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Jul 26, 2021
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Taekook au where •Taehyung and Jungkook sit down for the first ever up-and-close interview on their relationship•

- canon - repost from my wp - tk in love thats all i= interviewer Th= taehyung Jk= jungkook (Completely fictional) Interact pls 🤒
It's live. Every word that you speak is like a bullet shot from your gun, you can never take back. It could pierce your target good enough right in the centre, it could sideline as a below average shot, or it could misfire so bad that the target mocks you. So painfully aware
of this, Taehyung grips his chair harder as the setting powder continues to puff a layer on his worries; the voice of stylist now merely an echo on some skincare he couldn't care less about at the moment. The mist of the hairspray being drizzled on his head perhaps is seeping
through his scalp for the thoughts to be this blurry. It's only one voice amongst so many that finally draws him back from the free-fall. He lazily looks up to find Jungkook, all pristinely dressed, addressing the mass, gently clapping his hands to grab the attention while
Jimin plops down the couch at the back in his sweats and mouthful of god knows what. "Everyone!" Jungkook claps twice. "Hi! We have snacks ready in the hallway. Let's fill up our tummies before the cameras roll, yeah?" As the manager escorted the others out with a knowing
exchange of eye with Jungkook, it's Jimin who clears his throat first. "So, Tae. What's up?" Taehyung looks like exchanging pleasantries was the last thing he could guess from Jimin if the confusion on his face was anything to go by. "Um.. you know what's up."
"Do I? Does anyone?" He heaves a long sigh when Taehyung chooses to seal his lips. "Do you two wanna talk alone about it?" "No." Taehyung looks up at Jimin first, then slowly drags his eyes across the room to the man whose gaze is fixed back at him. "Stay." "Taehyung." Jimin's
voice soft, fond, usual. "Tell me." "There's just.." he bites his lip and stares at the ceiling— the beautiful area where there's no expectant eyes staring for answers "I don't think I can shoot this today. There's just a small headache in my stomach so I can't really walk-"
"Quiet. You both just couldn't have chosen a better time to fight, could you?" "No one's fighting. You're hallucinating." Jungkook, breathes an impatient breath & drags a chair to front Taehyung "Talk to me. Not like you're gonna listen, but we could try."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Taehyung voices out, a tone harsher than the one he used with Jimin, still civilised enough. "How difficult is it to understand there's nothing to talk about-" Jungkook is about to cut through when there's a hesitant knock on the greenroom door.
"It's time." AD meekly smiles, retreats on receiving nods. Taehyung stands up straightening his shirt into the mirror as Jungkook watches the back of his head; and with a hand buttoning the cuff, he let's himself be escorted out by the assistants standing outside the door.
Jimin rubs his face in defeat when Jungkook does the same, but only turns back by the door. "You think this is the first time I'm trying? We've been at this for a whole day now. He won't- Nothing gets through."
He tilts his head sideways, an acknowledgement of disdain in his own style. "You're staying, right?" "Yeah. Be there in a minute." ********
An hour later.... "Lights!" "Check!" "Camera!" "Rolling!" "CUE! ACTION!" I- "Hello and welcome back to another episode of Over The Table with your and yours only host Xiu Han Zhou. And we may have just opened it as 'another episode', it isn't just any other episode.
Today, across my couch, I hold the honour of having 2 members from the world's biggest boy group sit and let us get intimate with the behinds of the revelation that has shook the entire South Korea & the world alike!" The camera spins to the hall where about a mere 100 people
sat in the audience, lucky enough to get chance to witness the history write itself in new font, all unanimously breaking up into loud applauses as the host stands up in welcoming honour. I- "LET'S LET THE CLAPS ROAR AS I WELCOME HERE BTS V AND BTS JUNGKOOK AMONGST US!"
Jungkook turns to the stage first; charming smile and glittery black suit, walk as virile as ever when he flicks a small wink to the camera that follows his track to the stage— clicking of the leather heel beautifully sheeted by the thundering applauses.
Taehyung steps out next, unmatch with the serial of announcement, sequin studded green suit that seemed a little faded compared to the sunny glow of his skin, as he walks out smirking with one hand in the pant pocket and other on his eye throwing his signature 'V'.
