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Jul 18, 2021
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#taekookau — ADDICTED 」 Taehyung hates relationships. Jungkook is there to change that. Or an au where a mere human, Jungkook, meddles with a vampire’s life.

lmk if i should continue this one!! :]
tags: ⤷ human jk x vampire th ⤷ fluff, crack, angst ⤷ pure fiction notes: ⤷ english is not my first language so this au will have some errors ⤷ please interact! it motivates me ⤷ qrts ccs and kofis are highly appreciated ⤷ you don’t like it? don’t read it!
Profiles pt. 1 Jeon Jungkook — everyone hates him because he’s smart and witty — yoongi’s snowball — developed a crush on taehyung since first year
Min Yoongi — PROD. SUGA — working student — he loves food... and his snowball (jungkook)
Profiles pt. 2 Kim Taehyung — vamp — radiates typical player vibes (cold as fuck) — but he’s a softie for kids
Kim Namjoon — taehyung’s brother — cold to everyone except to his boyfriend — he’s hot. that’s it. Kim Seokjin — taehyung’s brother — has tiny crush on hobi — he’s pretty
Jung Hoseok — dilf, vilf hunter — oblivious — softie for tae Park Jimin — a simp — he knows he’s pretty — taehyung’s soulmate
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♡ 12 Jungkook finishes the last bowl of kimchi soup with a contented noise slipping out of his mouth. Yoongi’s the best cook for him if you’d ask.
Every time he misses his breakfast, lunch, or dinner, his excitement heightens whenever he receives text messages from Yoongi like “you hungry?”, “dinner?”, “come over”. To make it more exact, Yoongi is like a brother to him.
He is his one and only partner in crime. His hyung who always scares the shit out of the kids who tries to pick a fight with him when he was ten. His hyung who would always offer the larger amount of sour gummy patch to him.
His hyung who taught him how to play the piano. His hyung who he treasures the most.
“Done?” “Mhm yes! Thanks, hyung.” A small smile tugging up the corner of the older’s mouth. Yoongi’s emotions weren’t easy to perceive, but Jungkook finds every little thing about him endearing. He’s also not affectionate through words, instead, he shows it through actions.
Even a simple smile means a lot. “Good. Now can you help me?” he says, pointing at his recording room.
Yoongi is a really great producer. Honestly, he should be known by well-known large companies out there, Jungkook thinks.
A twenty five year-old boy who has an incredible talent in writing songs deserves so much better than staying at his crappy old production house and studying at a university that doesn’t even credit his credentials.
So Jungkook gives him what he asks for. Even if it’s out of his comfort zone. Because Yoongi said that it is not bad to explore, since it offers lots of opportunities that could bring out the best in him. “Sure hyung, just tell me.” “I need you to sing the song I wrote.”
Pause. It’s been a while since he did this. He loved singing. He used to. “B-But... It’s been years since I-
“That’s why I’m asking you to do it right now. You have an amazing voice Jungkook-ah. I know this might be hard for you but... I know you love singing. You’ve been so passionate about it.”
Jungkook breathes in. “I-I can’t promise to make it perfect...But I will try.” The older held his breath in surprise, gasping, dumbfounded.
Jungkook thinks he wasn’t expecting that answer or maybe, he wasn’t even expecting to receive an answer at all. Because Jungkook usually goes silent when he has his thoughts mixed up in his head. Yoongi is aware of that.
That’s how Jungkook deals with things he’s struggling at. Instead of arguing, speaking up, saying his opinions out loud, he just goes silent. He keeps everything to himself.
“R-Really?” “Yeah. Because you gave me steak today.” he jokes, giving him a bashful smile. “Okay... thank you.” Yoongi rummages through his things inside his leather messenger bag and quickly picks up his notes. “Here Kook-ah.” “What’s the title?” “Still with you.”
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that’s all for today!! i hope you like the first update <3 lmk if you want me to continue! also please interact with the updates! it motivates me 💗
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♡ 35 The bell rang signaling the end of his class. Jungkook gathers his notes and neatly places them back in his leather sling bag. His second day as a sophomore was pretty far from what he experienced back in freshman year. His freshman year was a nightmare.
Everyone treated him like an outcast, but it’s a good thing for him somehow. He’d get to eat alone under the bleachers with no disturbances. He’d get to avoid those dickheads who pick fights randomly and ask for his money. But he expected the worst during classes.
Jungkook is a smart kid. He’s clever, intelligent, wise, witty, and independent. Yet despite the talents he possesses, he always gets mistreated. It’s obvious how he does well in class.
He aces his exams, tops the class, participates in different organizations, and won several quiz competitions representing SNU—competing with other big schools in Seoul. In short, he deserves to be credited.
Jungkook entered SNU as a scholar. He came with brain, talent, and skill. But unfortunately, his university won’t acknowledge that. He remembers how he got overly excited about entering the top university in Seoul. Well now? All he wants is to get out of this hell.
“Jeon.” Someone calls behind him and he surely knows who it is. His eyes dart to the tall man standing behind him. He’s wearing a wry smile as he shoves his hand into his pockets. Ryle. He sighs deeply.
Jungkook isn’t a fan of men who are so full of themselves. He hates self-centered, egocentric, conceited men who come around, overly bragging about their looks which Jungkook thought was so disgustingly stupid. He despises every bit of their attitude.
The way they speak, the way they treat others, the way they think of themselves who stands out from everyone. “What’s up? How’s your day little boy?” he replied with haughty disdain, emphasizing the ‘little’ at the end of his sentence. “I’m not a little boy.”
“Oh, then why did I see your tweet? quote, ‘first day of school’ unquote.” Jungkook hasn’t shown his true self to anyone except Yoongi and this is exactly the reason why.
“My account, my choice. What are you doing in my account in the first place? You don’t even follow me...? Wait are you-“ he pauses, “Are you stalking my account?” He hears the indistinct sounds of ‘ooooh’ from his classmates.
The male clenches his jaw and fists, “Shut up.” “Oh? So I’m right? You’re stalking me.”
The truth is, Jungkook is great at hiding his real feelings so then, he puts up a facade. Right now, he sounds so bold, confident. But the truth is, he’s internally screaming and contemplating his next words to spit out.
He didn’t want to be a stuttering mess, or else he’ll be boosting up the male’s ego. “You-You’re going to regret this shit.”
And now he tenses up. He hates being physically hurt just as he hates being hurt emotionally. He has known this man for a year and he’s not gonna lie, it was a hellish year because of him. “I’ll give you a choice, do all my homework that is due tomorrow or you—
“No. I won’t do that for you.” Jungkook buts in before he continues his sentence, making him more worked up. When the male takes a step closer to him with his hand closed in a hard fist, he freezes. “What the fu—
“Didn’t you hear what he just said?” Jungkook’s tensed nerves looses when he hears a voice interrupt the other. Taehyung.
“This isn’t your business Taehyung.” Jungkook flinches as he sensed the hostility in his tone. “This isn’t your business either.” Jungkook gasps.
The room goes silent and Jungkook notices something odd. He used to hate staring at people’s eyes directly, but he didn’t know why his eyes shoot directly into Taehyung’s.
His pupils were pure black as he recalls. But now it has red ropes beaming within them. It shines in his pitch-black pupils like how the sun reflects on the waves of the sea. It moves quickly yet his eyes were fast to catch it.
Until those eyes pierce onto him. He blinks, trying to collect his messed-up thoughts. And then he noticed Ryle was suddenly gone. Staring at Taehyung’s eyes felt somewhat hypnotic. Once it catches a glimpse of your sight, everything turns blurred around him. Weird.
“You okay?” It was too late for him to notice that Taehyung was walking towards him. “U-Um yes—I... thank you.” “No proble— Jungkook flinches when Taehyung made a sharp inhale.
Unsure of what to do, he tries to walk closer but Taehyung stepped back. He stepped back with his hand hardly squeezing his nose, covering it entirely.
Jungkook’s confidence fell instantly. And he felt more confused when Taehyung dashes out, leaving him with all the humiliation from his classmate’s judgments. Does he smell that bad? “He says you should take a bath!” Someone shouted but he tries his best to ignore.
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~ and here’s where the real story begins 😙
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[FACT: perfumes can block human’s scent]
♡ 67 Jungkook felt the adrenaline rushing through his body for every step he takes, closer to the room where his last class will take place. His photography class. With Taehyung.
That also means he needs to sustain all the humiliation and judgy looks because of what happened last week.
He enters the room with his hands clutched on each side of the books he’s holding, faltering steps that are obviously noticeable by now. He scans the four-cornered room and discerns a familiar figure sitting in the back row. How can someone be so… highly attractive?
Taehyung is wearing all-black casual clothes. Leather jacket, slacks, and thick shoes. His style makes him more intimidating. It took him seconds to wake up from his mini ‘daydream’ that was caused by a hissing sound beside him. “Can you move and stop blocking the pathway?”
