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#taekookau where jungkook lost his phone and the person who found it was no other than kim taehyung. his rival. who he really doesn’t hate

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“hey jeon” tae smirked as he walked closer to jungkook. jungkook rolled his eyes and sighed “what do you want” he said “oh nothing just wanted to say hi” the smirk not leaving tae’s face “you look dumb smirking” jungkook blurted with a straight face “oh yeah?” tae leaned
in closer making jungkook back up “what are you doing weirdo” tae kept getting closer making jungkook hit the locker “hm i never noticed that mole under your lips” tae said “shut up” jungkook frowned “make me” tae replied “get away from me” jungkook was about to push
him but tae kissed him. jungkook was shocked but then got lost in the kiss, his hands slowly going down. the good thing is that no one was there besides them. after jungkook realized what was happening he quickly pushed tae away “what the fuck taehyung” he yelled
“don’t fucking kiss me again” “you didn’t stop me” tae shrugged “fuck off, don’t ever get close to me like that, next time i’m breaking your fucking arms” jungkook was ‘angry’ tae found it cute. jungkook left and tae was now 100% sure about his feelings
3 weeks later
(different days)
“someone asked you out?” jungkook repeated “yeah” tae responded they were both packing their stuff now “what did you say?” jungkook asked “i said no” tae shrugged “oh” jungkook almost smiled, he was glad. “yeah, what about you?” tae asked him “oh no i’m already
interest in someone so” jungkook responded tae smiled and nodded “anyways i have practice after school i won’t be able to go to your place” jungkook stood up and tae followed after “it’s fine i have things to do too” “okay then text you later” and they both left.
the went from rivals to now friends who’ve got closer fast. they realized that they have many things in common, and so regret all the things they’ve said in the past. but now things are different, their feelings for each other have grown and tae is still waiting for the right
jungkook didn’t question taehyung and headed over to his place “openn” jungkook yelled the door opened revealing tae “you know there’s a thing called knocking?” tae chuckled “eh” jungkook shrugged and tae moved aside so jungkook could do in “i need to shower dude”
jungkook said and placed his bag down “i placed the clothes there and a towel, go” tae said and jungkook didn’t have to be told twice and ran to the bathroom. “i’ll be there in 10” jungkook yelled and tae didn’t reply. he sat down thinking what if i tell him now? or
what if i wait a little longer? but i can’t wait longer i just wanna tell him now. but we were rivals like weeks ago. but my heart is feeling me something else. yes or no? no or yes. many thoughts so many. and he also needs to tell jungkook about the phone.
he doesn’t know if he will get angry or not. that’s another thing that’s he’s scared of. he has time to think, jungkook is in the shower and he’s in the sofa thinking. hopefully things go well. i mean jungkook likes him but still.
after 12 minutes jungkook came out, towel over his shoulder and wearing some shorts. tae was drinking a soda and looked back at jungkook “see something you like?” jungkook teased “oh shut up” tae playfully rolled his eyes and turned back to his phone
“i’m just playing” jungkook laughed and sat next to tae, taking his phone out “why did you want me to come?” jungkook asked “i need to tell you something” tae looked at him making jungkook curious “what is it?” jungkook asked and his phone ringed “who’s that?” tae said
“oh just a guy from my team he wants to take me out” jungkook casually said “no.” tae replied “no?” jungkook said, sounding more like a question “don’t go” tae repeated “i’m not.. i like someone already” jungkook was confused due to tae’s behavior
“and i like you jungkook, there i said it, i like you, ive realized my true feelings for you after i kissed you” tae did it. jungkook looked back at him shocked “you.. you like me?” jungkook wanted to make sure he wasn’t hearing things. “yeah” tae responded
“are you serious.?” “dead serious jungkook.” jungkook smiled “i like you too tae” “i know” “huh? what do you mean you know” tae kept confusing jungkook “that day, when i found your phone i don’t know how but it unlocked itself and i was curious okay” tae continued “so i
went through your phone and read some messages and i’m sorry i know i shouldn’t but-“ “you said what?” jungkook yelled “im sorry jungkook i really am” “you invade my privacy? you had no reason to be checking my stuff tae” jungkook stood up, he was upset
“i know jungkook fuck i know” tae felt bad “you read my messages?!? what else huh?” “nothing! i promise you-“ “so you knew all this time? and that’s why you kissed me? you wanted to play with my feelings?” hearing jungkook say that made tae look at him “what!? no jungkook
no no i promise you i didn’t, like i said before i liked you but i wasn’t sure and i realized you and i realized that i like you” “you still went through my phone tae? imagine if you didn’t felt the same? how embarrassing would that be? that my rival found out i liked him”
jungkook put on the shirt and grabbed his stuff “i think i heard enough” jungkook was about to leave but tae stopped him “no jungkook please don’t go, i don’t want to play with your feelings, i do like you so much” “i’ll return your clothes” jungkook released himself
from tae’s hold and left leaving tae alone and feeling guilty. he messed up.
the next day.
“i’m glad we could solve things” tae said “me too, we went through a whole roller coaster of emotions” jungkook chuckled “i know but i’m glad we can be together with no more hiding our feelings and we can go on dates, kiss and hold hands” tae pulled jungkook closer
“i don’t deserve you tae, you’ve done so much” “you deserve me and more jungkook” “im glad you’re my boyfriend, i’ll love you forever” jungkook kissed him “and i’ll love you too.”
these two went from rivals with lots of tension, to friends and now lovers. no more hiding, just loving
the end
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