I- "My, my! Is it just me or the temperature just shot high in this room?" As both of them bow to the audience and camera alike, Han gestures towards the grand couch—the 'Hot Seat'. Taehyung turns around to take a seat, unbeknownst of the other who steps back in the same
direction almost colliding chest to chest and tripping, if it wasn't for Jungkook holding onto his waist firmly with one hand and balancing them upright with the other on the couch armrest. Yikes! Jungkook's wince is loud but louder are the awws and oohs of the crowd that the
idol is far aware is more negative than anything, being the current grumpy mood his boyfriend is in. With an obvious forced smile, Taehyung gives an apologetic bow to none in particular before walking off to other end of the couch and gently sitting.
I- "It's obviously not required, but let's follow the tradition and begin this massive juncture with an introduction of our men-of-the-hour!" Out of a normal stimulus of always going last for introduction, Taehyung waits for Jungkook to begin, yet mere seconds later finds the
other gesturing a hand for him to. And that is enough for him to just know that the younger is cooking something in that demon brain of his.
Th- "Ahem. Hello. My name is V. I'm a singer and a member of BTS. I'm also called Kim Taehyung." Jk- "Hello everyone! My name is Jungkook. I'm a singer and a member of BTS. I'm also called Kim Taehyung's."
A stunned silence for a jiffy later there were hoots and screams of the over excited viewers, like hooligans breaking hell loose. Out of the corner of his eyes Taehyung could see Jimin doubling up in laughter behind the camera, not much help very you're trying to glare at
someone whilst holding back an huge urge to squeal and blush. Because what settles in is— this is the first time that they've come out and said it. Jungkook is Taehyung's. Lover? Boyfriend? Beau? Spouse? They never named it for themselves, but the bottom line holds.
They are each other's.
He hits a feeble backhanded slap on Jungkook's thigh, a clear glint of playfulness when the other catches it midway, yet the cognizant eyes much obvious to the younger. The crowd again is going berserk, like they do for everything, but what outscores is the knowing exchange of
glance between them. They might as well bag an oscar right this second how they're all nonchalant for the cameras yet, they know.
I- First of all I personally would like to tell you how proud of you- Taehyung appreciates the formal appreciation, really does, but that's not why they're here. They're here to 'answer'. Explain the intimate details of their personal lives nobody has any business to do with.
Jk- "Let me answer that instead-" Jungkook's voice forsakes him from the deep origin of his scruple. Oh wait. Was he being talked to? "There's no reason for why we came out, why we didn't. It's sad enough that a massive community still fights for a validation to love. We're
fighting ours every day even when we're in the comforts of our homes just wondering how many people think what we're doing is 'unnatural' or 'eccentric'. It's easy for no one out there." Applauses ring again and at this point Taehyung just supposes the audience perhaps is paid
to hype up whatever they're saying. Blame him all you want but the pessimism just accompanies when you've had your share of acid and just can't pitch out the scars from your envisions. I- Why now then? She glances at Taehyung for an answer again.
Taehyung continues to wordlessly zone out again. Jk- We're not bound to anyone for answers, but today we sit with you because there are Army out there in a similar footing. Exploring, self-discovering, questioning. It's for them. I wish they know that no matter who you are,
when it comes to the traverse of life, we all row the same boat. Taehyung softly smiles looking down. Heart fluttering like delicate petals of a spring flower at the pristine way Jungkook articulates the words... that died at his own tongue. When did he grow up so much?
I- I don't wish to be nosy, trust me I don't. However you have to understand the absolute havoc the world went into when suddenly the biggest entertainment company of South Korea just drops the article about the two of the most popular men out of nowhere! Both of them trade a
concise look as if to hold back a chortle on an inside joke before Jungkook finally clear his throat. Jk- It's been a long time coming... a whole year, actually. But we just didn't know how to drop the bomb. There were meetings and discussion and arguments about this and that,
to a level that I.. we.. felt clogged down. But little Tae-tae here..." Jungkook gurgles as if to hold it in before he claps his hands throwing his head back in a loud laugh. Eyes crinkled with the entire dentition out in glee, he falls sideways entirely on Taehyung while
the other has a mischievous smile of his own glissading. I- What did you do? Th- It got too bedevil. Whether we do a whole campaign about us coming out? or a simple V-live? We both and all other members felt it was unnecessary and wished we could do something about it.
