor of their cottage. He could hear voices coming from inside it. Worried about who it might be so late at night, he tried to hear on to their conversation wih his
wolf hearing. He could also see through a hole below the window. His father was talking with the coucil of elders. "-so there is no chance that Jungkook is the oure blood alpha?" Jungkook's eyes widened. The elders shook their head collectively, "Alpha,
he didn't show any extraordinary qualities to be the pure blood alpha. He was like any other normal alpha. In face, he was too subdued too." /Pure blood?/ His father sighed.
Jungkook didnt know what a pure blood was and how it concerned him. "Hmm, thats too bad then. What about the other supposed alphas?" "Normal" His father nodded.
"Alpha, think of it positively. Its better not to have the pure blood in our pack, our pack's safety would be at risk. Everyone would try to take away the pure blood from us and a lot of fighting would ensue and therefore alot of packs resourcss would be needed, so its better
this way." His father shook his head slowly. "You are forgetting the other pure blood. He is here, right in this pack." All the elders quited down and Jungkook got up from his position
confused out of his mind about all the things he learned. What was a oure blood? And why was it so bad that he wasnt one? He felt incompetent and sad that guessing out to be an alpha was nt enough for his father, for the elders. What else could they possibly want
His dad was an alpha like him too. So why he not enough. And so what if he was shy? Doesnt mean he was any less an alpha or an heir. He walked dejectedly towards his room. The thoughts about true mates affecting him more than he could comprehend
— The next morning, there was a comfortable air around everyone, an excited one. The breakfast was a healthy one; seasoned deer's meat and smokey briskets. Everyone was energetic, gathering around for the class to start soon. This class was a special one the teacher
announced as she helped another one of the grandma in to their classroom. This grandma was a strict one. They were very scared of the cane she walked with, it was said she used to give hard punishments with it.
"Pups, today grandma Hyun will be telling you about a very important topic of our life." Grandma Hyun took a seat in one of the bamboo chairs and crossed his cane with her legs. "Jungkook come closer to me"
Jungkook came near her and took a seat just beside her. She held his arm in his wrinkly hands and kept him close to him. Did he mention he was Grandma Hyun's favourite? She was the only Grandma who preferred him over Tae
"I am being set to tell you young ones about a very /interesting/ concept." She looked around till her beady eyes came to a stop somewhere around Tae. "About pure bloods." Jungkook held back a surprise gasp. Biting his lips to contain it. He had heard that word
just yesterday and he was very curious and now he was gonna hear it. He didn’t know if he wanted to hear it actually. Something made him think, he would just be disappointed in itself and himself. What if he felt he wasnt enough? Just when he was happy to
just be an alpha. Pure bloods What was even in the words. He was scared to know. As an alpha heir, he shouldn’t have been scared, but he was. The others sounded excited though, very excited at the prospect of knowing something new. Something that weighed heavy on
their world. "Pure bloods are something very rare. The rarest even. They can be an alpha or an omega but they are not like normal alpha's and omega's. They are the kind of alpha or an omega who has greater qualities than any normal ones, who is stronger, who is
better and is specifically hand picked by the Moon goddess herself." A silence followed her admission. Curiosity gleaned like fire in everyone's eyes because they knew Moon goddess was a lot sacred to them and the goddess herself choosing someone had to be very special
Jungkook's own heart started to beat slower than usual, like the words were somehow enducing him in a long sleep. Like they were of comfort. But his mind was frenzy. Pure bloods were the best, the bestest and his father thought of his as thst before the game.
How could he ever surpass that expectation. Did he want to Because of such special capabilities, there must be a lot pressure because of that sole reason.
"They are handpicked yes and what I mean when I day rarest is that, there has only been four known purebloods since the start of time. Two, all of our our appa and amma and the next two, the ones who formed the five division of the land." All of them let out a series of
ooh's and ah's. The grandma went on undeterred. "See these pure bloods are usually tasked to do something really importsnt such as these. Apart from the reason of you pups knownig our history, I have another, very important reason to tell you all these."
"Grandma Hyun, what is that?", some of them chorused together. She batted her hand towards them to calm down. "The reason is: it was annouced by the divinity twelve years before that a two more pure bloods have been born" They let out shouts of surprise. Jungkook
already knew this but hearing this out in the daylight made him feel uncomfortable, like a dirty secret being revealed. He was scared revwaling it might have consequences
"Two more?" "Yes two more, an alpha and an omega." "But," Tae began, scrunching his not- /cute/nose, "how do we know they are an alpha and an omega?" The grandma's eyes twinkled as she looked at her. Jungkook was too busy looking at Tae and missed then look.
"Ah yes. Thats where the concept of true mates come in." Jungkook looked at the grandma. It was a term that was completely unknown to him, he hadnt found it any of his special books. But he knew the words were important. He felt deep inside his small self that it was.
"True mates. Someone tell me what does mates mean?" Jungkook riased his hands slowly from beside her and she smiled a secret smile towards him. "Speak, young one" "Mates...mates are foever lovers. An alpha and an omega who claim each other and mate are mates forever.
They can feel each other and talk to each other without others hearing them." Grandma nodded, "that is correct. Thats what mates mean. True mates are basically that but its the mating between a pure blood alpha and a pure blood omega. The two pure bloods I meant,
the ones so notary to us, were mates. An alpha and and an omega, a pair of pure bloods meanto change our world and there is a pair born again." True mates...
"So the true mates are already decided by the Moon goddess" "How is that possible? Dont we get to decide who our mate is by courting?" someone asked. She shook his head slowly.
"No, for them its different. Their link has already being formed the moment both of them were born. The only thing that is left for them to be together is to find each other and mate and they are going to be the most powerful pair of mates ever. They wont choose any
other mates for themselves except themselves." Jungkook was not happy about it
The pressure of the big task the true mates were born for was something even he understood was way out of his league. Even if his father wanted him to be one of the pure blood, he was glad he wasnt one. His father would get his glory if he was one but Jungkook
would only get more responsibilities and rules to follow. He liked rules but too much rules would mean too much suffocating. Moreover, he was content on the fact that he would get to choose his own mate and not have someone pre planned
now e could decide himself of who to mate. He wouldnt be forced to mate someone he didnt like. But little did he know, there were things greater in work.
The lesson finished with more details history information about the true mates and the other classes rolled in as time went by. — The concept of pure bloods was certainly beautiful to Tae
specially because a pure blood had a true mate, someone who was completely and utterly made to be your other half. For someone who was raised without his parents, he wanted that kind of love for himself to. Mates loved each other and he couldnt picture how much
love true mates would have for each other. But even though he was abig fan of the concept, /someone/ certainly disliked it. And went on to show how much he did. He never liked Jeon Jungkook. As the heir of the pack, he though of himself as someone who was
full of himself. He was always reserved, drawn back from all the other peers like he was this deity among other wolves. And he was so uptight, always following the rules like a good lapdog. No wonder he was the heir, the elders could easily make him listen to all their
nonsensical biddings. Yes he was the alpha son of the head but that didnt Jungkook's elder cousin, the other alpha, Seojoon, couldnt be the heir instead. But no, he couldnt be, because he didnt follow all the rules like Jungkook did. So yeah, one could say Tae
wasn't a big fan of Jungkook and Jungkook wasn’t his fan either, he knew. All those glares over the years did not go unnoticed by him contrary to the popular rumours. Now, the alpha was pissing him off more.
They were thirteen now, the true mates concept studies and the guessing game passed a year ago and since then, Jungkook once hasn’t stopped preaching about how everyone was better of without being a pure blood. The alpha was surrounded only by his group of friends
but Tae could see so many other young wolves listening in on their conversation with interest and vigour, like it was natural for them to listen to their leader. Tae wouldn’t have a problem if Jungkook was spewing utter sh*t. "-take this this way guys, you cant
even choose your own mate! Like what if your a pure blood and you fall in love with someone whonis not your mate and you are forced to-" Tae threw the arrow he was making somewhere around Jungkook's direction, catching everyone's attention with the sudden movement.
He walked near Jungkook and his band of followers, slowly, sizingly. "You think anyone can be a pure blood?" Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but Tae cut him off as he came to stand infront of him. "You think true mates is something that /easy/?"
#taekookau Tae was gritting his teeth hard. He was angry, the anger has been stemming there since he got to know Jungkook. He didnt do anything for his hideous ways, but this? This was something he could not tolerate. This was something very sacred to him. He was
taught of it heavily and he knew of its meaning, more than this hairy knucklehead did, he was sure. Because if Jungkook knew, he wouldnt be so against the concept of purity, of the sacred bond the Moon goddess has blessed them with.
"I didnt think it as easy. I think its hard, that is why-" "No! No, you are taking everyone to the pessimist way of thinking. This is a blessing to us-" Jungkook got up closer to him, thier heads lining up on the same level as they looed at each other with angry gazes.
"I know that. What the fu*k are you on? When did I do any of that?!" "When did you do that?" "You-" "You are presenting the pure bloods and the sacred true mates in te worst way possible to others. Is that how you are gonna rule this pack? Well then let me tell you
you are gonna fail as a leader anyways-" "You have no fuxking right to tell me that, wtf is wrong with you?", Jungkook was gritting his teeth hard, his hands fisting beside him in anger. Tae got more angry, " there is absolutely nothing wrong with mex there is everything
wrong with you, /alpha/" "You're a fuxking loner anyway, what would you know about how a pack is ruled?" Tae barked out a sinister laugh, "me? A loner? If I am a loner, then you are the shittiest to be leader this pack ever had." Jungkook came nearer to him, till their
forheads brushed against each other, they breathed the same air. "What is your problem?" "My problem is /you/. You think just because your the head alpha's son, everyone will listen to you? Dont you think we all, at least should be thankful and show how much we are
for the blessing she gave us?" "I was just talking about-" "No Jungkook! You might not see it as a negative way but you dont know how other will take what you are preaching. What if they think its not a big deal and stop being thankful?"
Jungkook threw his own cluster of arrows in the ground beside them in anger. "You lways had this disease, going your own way without even listening to what others are saying. Does being an orphan make someone like that?" "I am /not/ an orphan-" "Yeah could've fooled me
why else do you think the elders put up with your shitty behaviour?" "Shitty? And mine? To be great alpha, have you checked your own behaviour? They wouldnt have made you the heir if you dont lap up all their sh*t-" "Shut the fuxk up, will you, fuxking hell"
"Heartless dog" "Nasty serpentine " "Two faced blo*d sucker" "What the fuxk" They were both reaching to punch the other, not seeing anything but the angry red. Their hearts beating too fast from the fight. He hated him. God, Tae hated Jungkook more than anything.
That heir could stoop so low, so low that he even bought his naugh heritage up. So stupid. "Thats all there is to you, Jungkook. Your pack, nothing else. The only reason you are even special is because of it, nothing more-" "If you dont shut the fuxk uo at this instant-"
They were both held back by the other pups. Their hands were held tightly to stop themselves from beating the other up. They only stopped when they were dragged away from each other. He didnt hate Jungkook before because he never really talked to him but now he hated him,
absolutely abhorred him. He was an as*hole and Tae wanted to stab him in the eye, he was that angry now. He hated him, more than anyone, more than anything. He hated Jeon Jungkook
Mornings passed like the wind and Tae couldnt help but notice changes in himself. His had dusty brown hair when he was a mere pup, but now at fourteen his hair lightened by itself, he could see tresses of the lightest, shiny copper in it. A few, probably was unnoticable to others
Was it suppose to come with his omegan structures? As far he knew it wasnt. Everyone told him that the only changes omegas would get was widened hips and dainty features. Nobody mentioned hair change.
but he wasn't as worried about it because he noticed something, naturally. From the last year, his and Jungkook's fights increased in number. Every single thing the alpha did was irritating to him and he could only reckon that it was vice versa
Before they didnt even talk to each other, now he felt restless /if/ he didnt. Another unusual thing he chose to ignore only, and only because he was sure Jungkook felt the same. Nobody noticed but Tae surely did that. He wasnt the only weird one in their bunch.
That Jungkook was too. Even his hair had darkened in shade, like blacker than the normal black it was, the obsidian black kind. It went unnoticed by others, Hobi even thought Tae was being petty. But he was sure Jungkook's hair changed like his. And and, Jungkook also
started up fights with him. At the very least he wasnt the weirdest one. In his mind, Jungkook was. Like now. Seeing what he was doing now was weirding him out.
Jungkook was tasked to go catch fish in the river for the dinner tonight and Tae is supposed to accompany him to supposedly 'help' him (har har, very funny). Hobi stayed back this time. So it was just the two of them, walking two miles to the river in between the forest.
Jungkook pulled his jeans upto his knees and went in the water till the river came up to the top of his knees. He pointedly ignored Tae and looking at his general direction too. Tae only crossed his arms and cupped his elbows, pointedly staring somewhere else.
Till he heard splashing sounds. "Strawhead! Straw /head/, grab the fuxking basket now-" The infamous nickmane comes out as Tae looks at Jungkook with narrowed eyes. Jungkook is glaring at him, almost shooting red beams out of hsi eyes as he holds a large fish, flapping
in his hands, splashing the residue water everywhere. And on Jungkook. Oh. He hadnt noticed that. He took the basket and went towards him, taking his sweet time because one never knows, what if he slips on the little pebbles on the river bed.
The thing he was even if he was being careful, he somehow slipped on the said pebbles. Before he could even think to himself to balance himself or hold himself up, Jungkook caught him. His icky- but long- fingers wrapping around his waist in a steady, tight grip.
He held him before he could fall in the water and the position allowed them to be closer till he was looking into Jungkook's eyes with widened eyes and the other looking st him with relieved ones. Breathing the same air and their noses almost an inch away from pressing eskimo
kisses onto each other. He didnt breath. Jungkook didnt move. The time stopped until Tae could feel something poking his lower back. "Stop poking me Jungkook", he whispered, to scared to ruin whatever this was in the atmosphere. Jungkook shook his head slowly
"I am not poking you, strawhead." The nickname ticked everything off as it helped bring Tae out of whatever thoughtless reverie he went into. He snapped away from Jungkook. "Ofcourse you are, this-"
He turned to look backwards only to let out an inhumane scream. So loud that he was sure he had probably made Jungkook temporarily deaf, his poor alpha ears. Jungkook, not noticing what he noticed, shouted at him to shut the fuxk up. He didnt turn to look at Jungkook
instead stepped back towards Jungkook. Jungkook's hands still came uo to hold his waist to guide him backwards and he ignored it to look at what was infront of him. "Tae?" "J-Jungkook, l-look"
Jungkook turned to look over Tae's shoulder. Tae's back was attached to Jungkook's chest at this point but they both lost all there words when they saw exactly what was in front of them. Because right there, chewing on the fish that Jungkook caught was a bear,
the largest bear they had ever seen in their lives. Its long brown fur was soaked in the water and was matted against his face, making its snout seem longer and stick out obnoxiously along with its massove set of yellow teeth. Tae gulped audibly.
It was known that in this forect bear did live and they had encountered bears before, albeit smaller, cuter ones. But this one was massive, standing on almost thrice their height and looking at them with keen black eyes as if they were going to be its next meal after the fish
Jungkook breathed in and Tae could feel his every movement. "Tae," he whispered in his lowest voice, one id he wasntalert he himself wouldnt hear. "Jungkook?" he whispered back, not moving in case it ticked the bear off.
"We have to get away from it." Tae nodded, looking at the bear sniffing the discarded basket floating in the river, that had a few fishes in it. They inched backwards, together, completely in sync till the water came up to their lower legs.
"On the count of three. One. Two. Three!" They both ran as fast as they could, hearing the bear give out a loud roar as it tore the forest serenity. They could hear the loud thumps of the bear coming their way as Jungkook shifted in his wolf form. Tae following.
Black and white beasts running in the forest bed like there was no tomorrow. There wouldnt be if the bear caught up so they ran together, in a pair, close to each other, not drifting apart even for a moment.
"Tae, you go left, I will distract it right wards. Then you come." Tae nodded, understanding the words somehow. He didnt register how easily he understood Jungkook's commands specially when he wasnt supposed to. They werent trained like this yet so they were supposed to be
panicking and instead they are planning a way out. Jungkook attracted the bear towards his side by letting out loud howls that he was sure sounded teasing enough to even irritate the bear. The bear followed Jungkook like he was lured.
Then slowly on this side, Tae went back towards the direction Jungkook and the bear went. He lost sight of them but the bears smell was pungent and well he had a sensitive nose so he followed the scent.
When he reached there, his eyes widened in shock when he saw the bear large claws almost digging in Junglook's body as the bear tried to pry the wolf off of his hind legs. Jungkook gave out a growl. Tae could detect the little pain attached to it.
Adrenaline rushed to all his nerves as his beart started to beat out fast. He had never tackled anything as big as this, the only bigges hing he did tackle was Jungkook. They werent allowed to fight witht he adult wolves yet. Jungkook also didnt. And yet the alpha
heir was here, risking his own life to protect their pack and leasing the bear tmaway to fight alone, only with Tae. Tae had to do somehing to save Jungkook, he had too. And as if priorly planned, his brain started working as an idea popped up.
He brushed his chin back and rubbed his front leg in the damp soil of the forest before running full speed ahead at the duo fighting with each other. Till he gained enough momentum to push himself off of the very ground they walked on. And he flew. Felt the free
Tw// blood air for sometime till he jumped on the bear's back, ramming his still growing canines into the bear's jugular. Blood splashed everywhere as his teeth coloured. He didnt let go as the bear struggled violently. Till Jungkook took the hint and bit the bear's legs too
With both of them biting at it and not letting go not matter how much it struggled and tried to get them off of it, it gave out a last roar and slumped back. Tae still didnt let go, in case. Jungkook let go only to bite it on the other side of its neck, ensuring he really was
gone. Till they both let go and dropped down on the soil, tired out of their minds as their tongues lolled out and they panted. Jungkook gave out a huff at him that looked like he was praising him. Tae nodded and growled back at him. Them too tired to even move
A feast it was with the meat from the great bear. "So you guys are telli g me that it was Hobi who killed the whole thing by himself?" His father looked dubious as he said that. His large hands splayed out in front of him on the mahagony table. Tae and Jungkook
nodded. "He is the main one but we helpd too on the sidelines, it was more to distract the bear than anything else really, father." "Yes, alpha. Hobi is the one who made the final bite." Whispers rung in the silent air. After their -ahem- impromptu hunt, while
they were catching their breaths, Hobi's wolf appeared from somewhere, paniking when he noticed the huge bear beside them with blood all over their dirty snouts. He was fumbling all over Tae to look for any wound and Tae batted his hands away, linking their minds to speak.
"Hobi hyung, I am fine. We finished it" "Y-you" he stuttered through their mind link. Tae nodded slowly looking at Jungkook staring st them from the other side of the bear's body. Then came the awed marveling as Hobi shifted. "You both did THIS? Oh my moon, oh my moon.
Someone was right. Think about how everyone will look up to you, the glory, oh my moon, you both will be raised on the pedestal, /I should treat you like-" For some reason, the thought unsettled his inner wolf, agitated it as he let out a negative sound before he could
think to say otherwise. Hobi looked at him with confused eyes. "I-I actuslly dont want others to know Jungkook and I finished it."
Jungkook looked at him with wide eyes. His wolf's dark eyes looking more darker than it was a second before, he could swear. Tae shifted to his human form, covering his naked body with the oil cloth robe Hobi was carrying for him.
"Jungkook think about it. Even you dont like extra pressure. If we annouce we killed this huge bear thrice the size of us, they are gonna make us the official hunter of the pack as soon as we present. I dont want to be a hunter so I dont want this." Hobi stayed quite beside
them, not refuting what he said like usual. He never refuted any thing Tae wanted, it was mainly because of him he was so spoiled. Jungkook shifted and stood straight in his naked glory. "But if I do get to show this qualities, they will see me as their worthy leader."
Tae tasked. "They already /chose/ you as the leader, you dont need to prove anything to anyone-" "Actually I do. Everyone thinks I just got it, this would be perfect-" "NO. Listen to me. I cant be seen as someone who killed this thing, I just cant, my wolf doesn't
want it. And if you tell them you single handedly killed it, there is going to be more pressure for you, if you tell them Hobi and you killed it, they are gonna ask what I was doing without you whwn I was supposed to be with you, which would mean they would think I was still
involved. So the only otion open here is, we say we saw Hobi on the process of killing it and distracted the bear a bit to assist him, thats it." "But Tae-" "No Hobi hyung. Please let the glory be yours and not ours. I cant explain why I want that, please hyung"
Hobi listened and nodded, giving in as always. Jungkook shook his head. "There is nothing in it for me. We killed it, it will be wrong when the honour-" "Fuxk your honour for now. Jeon, listen to me this once for your own good-" "What /good/-" "Fuxking fine, alpha
I will give you my share of chicken at the dinner for a fortnight straight." Jungkook paused. Biting his lips thoughtfully. This man would give up anything for food, good thing Tae knew of that, it was alwys good to notice your enemy's weaknesses.
"Make it a month, then we have a deal" "What?! Go a month without chicken, you mental-" "A month it is", Hobi cut in whsipering a 'I will give you mine' to Tae as tje three of them went to haul the bear towards the pack
The whispers settled as the elders stopped talking amongst themselevs. His father arched his brow when one of them whispered something in his mind and sighed. "Fine if you say its Hobi, then it is Hobi. We are all going to congratulate him at the feast today."
"Meeting dispersed" All of the wolves went out after the head alpha. They didnt notices Jungkook and Tae remain behind. The candle light flickered ominously as thunders tore the sky overhead. Their lie seemed heavy on their tongue. Specially when they saw how serious
the whole issue was involing the whole pack. The whole council had gathered just to question them and that in itself raised the red highlighted questions in his mind. He always knew the pack was keen, he wasnt daft. Far from it even. From when he was little, he
should have been considered as an orphaned pup, shouldnt have been given the attention- minus because of his loud personality- almost as much as the attention as the pack paid their heir. Why was it? He had an inkling but he still did not have a proper answer to that.
He could also see from this sudden meeting that they had expected something different to come out of their mouth, but they held their tongue. Jungkook didnt betray him, though he had all the chances to but he reckoned it was because he was too proud to betray, it
wasn’t allowed in his to be alpha mind. He didnt allow themselves to be caught because he knew if they were held responsible as the one who killed it, it would mean they would have given more unnecessary attention then they got now, and te bad attention type
felt like would be more prevalent in their case. He disnt want to risk his anything, his wolf didnt either and he didnt want to risk Jungkook's things either by extension. One could say he was putting the bad attention on Hobi then. But he knew Hobi wouldnt attract
the attention they would, /he/ would. It was always odd how the pack didnt care for Hobi's unknown sub gender at this age of his. Weird how they never doubted where Hobi came to be from and how he kept an eye on Tae himself. So no.
"Tae" Another thunder rolled in as he looked up to look at Jungkook, standing opposite to him. "Dont tell this thing to anyone for fame or anything-" "Shut up, Jungkook", he rolled his eyes, "stop being delusional, I am the one who started it, and its gonna end with me"
With that he left with a huff, the thunder still lighting up the whole sky, and thus the balcony of the second story floor he was walking in. It was Jungkook's house, the head alpha's house. Splatter of rain droplets fell on his side profile when he got to closer
to the edge and walked to the entrance of the house and waited. Jungkook came after him seconds later, holding un umbrella as they both walked out of the house and into the rain, towards the dining hall. The pitter patter of the rain and Jungkook's presence calming him down.
Two years went by almost in a jiffy and he was on the brink of turning sixteen, tomorrow was his birthday. Jungkook and his friends- who were older than him- already turned to alphas as expected, he sighed. Nobody was shocked, nothing was out of the line. Except perhaps his
and Jungkook's feature. As he noticed before, his hair had copper tresses, now they ligtened to a mixture of copper and silver tresses that blended in so seamlessly that he shined in the sunlight. And his face becane angular, nose sharpening. His skin became smoother
Hs could guess his figure changed shapes too. Jungkook's hair darkened to the darkest shade of back he has ever seen as his eyes darkened in colour too, making him look edgier. His figure buffed up as his muscles toned and set taught agaisnt the sweatshirts he wore.
The other alphas figure changed to look like an alpha too but they didnt have as notary change as Jungkool did. But the changes in Jungkook were subtle as very few noticed, and only the ones who ket a keen eye on the alpha, not that Tae kept an eye on him. He was his rival
so he had to keep an eye anyway so. Meh. An omega. He was finally going to become one amd he couldnt wait to, because being an omega would mean he could finally let his wolf free in the ideal version of himself.
He would have to take care of his heat, that was a problem but well, he could handle it, he was going to be a strong person. — Next morning, he woke up sweating profusely. He could feel a cold wash cloth being placed on his forhead. His birthday was here and he was finally an
omega. He gave out a small smile and moved the cloth away from his forhead, sitting up as carefully as could. He didnt feel delirious, he didnt feel the need to be fuxked, he didnt feel any kind of thing except a bit feverish and the excitement from having turned an omega.
Hobi looked at him with wide, worry ringed eyes. Tae looked at him. "I need to go to the forest. Watch the people here and hyung, please tell me if anyone is alerted that I am gone from here." Hobi didnt ask many questions, like always. Tae took a whiff of his room
While being a pup and unpresented, he didnt have a scent except for the mute pine scent the whole pack carried as scent as a whole. None of the pups did. Its after presenting, they started to have a sent of their own. And now, his room smelled like caramelized
creamy strawberry, he only ever got to have a few times in his life. His scent was sweet, sweeter because of his dawning heat. He got up from the bed and shifted to his wolf form, having had enough energy because he had ate a lot of things because of this yesterday.
The white wolf, now bejewelled with tresses of slight copper silver on its side, darted out of their small cottage, hurrying behind it to go towards the forest that seemed to call him towards it. He ran in his four legs till his wolf shuddered all of a sudden.
Making him stop. There was a scent near where he was. Very near. It was a familiar one, one he couldnt place because it seemed to trigger his heat further. His heat was subtle before, but now this scent seemed to act like a catalyst on starting it up wholly. He had to go from
away from here, before his heat would hit him full blown but his wolf howled brokenly at the thought of leaving this scent. What was wrong with him? Where had he smelled it before? He knew he smelled it before but he couldnt place it. What?
Why was this happening to him right now? He took a step towards where he knew the smell was coming from, the strong smell of vanilla and wildflowers, the musky scent. But he took a step back again, he had to go
His wolf whined. Mate. He shook his head. He didnt have a mate. He wasnt a pure blood. He stepped back, ignoring his wolf whining. And he ran
Till he reached another clearing. A different one with no river but with a large tree in the middle of a canopied forest surrounding. He went towards it and knocked on the hardwood surface of the tree. Three wolves came out. Two rushed out fast, coming towards him with an
amazing speed till they engulfed him from both his sides. He relaxed and naturally shifted to lie down on the forest floor, letting the petichor smell calm him down. His heat was coming down to.its initial form again, now that the scent was gone. The two wolves infront of him
shifted. The third changing form to her natural one. "Taehyung", a voice said, softly, soothingly, rigtj against his ear lobe. "You're finally here, darling."
Tae closed his eyes as the two figures released their calming pheromones and. "Appa", he calles out. "shh shh, pup, we are here now." He opened his eyes wider and looked at the two figures looking at him with wide, concerned eyes. Their nimble fingers coming to
wipe away the sweat on his face. "Amma, appa he-" Namjoon looked down at his youngest son as he gulped. Their intuition was right. And he didnt kmiw if he should be happy about it or not. A part of him wanted it to be a lie, but he could see. He wasnt blind. Jin manuevered
Tae near them and scented him by nuzzling into his scent gland. Jin, his luna, must be more frustrated at their guess coming true but he was keeping a calm face in front of Taehyung. Tae regained enough strength to sit up properly and pressed little kisses on both his parents
cheeks. "Taehyung, my son, you did turn into an omega." Namjoon and Jin gave a small smile. "And a pure blood one." He turned sharply to look at the woman behind his parents, narrowing his eyes at the statement. "Who is a pure blood? Surely you-"
"You, Kim Taehyung, you are," she said with a smile. That smile was making her seem more evil and dubious than her twisted updo and straight nose made it seem. His father sighed. Tae turned to look at him with his lips parted in shock. His father, the head alpha
of the Silven moon pack, who always looked so dashing and collected in all his forms, who looked like a proper leader of the wolves, looked tired now. Bone tired. He turned to look at his other father, his Amma who always looked like he was shining, glowing with
his beautiful features and pristine self, also looked tired. What was wrong? None of them was denying what the middle aged woman had so easily spewed- as if she hadnt uttered an impossiblity. Where was his grandma? Why had she replaced her now?
"Tae, sweetheart," his amma began, clutching his palm in his hands, "you /are/ a pure blood omega" His amma whispered the last three words as if he feared them. "No," Tae whispered back, taking a shaky step back, "No, I am not," he said loudly
"Yes, you /are/" "No I am not! Why do you even say so?" he took another step back and in turn bumoed with his father's sturdy chest. The chest that provided comfort to him always now looked like a boundary to a cage. "Of course you are. Haven't you noticed your hair?"
He paused. Looking up at the woman he just met today with huge, crazed eyes. "It c-changed colour-" "Exactly. Only pure bloods change into their true pure blood form and you are one. Only pure bloods change haid colour, my moon" He shook his head, no, no it couldnt be
Even- even Jungkook changed his hair colour, he knew it! Even Jungkook did, and But, he was an alpha And he an omega. Only two pure bloods, a voice whispered from somewhere in mind. One alpha, one omega True mates
Oh shit. He started to laugh at the thought of him and Jungkook being mates came to his mind. The three adult wolves stared at him with question. Oh Moon goddess, thats hilarious.
And wrong. It was wrong very wrong. The thought of Jungkook and him being mates, true mates, at that was impossible and very wrong. Jungkook couldnt be his mate. Everything he had observed was a lie then. "I- I am a pure blood?" he asked again. "Taehyung,
let me tell you the attributes of a pure blood omega and you make your conclusion, how does that sound?" "That would sound nice if you tell me who are you first." "Tae, my son-" "No appa, she wasnt here before. Who is she?" Namjoon shook his head as Seokjin came near him
"We," Seokjin began, his amma's voice sounding as heavy and smooth as honeg, "were kind of aware of you being a pure blood. Its why what we did what we did. Since the chance was there, this woman came into our pack, seeking a place to stay, a pack to belong to
and your father took him in because we found out she was a wolf of scripts. If there was anyone who could research more about the pure bloods, it is her. So to know more about you, we kept her. Now please, my darling, let her explain to you." Tae looked at her.
At the slight wrickles present around her eyes, the clear forhead, the looming eyes. She did look like a wolf of books. "Fine", he relentes, sighing, " tell me" She clapped her hands soundlessly, "okay so first thing first, pure bloods change their hair colour.
More specifically, pure blood omegas hair lightens from what they initially got from their genes, your parents. Your hair was brown much like our alpha but now it lightened. I have seen, none of your ancestors had such light colour hair. Then as an omega, your features
would become more ethereal, more appealing, there wont be any alpha who wouldnt be attracted to you and your smell is much unique and sweeter compared to other omegas, thus the alphas would go batsh*t crazy when you release your pheromones, which you have to be careful
in doing. The most unique thing is, you can make alphas go into rut if your pheromones arent controlled but your heat wont ever be triggered because of their rut unless its your true mate, the pure blood alpha. In turn, duri your heat, you wont ever seek pleasure
from alphas who isnr your true mate much less submit to anyone else. You wont ever submit to an alpha who isnt your true mate because as a pure blood omega, your rank is above all the other ranks, except a pure blood alpha's one. Now tell me, your appa told me
that you win every fights with all the alphas in the Jeon pack, right?" Tae nodded, mute after hearing so much information. "See? You are stromger than all of them, only your true mate can defeat you because he would be a pure blood alpha." There were mere pups
when they played fighting but he did win every single match except with Jungkook, but he also did defeat him later on after he practised. "You're on your heat now, is it affecting you as much?" He shook his head again. It isnt affecting him as much now, but
but it did affect him for a little then. When he smelled that scent. What did that mean? "It wont affect you as much as long as you are away from your mate. If you are somehow near him, or can smell his scent, it will get worser, and worser till he comes to you."
