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CJ (plz follow the back-up too)

Jul 24, 2021
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~Love/Shoot at First Sight~ “U've a perfect record-just 1 failed mission. What happened there?” An agent identified as Rx, asked over the wireless Jungkook, who was setting up his sniper gun, froze as his mind threw images of a sleepy Taehyung smiling at him “I missed”

Alright then- ♤ Taekook ♤ Drabble ♤ Angst ♤ Hurt-Comfort ♤ Mafia/Mob ♤ tw// referenced suicide, blood, violence ♤ 🔞
It had been 5 years, but Jungkook still remembered that assignment clear as day. He had been a new recruit with the secret services. He was asked to go on a cruise and wait for instructions- his target was rumoured to be cruising the same waters.
And that is how usually all his assignments worked most of the times. He was given a location and a target and then an instruction to shoot.
He had been on that cruise for 4 frigging days, pretending to be a solo guest but it was getting tiring. That night, he had gone to the ship’s deck in the middle of the night, to gaze at the stars, when he had laid eyes on the most beautiful face ever.
The stranger was wearing linen trousers and a Hawaiin shit and lying down, balanced precariously, on the edge of the deck, with a hand tucked under his head, gazing at the stars.
“Hey, mate, be careful... you are on the edge... you might fall.” Jungkook said, out of genuine concern. The stranger looked at him and smiled. “You are right. I’m on the edge indeed. Now I’m wondering whether I should just fall or wait to be pushed off?”
Jungkook shook his head. “That’s deep, but I’d rather that you still get off from there. Its risky.” The stranger didn’t move an inch but went back to looking at the night sky.
“I found this beer at the bar downstairs... their own brew... its nice and has a citrus-spicy tang. You want to take a sip?” Jungkook asked, moving tentatively towards the stranger.
This time the stranger chuckled. “You are persistent, aren’t you?” He said in a deep baritone, surveying Jungkook from the corner of his eye.
Jungkook slowly extended his hand and held on lightly to a corner of the stranger’s shirt, ready to grab him, in case he got disbalanced.
The stranger looked at Jungkook’s fingers clutching at his shirt, then looked into Jungkook’s eyes and smiled. Jungkook bit back a smile but didn't let go of the shirt.
The stranger got off from the edge of the ship and sighed. “So, Mr Saviour? Will we get more beer, or do you intend to keep me engaged with that half a pint for the rest of the night?”
“Jungkook.” He said, extending his hand.   “Taehyung” The stranger replied shaking his hand with a firm grip.
“I’m afraid the bar must be shut by now.” Jungkook said, checking the time. “Are the law-abiding types, Jungkook?” Taehyung asked seriously, with his hands in his pockets.
“Umm... I-I... I don’t think so...” Jungkook replied awkwardly. Taehyung chuckled. “Good. Then all the bars on the cruise are open, my friend!”
Over the next 2 hours, Jungkook had seen more of the cruise, then he had seen in the last 4 days, and broken more rules than he had broken all throughout his life.
Taehyung had picked the lock on the bar cabinet and slipped some bottles out; taken Jungkook to areas reserved for authorised personnel- ‘for the best views’ and had a swim in the pool which had long been closed.
Taehyung’s energy was infectious and after a while, Jungkook had let go of his inhibitions and basked in the company of the handsome and hilarous man.
“You are so much fun.” Jungkook laughed as he fell on the bed in Taehyung’s suite. “I can’t believe you knocked on people’s doors in the middle of the night to ask for stuff from their mini bars. “Insane.”
Taehyung was laughing along as he fell next to Jungkook, still clutching a packet of wafers in his hand. "You are welcome!" He said loudly. "I didn't thank you, you moron!" Jungkook said breaking into a laughter, after a heavy cocktail of drinks
"Yeah, you didn't. But I should... thank you for... earlier... on the deck. I was feeling...umm." Jungkook saw Taehyung struggling and sobered up a little. "Its okay. You don't have to talk about it. It's okay." He said solemnly.
Taehyung was quiet for the longest time and Jungkook wasn't liking it a bit. "You want to talk?" But Taehyung just quietly stared at the ceiling.
"Who do you trust most, Jungkook?" Taehyung asked suddenly. Jungkook frowned. "Umm... I guess my parents... and my brother." Taehyung smiled dryly. "And have you ever given it a thought if they're worthy... of your trust?"