And all it took were a couple of drinks one night and... I- Wait! Hold up! You posted the announcement on the BigHit website??! Drunk?! Oh my god! Didn't you get in trouble? Th- Me and Suga hyung. Oh boy, even thinking back to the trouble we got in, it gives me chills.
Jungkook laughs again, this time unconsciously reaching sideways and entwining their hands together. It's a miracle how in an instant Taehyung becomes a whole. Like someone breathed life into him, he sighs and readjusts both their hands on his lap resting them on his knee.
I- We should definitely talk more about this! But let me start from the beginning of beginning. How long have you two liked each other? Th- I've liked him like I've liked all other members, from the very first day of meeting.
I've liked him like I've never liked anyone in my life, for four years now. I- That was actually my next question. Have you two been together since? Jk- Pssh! Tae is a born piner! We've only been together for a little while now. That too ‘cause I manned up & said it out loud.
Th- Oh shush you! He's a 100 times worse than me! We just happened to share our secrets with the biggest snitch of Bangtan, which thankfully worked in our favor. A spot-guard rushes to catch the shoe Jimin flings in the camera sight. Jungkook just continues to giggle.
I- So Jungkook-ssi confessed first? Jungkook looks over with a raised brow and lips twitched dotingly. Jk- Did I? Th- I don't think any of us ever did, did we? We've all always exchanged I love yous barefacedly, in each member's own ways, of course. But then somewhere along
the line as we became more magnetized to the idea of us being together, the dynamic of our I love yous changed and we both kinda... knew.” How from maintaining a professional conversational eye contact with the interviewer, did their eyes drift into the view of each other?
No one knew; what they however did know was what that gaze meant. They've concealed their sentiments for way too long to now have adapted a wordless language of their own. They just knew. I- You have no idea how my poor heart is holding back the giant urge to squeal just for
the sake of the professionalism. Ugh! Ahem, anyways, how about the other members? Did you sit them down and have a talk with the entire group or was it, y'know, typical word-travelling-from -one-to-other? Jk- *snorts* Neither. We definitely wanted to tell everyone ourselves
but somehow all of them kept finding out one by one. Last of which was Hobi hyung! He caught me doodling Taehyungie hyung's name in a heart or something and went and snitched on me to hyung; and hyung just pretended to have no idea why I would do that!
Th- To this day he takes the credit for us getting together. This interview will be a shocker for Army and Hobi hyung alike. It's another fit of Jungkook adorably throwing his head back coughing out a loud laugh much like Taehyung who places his forehead on the other's shoulder
to muffle his little snigger. Han didn’t understand what could've been so funny but definitely felt like they all were interrupting something private despite the crowdy auditorium. Jungkook wipes his eye off of the glee-tear and sits up, naturally sliding back his hand back
in Taehyung’s thereafter. Th- Oh and not to mention Jin hyung. He found out the ugliest way. We certainly traumatized him with some things he did not expect to see in the dorm kitchen early morning. Jk- Hyung! Th- The other day I saw him knocking his own closet door saying
"taehyung-ah, Jungkook-ah I hope you two aren't in there, I gonna open the door to take my clothes now!" Jk- Oh my God!! He slaps his free hand on his thigh laughing again while Taehyung this time only glorifies in the chimes of it. There are a bazillion eyes on them at this
moment, the humongous floods of comments on the tele in front from the live; and still all Taehyung could thing about was how a whole universe must've conspired for him to exist with this man. Why was he so nervous about this, again?
I- What about the fears of those extreme fans that are relatively more possessive about you both? *leans in and whispers* We all know that kind. Jk- That is still a huge fear. But it will be for all the members too whenever they choose to settle down.
What's scarier is the kind that won't accept us settling with each other. Which is honestly Ok. Not every grain of wheat turns to flour. And not like we're backing off. Th- There was also a jitter how there might be over analysis of everything we do, or one of us being
targeted by fans that only prefer one of us- but then again, it's nothing that hasn't already happened. I- The fans always have their own theories about each idol. According to a few, it was around the end of 2018 that you two had a fallout, where things between you two seemed
allegedly rocky? Is there any truth behind those? Jk- *giggles* Ironically, that is the time we were starting to test waters, it was our fall-in. I did not know anything about that 'theory' but I can certainly understand why it'd be a thing. We were so conscious those days.