His mate would make him like that? Then that meant he already met his mate. But He wasnt sure that he was a pure blood just yet. Sure he was great at fighting and no one could defeat him and his hair lightened but he didnt know about the other attributes yet.
"Then of course: Pure bloods are the greatest pair of alpha and omega. You have mentioned this to your parents before that you already killed the largest bear, the bear of Onyx, all by yourself at /fourteen/ am I correct?" "J-Jungkook helped me too," he said softly
to the wind. "The Jeon heir. He does have royal blood in him, its natural for him to help a pure blood. See, you did something great at such a young age, other wolves couldnt ever. This is the sign of you being a pure blood. You are meant by the Moon goddess to do
something great, something huge in our lives along with your mate. This was just the start of you as a pure blood." He gulped. A pure blood. What she said wasnt a lie. Ki*ling the great bear was something very odd, it just wasnt normal, even he knew that, thats why he let
Hobi take the honour. So he was a pure blood omega. He didnt know if he was happy or scared, he was too numb to be anything because he wa expecting that. At all. "Okay so I am one hald of /the/ true mates, the omega half, how am I supposed find my mate?"
The three wolves sighed in relief. Namjoon and Seokjin gave him small smiles as they patted his back softly. Somehow, he knew his parents were scared for him as much as he was. They were always perceptive.
"Ah but thats not what out goal is right now. Our goal is to protect you," her eyes twinkled in something he couldnt place when she said that. His wolf didnt really seem to be fond of her so he ignored the little sound of displeasure it gave when she said that.
Wolves could be mad for their mates so he could ignore his. "Why do you say that?" "If we dont protect, people will be after you. We dont want that do we?" Namjoon shook his head, "we dont want that for our son." "So what do you propose we do?"
"Thankfully your parents and I talked about this before, your parents told me to," she put her hands in the bag she was carrying- how did he not notice that before- and took out a simple necklace
that seemed to glow in the dim of the forest with shining light, "prepare this necklace for you." "What", he touched, " what is this for you?"
Edit: mistyping, the "you" shouldnt be there in the previous sentence. "This," she smiled, "this is to mute your pure blood attributes." "What?" "It wont change your hair colour or your feature, it will however mute your unique scent to that of the kinf of scents the other
omegas. It will make everyone think you are a normal omega and not a pure blood one. This also applies to you, you wont be able to smell much other others scents. It will dull your smelling sense too, a small side affect for your protection really. You wont me able
to smell the undertones and types of other scent but you will know if the other wolf is an alpha or an omega or a beta." "But then I wont be able to find my own mate!" "Oh no, you will be, your mate will still be able to detect you since he is a pure blood alpha,"
her smile looked downright suspicious when she said that but he didnt get to dwell on it as his parents told him to take the necklace from her because his protection was of utmost importance to them. He did so, albeit with hesitancy. He didnt have a good feeling about this
but it could also be his wof who is causin the uneasy feeling in him since it didnt like the woman. He took the necklace and his amma helped him put it on. He could feel his scent sense dulling and thats it. He couldnt notice any other chamge except his wolf getting angry at him
_ The month of September was a fulfilling one this year. He turned into an alpha and everything was going good. He was also going to attend a wedding now, the wedding of the century in his mind and his friends mind (because for them the Golden sun's heir's wedding was less
important than Silver moon's heir's wedding a.k.a Jimin's wedding) but still he was excited as one of the groom's brother and as the host pack, since he loved managing this kind of things. So he was here, looking to take care of the decorations in the outer, entrance part
of the pack. Directing everyone with his strong voice and hand gestures. Everything was going smoothly until of course a certain newly presented omega decided that peace was not something Jungkook could ask for today when he decided it was better to distract the workers
instead. Now, Jungkook was a patiant newly minted alpha. He was. He was more reserved, more cool headed than any other alphas he had ever seen. But not when it came to this one omega. Tae. The said omega was walking down the entrance of the pack, in between the
tall gates, like he owned the goddamn ground he walked on, swaying his hips like the omegas did to gain others attention, doing /everything/ to do so. Even his scent, a normal flower one, was sweet. What was the omega upto now? The wolf workers who were working
on the gate, putting up flowers for the welcome celebration tonight, were all staring at the omega go with -no, not lust filled eyes, no- heart eyes. Exactly, heart eyes. Literal hearts shooting out of their hearts as of Tae had charmed them with love potion.
Only he would make grown alphas throw heart eyes at him instead of lust filled ones but he didnt question it, it was Tae after all. Nothing about him made sense. So because of that, and only because of that min you, Jungkook snapped at Tae. "What
is even up with you? Were you assigned here? No right? Why are you here?" Taehyung tsked, not at all peeved at his questions, instead looking back at one alpha to wink at him. Hobi close to him looking at Jungkook.
"So many questions, alpha. What? Think I am your mate that you have the right to ask so maby questions?" Did Jungkook also mention how September was /not/ a good month for him? It was because Tae became more different than he was before after he turned into an omega.
Not that his personality changed, but his personailty became version of what it was before. Back then, it was him charming everyone's defences around him with that personality but now, it was him charming the defences and their hearts off of themselves for him to
take. And Jungkook was not amused. "Why would you think I would take /you/ for a mate?" Tae looked at him with amused eyes, as if he knew a secret he didnt and that made Jungkook seem naive, which he was not.
"Do you even know what you are talking about alpha?" he said, licking his lips obnoxiously but his lips didnt have a smile on his face like he normally did when he was flirting, his had a scowl, the one he used to give him back then. Honestly, Tae didnt change at all, his
personality just adulted itself. "I am perfectly aware of what you are talking about and have you forgotten, I am prepared to find the perfect mate for me." Tae laughed. Pushing his shoulders back in pure joy. "Sure, sure you know"
"I dont know what so funny about this-" "Alpha, dont run your pretty head-" "My head is /not/ pretty-" "Stop wasting your time fightig with me, dont you hsve a gate to decorate? What will the elders say when they catch the heir slipping?" "You-" "Jungkook, its fine," Hobi
cut in. "You work. We were just here because grandma Hyun says you need to finish your work up fast and attend that ritual with Jimin hyung." Jungkook shut up. Hobi seldom talked in between one of their fights. Plus he was right, he did have a ritual to attend so with
a last glare at Tae, who was simply ignoring him, he went back to work. Pushing those wolves extra harder and making them redo most of the work because they had slacked while looking at Tae out of all people.
Small update but I need to go sleep now. I really wanna know what you guys think about the necklace, was it a good decision to wear it? What do you think will happen to Tae and Jk? Enjoy!!
Jimin's wedding will be two days later, today he will be welcoming the Silver moon pack to their pack as the heir of the Golden sun pack. His brother is busy preparing a whole programme for his fiance and Jungkook is invited to come sit with Jimin while the other checks other
performances. "You did a great job, hyungie." Jungkook looks at the group of dancers dancing to an upbeat music. "Did I? I am nervous." Jimin massages his hands. "You are getting married, of course you're nervous" Jimin looked at him and held his head in his hands
bringing him closer to nuzzle his head agaisnt Jungkook's neck. "Aren't you going to miss me, Jungkookie?" Jungkook put a light kiss of his cheek. "I am hyung. You- you are going to get mated and married and that only means we grew up so much-" "Yes baby brother, we did"
There was a pause in their conversation before Jimin's voice lilted to a teasing one. "/You/ definitely did especially when I see so many omegas and betas curshing after you and the gifts huh?" Jungkool blushed and batted his brother away, "I am not interested in courting
anyone." Jimin eyes him slyly, "not even the omega with blue eyes and long, wavy hair?" Jungkook rolled his eyes with his blush raging. "No why would I be interested in Jieun, are you crazy?" Jimin laughed, "ofcourse I am becauae I think I did seen an hallucination
this morning. I literally imagined my baby brother blushing and smiling like a virgin- which you are by the way- while smelling a bunch of flowers a girl in his grade sent him. Now-" "Shut up! I am gonna tell Yoongi hyung about you only sleeping with the plushie he gave
ages ago. That is dirtied up-" "Okay fine! You are not crushing over Jieun and I didnt sleep with that" "Hyung-" They didnt notice two pairs of eyes watching them.
Tae rolled his eyes. This time unlike Jungkook, it was filled with irritation. So what if Jungkook have many admirers, he did too. And wow Jungkook was blushing? Such a softy he was. Living as am heir would probably make him like that. He knew Jieun, knew her /well/
and knee that she had liked Jungkook since forever, ever since they were literal babies and she showed no hesitancy in showing her affection for the heir; always sharing snacks with him, always talking to him sweetly, always talking about him.
Normally she was a good girl but the thing was she acted like she was living in a fantasy where she was being courted by Jungkook and they would get married and have ten babies and she would become the perfect luna beside the head alpha. Tae wasn’t a petty person
He would have no problem with her fantasizing this at all but he did have a problem becuse she fantasized about these vocally when all the omegas were chilling and talking about their things in the recession area. Then he had a problem. He didnt want to know
how beautiful her nad Jungkook's pups would be with extra large doe eyes and black hair. Like no thank you. He avoided those kind of conversations because it made him and his wolf feel icky. He had concluded it all stemmed from him not wanting to think about pups at all.
Now he had to listen to a conversation about the same sh*t and he wasnt happy about it. He was here because he was called by Jimin hyung and Hobi said it would be inappropriate to disturb them in between their conversation so they stayed quite. But honestly, he would have to
wait for Jungkook to stop blushing like a baby then and he didnt have the time for that, the alpha would blush for all his life of he could, he was that shy. So he cleared his throat making the royal brothers look at him. Jungkook's blush disappeared immediately and was
replaced by a scowl when he noticed him. "Hyung, you called?" he asked. "Ah yes Tae. Come sit here, both of you," Jimin patted the space beside him on his other side. They took a seat. "I called you Tae because I know you are such a pretty dancer, would you considering
dancing in a seperate section for yourself only, on the celebration programme?" Tae's eyes widened in surprise. He didnt expect that. Jimin had his own band of dancers as a dancer himself, he certainly had pretty dancers with him, now he was asking for /him/?
"A-are you sure you want me to dance?" Jimin nodded like this was a complete normal occurance. So Tae nodded back, he would be honoured to. Jimin smiled at him and patted his silver locks. "I would be honoured to hyung"
"Since the performances will be tonight, you can just show us the song you were practising with Hobi here last night?" "You mean the dark one?" "I mean that one yes, the one you called 'Singularity'. The dance to that was magnificent. I loved the way you coordinated the
whole thing so yes this one." "Ah okay, got you. The tune of it was made by omega Unnae using the wind instruments." Jimin hummed, "yes Unnae noona does make haunting, soft tones."
Tae nodded and got up, Hobi following. They have a lot to prepare then. Jimin watched him go, his eyes shining with a soft light. He knew Yoongi would be more excited for today's performance.
— Jungkook stood steady as he welcome wolves from other pack. His father appearing beside him to welcome the people from the Silver moon pack. And finally, much to Jimin's relief(yes he knows) Yoongi came in, in his natural form followed by his parents, Alpha Namjoon
and Luna Seokjin. They bowed at each other as Jungkook held a black coloured robe open for Yoongi to change into as he shifted. "Yoongi hyung, finally. Jimin has been waiting for you." The other alpha flashed him a gummy smile and ruffled his hair. He guided all of then to
the main space, where the programmes are gonna be held in. Alpha Yoongi was a good alpha, one of the best alpha in Jungkook's eyes and he was glad Yoongi was marrying Jimin. They would make a perfect couple since he knew they were ideal ones for each other. His
father had made the right decision of having Jimin betrothed to Yoongi and not anyone else. His father could perhaps have seen how attached a nine year old Jimin was to Yoongi and set the marriage up as soon as possible. Jungkook was too small back then, three years but
he was happy with it. "You just have to wait for some more time and Jimin hyung will be here," he winked at his to be brother-in-law. Yoongi shook his head as everyone around them laughed good naturedly "you are growing up to be quite the rascal" "I am learning from the best"
More laughter as the lights dimmed all to suddenly. He perked up, the performace was going to start. As such, the curtains opened and a few wolves performed their dances. Someone had even mc-ed the whole thing.
After two more performances, the lights altered again to show Jieun, a girl he wasnt sure about his feelings for yet, took the stage and performed a song that spoke up romantic love. It was an admission of lover for ones love of life. He narrowed his eyes when he heard the
lyrics. She had her eyes pinned on him while her legs and hands moved elegantly. Why was she looking at him? He did think the performance was very good but was she trying to imply something more. He didnt have a clue but it surely looked so
Tae scowled in distaste as he watched Jieun perform to her hearts content and give it her all. He knows why he was doing all thse. Heard from the rumour mill that the omegas ran that Jieun was planning to let Jungkook know about her intentions and give her proposal
to him to court her. How perfect. Two serpents together. He couldnt wait to see how /their/ pups would turn out. Really. Back to him, he was so happy he was going to perform tonight. In all his life, he had only practised dancing so he never got to actually
show his parents his dance and he was very thankful that because of Jimin hyun he would be able to show both his packs, the birth one and the one he grew up in, how well he grew up to be a pure blood omega. Most of the wolves wouldnt know who he really was but he would
show then his best still, tonight and he would make his parents and his brother proud and his pack alpha. The heir could go fuvk himself. So he took a breath in and closed his eyes.
Jieun's performance finished. And the first tones of his own song started. They didnt have modern instruments or anything, that would be present in the city, a place thousands and thousands of miles away, that they very seldom travelled to but he made do with the
hand carbed ones and the old recorder grandma who recorded the music has. Just like everyone else and he would show them his own dance. He came up on the stage and took his position. Hobi waiting on the back stage to switch the lights on. He did and momentarily he was
blinded but he started dancing. Dancing to the rhythm that is incased in his heart because he practised it since forever. Moved his hands, glided across the floor. Showed a dance that was far different, he hoped, from what he had seen all his life.
He danced and danced, only paying attention to the rhythm till his vision cleared and he had the misfortune to see something. Everyone was looking ag him, he had everyone's attention but one. His parents looked proud, his brother looked radiant, his pack mates looked proud
but then there was this one person who wasnt looking at him. Had his obnoxious head tuened towards the equally obnoxious omega, Jieun. Jungkook wasnt looking st him perfom, he was insfead busy staring at the unforseem beauty that was Jieun. And one of his step
staggered slightly. His wolf was pained for reasons he didnt know. The whine his inner wolf let out had made his stagger in his steps and he was not happy about it. He gritted his teeth and continued. Hoping the small bout of pain would just go away. And it did, when he
focused on something else. On his dance ans the music only. No more the audience, it was making him feel suffocated. On the other side of the stage, Jungkook excused himself from Jieun's excited rambling to look at Tae performing effortlessly on the stage
His wolf was giving out little growls of beig uncomfortable making him look at the stage. He had just said yes to Jieun courting proposal but he wasnt as ecstatic about it as he would have been of he really liked Jieun the amount she liked him. So he focused on the performance
more and boy he was mesmerized by everything that was his arch nemesis Tae. The way he moved so seamlessly on the stage, like silk cloth was surrounding the omega and make him look like a Goddess. The way he whirled made it seem like the process of toxic love-
the song Tae chose- seemed more romantically sad than he had ever seen. How ethereal was the omega. He made everyone stare at hin in awe, pure unadultered awe. His wolf growled at that and he rolled his eyes. His wolf was acting out for no reason, ignoring it would
be better. It had been like that since he became an alpha. Perhaps turning into a mature alpha wasn't sitting well with it. These days he even had a kind of hard time controlling his shifting powers too. Like his wolf would shift to his wolf form once in a while
but it wasnt something he couldnt control. It only happened twice for some reason. Once when he was in the forest and smelled a very potent sweet smell of caramlized strawberry, he changed into a wolf and went wild looking for the soufce of the scent.
Reason? He didnt know but it could have been because his wolf was just lusting over an omega in heat. His wolf could be crazy sometimes. The second and last time had been on the same day
when he was tasked to go find a few omegas who lost their direction on the forest. Tae included and he was having a hard time finding Tae. He was running as a wolf by the time he found him and he was not okay with him going hay wire because of Tae only
The performance finished and he just clapped his hands. Waiting for the next performance eagerly, not wanting to admit that Tae had given such an amazingly beautiful performance that it had made him feel light. The next performance was of the groom himself, Jimin's
And as far as he heard Jimin had went all out with this performance. He could see it as the curtain dropped again and his brother emerged from the darkness clad in white clothes much like a swan. A very beautiful swan at that.
He danced and swirled around using a piece of white gorgette cloth to make himself look more majestic. Jungkook whistled loudly and looked towards Yoongi to see the alpha stare at Jimin like Jimin had put a spell on him; his eyes were widened, his lips popped open and
Jungkook was sure the other's heart would beat out of his chest the rate it was going at. He smiled. His brother had done it again. Probably mesmerized and awed the other to shut his trap and Jungkook was living for it
The performance finished with a loud bang, signalling the end of all the performances as a whole as Jimin and everyone else bowed. Jieun included. During dinner, all the royals from both the pack sat together. The news of Jungkook accepting a courting from an omega spread
like wildfire among the table as his brother-in-law and his brother was teasing him relentlessly. "Cant you guys just go back to only looking at each other? Why are you doing this to me?" He whined. Jimin ruffled his hair as they laughed. Till Jieun came up to their table
the teasing had gone on. With Jieun's presence it enlarged in number, but Jimin shut up only to beckon another omega up to their table, Tae. Tae and as usual, Hobi came to the table. Hobi's head was bowed slightly to show respect whole Tae's one was up like he owned the dinner
"Hello Tae, I just wanted to tell you a huge thank you for your performance, it was amazing!!" "Ah yes it was, it was a great performance." Yoongi chimed in. Tae smiled brightly and Jungkook was stumped, what was that. The omega could smile like that?
Whatever. Tae only turned to scowl st him when the news of his courting staring reached him. Then he turned and hugged Jieun and congratulated her. Honestly what was his issue? He thought about it as he slept that night though about Tae's face and dance a lot. It was
like he was being forced to watch something against his will and because of that he learned to enjoy it. The day in between went normally and finally the day of the wedding arrived unconventionally
On the wedding day, tasks for Jungkook came in hordes and he was tired by the time he was told to walk on the other side of the pack. A few kilometres from there, a beach with the sea raged on. It would have been okay if he was told to go there alone but his father had
himseld told him to go there along with /Tae/. He wanted to resist but his father was talking with Alpha Namjoon and he did not want to sound like a brat in front of a person he looked upto from when he was very young so he had to go with Tae. Hobi missing this time too.
It was the second time they were tasked to go together. The first time being when the bear attacked them. After that they even avoided being together to avoid being sent somewhere together. This time they weren’t seen together but for some reason his father had just named him
and Tae. So it had to be them. The walk to the sea had been quite, too quite since they walked a few metres away from each other. They crossed long trees, coconut ones and spiny bushes. Grains of sand sticks to their paws since they decided to travel in their
wolf form. The travel went without much trouble but Jungkook still kept his ears sharp for any noise out. Tae walked slowly in front of him, giving out low whines of displeasure every now and then. The heat was getting unbearable as the sun passed noon.
They could hear the loud hum of the raging sea waves crashing against the sandy domes. They arrived there shortly and shifted to their human forms, putting on the cloths Tae was carrying for both of then. He stood on the egde of the beach and cuped his hands on both side
Of his mouth. "KUSOTU HYUNG!!" hs shouted and waited for the hyung to rise fron the ckear, blue water. After some time, a huge human sized tail flapped its fins over the glittering water and a man poooed his head out. His salt pepper hair looking bright under the light.
"Hi Jungkook, long time no see. Hi Tae!" Did he mention Tae had also volunteered to come along with Jimin and him to meet the mermaid? No? Well yes he did because- "Did you get the pearls?" Tae's excited voice cut his thought process off.
The mermaid pouted jokingly. "You guys only want me for the pearls." Jungkook snickered. "Tae does, but not me." "Oof dont act like that, you know I love the jewelleries you make!"
"Okay yes I do. Got my payment?" Jungkook nodded, lifting the pouch of copper coins. "Then I will see you in a minute," he dipped inside. Every wolf knew that the sea was bad for them. Their were creature meant to stay in the forest and around a forest is where they stayed.
but Taehyung seemed to have a completely different view on that as he went into the water till his knees in only a few steps. "Tae, get out of the water, you dont know what creatures-" Before he finished the sentence another head popped out of water, too near to where Tae was
standing for Jungkook's comfort. Tae let out a surprised gasp as the figure grinned. He had hair of the darkest green shade, it could be almost seen as black against the heavy sunlight and his grin was attractive. Tae was charmed. "Hi!" A doubt came upon Jungkook, where had
he seen this man before. He was sure he has seen this man before, somewhere. But where? Jungkook looked as Tae giggled, his laugh sounding like wind chimes. "Hello" "I didnt know I was going to wake up today and be blessed to look at the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen."
Jungkook's inner wolf let out a tiny, barely there growl. His wolf was holding back. Why was his wolf holding back? Tae giggled again and twirled a silver silky lock in between his fingers. "Oh really? I though I was the blessed one" Jungkook could only huff.
Tae could flirt with anyone anytime. The man- the creature- laughed with his head pulled back and Jungkook saw a flash of a black scar running up his neck before it disappeared again. He looked at him again, scrutinising. Did he mis see?
A black where had he heard about that before. Tae stepped more into the water till the waves came upto his waist. He was waking towards the man to get to him as if lured but the man was onky stepping behind, in deeper water. He was doing it so subtly that
Jungkook might have missed it if he was scrutinising him now. Lured... Lured. Tae was getting lured. Where had he heard that word being used before. He was sure it was one of his books he had to read as the heir. Just when a siren went off in his head many
thing happened at the same time. Kusotu hyung emerged from the water and let out a shrill shout of shock and horror while the man- a /siren/ he remembered now grabbed Tae by his waist and swam backwards in the water /and/ Jungkook shifted all of a sudden.
He lost control of his wolf like the last two times as he bounded into the water behind the pair with as much strength as he could gather. Wrong it was wrong. His wolf had gotten a super speed as it tried to swim using all his legs. And his heart was down to his knees.
A fear was gripoing him and poking his heart with a stone cold iron rod and all he could see was Tae flapping hard on the water, his head still above as dark green tentacles surrounded him from underneath him. He could see the panic settle in in Tae's eyes like murky
water making his wolf swam more vigorously. His wolf was calm, he was calm but he could feel his helplessness rising along with panic as a tentacled wrapped around Tae's arm. The siren changed forms and his teeth elongated while his handsome face contorted to that
of a pure montrous face. Kusotu hyung swam ahead of him, his tail beating the water away strongly. Jungkook's confidence returned as he watched the mermaid reach the siren and Tae and try to set Tae loose. The panic that was settling in turned into anger slowly
slowly to rage, pure red hot rage as he swam till he was in front of the flailing trio. His canines elongated more, he sidnt know that was /possible/ but everything was a blurr to him now as he bit into the siren's shoulder without further ado. He bit hard. Till
Tw// violence he heard the bones cracking under the pressure of his teeth and the solid muscle tearing up. The siren wailed in agony. Jungkook did not release his hold on the shoulder till the siren's tentacle released Tae completely. He let go and rushed towards
the omega. Letting the mermaid take care of the siren. His wolf held Tae's human body up using its front paws to hold him as he shifted mid swim. He didnt know it was even possible for him to do so but today he was leaening a lot of things about himself. But he didnt worry
about that as one of his hands held Tae's waist tightly while the other cradled his face with the lightest of touch. Tae was almost unconscious. One of the tentacle had found his neck and squeezed around it, cutting his air supply off and now the omega felt weak.
So weak that he dis not protest as Jungkook swam both of them to the beach and softly laid hin ashore. He was completely naked whike Tae was fully drenched but it least Tae was still alive. He didnt get to think about what happened there because it all only seemed like a
blur to him now and he didnt get to dwell on why it seemed blur because Kusotu came up to them with dry cloths. He looked up at him in question and then looked back at the clothes. They were the clothes hand weaved by the mermaids using the seascreen's silk.
He wore his before trying to get Tae to wake up. The omega did with a mightly cough that wrecked his whole body. He shivered as Jungkook handed him his clothes wordlessly. "You-" "Its okay. That didnt happen. I am staying quite if you are." Tae bit his lips
but didn say anything more. Kusotu cleared his throat beside them. "Come on, let me show you the pearls you are here for. Tae, change into those clothes, we will wait for you here." When Tae came back, they all acted like everything was normal and it was, they were all
okay, thats what mattered to Jungkook the most. Kusotu gave them a small smile as he brought out the strings of blue pearl jewellery for Jimin to wear at his wedding ceremony. Tae awed at them like he always did and Jungkook calmed down enough to talk with Kusotu
like they were before. "Hyung, they looks perfect. Jimin hyung will be more than happy for it." Kusotu laughed. "Of course. I am the best." Jungkook laughed as well. Jungkook paid for it and both the wolves made their way back in silece
Nobody asked questions this tim even though they were wearing clothes weaved by the most expensive material in their world, weaved by the mermaids themselevs. Everyone recognized the clothes since the small pieces of clothes were like the royalties of royalties.
And two just turned wolves were wearing them. Still no one asked anything until Jungkook was alone in a room with Jimin after Jimin got in his wedding suit. "Jungkookie, how is it that you got those clothes?" he eyed him in the mirror. Jungkook sighed. "I am an heir
royalty, I can get those clothes easily you know." "But father did not give you that kind of money?" "Its not was a gift. Kusotu hyung gave it to me because, I guess because he want to make sure we maintain a good relationship with them since I am the next leader."
Jimin shook his head. "Okay fine he gave it to you because you are the heir. Why did he give Tae then?" Jungkook came to stand near him and out both of his hands of his shoulder. "Tae is charming, he can get anything he want and you know how much he liked thigs from the sea
He requested for it and he got it." Jimin looked doubtful but still nodded his head. "Okay I get it. But remember one thing Jungkook, you are courting Jieun. Doing this might make her think you introduced Tae as your to-be mate to Kusotu-" "Hyung no, dont go there
please. If I introduced Tae as that he would have to be my Luna then because Kusotu hyung is the literal messenger between the sea people and us, if he thinks Tae was my mate and I did not make him my mate later on- which is impossible- he would think I betrayed the sea people."
"Thats exactly what I was saying. Did Tae do so because he does tend to flirt and-" "No no he didnt. He hates me a bit too much to do so. I am telling you, he just really really used his charms." Jimin thought for sometime bedore giving a final nod. "Very well then.
You will be leaving with us right?" Jungkook nodded. "Yes tomorrow. I need to vow my allegiance as the next pack leader to all the other pack leaders and stay with them." "I know baby wolf." Jimin stood up. The white shimmery cloth he had draped on much like a toga
made him look.orettier than he was. It suited him. Jimin was going to get married in a few hours and Jungkook was going to have to watch his brother get married. He was happy but sad at the same time.
The hymns of the wedding, the wildflowrs decorating the whole area, the Elder grandma who was getting Jimin and Yoongi married, Jimin and Yoongi changing into their wolf forms to seal their marriage bond given to them by the Moon goddess’s blessing. Every single thing
at the wedding was magical. Made him think when he would find the perfect mate to get married this way and of his own marriage would be as magical as his brother's was. The night ended with them letting fire driven white lanterns go fly in the sky with them wishing
for Jimin and Yoongi's happy life. His brother was glowing, the most radiant among all the stars and lanterns. So beautiful. The couple looked like they themselves reached the moon as the glow from the moon surrounded them; it was the Moon goddess’s blessing showing.
Beautiful the way the day ended. So many things happened in such a little time. He didnt know what the Moon goddess have for him in his fate but he wanted to believe he would be happy.
— The next morning Hobi, the man who never even engaged in anything serious, talked much, was the chillest, was panicking. Tae was rolling his eyes. He wasnt really happy with the way Hobi was panicking, it was making him and his wolf agitated. Like something bad was going to
happen, like a bad omen. Everything was okay last night. In fact everything was /magical/ last night. The fact that his own brother had such a magical wedding made him think when he would made his true mate, if he would meet his true mate to have such a magical wedding.
"Tae, you have to leave with him. You aren't understanding, you /have/ to." "Hobi hyung, I dont understand why do I have to leave with Jungkook? That too all to suddenly?" Hobi shook his head. "You cant stay here without him, you just cant."
"Are you forgetting? I cant really get out of here without finding my mate-" "Listen to me. I dont talk usually but you need to listen to me this time. Alpha and Luna sent you here to protect you by hiding your identity because every wolf knows the youngest son of
alpha Namjoon is a pure blood. Because you were born on the day the witch came. They all know you are into hiding, and that's why you were sent here. All this time, you were okay here because you were younger and- and because the head alpha Jeon did not let anyone
doubt your presence. That kind of protection would have been okay for you if you had not presented. But you presented and you are the pure blood omega now, this pack isn't much safer for you-" "Why do you say that? I dont understand, how would be safer if I went with Jungkook
then?" Hobi closed his eyes in frustration. "You will be the safest with Jungkook okay? Just trust me on this." "But why do you say so?", he asked, frustrated. " We dont have time for questions and answers, Jungkook will be leaving now, if we dont go now, we will
be in a big mess." "But hyung, with Jungkook I might fall into a bigger mess." "What? Why are you even saying that?" "Because-", he paused, cutting himself of, "because when we are together we tend to get in more trouble".
"Trouble?"Hobi mumbled before shaking his head. " the wild bear and the siren was trouble fine but it wasnt because you two were together. Maybe...maybe they had been there because of coincidence." "We both know there is no coincidence when it comes to me."
"But you know what, I have this gut feeling that you will be in more danger if you dont leave woth Jungkook-" "Jungkook /hates/ me, he wouldnt want me to be a burden to him on his solo trip-" "You wont be, I will be there too!" "Its not the same, then we both will be burdens
for him." "But Tae-" "Let him go hyung. He is leaving Amma, Appa, how am I even suppose to leave with him? I cant be seen with amma and appa, what if someone recognizes me? They wont approve-" "Leave it to me then. I will make them agree." Hobi had a crazed light
in his eyes that made him falter in his next rebuttal. What should he do now? He couldnt really say no with how panicky and crazed Hobi was getting. And he was right, he didnt usually say anything about anything really. "Okay fine, if you can make Jungkook agree I will go with
him." Hobi gave out a smile to him. "Okay I will make him agree." The thing was, by the time they left their small cottage, the wedding procession had already left.
Namjoon appa did warn him before hand that they were gonna leave without seeing him so as not to raise any suspicion and they had left. The whole procession along with their new bride Jimin and Jimin's brother Jungkook, leaving a trail of things to clean up for them.
Hobi let out a very disappointed groan, a character very unlike him because he was usually so quite. It had shocked him. When he asked, he looked at him with so much sadness that he had though someone close to them had died but he knew that was not the case.
Days passed. For an omega boy, Tae was quite raucous. He had a very loud personality, and a vibrant one. Everything he did was with confidence. Even flirting and all his moves were bold
He did not believe in small gestures and did not really understand the intimacy behind them. He was like a loud lover. Anyone with right mind would think of him as someone who wasnt a virgin, as someone who dated a lot of wolves. But they would be wrong. He didnt
date anyone but he did have his fair share of /fun/ teasing and flirting with alphas around. On the other hand Jungkook? Jungkook was the complete opposite to what he was.
The alpha was soft, read into small gestures, had done thing that were on another level of intimacy. The alpha was soft spoke, was shy to even talk to another omega properly if they were flirting with him. And Tae for one knew the alpha was a believer of love at first sight
Just a few days after he left, Jieun received a letter, a /letter/ written by Jungkook, scented by him and from what he could see was extremely cheesy if the way Jieun reacted was a sign. He was okay not reading it, he was, dont get him wrong, why would he even
want to read something romantic for someone else given by Jeon Jungkook but others wanted to and Jieun, that bi*ch was not letting anyone even see what it looked like, let alone read and that was pi*sing him off
In all honesty, after Jungkook was gone Hobi had grown antsy slowly slowly, its like he was building small blocks of antsy to become fully agitated and it was rubbing off on Tae in all the hard ways. Hobi was a quite being, he did not really affect any of Tae's
doing but Tae did not know how much it would have affected him if he did if the present time was of any importance. Because of Hobi and a little because of his wolf, even he was starting to feel like something was watching him. Like he was being eyed with malicious
thoughts from everywhere. This made him look around several times but he didnt particularly find anyone. He knew it wasnt explicitly that persay. Technically he knew he wasnt being watched but he also knew there was this bad feeling growing inside of him.