Jungkook gulps and proceeds to walk inside, and oh. Taehyung saved a seat for him. He continues to amble across the scattered chairs and tables until he reaches his seat. Taehyung seemed too busy for him to be noticed.
With a loud thud, unintentionally dropping his book loudly on his table, the brunette shoots a surprised stare at him. “Hi…” This was not the way he was supposed to do this.
He practiced all the possible dialogues to start a conversation and even googled ‘cool dialogue for starters’. It’s hilarious, really. But nothing’s more hilarious than having romantic feelings for a vampire who probably could suck his blood out of his soul.
Taehyung didn’t respond but he catches a subtle nod. Jungkook smiles to himself and sits comfortably in his seat. “Uh, Taehyung-ssi? How's the lunch?” He was met by a deep sigh which sent shivers to him. But with a hint of disappointment.
He knows the other didn’t want to do this. Maybe he’s being pushy or forcing himself to him wasn’t a great idea. Taehyung has the reputation of a typical fuck boy and the cold-hearted person who straight up turns down anyone who he’s not interested in.
So the expectations about him were already set, but Jungkook pursues to dig deeper than that. He likes mysterious people.
He likes Taehyung.
“S’ fine.” Jungkook gulps when he meets his gaze and a stern tone rushing through his voice. Jungkook manages to breathe constantly yet unobvious and then he replies, “I’m glad.”
It knocks the wind out of him when their bare skin brushes against each other that he feels light sparks of friction. He grimaces in a low tone, more like a surprised gasp. “S-Sorry.” Taehyung stares, unimpressed. “What?” “I-uh the spark?”
“It’s normal because it’s winter.” His voice was laced with seriousness. “Oh… Didn’t know it’s because of the weather.” Jungkook bites his lower lip and stops himself from smiling widely. It was too small for a conversation but it was progress for him.
Taehyung isn’t the type of person to blabber every opportunity he gets. He’s laid back and chill. Which is extremely enticing.
The class starts and all of the students settle back to their seats. Jungkook has the hobby of designing his notes prettily.
Sometimes the colors depend on his mood. Black when he’s feeling lazy, blue when the weather’s cloudy, yellow when it’s sunny, green when he feels lively, and purple when he’s happy.
Today he chooses purple.
Before the tip of his highlighter reaches his notebook, his hand stops momentarily as he catches sight of Taehyung’s notebook. And now he can’t help but smile.
He saw his sticky note pasted on the back page of Taehyung’s notebook. His sticky note. It’s a progress indeed.
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♡ 72 | loves** sksjs sorry for the typo
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♡ 75 tw // mentions of death Jungkook was thirteen when his mother died. Losing someone at an unexpected time was even worse. end of tw
Jungkook’s secondary school wasn’t bad, honestly. Plus, packed schedules because of homework piling up each semester is something that he could manage.
But it doesn’t complement the fact that he has to go home early and help his mom with cooking, cleaning, and lastly, with her pregnancy. He was just a kid when his little sister came. Instead of hating the fact that he’ll carry more responsibilities, he sees her as a blessing.
tw // mentions of death Jungkook loves her. He loves her mom. He loves them more than anyone else. It took a huge turn of events when his mom died while giving birth. Jungkook’s life fell apart. He lost his only hope. His only reason to live. end of tw
He knew he would spend weeks, months, years, to cope with everything. From the hospital’s expenses, food, house bills, to his school expenses and basic needs. His world collapses and he has no one. Until he sees her sister for the first time.
The hatred burning in his heart bloomed into a flock of white birds in peace. She has pretty round eyes like his. A cute nose and small lips. She reminds him of his mom. His mom who’s beautiful, kind, loving, and comfort-personified. His mom who loves butterflies. Nabi.
Jungkook named her Nabi. A beautiful butterfly.
i got this idea from the korean drama “nevertheless” 😁
“Kookie? Can I have more macaroons please?” “Sweets, you already ate two. You’re gonna have a toothache.” The little girl pouts and rests his chin on her palm, blinking his eyes prettily. “You think that would make me say yes?”
“Yes! Please please! Please?? I missed you and your swe—sweet candies.” Jungkook crouches down on her level, brushing her soft hair. “Baby, these aren’t candies,” he paused, pointing at the box of macaroons and her eyes follow, “these are called desserts.”
“Dessewts? De—Dess...Koo help me.” Jungkook laughs and earns a whine from her. “Okay baby. Desserts, with R baby, not with W.” “Oh? Desse-rt?” “Right there! You got it sweet pea.” The little one scrunches her nose, a habit when she’s happy.
Jungkook gave in and gave her the last piece of macaroon he prepared this morning, making her all hyped up. “Koo— Her words were interrupted by a loud knock from their door, causing her to stand behind Jungkook with her small hands fisting his shirt.
“Who?” “Don’t be scared baby. Didn’t I tell you that we’re going to have someone over?” The little girl’s face lights up and her hands loosen from her brother’s shirt.
“Wait here and I’ll take him alright?” she nods and proceeds to peek her head beside the wall. Jungkook walks towards the door, letting it swing open. “Jungkook! What’s taking you so long to—
Yoongi’s mouth falls open, almost dropping his things to the floor. “What the f—is that your daughter?” It’s hilarious how Yoongi’s reaction looks so genuine and realistic. His eyes were wide open, face scrunched up in surprise.
His sister hides her body and tries to peek out; She fails, “Baby come here, let’s meet your new food supplier.” She runs, hops excitingly and holds onto her brother’s arm as he carries her. “H-Hi.” she mumbles shyly. “Hi..?” “Introduce yourself properly, baby.”
“Hi! I’m Nabi!! I’m f-five years owld!!” she exclaims and shows her hand as she says her age. “Nabi… like… butterfly?” “Yeah hyung. Isn’t her name pretty?” Jungkook coos when his sister’s eyes lit up by the nickname.
“Stop staring at me like that hyung. Nabi is my sister. She’s not living with me since she’s staying at my aunt’s home.” “What the fuck Jungkook why didn’t you tell me?”
Nabi furrows her eyebrows, “N-No bad wolds!” “Oh- sorry…” “Nabi, go finish your food okay? I’ll help Yoongi hyung with his things.”
“Y-Yoongwi?” “No baby, Yoongi. It’s okay just call him Yoonie.” “Yoonie?” Nabi says and Jungkook nods, “Okay! Bye, Yoonie!” “Yeah okay okay.”
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♡ 90 ~ earlier Jungkook places the last box of cooked dumplings in his grocery cart along with Nabi’s chosen treats for their picnic. It was too much actually.
They got cream bread (Nabi’s favorite pastry), tteokbokki for him, ham and cheese sandwich, boiled eggs, kimbap, strawberry jam, and cream cheese, and lastly, their favorite banana milk and chocolate smoothie.
Jungkook crouches down when his sister hops back to him, holding two packs of gummies. “Hmm, what are you hiding?” “No-Nothing!” She presses her lips together as she tilts her head to the side. “Hmm... I guess no gummies then?”
Her bambi eyes widen and quickly shoves the two packs of treats to Jungkook’s face. “H-Here please! Gummy wowms and gummy patch for Koo!” Jungkook giggles, “Hm okay okay, got it.” as he boops her nose.
— Thankfully, the weather was not too hot today. Nabi enjoys gloomy but warm weather, especially for small picnics like this. His little sister promptly spread the black and white plaid gingham blanket above the lush field.
They settled beside a huge oak tree which is the same spot they used to have picnics before. Jungkook brings out the boxes of food and at the same time, Nabi helps him out. “Done!” she exclaims, clapping her hands as she jumps in excitement.
“Okay baby calm down. Sit there, I'll take a picture of you ‘kay?” His sister nods and obediently sits close to the edge of the picnic blanket, her hands clasped together— rested on the top of her thighs.
“Okay, 1..2..3.. Smile!” she smiles as soon as the camera shutter releases. “Do I look cute, Koo?” “You always do, sweet pea.” she scrunches her nose revealing the same bunny teeth that mirror Jungkook’s beautiful smile.
“Okay let’s eat now! Which one do you want to eat first?” “I want cream bread please.” “Okay, here you go baby.” —
~ Taehyung’s pov He looks for the calmest spot in his hostel, yet simple things and noises continue to bother him. He failed to speak up about the humiliation that happened last week, so he strives harder to prove his knowledge in class.
Art has always been his favorite subject. He's enthralled by the smallest details in every painting he's seen. By seeing his art collections, artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci are among his favorites.
Taking art classes is fun but terror professors aren’t easy to dodge. Finally, he found a decent study spot at the famous Jamwon Hangang Riverside Park, where he sat beside a large tree and studied his books.
Taehyung starts with the goal of art and progresses through its various varieties, which is very important to observe. He hums and relaxes his back as he continues to read the rest of his notes. Until something caught his attention.