Th- So conscious. We are innately the two most touchy members I think, so we'd go about our day with the others naturally but when it came to each other we'd be oh so conscious that we'd barely even talk to each other if it wasn't behind closed doors.
I- I can only imagine how hard it must be keeping your relationship on low without suspicions, right? Jk- Without suspicions? What even is that? We were Google's top suggestion for South Korean power couple long before we even thought of something happening between us!
Th- Oh no! that must not be talked about!! PLEASE! I- There must've been a time when you were like -"y’know what! I don't care anymore! let 'em know if they do!" Th- A lot of things have lead us where we are today. There were highs, lows, very lows and rock bottoms. There were
days that it became so overbearing that I either wanted to scream to the world that I don't care about your opinions, y'know, just ring through like a careless whisper; or sometimes just blend into the opinions and fade away like a crowd echo.
I- It makes me fill with pride how far you've come despite the hardships. How was your company's first response when you revealed yourself to them? Th- The entire ideology that we revolve around is to love yourself . And that is luckily exactly what we were repeatedly told to
do when we decided to avow. They are not just our allies, we are a family. We were treated exactly how a family should treat their youngers baring themselves raw. I- And you deserve nothing less. *glances towards the cue cards* Okay I'm genuinely curious about do you
2 find time for each other despite the packed schedule? Th- Our tight schedule is our time spent together, isn't it? I mean, what's better than doing what you love with the one you love? Jungkook's smile looked like it could blind the lanterns from how bright it shone. There's
only so much his heart could take and the 24 hour threshold had already reached. I- I'm sure it is. But there also must've been times that your colossal celebrity status interrupts with your relationship's cascade? Or the group dynamic? Like if someday you've had a little
bicker like any normal couple does and yet have to behave like nothing's wrong and smile for the camera or your hyungs? And there goes Jungkook's smile. How the fuck was this so spot on? Th- Oh no, Jungkookie and me.. we never fight. We only get in trouble together. *chuckles*
Jungkook meekly glances in the man's direction and if gazes could be named, this one would be called "yeah, right" Th- Right? Jk- R-right. *Smiles back* I- Wow you both surely stepped out of a fairy tale because me and my husband are so much at each other's throat that someone
could mistake us for enemies. But if you both find it hard to settle an opinion difference, how do you do that? Jk- We go to Jiminie hyung. *laughs* I- So Jimin-ssi is your ultimate relationship advisor?
Th- Pfft! No he's the worst at it. But his failed attempts at advises are funny so we end up laughing at whatever we were fighting about. If we need genuine advise though, we go to Yoongi hyung. He knows a lot of things about a lot of things. His words just hit the nail head.
I- But are there moments of regret? Where you thought that a whole chaos could've been avoided if you just let it be behind the confines of your four walls and not share it with the world? Jk- It's a hassle, sure, but that would make one tired, not regretful. Why would there be
regret when we're practically glued by the hip even when we wouldn't wish to? I- I don't know if this thing in my tummy is butterfly flutter or jealousy but I really want what you two have!.. Sorry.. The fangirl keeps slipping out. OKAY! Just to make things a little spicier we
have refitted our questions into a little fun game. Can you both please face each other? *Turning to face each other* Th- Oh Jungkook-ssi! Hi! Jk- Taehyung-ssi! you're here too? Th- Yes! How are you? Jk- I'm great! How are you! Th- Very handsome Jk- That's true!
I- Oh don't mind us, please continue. The boys timidly smile muttering a small sorry.
I- "So the rules are simple, you just answer the question when you're asked to and the other cannot question or argue about it, no matter what. Let's Go? Fighting! But not literally please." "Okay Taehyung-ssi, who in the two of you is the one to apologize first after a rift?"
Th- Me. Jk- That's not true- I- You can't argue, that's the rule! Jungkook-ssi who in the two of you gets angry easier? Jk- *sighs* Me.
I- What are your thoughts on moving in together or marriage? Th- All in good time. But sadly the latter part of your question isn't an option for us yet.. legally.
I- What are Jungkook-ssi's biggest pet-peeves? Th- Dirt in the nails, strong smells, my sliders! I- What'd the poor sliders do? Jungkook-ssi what is a habit of Taehyung-ssi that you adore?