It made him feel...kind of unsafe. He thought it stemmed from nothing but it was impossible to because he was a part of this pack now whatever anyone(Jungkook) wanted to say and he himself should not feel unsafe in a place he had grown on, he had spent the most part
of his life on but alas he was. It felt like all the people he knew wanted to harm him. He was considered an orphan here but he was always included in everything so he didn't know why he felt this way. Maybe it wasnt the pack, maybe it was something else...
he did grow to fear a bit of the forest and the sea after what happened to him and Jungkook but thats happened when Jungkook was with him. Now he wasnt and he still felt like something would go wrong. Perhaps it was because he was thinking what if someone attacked him
and Jungkook wouldnt be there anymore to save him and that was probably the thought that was irking him. Who would save him of not Jungkook? Maybe it was because it was always Jungkook and him in these situation together that Tae kind of learned to depend on Jungkook
The thing was, it just was not making any sense to him why was Jieun being so disgusting about the letter from Jungkook out of all people. Sheesh, could she cool off. So what if he got a letter written in pretty paper and supposedly musky scent.
*note: as told before, Tae cant smell others specific scent. He just knows who is what sub gender, but not more than that. Also your likes are keeping me going!*
and his wolf was acting whiny for some reason. A reason he was not in the mood to acknowledge. After Jungkook saved him from the iditotic siren the way he did- in a way he thought wasnt possible for Jungkook to save him- but he did. And now his wolf was feeling
something affectionate, something soft towards Jungkook. Oof Just because he saved him. He huffed and puffed and rolled his eyes. Really. Jungkook Jungkook Jungkook. How odd. Why was he even thinking of that alpha when his own true mate was out there
He was stuck in time, like all his days became slow, moving but not moving. A week passed. The danger Hobi was warning him about did not really come but his wolf was acting strange, stranger than it had been before. It wasnt hyper or active like the previous time
it had acted strange but now, now it was on another level because it looked like ot was going quite. His inner voice was disappearing and he was having troubles shifting to his wolf form and that was scaring him to no end. He was avoiding all the task, acting sick
because it would be a problem, a very big problem if someone got to know he couldnt shift as easily as before, if the Jeon alpha got to know. He would cause havoc, calling his parents and everything. He had tried again and again but it was only getting harder and
tiring to do so everytime he tried. Hobi was again getting more worried, he was only saying non sense like he needed to go to Jungkook and sh-t but that would be impossible to now unless Jungkook himself came back
It was almost like his wolf was going dormant and that did not sound like a good omen to him at all. "Tae this cant go on, you will only get weaker." "I just, I just dont understand like why now, why me? Is it something related to me being a pure blood."
"Listen to me Tae," Hobi said softly, gripping both his hands in hands, "I am- I am telling you to go with Jungkook because he is your only option to finding your mate now because he is travelling everywhere. You cant find your mate if you just sit here and keep getting weak-"
"My mate can come look for me-" "No Tae I think the longer you stay without your mate, you will keep getting weaker and your wolf would go...dormant. I think, I think its time we tell Jungkook about who you are and tell him to take us with him. If he doesnt know
otherwise, he wont be willing to take us. You know how thickheaded and rule maintainer he is. He would say he is supposed to do this solely and he should and etc etc etc. But he is our only option so...I dont think we have much option." Tae looked down in thought.
His silver hair glistening even in the dim light of their cottage. "I mean, I guess we could. Since you sound so serious about it, this might be our only option." He bit his lip, his thoughts surrounding Jungkook and how the other alpha would react knowing Tae was in
a higher rank than him. He /was/ awfully prideful when it came to that. Hobi was looking at him with thoughtful eyes. The pure blood omega did not know Hobi had told a lie to him and when time comes he would know but Hobi had no options, Tae wouldnt listen otherwise
— "Father, you- you called me back to our pack so I could take Tae and Hobi with /me/?" he shouted, fuming as his eyes reddened a bit in anger. His father calmly shook his head to positive. Jungkooks nostrils flared. He wouldnt have been so angry, he wasnt an angry person
but what had angered him so much was the fact that ot was unfair to him. He believed in fairness and this was unfair to him. All the heirs before him was allowed to travel around the whole land solely, alone because what secrets and thing he learned would be just between
#taekookau him and the other leaders, that was it. But now, he was called here in just a week of his two year long journey just to take a person who hated him. He was so frustrated with himself and he didnt know exactly whom to throw his anger at: Tae or his father.
"You yourslef did not have a responsibility to look after and WHY-" "Jungkook thats enough." He shook his head, "no it isnt. Its far from enough!" "Will you listen to me first? I did not raise you to be such a nuisance to me." His father shouted back at him.
He looked away in rage and gritted his teeth. "I need to tell you something, something important. Son calm down, listen to me." Jungkook huffed. "Fine," he took a seat, "tell me."
Just then, a knock came in from his fathers study door and Tae poked his head in, "may I come in?" "Yes please. I was just going to tell Jungkook about you." Tae came in and took the seat farthest away from him, crossing his knees as he sat. "Please continue."
"As I was saying, Jungkook, you know about the witch appearing on the month of your birthday about your prophecy right?" He narrowed his eyes, "yes, the one about the pure bloods. Yes you did." His father nodded his head. Tae bit his lower lip.
"The thing is the day the witch came to us was the same day Alpha Namjoon's youngest son was born-" "Yes father I already know this, everyone does. Alpha Namjoon's youngest son was the only pup born that day and everyone assumed he was one of the pure blood."
"That is correct." "But he went missing right? When he was three years old? From his pack?", Jungkook asked, confused, his brows furrowing. "Yes, actually not really. He did go away when he was three years old but he wasnt /missing/, he was hidden."
Hidden? He opened and closed his mouth. That kind of did make sense. Everyone was after the two pure blood pups and Aloha Namjoon did a very good thing, a smart thing hiding one of the pure bloods away. "Hidden? Where?"
"Here." The admission left him quite before he nodded, a conversation he heard years ago surfacing to the forefront of his mind. There was a pure blood in this pack and he knew that. "Ah okay, so you meant to say Hobi is the pure blood son of Alpha Namjoon?"
"Hobi?" his father sounded mystified when he said that. Tae looked confused too. "Yes Hobi, he is a pure blood right? I knew there was something different-" "What no, Hobi is not a pure blood, Tae is. Tae is the youngest son of Alpha Namjoon."
His eyes widened. He was shocked out of his mind. He looked at Tae in surprise. Tae gave him a small nod. "This is the important thing I wanted to tell you. When I wanted to fix an alliance with Alpha Namjoon about Yoongi and Jimin, Namjoon took our
alliance a bit deeper by handing his youngest, most precious son in my care. You both were three years old when that happened and from then Tae came to live with us. I knew he was a pure blood and I promised his father I could keep him
safe in exchange of Namjoon supporting me against the other leaders. You know everyone listens to Namjoon, having him as an ally, was anything a pack leader would want so I did what I thought was the best for everyone. I took, Kim Taehyung, the youngest, pure blood
son of Alpha Namjoon." Jungkook let out a small, barely there gasp. All these revelations, they were surprising, but at the same time...made sense. It made sense why Tae/hyung/ was given such a special place in their pack, as special as their heir. It made sense
why he was allowed to be the bratty wolf he was. Everything made sense. And the alliance, Tae coking in suddenly, everything. On top of being Alpha Namjoon's son, he was also a pure blood
Which meant he was precious to everyone. "So he is the omega pure blood?" "He is the omega pure blood yes. Now this is where you come in. He needs to find his mate, the pure blood alpha and he cant do anything about it sitting here in the pack."
He looked at Tae who was looking at him with curious eyes. Like he was analyzing him. For his task he presumes. He looked back at his father. "Won't his alpha come looking for him? What if he doesn't find him here then?" "We dont have to worry about that. He needs to
go and find his mate fast. He is getting...weaker.". "Weaker?" he didnt know why his voice cracked in the middle. "He will tell you about that later on. But listen, you have to do this" "But it will raise a lot of questions, heirs travel alone, and with them-"
"About that, just introduce Tae as your mate." "WHAT?!," Jungkook stood up all too suddenly, "I cant introduce as him my mate!" Tae stood up too, his face pulled back in anger, "what? What is the problem with me being introduced as your mate? You think I am not enough
for you?" He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation. "What? Why wont you be enough for me? You are the pure blood omega, I am just an heir. I didnt say it because of that-" Tae came near him, Jungkook's words not affecting him at all, "then what?
#taekookau You just have to pretend-" "Taehyung," Tae shut up, hearing the alpha call him by his full name somehow affecting him. "I might not be a pure blood alpha, but I cannot let someone's destined to be mate be mine. Even for name. I just cant, my wolf wont allow me."
His father sighed audibly loud. "Okay thats fine. Then pretend Hobi is your mate and Tae would be his brother or-" "What?" "WHAT?" They both looked at each other since they spoke together.
"No father, its just not it. Cant we also take Jieun then-" "NO." He looked with wide eyes at Tae. His sudden outburst had shocked him. "No," the omega said more softly, "we c-cant let more people know of my identity." "But she doesnt-" "Honestly Jungkook
do you really want to hide something from your future mate? Will you be able to? I cant risk my life because of that." He looked away from the alpha as he said that. Jungkook sighed.
"Okay fine see it this way. What if your mate comes one day and wants to m*rder me for " taking" his mate? I dont really want to be on a pure blood alpha's bad side." Tae huffed. "My mate would listen to me when I say it was on complete innocent ground."
"I mean," he looked away now too, "I wouldnt be okay if /someone/ was pretending to my omega's mate especially if my omega...looked like you." "What is that supposed to mean?" "Pups, enough of fighting. You figure out what you want to do. Jungkook, just dont get
Tae lost and protect him because one of the pure bloods is going to be in your hand." "Honestly, alpha Namjoon approved of this?" His father looked at him for sometime before nodding, "he did, he dint have much choice."
A pause. "Go to sleep both of you, you have to leave early in the morning." They both nodded dutifully and went out of the room and their seperate ways.
— Walking in their wolf form, with the leaves crunching below their paws had something magical to it. Jungkook and Tae were walking side by side while Hobi followed them in his human form. They have been walking for a few long hours. Tae was starting to feel tired.
So he yapped lowly at Jungkook, getting the alpha's attention almost instantly. He pointed at the edge of a tree with his white snout and went to sit on his legs when the alpha told him to do so. Jungkook shifted and changed into his normal cloths. Tae did not
want to shift just yet. If he did, he would become to weak to even walk so he needed to preserve his energy. According to Hobi, going with Jungkook did help his strength come back, enough so he could shift like before but he wasn't alright completely.
So he was preserving his energy. Jungkook took a sit opposite to him, on another edge of a pine tree. They were moving towards colder plain to the Lunar area, where it snowed and rained most of the time so the jungle they were walking in was filled woth trees
of the colder regions. Even the ground was cold, the pine leaves littering everywhere. "You knew you were a pure blood omega, Taehyung." Jungkook stated, looking else where. Tae nodded his head, his ears flopping down around. Then he looked at him.
"That necklace...was it something given to you by Alpha Namjoon?" Normally him and Jungkook did not talk as much save for fighting but today, the alpha wanted to strike a conversation with him for some reason, perhaps because he found out he was one of the pure bloods.
Tae, the "orphan" had probably gotten more interesting to him now. Tae would entertain him because he was talking him with him when he could have been stubborn and not take him. Tae was not an unreasonable omega. So he nodded again, his snout bobbing up and down.
"Not really," Hobi said, his eyes looking wise and twinkling in the dim of the forest. "Alpha Namjoon did not give him that, a middle aged omega wolf from Silver moon did because he is a pure blood" Hobi...Hobi was talking a lot these days, Tae noticed. He did not talk as much.
Was something wrong with him? "Ah so, its- its to hide the fact that Taehyung is a pure blood?" Hobi nodded. "How does it exactly do so?"
"It isn't really conventional, it supresses his scent and his ability to sense someone else's scent, thats how wolves dont know he is a pure blood." Jungkook looked at Tae curiously and Tae's big eyes stared at him owlishly.
"Thats why I cant really smell your scent..only the flower one." Hobi sighed audibly, tired. "Thats the fake scent. Tae's actual scent isnt really flowers, or close to it." "The thing is you wore it when you were in the pack to hide yourself, right?" They both nodded.
"The pack isnt here, only I and Hobi hyung are here, I think you could...take it off if you wanted. I mean, I could try and hide your scent by mine since we are supposed to act like mates." Hobi's eyes brightened. "We could definitely try that!"
They missed Tae shaking his head as Hobi begin to throw out possibilities of what they could do. "Yeah, so its decided, open it. I- I will keeo the necklace safe if you need it, but lets not surpress your scent more. Something tells me your wolf did not approve of this."
Before Tae's mind worked around what he said, his inner wolf yapped in a hapoy cheer. Letting Jungkook think this is what he wanted so the alpha came forward and stood before him, twisting his arms around him to reach the clasp of the necklace.
The omega bowed his head as the alpha slowly opened the necklace and released his senses. As soon as it was removed, it was like someone had let open a tap of scents
as a weight from his shoulder was lifted and he started to smell different kind of things, the first being the alpha's masculine unique scent. It had irked something in his mind, probably a memory from when he was in heat for the first time but he couldnt really remember
His scent was one of vanilla and wildflowers. It was familiar still. And and it was impostant to him somehow, but he didnt know how. More scents began to invade his senses, the pure smell of pine, Hobi's misty smell of /something/ he also couldnt place. And most
importantly his own smell. The caramelized strawberry one. Jungkook, on the other hand, looked down at him before he shifted all too suddenly, shocking Tae as the alpha wolf started to nuzzle his snout around his scent gland, scenting him. The alpha didnt know what
was happening exactly. He lost control to his wolf again and this time he was even scenting Tae. That smell, that smell was quite similar to the one he remembered being affected by but he knew it wasnt the same, it didnt /feel/ that much similar. But it was an enticing
scent, one that even made his calm wolf lose control enough to scent the pure blood omega till his own scent of wildflowers snd vanillar covered his strawverry one. He could understand why it was important to hide Tae's scent. His scent had something...regal
something like polished royal to it. Anyone would say he was an importsnt wold if they ever got to smell his scent, so important that he might also be considered as one of the pure blood which he was. The alpha and the omega didnt notice Hobi having an unusualy smirk on his
face. He knew something they didnt know and he was feeling giddy about it. They didnt know a normal alpha would never be able to completely cover Tae's scent, but here Jungkook was. The alpha only stopped when he himself could feel his scent cobering Tae's wholly.
Just leaving an undertone of the strawberry to drift around. After he detached himself, he avoided Tae's eyes and took the necklace in between his canines, putting it in the bsg Hobi was carrying, along with the pieces of clothes he teared accidently. Before silently
telling the other two wolves to follow him. They had had enough rest, now they could travel again. — In the Lunar pack, as customary for the visitng heir and his to be mate, in this case, an orphaned pup from the Golden sun pack, they let them stay in a cottage.
A heavy one made to protect them from the cold. It was just a one room little thing, only meant for them, used by many heirs before. It was a week later they reached there, it had taken almost a week in the speed they were traveling- which was a slow one- to reach there.
"You have chosen a pretty mate, young heir." A grandma says, patting Tae's cheek as Jungkook held the other closer to him by his waist, scared that Tae would somehow be discovered. "Yes he was the prettiest in our pack, had to fall in love with him" The group of
older wolves laughed. "Young love," one said. Jungkook smiled back at them. Tae remaining quite. It was surprising, usually Tae was the confident one amongst them, the spokesperson, the charmer infront of whoever it was. Tae was Tae. But now, he was quite.
He didnt know why. He would have to ask him that later. Was he scared because he also thought he could get caught? He couldnt tell. "Your mate seems shy." "My mate-to-be is just not accustomed to new wolves, he will be okay tomorrow morning, dont worry, grandma, granddad."
Was it because he could sense his mate here? Could the pure blood alpha be here? "Ah okay. Now that you both have finished your dinner, you can retire to your cottage for the night, we have early tasks to do tomorrow morning. Take good rest, young alpha and his mate."
In the room, Jungkook was hovering around Tae to ask him about what was going on woth him. Maybe they weren't buddy buddies, but he could be a good ear for the night. Tae looked out of it, he looked troubled for some reason. The thing about Tae was, he was thinking about
something, he has been thinking about the same topic since a week ago, since when he opened his necklace. He looked at Jungkook as the alpha wiping his face with the towel.
He knew now why the alpha's scent felt so familiar to him. It was the same scent he smelled in the forest that day of his heat. The intoxicating one that made his wolf go into a proper heat. But his scent was not affecting him like that anymore. At least not in that way.
He was affected because Jungkook scent was unique and it was so so good that he /liked/ being engulfed in it, craved for it till some point even. That was another thing. If Jungkook was a normal alpha, his scent wasn't supposed to engulf his.
He wasnt daft. As a pup, he was an idolizer of whatever that entailed to pure bloods and true mates and after learning that he himself was a pure blood omega, he did some of his own research, independent of others input. He knew as a pure blood omega, his scent
was a very strong one, it couldn't be engulfed unless, unless it was his own mate. So it made him think. Jungkook's scent covered his. His scent during his heat affected him so much that it became almost uncontrollable, that only was supposed to happen because of his mate.
Jungkook saved him when he was dying, shifted in the water, did impossible sh-t only to save him, he would be the best option to being his mate than some stranger he met off of other packs, at least he knew him. Knew Jungkook as the beloved heir, someone who could protect
him no matter what. So what if he hated him and Tae had his own thoughts about him, they could just sort it out. They would have to if they were true mates. So, so Jungkook...could be his mate. He could be yes. Could be being the keyword.
If Jungkook really was his mate, then why wasn't he saying so. He was only acting to be his mate infront of the others in case his identity was exposed. Why wasn't his own wolf going crazy for his mate then? Why weren't they claiming each other as mates yet.
Why wasn't he being recognized as a pure blood alpha then... People would know who Tae was just by his scent, by why wouldn't wolves ever understand what Jungkook was by his scent. Jungkook did not have any necklace to hide himself, but nobody still recognized him.
Nobody. He was never at risk for his identity. Only Tae recognized it because of his own intuitions. Right now, he didnt know anything, was he even thinking right. Jungkook's own wolf did not really act like a pure blood alpha.
He has been thinking about it since a week before. What was wrong. What was wrong with his mate, what was wrong with him. These days, after meeting Jungkook, he has also being getting stronger., gaining his strength back bit by bit. He wasn't an idiot, he knew he
wasnt getting stronger at the mere /thought/ of getting to meet his mate, that was impossible. It could because of that god forsaken necklace because it did suppress him but he guesses he didn't know better.
Jungkook cleared his throat noisily, making him startle and look at him. "Are you feeling weak still? You have been quiet there." He shook his head slowly. "No, I am okay. I was just tired out from the journey."
Jungkook hummed but didn't say anything more. "Jungkook, you, did you mean it? When you called me the prettiest outside?" A blush bloomed in the alphas cheeks as he rolled his eyes. "Honestly, don't you go seeking compliments now, you knew you are."
It was his time to blush now. He averted his eyes. "I am confident about the fact that everyone else thinks so, I am not sure about what the mighty heir thought about." "The /mighty/ heir isnt blind so why would he think otherwise?"
"You arent saying that now because you found out I am a pure blood omega right?" Jungkook rolled his eyes as he huffed. "Did me finding that out somehow change your appearance? No right?" "I was just asking because-" "Enough, I get it. You think everyone, the elders
love you because you are the pure blood omega?" "I know that-" "Taehyung no. One think they always include in an heirs study is the fact that maybe your fathers reputation or what you are will give you a boost of influence to others, it is /you/ who has to keep
that up and increase it to more, which you did all by yourself because of your loud personality and charming self. Got it?" Tae looked at him with wide eyes as he nodded. Jungkook just nodded back at him and left to go to sleep.
The thing was. Only a pure blood was seen as the wisest wolf in the whole of their time. And Jungkook had out-wised a known pure blood omega just like that. What did it mean.
— Setting up his camp of plans meant he needed time to observe the alpha heir. Given the fact that he would be seen as his mate, he could stare at him without any reins, without anyone misunderstanding him. He needed fo do so to tick the qualities in his mind.
From his research he has also learned the fact that pure blood alphas are supposed to show a few characteristics: Leadership, Strength, Scent, Power, Ability to kil* In the tasks Jungkook will have to take care of will easily judge four of these qualities.
The first one came up as the alpha was told to set up the border guard wolves for the night today. Jungkook being Jungkook, the alpha planned out a whole chart and instructed everyone to go to specific places during specific times. His planning was perfect, but
Tae noticed something, that the elders of the Lunar pack did too. Jungkook was not speaking like he wielded power. He did not speak like he was demanding everyone to listen to him just by his voice. It was like the wolves was listening to him only because they were told
to by a third party, and that did not show good leadership skills. Jungkook was the heir yes but his this quality was showing he only became a rule because of his heritage not because of himself. So leadership was crossed out.
Then came strength. The next day was the annual winter hunting day. They were all supposed to hunt in their human forms. Jungkook being the heir, was given the oppurtunity to hunt whatever animal he wanted from the forest in his this form. Whatever he did hunt,
would show his strength as whatever animal he got would show how much strength he had. Jungkook darted inside the cold forest like he belonged there and Tae felt a bit more confident that maybe, just maybe Jungkook would do something great, like a pure blood alpha would
Hours went by and what happened was Jungkook coming back with a large, very large moose. Everyone clapped because it was a good kill but he knew it wasnt anything great, every alpha heir he was sure, would be able to get it too. So he was /normal/ once again too,
not great. He crossed out Strength from his list. Feeling slightly let down. During the few days they spend together, he had gotten to know more about Jungkook and he sid not exactly hate the idea of having him as his mate
The last three in his list came later, after almost three months passed in the Lunar pack. Scent when Tae himself got his second heat. He knew it was coming. He was prepared for it. Jungkook knew too so he left their cottage then, letting Hobi in to feed and keep
his temperature down. As usual, Tae was not really affected at first. But slowly, slowly, the scent around his and Jungkook's cottage got to him. It was the same smell that he knew got him to his knees then. Now too, wasnt any different.
🔞semi nsfw The scent of wildflowers felt like someone had deliberately put a bunch of hand picked wild flowers all around him, like he was laying on a bed of those flowers and he wanted to engrave the scent in /him/. Vanilla, and the vanilla made him crave
something, he wanted to lick /something/, he didnt know what but he knew he would feast on it. Jungkook's scent was divine. It just made his heat trickle in faster through his nerves. Hobi was there in their room, passing him clothes after clothes already worn by
Jungkook. As he quickly made a nest out of all of the shirts and pants and their bedsheets( yes they slept on the same bed). He had to make it fast, before his heat settled in snd he would become horny. Usually, he wouldnt be worried about his heat,
since he was a pure blood omega, he knew he wouldnt get horny and desperate to be fucked until his mate was there but he knew Jungkook's scent will render him to that extent. He just knew. Already, his scent was ruining him and he didnt know
how much time was left till he would satisfy himself in the scent. He covered himself with their bedspread, inside his nest as he heard Hobi hyung leave a pot with cold washcloth and some fruits on the oak table beside their bed, before leaving to wait just
just outside the room. Jungkook's scent was driving him mad now but he still forced himself to sleep. If he gave into his horniness then he would just crave Jungkook more, his scent more. What if he went outside to look for the alpha? That would be embarrasing.
So he had too. Not noticing that some of Jungkook's shirts were already stained by his slick all over it. He wondered why Jungkook let Hobi in here instead of himself. Did he not feel the possessiveness to keep his own mate away from other men? And mate? Where did that thought
come from, he wasnt sure if Jungkook was his mate still but it seemed like his crazed pure blood omega thought otherwise. He wasnt happy by it. He was acting crazy for a wolf who most probably was not his mate. There was no way he could be. Only his scent drove him
crazy, the wildflower snd vanills was making him delusional now, like he was in some kind of hallucination created by his own mind. Because behind his closed eye lids, as he slept, he saw Jungkook smiling at him the way he did these days,
he saw them play fighting, he saw their now life where they were as adults. Jungkook putting meat in his plate like the alpha mate he was, Tae blushing as he looked up at him. His breathe hitching when their eyes met, the reflection from the bon fire on Jungkook
making the alpha look handsomer. The way Jungkook bought his wildflowers that smelled so so similar to his own scent, that Tae had to keep them somewhere secret for keepsake, kept the dried sticks and petals in the little pouch he always carried these days.
Jungkook giving him courting gifts every now and then, something made by his own hand. Something Tae cherished so much that he was adamant on keeping them clean and shining every day. Him letting go of his own attitude to tell the alpha softly to scent him in a whisper
because he did not like how the new wolves from somewhere who came to the pack to work was staring at him, Jungkook doing so without any questions asked. Jungkook was acting like his mate, completely like it that even managed to fool his own wolf.
It was all pretend for the alpha, while Tae and his inner omega was here thinking of him as their mate. The pure blood alpha being missing still.
He dreamt about Jungkook and the imaginary life. Dont get him wrong, he was still the very same, the very confident and bratty omega with other, it was only with Jungkook his attitude lightened, softened. Perhaps it was because of the stupid alpha's scent but he was
seeing a better version of Jungkook the more closer they were forced to stay together in these months. He didnt know how Jungkook saw him still. He was never that rude to the alpha, he just ignored him except for their fights. He knew the alpha did not like him then, but what
about now? He didnt really know. He thought as two days of his heat passed spent with Jungkook's scent that Jungkook had ticked the scent one right. So one reason for him to be a pure blood.
A few weeks to that passed and finally it was time to check the fourth one checked: power. Power in the sense was what he could do with his alpha voice or pheromones. Normal alphas can make other wolves of other ranks submit to them easily with their voice. Their
pheromones could kick start others pheromones to turn like their too. Like of they were turned on or angry, there pheromones alone could get other's like that too. If Jungkook was a pure blood, his these abilities would be stronger, more fierce.
In the days that passed, Jungkook and he got a lot closer. It was like pretending to be mates was rubbing off on both of them and now even they felt like they were actual mates. Having to put aside all their differences to avoid stray fighting made them realize what
they actually were like and the truce had made Tae see Jungkook for Jungkook. He understood, the alpha was not as prejudiced about everything as he though before. That he hadnt really meant what he said about pure bloods in the way Tae thought he said
That Jeon Jungkook was just someone who was shy not someone arrogant who thought he was above everyone else to be quiet. He was just really shy. For some reason, being a loud and confident person, he liked it on Jungkook. Also, it was very calming that when he himself
could not be his usual confident self, Jungkook's heir confidence would be there to support him. That was something he had earned for before, someone who could take in charge of him. Slowly, very slowly the concept of liking someone romantically, someone who wasnt his mate has
grown on him. All because of the person who he shares a bed with, a kind of kinship with that only mates had. Jungkook was different even as an alpha, just like he was different as an omega. Pure blood or not, that made Jungkook fit in around him.
For his fourth segment, they were all outside in the open land of the pack, right in the middle where they ate normally on tables around a bonfire. The bonfire was down now but its ashes laid everywhere around it. Getting Jungkook angry enough to release his pheromones
would have been easy if they were not in that part of their relationship as they were now. The like part. But he had to get him angry, or feel some strong emotions. It seemed, however, he didnt need to as he watched the worker alphas who came to the pack sometime
before approach Jungkook. Now they were older in age, far more older then they both were and they were rough too. For whatever reason- because this was /not/ a task or a hidden test given by the pack, he was sure- the wolves decided to pick on the soft alpha heir.
Even they had figured out, that Jungkook was someone who was soft, who was gentle, did not resort to violence, was not arrogant, a.k.a someone they could mess with easily. There wasn't much wolves around, at least none of the wolves in power of the Lunar area was here.
Hobi and he was, along with a few omegas and betas. Jungkook had come to talk to one of the betas. Then the wolves came in, in a large group, like they always seemed to carry themselves with. And towards Jungkook
"Look who is here, the omega heir." Tae knew the wolf had crossed a line when he said that. Along with insulting Jungkook, he insulted basically everyone there. Even him. He wanted to say something but Hobi held him back. Jungkook raised his eyebrows only. Not getting angry
yet. "I think your nose isn't working properly, I don't see any omega heir here." "Oh our noses are working perfectly, I think you are blind and that you haven't looked at yourself in the mirror." Jungkook shook his head. "If you think I looks anything not like an
alpha, then you are the one who is blind. Have you looked at yourself?" The wolf narrowed his eyes, "what wrong with me?" His scent spiked as Jungkook gave a small smirk. His own scent still casual. "Your face is mediocre at best. Looks more like a siren's as* than an actual
alpha's face-" "You-" The alpha stomped towards him, he must have been their leader because the other simply watched. He let put his angry pheromones, distressing ones that had caused some of the omegas there to let out whines.
Jungkook did not move, only dodged the punch that came his way. "See you wouldnt be as worked up if you yourself didnt believe it." The alpha's pheromones power increased more as he threw punches after punches in rage, blinded by it. Seemed like he had a huge ego.
Jungkook's remained stable still. Tae was becoming desperate now, why wasnt Jungkook doing anything to prove that he was a strong alpha, why wasnt he doing something, except mocking calmly, he knew he could take on the alpha easily if he was a pure blood. Otherwise it would be
hard. If Jungkook could take on him... Then a punch landed on Jungkook's face, square on. His pheromones spiked but, but it didnt have any effect on Taehyung. It didnt. At all. The other omegas were submitting with the onslaught of pheromones here as was given
but Jungkook's pheromones rising did not do anything on Tae, just like it was said a pure blood omega would never be affected by a normal alpha. His scent affected him so much during his heat but now his pheromones, literal drugs released by Jungkook did not affect him /at all/
He pursed his lips, watching the full blown fight now. It didnt matter anymore. He had to cross out the fourth one now. Jungkook's pheromones power was the same as any other alphas and that made him sad. His growing feelings being disappointed. This was the highest level
Jungkook's pheromones power could reach, having other normal omegas and betas submit and this was it. He didn't know why the disappointment was this bad. Even the excitement he felt at Jungkook fighting back was gone now. He just watched the two fight, numb.
"You even fight like a deer," Jungkook taunted. "You, omega heir-" "How insulting, that someone who you consider as an omega heir is defeating you." A punch and a dodge. "You arent defeated yet-" Jungkook kicked him on his face. His canines elongated.
With his muscles taut, canines out, Jungkook looked like a strong alpha but Tae wished he was a pure blood. Because otherwise it wouldn't matter if he looked insanely hot, if Tae could just pretend he was affected by his pheromones because he wasn't a pure blood.
Tw// blood Jungkook got angry enough that his eyes reddened as he bit into the wolf's shoulder, much like he had bit into the bear's leg years back. Blood splattered across his face, he didnt let go till the others pulled him back, till Hobi also went there to pull him back.
The other wolf had also bitten into Jungkook's arm making it bleed from the large punctures. Tae's heart squeezed on on itself at the mark. They were both separated and taken to the infirmary. An alpha against an alpha, nobody won. He wasnt more powerful but Tae
didnt wait around as he went after Jungkook, worry settling in like dead weight. "You could have kil*ed him if you wanted, you're a royal alpha heir," he said softly, putting the cotton ball soaked in medicinal juices that worked well as anticeptic on the wound.
He didn't look up from the others arm when Jungkook winced in pain, at the sting. "I guess I could have, but he was just being a normal alpha with too much sh-t talk. He didnt do anything for me to ki-l him." Tae blew hot air on the red gash to sooth the pain he felt like it
his own. For what reason, he didnt know. "He insulted you, one of the to be pack leaders of the four important packs in our five division. What if others take it as a sign that you are weak?" Jungkook looked at him. He looked up. His breathing stopped as they stared
at each other. "Let them. I have never really cared about that. You know that already Taehyung. If they do and they come at me, I will show them then." Tae looked down and tore up a long piece of bandage, "but your reputation would be gone case then. They will take you as a
coward or someone easy to take over then you will have many enemies that will come for you, that will think you are an easy target and how many will you defeat then?" "Its going to be okay Tae." The omega wrapped the bandage slowly around his arm
Jungkook put his other palm up and cupped the omega's cheek, "I am not the leader yet. There is still time for me to do something awe-wakening to let them know I am worthy. Dont worry about it. Lets worry about how to find the pure blood alpha hmm?" He looked at him again.