Jungkook frowned. He knew Taehyung had had a lot to drink, but he sounded really sober in that moment. "Yeah... " Jungkook said somewhat reluctantly. "And what if you learn that you can't trust them... then what?" Jungkook stayed quiet, unsure of where this was going.
"I father and brother want me deadd, Jungkook." "What?! Why?!" Jungkook shrieked as he sat up in Taehyung’s bed. Taehyung chuckled. "I overheard their conversation. I wasn't meant to... I don't know who to trust anymore."
"There must be some mistake..." Jungkook said cluelessly. "I am the mistake." Taehyung laughed mirthlessly. "They regret letting me take over the family business..." "Why don't you go to the cops?" Jungkook asked. Taehyung chose not to answer it.
A single tear rolled down his eye. "Its like, everyone I know wants me dead." Jungkook didn't know what to say or do and so he pulled Taehyung in a hug. "I'm sorry this is happening to you." He said, rubbing Taehyung’s back.
A few moments later, Taehyung hugged him back, as he sobbed silently. Jungkook held him through it. A few moments later, when they put some distance between them, Taehyung looked visibly embarrassed. "Regretting approaching me at the deck earlier? Look what mess ur into."
Jungkook shook his head and smiled coyly. "I'm glad I did. Now I don't want the night to end."
And so they loitered around some more, drank to their hearts content and kissed under the moonlight. They had totally intended part ways but tentative touches led to more and before they could hold themselves back- they were in Taehyung’s bed.
"You are so beautiful." Jungkook said, again and again, reassuring the broken boy that he was needed and wanted... and even if only for that moment- loved.
Taehyung chuckled. He seemed to like it rough but there was still a gentleness in the way he marked Jungkook's body with his lips, in the way he locked Jungkook's arms over his head and the way he whispered what he intended to do next, in Jungkook's ears.
They took each other in different ways all over the suite, hardly sparing any surface. In the beautiful aftermath, they were lying next to each other, as Taehyung traced Jungkook’s lips with his fingers.
"I feel so alive...can't believe I was thinking of letting go of everything earlier. Thanks for reaching out Jungkook" He said in a whisper. Jungkook kissed him first n then hugged him tight. "Always remember that not everyone wants you dead. I want u to live for a 1000 years"
Jungkook woke up to the incessant ringing of his phone. He cursed out loud disturbing the beautiful man in his bed, who stirred a bit and then cuddled up to him.
That was enough to make Jungkook forget about his call. He turned towards Taehyung to admire him. He looked so pure as he struggled to open his eyes and smiled sweetly. "I'll fuxking break that phone of yours" He said menacingly, still looking like an angel.
Jungkook looked at his screen and got up with a start. "I've to go to my room and take this call, Taehyung..its work. I'll see you at breakfast, ok?" He said, wearing his clothes in a hurry. Taehyung sat up n nodded groggily. "Alright. See you... breakfast."
Jungkook had picked up the call the moment he was in his cabin only to hear some harsh words from his reporting officer which were cut short due to paucity of time. "Collect your belongings and get off the cruise, there's a boat waiting for u. we have a very small window."
Somewhere in the back of his head he knew that Taehyung was waiting for him at breakfast and something hurt in his chest knowing that he might never see him again. However, he was in his sniper gear and off the ship on a zodiac boat which got him on another cruise within minutes
He was ushered to a balcony on the cruise where he started assembling his gun. "Jeon, in exactly 7 minutes, the cruise you were on will pass by you. The target is seated on the side deck on 3rd floor. You'll have a 1 minute window." "Noted." Jungkook said with concentration.
3rd floor side deck was the outside seating for breakfast, Jungkook realised belatedly. He hoped that Taehyung wasn't at breakfast as yet. he hated the idea of Taehyung witnessing this violence. "Jeon, the target's picture is on ur phone. 3 mins to go."
Jungkook picked up his phone and his heart dropped. It was a picture of Taehyung, evidently clicked moments ago. He was sitting on a table on the breakfast deck- the table had two plates. He was waiting for him at breakfast.
Jungkook forgot to breathe for a moment. "W-why... why do you want me to shoot him?" He said out loud, his voice coming out in a whisper.
"What is it to you, Jeon? Just carry out your orders." His commanding officers voice rang in his earpiece. Jungkook’s hands trembled as he saw the cruise ship approaching. "Please, Sir, I want to know." He pressed.