When a paper plane drops directly on the book he's reading, he sits up straight and scans the area for the person who might have owned it. Just as he was about to stand up, a small voice calls beside him. “H-Hi… my paper plane- um…”
♡ 91
♡ 92 Turns out the owner of the paper plane is a little girl. She’s wearing a skirt with suspenders matching it, a pastel green shirt, and a cute pom-pom headband. And suddenly his worries for his exams were flushed away by her cuteness.
“This is yours?” he kept his tone relaxed, not wanting to scare the kid. The girl gives a bashful scratch to her nape and nods. “What’s your name, little one?” “Nabi. My name is Nabi. I’m five years owld- old!!”
“What a beautiful name. Oh and— here’s your paper plane.” he smiles dearly and gets a shy grin from her. She takes the plane and then walks away, but then comes to a halt, waving her small hand.
In contrast, Taehyung hates people. He despises humans. But he loves kids. He has a soft spot for kids.
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♡ 125 [NEXT DAY]
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♡ 127 “Are we done?” “Yes! I’m sure you’ll be able to pass the exam, Taehyung-hyung.”
Taehyung doesn’t usually do this, really. He hates seeking help from people. It is just a coincidence that he has met his waterloo, giving him no choice but to ask for someone’s help to win those challenges.
Well to his advantage, Jungkook is a great tutor. That is something he will not deny. Though sometimes, he’s being annoyingly smart that makes Taehyung gape his mouth at the fascination he gets.
Jungkook is way too different from what he expected. By the round glasses and doe eyes, the sweet vanilla cologne, the way he dresses, and the way they first talked,
Taehyung thought he was some type of boring classmate that would probably remind your professor about the forgotten homework before dismissal.
But no. He was way cooler. He knows how to make jokes, which are somehow funny yet Taehyung was in denial about that. He recommends the best Netflix horror movies which Taehyung hasn’t seen yet. He knows great video games; He has a good taste in music.
And he did find out those little details by just listening to him—blabbering all day. “Uhmm I think I should go now?” “No. I’m ordering dinner.” “Oh? Okay just tell me how mu-- “My treat.”
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♡ 130 The doorbell rings and Taehyung stood up to pick up their ordered food on his doorstep.
Normally, Taehyung’s fast-food order is simply cheeseburger and fries but now, to Jungkook’s requests, he bought two boxes of chicken with separate barbeque sauce, a double patty cheeseburger, and garlic fried rice.
He thanked the delivery clerk and walk in with two paper bags, placing them straight to his countertop. Noticing the deafening silence, he shoots a glance to his living room where he sees Jungkook comfortably settled on his sofa, smiling at his phone.
In no time, he walks closer to him, ducks his head—way too close to the ravenette’s face. “What are you doing?” he asks and Jungkook gasps in surprise, fiddling with his phone—almost dropping it. “Fu—you scared me!
“Huh? Why are you hiding your phone? Wait… don’t tell me you’re watching porn?” It thrills him by seeing a visible sight of those pinkish cheeks. “Wh-What? No!! Why would you think that!?” he stammers.
Weird. Taehyung feels weird. He feels weird when he sees those annoyingly glossy lips, so fucking close.
His eyes momentarily blink and try to avert his gaze somewhere else. “Uh-um did our food arrived yet?” Jungkook asks. But Taehyung scents something sweet. Somehow causing his throat to feel dry, thirsty.
“Can I kiss you?”
This is the only way to find out. The other’s eyes widened, lips stretched into a straight line—as if he’s sitting on pins and needles. But seconds after, Jungkook nods.
Taehyung ducks his head with no hesitation, cupping Jungkook’s face that turns so red, skin so warm and glowy. Jungkook’s eyes closed when their lips meet in the softest possible way—which is totally different from Taehyung’s way to kiss someone.
His kisses are always hungry, messy, and sloppy. But with Jungkook, it feels like his lips were locked to move so fast. They kiss slowly. It was chaste and Taehyung could feel the shivers rising up his spine and down to his knees.
Now Taehyung feels more anxious about this. Because he knows, he kisses with zero feelings involved.
He has never kissed someone like this. No one. No one has ever made electricity flow all over his body. And he felt that when Jungkook kisses back.
He felt arms slowly wrapping around his neck when Jungkook moves his body from his position to kneel on the sofa, facing Taehyung’s side. Now Taehyung has a lot more access.
It’s obvious that this is Jungkook’s first kiss. He could say by sensing the hesitation Jungkook’s body has been obviously showing. But he reassures him with his soft warm touches.
He rubs his nape and growing mullet as he continues to savor those rosy lips. Until his nose caught a whiff of a very strong smell.
It’s sweet. It smells so sweet. It smells like freshly baked cookies. Fuck. It’s him.
Taehyung pulls away to calm himself from the sudden hypnotic scent and Jungkook’s eyes pop open. He releases a long deep exhale, catching air as his swollen lips twitch into a tentative smile.
Unlike what happened before, Taehyung seemed to control his thirst. “U-Um…” “What?” “I’m hungry…” Right. They were supposed to have dinner.
note ♡ taehyung and jungkook aren’t dating yet. taehyung agreed to jungkook’s deal which is to “woo” him for a month and half. not to be his boyfriend in an instant.
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♡ 150 [THE NEXT DAY]
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♡ 152 | i had to add a cameo of my buns here
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♡ 156 | what are** sorry for typos 😭
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- time skip -
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♡ 166 | before & after
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please read: tw // mentions of cheating
this is the part where i made a mistake. i should’ve written “so he said no, but i’m still wooing him.” instead of “so he said yes, but i’m still wooing him.” i’m sorry again! i’ll make sure to check every updates next time.


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♡ 180 | tae’s pov
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♡ 184 He drives all the way here without questioning a single detail about the ‘whereabouts’ of the place. It was an hour away from Seoul. Which Taehyung didn’t really mind at all.
Especially when the whole car ride was just Jungkook humming and vibing to his favorite songs on the playlist. He was surprised, honestly. He didn’t expect that Jungkook's music taste was actually the same as his.
He sure knows he has a lot of music recommendations, but Taehyung’s choice of music is /gold/, equally same as Jungkook’s. They arrived in no time and Taehyung was touched by the warm welcome from the personnel.
The place is beautiful and you can view the city’s glowing lights that almost look like billions of stars in the galaxy. Taehyung feels like he’s on the highest mountains to feel the coldest wind brushing through his caramel skin that felt so nice. It feels good.
He feels good to be here with Jungkook.
"So… Here we are! They said we can call them if we want to order more food or extra side dishes." Jungkook chooses a place maybe two meters away from crowded people. The space, specifically where they will be staying, is pretty much a jungkook-type of set up.
There’s a huge woven leaf mat underneath a thick fancy blanket, a small table good for two, fairy lights, and a small fire pit, giving them enough warmth to neglect the cold breeze. It’s too much, Taehyung thinks. It’s too romantic. He hates romance.
"Yeah, sure. Are they bringing the food over?" "Mhm, I guess so!" "So... You told me we were stargazing. Where are the stars then?" "In my eyes." Oh. Jungkook snorted, "Wait—okay, oh my god—pfft why aren’t you laughing? I’m just joking Tae!" /He is?/
"You're humorless." Jungkook pouts and stands up momentarily, clasping his hands as he elevates and broadens his shoulders. "This way, Sir," he said in a convincing tone, making Taehyung’s lips curl into a small smile.
"Where are we going?" "To see the stars? Duh?" Taehyung follows when Jungkook leads the way. It wasn’t that far to not see where their place was located, just enough for the light cones of coastal cities to disappear from their sight.
When Taehyung’s eyes switched from locating their place back in front of him, it was suddenly like he was in a pitch-black room with no lights. Even a sigh of Jungkook was nowhere to be found. "Jungkook? What the fuck did he seriously leave me he—
His words were blown away by the cold wind passing by when he sensed a warm feeling in his hand. He quickly glances to his side to feel Jungkook, /holding his hand/, hesitantly.
"I got you warm packs. I know vampires are naturally immune to coldness, but I don’t like seeing your hands shaking." Again, he got this weird, very weird feeling in his stomach. "Why are you holding my hand?" "Because I want to." So Taehyung lets him "Look up, Taehyungie."
Before the nickname registers in his mind, his head automatically lifts and his eyes catch the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. It was spectacular.
The skies, which he believed to be an empty one-shaded color, were filled with bright shining stars scattered infinitely across where his eyes could catch. "It’s beautiful, isn’t it?" Taehyung was enamored.
Needless to say, Taehyung hates the idea of celestials. He doesn’t like seeing bright things light up a dark space. He believes that if something is dark, so leave it dark. Light doesn’t match with it. But seeing an ineffable view right now, those thoughts quickly changed.
The dark sky suddenly looks beautiful with stars. Especially now that Jungkook is by his side.
"Tae?" "Hmm?" "Can I keep holding your hand until we reach home?" "Yeah," Taehyung didn’t hesitate, "Your hand is warm. I like it."