The intensity in their eyes drawing blanks after blanks in Tae's head. Jungkook was too good hearted, to soft hearted to be a pure blood he guessed. He would have to cross out the fifth one too because Jungkook was not prone to kill*ng as alphas and on top
of that pure blood alphas had to. They stared at each other still. Thoughts ran blank in his mind in the intimacy between them. If only he leaned in, perhaps it would be perfect. Jungkook was very good, so gentle. He would be a good mate perhaps.
He looked down quickly and finished wrapping up the bandage. It was settled then, Jungkook wasnt a pure blood. He would have to look for his mate, fast. Otherwise, he might get side tracked.
— Their next two years passed in a flurry or seventeen and eighteen, with them travelling and acquainting to two other packs. They were nineteen now, very close to Jungkook's coronation age and they still had one pack to go to, the final one Silver moon pack.
They were in the Wintercynth pack and surprisingly had a autumn weather. They had one more month left to travel to the Silver moon pack, but they still had no inkling about the pure blood alpha. Taehyung was growing impatient, very impatient.
He went into Jungkook's small office in their hut without knocking. "An envoy from father came this morning right? What did it say?" Jungkook looked up from the documents he was studying on his table. "He did send in an envoy and that he didnt find him in the Vampire's side
either." Tae huffed and rolled his eyes, "of course is there even a pure blood alpha out there?" Jungkook shook his head, "ofcourse there is. There is you." Tae's eyes turned softer around the edges as he took a seat infront of the alpha. His tone turned sombre
"Do I even need a mate when you have been doing whatever he is supposed to do without any questions asked?" "You do. I am not a pure blood. I am not meant to achieve or unlock great things with you like he is supposed to."
"Honestly what kind of alpha even are you, how can you be that okay with pretending to be mates with someone else's mate, will you just be okay when someone sweeps me off my feet just like that when you are the one doing everything a mate is supposed to have done all these time?"
Jungkook only smiled at him, a small sad one. "I would have to when you yourself would leave me when your mate comes, I will become no one to you." Tae shook his head vigourously, "is that what you take me to be? I thought the last three years would change your opinion about
me." Jungkook in turn shook.his head. "Taehyung no. Thats why all those years ago I said it was better to not being a pure blood. Look at you, you cant just love me like I you. I am not a pure blood, but I did realize, in the last three years, that its hard not to
care for one." "Oh is that it? You /only/ care for me? Huh? Tell me then, alpha, why was it that you stopped courting Jieun two months after we left? Why did you reject all those courting gifts? Why?"
Jungkook got up from his seat, "you know as well as I do thats not the only thing. Besides, I had to be your to-be mate no matter what. Accepting them would only present me as a bad alpha." Tae wanted to hurt him, /hurt/ him bad because by doing Jungkook was hurting him.
In the three years that went by, Tae put himself in a kind of delusion, he had no other choice but to get used to it. A delusion where Jungkook and him were mates. Three years spent together, /being/ each others mate, was a long time, a long long time.
So long that he started to believe that delusion. Jungkook, it seemed, was not on the same boat as he was but he knew the alpha had something for him.
"Dont you feel bad Jungkook?" "Feel bad about what?," the alpha's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The intensity in his eyes growing as he scrutinised the omega in front of him. "That you still managed to fall in love with someone who can never be yours?"
"Dont be crude. When did I ever say I was?" Tae stepped around the table and walked closer to the alpha. His heavy steps falling on the ground heavily, making him feel like he was stalking a prey, his prey. Jungkook, for his benefit, did not cower back but stood
with his chest broadened and his eyes and face muscles set taut. He walked to him till they're standing inches away from each other. "You are telling me that," Tae whispered, raising his hands and brushing the tips of his fingers against Jungkook's sharp jawline
causing the alpha's breath to hitch, "if I lean against you like this," he came closer to him, till their waist brushed against each other, till Tae could feel his clothed skin making contact with Jungkook's one, "that you wont feel even the slightest urge to pull me closer?"
Jungkook gulped inaudibly. Tae bit his lips when he felt the alpha press a large palm against his hip bone, his fingers feeling like they wanted to get engraved onto his skin. "Attraction and love arent the same thing," Jungkook said. His voice reverberating around his mind
for some time after that. "You are attracted to me, you care for me. Isnt that romantic love in itself?" Tae said back. Their breathe falling on each other. "No, not when it involves a pure blood omega and a normal alpha." Tae didnt back out but he let out a
frustrated sigh of breathe. "Again the same thing, can we forget the fact that I am a pure blood for a minute? Can we focus on feelings only?" "What /feelings/? I thought we hated each other since we met?" Tae shook his head and put a hand tentatively on Jungkook's
shoulder. "Fuxk, what did I think arguing with you of all wolves is going to get me somewhere?" They didnt say anything for sometime till Tae pushed his nose in Jungkook's neck. The alpha stilling at the movement.
"We /hated/ each other back when we were naive, you and I both know that. That changed when we decided to pretend that we are mates. Now I know what I feel for you now and I also know what you do, you cant really deny Jungkook. Now the question is do we wa t to discuss about it."
*note: got your poll answers and maximum of you think its going okay, so trust me, I will make it (hopefully) enjoyable like I have been (hopefully) doing haha*
"You don't Tae, don't act like you do." Tae sighed against the alpha's scent glad. They were standing so intimately close to each other and he and Jungkook didn't even question the gesture. He wanted to laugh, he wanted to cry. How did Jungkook not understand this?
"Do you want me to start questioning your actions for the past three years then?" Jungkook put his other hand on the back of his neck and squeezed the skin there, "anything except pretending?"
Tae laughed, a mere breath against Jungkook's scent gland. "You didnt have to comfort me nor scent me when no one was watching, you didnt need to act that possesive when that other alpha gave me fruits as just a gift, you didnt have to do a lot of things when you didnt need to."
Jungkook pulled him back, his hold firm on his neck. They looked at each other. Both of their gazes sombre now. Something flashed in the alpha's eyes. "Do you really want to see me admit? Fall down to my knees?" he whispered.
"Knowing I will lose you any ways?" "Can we, can we," he gulped, "can we forget the fact that I am a pure blood and can you see me as me? As an omega, Taehyung?" Jungkook shook his head, only stopping when Tae took his face in between his hands.
"Your mate-" "Please?" his voice broke in the sentence. Jungkook quieted. The alpha took the omega in. His eyes shining silver- a mark that ironically showed that he was a pure blood omega- and with a layer of tears. They didnt fall yet. His eyes had this desperate look
in his eyes that Jungkook just could not miss. "Okay." Tae gave him a watery smile. The admission was not ground breaking, it was like a relief. A mountain weight being taken away. "Do you- do you want to be the first person to kiss me or should I be the first person
to kiss you?" Jungkook smiled at him, a happy one almost bordering on a cheeky one, "What makes you think you will be my first kiss?" "Call it my intuition, why am I not right?"
"You are," Jungkook gave in Tae giggled. "Kiss me then" Jungkook and Taehyung looked at each others lips and stared for sometime. Tae's lips looked so full, so pink under the light of their little hut. So perfect and he has been waiting for God knows how long
so the alpha pulled him closer and kissed him. Their lops molding together as of they were meant to meet. Their heart beats started to beat fast in symphony, the sound echoing through their ears.
They kissed till the very feeling of each others lips were engraved into their mind. It felt awefully close to finally reaching their goal, their one and only destination in life. They kissed till they had to separate themselves unwillingly. They panted against each other,
breathes falling lightly. The kiss wasn't something se*ual, it was more for them to tell about the feelings that they couldn't say out loud in fear. Their kiss told a story of many years. They were happy till Tae let out a whimper of surprise.Tae looked down in alarm
when he felt slick trickling past his entrance all too suddenly. He doubled over Jungkook when he felt a sudden heat simmering in his lower belly. The alpha quickly put his hands on his waist to stable him. Those were signs of his heat.
1.4k nsfw🔞
— Next morning, Tae woke up before Jungkook. He groaned lightly as he felt the alpha squashing him in between his body and the bed. Jungkook was a heavy sleeper so he slowly shook the alpha away without waking him up and got up. The omega bunched the soft sheets
upto his and Jungkook's waist. Then he stared at the alpha, brushing his dark fringes of hair away from his face. Cupping his cheeks and putting a kiss on the spot near his lips. His heat already broke out as soon as it started, after they had se*. Odd,
because heats usually lasted longer. How did it go so fast? "So this is what you teo have been upto all night huh?" a voice asked from the door. Tae rolled his eyes and turned to look at Hobi looking at them with a smile on his face.
However, his eyes widened comically when he noticed something on Tae. The omega just raised his eyebrows, raising his hand to touch the area that seemed to have shocked the other. "No!" His hands stopped mid air as he looked Hobi, confused.
"No?" "I-Its nothing. I was just looking at the number of gazillion love bites Jungkook has given you, nothing else." Hobi replied quickly. Tae just smiled, not seeing anything wrong woth his behavious, "he did, didnt he? Got all possessive after I teased him last night"
Hobi smiled back a him, nodding his head. "Tae come out your nest. You need to eat something. Here I bought your robe for you." "Thank you," he got up with a final kiss on the alpha's lips and wore the robe. Hobi staring at his neck the whole time
Outside, while he was eating up the sliced pieces of oranges, Hobi seemed to still watch him with curious eyes. "Tell me something Tae, did you have your heat again last night?" "Hmm? Yes actually I did which was weird since I had my heat only sometine before." Hobi nodded.
"Jungkook only...scented you right? He didnt-" "Yeah ofcourse, thats the only thing he did. He cant really mate me, my wolf probably wouldnt allow it.." he looked down, a sad, a kind of dark look thundering in his gaze
Hobi pursed his lips. So Tae didnt remember, neither did he remember the rules about pure blood mates. Nobody could claim a pure blood omega except the pure blood alpha and yet Jungkook, a /normal/ alpha's claiming mark was staring right at Hobi. It stood proudly
there on Tae's neck, where his scent gland was. This was bad, very bad. "Its okay Tae, at least he loves you." Tae didnt say anything else. He was not even eating anything more. "But I think he knotted in you, I can smell his scent from you from everywhere." "WHAT-"
"Why are you even acting that shocked, he did knot you which means-" "He- He knotted me when I was in heat. Oh dear moon. Do you know what that means Hobi hyung?" Hobi got up and circled around the table to get to the set of cupboards on the other side. He scruffled a bit,
pausing when he heard Tae let out a small whimper of pain. He looked back at the omega and saw him wincing with his hand on his neck. More specifically where his claiming mark was supposed to be. "I-it hurts, Hobi, it hurts." "Hurts where Tae?" Hobi asked, nearing Tae
and crouching down to look at him better. "Here," Taehyung points at his scent gland with his index finger. Hobi bites his lips, the charm worked then. "Its just love bites Tae. Look," he pointed at the mirror behind them, on the threshold of the small room/kitchen.
Tae nodded, peering st the mirror curiosly, "sh-t Jungkook is an animal in bed, his love bites are still stinging." Hobi was satisfied with himself, the two shallow puncture marks from Jungkook's canines were shielded now. Good.
"Oof back to the topic, do you know what the means? Him knotting me?" "It means you will have non-pure blood kids?" "Really hyung? That what you are worried about? Appa, amma, head alpha, everyone knows I am a pure blood omega-" "Tae, chill, as you said, he is a normal
alpha, do you think you can even get pregnant with his knot?" "No..but, but-" "Same sh-t Tae, pregnant or not-" "Whose pregnant?" another voice startled them. Jungkook's.
Jungkook came in wearing his sweatpants only and stealing a piece of orange from Tae's plate as he went past him to take a seat. Tae blushed from head to toe when he noticed the long, thin scratches on Jungkook's back, remembering that he was the cause of it. "No one," Hobi
said quickly. "We were just discussing how the Luna of this packs looks pregnant." Jungkook got up from his seat again to press a kiss on Tae's forehead, "your neck looks beautiful" He slapped his hands away, "you ravaged me, dog"
Jungkook laughed then calmed down, "cant believe I actually kissed you yesterday." "You better not take it back," this time instead of Tae it was Hobi who said that. Jungkook just shook his head, inching his head forward to take the piece of orange Tae was holding
out for him. Hobi released a breathe he didn't know he wasn't holding. Jungkook doesn't remember it. He doesn't remember the specific detail of the nights. And Hobi had accomplished in hiding the claim mark from everyone's eyes. No one would ever know Tae was claimed
unless he took the charm down and he didn't feel like doing so, he wouldn't in the near future too. The couple laughed at something Jungkook said. Hobi's eyes crinkled happily as he smiled, at least they were moving forward. Now their next journey would start
in a few days and he was worried. With the new addition, the trio would have to keep more vigilant. In a week's time they would travel to the Silver moon pack, the final division for Jungkook to travel and stay in. Them along with him.
It was incredible how both the alpha and the omega did not notice something horribly being wrong. While they were travelling, Tae was getting tired faster making Jungkook carry him on his back most of the time. The omega snuggled into Jungkook more but the alpha took
it as a sign of Tae finally getting the free reigns to do everything to him. Hobi was stunned when the couple did not even notice anything wrong when one particular morning, when they were nearer to the Silver moon pack, Tae had vomited his insides out. He couldnt even
get an apple in himself without vomiting and the couple only resorted that to, you guessed it, /nothing/. Tae felt dizzy? Pff, it was just because of travelling. Tae had travelled for ages, has been for sometime and yet he was still dizzy? Okay
When they finally reached the Silver moon pack, Jungkook was welcomes similar to how he was in all the other packs. Seokjin and Namjoon acted all the same in front of others. When the Luna had hugged the pure blood omega to his chest, he had given a confused sniff
sensing something different with Tae's scent. One Hobi and Jungkook both noticed but the alpha only said it was the smell of the river near the forest they travelled through, yeah right. Seokjin did not look like he believed it completely but nevertheless patted the omega's
back. Then a middle aged woman appeared near them, then Tae's scent actually soured. Thankfully, Jungkook had already went away with Namjoon to get a tour of the Silver moon pack along with Yoongi, the new pack leader. Jimin was nowhere to be seen yet.
"My moonchild, could we walk together to the forest?" Tae opened his mouth to say no, /no/ thank you, he was just fine here with himself and his drowsiness but his Amma patted his back softly. "Go baby, I am sure she has important things to say."
Tae pursed his lips and nodded subtly. Giving a small bye towards Hobi who was staring at the woman suspiciously. Yeah right even he was suspicious. Honestly the necklace she gave him made him weak, made him disable because his nose did work to his full potential.
He did not want /anything/ to do with the woman now. He listened to her once and that was more than enough help for him. He could handle himself enough now. Their footsteps felt like it was echoing around the rainforest canopy and disturbing all the birds there to fly away.
It felt ominous. The creek of the insects and the wind was missing too. And most important so was Tae's inner wolf. Tae's inner wolf was more subdued now. It was meek now, it did not demand as much things from Tae as it did before. He did not feel like doing anything at all.
But the thing was, the wolf could be shy sometimes especially when a certain Jeon was involved, but it never went silent. It had been silent for the past one day, for some reason and the fact that he constantly felt like something heavy was toiling around in his stomach
and vomiting was not helping the case. He could not concentrate on his wolf's wantings, however lowly the connection he had with his inner wolf. This had never happened to him before snd he didnt know what to do about it. Though he should be worried, he did not get the time
to be worried with everything that went down. So Tae did not get the usually support of instincts that he usually got. He was more wary of the woman because of that but he was a grown wolf now, he could deal with her.
"So the alpha heir has been scenting you loads these days?" Tae stiffened. "To not get caught and for my safety, he needs to and so do I. I have to bare them anyways." The woman's eyes gleamed. She nodded.
"You know, I wanted to ask. Did you find any inkling of the pure blood alpha?" Tae shook his head, but did not clarify further. "I guess you did get more weaker than. You father and mother told me you were starting to feel weak without your mate-" "I am still weak," he lied.
He did not feel weak, wasn't weak. Hadn't been since the last three years. But she would always know otherwise. Let her think that even after removing the necklace he remained weak. He didn't want to let her know about the
mechanics of how exactly a pure blood omega worked It could be used against him if it fell on wrong hands and hers didnt sound trusting. "Being away from your alpha makes you weaker right?" He nodded. "My moon, I have to give you an advice. As you are getting weaker, maybe
it would be better if you stayed away from the alpha and came in under your parents protection." He felt something, a pull of anguish deep in his bones from the statement. "What's the difference?" he asked, hoping to ease himself with logic.
"The alpha has been pretending to be your mate for a long time, three years is a long time. What if he ends up thinking you're his mate?" That was the problem, he did not. Tae and him had a big fight because the alpha did not think that. "How does that relate to
me getting weaker?" "My moon, that's the thing, you are getting weaker. He is an alpha, he cant resist you. What if he ends up... /forcing/ you-" "You- what are you saying? Do you even know what you are talking about?" Tae's scent spiked in anger, the strawberry
burning now. As he turned to look at her enraged. She opened her mouth but then closed it again. "I was- I was just-" "What?" "Its a logical thing! He is an alpha who cant simply resist you, he is not a pure blood alpha, he is not your true mate. Do you even
have any idea what your pure blood alpha will do when he sees that lovesick puppy near you?" "He does not like me. He- he is courting someone else." Tae says, looking away, he couldnt get Jungkook in trouble though a spike of fear tinged his heart
He did have a mate somewhere out there. Someone who he did not find yet and someone who wasn't there for him every step of the way, but someone who was meant to be his anyways. Jungkook...Jungkook was just going to be, what was he going to be now?
"My moon, I still hope you will understand what I am trying to say and take my advice." Taehyung just nodded slowly. He was feeling feverish now, all too suddenly and he wanted to be back in his hut now
Back in their hut, yes his and Jungkook's, because very little number of wolves know who he is and they couldnt risk breaking the image they had set for them initially. His amma came to see him. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes as Seokjin combed his
hair using his fingers, trying to sooth him. "Has what Minah said upset you, my sweetheart?" Tae kept quiet. His mother already seems to know what was up so he didnt exactly feel like saying anything more.
"Darling. Tell me something, how have you been?" Tae turned around on his side and looked at his amma, someone he had spent very little time with in his life but still someone he loved with every bits of him because he understood the sacrifice his parents had to make for him.
How they had still spoiled him even from far away. How they had ensured everyone treated him the same way a royal kid of a pack is supposed to be treated. There was no lack. His mother and father always came to him when he really needed them so he doesnt see any reason to be
angry at his Amma. "I am fine, amma. I have being fine all the time." "Baby bear, are you? You are still getting weaker honey." He looked at him with such sad eyes that Tae had to take a breathe in. There was pain and desperation swimming in his eyes.
Seokjin must have felt really bad about themselves, that they couldnt do anything for their youngest son while he had to suffer but Taehyung was from suffering. He was okay. Good. "Amma I- I lied. I am not really getting weaker." The anguished look in his eyes smothered
to a confused one. Seokjin didn't really understand what his son was saying. "You lied? B-but for what?" "I havent been getting weaker. I lied to Minah because- because," he paused. Seokjin grabbed his hands in his, circling the inner side of his palms to sooth him. "Because?"
"Because it was because of the necklace she gave ne, I became that weak-" "WHAT-" "Amma calm down. Yes, Jungkook understood it and he took it out in time." His mother's face turned to murd*rous in a second, changing quickly from the confused one. His nostrils flared,
his eyes darkened to the blue shade while his scent spiked in anger. He looked like the proper Luna of the Silver moon pack, someone anyone should be scared of because of how strict and dangerous he could be. "The necklace Minah gave was the one making you weaker?" he let out
slowly. The intensity of anger in his eyes was making Tae feel a bit insecure as he released a bit of the rotten strawberry smell of distress. He wasnt like this usually but he was sensitive, very very sensitive to scents these days. He didnt know why, but he was.
Sokjin immediately calmed down. Even smiled to get Tae's scent to become normal. Tae was very precious to them to let their anger distress the baby of their house. "Sweetheart, you have to tell me. Was it the one? Why didnt you tell us before?"
"J-Jungkook did not think it would safe saying that over letters since they could be intercepted easily a-and yes thats the necklace." "I cant believe this," Seokjim murmmered against his lips
Taehyung didnt say something. "Baby bear, forget about it. Your father and I will take care of the matter. Besides I actually came here to talk to you about something." Tae hummed. "What is it?"
"Its actually about Jungkook." He got up, "what about him?" "I have to ask you to keep calm darling." "What about /him/?"
"Keep calm and listen to me sweetheart. Tell me, Jungkook used to court someone before you went with him right?" Tae's heart rate started to pick up and he had to restrain himself from allowing his scent to go haywire. "Um, yeah, I guess."
"Jieun is a good girl," Seokjin said thoughtfully. "Okay. How does that relate to Jungkook now?" He did not have a good feeling about this. It was like if his inner wolf was active,his inner wolf would be protesting fearfully against what his mother could say.
"She relates in the sense of Jungkook. Didn't she say something when Jungkook announced you as mate?" "S-she couldn't. I think Jungkook told her that his father wanted him to mate me in an arranged way and that he couldn't defy his dad." Seokjin hummed. "So that means
Jungkook can go after her after you find your mate?" "Amma, I feel like there is soemthing more to your questioning. Can you just get to the point?" Seokjin sighed. "Okay fine. I was just ensuring Jungkook would have someone to go home to when you find your mate."
What was everyone's problem today? Everyone he was talking to was raising the same topic again and again and for what? Had they found the pure blood alpha? "Did you find my mate?"
Seokjin shook his head gently, "no baby but-" "No. Why are we even talking about Jungkook leaving when I havent found my absent mate yet?" His amma closed his eyes before opening them again, "its because Jungkook is an heir.
His coronation is very soon and he needs to find a worthy Luna for himself in time. You cant pretend to be his Luna then because that would wreck havoc when you need to leave with your alpha. He wouldnt have his Luna anymore then. We dont want to put Jungkook in that
position. Its not right for him. He needs to find his Luna to stand by him and you wont. You have been doing so yes, but you cant then because then it would become permenant, which you cannot give him."
Taehyung blinked. His heart stuttered in his chest painfully. "That..that is right." Seokjin nodded, not noticing the way Tae's face had withered, much like a soft petal being crushed when the realization of so many things dawned on him.
They had started long ago. Their story had started when they were three years old. They had shared so many memories together. Good, bad. Sometimes him saving Jungkook and sometimes Jungkook saving him. They weren't kin brothers. He would scoff at that. Reducing their
relationship to only pack members seemed was understatement. They were everything he knew a pair of mate defines. Through the years they spent together, slowly slowly they grew closer, as if a silver ribbon of fate was pulling them closer, but hw knew it was only their
hearts pulling each other. He fell in love with the heir he thought was bigoted before, grew his affections till he couldn't even control himself. He knew Jungkook had too. It was mutual, he could see in every single one of the stars in Jungkook's eyes, read the intensity
of the love and care he had for him. It was a slow process but they still fell in love. But it is impossible. Fate is cruel, he thinks, especially his fate. He had a supposed mate someone out there who he was meant to fall in love with just like that, something that
would apparently let him forgo all the love he had saved up for Jungkook in all these years. Something cruel. Being a pure blood was a curse it seems. Jungkook was right all those years ago. Pure bloods had a lot of pressure and the worst thing was they couldnt choose
their own mates. He couldnt either. "You-you are right, amma," he says softly, finally. "Jungkook deserves something permenant and I couldnt be that even if I tried." "Yes sweetheart, plus we also want to avoid him falling in love with you."
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "whatever do you mean by that?" Seokjin cupped his cheeks and looked at his adoringly, all anger and sternness washed away from his facial structures. "Have you seen yourself, darling?
You are the prettiest omega out there, and the sweetest baby. You are a pure blood too, no alpha could try and not fall in love with you." He stilled. Would that, would that mean Jungkook was just another alpha who would just fall for him? Who would have no option but to?
Oh fate Oh Moon goddess He was feeling quesy again and he made to lay down on his mothers lap, closing his eyes as he did so. His whole body was aching now, including his heart, his head and he just wanted to rest. Just rest. "So we cant do that to Jungkook, for all
he has done for you, the community, don't you think he at least deserves a notary love story that the Golden sun pack would retell all the young pups? Hmm?" "Yes," he gulped, "he did."
That night he refused to go outside the hut. Wolves came by and went away, Jungkook was still busy. He didn't want to go out, he just wanted to sleep, he was feeling extra moody today. While he was resting everything was fine, till he heard the hut door creak outside.
Something in the back of his mind was telling him to go and check who it was but he thought it might be Jungkook and that was his worst mistake.
A fear instilled in him as he detected a smell he wasnt looking forward to meeting tonight, let alone ever. It made him want to vomit. It was sour, so sour, it was like someone had intentionally put bitterness into its essence. He got up quickly.
Unconsciously keeping one of his hands on his lower stomach. His eyes widened when /she/ came in. The scent was a dead giveaway but she looked horrendous. Her hair was askew everywhere as the strands fell around her face much like a she demon
/Minah/ His scent spiked in fear. He was scared of her for some reason even he didnt know, but he felt like he was supposed to protect himself. She looked very dangerous. Usually she was calm and collected evil, now she looked the maddening kind of evil. Like she could
strangl* him now. Or st*b him, whichever was her style. "YOU, /pure blood/ excuse of an omega." He didnt get angry. Normally he would but he didnt feel the anger at all. Just wanted to protect himself. His inner wolf was still quiet.
He inched back as she stepped forward, into his bedroom, into Jungkook's den. His senses hightened and his wolf still remained quiet, agitating him. "Why are you even here?" he asked.
"You- you have ruined everything, all because I said that heir could be a /sh-t/-" "Do not bring Jungkook into this. You ruined everything yourself by creating a necklace to harm me, why do you gain by /that/?" He inched towards his bedside table, where he unpacked
Jungkook's knives into. She went still all of a sudden, something dawning in her eyes as her eyes began to shine the same evil way it did before. He now noticed how eery that look really was."You don't want to rid of the alpha heir because you like him" The fear
that was already rising in him bubbled up till his breathe stuttered in his chest. Nobody could know that, it would put Jungkook in danger given what they were.
"That is right, given the way that you reacted now, says the same too," she came nearer to him, as he took a knife in his hand, "tell me, pure blood, how did it feel knowing you got trapped in the bubble that heir put you over in?"
He inched the knife up, "w-what bubble are you talking about?" She scoffed, her face looking so ridiculous that it looked plain weird now. "You think the alpha heir really likes you?" "N-no I dont think that." "You have already created an illusion of some kind with him
I am sure, as /omegas/ tend to do. But do you know something, the thing is, he doesnt really like you if thats what he had been telling you." No, NO, in fact he hasnt been telling Tae at all about what he felt and that was what Tae was frustrated about that day when
they got together. "Honestly you-" "I can see it in your eyes. He will pretend you are the best thing ever, but dont you get it in your thick head, that he is doing all these to have /the/ pure bloods virginity in his plaque-" "F-ck you, he isnt like that you-"
"Okay let's believe he isnt for a second, but you like him still dont you? If he looks like he likes you thats a big lie, he is bound to like you because you are a pure blood omega, nobody will genuinely like you except your mate, get that into your head. Take your
status away and you will find, he wouldnt really like you. There is nothing likeable in you except youe statu-" "YOU," all of a sudden, Jungkook and Jimin barelled into their room
"How /dare/ you escape and come here of all places," Jungkook grabbed her and dragged her out of there by grabbing her hands. Jimin came to stood infront of him. Tae was too shaken up to actually take note of what was happening here. His heart beating out of his chest.
After taking her out, Jimin stayed in the room and turned to look at him, cupping his face gently. "I cant believe the first time I am seeing you after years is you all shaken up. Sweetheart, its okay. We already put her into the dungeon, I dont know how she got out
but we are gonna make sure that is never gonna happen." Tae nodded. Not exactly listening to anything properly
"Did she say something incriminating?" Tae just shook his head hesitantly, "she just scared me, thats all." Jimin nodded, "its okay darling. Do you want me to sleep and cuddle with you tonight?" "J-Jungkook-" "Well yeah, he will be outside yeah?
Like always? Isn't that how you both used to stay in other packs?" "Ah," he paused, processing what he said, "y-yeah we do." A metaphoric brick hit his head, "but its okay, you dont need to, just tell Jungkook not to go anywhere. I am just really tired."
Jimin left that night. Tae laid down on the bed. He knew Jungkook was not using him, but the thing was he liked Jungkook because of who he was, not because of his status but the option that Jungkook loved him back because of his status was looking more and more
probable the longer he was thinking about it. His mother said pure bloods were meant to have everyone fall in love with them, with their charms so did the mental woman. All through his years, he knew that was right. It was weird how he acted bratty but he still got
his way all the times. All the fuxking times. He wasnt blind to everyone adoring him, he wasnt blind to all the looks he always got. He always loved it even. Craved for it. That was his lifestyle, being everyone's centre of attention except Jungkook. Jungkook.
The alpha was the only one who didnt pay him the attention, not at least like that. The only one who never fell for Tae's charms. Perhaps, that was the reason Taehyung had fallen for him. Jungkook was so different, he was like a breathe of fresh air, he was everything
what normal wasnt for Tae. He fell for Jungkook because of those. Jungkook never fell for him before. But then they had to stay in the same place for a better part of the day, then Jungkook got to properly see him, be in the face of his /pure blood charms/
and thus fall in love with him. He thinks, perhaps everyone was right. Jungkook probably had fallen on love with his status only. Unknown to him sure because he knew the alpha wasnt a wolf like that.
Moreover, him falling in love with Jungkook was just bad news, the worst news. Because he did have an alpha out there. A pure blood one. He scoffed. A tear fell past nose his left cheek, then stained his pillow. He felt suffocated.
He couldnt even choose his own mate and the one he loves might only love him because of who he was. Sad, very sad. And cruel. He gave a dry laugh and heaved. Being a pure blood was definitely a curse. A curse that had bestowed on him because of something
he might have done in his past life. Moon Goddess why? Luna why? He closed his eyes tightly, more tear drops stained his pillow. He felt so suffocated.
And suddenly he couldnt breathe. He heaved and heaved. The tears falling non stop. He couldn't have Jungkook the love of his life and Jungkook might not want him either. Did anyone want him except someone he did not?
His parents sent him away because he probably was a burden to them, he was kept a secret, called an orphan. Why? Why... Why He loved being a pure blood but why was it just so hard
He paused his heaving when he heard someone came in. But the wildflowers scent reassured him so he just got up slowly still somehow not forgetting to put a hand carefully on his lower stomach. It was an unconscious move but he was doing that a lot these days, was his heat
coming? He thought through teary eyes. "Hey Tae," Jungkook called out as he came in, immediately coming near him when he noticed the tear tracks on his cheeks. "Have you being crying?"
"Jungkook tell me, do you love me?" Jungkook looked taken aback by that. His eyes widening in surprise, his hands stilling where it had wounded around Tae's middle. "What..kind of question is that? Of course I do-"
"Why do you love me, Gukkie?" Jungkook's expression tinted. He didnt retract his hands away from his waist yet. Tae had a crazed light in his eyes as he asked that. His pupils thrown wide, silver seeping into his irises
#taekookau "You, why are you asking this question suddenly, did that vile woman say something?" Tae shook his head stubbornly, "why dont you just say huh? Tell me why you love me." "Tae, this is /not/ the time to talk about why I love you or something, you need to
to tell me first what the woman did to you to get you so worked up. Baby-" "No f-ck you, no. You don't want to say huh? Fuxking fine don't say sh-t. yiu cant say anything anyways. Do you even love me?"
Jungkook looked shocked when he said that. His hands leaving his waist. Never had they properly talked about their feeling or whatever their relationship entailed before, never. Jungkook was shocked by the fact that Tae would ever bring in the part of emotions
because they both knew what kind if fragile relationship and situation they were in, given who they were. And he was hurt. Taehyung /knew/ what kind of situation they were in, what Jungkook felt.