Jk- That's so hard! Literally everthing! ummmm okay.. Some times when we're alone he would take my hands and give characters to each of the fingers and then enacts them out in a play. I find it really endearing and I've kinda grown attached to King Dong-hyon.
I- Who's king Dong-Hyon? Th- Mr. Thumb. Jungkook chuckles with his nose scrunched, shoulders quirking up fondly in adoration of his grown baby. I- Taehyung-ssi, when according to you has Jungkook-ssi looked the best?
Th- Oh dear, where do I even start. Lotte world entire concert, the red one on My Time, the whole Esquire magazine shoot ugh I can't even talk about it and.. wait, Jungkookie when was that one? Jk- Um.. T-The Black Swan one? Th- Oh YES! that sheer top tested my patience..
couldn't hold back my hands- Jk- *sighs shaking his head* You'll get us in so much trouble. I- Okayyy.. Jungkook-ssi what is the one thing you think Taehyung-ssi adores the most about you? Jk- The songs I write.
I- Oh which one of those are about him? Th- Let's apply the 'no cross-questioning criteria' to you as well. I- Ouch! okay. What names do you have each other saved as, on your phones? Th- I’m 'Kim Taehyungie hyung Bighit' on his phone. He’s 'Jeon Jungkook Maknae' on mine.
Jk- Yeah we're romantic like that. I- I- uh- did not expect- okayyy... Ideal date for Taehyung-ssi is? Jk- Either going out of the way for a site-seeing, visiting his favourite food places, wandering streets at dawn. Or lazing at his place all day just watching dramas.
Hyung does nothing intermediate. I- *chuckles* I'd imagine nothing less of him. And an ideal date for Jungkook-ssi? Th- Singing together, writing songs, watching old performances, or simply laying on bed listening to music.
I- That is so... Jungkook. Oh, Oh, I should bring up the most anticipated question for you on that note! When will you two record a sub-unit! Jk- What do you mean? We've recorded several! We just don't plan on releasing them anytime soon. Taehyung giggles lightly, hands
reaching out to hold Jungkook's in a loose grip, one in each, as if having missed the touch for a mere second might lead to a severe deficit. I- How long would it take for you to make the other blush, prove it. Th- Jungkookie- nim? Jk- Mm? Th- I love you.
And that seemed a reason enough for a color to bloom like wildflowers on Jungkook's face. He took the back of both his hands that were held dotingly in Taehyung's and placed them on his eyes whilst ducking his head in a giggly hum.
Th- Eyes on me, baby. That's the rule. to answer your question, 2 seconds. Although I can be quicker when we're alone. He drops his sentence off with a wink to the boy he was supposed to stare at the other practically beaming at the not-so-subtle gesture.
I- Jesus Christ! Why am I blushing? What is your favorite present you've received from the other. Th- Support in my lowest times. Jk- Love in my insecurities. Smiles turned a little earnest, eyes locked unbarring, Jungkook gives a little squeeze on the soft hands of his lover
and receives one back. They needed to be faced with each other and just talk. This was turning out more purposeful. I- I expected some extravagant rich presents but wow- I- ahem- Ok. Would you like to be more open about your relationship now that you've come out in public?
Jk- We're here because we want everyone to know that there's nothing wrong with giving acceptance to who you are. And there's nothing wrong with asking acceptance either. We want them to step out too. But, that being said, once we've gotten the point across, I'd like to keep it
the way it always has been. That's our comfort ground. More than an answer to the question, the words came across as conversational. Almost as if Jungkook spoke it out loud but only for the undertone to reach Taehyung's ears.
And it apparently did when there's an understanding nod in return. That is all how the air around them winded a little more serious, a little less playful. I- What changed in your life when your relationship dynamic changed?
Th- Everything and nothing. We were who we were yet the serenity that came along was so.. elevating. Like epilogue to my story after a happy ending. But then a whole Pandora's box of emotions I didn't know I could emprise opened up and I realized he was also my plot-twist.
