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#taekookau jungkook likes taehyung but taehyung is oblivious.

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( the loml)
“wait” tae yelled and jungkook groaned “what?” “you’re not lying right? you really do like me” “taehyung my sweet hyungie hyung yes i like you now please fucking kiss me” taehyung just nodded and pulled him in and kissed him “finally” jungkook said through the kiss and
melted taehyung opened his eyes for a second and looked at jungkook. they were kissing. it didn’t feel real soon after he closed his eyes again and continued kissing him until they were both out of breath
“i’ve waited for this for so long” jungkook softly chuckled “how long have you’ve liked me?” tae asked while smiling “since our friendship began” he smiled “ohh” tae pecked him and it was jungkook’s turn to ask a question “what about you? how long have you liked me huh?”
jungkook flicked his chin making tae chuckle “after we became closer” tae said and jungkook nodded “why didn’t you just straight up confess to me” jungkook asked “because i didn’t know if you felt the same plus you never showed any signs so” tae shrugged
and jungkook sat on his lap frowning “but i do” “how was i supposed to know huh?” tae cupped his cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss again “well guess you aren’t that oblivious” jungkook laughed and playfully rolled his eyes and caught jungkook by surprise
he lifted him up bride style “let’s go to your room and cuddle” “let’s go then” and they both walked to the room, tae slowly dropped him on the bed and jungkook quickly cuddle tae once he laid next to him “you wanna be the little spoon?” tae asked “yes” jungkook nodded
the end
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