At least that's what he thought. If Taehyung was already asking him that, he clearly didn't know how they felt. But asking him that would be fine if they weren't who they were. Admitting their feelings would be like stilling them, letting them out
for the world to dissect these spoken feelings because they were a dangerous couple. If they were on. So Tae's demand would probably put them in danger. He wanted to? He looked at Tae, properly looked at the pure blood omega.
His eyes were blown wide, tears falling drop by drop as the tears stained his pretty face. He looked beautiful in the dim light of their hut. He looked so so beautiful, with his button nose reddened a bit. But he also looked fragile. He wanted to wrap him in his arms.
but also he felt that a dirty something creeping into the crevice of his heart. Something like a snake. Realization dawned on him. Taehyung. He was so pretty, he was so perfect for him, he was everything Jungkook would ever dare to want in a mate.
Everything he could want. But he also was a pure blood. Someone who was meant to be someone else's mate. /true mate/ And Jungkook did not have and space in his world. Whatever there was now, it was only temporary. It would go away.
And he feared it was already starting to go away. If Tae.was his mate, he would understand their predicament, would tell him. But he wasnt and doubting was a dead give away that he could.never me. "Tell me please. I need to know, why do you love me?"
"I-" he faltered, "I am so sorry you had to see that woman, go through so many things. I am so sorry that I wasnt there to come protect you faster." Tae shook his head, closing his eyes. "That's not what I was asking. You-"
"Taehyung, I am sorry I made you doubt myself. You-" "I just want to know, why is it that you fell in love with me?" Jungkook closed his eyes
"Taehyung what do you mean by why?" Taehyung bursted. "What do I mean by /why/? I just wanted to if you fell in love with me because I am a pure blood like all the other normal alphas-" "WHAT, what did you just say?
I fell in love with you because you are a pure blood?" Jungkook scent spiked. Tae ignored it even though it felt like it pierced through his heart. "Yes! Yes you did-" "Fcxk you Taehyung, why the fuxk would you think I would do that- forget that, is that how
low you think of me?" His nostrils flared as his scent spiked in anger. Red seeped into his irises. Tae didnt back down. "No, no I dont. Thats what you did, everyone says-" Jungkook grabbed his arms tightly, Tae's eyes widened. For the first time, Jungkook hurt him.
"If you dont trust me, trust where my love stems for you, then there should be no us," Jungkook gritted his teeth, "there should have never been an us, but because you were stubborn and I was weak there was...there was. But-" "Yeah," Tae says, whispers
"Because you did not ever love me enough to fight for me, to want to be with me. It was always one sided." Jungkook got angrier. And in anger, he let go of Tae's arms only to smash his hand into the mirror beside the bed. With one smash, it broke to many pieces
till only the wick frame remained. "Fuxk YOU. Fuxk me for thinking you would ever look at anyone else except your fuxking mate-" "No, fuxk you. How dare you blame me for that-" "Me?," Jungkook gave out a crazed laugh, and all.of a sudden the alpha
flung his bl*od stained hand across Tae to smash the little basket of flower hanging from the wall. Tae's eyes widened. He was shocked beyond. Tae crossed his hands cupped his palms around both of his elbows as he squeezed into himself. Being scared of the alpha
for the first time in his life felt worser than he normally did. Jungkook seemed to realize his mistake too when he noticed the omega's scent soured innumerably. His eyes eyes widened as he stammered, "I- y-you" Tae shook his head, making himself small as tears
flooded his eyes. "L-Leave Jungkook" "Tae-" "Leave please. Its enough." Jungkook fisted his hands, the pain numb now over the pain from his chest. He gritted his teeth as he nodded and left shortly not looking back once
When he was sure the alpha left the hut, he collapsed on the floor, shivering all over, cradling his stomach as he did so. He started to bawl, crying his eyes out as his shoulder shook from the effort. Everything hurt, it hurt so bad. His heart, his head, his mind
everything. Everyone was right. He remembered. /Everyone/ was right. A pureblood was a curse. A status was everything. Everyone fell in love with him because he was a pure blood, the man he loved too. Jungkook pointed out the fact that he was a pure blood again
and again, always, even when they started this impromptu whatever it was. Why was everything so sh-tty. Everyone could go to hell for all he cared but it hit hard when the wolf he loved loved him back only because of his status. It made him feel dirty and suffocated.
So suffocated that it made him get up, wipe away his snot and square his shoulders. He needed to go. His alpha wasn't here. The alpha he loved didn't love him back the same way, didn't see him the same way. It would be a hassle for everyone if he was here.
He had no other reason to stay here. He needed to leave. And fast. As fast as possible, before Jimin hyung or Jungkook came to check on him. He knew Jungkook would, the alpha was pretty self righteous.
— Thinking about what happened was just making him feel quesy. He had this bad feeling in the lowest part of his stomach that there was something grave happening. And somehow all these thoughts led to the fight they had. Taehyung had never questioned their relationship
much less his feelings for him. No matter how unspoken they were. At first he was angry at the pure blood omega, then he got angry at himself for acting like that. He knew Tae had a taxing day today with the mental omega woman over the fact that these days his omega
was feeling a bit down. He shouldn't have done that, should have just given a straight answer because Tae had been /wrong/ anyways. Because of that he went back twenty minutes later in his wolf form, having drifted away while walking towards no direction and thinking
it would be faster in his four legs than one. His omega's and his scent was everywhere in the hut when he entered. /his/ That word sounded dirty in his mouth especially when he remembers the fact of what Taehyung was. The very thing that was the root to everything
in his life. But he cant dwell on it more because the scents mingling perfectly calmed him down. He knocked on the bedroom door before going in. His eyebrows furrowed when he didn't see Tae anywhere. His scent was still very much prevalent in the room, which meant
he was here but- was he in the washroom? No he wasnt. Did he go outside? He sniffed around the room, his snout pushing into their bedding to get a proper inkling as to where he could go
His heart beat started to rise for no reason. The bad feeling that was already there started to bubble up. He followed the scent and went outside the hut. His heart beat rising with every step he took outside the hut. It dropped when it led to the forest. The forest
on the opposite side, where it led to the no wolf's land. Not the one with the Golden sun pack. He rushed right ahead. His head becoming a mess the more he thought about where more the forest led to, all of it to dangerous places. He was panicking now, because why was
Tae's strawberry scent here forming a trail up to nowhere. Where could he could have gone. Unbeknownst to him, his wolf grew more agitated as his scent spiked dangerously. His eyes reddening as he did so. He paused all of a sudden
and went feral. It made him go insane. Howling so loud that had roused other wolves and made them run to him, alerted that something was up. They watched with wide eyes as they saw the calm and strong alpha heir of the Golden sun go ballistics in the middle of the forest.
With no clue in sight. Some of theirs scent stenched in fear at the showcase of raw, continuous howling. Some of the wolves parted to give into the now alpha and luna of the pack. Yoongi growled in anger and protectiveness as Jimin stepped forward hesitantly. Jimin just whined
back at him. They talked a bit in their mindlink before Yoongi finally conceited and let his omega go towards Jungkook, who was seeing red only. Jimin shifted to his human form when the howling turned louder. His brother sounded like he was in deep pain and his own
heart was breaking at that. All the other wolves averted their eyes to respect their luna. Only Yoongi was looking at the pair. Jimin bent down to Jungkook's level and cupped the wolf's face. The wolf bared his teeth at him, the howl stopping momentarily. Jimin
let out a loud gasp when he saw Jungkook's eyes flickering gold for a sliver of a second before it shifted to its normal red. His gasp made Yoongi come to them in urgency. Jimin sat back on his hands in shock. Was it a fragment of his imagination? As far as he knew
only pure blood alphas had golden eyes. He looked at Jungkook again. It might have been just his imagination because the alpha had normal red eyes now. He shook his head and clutched the alpha's head tightly. The alpha's scent not suffocating him because he was already mated.
"Jungkook! Jungkook, darling, look at me. Its me!! It me Jimin, your brother pup," Jungkook stopped howling to look at him. His red eyes were covered in a layer of tears, the pain swirling in the gaze, something that broke his hear. "Jungkook, tell me what is it?" he whispered.
/Taehyung/ /Taehyung?/ Jimin brows furrowed at that. /What about him?/ /He-he-/ Jimin patted the midnight black fur that was completely unseen in the night.
/His scent is gone/ "Taehyung's scent is gone?" he said outloud, Yoongi's head perking up in alertness at that. /Gone/ Like a pin dropped, it wrecked all havoc in the pack.
It was said Jungkook went on to howl all too suddenly when he lost trail of the pure blood omega. The whole Silver moon pack's royal family kept a strong upfront, almost like they were unaffected at the news of one half of the true mates, a pure blood omega, their youngest
son going missing but Jimin knew better. He knew Taehyung but not well enough to worry his very bones to nothing like the parents were doing. Or go feral like Jungkook and a bit unstable like Yoongi went. But he was worried yes. Worried in the sense that Tae was
by extension his own brother too. But along with that he could read in between the lines by observing the same people in their states of dealing with Tae being missing. All of the Silver moon's royal family were worried inside, it was a given. But his brother, his
brother was another case. Growing up, he understood all the nook and cranny of the crevice of Jungkook's heart. He understood his brother wasn't a normal alpha. Not being short tempered, not being arrogant, not being anything like the normal alpha stereotype.
Being shy. How a lot of the omegas and betas ran after him and he just remained humble. But one thing he thought he knew about Jungkook was, his brother hated Taehyung. Hates pure bloods, the whole concept. But it seemed he might have been wrong or partially right about ir
Jungkook didn't hate Tae anymore. In fact, hate might be the opposite of what his brother feels. Given the way Jungkook reacted and the way he was now. His eyes were yet to come to normal and he did not change to his human form once. His heart broke more for his brother
when he realized something else. The fact that his brother was up for a bigger heartbreak than this one when they found the pure blood alpha. Falling in love with a pure blood was a curse. A curse because one could only look at them from afar, never get to have them as theirs.
And he couldnt really blame Taehyung though he wanted to. Not that Tae wasnt loveable but that was the problem, he was too loveable. It was a pure blood trait. Maybe his brother fell a bit too hard because they have being pretending mates since they were of age.
That was something they couldnt have avoided however. He just wished his brother hadnt got stuck in the middle because of it. On the other hand, along with Tae, just like his scent, Hobi had gone missing too. His parents-in-law were a bit calmed by the fact but
Jungkook wasnt. It was given. Jimin was worried too because apart from being an omega, Tae was a pure blood omega and he didn't know what would happen if someone were to get a whiff of that. His scent without Jungkook's meant he would be exposed to the world
and it made his heart drop at that. He clutched Yoongi's head to his chest. It was night time again, almost a day that the youngest prince was gone. He could feel Yoongi's sadness through their link and he wanted to appease it. Even though they have been apart
all their lives, it didnt mean Yoongi was a slacking brother. He was the best alpha leader, he was a best everything, even a mate and a will be father. "Hey, he is gonna be okay hmm? Hobi did go with him. Yoongi, calm down." Yoongi nuzzled his mate mark.
"He goes missing the day he comes here, what does that make me as a brother, a leader?" "Hey hey, he wasnt kidnapped, we know that, otherwise Hobi wouldn't have gone missing too. You know Hobi. He will keep him safe." Yoongi sighed against him, "I can only hope so."
— Hobi walked and walled and walked. It must have been days since they got out of the Silver moon pack. Probably a month. The everlasting forest kept on going and going. Their appearances spoke of how tired they really were. But despite the leaves and gravels stuck
to his hair and face, Tae still managed to outshine everything in the forest. With days the little bump in Tae's lower stomach grew and Tae's own care towards it grew but ofcourse he still didnt know. Or was blatantly ignore it altogether.
Had it been two months? From his knowledge the bump looked way bigger than it was supposed to but maybe it was just a pure blood trait. "Tae, are you hungry?" The omega ignored him and stumbled on the bare forest floor before righting himself. "Look, Hobi,
look at the groove of trees there." Hobi did and raised one of his eyebrow at the figure nestled in between the tree. Was she trying to be subtle with her staring now? Even Tae caught her. He rolled his eyes as Tae rushed towards the figure.
The figure looked up in surprise at Tae and looked back at Hobi in urgency, a look of fear in her eyes. Hobi wanted to laugh at her expression. Tae was looking at her as if he was seeing a woman for the first time in his life, much like when he was a child.
"You..." She came upto to attention all of a sudden, "Kim Taehyung." His eyes widened comically. Hobi kept a hand over his mouth to hide his smile. "You know me?" She smiled, Hobi gagged, "ofcourse I know you. I have to know one half of the true mates yes?"
"Who are you?" She shared a look with Hobi, "I am the witch of North." Taehyung's eyes coloured silver as he took a step back, his hand protectively going over his bump, "a witch?" "Yes, a witch who is going to look after you." "Me?!" "Yes you, pureblood omega."
Tae stilled himself. "You do. Witch of the North then help me find my mate." The temperature of the forest dropped as the witch peered confusedly at him. Hobi bit his lips. "What do you mean by help you find, my moon?"
"Help me find my mate." "But I," she looked at Hobi, "thought you already found your mate." Tae huffed in annoyance, not having the patience to deal with an uncultured witch, "if you claim yourself as a witch, you are supposed to know I haven't found my mate yet."
The way he says it seems to irk the witch as her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, "just because your a pure blood omega-" "Witch of North,what he meant was he doesnt know who his mate his-" "But-" "Oh okay. Well I thought it was common knowledge given the fact that
you are already carrying his child." "WHAT?!" Hobi gave out a hesitant laugh as Tae's eyes coloured silver once again, this time brighter than it was before. Tae looked at him in rage, fired up, his aura turning threatening all of a sudden.
He went to say something but then again all of a sudden Tae came forward and fell over him, becoming dead weight and then going still. He let out a yelp when he realized the omega had fainted. The witch tutting disapprovingly
To Taehyung, everything was spinning. And he felt like he was drifting around without any weight, the gravity lost and his essence lost in nothingness. The absence of his inner wolf had been heavily missed by him but at the same time the absence meant he could detect
his mate's presence and thus did not need to be near him. But that didnt mean he didnt feel the absence deep inside his bones or his very being. He felt bad bad but he kept on going through the forest like always, like he was the three year old pup adjusting in the
Golden sun pack. Now he was dreaming, dreaming of a time where Jungkook loved him and they had a family. It was a good dream until his father, Namjoon, called them in a urgent meeting for some reason. He woke up with a start when he felt time slipping through his fingers.
He got up and groaned, voices nearing him almost instantly as he whined again. The bed was too shaky for his liking. He opened his eyes and let out a shriek of surprise when the first thing he saw was an unknown woman.
He was on a hut with no walls, only pillars of wood. He was laying on a fragile, shaky piece of raw wood as Hobi and someone sat beside him. "Omega, do you remember me? Witch of the north?" Witch of the north... He looked urgently at Hobi before it settled in his mind.
Much like a tap opening. Witch...mate...pregnant.. Jungkook He skittered away from the witch in panic, "s-stay away from me. I dont want mental wolves near me." "A wolf? You could have gone better, omega." "Tae.."
Tae's eyes snapped to Hobi in alarm, "what is it?" Hobi bit his lower lip, looking guilty as his eyes darted around. His stance was down. And for the first time it felt like Tae was seeing someone else new completely. Not the person who always was someone he could trust.
Almost like someone he didnt know because Hobi was never the type of person to look that guilty in his whole.lofe because he simply didnt have anything to feel guilty about. "Hobi...Hobi, no please tell me she is lying." Hobi remained quiet. "Please, Hobi"
Tears started to gather like crystal drops in his eyes as he looked at him pleadingly. Hobi shook his head as he clutched his head in his hands, "isn't that what you wanted?" Tae shook his head as he started to cry fully, his shoulders shaking as he cried against
Hobi's neck. His whole being shaking as Hobi patted his back. His own tears spilled out one by one. Seeing the person he was tasked to protect break down like this was something else. All his life, he has been trying to save him and he did every single thing to save him and in
turn he knew he hurt him and there was no other possibilities. "That, Hobi please, I cant" "Tae, you are strong, yes you can." Tae parted from him and shook his head, shoving him away as he did so and wiped his tears away, looking at the witch instead.
"I am pregnant?" Surprisingly that was the first question that came to his mind. Through the crying mess that he was. The witch's eyes crinkled as she smiled, "you are yes." Tae tried to poke his inner wolf to confirm that but to no avail, ot remained blank
"How can I trust both of you on that?" "I am a witch. I know thing far unseen to normal ones eyes." "I am a pure blood, I am supposed to see unseen things too and yet I dont know." Hobi remained quiet as the woman shrugged
*warning: this might be the right time(a bit late lol) to put in this, this story contain mpreg🔞, so if you are uncomfortable with that please dont read! You have been warned.*
"well, you are a pure blood sure but without your inner wolf it is hard to see the unseen things." His eyes hardened, so she knew about that too. He hadnt told anyone that, not explictily. "But how do you prove it then?" "Feel your lower stomach. Your pup is a strong one,
you can feel its presence easily. Just concentrate on only that." He did and surprisingly he felt a presence or something else of a kind. His heart started to beat in his chest as he felt the smallest beat in his stomach.
His hands stilled however, was there only one presence? But he was sure he could feel something more. He kept quiet about it however, understanding that the witch hadnt detected that. And then the realization stumbled to him, he was pregnant, /pregnant/ with...
with Jungkook and his child. Their child. The tears that dried off in his eyes started to fall again as he started to cry again. Sh-t sh-t this wasnt happening to him, this couldnt be real. It was so unfair. He didnt know if he should be happy, not happy what should he be
and that was making him mad. He should be happy if not for sh-tty Jungkook, he had to be self righteous. He wanted to punch the alpha. He should be happy, which omega wouldnt like having a little versions of him and the love of his life running around. Him apparantly
and all because of that alpha. Sh-tty as*hole He hated him. Oof. All the problems was because of him. And he made him pregnant too. Was that why he couldnt eat anything these days. No, now he had more reason to not like the alpha. Where was he. He was supposed to
care for him now. There was something in the back of his mind that was itching him. He was pregnant with Jungkook's child and he was a pure blood omega.... He wasnt supposed to get pregnant with an alpha who wasnt a pure blood one. He wasnt...
Unless. He turned to Hobi, "J-Jungkook is the pure blood alpha?" Hobi's eyes remained the same as he nodded slowly. "Yes," the witch said, "the pure blood alpha who has been hiding since forever, he is your mate." Fainting was a good option now but he couldnt faint now.
Surprisingly he didnt but his mind took it in a stride, like he had a flashback to when he was testing Jungkook's pure blood qualities out. As far as he remembered he had only passed one, the scent one
"How-how can you say that he is my mate? He doesn't act like a pure blood alpha." She chuckled, "everyone would think that no? But could you tell me how a pure blood alpha is supposed to be?" "Mightier and someone who could definitely detect me,"he told without any hesitancy
She hummed, "there is a reason he cant detect you of course. But we are not dwelling on that, we should be dwelling on the mightier factor. He is mightier." "He isnt. He doesnt have the leadership qualities my appa does, he isnt anything like the ideal alpha is supposed to be."
"But you fell in love with him anyways, doesnt that speak volumes about what he really is." Tae huffed, refusing to admit that his luck could be that good, that in this life Jungkook and him were meant to be together. So what if he was pregnant, the wolves didnt really
know about pure bloods, its what they are guessing from old, documented transcripts. Since he is pregnant maybe he could get pregnant by normal, royal alphas. Had his wolf being active, it would have refused the notion vehemently but it wasnt. "So what if I fell for him?
My feelings arent hardwired to only fall for the pure blood alpha like my fate is." "Well fate works in her mysterious ways I would say. My question is you and I both know you always treated and thought about Jungkook differently than others."
He opened his mouth and closed it right back again. "Look Tae," Hobi began, Tae refused to look at him, "we grew up together. You always was the centre of attention in the pack, you know it and you gave everyone the attention they demanded from you, be it in a bad way or a good
one but you did, but you never gave any attention to Jungkook at first. He was the royal heir, the only royal pup in your class and you yourself you were a royal too but you never even tried to talk to your fellow royal. Never, not until he was the only one who deafeated
you in wrestling. That shows something doesnt it? You treated him differently than all the others, why was that? What did he have that made you ignore him like that?" Tae bit his lip and kept his mouth stubbornly shut. All those instances Hobi talked about going over his head.
He had treated Jungkook differently when they were pups. He ignored him because he thought, even as a child, Jungkook was leading the life he was supposed to however he never saw the other royal pup then, Jimin hyung, like that. He started to actually hate the alpha when
he was the only one who defeated him, the only one but then he had won against Jungkook once. Though he had felt Jungkook had been lax during that. Did the alpha do that to protect him? "See Tae, you hated him and he apparantly hated you too but he always
protected you, why was that?" The witch hummed again, "Yep. Any alpha isn't kind enough to see someone else's mate as his, but Jungkook's human form did. However, his wolf wouldn't have been okay with it, if you weren't its Luna." The thoughts started to grip his head like
in a vice. He couldn't think properly. "Any royal alpha wolf being okay with /acting/ to be someone else's mate?" she snorted disgustingly, "the wolf would probably kil* itself and its human form." Jungkook. Jungkook wasnt just okay, he was not just okay. His wolf had seen
him as a mate. He started to laugh all of a sudden. Hobi grabbing his shoulders because then he shook so violently that he had to be held. Then he started to crying silently. Jungkook...he couldnt believe Jungkook was his mate. He was crying, now bawling his silver eyes off.
"I am sorry, you dont know sorry I am", Hobi whispered right against his ear. He could feel the sincerity seep into his nose buds. " I had no other but to not tell you. I am sorry." He only shook harder. "W-why, just why."
"I couldnt tell you, luna, I couldnt. And I am so sorry," Hobi sat on his knees, beside where he was sitting, "I am sorry." He just shook his head and wiped his tears away. He would have to deal woth this later, when he wasnt infront of Hobi and the witch. "Tell me why
you hid that from me." Hobi looked at him sadly but he didnt say anything. "He couldnt do that to you both." Tae looked up to meet her eyes, "he couldnt put you both at risk, at least more than you were already."
"Risk? Wouldn't I be safer if I knew my mate?" "You would be if your mate himself was aware of what he was. A pure blood alpha not knowing about his own status meant trouble, meant anyone could use it against anyone infact. How would Alpha keep you safe when he himself
didnt know the potential of the risk." His eyebrows furrowed, "that's what I am asking, why weren't we both aware of that fact?" "You smelled him right? Did he smell like a pure blood to you? To anyone? You did, he didnt. Even his own mate couldnt detect him"
That stung him like someone had slapped him right across the face. More and more being a pure blood seemed like more a burden than a blessing. He couldnt still register the fact that Jungkook, /Jeon Jungkook/, the impossible wolf, was finally possible to him and yet
even as a mate, on the very first step, he had failed to recognize his own mate. But at the same time, he had to some extent. He had fallen in love with the alpha despite thinking that he was unavailable to him. He had though he hadn't known explicitly, his heart had
always considered Jungkook as a mate. "But...why is that? Why couldnt I smell him, why couldnt anyone know he was my other half?" "Well, do you remember a time, far back in time, when you were about eight years old?", she looked at Hobi for confirmation who just nodded.
"I-yes, I do." "Do you also remember how Jungkook lost his mother in the cursed pond by the west side of the forest when they went to bathe in the river beside it?" And the vice that was surrounding his heart started to break as instead a kind of pin of dread settled in..
He had remembered the time vividly because it was when he had started to feel something but ignorance for the alpha. It was also the time Jungkook had gone through a massive trauma of not being able to save his own mother at the age of eight. When he had refused to change into
his wolf form for thirty days, a whole month. "The trauma..." "Yep, he had blamed his wolf, at /eight/ for not being able to save his amma. His wolf took a hit at that. Plus adding the fact that he was a pure blood alpha and had more things to handle with his wolf,
his wolf subsided. The pure blood side subsided, while the more subdued version remained." "Jungkook," he whispered, "Jungkookie" and all of a sudden it didnt matter if they were mates or not, what mattered was he just wanted to comfort the love of his life. The only
alpha who mattered. Status gone, everything gone, them stripped bare with only themselves to love. "His pure blood side is detached from him now that's why you couldn't detect him. No one could. However I think that wont be an issue anymore." "What-" Before he could
even begin to comprehend what to say, his nose picked up a horde of different unfamiliar scent. Hobi and the witch looked at each other in alarm as Tae got up from his place hesitantly. Danger, it was danger knocking right against their door.
"Luna, we need to go, fast." "Yeah I- I got that, but I am confused, who-" A howl that bordered along to a roar went into the air. "I normally wouldn't be scared but you cant turn, and we need to run, /fast/." "Yeah okay, but who are they?"
They started running as the witch ran with them. "They, they are wolves your alpha mate wouldn't like you meeting, the rogue ones that live far up the mountain." "/Them?/ but don't they live far from here? Its on the opposite side, after my appa's pack, but-"
The witch didn't have the time to reply back as they took off as fast they could. Tae's heart started to beat fast in his chest. Adrenaline rushed past his ears. He could hear the group of them stampeding across the forest floor right behind them, if they slowed down
they would just come out from being the imaginary straight treeline and come at them. He knew the rogues, knew then well. Jungkook had already had a fight with them during his training period and it was a hit he was sure they couldn't forget.
"They," she huffed, out of breath already, "they are after you because they already know you are the pure blood omega. They want to forcefully mate you with one of theirs-" "But how is that even possible," he replied back, equally as strung. "It doesnt hurt to try does it?!"
She almost screamed as she jumped over a thick root. Nobody knew where they were going except the witch he reckoned. "Ugh," he held on as he pushed his own wits, cradling his stomach carefully still in between his arms. "There!", a voice called out and the
amplitude of his heart beat started to increase more. They wanted to mate him, even if they couldn't he didn't know what they would do to him, to his body. He could take one alpha, but not a group, especially a group. His scent spiked in fear, he had to protect him and his baby
he had to. "Fuxk, quick Luna, here," the witch called out, veering right. His heartbeat drummed in his ears but only the sound of foreign footsteps in his ears. Sh-t, he just got to know his mate was Jungkook and he was carrying their child, he would be damned if
he could let go of that now. The witch led them to a deeper, far deeper, part of the forest. And there, between the canopy of the dense forest, like a stone cave. Almost hidden in between everything and he couldnt almost see, except his pure blood qualities helped him.
They ducked in the canopy and went inside the cave. Whistling past the entrance fo stand hard against the wall. He was breathing hard as shouts surrounded them from the outside. "Cant see him anymore." "Then sniff him out, mutt." He heart stuttered in fear.
"Fuxk, his scent ends here. Fuxk look around, where the fuxk could that omega have gone?" So the charms Hobi had set last time had worked again this time. "WAIT, what is that?" His eyes widened. "There! Right there!" His heart took up speed again.
He held his breathe as they ran past the cave and far, far away from them. The witch let out a sigh.of relief looking at him, "I apologize for that, Luna. Hacking up this form is taking too much of my energy, so I couldn't use my power to save you." He just waved his hands.
"I am just gonna take a quick rest here" He forfeited looking around as he sat on the large rocks and laid on it. His eyes getting droopy as the adrenaline disappeared and he was tired all of a sudden, very tired. He closed his eyes. — He woke up to a bonfire
roaring right infront of his face. "Luna, you are awake!" "Why do you call me a Luna? I am not mated to Jungkook yet and he isn't the head alpha of Golden sun yet." he asked groggily, wiping of the sleep from his eyes. "You-" "I didn't ask you Hobi," he snapped,
feeling angry still at the other. Hobi withered. "Okay. Its because you are considered as the Luna of the whole wolf being since you are one half of the true mates. True mates are the wolves' parents right? Destiny has something greater in works for you
so to respect you and the Moon goddess, we call you that." He nodded. That made sense. But he didn't really want to find out what kind of greater good he was going to do when his life felt like a mess. "You dont seem to believe my words?"
He shook his head, "its not that. Its just that I dont know what greater good we are supposed to do. In mind, there is nothing notary left to do." "Thats something you and the Alpha is supposed to know." He nodded again and got up to sit properly as the witch passed
him a large piece of meat. "I had a question," he says in between bites, "how can I relieve Jungkookie from his punishment and bring his pure blood side out?" He got right down to asking whatever was on his mind because he was more than familiarized with the fact that Jungkook
was his mate. How? He always saw him as his mate anyways, thinking his /real/ mate was an absent one when in fact Jungkook was always right there, taking care of him. He could giggle at the irony of that.
"You don't have to worry about it anymore actually." He furrowed his brows in confusion, "why is that?" She gave out a loud snort that startled him, then looked at him amusedly. "You true mates are something else arent you?" He tilted his head.
Hobi put more wood into the fire. The air was thin, not that humid, around them and it seemed to appease his belly. "By now, what it has been around one month you left?" He nodded slowly. "And you are planning to go back right?" He nodded again.
"Though you cant, she murmmured to herself. His ears perked up, "why cant I?" "Oh because, by now everyone is aware that Kim Namjoon's youngest son, Kim Taehyung is the pure blood omega and everyone is after you." "I get that, but I would be safer with Jungkookie, I need to
reach him, no?" "No you cant!" Hobi said loudly, all of a sudden. "Why cant I?" he snapped at him again, his face marred in anger. "Let me tell you," the witch cut in.
"There might have been another problem with Jungkook that I didnt mention yet." His heart rate started faster again. Could he honestly ever get his share of calm and peace, never it seemed. "What is it?", he whispered in the air.
"You disappearing might have triggered Jungkook's pure blood side to wake up and wreck havoc everywher-" "But thats good news!! He woke up," he paused, looking at the witch's kind of grave face, "isnt it?"
"It would have been yeah, if that did not put Jungkook in a wolf coma. He isnt processing himself, only his wolf is in control. He isnt listening to anyone and moreover to himself and he got more unstable." A wolf coma, meaning he couldnt change his form to his human one.
Meaning he wasnt rational anymore. Meaning thar Taehyung cannot expect him to come save him or protect him.when he himself couldn't make sense of the world around him. His wolf also wasnt in control, they both were in a constant fight with each other for power.
That meant they were not in their right mind to come save him. Oh Jungkook. How was he coping now..he must have gone raw berserk and what if someone hurt him in this form. What if someone got to know Jungkook was a pure blood and took advantage of his this form.
"But, how was it even possible? Because he couldnt find me?" "That and," she snapped her fingers against each other. Almost immediately Tae bent over because of the pain from his neck. His hand went there to hold it, "ow" "Because your mating process is still incomplete."
"My mating process...he did court me but is courting that serious that his wolf went mental for that?" "Uh no," she looked at Hobi, "he put his claiming mark on you and claimed you." "WHAT...but thats not possible." "It is, he knotted you and you got pregnant, you think
he wont place his claiming mark on you?" "But- but he didnt ask for my permission-" "Do you really mind he didnt?" "No but, we didnt talk about it before." "Yeah, his wolf is crazy for you, head over paws, dont blame the poor pure blood alpha."
He tried, he swears he tried to fight down the blush to rise, but he still pinked furiously all over. Even his ears tinged red. "I- but I didnt see the mark though? Even Jungkook didnt notice it?" he prodded, wanting to veer his giddiness away.
"Thats because Hobi hid it-" "/what/-", he looked at Hobi furiously who only looked like a mouse caught in a trap. "Ta-Tae-" "Dont blame the poor guy. All of us were trying to avoid from this from happening but look at fate it still happened"
"What?" he rolled his eyes, "me running away?" "Nah, Jungkook going into the wolf coma. Imagine this, he doesnt like the concept of pure bloods much does he?" Tae shut up and mutely nodded his head.
"From what Hobi tells me, he really didnt. Perhaps he opened up because of you but the sentiment is the same. Imagine would he have been okay with knowing before that he was a pure blood? He blamed his wolf so little, imagine what kind of sh-tty relationship he had have
with his wolf now for the punishment. The wolf and him are not united like you and your omega is, like all the other wolves. He is different and we know he wouldnt be okay with knowing his real identity. If he saw the claim, he would have known and blamed his wolf for
claiming you without your permission, then another fight with the wolf, more unrest. We hid everything from you and him to stop him from spiralling. Wanted to do everything slowly so as to get Alpha more open to the fact of being the pure blood alpha. It didnt go
accordingly however. Now we have to think of something else. We hope understand Luna, how important it is for us, yes?" He remained quiet, going over everything that she said.