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♡ 189
♡ 190
♡ 191
♡ 192
♡ 193
♡ 194
♡ 195
♡ 196
♡ 197
♡ 198
♡ 199
♡ 200
♡ 201
♡ 202 Taehyung finishes the list of groceries by finding the section for sweets to grab packs of gummy worms for Jimin, who’s been whining about it since yesterday.
He knelt down and searches for the cola flavor, noticing that there are only four packets left, he then takes two for Jimin and two for himself.
Just as he was about to stand up, he sensed footsteps approaching from behind. He turns his head to the side, revealing a familiar face. “You— “Co-cola gummies?” she mumbles, pointing at the treats on Taehyung’s hands. “You want these?”
The little girl nods, hands nervously fidgeting with the flounce of her dress. Taehyung’s eyes soften, heart too weak for the little girl. “Here you go.”
“Thank you…” she murmurs and was about to reach for the gummies until a loud scream causes her to jump in surprise. Unlike Taehyung who has maintained his calm demeanor. “Nabi!!” The voice sounds oddly familiar. “Nabi—”
The loud scream flew into a silent gasp as soon as the person appeared in his sight. “J-Jungkook?” Jungkook’s mouth falls open. He wears a pair of widened eyes that matches his fearful, panicked look. “T-Taehyung?”
“Koo! Bun! He gave me gummies! Look.” Koo? Bun? Taehyung sends him a confused look and the ravenette was quick to ignore that.
“S-Sure baby… Can you go back to Yoongi hyung for me? I have to talk to a friend…” he says nervously, almost rambling. “Sure Koo!” Taehyung is confused. He is totally confused.
“Tae-Tae I’ll expl— Suddenly a phone call interrupts Jungkook. “Shit-I um—” “Go. We have plenty of time to talk. I have to go now.” Jungkook frowns, “O-Okay…”
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♡ 204
♡ 205
♡ 206
♡ 207
♡ 208 [THE NEXT DAY]
♡ 209
♡ 210
♡ 211
♡ 212
♡ 213
♡ 214
♡ 215
♡ 216
♡ 217
♡ 218
♡ 219
♡ 220
♡ 221
♡ 222
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♡ 224
♡ 225
♡ 226
♡ 227
♡ 228
♡ 229
♡ 230
♡ 231
♡ 232
♡ 233 — few hours later
♡ 234
♡ 235
♡ 236
♡ 237
♡ 238
♡ 239
♡ 240 | meanwhile :)
any theories about yoongi?
♡ 241
♡ 242 // nsfw 🔞
♡ 243
♡ 244
♡ 245
♡ 246 | jin looks so hot here bye
♡ 247
♡ 248
♡ 249
♡ 250
♡ 251
♡ 252
♡ 253
♡ 254 | yoongi’s priv tw // mentions of killing
♡ 255
♡ 256
♡ 257
♡ 258
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♡ 260
♡ 261
♡ 262
♡ 263
♡ 264
♡ 265
♡ 266
♡ 267
♡ 268
♡ 269
♡ 270 Taehyung’s friends are way cooler than he expected. Jimin is an art major like Taehyung. He has cute eyes that disappear when he smiles. He’s cheerful, kind, clingy, and definitely gone for his boyfriend, Namjoon.
Namjoon, on the other hand, is exactly Jimin’s opposite. He’s like Taehyung. He’s laid-back, chill, cool, and hot... if you’d ask. Hoseok, also known as Hobi, is the sunshine of the group.
His heart-shaped smile, his crescent eyes, his soft voice—and his presence could make you feel at ease within the snap of a finger. Lastly, he meets Jin.
Jin, well, he’s drop-dead gorgeous. He has a pretty sharp jawline, beautiful eyes, and plump lips. He’s funny, really. If he was not in love with Taehyung, he could’ve fallen in love with him.
The party has begun and some of them, specifically Jimin and Hobi, started to act weird all of a sudden.
Jimin laughs too loudly, which is unnecessary since Jungkook is just talking about his terror professor, which is not funny at all, while Hobi suddenly goes silent while staring straight at Jin’s face.
"They’re drunk. Don’t mind them, Jungkook." Namjoon says, giving his boyfriend a weird look. "Do you want to eat something? There are some nachos—uh—is everything alright?" Taehyung asked worriedly once he noticed Jungkook’s gaze.
Jungkook snapped out of his trance, "I-I—yeah! What were you saying?" "You’re not okay."
Yeah, he’s definitely not. Usually, fights between him and Yoongi are nothing big, compared to this one. Sometimes, Yoongi will scold him for random things like eating too much fried chicken, staying up late to finish his homework, or just him being bratty at times.
Their small fights weren’t a big deal for them, it’s just that the current one pushed him over the edge. Yoongi is his family. He understands how the other acts overprotective sometimes.
But in his defense, finding a friend like Taehyung is something rare, so staying away from him in an instant will be the hardest and last thing he’ll ever do.
"I had a fight with my hyung." Jungkook chuckles bitterly. "It will make things worse if you don’t talk to him soon, Jungkook-ah." Jin buts in.
"Says the one who kept running away from Hoseok last time." Namjoon bites back, catching Hoseok’s attention. Jungkook's lips curled into a half-smile, his eyes drooping.
"Why did you have a fight with him, if it’s okay to ask?" He wasn't so drunk that he noticed Taehyung, tucking his hair behind his ear while mumbling such things, which he assumed was due to the booze.
"U-Um, it’s okay." he paused, catching the small smile forming on Namjoon’s lips as he continued, "He said vampires are dangerous and that I should stay away from them."
"Ah," Namjoon speaks. "He’s stating facts though." "We can, but we chose not to." Jin was the first to speak. "Yes, vampires are born dangerous. However, as the decades went by, some of our ancestors decided to take a different route than those who chose the evil side."
Jungkook is curious. He’s really curious about vampires. He scoots closer to the table, "Do you guys have um… Superpowers?" The three vampires laughed—amused by his question. Jin nods and Jungkook’s mouth falls open.
"Vampires are naturally fast. We are approximately ten times faster than humans. But, every vampire also has unique abilities." Namjoon explains, "Mine is talking to people using my mind."
"Wh-What? How does that work?" Namjoon grins. He waits and stares until he hears a voice in his head. /Hi Jungkook-ah/ Namjoon’s voice, deep as an ocean, echoes in his mind.
"Oh my god? Oh-wow, that’s so cool?" his mouth forms a huge O, enough for the vampire to enjoy his reaction. /Jungkook-ah/ "Yes?" he asks, leaving the two, Jin and Taehyung, dumbfounded.
"Wait, what the fuck??? What are you guys talking about?" Jin asks. /Take care of our Taehyungie, okay?/
It’s illegal for his heart to jump out of his ribcage. God, he doesn’t know how to feel about this. You see, Namjoon is naturally cold to everyone except Jimin. It’s naturally funny to witness how his plain reaction makes his brothers react with dismay.
Yet in reality, he’s a person with a soft heart. /He’s so happy when he’s with you. He won’t shut up about you. About your smile, your eyes, your laugh, your… heart./
With his cheeks burning, he looks away, because honestly? Without the loud music trying to destroy their ears, his heartbeat would’ve been heard by everyone in their circle.
Jungkook is a blushing mess. He coughs nervously and when he’s about to speak, Jimin sits straight up from laying down on Namjoon’s lap and protests, "Wait? Hold the fuck up!" he exclaims, making the "p" in his sentence pop and click to emphasize,
"Why is he blushing? Baby???? Are you fucking flirting with him?!" "God—I thought you were already sleeping!" "Doesn’t excuse you from the fact that you’re flirting with Jungkook."
"He-He’s not flirting with me, Jiminie." Jungkook mumbles, trying to hide the, oh-so-obvious blush forming on his cheeks. He glances at Taehyung, who’s giving him a mischievous smirk. Ah, this mf.
"My turn!" Jin screams, cutting the ‘tension’. "Do you want to know my power, Jungkook-ah?" "What is it hyung?" "Disguise." "Oh my god?"
Before he could express the amazement building up inside him, in one snap, Jungkook’s eyes grew big when he saw two identical Jimin in front of him.
"What the fuck? You—You-Jimin? Wow." All of them cooed at Jungkook’s adorable reaction. Jin turns himself back into his own physique in no time, "It’s cool isn’t it?" Jungkook’s eyes glinted, excessively nodding at him.
"Jungkook, who do you think has the coolest power?" Namjoon asks. "Oh—I don’t know? Maybe it’s Taehyungie?" Namjoon snorts, loud enough to make his sleepy boyfriend whine beside him. "Sorry to break it to you but my powers are the coolest here."
Jin shrugs him off, "Lies. You’re right, Jungkook. Taehyung has the coolest power among us." "R-Really? What is it hyung?" "I can see people’s past lives."
Past lives. Wow. Jungkook thinks Taehyung’s the coolest person right now—not a biased opinion though. "Can you try it on me? I want to see if— "Yours is blank. I can’t see anything." Oh.