The quiet in the audience was unfitting, yet it held a placidity of a sort that kept it from being uncomfortable. It felt like the entire set had paused just to let them have their moment. 2 soberly gentle pair of eyes did not dare break the rule of the game, involuntarily so,
until it was Han breaking the silence again, this time voice a little softer to accommodate the fragile environment. I- Something about Taehyung that you'd like to change? No question until now seemed unheard. The tentative script they were pre-handed with the questions they
could possibly be asked very well accorded with the actuality. And so was this one. Jungkook knew the answer he should give. But what if he switches it to the answer he wants to give? Jk- I want him to talk to me. Taehyung blanched. What the hell is Jungkook doing? He forces
out a vehement chuckle, praying internally his face doesn't give away his nerves. Th- W-what do you mean? *chuckles again* we do talk... all the time.
This didn't feel like a moment to interrupt with the reminder of rules about no cross- questioning. Han felt her human duty to stay mum. Jungkook ardently stares back at the older and this time firmly entwines their hands, not one waver in determination.
Jk- "Taehyungie hyung is the most eccentric person I've seen in my life. In a world where you can express your entire mood with emojis, he's the one to shy away from confrontation."
"He'll fall down, and pick himself up beautifully. And I admire him for that with all my soul. But I hate that he hesitates to limp from the injuries of that graceful fall. I wish you to let the wounds out. I wish you just let me bandage your scraped knees."
A moment of nothing but a silent stare later- I- Taehyung-ssi.. is there anything you'd like to tell him? Jungkook adorns a persuasive nod, holds the hands tighter. Cameras can go shove themselves, it may be the only gateway to have Tae speak on the matter that he has in mind.
Th- I- um- the- Jk- Take your time hyung. Th- S-sometimes. Soft frowns wrinkle Jungkook's forehead. It didn't help that Tae had ended his answer as if that was it. As if that’s all he wanted to say. I- Sometimes what Taehyung ssi? I don't think he understands too?
At this Taehyung's eyes leave the wide staring doe ones as he turns to the interviewer covertly. His hands however circled into a death grip on Jungkook's as if he was scared the other might pull them away any moment now. He would never.
Th- About what you asked earlier, if there are moment o-of r-regret about coming out. I-i do regret it s-sometimes. Jk- H-hyung? Taehyung felt Jungkook's hand go well-nigh rigid in the circle of his hold. Even with his eyes trained on the interviewer, he could feel the stab
of Jungkook's piercing gaze. He must be so shocked, so saddened. Th- No but! Not about us.. I love him! Only him! with all my heart! Jk- What else then? Taehyung gulps, looks back at Jungkook and gulps again when the other doesn't seem angry, rather more confused & worried.
Th- The way I did it. I regret it so much some days, last night being one of them. Sorry about which. I-it's just that... Even though you laughed it out so much, I now see how wrong it was of me to take the giant step alone. It wasn't my secret to out, it was ours!
Jk- That's it?! Hyung it doesn't matter- Th- We're relatively new to this if you compare it to the time we're yet to spend together. This naturally is a 'not-normal' relationship. I can't imagine the mayhem it'd ensue if it doesn't work out— It doesn't matter now Jungkookie, but
a few years from now— Jk- —It still wouldn't matter. It will be the funniest thing forever. Even if this.. what we have.. doesn't work out, it. wouldn't. matter. It isn't our secret hyungie, it's our story and a story is better when there's only one narrator. Th- Jungkookie..
Jk- I love you, okay? Next time just talk it out. Now see how petty this all sounds! Th- *chuckles* It does sound petty. So not worth a whole night of arguments. Both giggle softly before taehyung brings both their hands to his lips and places a fluttery little peck on each.
I- "This is something so pure, that earlier I wished for my husband to be like that but now I wish I can be like that for him." "Aah! it's not really a question but if you ever need a hitman, I am up for the job. I'll happily take a bullet or be jailed if it means that my
favorite couple can happily play King Dong Hyun with Mr. Thumb!" *audience laughs* "Alright it's time for us to wind up!! It literally flew with these two love birds here! AAAaand finally to wrap up Taehyung-ssi! Quickly! What's the prettiest part of Jungkook-ssi's body."
Th- The moles. Especially two, the one under his lip and one that only my eyes have been blessed with the site of. Both I'm gonna kiss tonight! Jk- OH MY GOD HYUNG!!!
~fin~ The questions were sent by a few of my wp followers and i had fictified it ig? Thank you for reading ♡
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