Technically that was true. Jungkook wouldn't have been okay with finding out he was a pure blood when he himself looked down on it. And he thought the process they meant has to be somehow related to him. Perhaps, they had hoped he would somehow- since Jungkook listened
to him, cared for him- coax the alpha into accepting himself as a pure blood alpha but instead he ran away and Jungkook was forced to face his true self because the wolf couldnt stay stable without completing the mating process.
He should be near his mate now, that much he owed to Jungkook. He put his other hand- the one without the food on it- over his stomach, his alpha deserved to know about his pregnancy. No matter how risky it might be for him, he has to reach Jungkook. He vocalized his thoughs.
The witch's eyes widened as did Hobi's. "You /can't/-" "Why the hell not?" "Are you planning to risk your pups for this?" He shook his head stubbornly, "I am a pure blood omega, I am different than other wolves, stronger, I can keep my pup safe-"
#taekookau "Not if your inner wolf is gone, you cant." "About that," he says thoughtfully, " why is my inner wolf absent? It couldn't be because of the mating process being incomplete, it got absent way before that."
"That's something only Jungkook can solve actually. I, personally, have wondered about it but I think it has something to do with his pure blood alpha." "It could be because our mating process is incomplete too right?"
"I dont really think so. You were with him when your inner wolf went ia right?" He nodded. "So? It cant be because of that. I think its somehow related to his pure blood side, I am pretty sure actually. True mate pair is something else."
He nodded again. He had a feeling however that he would somehow reach Jungkook before his pregnancy ends. He would. However, he didn't know how. He would have to think of something. — Waking up while pregnant was not something Jimin always looked forward to but he couldn't
stay asleep because his naughty unborn pup was pressing mischiviously against his urinary bladder. He woke up Yoongi too and the head alpha willingly followed him to the washroom. After he was done and feeling relieved, he remembered his other pressing issue at hand.
His brother: Jungkook. The past month and a half had been weird to say the least. He didnt expect his sweet alpha brother would turn out to be a one of a kind just like that. He hadnt expected that at all because no one in his family did.
Yes his brother was a very different from how normal alphas were but he didn't think of that as something that extraordinary so didn't his former pack members, including his appa. Infact, as far as he knew, his appa wanted Jungkook to turn out as one but the elders had said
it was impossible given his brothers qualities. Then he /presented/ to be a normal alpha. Everything was as it was supposed to be. But then he goes and present /again/ as a pure blood alpha this time- far later than he was supposed to- because his true mate had went
missing. That had shocked everyone out of their wits. The pure blood alpha everyone was looking for so so hardly and awaiting his welcome so impatiently was no one else but someone he had known all his life. Someone everyone knew. But more than shock, he felt sadness.
He was Jungkook's brother after all. He was meant to feel his brothers sadness and pain like his own. To be punished by his own wolf... To be forced to present like this, in this manner... To be unable to change to his human form and act like a raw /animal/ That wasn't who
his brother was. But apparently fate had other issues. So unlike others he had went to check on his brother daily, despite Jungkook not really paying him the attention, despite his wolf snapping at him, he always did.
And for some reason, tonight, in the middle of the night, he felt like checking on his brother. So he looked at Yoongi with puppy dog eyes when the elder shook his head at him in reprimand. Yoongi sighed still shaking his head. Jimin increased the intensity of his puppy
eyes, "please, Yoongi." Yoongi sighed again and finally, /finally/ nodded. He yelped in happiness and skipped his way to the outside of their hut, Yoongi following closely behind his paws. It warmed his heart however, that even though his brother wasnt in the right
sense of comprehending who was who, or where he was, basically living his life like an animal, he somehow thought Jimin as the most precious in the pack. Why, you ask. Its because, every night without fail, Jungkook comes to lay his big, dark wolf on the spot right
outside Jimin's hut. Every single night. It was probably Jungkook's way of showing his love and affection for his kin and Jimin deeply appreciated it. No matter what
So imagine his shock when he goes out and sees the usual spot Jungkook's wolf occupies being empty. His heart took to beating faster for some unknown reason. He looked at Yoongi who just shook his head, "I will search for him, I promise. You, please stay here Jimin-ah"
Jimin nodded slowly. And then the chaos started. It was reported that Jungkook's wolf had beaten up one of the border wolves black and blue and ran away from the pack. Only leaving behind his strong scent in his awake
Jimin had this really bad feeling in his stomach as anxiety rigged him. He felt there was something awfully wrong at works here. He just hoped wherever he went he was safe. But then a thought whispered Did his brother go on his own or was he taken?
Namjoon was worried out of his mind, so much so that Seokjin felt the worry seeping in their bond. After his youngest son was born, Seokjin feels that as parents they might have failed. As the Alpha and Luna of the Silver moon pack, they were the best but as parents, they
might not have. They sent away their youngest when he was only a three year old pup to the Golden sun pack because it was close to an impossible task to keep Tae in the Silver moon pack, not because of who he was but because of what Tae used to do then.
Tae used to get lost in the forest that separated the Golden sun and Silver moon pack. It was a daily occurance. From when he learned how to crawl he would go into the forest. Seokjin used to get anxiety attacks everytime Tae went missing. But then, he realized, once they
were visiting the Golden sun pack that Tae probably wanted cross the forest and come to this pack, not the forest persay. How did they understand that? It was during their one week stay in the said forest. When they realized Tae did not go missing for a whole week
when he used to go into the forest every single time. They were already aware of Tae been a potential pure blood but sadly so did a lot more, dangerous wolves. Another thing they doubted was Tae might have found his mate right here in the Golden sun pack. So considering
everything and with heavy hearts, the parents took a grave decision. To send their youngest son away. Seokjin didnt want to at first but Namjoon insisted, for this he fought with his mate a lot even.
Perhaps in retrospect he shouldn't have sent his youngest away like that. They were strong, they probably could have protected him but then Tae would have been exposed to the pressure and everything someone of his status would be subjected to. And there was a risk of having
Tae being lost too. He was only doubting their decision because perhaps, then he could have had more time to spend with his son and coddle him with the love he deserved, now he wouldn't look for the same affection because now he found his mate.
The second decision was trusting that mental /she/-wolf. He should have known that he couldnt have trusted anyone with his precious son, no one. Only him and his mate. But hw made a grave mistake by doing so. Regardless of it all, he was thinking about what his son
or how his son might be now. Wherever he was, he opened he was okay. He knew Tae wasnt kidnapped, Hobi, the pure blood omega's life guardian was missing along with him too. As long as Hobi was there, his son will be safe too.
It was to their bestest luck, that the parents had somehow managed to let a divine son be tangled in a life oath with their son. It wasn't always they got to have a wizard shape shifter to bind with them. But they got Hobi to do so with Tae's life. Hobi would have to
give up one of his ten lives if Tae died too before he is supposed to. So that was something. For an immortal, it was a lot but they got it for their son, for one half of the true mate.
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and he was more than happy with it. But that did not make him stop worrying. Jungkook was gone now too. He hoped both the pure bloods will be okay. He knew Jungkook didn't need protecting because his wolf would kil* anyone on his way to get to his omega he presumes.
He sighs and nuzzles his nose on his mates scent gland. Everything will be fine, it has to be. — Tae was now four months into his pregnancy and as days went by he was starting to feel heavier and tired. The pup wasnt helping at all with his nate being missing.
He knew the pup was craving for his alpha father. They moved into the cave, away from the outside world to keep Tae safe and his scent from being detected by others. He ate, slept here. Only and he was far from bored but today he felt like going outside.
So with Hobi on tow, he went outside and walked to a nearby waterfall there to dip his toes in. He kept looking at the water falling in front of him, not noticing Hobi's head quirk up in alert. The hair on the back of Hobi's neck stood up. He didnt notice the other
whipping his head to look at a certain direction. He didnt notice anything. If he had, he would have known to protect himself but alas he didnt know. All of a sudden, a wolf came running in, in an inexplainable speed
Hobi did not recognize who it was and he stood infront of Tae in a protective stance as the omega finally seemed to realize the danger as his scent spiked in fear. And before any of them could do anything, like all those years ago, Jungkook's large wolf sailed
in the air, above them till it landed smack dab over the wolf only feets away from Hobi and Taehyung. The duo's eyes widened in shock as they both looked at Jungkook in awe not registering for a second what his wolf was doing to the other wolf. Tae's heartbeat took to speeding
when he registered it was Jungkook in front of him. Tw//blood He watched, as if in a kind of trance/ dream as his mate fought with the other wolf in a frenzy of fur balls. He ended it in a bit when he ripped the one of the others arm out. Tae watched. Was he in a dream?
Or was he hallucinating? Both of it was possible given their predicament. And he wasn't above dreaming about Jungkook. Was Jungkook really here? The pure blood alpha looked back at them as his eyes glowed golden. Bl*od was dripping from his canines and he looked
like the perfect image of a killer wolf in loose, with a stare that was supposed to rig fear in them till they were shaking yet it had close to no affect on the omega because Tae was too hell bent on not believing what he was seeing. Not until the pitch black wolf stalked
towards him. Hobi dutifully moved away from the said wolf, knowing anything could tip the pure blood alpha now and that he wasn't seeing sense. Jungkook came towards him like he was going to attack him, slow, heavy steps that emitted sound as soon as
his paw hit the ground. Tae wasnt scared however, watching with awed eyes still because the hallucination looked very real and he would be damned if he let his mate disappear into thin air because he wasnt patient enough
Jungkook's dark wolf came up to him and stood still, sizing Tae up like he was his meal. In instinct,Tae kneeled down, looking up for his eyes to come in level with his mate's as his eyes glowed too. Silver against golden. Tears gathered in Tae's eyes as he finally, /finally/
realized that his mate was here. That Jungkook came for him. Travelled across many lands just to get to him and the happiness he felt exuded anything else i his nerves. He was happy, so so happy and relieved that he couldn't help but break down then and there.
He hugged the wolf, tightly winding his arms around the others furry neck and burying his face in his scent gland, inhaling the scent he missed so much. He didnt know how much he missed the wildflower and the vanilla until he was granted it again. And cried.
Tears fell past his cheeks in a stream as he broke down in a forever i his mates arms. Moon, he was so /happy/. Jungkook's wolf wasnt any better. He didnt hug his with his paws like Tae did but the other did bury his large snout in the omega's scent gland.
and sniffed. He parted only to begin licking around all over Tae in hurry, trying to appease himself that his mate was okay. Checking if Tae was hurt anywhere. When he was satisfied, he licked around Tae's scent gland again, satisfied that he had scented his mate again
till the omega smelled like him completely. He relaxed only to sniff him again till the wolves now brown eyes widened. Tae watched fondly as Jungkook looked like he remembered something. His own eyes widened when the wolf started to lick around his lower stomach
It meant Jungkook's wolf was aware that he was pregnant! Oh, moon Ofcourse the wolf would be, it was Jungkook who wasnt. Jungkook, he needed to see him, urgently. He just did
It has been so long since he saw his mate and the ache of seeing and being able to touch the human form of Jungkook did not go yet. Wiping his tear shakily, he blinked to look up at Jungkook's wolf form, the wolf was now watching him lovingly.
"J-Jungkook" The wolf's ears perked up. Cute. "Can you turn?" The wolf looked at him with twinkling eyes as it shook its head. He was confused, "why can't you?"
The wolf shook his head again and laid down in front of him, closing his eyes as he did so. "Hey, Jungkook," he poked the big wolf. No response. He guesses the wolf is too tired to shift from the journey. Maybe it was finally his time to take care of his mate
As time went and the wolf slept in the same position, Tae got to brush his pure black coat off of all the grimes and mud it had accumulated. Hobi helped him move around with his stomach. The witch helped them move the big wolf after
Jungkook woke up after some time and shook the sleep away from his eyes. It was night time now and with how dark the night looked, it meant it was past midnight. Tae was still awake, moving around in the cavern they were in as fire cackled in front of him.
His wolf stumbled forward in a hurry to go to his mate. Tae smiled when he saw him awake and made to crush his own fragile body against the strong one. "Jungkookie, I missed you a lot."
They nuzzled each other till Tae paused it with a hand on the wolf's sturdy chest. "Jungkook, wait." The wolf tilted his head sideways, making him think that Jungkook's human form was the one listening to him, not the wolf one. But he knew that was impossible
because from what he heard, Jungkook's wolf had completely taken over Jungkook's human form to the point that the others did not even think of him as sane. Since Tae did not want to risk it, he sent Hobi and the witch away outside the cave so the Jungkook does not
wake up to see his mate surrounded by supposed strangers in the wolf's eyes. Hobi too because Tae couldnt be sure, Jungkook's wolf would see the other witch as safe around Tae. "Alpha, wait" The brown of his eyes changed to a golden one at that. Tae just wanted to talk
to his wolf mate. "My omega craves for you a lot as I do. Even though I cant really feel him, I know he does. I love you, just like you love me and my wolf but you understand the pain of not getting to see my wolf form right?" The wolf's large, intelligent eyes
peered at him curiously as a kind of pain flashed across his golden irises. "Its painful. Do you want to see me in the same pain too?" The wolf's eyes widened as it somehow registered his words as the wolf gave his nose a giant lick
to deny his words. "Then why arent you letting me see Jungkook in his human form? Please, it has been ages since I heard your voice, Jungkook, I /cant/ communicate with you, nor hear your voice without turning to my wolf form and I cant do that!
Please just change to your human form, I just want to hear you. Once even, if you want to change back to.this form again, I will leave it up to, just please. I wanna kiss you, want you to hug me in a my sleep because I-I have been feeling so unsafe-" he broke of
not being able to hold his tears for much longer as his voice got shaky. "P-please." The wolf licked him again, this time on his scent gland. Tae shook his head, looking down to control his tears. He had to keep a straight face otherwise his mate might go crazy to protect him
The wolf parted from him with a final sniff. Tae looked up hopefully, unbelievably. Tears still streaming past his eye lids. The alpha just looked up at him and took a step back. Tae raised his hands and watched with widened eyes as Jungkook took more steps back
before he completely went out of the cave. He did it. He finally pissed Jungkook's wolf off enough to make him want to stay away from him. He started to cry more strongly. Nothing was working his way, everything was wrong, so wrong. When could he have his
dream of having a life with his mate happen. He had his mate, he was a pure blood for fuxk's sake but why, why oh moon, why couldn't he just lead a normal life. Wasnt being a pure blood meant that he would not have anything to fear nor to feel alone?
But all his life he lived his life in fear of being taken. He lived without knowing who his mate was, hating him for no reason and when he did get to know his mate, his mate wouldnt want him anymore. Why was his life so hard. Hobi came running in, "I saw
Jungkook go off to the forest, what- Taehyung!" His eyes widened in shock as he came near him and bent down to hug him tightly, "Tae, what is it? Is it Jungkook?" "H-he le-left me, Hobi" "Who?! Jungkook? No silly-"
"He did!" Tae blasted out, "Because- because I wanted him to turn into his human form" Hobi sighed. "Tae I- I know why you want him to turn into a human but have to understand, just like you have been in pain, Jungkook has been too. You dont have your
and his controls him. Imagine feeling as suffocated as he would and his wolf wouldn't come out now, he has reasons, Jungkook probably was not coming in reason with the fact that he is a pure blood that why the pure blood alpha fears, so Tae please dont be disheart-"
He shut up when he smelled the vanilla and wildflower scent grow in concentration. Jungkook was coming near them. He let go of Tae and went far away from him. The omega didn't complain because he probably smelled his mate too.
Hobi looked up to look at the caverns entrance. His eyes widened again in surprise. "I am s-sorry, alpha," Tae said, still looking down, kneeling, having sensed that Jungkook was already in. "I am really sorry. I didnt have the right to demand things off of you when
I-I was the one who left you. Please, forgive me. I swear I wont ever leave you again and you dont have to turn, you dont. I will love you as it is-" "Dont tell me I did all the hard work for you to not need me in my human form anymore."
Tae looked up quickly and felt his heart stutter as his eyes drank in all of Jungkook's /human/ form. His hands shook, his whole body was shaking. Jungkook was looking down at him with tired and very, very fond eyes. So fond and adorable.
"Dont I deserve a hug at the very least?" His eyes widened now and he got up so quickly that he stumbled making the pure blood alpha come towards him at a insane speed and hold his hands to steady him. "Tae," Jungkook said softly. Taehyung hugged him, standing on
the very tip of his toes to start kissing every inch of Jungkook's face, not caring that dirt was smeared all over it. Jungkook took everything in a stride, his own hands coming to whirl around Tae's waist and tighten as if to ensure Taehyung wouldnt go anywhere
"Tae I am here now, we are going to be fine." Tae stepped back to look at Jungkook more clearly, "h-how are you so- why do you always think about me first, I have been worried sick about you. You- wolf-" Jungkook cupped his jaws and kisses him square on the lips.
And suddenly it felt like everything was right in the world, that everything shifted and set into place like it was meant to, much like how their lips fit into each other. How did Tae never notice that their lips fit in just like they were always meant to. If they
noticed that then there wouldn't have been so much pain. If only he had known. They parted and Tae opened his eyes, melting right in Jungkook's body. The hand around him felt perfect and finally he was at ease. Everything was invariable but he was here with Jungkook
and that was all that mattered. "To be honest." Jungkook says, his lips right against his ears, causing him to shiver, "I am sh-t scared of everything that went down but I am sticking all of them behind my head because I found you"
"I did not feel like myself when I found thar you were gone and now to have you here in between my arms, is everything that matters to me tonight." "But-" "Just give me tonight, Tae. Just to breathe your scent in, I promise I will deal with everything else later on."
Tae nodded before biting his lips, remembering the literal big elephant in the room. Shyly and a bit insecure, he stepped back from his life. "I- I actually have to say something to you" Jungkook looked up tiredly at him, "as long as its not about my wolf, you are good
to go." Tae nodded slowly once again and put his palms over the alpha's palms over his hips and dragged the hands slowly down to his lower stomach, were the supposed elephant lays. Jungkook'e eyebrows furrowed
in confusion but his hands went willingly all the same. "Do you know I wanted to talk about your wolf, alpha?" Jungkook didn't say anything, just watched him quietly. His eyes reading him.
"It was because", he took a deep breathe in, "I am pregnant, /we/ are pregnant, alpha." Then, he watched the pure chaos and shock settling in on Jungkook's eyes like a bucket of cement settling in, engraving in. "No you are not"
Tae shook his head, "I have our pup in me, yeah. There is no denying that Gukkie" "W-what," the alpha stammered, falling steps away from Tae, "h-how, that- thats not possible, I didnt /knot/ you- I-" "You did though," Tae said wryly, not getting angry at Jungkook at all
because he finally understands his mate. "Remember?" he asked, taking a step towards the other while the alpha took a step back- amazing how much a pure blood alpha was scared of his mate- and pup, "I cant get pregnant without your knot, alpha" The anguished look in
Jungkook's eyes only grew, "but I didnt- we didn't talk about it though, that means-" his mouth opened in shock as the horror downed on him, "that means I forced it in you-" "No you didnt-" "And- and I don't remember which means my wolf," Jungkook's
voice thinned out at the end and Tae's eyes widened in panic. No, no he didn't expect that at all. Jungkook blamjng his wolf would only mean a repeat or much worser of what happened before
And he was his mate now, he couldn't let that happen to his mate. His alpha's mental stability was off now and he couldn't add to that, however if he hadn't said anything about his pregnancy than Jungkook would be angrier if he found out by any other means but him.
"No, Jungkook, listen to me. Jungkook look at me" The alpha looked elsewhere but he could sense him getting angry at himself as his hands fisted and he gritted his teeth, his tiredness was gone. "Jungkook, alpha please look at me"
"No, why are you telling me to?! Do you think this is what a pure blood alpha is meant to do? Force a fuxking knot in his own mate-" "At least your wolf did what you were supposed to do!", he screamed back. Jungkook looked at him in surprise. "At least your wolf accepted me
as your mate. You are denying the fact that I was your mate and not have me, what else was your wolf supposed to /do/?!" he continued. "I-" "Its not your wolf's fault, Jungkook. I am happy that I am pregnant with our pup, why dont you get that?"
"Its not about you being happy, Tae. Its about your consent-" "I was the one who wanted to do it that night. You claming me and knotting me is completely fine with me-" "Claiming you?!?!" Tae closed his eyes and nodded, "I wanted it, okay? I was- am extremely
happy that you did." "But Tae-" "Listen to me, alpha," he snapped, "if your wolf hadn't done that, it could have been that someone else would have taken advantage of me since I would be unclaimed." Jungkook's blood ran cold at the admission
"Who tried to claim you?" A shiver went past Tae's spine at how cold Jungkook sounded at that. "S-some wolves while I was coming here" "You have to point every single one of them out to me when we see them yeah?"
Tae finally saw his pure blood side. His voice was commanding in such a strong way that he felt shivers all over his body. He nodded meekly. The anger left Jungkook. "Tae, I get that you wanted it but you didnt tell me that though, did you?"
"Jungkook, please don't blame yourself nor your wolf. Tell me this alpha. Ignore me as a human now please. Think about my wolf, your luna, he let your wolf mark me willingly, hasnt he?" "Yes but-" "Nature, Jungkook, we are pure bloods and I am your true mate, accept that"
"I never said I won't, did I? Can you please give me the time to actually get used to the fact that I am a /pure blood/ and that I am going to become an appa soon?" Jungkook said, tiredly. His shoulders slumped forward. Taehyung's heart broke at how tired his mate looked
Taehyung just bought him closer to him and hugged him but the alpha just kneeled down and kept his head right against his lower stomach and closed his eyes. He brushed his hair sideways, "you are allowed to be tired in front of me you know? I get you" Jungkook opened his eyes
with tears clouding his view. "Do I?" Tae nodded with a sad smile, "I only told you because it would be just sometime before you smelled it on me and I didnt want any other further misunderstanding between both of us. Dont think about it now, just know that
we are finally together. Don't think about what could have happened, I am here with you as humans now. Lets think about the other things later okay?" "Sleep with me tonight?" "Is that even a question, alpha?"
- The thing with Jungkook was, in his wolf form, he had experienced a life that had given him a lot time to think about himself because he had really thought about him and his mate. It had also kept him from thinking about what being a pure blood meant
because never had he ever thought about himself being a pure blood. His evergrowing love for Tae had made him think about the what ifs of him being a pure blood but never had he thought he would actually be it. As far as he knew, he wasn't supposed to be but turns out
you learn things about yourself everyday. In his case, he didn't even know what he was. Suffice to say, the hatred he had for pure bloods did go away when he fell in love with Tae but it turned into apprehension when he found out he was one too, the other half.
He had a sh-tload of time to get adjusted to that because his wolf had refused to turn back. He himself was panicking, thinking his human form would have a better chance at finding Tae then his wolf form when he found out that he was a pure blood.
And not only did he, because the way he had increased in size all too suddenly when a group of border guard wolves tried to contain him. His claws growing out and his eyes turning molten golden. Most of all, the scent had grown so strong and putrid that it had caused some of the
wolves to faint at the strength of the scent alone. He took his sweet time to register the fact that he was a pure blood alpha which meant responsibility, the pressure of doing something of the greater good, him wondering how it was possible
when he was considered to be an alpha not even proper for an heir, then getting to the fact that him being a pure blood meant Taehyung was his mate, his omega; the as*hole alpha that had supposedly left Tae alone, his true mate alone. Ironic how
it turned out. Because he was cursing himself all along, so was everyone else for not being with his mate when he was /right/ there. Made sense, why the pure blood alpha did not come looking for his mate, because apparently not knowing and just being there was his punishment.
Then, Taehyung became the only reason why he was happy being a pure blood, and then, he decided since he was the pure blood it meant the whole wolf being was somehow following his leadership and that was a lot of pressure because he had heard he was not good enough of an heir
before. What if the people thought he wasn't going to be a good enough of a pure blood? That thought and the thought of where his mate could have gone was prevalent in all his thoughts since the last four months. Now, however, it was occupied by the little being living in on
Tae. Maybe he was already failing because he had even refused to glance at Tae's belly for the past one week. He probably was going to suck as a pure blood alpha and then as a mate for forcing this whole thing on Tae and then a bad appa for his pups for abandoning them.
And not being even able to look at them because he felt guilty of what the pups entailed to what he did. Tae did not complain, just went on normally, except he was a bit more clingier and needier but Jungkook could never complain on that.
He was still staring at the lower stomach when the witch nudged him by the elbows. "Hey, Alpha. We are a waiting for you, what do you think about this plan?" Was he wary about the witch? He was but not anymore because witches followed the moon Goddess
and not favouring him would mean demeaning their Goddess. "We could try, but don't you think just doing it is too less for a pair of true mates, compared to what was done?" "You and your mate would know better about that, Alpha. We will follow you anyhow."
"I guess so. We need to go back and I need to make an official announcement about my status and my pack." He looked around as they all nodded dutifully, even Taehyung, making him feel like he suddenly was some kind of a leader because while everyone listened to him
Tae never did before, and now here he was. He just pulled his omega closer to him and they nuzzled against each other, the alpha being sure to scent his mate properly. "But, for our Luna's safety I would suggest another thing to you, " He looked up. "I think it would
be better if you were to mate each other already because then it would become official-official, like set in stone but now it is just a feeling and the claiming mark might fade if you wont." That was another sore topic for him, because he had claimed Tae without the omega's
permission like some low life alpha. Tae says its okay but he knew he wasn't. How would he even inspire the fear in other alphas like this if they find out he was no different? How was he even looking at his mate at this time. "We are planning to after we sort out this mess
with our wolves or even if any of his rut approaches." Tae replied, oozing a kind of confidence Jungkook did not have. There were things he wasnt telling his mate. Things relating to his wolf about how him and his wolf were at a constant fight with each other to be in control.
Jungkook refused to hand over the power to his wolf in case the previous thing happened again and his wolf, though still fighting with him for control, did not take over since it did not have any reason to go ballistic again. And this time around, Jungkook was stable too
- Going back to the pack felt like he was going into a completely new territory where he would have to be present himself newly to the same faces he had grown up with because every single wolf looked at him like he was some kind of an enigma
and that they were ready to see what kind of pure blood alpha he was going to be and he /knew/ they had a lot of expectations from him. "Wolves and pups," his father called out in the dinner pavillion. Unlike the last time they were here, Tae was sitting right beside him.
"Today I present to you the true mate pair blessed to us by the moon Goddess herself, the pure blood alpha Jeon Jungkook, my one and only son, and the pure blood omega, Kim Taehyung, the youngest son of Alpha Kim Namjoon and Luna Kim Seokjin
of the Silver moon pack." The banging of the paws on the ground went up by thousands of decibels as all of the wolves howled in respect. The feeling to him was more than overwhelming, his chest was expanding in an odd feeling that he did not want to acknowledge yet
lest it made his wolf think it was a step higher than him but he felt invigorated, like he had accomplished something in his life ironically without doing anything except being blessed to be special. "The pairs were born in 1997 as was prophesized and sadly we were blinded to
the mates being here amongst us all the time when we were looking outside, the moon Goddess sure works her mysterious ways. So now, we have to honour them and leave up our fates to them to make things right." Wolves quieted down at that, not actually knowing what his father
meant by that. As far as they knew, everything was fine. The thing was the night before Tae and Jungkook decided to do something else, contrary to what they had planned prior because Tae suggested something else that sounded better. They presented his father with it in
such a way that his father had no option but to comply to tell the pack what the pair wanted. Before they planned to solve the problem. The small ones that lay in their clan, like how corrupted the system is and everything. Compared to what the true mate pair did
it was small in the pairs' eyes. Then all of a sudden, as if like the moon Goddess herself whispered something to Tae, Tae suggested something.
And something was gonna be what that would be out to play. In their case, they travelled a lot and during those times they somehow could make up a disturbing patterns of many wolves dying the sane way as his mother died in the lake. And the pattern of it all was
so uniquely designed that it wasnt easy enough for one pack itself to consider it as a job done by a serial wolf killer. And before, Jungkook and to some extension Tae(because they shared a bed and actually talked a lot at night the alpha told him about his doubts two years
back) knew that there was something wrong with that. That maybe it wasn't a doing just by one wolf or rather there was a whole community of wolves from different packs involved with it. Now, in the work of greater things, it was a small thing and it falls more on Jungkook's
agenda but at the same time it could be one of many, like one single rectangle of a chain. Something that provided to the greater scheme of works. It was only forms of guesswork between the mates but it was something Tae rather than Jungkook who wanted to take on those
dea-hs caused by lakes to tag it onto a greater thing in work. It was, however, similar to aiming in the dark because it was the only thing they had in mind but they both thought using this single rectangle would present the whole chain to them. For that to happen, they needed
to cause a kind of chaos that would set everything in motion for them to tag onto. If that is where the rectangle led to that is but it didn't hurt to try right? And so the chaos will start decidedly by putting kerosene to a low burning fire, that kerosene was named
Jeon Junghyun. One of the pieces was already released as the bomb of having a corrupt system-a not so right system-is being made transparent. Word by word. Why? To set the greater things to motion. They warm the small rectangle for the heat to spread to the chain.
And then cause it to break in the small rectangles for them to collect the pieces to form a new chain, but this time the shape of the rectangle wires will be of the moon. It was going to be a huge thing to distort a rectangle wire to a moon one, but a true mate pair was
supposed to do the impossible. It was on the Golden sun pack to be going through the trap first but they had to start from somewhere and cleansing their pack felt like the best option at the time since his wolves will be more welcoming of him.
"What things right will be explained to you by my son, and his mate Taehyung" Jungkook went up to stand beside his father, Tae standing right beside him as he stares at the crowd ahead of them. Apart from the confused expression, he knew they were awed and it felt like he
saw them newly all over again. "What my mate and I wanted to tell you was we decided we want to change a few things around here. As you know as a we both went around the whole clan and got the time to see through the way things work here. Now despite everything
that happened to us in the last few month, it does not change the fact that we are the true mate pair decided by the moon Goddess herself and to that a lot of responsibilities entail. You already know I am a capable leader, it has been proved so I trust you wont
have any problem with what we decided to change. If anyone does have a problem with it," Jungkook says, his eyes gleaming, "you can come talk to me. But we have decided that we want the council of elders who decided the primal basics of our pack should be changed
by a new set of elders chosen by us specifically." The admission left a series of different reactions. Some started to talk amongst themselves, while some agreed while the others shouted their disagreement. The reaction was given
seeing the fact that the wolves always put the elders in a pedestal for everything so pointing a finger at the current council of elders meant a big thing. This was it. This was what he wanted to cause however. To create a kind of chaos that would allow the
corrupted chain to float up above others to survive the chaos. When they come up, Jungkook and Taehyung was going to remove the chain and change its shape to a moon one.
They decided to start by the council of elders because they were the eldest here, which meant they were the roots to the huge chain too, the ones that energized the corruption. Now, his and Taehyung's work here was to single some of the elders out from all the elders.
The root ones. And they were gonna do that by starting the supposed competition in between to be in the elders council. "The now previous elders will be among both of our attention for the position too. Individuals are not the problem, we feel.
We think that the whole council as a whole is so to better the council we are just going to work to handpick them carefully." "Though you have proved to be our leader perfectly, Alpha, however can we just trust you and our Luna blindly at that?" one wolf asked.
Taehyung looked at the wolf. He knew him, he was a Beta older than both him and Jungkook, the one who worked in the pack centre. "He is your alpha and I am your Luna, why cant you trust us the same way you trusted the leaders before us?"
"No, we didnt, not like this. The council of elders were there alongside the leaders to guide them and now without them, how can we even be sure this is going to be done fairly?" "Are you saying that you doubt your future leaders' judgement-"
"And also, we know you from when you were pups, we know you can be biased-" "The thing is," Jungkook pauses for effect, looking at the wolf with dark eyes," the moon Goddess dis make us different from normal wolves didnt she?" The power he exuded as he uttered the question
was numbing to him. This was unlike anyway he ever talked before. "Y-yes she did-" "Then why do you think we will go wrong? We are the true mate pair. Trust us, thats all we ask for in return of saving our clan." The last line left all of the wolves shocked out of their minds
but none of them dared to ask a question because they were sh-t scared of the amount of power and strong pheromones Jungkook was giving out now. "S-save us?," Junghyun asked his son, the only one brave enough save for Tae. "Save our being yes."
