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Aug 15, 2021
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#taekook au based on Taehyung’s hand because —

Jungkook, unreasonably strong believer of soul-bonds, comes up with his own quirky little explanations on its logications. At this point Taehyung is sure there are Zoho sheets prepared in his computer somewhere, where he jots down new bullet points for his circadian debates
(Taehyung is only arguing because Jungkook is cute when all riled up). And the topic for today seems to be /hands/. Hands. “You can’t tell me I'm making this up!” Jungkook abruptly sits up from where they’re lazying on the bed. It’s still hours before they have to get to
the bustle for the day. It’s 6 am! And while Taehyung would very much appreciate this time for passive smoochies and active cuddles, Jungkook wakes up with his dopamine on roller skates. “Baby.” Taehyung whines, tugs at the boy's hand futilely only for it to
be snatched away, then whines louder. “Come baaaack.” But Jungkook’s already crossing his arms over his chest and folding his legs to sit on the balls of his feet. The soft frown on his sleep-ridden features with a tiara of his hair that stand in all different directions
take Taehyung dangerously close to a hearty laugh, but he knows better. Not to piss his already triggered boyfriend (at 6am, by the way), Taehyung deems it safe to bite back his snickers and let the boy vent. “You never take me seriously on this!”
“Maybe it’s all this lack of /you/ in my arms that’s tickling my disagreement bone-” he cuts himself off when Jungkook’s pout protrudes further ahead. With an abyssal sigh he drags himself up and sits in front of his boyfriend.
“Okay, I’ll listen. Why do you think we are /hand/ mates?” It takes everything in him not to laugh at Jungkook holding back his own cringe. “Shut Up. Don’t ridicule it.” He tries to turn away only to have his boyfriend sit up straight right in front of the face
Bemused but fond, Taehyung takes both his hands, places a kiss for each knuckle. “Okay. Let’s start. Hands, you say?” He presses his lips together to packet in a yawn.
“Yes.” Jungkook is back to the peak of his devotion on the topic and Taehyung wonders how he wakes up so glittery like that. Like his shine isn’t the stars that twinkle lonefully restricted. Rather like the morning sun that strafes through the closed curtains & shut windows.
He lights up to announce his arrival, and it’s aphotic black when he’s. It’s just that simple, is Jungkook. To the sleepily but deeply smitten Taehyung at least. So he sits up straight, and listens. (not like he has a choice anyways.) Even if it’s 6 am.
“Hands. They hold things.” Taehyung gasps dramatically, “You don’t say!” and is hit on the chest with a feeble smack. “Nuuu listen.” Jungkook turns Taehyung’s hand in on his own to have his palm facing upwards. “They say the heart of a soulmate fits right into your palm.”
Taehyung buzzes with snickers at this “My hand is twice the size of a normal human heart. If that’s the case, we need to get your cardiomegaly checked soon.” “Did I stutter?” Jungkook, unfettered from any science, rolls his eyes.
“Your hands are supposed to /hold/ my heart. Like the actual ‘me’ heart kind.” Taehyung stifles on another yawn, nostrils flare and cheeks puff out— but he still holds the responsibility to nod. (Despite not understanding one word) It’s 6am, for crying out loud.
“I’m not saying that /I’m/ your soulmate, but look!” He turns the right hand and entwines their fingers together, lifting their locked hands between them to the eye level. “Answer me, why. Why when we intertwine our fingers like this-” he twists their locked hands at an awkward
angle. Taehyung yelps immediately. “Explain why your thumb lands exactly over the /heart tattoo/ and index finger right over /V/. Coincidence? I think not?” He rubbernecks.
Taehyung is again in a tizzy how his boyfriend is a /morning person/, /night person/ and everything in between? He is almost sure that Jungkook has some special blessings from the fairy of activeness or, well, cocaine.
“You don’t believe me, do you?” At Taehyung’s muffled snickers, jungkook dramatically feigns another pout. “But tell me why-”
He jumps up and turns around on his hands and knees and stretches to grab something from the nightstand. Taehyung, still ogling the momentary seascape of the plump tushy by his face, flinches when his ring from last day is slid on his index finger.
“You always like wear rings on your index finger-” he then slides it out and puts on his own hand. “Which is exactly the size of my ring finger, look!” he waves the hand that now dazzles the sapphire on the ring finger. “Why?”
“Why?” Taehyung repeats casually, placing a small kiss on the finger that his ring belts. “Because what if someday we are outside and you suddenly get an epiphany that you want to marry me? You can just slide out your ring and bam! No struggle. /That/ is soul bond, I tell ya!”
And it’s 6 am. With nose scrunching and eyes disquisitive wide, Jungkook rambles till the other’s chuckle cuts him off. “Why would I propose to you with my used ring? I /will/ buy a new one, so..”
“How will you buy a ring in the jungle?” “Why would we be in a jungle?” “Objection overruled.” Jungkook deadpans. Taehyung is still heavily sleepy, but sleepily in love so he lets Jungkook take both his hands and cup his own face.
“Why do you think your hands are exactly the size that can hold my face easily?” Now is when Taehyung finally truncates into bursts of giggles. He drags Jungkook’s face that still mashes between his hands, cheeks squished lift upto his eyes, his morning blush coruscating.
He kisses him square on the lips; giggly but capering in awe, then on the peaks of his cheeks, and then on the lips again. “Baby?” “Yeah?” Jungkook’s attempts to appear elegiac and serious are evident (and futile) but lets every inch of his tightly vesseled face be lipped
at lazily. “It’s six fucking am.” Taehyung whispers into his mouth, the other groans back into it. “I agree to whatever the fuck your’e trying to say, just get back to bed.” To someone else, this may be peak baloney, but not to Taehyung.
Sure, Jungkook being cute is one reason and himself being hogwashed in love is another. But also because yesterday’s topic was nose-mates and the day before it was mole-mates, so put your trust in Taehyung when he tells you that /hand-mates/ makes the most sense.
“Fine!” Jungkook loops his arms around the other and settles both of them back on the pillow. “But I’m not done with this. I will /make/ you believe in soulmates!” Taehyung still is in his quivering remnants of guffaw when Jungkook cuddles close to his chest, pouting and
grousing fakely. It may be a little far-fetched notion for Taehyung to digest but one thing he knows, if anything about soul-bonds is bona fide, for him it will never be a non-Jungkook. Even at 6 am.
That’s it. Crack-fluff.
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