With elevated shoulders that fell instantly, he asks, "Does that mean this is my first life?" "No," Namjoon proves firmly, with no hint of a joke. "Then why can’t you see mine?" "I don’t know. I tried more than once. But still, it’s blank." Jungkook's face fell into a frown.
"Maybe, I’m your soulmate?" Taehyung laughs, chugging the last glass of liquor. "No. Soulmates don’t exist, Jungkookie." "B-But!" he tries, but Taehyung stops him. "You’re drunk, I’ll drive you home."
"We’ll go now, hyungs. Good luck with your boyfriends." Taehyung stands up and gently grabs Jungkook’s hand to support his body from falling. "Be careful." Jungkook shivers at his breath, fanning close to his ears. "It’s okay, I know you got me."
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♡ 274
♡ 275
♡ 276
♡ 277 // blood , blood sucking (?)
♡ 278 // blood , blood sucking
♡ 279
♡ 280
♡ 281
♡ 282
♡ 283 - taehyung’s dream
♡ 284
♡ 285 A searing sensation on Jungkook's neck jolted him awake. The pain is comparable to needles poking his skin, leaving tingling and lingering sensations, yet bearable. Above all, he is okay. He's perfectly well. Because last night was both unexpected and amazing.
Jungkook feels nostalgic. He was reminded of how Taehyung held him close with a hint of reassurance through his touches. Although the burning desire of hunger was luring him, he stops himself. Because Taehyung refuses to harm him.
Jungkook smiles. It feels so nice to know that Taehyung cares for him.
But recalling the night they spent brings up how Taehyung looks so fucking attractive. He’s not gonna lie, seeing Taehyung’s fangs poking out from his lips is extremely alluring to his eyes.
The pointy teeth, the glinting red ropes in his eyes, the wet plump lips? Jungkook never thought vampires could be /extremely/ hot.
He lets out a gusty sigh of relief and while he’s still contemplating on getting out of the bed or just letting his lazy self sleep for five more minutes, he hears the bedsheets ruffle around him. Taehyung is still here.
His heavy sleepy eyes dare to open and although they’re obviously drooping, he catches sight of the vampire laying beside him. Cold fingertips land above the bite marks that almost cause his mouth to make a surprised noise.
Taehyung traces around the swollen area and to Jungkook’s disappointment, he sees Taehyung’s worried eyes—full of regret and guilt. Oh no. Taehyung was about to cry.
“T-Tae” The brunette was quick to snap from his trance, gazing at Jungkook. “You’re awake… does-does it hurt too much? How do you feel? If it hurts a lot I can take you to Jin hyung. He has a friend that can remove the pai—
Without thinking twice Jungkook presses his lips against Taehyung’s own. /Yes. Best way to shut him up./ Jungkook chants.
“You’re glowing,” he adds, causing a smile to tug at his lips. “Jungkook… look. I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t have done that.” “When was the last time you drank?” “A month ago.”
“See? Last night, you looked very pale. I was afraid you'd pass out or something. I was so worried.” “Still. It’s not an excuse.” Jungkook stiffens at the change of tone in his voice. He sounds pissed, mad, worried.
“Don’t you like it?” “What?” “Didn’t you enjoy last night?” “God. Are you seriously asking me that? You’ve seen how I almost sucked every drop of your blood, Jungkook.”
Taehyung cares for him. Despite being laconic, Taehyung’s limited words make him feel thousands of emotions. “You look so handsome when you’re well-fed, did you know that?” Taehyung coughs and leans away, “Shut up.”
It is, nevertheless, a fact. With his morning hair, pancake face, and cozy clothing, Taehyung looks very adorable. Until Jungkook notices something, his mouth falls open. “Is that—my shirt?”
“Oh...yeah. I hope you don’t mind. My clothes reeked of alcohol so I uh, got this shirt hanging on your sofa.” Jungkook gapes, “Wha-What? Taehyung! I already used that! Take that off! Just grab a new shirt in my closet.”
“I don’t mind. It smells like you so it’s alright.” A shade of light pink blooms through Taehyung’s cheeks.
Jungkook let out a soft giggle as he nuzzled his face on Taehyung’s palm. “Wha-What are you doing?” “Mhm your hands are cold, I like it,” he says, brushing his face on the older’s smooth hand. “I’ll bring your breakfast here, let go.” “I don’t want to.”
“Stop being a brat. You have to eat.” Taehyung says, attempting to remove Jungkook’s hand from his own. “You really look good, Tae. Look-oh my god are you blushing?” “Jungkook.”
“Can I kiss it?” “What?” “Your cheek. Can I kiss it?” Before Jungkook could sit up, Taehyung leans down and plants a kiss on his forehead. “No.” Taehyung teases “Y-You—that’s unfair!”
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♡ 292
♡ 293
♡ 294
♡ 295
♡ 296 :))
♡ 297
♡ 298
♡ 299
♡ 300
♡ 301
♡ 302
♡ 303
♡ 304 Jungkook was supposed to be cleaning the mess on the table but he ended up on the sofa, being caged by a pair of arms. “Tae, aren't we going to do something else? Like watch movies or something?” “No.” “What are we gonna do then?”
Taehyung hums, withdrawing his arms around Jungkook, and lays down on the sofa. “Sleep.” “Sleep?” “Yeah. Sleep here beside me.” Taehyung opens his arm and taps the empty space beside him.
Jungkook didn’t protest, he rested his head on the man’s biceps and let Taehyung spoon him. “Play with my hair. Please?” he whispers and Taehyung chuckles, “Okay.”
When Taehyung began to fiddle with his hair, he completely softened. Along with his growing mullet, the brunette combs his silky hair with his fingers. “Your hair is getting long. It’s pretty.” Taehyung says and his warm breath grazes through his nape, sending him shivers.
“Mhm really? How about me? Do you think I’m pretty?” Taehyung didn’t respond and that caused him to turn around, not expecting a pair of lips to welcome him.
//semi nsfw Taehyung captures his lips with his own, drawing a whimper out of him as he nibbles on his lower lip The sound of their lips moving makes his heart skip a beat and before he could notice, Taehyung pulls away and moves on top of him, pressing him gently down the sofa
Jungkook’s eyes open at the loss of contact, biting his lips when Taehyung leans down once again, but this time he peppers sweet kitten kisses around his face. On his forehead, eyelid, cheeks, temple, nose, and lastly, on the mole under his lips.
“Just want to kiss your mole,” Taehyung says and dives back, grazing his tongue over the seams of Jungkook’s mouth. His lips part when Taehyung asks for entrance, letting their tongues meet and tangle inside their locked mouths.
Jungkook melts in his arms at the coldness brushing over his arms up to his shoulder. Vampires may be naturally cold, yet he doesn’t want to miss the drowning pleasure that comes with that.
Taehyung kisses him like he’s something fragile. He’s cautious. He touches him with care and although his movements are obviously hesitant, Jungkook was quick to reassure him.
The movements of their mouths move in the slowest possible way, no rush, just feelings burning up inside their chest. Kissing a vampire is something utterly addicting. // end of semi nsfw
The brunette pulls away, panting heavily. Jungkook observes a beam of light reflecting off Taehyung's beautiful eyes when he opens his own.
He doesn't miss the smile growing within Taehyung's lips as he slowly pushes his hair to the side, planting a lingering kiss on his forehead. “Are you sleepy?” Taehyung asks.
“I thought we’re gonna sleep but you suddenly kissed me.” “You asked me if you’re pretty.” “And? What does it have to do with that?” “I thought words weren't enough so I just showed you instead.”
“Oh my god, you’re a sap!” Jungkook laughs and playfully hits Taehyung’s pecs. “Mmhm can I kiss you again?” “How can I say no to a hot vampire like you?”
♡ 305
♡ 306
♡ 307
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♡ 308
♡ 309 [after tae & yoongi’s talk]
♡ 310
♡ 311
♡ 312
♡ 313 // semi nsfw
♡ 314
♡ 315
♡ 317
♡ 318 Jungkook is tired and sick of people using him. People had used to befriend him because of his intelligence; it started from grade school until his freshman year.
Friends: defined as “Someone who defends you. When others try to emotionally or physically harm you, they will do everything they can to keep you safe. They don't care who is attempting to harm you; they will protect you at all times and in all places.
If they can assist you, they will do it without hesitation or compensation.” Jungkook was educated otherwise.
Friends: defined as “Someone who will always be by your side when they need something from you; they will do everything just to remain near you since you’re smart and gullible—a person that is so easy to fool.
Someone who would constantly tell you that your simple mistakes characterize your entire personality; that you are a complete failure. A friend who will put you under duress and test your limits. A friend who enjoys seeing you suffer alone.”
But, just when he believed he'd find someone different, someone, in whom he could place his complete faith and affections, fate intervened.
Pathetic. He’s pathetic when he thinks Taehyung is different from them, different from those who took him for granted.
“Jungkookie? What’s wrong?” Taehyung arrived fifteen minutes ago. They settled on Jungkook’s sofa, same old practice, he was locked by a pair of arms. “Nothing.”