The thing with chaos was it didnt take much to spread so that meant it didnt take much to important wolves from different packs to come here to talk to Jungkook on the issue. Most of them didnt agree with what he said but they still came because they are curious
and that they are afraid that by doing so, the Golden sun pack will become better than them. They would do the change too if it did change to better. The ones who didnt care much for getting better but rather for power over ruling over other packs also came because
of that. Jungkook was more than happy with the change because it meant he had everyone important in his area of power. He had control over them and it would make it easier for them to find out.
Jungkook and Taehyung were planning to mate before Tae gave birth in two months because it was said his labour would be less painful if they did, if his wolf had the certainity that Jungkook would be there to protect them. And also, by mating they hoped to trigger
Tae's wolf to come out because it was still absent and everyone knew it was close to impossible giving birth without the inner wolf giving him strength through out it. Jungkook's wolf was still there and it seems that they were clashing on every little thing except when
it came to Taehyung so more reason for them to mate. To add on to that they also needed something to keep all the leaders in one place for a longer time, longer than their two days visit so Jungkook decided his mating ceremony should be held during these times so
the pack leaders are forced to stay for two weeks. This would give them the time to get the chain of evils out. And to add on /that/ he wanted to mate Tae as fast as possible. Tae ran away from him once, he didnt know if he could live without his mate any other time.
If they mated, he would know where Tae is and he would be at peace, he never wanted to go through what he went through after Tae left. Not ever. Taehyung was his and going to be his.
He and Tae stood beside each other in the community hall as they greeted all the guests that congratulates them. They were both royals and pure bloods, their mating ceremony had to be the grandest that will ever seen in a century and that will be over a longer period of time.
They gave them many gifts, ranging from ancestral pieces of their packs to animal killings to ornaments made with those. Tae was thanking an alpha heir of one pack as he received a bear rug from the other while Jungkook was busy shaking hands with the leader of the same pack.
Jungkook finishes talking first and turns to look at his mate. His eyes landed on the hand laying above his mate's hand on the gift. His wolf growled at it, feeling a twinge of jealousy pass through him. Jungkook held the growl back and just watched as the alpha heir
flirted with the pure blood omega like he had any chance with him. All of a sudden, Jungkook got a flash back to when they were younger. When Tae used to be the bratty omega who flirted with everyone and tried to seduce them only to leave them for the next one just because it
was fun. He knew Tae was being just polite but he couldn't help but think that what if Tae went back to his ways before. Jungkook was a shy person. Tae being like that was the one of the very reasons he hated him back then and even though he loved him now and knew
that Tae loved him back, would he be able to take it if Tae reverted back to his old personality after all these pure blood and true mate things calmed down? Because he did think, Tae was more subdued and respectful now because of his status but what if all these
calmed down and all that they were left with wad Jungkook and Taehyung and Tae reverted back to his old self? Jungkook didnt think he could take it. He was a shy, the soft person who belived in /flirting/ with only person his whole life: his mate.
His mate who was Taehyung. What if he felt insecure later on, what if he never found happiness? He snapped out of his thoughts when an elbow nudged him sideways, "Jungkook"
Taehyung who used to flirt with everyone else just because. "Jungkook" He looked at Taehyung and took his mate in. "Are alphas this desperate these days?" Jungkook finally snapped out, "what?" "You are the alpha of alphas, you are supposed to know."
"Not that. Its just- why do you say so?" "Oh because, do alphas really think they can impress me with a bear rug when I and my mate literally kil*ed a bear two times the size at the age of thirteen?" Jungkook shook his head dumb foundedly.
"Moreover why do they think I will be impressed when I have a wholea*s pure blood alpha at my bidding?" Tae arched his eyebrows threateningly when he said that. Jungkook gave a quick nod- trying to appease the omega because he has already been at the end of a
very hormonal anger before and he did not want to experience that again. Tae looked away. Satisfied. Perhaps, Tae just did those to find his mate. He never flirted with Jungkook so he never even got an inkling he could be an option too. Perhaps, Tae would always be like
he is now. "You know Alpha, I wouldnt be this irritated usually." "Why are you irritated?" Jungkook asked in a whisper, as he welcomes another high official with a greeting. "I /wouldnt/ be someone did not invite your ex-omega at my initiation ceremony" Jungkook
stiffened. Looks like they were really really true mates, since they even felt jealous at the same time. "You know Jimin hyung, he wants to include everyone to get in more blessings for us-" "Do you really think she will bless us?" Tae scoffed
"I-maybe? Then again, she is a member of our pack and it wont be proper if we dont invite her-" "I am the Luna of this pack, I think I have the right to define proper?" "Tae its fine, dont pay attention to her-" "Jeongguk!"
His eyes widened in panic when he heard /her/ of all wolves call out to him. Tae's nostrils flared in further annoyance. "Alpha Jungkook, it has been some long years since I last got to talk to you." "Jieun, hi, yes it has been." The girl came upto them and bowed.
"Taehyung, its nice to see you too." Tae nodded and smiled, a smile so cold that Jungkook could feel his own heart freezing up. Jieun was unaffected however. "Amazing how fate works right?" Jungkook didnt understand why this wad happening to him.
"Hmm? Why do you say so?" "Since you know, Jungkook used to hate you and now he /loves/ you because you guys are true mates-" "We spend a lot of time together for us to fall in love naturally" "Right" she raises her eyebrows like she doesnt believe it.
"Honestly, I am pretty sure that like if your bond wasnt there, he would have chosen me as a mate instead since well, he did once-" Jungkook closed his eyes. He needed to stop this conversation before Tae kicked his as* and Jieun's. "Jieun, that was way before, lets not
bring our childhood whims here." Jieun looked at him for sometime but he didnt budge. "Yeah lets not, what matters is who he /is/ mating ya know? Doesnt matter who he had a childish crush on. This is real." "Real? We were real too-" "Jieun, there are wolves behind you.
Could you move ahead?" Jimin called out from behind her and Jungkook held himself at the last minute to release an audible sigh of relief. At least Tae looked smug at the sour expression Jieun wore. Jungkook just hoped Tae would forget about it tonight.
That thought went to hell when Jieun grabbed Jungkook's wrist softly and nuzzled it. It could be easily seen as a sign of respect in wolves but in this circumstances he was sure it was more than that, and so was Tae apparantly. Since he could smell his mates scent spiking in
anger. Oh no. Tae however did not react, he just schooled his face to a chill, easy going on that would fool anyone of what he was really thinking. He ignored Jungkook as she left and instead greeted the new comers
After that, Tae ignored him the whole night even when he tried to talk about their mission or even their pups, the omega ignored him. Jungkook had another thing to worry about tonight. Today was the initial observation night.
Suprisingly, with the alpha and luna of other packs, the elders came too because they refused to miss the wedding of the century. He appreciated that. The first thing he needed to find out was the fact that how the elders were related to his mother dea*h, he knew they were.
Why? There was a reason why he blamed his wolf when that happened. As an heir, he was pressurized a lot. Nobody blamed him, but he knew there was something strange going on.
As an eight year old, he was very shy and for that a lot of people usually forgot the fact that he was there too and during such a time, he had heard a discussion he was too small to comprehend back then. -past- "This was a heavy cost to give, the spirits-"
"Dont name them here! Do you want everything to go wrong?" One of the elders sighed, little Jungkookie had too many tears clouding his eyes to see who it really was. "But I am not lying am I? The sun would have died and then, /they/ would be more angry! It would fall
on both of us then." "But the sun didnt did he? It was the cloud that did, plus we all know there was a price to pay for what the wind did." "Yes but sun was supposed to be-" "He was yes but does he ever listen?" the wolf says, sounding tired.
Jungkook watched with confused eyes. Sun? Cloud? Wind? What were they talking about? "It has to kay low for sometime now, they wont be okay with us if something happens to the sun. So be careful, he is okay yeah?" "B-But the moon?" "Let the moon be, the moon still has time."
Jungkook watched as they went away, them having had forgotten that he was in the room in the first place. -end- Then he didnt know what to make of what was being said, but now he had an idea of what might be up
The sun, the moon, wast that what he grew up hearing? If it meant what it meant, then that meant that his mother was targeted from the first. If he was the sun which he had to be because he was the heir of the Golden sun pack and the colour golden was his pure blood
alpha sign. But what he didnt know was what sacrifice they were talking about and that he did not yet identify them. Their voices and faces were hazy to him but now he felt like he would have an inkling and it was based on Tae's and his insticts
He watched as all the elders from all the councils interacted together. There must be something different about the ones. His eyes fell on a group of wolves who seem to discuss something important while all the others were eating and chattering. What were they talking about?
He was distracted by another guest and when he looked back two of the six elders were missing. He narrowed his eyes. "Tae," he whispered, the omega ignored him. "Tae, I think I got one of the elders." Tae looked at him and nodded, "go, I will handle them," he said, putting
a hand on his stomach. Jungkook went, searching for them in the area and even going outside, where the sun had already set for the night. Hobi came outside with him, "what are you doing Jungkook?" "Hobi, did you see Grandma Ji and Chu?"
"No? I thought they were inside?" "They were but I couldnt find them anymore. You stay here and inform me at once if they go inside, I will check their living quarters." Hobi nodded, getting an idea of what Jungkook was about as he stood to guard.
In retrospect he should have never left the hall. But he did and he went far away from there, away from the dining zone and to the living area. But he could not find anyone there
He was wondering where the elders could have gone when a few pups ran towards him in their wolf forms and they shifted, "Al-alpha." Jungkook looked down at them, "breathe, what is it?" "Alpha we reached you before." "Okay, did Hobi send you?" They shook their heads,
"Your mate. Lu-luna- something happened to luna-" Fear gripped him as a chill went past his shoulders, "what happened to him?" "He-he-" "Alpha," a grown up wolf called out to him, huffing out of breathe, "Luna fainted."
When he was sure that he would never hear such a thing like this again, he did. He changed into his wolf form in an instant as he took to running as fast as he could to the hall. Coming to a sight where everyone was crowding around Hobi carrying his omega. He shifted again,
not minding the nudity as he rushed towards his mate. Tae looked like he was sleeping as he hung loosely from Hobi's arms, Jungkook took him in his and internally panicked. How could he have done this to his mate. He shouldnt have left him alone, he shouldnt have.
"What happened?" he asked as he left the hall and to the infrimary. "He fainted all too suddenly" "We will find out what happened later, just take him to the healer and fast," his father called out, coming towards them.
Jungkook growled when the older man tried to touch his mates forehead, but yielded when the pack healer, an omega, came to check on him. She shooed him away and he was forced to stay outside in worry. The other wolves went away, steering clear of his awry pheromones.
"Alpha," the healer called out and he snapped his head up in attention and went to her. "Are you aware of what he ate tonight?" He furrowed his brows, "kind of? We both had the steak and the juice." "Okay, but are you sure you ate the same things as he did?" "I am?
I was out of the hall for a few minutes and he could eaten anything from there." She looked at him gravely then, "then we have to be more careful, especially during this time because it seems someone has added a dr*g into one of the things he had tonight that could
have caused him to mis*arriage of eaten in more amount but it seems he only had a bit which made him lose all of his senses-" "WHAT?!" He snapped, his scent spiking in anger as his eyes reddened. The omega flinched in protection, scared
"T-thats why I was asking what he could have eaten-" "Mina, could you leave us for a second?" Jimin says, giving the scared omega a tight smile as he came upto his brother. "The question is not about what he ate anymore, Jungkook, it became about who gave it to him now."
"I will skin whoever did this alive even-" "I got it. You should have told me before you left. I told you doing this was very risky now, especially with his condition because he is exposed to many outer wolves now and you out him into the risk-" "Hyung, it was something
we had to do-" "Thats fine. I know but couldnt you have done that when Tae wasnt in this condition?" "Delaying this would mean we would be putting us and our pups in danger, its-" "But you are putting your mate in danger!" "I have to find who did this to him"
"Sure find that out, but we have to increase the security around both of you." He nodded. Keeping his anger in check was taking a lot from him but he had to to work everything out. He went inside Tae's room and just sat beside him, on the infirmary bed as he waited.
Instead of Tae, Hobi called him out late at night when he slept against the omega's lower stomach, right beside his bump. "Jungkook." "Hobi hyung, did you find them?" Hobi nodded slowly, "in the forest." "In the forest? What were the elders doing there?"
"I dont know. By the tine I reached them, they looked to be taking a stroll but their scent said otherwise." "What was it?" "The lake. They smelled of the lake." He narrowed his eyes, "the same one my mother drowned at?" "I dont know, they just smelled of it, I cant
distinguish the smell like you can." "They might have wiped it off by now so even if I go to check it wont be it but chances are they went to that lake and the fact that someone dared to poison Tae while they and I wasnt there, says they have more than one accomplices.
Now we have to find out exactly who gave whatever they did to Tae." He paused, for a long time before he asked in him in a whisper. "Hobi hyung, why isnt Tae waking up yet?" The witch's heart broke for the alpha at the words and how he had said them. "He will soon, he is a
strong wolf." "He didnt need to be strong with me there, I should have protected him" The witch sighed, "i am sure he doesnt blame you, Kook. He never would." "But I deserve it." "No you dont. You couldnt have possibly known they would attack at a crowded place like that.
That they would have gotten across to our cooks to be able to poison it-" "Wait. They got throught our cooks to poison it!" "Ofcourse, how else would they-" "Hobi, they got through /our/ cooks, what does that mean? We have more than the elders as our traitors and
we have one or more cooks as a traitor." The witch's eyes widened, "sh-t, that means, the pack food isnt safe for any of us, especially you and Tae. Fuxk if we had to make separate food for you and that somehow gets to others ears that someone tried to poison your mate
a panic will havoc all over. The evil would get to know that we might be on to them-" "And the other high alphas and lunas will get scared to be here and go away and thus ruin everything I and Tae have planned. Hobi we cant let the other wolves know of this." "But-"
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"We cant and for that just tell them that the pups are wearing Tae out enough to have him faint. And that he cant eat certain foods so his food and ours will be made by a special cook." "Ours? Wont that raise suspicions?" "I need to protect my family and if we have to scour
through all the cooks secretly and fast, then thats what you and I will do tomorrow, clear?" Hobi nodded thoughtfully and looked at the bed. Jungkook turned to look at the bed to find silver eyes staring back at him, Tae was awake. "Taehyung!" he called out, rushing to press
his nose against the others neck and hugging him tightly. Tae did not hug him back and just remained limp. Hobi went away to give them their privacy, not wanting to intrude. When Tae was sure Hobi was gone, he lifted his hands to push Jungkook away by his chest.
Jungkook did, albeit confusedly and looking at the other with emotional eyes. "Pups?" Tae called out, his voice small. Jungkook closed his eyes and made a guilty expression, opening them back again to nod. "Pups." "Plural? I am carrying more than one pup?" Jungkook
nodded again. "And you didnt think to tell me that before? Nobody did?" "I-its not like nobody could tell because it is hard to find the second pup but I could sense their presence as soon as I met you " "And you didnt tell me?" "Tae-" "What did you expect? I would
just be prepared to give birth to two pups without mentally preparing myself?" "Tae calm down," Jungkook put a kiss on his forhead and held the omega tightly against his chest as the omega sniffled, "I did not tell you because I myself was wary, you know that right?"
"Jungkook, Jungkook, I cant without you. I cant survive this without you." "And I am right /here/ Tae, baby, omega, I am here. If you could look after you and our pups for five months, then you can for the next two months." "I am only twenty-" "Baby, I am sorry."
Tae looked at his mate with wide eyes, his eyes tearing up once again. "No, its not your fault." "It is my fault, I impregnated you without your consent even and you are just twenty." Tae shook his head fast and grabbed Jungkooks face in between his palms, tilting his head to
make the alpha look at him, meet his eyes. "It wasnt like you forced me to have s*x with you, it was what we both wanted and every couples always carry the risk of getting pregnant no matter what they do, so we will just treat it as an accidental pregnancy and not a
mistake because your pups wont ever be a mistake to me, Jungkook" Jungkook didnt say anything. Tae continued. "No matter if it is two-" "But you said-" "Doesnt matter. It was just a momentary thing. I was more shocked that I didnt feel it than actually being upset
about twins, understand that. I am pregnant, I am not above getting hormonally emotional-" Jungkook snorts, making the omega huff in fond annoyance. "You get me! It was just a momentary thing and even though I am scared, I am okay with carrying as many pups as
you are willing to give me." It was Jungkook's turn to huff, "we cant have the Luna being pregnant all the time, whose gonna rule the wolves beside me?" Then all of a sudden Tae pushed him away from him with a scowl. Jungkook got a whiplash from the sudden mood change.
"Go away Alpha, go rule your fuxking pack with your /girl/friend." "Tae," he whined and nuzzled upto his mate despite the other trying to push him of, "I am sorry, I will try to keep her at bay?" Tae pushed him back more vigorously, "go keep her, get away from me."
"You know I didn't mean that! Tae!", he sighed, " fine, I will make sure she doesnt come to our other rituals yeah?" Tae looked at him suspiciously for some time, he raised his hands in innocence. "I swear." "Okay fine. Come here and now cuddle me, only then I am gonna forgive
you." Jungkook smiled and went to sleep on the same bed Tae was laying it, snuggling close together. Feeling like, he might just be able to look at his mate's lower belly without feeling the guilt for the first time because he realized he was happy they were there,
that he and Tae would be devastated in the most crippling way if something had happened to their pups today. The fear and his mates words made him realize that maybe he should accept them and Tae was happy with them and in the long run, that is their lives, that's what mattered.
"Tae?" "I wanted to ask you, what did you eat after I went away?" His mate furrowed his brows, as if he was now realizing that he was indeed in a hospital bed and that something happened to him, "um, I didnt really eat anything after you went away, I was you know...
Not in the mood to eat after that." Jungkook nodded, albeit confused. "Nothing?" Tae shook his head. "But we both ate the sane things right?" "Hmm, we did." "I didnt get affected. Then was it possible that it couldnt be because of that?" "Actually- um- I did smell something
that made me feel weird." "Oh what was it?" "I thought, at first that it was something the pup- pups- didnt like but I think I fainted because of that smell." "Okay that makes sense but what did you smell?"
"A jar of rosemaries" "Rosemaries? The herbs?" Tae nodded, "it was a weird smell, did not actually smell like it." "I mean it wouldnt if it was the poison which it probably was." Tae shivered. "Do you remember who gave it to you?"
"Thats the weird thing," Tae said thoughtfully. "What is?" "Its weird because it was father who gave me that." "Aloha Namjoon?!", the shock in Jungkooks tone was eery. Tae shook his head, " my father-in-law, I meant, Alpha Junghyun."
— The next day, Jungkook walked to the forest with Tae, it was were one of their mating ritual would take place where they were going to turn into their wolf forms and bond while in their purest form. They tried to avoid it much as possible but now they found a way
out to fool everyone who was going to be there. They couldn't risk the others knowing Tae cant shift. Alpha Jeon, his father, walked infront of them with the other pack leaders. Jungkook watched him with steady eyed. He didnt get the time to talk to his father yet
because today morning, everything was hectic since he had to wake up early to prepare for this and make an announcement regarding Tae and about what happened last night. All of them sympathised accordingly. Upon reaching there, he took Tae infront as they were beckoned
"Everyone, turn around. I wont let my mate turn infront of you," he said out loud, as he, himself shifted in his glorious black wolf form. He looked back, towards the other side of the forest and almost gave out a sigh of relief when he saw her- the witch- standing
there in their wait. She nodded when their eyes met and Jungkook looked at Hobi on the other side. Normally, witches can create small illusions like the one Hobi did on Tae's neck to hide the mark- his wolf snarled at that, but he could understand why Hobi did that
though he didnt forgive him yet- so using both the witches power- since it would have to be s strong illusion, they were going to make a veil like structure around Tae in his wolf form, from Hobi's memory of it. They concentrated on Tae as the omega looked back at him.
His wolf snarled again, not liking the fact an illusion was forming around Tae and covering him. It was so strong that even Jungkook couldnt tell the difference. And finally on the place that Tae stood on, stood a pure white wolf much smaller in size than him but
giving out almost as strong as an aura as him. He nodded back at Hobi as the witch stopped and looked back at the crowd to howl, telling them that it was okay to look now. All of them turned and gasped- the wolves from the other pack, not theirs- because never had
they seen an wolf as pure as that and they were mesmerized. They had seen Jungkooks wolf form before but not really Tae's because the omega was always hidden away and now all the leaders could understand why that was the case. The wolf was too ethereal to be considered
normal and anyone glimpsing at Tae's wolf form would know immediately who he really was. "He is so beautiful," Jungkook growled. The other wolf retracted, "suits perfectly as Golden Sun's Luna I mean" He stood more tall from the burst of pride he felt
"Luna of our pack and Luna of the wolves, yes," Jungkook's father says with equal amount of pride. It makes him feel some kind of way because he still cant believe that his father gave it to Tae but he did... "Alpha, Luna, its time to start the wolf bonding rituals.
Please step infront of each other,"an elder says. Jungkook does so and Tae does so. He knows Tae didnt actually turn but when he looks at the image of Taes wolf, he feels a kind of deep craving in him. So deep, like he has been missing someone for a long time and he was,
He was missing Tae's wolf from his core and seeing an image of it infront of him felt like tons of brick that has been forming a wall day by day just fell on him.and he felt this deep craving in him. He wished he could bring his Luna back, he wished he knew how to
but he didnt know. He hated not knowing. The wolf was actually beautiful, its white and silver fur smoothened out so nicely that he wanted to brush his hands on it but he couldnt, not now. He had to focus on the rituals.
He closed his eyes and called out to Tae's wold the way the elder grandma told him to. He knee his wolf was trying too, /desperately/ but he couldnt feel anything. Only radio silence and even that that broke his heart, he kind of expected it. He didnt know
if Tae was calling out to him, he had no idea. He couldnt even speak to Tae when he was in his wolf form so now also he didnt know what his nate was thinking or wanted to tell him. The ritual was just for a show even though it was supposed to be so meaningful but
they couldnt do anything since one half was missing. It ended soon after that, he shifted after all the other wolves left. Hobi handed out a piece of cloth to him and he watched the illusion disappeared from around Tae.
The she-witch came upto them and hugged Tae as a greeting before guiding the pureblood couple deeper into the forest, "I needed to talk to you guys about something." "Sure go ahead," he says, as they reach a small clearing beneath a canopy. "Its about Tae's wolf."
"What about it?" Tae asks in confusion as Jungkook stand behind him, winding a hand around Tae's waist and pulling the omega close to him so he could nuzzle his claim mark. He could feel his mate was sad. "I think I might have figured out what it isnt coming out."
The admission left everyone in a stand still as the alpha paused tol. "Why?" Tae asks in a whisper. Jungkook holds him tighter. "Its just a guess okay? But I feel like its avenging for its mate" "Mate? What happened to me?" Now Jungkook was confused
"Not you, your wolf." "My wolf...?" "Could you please explain it properly?" Hobi says while the omega stays silent. "Mates are mates right?" Jungkook nodded. "They can do /anything/ for each other. Anything and I think that Tae's wolf is trying to avenge your wolf
by going dormant." "Why would it even need to avenge my wolf? Nobody treated me wrong." "Its not about your human form, it about your wolf. Nobody did, except you. You treated your wolf wrong" "I-" "And I have a feeling that Tae's is just trying to avenge his mate
by punishing your, your human forms mate." Another silence reigned as Jungkook tried to fanthom what was being said while Tae looked shocked, "t-thats impossible. By keeping itself dormant, its even paining Jungkook's wolf." "Tell me something, Luna, when did your wolf go
dormant?" Tae furrowed his brows, "a-after Jungkook claimed me." he looked unsurely back at the alpha. Jungkook was still in a trance. "Could you tell me what claiming is?"
"Something that is done before mating to finalize things," "Yes and?" Tae paused, "its were the wolves get connected halfway, something that could be broken if the mating process is not done." "The second part isn't important, the first is. Were the wolves are connected
halfway. What makes you think, your wolf wont feel the pain Jungkooks wolf felt constantly at being rejected by his human form upon connecting with it?" Jungkook'd heart felt like ot stopped besting for a second while Tae's was too loud in his ears for him to even begin to
comprehend anything else, because oddly enough it did make sense. Most importantly the timeline matched up and Tae could feel his fast beating heart breaking for Jungkook and his wolf. None of them deserved it and yet here they were. It could be the witch's deduction was right.
"So basically what you mean to say is my wolf is an as*?" "Tae- no, why would you even- see this way, you asked for Jungkook too right? From his wolf?" Tae was too stubborn to admit that so he looked away. Jungkook was still too shocked to say something. The witch sighed.
"Tae, mate is mate." "Jungkook is our mate too! I dont hate his wolf, his wolf is mine. I did that only to be able to talk to him because my as*hole of a wolf wont let me turn. I just wanted to communicate with him." The witch bit her lip because Tae did have a point there.
"What happened happened," she says looking back at the too silent alpha, "I am just guessing here okay? I might be wrong. There might be something actually more deeper than this okay? Someone- someone might have done something to Tae that could have led this to but-"
"But this is looking more plausible yeah?" Jungkook finally speaks making Tae wince since the alpha was right behind me because his tone was far from soft. "Jungkook," he begins, wincing again when he feels the glowing golden gaze on him, "its not your fault."
"Isnt it Tae? Apart from affecting my wolf, I affected yours too." "Jungkook no," he turned to look at Tae and cupped the alpha's cheeks, looking into the golden eyes with a steady gaze, "its not, none of it is your fault. You are just being a pure blood alpha. None
of the normal alphas would ever blame their wolves for not being able to save their mom like you did, even though it wasnt your fault. You think different and thats not your fault. Those shi-ty, shi-ty wolves did that to her, there was nothing you could do. First of all,
stop blaming yourself for that. I beg you, love, please." "Tae..." "Dont Tae me, just stop it. Stop feeling the guilt from then, its not what my mate deserves." "Its hard," Jungkook whispers. The witch and Hobi went backwards and left them alone on the clearing.
Giving the couple privacy. "I know, baby alpha. I know it is and I am here for you arent I? I am here to take that guilt away from you but you are not letting me." "Please," Jungkook put his head on his shoulder and shook
He patted his back, "there was nothing you could do to save her, nothing you hear me?" "I just- I just cant stop thinking about what would have happened if I could have just reached her at that time when she was drowning-" "No, you couldnt have. It was meant to happen.
From what you heard, you being there wasn't supposed to happen either. They would have kil*ed her sooner or later because they wanted whatever their agenda is to start. You just were not supposed to be there." "I wasnt, but I was right? And I could have-" "No you couldnt
have, you were just eight. You couldnt have pulled up a grown wolf, you couldnt have." Jungkook remained silent, his neck still buried on the crook of the omega's neck. Tae ignored the tear falling on his neck and to lighten up Jungkook he gave out a shaky laugh.
"You could have blamed yourself if you couldn't save me from that siren and let me drown-" "Dont even joke about that Tae. Never ever joke about that," Jungkook tightened his arm around his waist till he could barely breathe, but he didnt complain. "I am sorry
I was just trying to lighten up the mood-" "Not with this no," he parted, "I get you. Its going to take me some time to register that fact and stop blaming me and my wolf, but I can already feel the guilt ebb away, thank you." "You dont have to thank me," Tae says softly.
Jungkook nodded as the omega wipes the stray tear away from his face. "Hobi!" the alpha called out. Hobi and the witch came forward from wherever they went to as Jungkook nodded towards them. "I believe our talk isnt finished."
"It isnt actually. I still wanted to talk to you both about something more I and Hobi found out from the tasks you gave us to do." Jungkook tilted his head. "Go on then, tell us." She looked st Tae before taking a breath, "we think that there are a lot of wolves
involved in this. A lot of them." "I think we already established that, especially considering the fact that Jungkook did vanish all the elders from the council for new ones. There is a whole gang." Tae says. She nodded, "yes. That and that we have found a common thing between
all of the wolves Jungkook suspects, at least most of them really." Jungkook furrows his brows; he didnt know about that. "What is it? Is this a sign on their body or something?" "No, it goes deeper than that. Its more about where their loyalty lies, or rather what they believe
is right." Tae and Jungkook shared a look. They somewhat had an inkling that it would come to this. They handt really shared about what Jungkook heard when he was little to anyone but they themselves came to a conclusion that this group of wolves must be afraid of
something or rather someone. Someone that made them live in fear, give up on their everything snd turn their backs on their own family. "Why do you think so?" the alpha asks the witch
"Well, its because we tagged them and do you know what we found?" Jungkook and Tae didn't say anything. "They have group meetings, most of the ones you told me to tag and some more that Hobi did not expect. This group meetings they have will blow your mind out.
They dont really believe you guys are a blessing of the moon Goddess." "Yeah, no sh-t." "Luna, calm down. They think the vampires or the humans or some other creatures except wolves /created/ you using /science/. Injecting things in you while you are babies-" "Thats the
dumbest thing I have ever heard. The elders of our pack things that? What makes them think father would go behind them to inject things in Jungkook?" "Well they just believe you guys are abnormal and not blessings." "They would have thought that only if they believed
in moon Goddess though." The witch's and Hobi's eyes widened comically as they turned their heads sharply to look at Jungkook, shocked out of their mind at his words. Hobi quickly looked around him, scare that the sky would break on them or the ground would break under them.
"You did not just say that, Alpha," the witch says as she looks at him with an increduled look. Jungkook came forward from his position behind Tae, thinking he needs more space to walk around to not panic as he says whatever he is gonna say next.
"I did. Its something I have being theorizing for sometime now and from what you say, I have been on the right way." The witch just shook her head and sighed. "When I was younger, I heard something that led me to think so," then he retells everything he heard
that made the witch get more aggravated at because it was preposterous. "A spirit? In the lake? That doesnt seem possible at all. Spirits...are creatures of the moon Goddess herself, why would they even follow them?"
"That we dont know as of yet but what we do know is that they lost their faith in our only Goddess, they think they are better and are trying to control our world in a different way than it was supposed to be. If you havent seen, some of the rules of all the packs
are changing as time goes by, slowly but still changing which means these all believing and non believing started long ago and has spread. Because of it the whole thing is unbalanced, it feels like we are on the brink of letting insanity rule over the whole clan. Like
something is lurking right around the corner and waiting for the right time to take over all the packs as soon as their followers are done eliminating the 'threats'-" "In this case, me and Jungkookie." "Yes, both of us. Someone attacked Tae already, I wont be shocked if there
is another attack planned today." The witch and Hobi remained silent as they went over everything Jungkook said. The she witch nodded finally after sometime, "if what you say is right, Alpha, then we have to ensure you are protected."
"they wont come for me" "But they will come for Tae," Hobi speaks, seemingly thinking the same thing as the witch is, "and I know you dont want that." "Yeah that. Alpha, Luna, I ask one thing of you for your safety"
Jungkook nodded at her to go on when she looked at him for permission. "You should mate Luna as soon as possible. His wolf is out too, mating is the only-" "But we are going to mate soon though?" "Before that. Since these rogue wolves are attacking during the rituals,
attending them has become very dangerous for you. You have to do it before. You know, after mating only then your pair will get stronger and it would become impossible to defeat you guys right?" Jungkook thought about it for sometime, "the only reason I havent
mated him is because his inner wolf is out. I dont know if mating would be possible for us because technically its binding of wolves and the mark will be there but his wolf wont be there for me to bond with. Ehat if that affects Tar further, I didnt want to risk my mate"
"I dont think mating will affect Luna. Even if it doesnt affect him, I have a feeling your wolf would at least get that security and would have one less thing to worry about" "That you are right. My wolf does want to mate with him as soon as possible." "There you go.
