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#taekookau where taehyung and jungkook are dating behind their parents back. their parents told them that they have someone for them to marry. the two boys were heart broken. but the thing that they don’t know is that their parents set them up for each other.

anon thank you for the idea - english is not my first language so i apologize for any mistakes. - ignore typos and time stamps - nothing nice to say = blocked
“who was it?” tae asked jungkook sighed and looked up, the wind hitting his face “my mom” he answered “oh” tae whispered “she wants me back my 6pm we have to talk about” jungkook said quietly “my mom told me she wants me back soon too” tae replied “i hate this tae
i don’t want to marry someone else or for you to either” jungkook wanted to cry. “i love you and you’re the love of my life and i hate that our parents would never accept our relationship” a tear rolled down his cheek and tae was also heart broken “i know baby i know i wish
i could go and tell them that i only want you, but i can’t, they’ve planned everything already” tae said and jungkook looked back at him “it’s funny how we’re both meeting our future partners at the same time ” jungkook let out a dry chuckle tae cupped his cheeks and kissed
him “you’re the only one for me jungkook” jungkook nodded “what if we scape together” “what?” tae asked “tae i don’t want no one else but you, we can go and we’ll be together no one will separate us” tae stayed quiet for a second but then nodded “next week after we meet
the others” “next week.” jungkook repeated and nodded they both kissed once again and smiled, no one was going to separate them.
it was already 5:30pm they both spent almost all day together. their friends were covering up for them. “i have to go or else my mom will get upset” jungkook giggled “so will mine” tae stood up and sighed “we’ll talk more tomorrow okay baby?” “yes babe”
they both gave each other a kiss and left, both going separate ways, they didn’t want to make it obvious. even though no one knew about their little hideout they were still careful about it.
“you’re back just in time” mrs kim said “hi mom, where’s dad?” tae asked “he’s working on something” she replied tae just nodded and was heading upstairs but his mom stopped him “who were you with?” she asked “oh um i was with yoongi hyung and jin hyung” tae forced a
smile “okay” she didn’t say anything else she turned around and left. tae sighed in relief and walked to his room. ———— “my bunny you’re back” mrs jeon and me jeon were both eating already “hi mom yes, i’ll go take a shower and come back to eat” he smiled and left
after he finished showering his parents were done but were waiting for him. jungkook got served and thanked the lady. he looked at his food and sighed “mom, dad” he said making his parents look up at him “what is it son?” mr jeon asked “do i really have to get married?”
he pouted “yes you do, you’re going to be the next ceo, and the other company who we’ve talked to agreed with us, their son will also become a ceo” jungkook looked at his dad, so it was a guy. “but what if i’m interested in someone” jungkook asked, looking at his parents with
hope in his eyes. “you’re interested in someone?” ms jeon repeated and jungkook nodded “well son you’ll soon fall for your future husband, look at your brother, he was upset at first but now he’s happy.” mr jeon smiled “but i’m not my brother!” jungkook yelled and stood up
“you can’t just ask me to move on, i’m already in love with someone” jungkook cried and left the table. tears rolling down. he loves his parents but they can’t just choose for him. he can’t wait to scape with taehyung. ————— “your mother an i have already talked with the other
company taehyung, you’re going to meet your future husband next wednesday after that we’ll wait 2 months and after that you’ll both get married.” mr finished speaking and looked over at tae who was looking down “why me?” tae quietly asked “you’re going to be the new ceo
and you’re the eldest your company will be your responsibility and we’ll have more success” tae sighed and his vision started getting blurry “we love you son-“ mrs kim was interrupted “if you loved me then you would let me choose and be with who i love” tae didn’t even
touch his food and excused himself from the table. mr kim and mrs kim just scared at each other. tae laid on his room and cried, he’s tired of his parents making decisions for him and he’s been a coward for not doing anything about it.
the next day they both met and they planned where they were going to go. they planned on taking another car so their parents wouldn’t suspect anything they’ll do anything so they could go and be together happy and without hiding
and the day finally came. the day before they spent the whole day together, sneaked back in their houses without their parents noticing. and now jungkook was getting dressed up like their parents asked. he was nervous and scared , they leave in 5 minutes. their going to
a restaurant and meet the guy. the guy who’s their parents think he’ll be marrying. if only they knew that him and taehyung have planned. “are you ready?” his mom came in to get him he forced a smile and nodded. “let’s go then, the car is waiting for us” and they walked out
and on taehyung’s side he was already at the restaurant. he was playing with his fingers waiting for the other family to come. “are you exited.” mr kim asked “sure dad” he forced a smile “come on, please smile” mrs kim smiled and tae didn’t say, anything and forced a smile
“oh here they come!” mrs kim cheered and stood up smiling jungkook looked over at the table to where his dad pointed and he was confused? “look jungkook the kims are waiting for us.” mrs jeon smiled and jungkook’s eyes went wide “how lovely to see you all!” mrs kim giggled
and looked back at jungkook “hello young man, i’ll like to introduce you to my son kim taehyung.” jungkook felt like everything went silent. he felt dizzy “son? are you okay?” mr jeon checked on his and jungkook nodded taehyung turned around and when he saw jungkook he
gasped. they both stared at each other confused. “taehyung this is jungkook, jungkook this is taehyung” mrs jeon said and smiled at mrs kim. “hi” tae tried not to smile and so did jungkook “hi” jungkook greeted back. “let’s all take a seat” mr kim
signaled them all to sit which they did. taehyung and jungkook were seated together and they tried not to look at each other much. “i’m happy you two can finally meet each other” mr kim smiled at jungkook who smiled back “it’s nice meeting you all, and you too taehyung”
jungkook softly said. tae’s gaze softening as he looked at jungkook. “well there’s many things we have to settle, but first let’s order our food.” mrs kim called out for the waitress “excuse me mother i have to go use the bathroom” tae excused himself.