He’s fully aware that Taehyung knows almost everything about him. From his mannerisms to his attitude. He knows Taehyung easily perceives if something is wrong. “Lies. You’ve been ignoring my kisses since I got here.”
The brunette tries to pull him closer but he stays still in his position, a few inches away from Taehyung. A deep sigh escapes the vampire’s mouth, “Tell me what’s wrong. You know how much I hate it when you keep secre—
With a bitter scoff, “Oh wow, look who’s talking.” Jungkook stands up, feet glued heavily on the ground, voice laced with anger. Taehyung’s face twists and internally, Jungkook curses because honestly? He thinks it’s unfair. It’s so fucking unfair.
Because Taehyung wasn’t the type to pretend; he wasn’t the type to lie.
“What did you say?” Now he’s acting so naive. “It's amusing how you quoted the phrase, ‘You know how much I hate it when you keep secrets from me’, despite the fact that you were the one who did it first.” In the most grudging way, his lips spit those words with no regrets.
Taehyung must be surprised. Because during fights, Jungkook’s anger fades away like it always does. But now? It’s different. “What are you talking about?”
“Oh please stop acting like you don’t know shit. Are you happy now?” Jungkook jeers. He felt incredibly foolish and irked. A moue made its way on his face. “Now that I’ve already fallen into your trap?”
His heart thumps in anguish as he utters those words, which are laced with hatred. Taehyung stands up and his eyes alone could show the fear gathering up inside him.
“Jungkook, please calm down. Let’s talk, not like this.” Taehyung attempts to take a step forward but to his surprise, Jungkook steps back with pure disdain in his eyes.
“Stop it, Tae. I'm fed up with everyone pretending to like me. I'm sick of being used and then discarded once they've gotten what they want from me. You're well aware of this. You know everything there is to know. Nonetheless, you chose to break my heart.”
Jungkook cries, trying to take a grip of a token that is the breaking point of his emotions.
And then suddenly, Taehyung’s expression changes. “I told you to stay away from me when you still can. I told you to stop and forget about your feelings.” His heart drops and feels his eyes well up with tears upon hearing those words from Taehyung.
“It’s not my fault, Jungkook. It’s yours.”
Fuck. It hurts so fucking much. “You… You don't really have a heart, do you?” He feels so weak. “I guess you could say that.”
“I love you, Tae. I gave you my heart because I thought it could make yours live and bloom again. But I guess, you destroy everything that is beautiful.” Jungkook was reminded of how Taehyung warned him before. /You’re beautiful, I destroy everything that is beautiful./
“You destroyed my heart.” “You’re right.” “I hope the world will do me a favor. I hope our paths will never cross again, until my last breath.” It hurts. It hurts so much. “I’ll grant that favor.” “Goodbye, Taehyung.”
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♡ 324
♡ 325
♡ 326
♡ 327
♡ 328
♡ 329
♡ 330 // stealing
♡ 331
♡ 332
♡ 333
♡ 334
♡ 335
♡ 336 | taehyung’s dream
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♡ 342 :)
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♡ 368
the following updates are flashbacks from taegi’s talk :)
♡ 369
♡ 370
♡ 371
♡ 372
♡ 373
♡ 374 — end of flashback
♡ 375
♡ 376 // memory erasure
♡ 377
♡ 378
♡ 379
♡ 380
♡ 381 Taehyung found himself in a dark alley, patiently waiting for the right person to put his abilities to the test. It’s been five years since he had used memory erasure. Since the last situation didn’t end well, he hasn't used that skill again.
tw // mentions of knives He notices a man smoking close after a minute. He's covered in tattoos from shoulder to neck, wears a black mask that covers half of his face, and has a tactical knife protruding from his pocket. Taehyung had dealt with a lot of robbers in the past
tw // mentions of knives and firearms Sharp items, like knives and spears, are usually carried by them. But some use firearms such as pistols and rifles. Robbers aren't like other criminals; they're far more dangerous than you would think.
But that doesn't rule out Taehyung's ability to deal with them.
Thieves are astute, planning their actions meticulously and knowing when to retreat. The man leaves a dollar on the street on purpose and lingers in the dark alley, using the money as bait.
When a lady comes to a halt, Taehyung runs quicker than light, pulling him into the dark alley. The robber grimaces when Taehyung grabs his neck and slams him against the brick wall. “What the fuck? Do you want to die? Fucking bastard!”
Taehyung grins, amused at the man's blunder while searching for his pocket knife. “What are you looking for?” The man struggled and attempted to get away, but Taehyung's hold on his neck tightened. “Who-who the fuck are you?” The thief coughs, unable to breathe properly.
“No one.” “I don’t want to play games here asshole, give me back my knife if you want to live.” “Nah. You’ll probably stab me to death.”
“That’s right.” When Taehyung gives a glance at the street, the man attempts to take his knife from his pocket—but is too late when Taehyung grips his jaw and pierces his eyes on him. It’s been a while since he used this skill.
His eyes begin to glow with red ropes as he stares at the man in his eyes without blinking. The male's angry countenance morphed into a smooth ironed-out visage.
Under the hypnotic trance, the guy remains frozen, providing Taehyung with the ideal opportunity to test his abilities.
“All of your painful memories will be forgotten. You will live in peace and no longer commit crimes. You'll grow into a decent person.” When Taehyung sees the vacant look in his eyes and receives a nod, he feels relieved. His skill is still here. He can still erase memories.
And he says the last word that is the key to successful hypnosis, “Live.” He vanishes in front of the man in a flash and hides in the alley's darkest corner.
The guy shakes his head, panics when he notices the knife in his hand, and tosses it away quickly. Taehyung smiles. He saved another human today.
♡ 382
♡ 383
♡ 384
♡ 385
♡ 386
♡ 387
♡ 388
♡ 389
♡ 390
♡ 391
♡ 392
♡ 393
♡ 394 | want**
♡ 395
♡ 396
♡ 397
♡ 398 // memory erasure
before you guys attack me, pls trust me, this au will have a happy ending.
♡ 399
♡ 400
♡ 401
♡ 402
♡ 403
♡ 404
♡ 405
♡ 406
♡ 407
♡ 408 — taehyung’s dream
the locket
♡ 409 — taehyung’s dream
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♡ 417 The weather mirrors his mood today. Earlier, before he leaves his house, the autumn sky is already dark and cloudy. But now that he’s heading to Yoongi’s house, where he and Jungkook agreed to meet, the rain is now pelting down.
His house wasn’t too far away from the said place, just enough for him to have time to contemplate and gather his thoughts. Of course, he didn’t want to mess up all of this in the first place.
Taehyung was surprised at Jungkook’s response. In fact, he wasn’t even expecting a response. Since yesterday, he never took his attention away from rereading their old text messages. And admittedly, it did make his feelings worse.
Scrolling up reveals their sweet good morning messages that were honestly too cheesy for him and he hates it like it’s honestly disgusting but that is until he finds himself smiling on his phone like an idiot.
He also listens to the voice messages full of mawkish confessions from Jungkook that left him teary-eyed. Looking back at the old photos they took made him feel nostalgic. He craves the feeling of contentment when he’s having conversations with Jungkook.
It may be embarrassing to admit but there’s always a smile that will automatically tug at his lips when he receives daily animal photos that are undeniably cute.
Besides, nothing makes his mornings complete than seeing Jungkook’s messy hair, sleepy puffy face, cute pinkish nose, and pouty lips. His heart sinks. He definitely misses Jungkook.
Taehyung arrives there in no time. He halts in his steps when he reaches the doorway. With a long-drawn sigh, he stretched his arms and pressed the bell. Few seconds passed by and he heard footsteps.
He felt his throat dry and ended up with trembling hands tugging in his own pocket. It wasn’t caused by the cold weather though, it’s because he’s about to face the man he’s been longing for the past few weeks. The only person he wants to see.
The moment the doorknob twists, his stomach churns. He lifts his head and as the door opens, he senses all of the distress Jungkook is feeling.
Jungkook looks… unhappy. His heart drops to the pit of his stomach. He wants to hug him. So badly.
“Hi.” His heart softens quickly. He missed his voice. “What are you going to give me?” Right. He has only five minutes. “Can we go outside? Just, not here.” Taehyung insists and Jungkook stares at him with a confused pair of eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows, “Why?”
“It’s in my car.” “Okay.” Taehyung walks towards his car not so far from Yoongi’s house, just enough to avoid any interruptions. Jungkook follows him from behind.
When his eyes spot an alley close by, he grabs Jungkook’s hand with no warning, rushing towards the narrow corner. “Wh-What the fuck?” Jungkook curses. Taehyung presses him softly against the wall, leaning close.
Jungkook was stunned in his place. No words coming out from his mouth. So Taehyung leans in once again, closer this time. He snakes his hand around his waist and presses their bodies together.