As for the inner wolf, you can try with him." Jungkook bit his lip, "I will see what I can do. I dont think its safer to be here anymore for you, you go ahead, carry on with the tasks I gave you, I and Taehyung need to go back now." The wolves and the witch parted, not knowing
that this would be there last time talking together in a while. _ The day gets a bit weird as Jungkook starts to notice things that make him paranoid based on what happened last night
Was it just him or did he smell another creature on their pack grounds? But the smell that he got was very thin, something he couldnt catch hold of but that made him run around their pack along with his border wolves, but the only creature they had in their packs
were werewolves from different packs, no one else. But he knew he smelled something different , even for a bit. Tae remained inside their cottage for the day because he was feeling tired, today was one of those days where
his pregnancy took a heavy toll on him, making him feel very tired and a bit horny. Really, all this talk about mating makes him want to mate with his alpha now. He has always dreamt of mating, that it was the purest form of bonding. He was always hooked on the fact
that he had someone made for him specifically and he did and yet it was shame they couldnt mate yet. All because of his stupid wolf. But a part of him kind of understands where the wolf is coming from but at the same time, he thinks the wolf is selfish.
All in all, all these thoughts about mating was making him crave his alpha- someone who has been out there moon knows where since they cane back- and making him feel horny, like could Jungkook just come back and mate him? Back when he was claimed, he didnt know but now
he was aware and everything and he just wanted to mate as soon as possible, it was like he couldnt physically and mentally stay apart from his alpha anymore. So he decided tonight was the night
#taekookau 🔞 minors dni
The next morning Taehyung woke up to Jungkook pacing all around their room with an unreadable look on his face. Tae blinked and let out a whine, "Jungkook, come here alpha, cuddle with me. Its so early in the morning." It was, it wasnt even eight yet. And here his alpha was.
"Tae, you are awake," Tae felt a rush of calmness from his mate as Jungkook came near to him and caressed his face. Jungkook felt happiness and peace blooming inside of him, it was a bit scary how he couldnt tell which was coming from him and which was from Tae, but it made him
feel complete because he could now know where his mate was all the time. "Yes I am. But I dont understand why you are?" "I was thinking about something actually. Would you be okay had to hide my mating mark on your neck?" "/what/?" Tae snapped at his mate,
not believing what he was saying. Did he even hear that right? "Tae, dont be like that" "My mate did /not/ just tell me to hide our mark the morning after it happened, tell me you did not?!" "Its for your safety," Jungkook says steadily, not backing out of his words.
"If the others found out we mated, you would be in a bigger risk because they would want to kil* you before your true mate qualities set in. I cant have that. We cant let you walk around with a target mark on you like that, even if it tears me apart to say it as that, I need you
and love you more than seeing you being put into risk. I promise its for a few days, just a few. Till I find all of them out. I promise." "Jungkook, what you are asking of me is near impossible. This is my mark! You dont know how unsafe I felt without it-"
"It will be there Tae, just not in in front of you. Baby please." Tae sighed, feeling how guilty Jungkook felt and it was overwhelming in its intensity but even he was sure the alpha could feel his frustration. He nodded slowly. "I will but in one condition, you cant hide
yours." Jungkook nodded, "good," he kissed him, "I wasnt planning to anyways. Its small enough for me to past it as a battle scar." Tae pulled the alpha closer and snuggled in him. Their scents were mixed now. He knew he had the wildflower scent completely mixed
with his strawberry one. Jungkook's scent had an undertone of Tae's sweet smell, not as glaring, but still there. It comforted him. He knew the other wolves would think this as normal because it was normal for them to smell like each other because more often than not
Tae was wearing Jungkook's shirt or they both had slept snuggled together. "Hobi will come to do thar. We have another ritual today, the moon one. I have a feeling that something is going to happen tonight because moon, ya know?" Tae hummed and nodded.
— The night fell and every wolf of the Golden sun pack gathered together in the middle of the pack, where huge bonfires and lanterns were light up all around. All of them were shouting in tandem for the ritual to start as everyone thumped their legs on the ground.
The theme was to symbolize the sun under the moon as the Golden Sun and Silver Moon pack since Tae and Jungkook were of these packs. Tae stood beside Jungkook, his hand secured on his bump as they both waited for the ceremony to start. The ritual was similar to
the previous one. Except this one was for pray for blessings from the moon Goddess and the witches for the mating pair's healthy life and bond. Because they were the true mates, their ceremony was held more extravagantly then any other wolf pair before them.
But nonetheless it made Tae unsettled. Usually, wolves were happy during these rituals and he is, mind you but he cant help but have this awful feeling of unease in him that something was going to happen to either his pups or his alpha tonight and that he wouldnt be able to
do anything about it and it was the worst feeling ever. He himself could di* but he didnt think he would ever get over his mate's nor his pups. Jimin stood on his other side along with his Yoongi hyung. The couple had their hands held together. Jimin's baby bump
looked more prominent than ever, like he was going to give birth any moment. The omega and his mate knew about what was happening and Tae admired both of them for being here, being beside them despite the risks they have. The risk their pup has for being in the pure bloods
presence but they both remained as stead fast as any other. Jimin was shocked out of his mind when he heard about his father that he was the one to confront the older wolf about the issue instead of Jungkook. Seemed that the older wolf hadnt been aware of it and
the not so shocking part was the part where they got to know who gave it to their father, it was one of the omega's from the Silver moon pack, someone who worked under his amma rather than Jimin. There were some wolves from his former pack who didnt like to be under the
New alpha and Luna because the Luna was from another pack so Seokjin had found out a way to keep them, but perhaps his amma should have doubted their loyalty then on. Anyone who doubted Jimin should be doubted in his mind because his respect for Jimin was something else.
Regardless, they were going to have to deal with these rogue wolves anyway. All of a sudden, a blinding, ear scratching sound fell over all of them, rendering them dead for a whole moment. Jungkook turned to look at Tae as the omega's eyes widened. They both looked
backwards together. That was /not/ what Tae thought it was. It couldnt be because right there a horde of vampires came in running through the forest boundary with their incredible speed and towards them. Squashing and destroying everything on their way.
They didnt ki*l the wolves they passed, they only pushed them aside for what was forward. He knew their main goal was for him and Jungkook and he could hear his mate screaming at him to move away while his alpha stood in his place
but for some reason Tae was deaf to his mate's voice, perhaps the vampires loud battle cry had made him deaf, but he couldnt register anything except the fact that he was probably going to di* tonight. He wanted to cry because he wanted to save his pups at least
but why couldnt he just listen to Jungkook and move? All of it happened in a sudden, he was celebrating the ritual one second and the other second the whole pack atrium was in ruins. Gone were the extravagant decorations, gone were the celebrating wolves. Everything
was now replaced by a horde of cold creatures running towards him and his mate. Why them? He thought. He closed his eyes when he saw one of them reach out to him in mere seconds and was promptly yanked vigorously towards the ground, in Jungkook's wolf body.
Jungkook had protected him like always as the alpha stood in front of Tae, shielding his whole body from all the other vampires. Then his alpha did something that even he didnt know he could, which was probably a new quality the alpha got after they mated. He exuded
a kind of pheromone that made everyone, everyone including the wolves, the vampires, anyone except Tae fall down to their knees in pain. Tae watched wide eyed as a barrier got created in between the pair and all the others.
#taekookau A feeling bubbled in him. He couldnt really place it since it had been a long time but he knew he felt something. He didnt have the time to dwell on himself because the next moment- after sometime- Jungkook's power broke and the vampires were getting over the pain.
He turned to look st him mate to see if Jungkook was okay because with power, came great burden for him but he didnt get to as another vampire- one who came in late, after Jungkook's power ended- came towards him again. This time also before he could react, his mate came in
between and he watched with shocked eyes as the vampire's claws got into the wolf's lower abdomen. Jungkook's wolf got angrier at that as his eyes turned golden and he snapped his jaws at the vampires neck, kil*ing it off.
Taehyung's own heart stopped in his chest as the alpha himself then fell on him unconscious. Tae's panic ridden mind had thought something fatal had happened to his alpha as his eyes turned silver and the feeling inside him grew.
It kept on growing till he felt his claws coming out and then he felt himself shift all of a sudden as his inner wolf took over completely. His wolf stood over his alpha's limp body as it let out a howl so painful, that anyone in a kilometre radius would loose all semblance
of sanity. And they did. The wolves did, it deterred the vampires enough for himself to attack them. More wolves from their pack shook out of the shock and started attacking the vampires too. Tae wasnt finished. He would never be finished until his mate was up.
He continued fighting till he had every vampire unconscious. He turned and while still naked, he bound all of them using ropes, not caring for one minute about his state. Some of the wolves approached him to help. He just turned towards them with a steely gaze
making them stop on their tracks. He wasnt going to let anyone in on his radius, not until he found out who did these to his mate. He only let Yoongi and Hobi near him. "Who?" He snarled. When no response came, he turned to look at the wolves again. "I asked who?"
his cold voice had almost as much as power as an alpha's one. It sounded so cold to others ears that some of them flinched. "Tae?" Hobi called out and came near to him to whisper in his ears, "they are not gonna speak up like this." "Yoongi hyung, father" he called out to
both his brother and his father-in-law while his parents watched him. They all looked at him. "I want you to imprison all of the wolves Jungkook doubted along with the vampires. Nobody is gonna be spared until I find out who did this to the pureblood alpha"
"all of them?" Jungkook's father's voice echoed around the place. Tae turned his silver gaze to him. "Yes all of the ones Jungkook has on his list" "But there are wolves from other packs, we cant just-" "When I said all of them I meant, Head alpha. If you cant do it
do you want us to wait till Jungkook wakes up and then do it? Because everyone is this damn century knows that a true mate pair rules over the all the packs. We were been polite to the other packs by not taking over before, but since you dont give a shit about one of us, then we
should just take over right?" All the wolves in the place knew that was the biggest threat if they had ever heard one. A very very dangerous one so they had no option but to get to work on doing what the pure blood omega wanted. The ones who belived the pair could take over
did for fear and the others who didnt believe they could did so that they werent suspected. The ones that werent on the list that is. Many of the wolves were captured, accordingly to the list
— "This wasnt supposed to happen!", Jin flusters as he looks at Namjoon and Taehyung, the latter sitting on the bed beside his still unconscious mate. "How is it even possible? Namjoon, the security of the ceremony was supposed to be high right?" "Thats why
we are sure it was done by someone from the security team itself. They kil*ed the two wolves on that area and the vampires knew exactly where the security was the weakest, it had to be." "You captured them right, appa?" Namjoon nodded and put his hands on his sons head,
patting his soft silver hair. "I did." "Then we just have to find out who from them. Appa, find them. Hobi will help you. I feel tired, the pups...they feel unsettled." Jin nods and hugs his son, "its understandable. What you did today was so brave Tae, I am so proud of
you sweetheart." Tae shook his head, "there is nothing for you to be proud of me. I let my mate get to this-" "Baby bear, dont do this to yourself. You are not Jungkook, dont feel illogical guilt. He saved you, you are pregnant, give yourself some credit. You didnt let them
hurt him anymore. You did the best you could. Think of it this way, Jungkook would be more than happy with what you did because he is the one who got you pregnant!" Despite of his sad eyes, Tae giggled at the thought. Jungkook did get him knocked up.
"Amma, stop that! H-he wasnt even aware he did-" "Whipped arent you my little boy? How did you even fall in love with him when you hated his very face?" Tae shrugged and looked behind him, towards his mate.
And patted the hair away from his head, the healer said it was gonna take him some time to wake up because the wound had caused internal blee'ing and even for Jungkook, it could be hard to cope up with. "I guess I just realized how awesome of a person he was when he and
I were forced to stay together, he always protected me, always played the role of mate so perfectly that there was no way I couldnt fall in love with him." "He is going to be okay, you know? Soon" "I know I know, just seeing him this way just doesnt sit right."
Namjoon clears his throat, "he will." A pause "Taehyung, you need to take some decisions on your own till he wakes up. What you said comes with a lot of burdens, you have earned more enemies than there were before. So before this goes more out of hand, you need to tell me
how should we proceed on with the investigation of the captured wolves, how do you want it? What did Jungkook plan?" "I had to say that." "Its okay you did. Now we have to act fast. So tell me" "Imprisoning them wasn't our plan until much later, appa. Jungkook wanted to
catch them red hand doing the dirty work so that nobody got to question us anymore and then proceed on to punish them but he also wasnt sure who among the wolves we captured were the real culprits, the masterminds but hopefully now we caught them too." "So plural?"
"Huh?" "You both thought there were more than one leader of this spirit group?" Tae shook his head, "I am not really sure about that actually. We werent back then either. It was hard to see if the herd of wolves were controlled from one direction or many others."
"Then I think our first mode of action should be figuring out that so we can be sure of where to expect the attack from yeah?" "Appa, from what you gathered. The leaders- leader- knows a lot of creatures, has connections with them" Namjoon nodded as he took a seat
beside Jin on the little wood sofa inside the room and put his head on his mate's shoulder. Jin patted his head. "Yeah, I think we got that from the vampire attack. A lot of wolves has a good connection however, we have to narrow down it to the ones who have the best ones."
"Yes we do." Another pause, a longer one this time as they watched their little baby look at his mate. Jin clears his throat, "we will be going then. Take care of yourself and him, Baby bear" Tae nodded as his parents kissed him on the forehead and went out. He looked down at
his mate again and blinked his eyes and before he even could comprehend he was asleep. All the events rushing past behind his eyes. He was in a dream when Jungkook and him were just standing together in a river, basking in the sun and each others presence. Jungkook
was looking at him like he was his world and Tae was loving all of it. Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but Tae only heard a clicking noise followed by the sound of a thunder clacking down on their world. The world dissolved around them as he woke up with a start.
His heart beating like crazy as he looked around the dark room. It was raining heavily outside and one after another thunder rolled down on them. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Jungkook still sleeping beside him. It was just a nightmare but then his heart stilled
almost as soon as he thought that. He noticed a pair of red eyes right beside them gleaming in the dark of the room. A wolf in human form, an alpha. In the moonlight filtering out he noticed silver something glistening too and his heart rate speed up when he registered the fact
that the blade was too close to his mate heart, too close to his pups, to close to him. He gulped down, "d-dont do this. He never did anything to you, dont do this please, I beg you."
He was rendered off of all of his inhibitions because he just woke up and felt mind numbing fear gripping him. The wolf just audibly snarled at him before inching the knife closer to his mate and stepping forward till the light filtering out from the thunders outside fell on him
Tae gasped,"Seo...joon?" Seojoon barked out a laugh, "sad how you both couldn't figure out the ruler himself. I was actually wondering when you started capturing wolves if the mighty Jungkook doubted me but apparantly he was too blinded by blood to see it"
Seojoon was Jungkook's cousin, the same one who Tae thought would be better of being the leader of the Golden sun pack then Jungkook, the same one he thought would be better than Jungkook. "Tae, dont look so shocked come on.
I am sure you pure bloods did think an insider was involved in all these anyways right?" Tae remained silent. His eyes still widened. Why was it always the closest ones who betrayed them? "No?" When he still didnt reply back, Seojoon inched the knife further till it poked
Jungkook lightly on his wound making Tae cry out loud, "now you speak? Tell me, no?" "No we didnt! We never thought it would be his own blood who would betray us-" The knife squeezed in till the skin broke, causing a drop of bloo* slide through, Tae yelped louder as
his eyes silvered. "I never betrayed anyone. I was- am just trying to set this world right, bring good into this life" Tae gritted his teeth and tried to breathe in to calm himself down, "okay. You want that and we get it. I do yeah but have you ever tried telling us
your way so we could think about it?" The knife retreated slightly but it still felt like someone scarred Tae instead of Jungkook, because instead of Jungkook wincing, it was Tae. He didnt feel any pain through his bond too which meant Jungkook was unconscious.
"Bah. You wouldn't listen to the right way when you deluded yourself to believe the wrong when you and your mate were created by vampires to make everyone believe in someone who doesnt even exist!" Thunder cackled overhead. Tar refrained from showing any expression. He already
knew this was what was going to come out of Seojoon's mouth. Knew someone had deluded these wolves so much that they believed in nothing now, except lies. But he couldnt dwell on it since he had information to get out from this crazy alpha. He wouldnt let Jungkook's
drop of bloo* to go to waste. "I see, then what is the right way?" "Are you mocking me,omega?" Tae shook his head slowly, schooling his panicked expression to that of calmness. Panicking would do nothing when a knife was so close to Jeongguk. He has gained
enough mindset to work his own powers now and he knew he could take over this alpha but first he needed to get information out. "Why would I mock you? Even if the- the vampires made me, I am made to be a Luna right?So I am supposed to hear everyone's opinion with a clear mind"
"Its not the moon Goddess obviously. I have no idea how some wolves still has faith in a God who doesnt hear you, who lets mere wolves decided what you are going to be, that she created two "special" beings who can apparently change the world. Not for me. I grew up
believing in a deity who actually exists, someone I have been graced to glance at once, someone who fulfilled my wish and opened my eyes for me to see the world as it should be. The Spirit is real, He would give you the freedom to be what you want, would make me, the rightful
owner, as the leader of the Golden sun pack. Uncle Junghyun was never cut out for ruling this magnificent pack, he couldnt even hold his weight infront of other pack leaders, something /I/ am going to do since all the leaders will fear me. I am the only one capable
enough to rule perfectly, I am not some /hybrid/ wolf created by the supposed Goddess, oh no, "he laughed evilly, his shoulders shaking from the strength of his humour. He looked downright creepy then. "I am the alpha of alpha's" Someone clapped their hands together
making Tae and Seojoon whip their heads in the direction. Tae's eyes widened as Seojoon stammered, "h-how?" Jungkook switched the light on, momentarily blinding all of them. "Hello", the alpha said casually. Tae looked at the figure standing on the doorway, then at the figure
unconscious beside him. Seojoon's scent soured, "Jeon Jungkook, how?!" "Calm down, calm down now Seojoon," Hobi says as he saunters in after Jungkook with a smug look on his face. Jungkook didnt speak until he was right beside Tae and manhandled his shocked
mate behind him, he wouldnt risk Tae infront of his cousin now of all times, he learned from his mistakes and knows what happens when he left Tae alone. "Now where were we?" Seojoon screamed in frustration as he hit Jungkook's lying body. His hand went right in and the bed
broke into two. It was an illusion. Jungkook's body was an illusion. The one he was sleeping beside was an illusion, the one whose bloo* dropped was nothing. He looked at Hobi, the witch only winked at him. "You,Jeon Jungkook,
using witches to do your means now? Insult to the wolves arent you brother?" "Smart wolf you mean. Yes, I am. Had to catch the self proclaimed leader you know." Tae's hands gripped the material of Jungkook's shirt from behind as he calmed down for the first time after the
impromptu battle. His heart felt like it was finally in the right place and his inner wolf- something he could feel for after almost a year- cackled with glee from how proud he was of Jungkook. Seojoon didnt talk much after that. Just shifted to his wolf form and
attacked Jungkook. Jungkook having had already predicted that shifted too, fasten than he had ever before than usual- usually he shifted fast when Tae was in danger but he wasn't in danger now but the wolf still shifted really fast. They were a ball of fur flying
in the hospital room. Tae's heart didnt stop beating fast till Jungkook bit the other wolf on his neck, declaring that he won. Jungkook shifted and Hobi held the other wolf back by his magic, "as per the wolves law, you lost Seojoon. Unless you want a death battle, then
Jungkook will get on to that too." Seojoon shifted, "what? What did the vampires even make you of?" "You know Joonie, for everything you were spewing infront of Tae, you could be dumb too. The vampires wouldnt listen to you and try to kill us if we were their
creation. No matter how much land you offer to them they wont do it because with us, they knew they would have upper hand. Now, because we werent their creation but the moon Goddess's, we belonged to the wolves and terminating us means the wolves safety blanket would be gone.
Thats what your spirit wanted too." "Dont speak about Spirit like that, you fowl bit*h" "Did you know," Jungkook casually says, "that spirit is actually Hobi's father? You should know, he is the same father who sacrificed Hobi to the /moon Goddess/ that night Alpha Namjoon
saved him?" Seojoon's eyes widened, "no it couldn't be...I know a witch when I see one. Spirit is not a witch, He is a deity! Hobi doesnt have a father, witches dont" "He does because he is a shapeshifter witch. He is not a witch who the moon Goddess assigned. He is one
of the illegitimate witch that your spirit sired because he wanted power but then it was said that we, a pair of true bloods were sent to finish him off, he panicked, offered Hobi too the moon Goddess and then when it didnt work and we were still born, he used puny brains like
you to destroy us" Seojoon gave out an agonizing growl, "you are lying, it couldnt be-" "Oh but didnt you notice in the full moon nights, the Spirit become 'powerless', so much to the point that he couldnt even be there last night to tell /you/ about the vampires attacking?"
Seojoon went silent. Jungkook stood infront of Taehyung again. "You didnt know about the vampires attacking did you? Think, arent you the 'leader'. Why wouldnt you know about such an extensive attack?"
"You guessing vampires created us to defeat speaks volumes of how much you trust them. You d would habe never let them in our pack but you didnt know did you? That means you didnt even know they were offered lands," Jungkook says, and even though he was finding out this
piece of information now, he knew he kind of expected it
"The spirit just used the weaker willed ones to his gain and because of such felony, he is meant to die-" "How did you know all these?" Seojoon asks in a small voice. Jungkook looks at Hobi before looking back at him. Tae leaned in to listen clearly to his mate because even he
didnt know how Jungkook knew all these. As far as he had known that there was a spirit, he didnt know about anything else. "Fine I will tell you. While you were busy plotting how to kil* me while Tae was here and then kil* him, I actually woke up in the middle of the night,
about six hours ago. Hobi helped me create an illusion of my body for Tae to hold on to while I had to go tie some loose ends. Had a chat with the vampires, had a chat with one of your followers, made some connections because how was it possible for one person to know
so many creatures? Found out, it was afterall possible because one witch seemed to have a good connection with all the creature, the same one who sired Hobi, suprisingly also someone who could shift into any creature he want. Didnt take much after that because I think
I did see the spirit before; when he made a bear attack me and my mate. I already tracked him down and only think that is left to do is to put you in the prison and finish the spirit off." "YAH", the alpha screamed in rage as he thrashed around. Jungkook and Tae just
watched as the guard wolves came in to take him away. "JEON, you are not cut out to be the leader. I am much better, just because I misjudged someone doesnt mean I am not better than you" Jungkook just nodded as the alpha continued screaming his lungs out and
trying to shit but unable to do so because Hobi's magic held him back. The pure blood alpha just sighed afterwards. Tae turned his mate towards him and hugged him tightly, "you did it alpha," he whispered. "You did it." Jungkook hugged him back, equally as tightly if not more
"The spirit is still alive though" "You will take care of him. Why couldnt I feel you if you were conscious? And if you couldnt feel me either how did you know I was in danger. Dont tell you you were from before because I didnt smell you" Jungkook hummed, kissing his
cheeks softly and scenting him. Tae could feel their bond again now and he could feel exactly how tired his mate really was. "I just temporarily turned my side off and I knew you were in danger because /I/ could still feel you" The alpha bents down then and put a soft kiss
on his lower stomach causing Tae to let out a giggle, "I am glad you all are safe" Then he gets up again and thoroughly scents the omega, kissing him roughly, mouthing at his mating mark before he finally parted, "need to finish off this spirit first before I can relax.
Tae go to our room and get some rest. Hopefully I will bring you good news only the next morning" Tae shook his head, "i want to go though?" "You cant baby. Dont argue with me on this, you have the pups and you are not in any position to fight. The last tine I saw you, you
were going to get kill*d, I dont think I can stomach another image like that anymore-" "I saw you getting hit too, you think I can?!" "No, no baby. Please, for our pups? I promise you you wont ever see me in the position ever if you promise me you will keep
yourself and our pups safe" "Thats unfair," the omega whines.Jungkook placates him with a kiss"Everything is going to get over in a bit. Dont worry at all, my omega" Tae gives one, slow nod with tears shining in his eyes,"I just dont want to risk my mate" "And you wont,I promise"
— Kill*ng off the spirit was nothing different than the many very violent fights he had been a part of. It really wasnt. The tricky part was the fact that this time around he was up against a witch but he was a pure blood alpha, a mated one at that so one part
of a true pair, it was near impossible to go through him. And he did do it. With Hobi's help of course, he finally finished off the demon that had caused the demons in his mind to rise, he finally felt like a weight was taken off of his shoulder and he finally felt light, like
he was freed from this shackle of anger he had for his wolf. And he did it while he was one with his wolf in the same place his mother had died because of this spirit. He could yield the power that comes with being a pure blood easily since he forgave his wolf and sorted it out
with it. It let him have it. He felt the sense of calm. Both from kill*ng the spirit who had ruined so many lives, who had manipulated other wolves to get so many wolves kill*ed, who had done so much hideous things in the name of moon and finally from accepting a part of himself
to be him.He accepted himself now and was happy with it.The witch die* as he bit into his jugular,the magic leaving him as his life dimmed.Hobi's magic thrummed in the air-it was what was keeping Jungkook safe from the other witch's spells.He let go only when he knew it was safe.
The witch's body then dissolved into fumes of magic that went away with the wind.He turned to look at Hobi,"I am glad I was given the honour to keep up our part of the deal." "Alpha Namjoon chose the right man, Alpha.I can only thank you." Jungkook just nodded,"i can only thank
you for keeping my mate safe for all these years." "It was part of my oath, I had to. We always had our responsibilities. You are the only one who could finish him off and a pure blood alpha you did that mission of yours. I was sure the true mate pair this time wouldnt
disappoint either." "We still have to set those wolves and creatures right with their own lands and values. They cant keep on fighting, they cant keep on having no faith when it always led to /this/. We have to set them right first, then only we can say we have been
succesful." Hobi waved his hands as he came forward to pat him, "you have all your lives to do that. Seeing how you did so far, I am sure you both wont disappoint. Now come, lets go, I have a feeling we have to go back now."
He nodded and shifted. He had killed the witch in his human form. — One thing he didnt expect out of all the things he had expected was been welcomed to his pack like well...this: an omega rushing towards him with a hurried look on his face as he blurted out,
"Luna is in labour" He didnt expect he would shift back to his wolf form again(he shifted to his human form when he reached the pack boundary) and bound towards where he could /feel/ his mate was. At that time, he didnt register anything around him because he got a
tunnel vision towards his mate. Upon shifting yet again, just when he was going to get into the room he knew his mate was in, a healer- a beta this time- blocked his way with a stern look in her face, "sorry Alpha, I cant let you go in there." Jungkook bared his teeth
at her as his eyes flashed golden, "move away." Even though her scent spiked in fear, her expression remained, "I cant.I have strict orders from your mate to not let you enter." "You- my mate? He told you not to let me in?" his heart broke. She nodded,"he did. He is giving birth
to your first pup as we speak, please respect his wishes" Jungkook knew why his mate wasnt letting him enter; it was because he left him here alone and his heart was now breaking because he felt snakes coil and uncoil in his lower stomach from how scared and nervous he felt.
This was unlike anything hw felt before. What if something happened to his mate? He wouldn't be able to live with himself because he was the reason he was even pregnant in the first place. He was taken out of his mind space when he heard Tae curse out the loudest ever.
The he stopped cursing and then cries rung in the air. He bounded in, pushing the healer away in his hurry. The group of healers surrounding Tae's bed and Tae turned to look at him. He came to Tae and slowly, with unhurried fingers wiped the tears littered prettily all over his
"You didnt want to see me?" Then they both turned to look at a healer coming towards them with two bundles of pups in his hands, "congratulations! Alpha and Luna, you have successfully bought two healthy, strong heirs to the Golden sun pack; a boy and a girl"
Jungkook's eyes widened, it suddenly hit him that he was seeing /their/ pups right there, in front of them. He felt a kind of elation surrounding him as he shifted to look at the faces of what pieces of him and Tae looked like together. His heart stuttered. They were
the cutest beings he had ever seen in his whole life. They were so small, so precious that he was even afraid that touching them will hurt them but the healer urged him to take his (his?!?!) daughter in his hands. He did so with very careful hands and the softest expression
on his face. The pup had her eyes closed as she wiggled to settle down properly and he suddenly felt the urge to just squish her against his chest, she looked so cute, so pretty. The healer passed the boy pup to Tae who started crying silently as he nuzzled his nose
against the pup's delicate skin. They were finally here; his bunches who he feared for so much were finally here. Their pups. When he finished pressing soft kisses all over his son's face, he passed him to his mate and took the other pup from him to repeat the same process.
Jimin and Yoongi came in past the curtains in the same way Jungkook had followed by his fathers, Jungkook's dad and Hobi. When they all took over the pups, passing the twins to each other and playing with them, Jungkook remains beside a really tired Taehyung.
Tae, who was clutching his hand very strongly, "thank you for coming back to me in one piece." Jungkook pressed a kiss against his mate's lips,"thank you for keeping yourself safe and bringing our pups to the world. You are the most perfect mate I could have ever asked for."
"And I you," Tae bought his alpha near him to hug him tightly, "sorry I didnt let you enter then." Jungkook nosed at his mating mark and scented the omega, inhaling the strawberry scent mixed with the wildflowers one was so calming. "Why didnt you, was it because I left-"
"No no," Tae pressed his hands roughly on his head to push him more against his neck, "I am glad you told me to not go. Imagine you and Hobi helping me giving birth. Would be a disaster" Jungkook chuckles, kissing the others neck, "it would be." "I just didnt want
you to hear me cursing at you like that when you yourself were so tired. I know its a petty reason, but I cursed you out a lot ya know, promised the heavens that I wouldnt let your dick and your knot come near me for the next year." Jungkook laughed out loud now, his
hands gripping the omegas waist properly, "I have seen all your sides, you cursing is nothing" Jungkook detaches himself to look at his mate. Tae's eyes shine silver and his one inturn flashed golden, "yeah, but I thought you wouldnt be okay with it and get angry at me-"
"I would never get angry at the person who bought parts of us in the world, I would never get me? Dont do it the next time." Tae's eyes widened comically as he stared at him dumb founded, "next time?! Jeon Jungkook next time?" Jungkook successfully avoided a hit by
getting himself away right in the nick of time, "let an alpha dream Tae" He didnt see Jimin standing right behind him however since he was looking st Tae but his brother hit him at the back of his head, "have some respect Jungkook. Tae just gave birth to two mini you's"
"And ofcourse they look like him. I carried you both for seven months and this is how you repay me pups?" Tae called out tiredly. Hobi laughs, "the boy looks like you though, Jimin was just being a proper brother of the father" They all laughed as Jungkook whined now
but the alpha gave in when Tae called him to sleep beside him. They both were running on sleepless nights and life threatening tasks, they had to take a rest. It went on. As time went by, along with their people, they made it happen. They did everything they could
do divide the land properly, talk on one on one to make the wolves feel like there were wolves around for them, that their packs, their people were always here for them. They tried their very best to make the wolves believe that they didnt have to go to a foreign power
To listen to them. They had their people even if the moon Goddess couldnt always listen to them, their people would. Jungkook and Taehyung, the legendary third true pair got to accomplish everything they were destined to as well as love each other and bring tokens of their love
to life. Jimin and Yoongi were blessed with two boys, one after another while Hobi came about, travelling around, shifting like he did before he got bounded to Tae. He always came back to the true mate pair however because there would only be this one for many many
years to come and seeing them with their extraordinary power- something that didnt pass onto their pups- was once in a lifetime luck and he was very lucky to have seen this pair of true mates navigate their way to each other with so many
trials, tribulations and heart aches, they were finally here. Mated, happy, in love and in tune with their pure blood wolves. Just like the true mate pairs before them, they did their job and they got their happy ending. — The End —
Thank you to every single one of you who has been with me this journey of writing the first full fledgedau.Thank you for keeping this story alive with your reactions, with your likes, thank you so so much for supporting me, it means a lot more than mere words can explain.+
I also hope you will be there to support my next au(its an abo one that will start tomorrow!!). Once again, thank you and (hopefully) see you Signing out officially, Ren💖💖🐺
#taekook ABOau where omega Taehyung falls in love with his FWB Alpha Jungkook but he knows the rich goody two shoes boy would never like, let alone mate, an omega who beats up people and wins at motorcycle races past midnight for a living.
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