"He's a mob boss, Jeon. Very powerful but very elusive. We recently got a lead about him. Now please focus. Your cruise ship is passing too close to the other one, but this is the best chance we have."
Jungkook’s eyes were watering. He could hear Taehyung’s voice in his head- "Its like everyone I know wants me dead." "Thanks for reaching out Jungkook" "I feel so alive"
"Jeon, ready?" The voice in his earpiece asked. "You can't hurt him" the one in his head said. He still picked up his gun and aimed. His head was in a mess.
And then he saw him through the scope of his gun. But the ships were so close that he didn't need to look through it. He could see Taehyung with his naked eye. He was looking like a Greek God. Almost shining in the sunlight.
As if that much tragedy wasn't enough, Taehyung looked back at him. He didn't duck or hide. Just sat there, staring. After a few moments, he slowly got up and walked till the edge of the deck, placing both his hands on it and looked straight into Jungkook’s eyes.
"JEON TAKE THE SHOT." His commanding officer screamed. Across the waters, Taehyung smirked and shook his head as if he couldnt believe it. "JEON, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Jungkook steadied his trembling finger and fired.
The official report of the incident said that Officer Jeon Jungkook missed the target by more than a foot- a disgrace for any sniper. But of all the regrets he had from that day, this was the smallest.
The last memory he had of Taehyung was moment after he had fired that stray shot. The bullet had hit a vase nearby and the shards had gone flying all over the deck. Taehyung had just stood there even as all the people on the deck had gone into a frenzy.
There had been repercussions on Jungkook. His intentions and skill both had been questioned but thankfully he was let off with a warning. And that is why, he was still with the services 5 years later, waiting for his next target.
// "Are you ready Jeon?" Agent Rx's voice rang into his earpiece, bringing him back to the present day. "Yes." He grunted.
He was hidden in a balcony, across from a huge hotel which had a long glass corridor. "Your target will walk through this corridor, Jeon, but he will be surrounded with people. We can't afford collateral damage because we need to catch his cronies alive to recover the money."
"Noted." He answered as he picked up his phone and waited for a picture. He heard some disturbance over the wireless in his earpiece but before he could readjust it, another voice boomed in his ear- loud and clear. "Hi Jungkook. How have you been, love?"
Jungkook froze but his heartbeat started racing. He knew that voice. He hadn't forgotten it even for a moment in the last 5 years.
"Listen, before you do anything, please hear me out." Taehyung's deep, calm voice rang in his ear. "I know you are here to kill me today. And I'm so glad it's you..." Jungkook picked up his phone and sure as day, it was Taehyung's picture again.
"I got them to tamper with your wireless frequency. Your force isn’t as reliable as you think." He said quietly. Jungkook hadn't said a word for several reasons. He was probably being taped or trapped. But he couldn't stop listening.
"In the next 10 minutes, I'll be walking down that glass corridor. At the end of the corridor is the room where I have to sign a deal with my Uncle and Cousin. The room has huge windows and I'll open the them once I reach there..."
"You see, the moment I sign the deal, they'll shoot me. One of my bodyguards, the bearded one, he's working for my uncle. He'll make sure that I'm dead even if my Uncle's men miss it."
"Why are you telling me all this?" Jungkook said tightly. Taehyung chuckled. "Because, I'd rather that you kill me instead."
Jungkook frowned. "What kind of a bizarre act is this Taehyung?" Jungkook asked, a little impatiently. "Remember what I told you about everyone wanting me dead... it was my Father and Brother who had tipped off your people last time."
"But somehow I survived that time" he said with a little humour in his voice. "I had them dead. Started afresh with my Uncle and Cousin. Now they want me dead too... makes me wonder why am I doing this at all... I was making riches for them, they want me dead for the riches."
"I still don't get it, Taehyung." Jungkook said, ensuring no emotions seeped into his voice. He hated the fact that he was disturbed. "I'm ready to let go Jungkook. But I'd rather I die at the hands of someone who made me feel loved, even if it was for a day."
Jungkook could feel his throat drying up. "This is so stupid." "I know right?" Taehyung said with a chuckle. "I just want to go on my own terms Jungkook. Do me a last favour."
"Just get out of this." Jungkook said, his head messed up again. "Just get away from everything." "For what? For whom? Anyway, I'm not here to be pitied Jungkook... Let's work it this way- I'll walk till the room and open the window. I'll then sit on the chair n raise my pen"
"That's when you shoot, ok?" Taehyung said with a sigh. "I'm not taking orders from you." He said curtly. He could hear the noise of car doors opening and shutting. "Its not an order, amore mio, it's a dying lover's wish."