He expects a hard punch to the point that his body will slam against the wall or at least a harsh slap and loud curses. Yet surprisingly Jungkook stays unmoving, staring straight at Taehyung's lips. It wouldn’t be wrong to kiss him for the last time right?
He leans in and when their lips brush, Taehyung feels like he is floating. The shivers send up sensations to his veins. Jungkook’s lips feel so good. When he perceives no affirmation, he tries to pull away and make up his mind that maybe this was a wrong move.
But before he could lean away, fingers started to circle around his wrist with an utmost feeling of comfort. Taehyung lifts his chin, not taking his eyes off his lips. Their close proximity was suffocating and somehow caused Jungkook’s breathing to become uneven.
He wastes no time and captures his lips with his own. His skin burns against Jungkook’s as their lips move in a slow and sensual way.
Out of his expectation, Jungkook kisses back. This is how he imagines fantasies. Fantasies that were so far from their reality. He kisses Jungkook with the fullness of emotions that he has been holding back.
It felt like a flock of white birds flew out from their cages and met their freedom. The kiss was so slow but not too awkward. And they both know the reason why. It is because they don't want this to end.
Doesn’t want to end this quick escape from reality, as they draw their own fairy tale that might be so good to be true. So even though Taehyung dreamt of good times and yearns for it, it doesn't complement the fact that he’s living in bitter reality.
He squeezed his eyes, wanting more. But then he wakes up when tears prickle his skin and then he realizes, unlike other fairy tales, he knew they wouldn't have their happy ending.
Pulling away caught his heart to break, because once he saw the bloodshot eyes staring at him, he felt a surge of pain in his chest.
♡ 418 // memory erasure
^^ this idea is inspired from a korean drama (goblin)
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♡ 420 // mentions of memory erasure
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♡ 425 | night apple is poison apple
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♡ 432 "Nabi, can you grab a dollar from my wallet? This isn’t enough to buy you a donut." Jungkook points to his bag and Nabi rummages through his things to grab his wallet.
"M’kay!! One dollar, it is!" his sister exclaims as she brings out the wallet. Jungkook patiently waited for a few seconds before telling the cashier the right flavor to pick. When he whips his head back to her, he notices his sister’s puzzled expression.
She pursed her lips in a cute pout, her head tilted to the side.   "Baby, Koo needs the dolla—"   Koo? Who is this person?"
Jungkook gulps. He breathes in a nervous way, taking a few steps close to Nabi. He eyes his wallet, spots the photograph, and his heart clenches.
"Y-You don’t know him?" he whispers, almost inaudible.   His sister shakes her head, "No Koo. But he looks nice! He has um—heart-shaped lips? L-Look it’s like a heart!"   "Right… His smile is beautiful but..."
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♡ 467 | tw // kidnapping
dudunnnn !!! cliffhanger coz why not 😂 anyways, next updates might contain sensitive topics but i’ll add some tw so don’t worry. the updates were short but i hope you all liked it !!
♡ 468
♡ 469 "Thought you could make him safe with you. What happened to your promise?" Taehyung says, hands gripping the steering wheel. "Tae, calm down, this isn’t the best time to fight." Jin panics beside him, sparing a glance at Yoongi, who doesn’t bother to respond at all.
"Let’s just stick to the plan. Jin hyung, you have to go to the opposite side of the field. In that case, he won’t be able to notice you." "Got it." The car ride went silent until they reached the second gate before the hidden field.
Yoongi receives a sudden phone call. "It’s him." "Answer it." Taehyung clenches his jaw. They all heard an evil chuckle from the other line when Yoongi slipped his finger to the right to answer. “Prince Min Yoongi, I didn't expect you’d actually accept the call."
"Where is he?" Yoongi asks, ignoring his words entirely. “I’ll tell you if you bring my daughter here." Taehyung’s eyes widened in anticipation, tightening his grip on the steering wheel as he stepped on the gas pedal, accelerating the car two times faster than it was previously
"Cat got your tongue, Prince Min?" Yoongi gulps, his eyes wavering. "We’ll bring her." Taehyung buts in, unbothered by the surprised eyes surrounding him.
He breathes in sharply while pinching the bridge of his nose, stepping on the brake abruptly as he snatches the phone from Yoongi’s hand, "We’ll bring her, but make sure Jungkook is safe. Don’t fucking lay a hand on him."
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Yoongi whispers from behind, "What the fuck are you doing?" "I guess you brought an army with you, Prince Min." "Shut the fuck up and agree to my deal." Taehyung interrupted brusquely, the tip of his tongue poking inside of his cheek. "I agree, but I can’t promise."
Taehyung scoffs and drops the phone as he drives off. "That wasn't part of our plan. You’re ruining everything!" Yoongi shouts. "Forget it. Jin hyung, you have to disguise yourself as Nabi."
"But the original plan was for him to disguise himself as Jungkook." “That won’t work. At least now, he knows we have something that he wants." Taehyung glances at Jin, "Hyung, can you do it?" "I’ve taken down an army before, remember?"
— warning!! the following written updates will contain: violence, blood, fighting, injury, and potions
♡ 470
♡ 471
♡ 472
info: the man used a potion/powder that makes someone lose their hearing for five hours.
♡ 473
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♡ 475 | tw // metions of death , poisoning
^^ also GASPS. vamp prince yoongi >>>>
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♡ 481 | tw // mentions of poisoning
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♡ 486 | taehyung’s dream
♡ 487 | taehyung’s dream
the locket
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♡ 495 Comfortably sitting on the sofa, Jungkook takes the remote control to choose from the films downloaded on Jimin’s hard drive. Jin told him to feel at home and grab any food he likes from the storage box.
With that, he grabbed two packs of gummy worms from Jin’s box and one banana milk from the fridge. The effect of the sleeping powder was still lingering in his nose causing him to sneeze and feel a little dizzy.
Generally, Jungkook wasn’t scared of his father. In fact, he was feeling sad, disappointed, and mad. Because he never knew that his father is a vampire. Moreover, he was informed by the man’s cruelty, including the fact that he was a sire of countless newborn vampires.
He stated how vampires have walls and barriers due to stupid ‘choices’ of some good vampires who sided with humans. He also knows that Taehyung and Yoongi sided on the good side.
Well, admittedly, he was in utter shock when he found out that he has been with a vampire prince and vampire queen since he was thirteen. Honestly there is no hatred. Instead, Jungkook was beyond thankful.
His aunt, aka the queen of Min Clan, has been spending her life fulfilling her promise to Jungkook’s mom. Jungkook felt so loved.
Above all, Jungkook can’t believe the fact that he fell in love with a vampire prince.
He shakes his head as well as the thoughts in his head that might make his heart suffer once again.
Missing Taehyung is a different kind of pain. Because he’s missing someone who’s too far away from him. By distance, by heart.
A loud thud caused him to sit straight abruptly. It seems like the sound came from the main door so he stood up and walked hastily. “H-Hello?” he says, pressing his ear against the door, waiting for a response but all he heard was uneven breathing and pants.
“U-Um Seokjin hyunhg is not here, I’m his friend Ju— “Seokjin is not here?!” Jungkook steps back, almost falling on the floor, startled. That voice… That voice sounds so familiar.
The man behind the door keeps on twisting the door knob so he does the next thing without thinking twice, he unlocks the door and opens it entirely. Revealing Taehyung, wearing a pair of worried eyes.
His face was wrecked with a few bruises. One on his cheek, a scratch on his lips, and a dark purple bruise near his eyes. Jungkook’s heart clenches.
“Um hi… I’m Taehyung, Jin’s friend.” /You’re Taehyung, my only safe place./
“I came here since um—I—uh…” The man struggles to roll the words in his mouth. “I came here to check on you.” Jungkook sensed Taehyung’s sadness. Through his shiny eyes, wobbly lips, he could tell the older just wanted to hug him, kiss him, and make him feel safe again.
But Taehyung didn’t because he knows Jungkook doesn’t remember him anymore. “Are you feeling better now, Jungkook-ssi?” “Jungkook.” “What?”
“I said Jungkook.” Jungkook says. “I’m afraid I can’t understand what you were saying…”
“I love you.”
Taehyung’s eyes grew wide and the tears he had been holding for a while streamed down his face. “I love you. I love you, Taehyung. I love you so fucking much.”
Without any warning, in a blink of an eye, Jungkook smashed his lips against Taehyung’s. He brings his arms around the man’s neck to pull him closer while Taehyung cups his nape with his hand.
Despite the tears prickling on their skin, Jungkook feels so happy. Being able to feel Taehyung’s lips once again felt like heaven.
Taehyung kisses him softly while Jungkook kisses back messily, to the point that he looks so greedy in chasing his desires. He wants this. He misses this. He misses Taehyung so much.
When Jungkook felt a soft squeeze on his nape and on his waist, Taehyung pulled away. Although the loss of contact made him whine, Taehyung pressed their foreheads together. He smiles and whispers, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to leave you this time. I promise.”