“and so do i.” jungkook followed after, their parents didn’t say anything but smiled. the two men waited until they got inside “taehyung” “jungkook” they both giggled “baby you’re the one i’m marrying?” tae asked “i cant believe it” jungkook giggled
“wow- um i can’t believe this” taehyung pulled him in for a big kiss “fuck i was so scared taehyung i just wanted to get this over with so i could be with you, but now it’s you who my parents set me up with” “it’s me” tae chuckled “fuck let’s not make it that obvious, our
parents don’t know we’re dating, let’s pretend we don’t like each other that much” “that’s gonna be hard.” tae pouted “i know tae bear but we have to, fuck i’m so happy, i just this is so unbelievable, we were so scared and planning on escaping”
“i know gosh i feel so happy, looks like it won’t be a forced marriage” “well um kinda” jungkook giggled and they both kissed again, and quickly fixing their clothes before heading back to the table
while eating the families made some plans and taehyung and jungkook held hands under the table. both trying not to smile and holding back from kissing each other. “we shall see each other again” taehyung said to jungkook “we shall.” jungkook replied
“it’s good seeing you two getting along quick!” mrs jeon chuckled softly “yeah mom, let’s go now yeah?” jungkook looked at her with puppy eyes and she couldn’t say no “let’s go” and they both left, saying bye to the kims and tae blowing a kiss to jungkook while no one
was looking. “oh tae” jungkook giggled and shook his head. and they all walked out
“so what did you think about jungkook son?” mr kim asked “well um he’s a good guy” tae shrugged “i’m glad seeing you both get along well” “me too mom, you know, you both could’ve told me since the beginning” “i know but that’s not how it works here” mrs kim replied
“i know mom, well i’m going to sleep goodnight” tae gave both their parents a kiss on the cheek and headed to his room with a huge smile on his face. “i’m not losing you baby” he whispered
“did you like taehyung?” mrs jeon teased jungkook “oh well um he’s good looking” jungkook shrugged “i knew you’d like him” “girl let him breathe for a little” mr jeon told mrs jeon “oh stop it!” mrs jeon playfully hit him making jungkook giggle
“i’ll be heading to my room i’m tired” “sleep well son” they both said at the same time.
2 months passed it went by so fast, jungkook and taehyung spent time together now without hiding and hiding. in front of their parents they acted different but when they were alone it was different. their parents were glad that they were both getting along
even though these two have known each other since forever and seen each other in different ways *wink wink* “the wedding is tomorrow, are you both exited?” “oh well i’m not that exited mom” jungkook liked “why not? you’ve both have gotten along so well”
“because mom i’m interested in someone and it hurts that i won’t be together with him” jungkook sighed, he was so good at lying sometimes “you’ll learn to love him” mrs jeon insisted “yeah” jungkook bit his lips as he tried not to laugh
- at the wedding -
only close family were invited and their friends were too. their friends tried to act not too exited even though they were. “do you jeon jungkook take kim taehyung as your husband?” “i do.” “do you kim taehyung take jeon jungkook as your husband?” “i do.”
“you maybe now kiss” and at first they hesitated but then kissed and everyone cheered. meanwhile jin and jimin trying not to cry “welcome to the family taehyung” mrs jeon and mr jeon smiled at him “thank you” he smiled back
“and welcome to the family jungkook” mr kim and mrs kim hugged him surprising him a bit “oh thank you!” jungkook giggled mr jeon and mrs jeon pulled jungkook in to have a talk with him “son we love you so much, you’re soon going to be the new ceo soon and you’ll have
a wonderful husband with you, i hope you’ll be happy with him” they both hugged him and jungkook tear up and nodded “now go get tae for me yeah?” mrs jeon said and jungkook went to get him
jungkook grabbed tae by the hand “my mom wants to talk to us” he whispered “why?” tae whispered back “i don’t know but act natural” jungkook whispered and walked back over to her.
“well you two, how are you both feeling? liking each other a little more?” “oh? ew no” jungkook started kitty fighting with tae “i don’t like him mrs jeon” tae scoffed and kitty fought with jungkook making mrs jeon giggle
“okay you two well go now” “yeah let’s go” jungkook turned around and quickly grabbed tae by the hand “let’s go taehyung” he stomped and tae chuckled meanwhile mrs jeon smiled at them. she knew about their relationship this whole time.
jungkook thinks he’s sly but he’s not. mrs jeon has known about them since that time she caught them together. so she called the kim’s and convinced them. anything for her jungkook. she had to act just like they did
after everything happened jungkook and taehyung went to their honeymoon and they both were happy to spend time together “after everything we went through” jungkook softly spoke “it felt like a nightmare i just can’t imagine losing you jungkook” “i cant either tae”
“we can finally be together” they both spent days enjoying each other’s touch they deserve to relax and enjoy each other’s company after the nightmare
2 years later.
and these two were happy together. this time without hiding and at one point they did tell their parents that they were dating.
and their families promised to change. and no more forced marriage. no more anything
the end <3
i hope u all enjoyed sksk i really didn’t like how i wrote this story but i hope you all liked it even a bit. i was going to write more but i didn’t have enough time since i was busy. i love you to those who’ve read it
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