Jungkook took several deep breaths. He noticed his phone ringing incessantly. He picked it up. "Jeon, we seem to have lost the wireless connection. Just keep your phone on!" Agent Rx screamed. "Noted." He said back as an entourage of people led by Taehyung came in his view.
Jungkook looked through the scope of his gun at Taehyung’s face. He still looked like an angel- a fallen one, but an angel nonetheless. He could see the bearded bodyguard behind him, the one who had been compromised.
At some point Taehyung looked towards the building where Jungkook was hiding, and smiled wide. Of course he could not have seen Jungkook but Jungkook could still tell that that smile was for him. "Remember when we knocked on people's doors asking for food?" Taehyung said softly
"Hmm.." Jungkook said quietly. "That was fun..." he said and shook his head chuckling. "Do you have the visual Jeon?" His senior's voice rang in his ears. "Yes." He grunted.
"Dont shoot till he's returning back..give him a safe passage as of now." Agent Rx said. Jungkook found that odd. Why did Agent Rx want him killed on his way back. Why not now? "But I have a visual." Jungkook prodded. "Not now, Jeon." He barked.
Taehyung who had heard Jungkook talking to his senior, responded. "Your unit has been compromised Jungkook. They also know that I need to be alive till I sign those papers." He explained casually. Jungkooks head was a mess again. He tried breathing exercised, but nothing helped.
"Jungkook..." Taehyung whispered as he got nearer to the room. "Its ironical that all my life everyone who was to save me, wanted me dead. And the one person whose job was to kill me saved me not once but twice. So this time, please aim right. Think of it as saving me from worse"
Jungkook could feel his eyes watering again. "And you know what, in some strange way, I think I was in love with you. So long, Jungkook. Thank you." He said quietly as he pushed open a door.
A few seconds later, Jungkook saw Taehyung opening the huge window. "Sir, I have a clear visual." Jungkook said into his phone. "Not now." Agent Rx screamed. Jungkook could hear Taehyung and his Uncle exchanging pleasantries. He eventually settled into a chair.
He looked intently as Taehyung took out his pen, unrolled it, and held it up. "I'm taking the shot, sir." He said loudly. He could see Taehyung give a small smile and a nod. "No Jungkook, not now. Let him sign the papers."
"What is it to you whether he signs the papers or not? Why does a mafia deal concern you?" Jungkook asked Rx. Agent Rx was quiet for a moment. "That is none of your business, Jeon." He said between clenched teeth. Taehyung was shaking his head n still holding his pen up.
"How does it concern u unless ur benefitting from it?" Jungkook barked into the phone, protocols forgotten. There was silence on the line. Jungkook could see a man behind the uncle as well as Taehyung's bodyguard with hands on their guns. "Now, please" Taehyung whispered.
Jungkook fired 4 shots, one hit Taehyung’s uncle, one hit his cousin, one took down his bodyguard n the last one pierced through the man who had a hand on his gun. There were more shots fired inside that room. He could hardly see amid chaos. He picked his gun n ran out.
// "Don't lie on that edge. It's dangerous." Jungkook said disapprovingly, as he sipped his beer. Taehyung chuckled with his eyes closed. "I'm getting a deja vu." Jungkook sighed, as the cruise sailed on the smooth waters."Why do you never listen?" Taehyung sat up n laughed.
"Says the one who didn't listen to anyone - neither his bosses, nor his lover, on mulitple occassions!" "Had I listened to them, I'd have lost you, Tae." He said with a shrug pulling Taehyung in a hug. "For some strange reason- I love you so much, Jeon Jungkook."
A/n Wow. Thank you for sticking along on this ride. For some strange reason, you give me such love 🥺❤ Thank you.
Ahh, hang on, I forgot this part- #taekookau where gang leader Taehyung has a strange connection and even stranger requests from Sniper Jungkook.
And here's the beginning…
~Love/Shoot at First Sight~ “U've a perfect record-just 1 failed mission. What happened there?” An agent identified as Rx, asked over the wireless Jungkook, who was setting up his sniper gun, froze as his mind threw images of a sleepy Taehyung smiling at him “I missed”
Please check out this amazing art work by this talented artist, inspired by this fic. (Check it out even if u didn't like the fic, it's beautiful ❤)…
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