Tears started to form in his eyes and then eventually fall when a sob escaped his mouth. He stares at Taehyung’s eyes with full trust and a hint of relief. “Thank you.” he cries and closed his eyes when Taehyung made their lips meet once again.
This time the kiss was chaste, slow, and sweet. Taehyung licks on his lower lip and he opens his mouth to let their tongues tangle. His head tilted to the side, Taehyung grazes down and sucks on it. No harsh bites, instead he let Jungkook feel the warmth through his lips.
The vampire gave him another squeeze on his waist, slowly rubbing both of his hands upwards. It doesn’t just cause shivers, it shamelessly woke up the butterflies in his stomach.
In no time, they pull away to catch their breaths. Jungkook rests his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, close enough for his lips to touch Taehyung’s neck. The vampire shivers under that feeling, causing a smile to wipe beyond his lips.
“Can feel you smiling.” “I’m happy.” he admits, wrapping his arm around his lover.
“I have a lot of questions right now but… Let’s go to bed hmm? I know you’re still sleepy.” Taehyung says and tugs the small strand of his hair behind his ear. Jungkook pulls away, carefully scanning the older’s face.
His fingertips land on each fresh bruise marked on his face. His eyes start to well up with tears once again. “I’m s-sorry Tae…” he sniffs. Taehyung shakes his head, “Not your fault. Please. I don’t want to hear you apologize again, okay?”
“B-But— “Baby, you’re sleepy. Let’s get you to bed.” “Will you-will you stay? Can we cuddle?” “I’ll stay… and by the way…” “Hmm?” “I love you too.”
♡ 496
♡ 497 Taehyung wakes up to a warm feeling on his nose. To brush it off, he scrunches his nose only to receive a warmer contact. Somehow similar to how lips would feel like. He squeezes his eyes and blinks, trying not to doze off again.
He hears giggles as soon as his eyes open. “Hi.” Jungkook’s smile is indeed breathtaking. May it be in his past life, present life, or in the future. His smile will remain beautiful for him.
“Hi.” Taehyung responds, scooting closer. Jungkook’s eyes softened. Before Taehyung could point it out, Jungkook sits up and grabs the first aid kit. He brings out a few bandages, ointments, cream, and cottons. “Does it still hurt?”
“Hmm, just a bit. The queen’s medicine helped to ease the pain somehow.” Jungkook hums with unsettled eyes that are involuntary moving around; Quivering hands tossing the bandages, unsure of what to do.
Taehyung sees the panic in his eyes, with a hint of fear. He takes his hand, interlocks with his own, and closes his eyes right away. “T-Tae… I need to patch you up.” “I’ll be fine. They will heal soon.”
Jungkook sighs. Taehyung lays there comfortably until Jungkook’s hand lifts his head and lets him lay on his lap instead. He looks up and when their eyes meet, the younger one flashes him a bright smile. Jungkook gently weaves his hand on his hair. “I know you miss this.”
“That’s right.” “So… Can you introduce your real self now?” Taehyung knew Jungkook didn’t mean to make it sound sarcastic, but he can’t help but to feel guilty. “I’m not mad Tae. I just want to hear it from you.”
“Okay, I’ll start from the beginning.” Taehyung frowns but Jungkook reassures him by placing a kiss on his forehead.
“I’m a vampire prince. I have lived in the palace since I was twelve. After Jin hyung had enough courage to talk to our mother, we finally left the palace to live a normal life. Palace isn’t a bad place. It’s just a place full of responsibilities.”
Jungkook hums, telling him to continue. “Dad said I am special among my brothers. I was born with two skills, reading people’s past lives and… erasing people’s memories.” Taehyung gulps. He sits up and faces the younger.
“Go on, I’m listening.” Jungkook reassures him by holding his hand. “My power works for everyone. As I’ve said before, I can see people’s past lives except yours. Namjoon hyung and I have read and searched for answers and fortunately, we got one.”
Jungkook’s eyes snapped open, ears reddining that were so eager to hear the answers. “This isn’t your first life, Jungkookie. The reason why I can’t see your past life is because… you were a part of my past life.” Jungkook’s expression was unexplainable.
His eyes remained blown wide and mouth agape. “I can’t see my own past life because the power doesn’t apply to me. Basically, I can’t see yours because you were a part of my previous life, Jungkook.” “I-Is th-that true?” Jungkook stutters. His eyes started to get glossy.
“Yeah but… You’re also the reason why I saw my own past life.” “What? What do you mean?”
“That night when I’d get to taste your blood. I started to have weird dreams then. It started with a blurred vision of a young man. I thought he was some type of stranger at first, but I knew he was in my dream because there was something more.”
Taehyung grins, his fangs coming into view. “As time passes by I’ve realized they’re really a part of my life. My dreams are undeniably romantic, you know. We used to go on dates like stargazing and roller skating.”
Taehyung chuckles when Jungkook’s lips form into a small pout. “Yeah… that’s so romantic.”
“The first two dreams left me confused. It was clear that he’s my lover but his face was too blurred to see.” “He must be so lucky then.” The younger forces a smile despite the frown threatening to form in his face.
Taehyung leans closer and presses a lingering peck, making Jungkook glare at him. “S-Stop that! Continue…” “And then the last two dreams made me realize who they are.” Taehyung paused. “He was the only love of my life.”
Jungkook’s lips twitched in a mean moue, fidgeting with his fingers. “Did you find out who they are? What did they look like?” he asked in a monotone that somehow caused a mischievous grin on Taehyung’s face.
“I did. I did when I thought it was too late.” “Too late?” Jungkook squirms when Taehyung curls his fingers on his temple to his chin.
“Yeah. I found out it was you exactly after the day I removed your memories.”
Jungkook breathes in sharply, face scrunched up. His gapes and god, nothing looks more adorable than this. His cheeks went pink as well as his nose. His doe eyes grew bigger to the point every light in the room reflected on them. “M-Me?” And now he hears his voice break.
“It was you… You were-no, you are the love of my life, Jungkook. You will always be the love of my life.” Both male burst into happy tears. Taehyung cups his face and wipes the tears falling, replacing them with sweet kitten kisses around his face. Taehyung feels so happy.
Taehyung’s heart is happy. Jungkook sniffles and kisses Taehyung. It was short yet sweet. “Good thing your memory erasure didn’t work on me.” With that, Taehyung pulls away. “I was still confused about that.”
Jungkook wipes the remaining tears on his face and clears his throat. “You told me to forget all the sad memories. Maybe that part worked. Because I had a lot of memories that I wished to turn into dust.” “It worked? Then why didn’t you forget about me?”
“Who said you were a part of my sad memories?” As the realization hits him, Taehyung stays silent and lets him continue.
“You quite made a teeny-weeny mistake, Tae. You said, ‘you will be free, you can finally forget me’ but then right before you said that you told me ‘all happy memories will stay as well as those you treasure the most.’” Taehyung bites his lower lip and refuses to make eye contact
“How can I forget you if you’re the only person who makes me happy? How can I forget you if you’re literally the person I treasure the most?” Jungkook says in a teasing tone. “Make it make sense, Taehyungie.”
Taehyung feels relieved. Relieved that he made that tiny mistake. Jungkook lifts his chin and flicks it. “You look so different when you’re shy.” Taehyung shrugs off the teasing and pulls him into a warm embrace. “I’m so happy. I love you so much.” “I love you too, Taehyung.”
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♡ 552 Taehyung's stomach churns when he sees Jungkook dressed in a red silk robe. The silk clothing hugged around the younger's waist, leaving half of his legs exposed. “Aren’t you going to take a bath?” Taehyung asks and Jungkook spares a quick glance at him.
“Hmm later! I’ll just finish this hyung.” And then immediately dives his attention back on his phone. Jungkook sat with his legs crossed on the plush couch bed. The light reflecting on his lovely caramel skin.
With that enticing view, Taehyung couldn’t help but stare. Jungkook fidgets with his pillows, and as he lifts his left thigh, the robe slides halfway down, exposing his legs completely. Taehyung’s eyes grew wide, he gulped.
The silk robe was a bad idea. Since the robe is made of a silky material, it will slide off with every movement he makes. Right now, Jungkook’s chest is fully on view. And Taehyung is not having it.
“Jungkook.” “Five more minutes! Promise!” “Sit properly.”Jungkook gapes as he eyes his lower body when Taehyung says those words. His hands hastily grabbed the hem of his robe and secured it between his legs. “S-Sorry.” “It’s okay.” Taehyung smiles.
“I-I’ll take a bath now.” Taehyung chuckles at how Jungkook gets easily flustered. His cheeks will automatically turn red as well as his ears. “Okay. After that, cuddle time?” Taehyung asks. Jungkook nods and presses his lips together. “And…” “And?” “N-Nothing!”
WARNING!! 🔞🔞 — nsfw (minors please DO NOT interact) — feeding , blood
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WARNING!! 🔞🔞 — nsfw (minors please DO NOT interact) — feeding , blood


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