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Aug 16, 2021
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#taekookau where Jungkook, ever the old-school romantic he is, whimsically pens his heart into pageful love- letters for his lover every once in a while. Rambles about his love for him; doodles his favourite features. And it’s the maudlin hum in every word that Taehyung—

decides he doesn’t want to /consume/ the smitten connotations, the dotting undertones and the corny jokes for ‘no reason at all.’ So he starts collecting them. In the sheeny blue makeup-box that he had desisted himself from using because it was too big to be carried around,
before he knows it are heaps and piles of letters from his lover to read them on a ‘bad day’. He promised himself to come back to unravel these on a day when they don’t see eye to eye.
On a ‘bad day’ when it feels that he may not be the epicentre of Jungkook’s life, like he has been, anymore. Maybe someday when they’re on the verge of falling out, forbearing themselves from hurting each other, he can come back and remind himself of how much effort-worth has
Jungkook indebted him for. He collects them to someday read them out, to Jungkook and himself, when they don’t seem to savour each other’s taste anymore.
Or not too extreme, But someday when their thoughts just aren’t in an accord. Jungkook had, at first, snarled in heavy offence when he came to know his bared heart was earmarked but repealed like that. But over days of Taehyung stubbornly making him write, but never reading
sparked a newfound interest of his own. He too started with little topics they could tumble in life on. Penning the things he wishes to remind Taehyung in those days. Then telling the things he wishes Taehyung reminds him.
This became their own little game. Their safe place. This became their certificates and affidavits, funnily so.
Today when he puts another letter in, Taehyung smiles when the clap of the chest successes the click of the box in his hand. The ring amplies so /so/ right today, /this moment/. A billion marbles reason on /why/ but the biggest is the realisation.
The realisation that two years down today, And he hasn’t read a single letter. ~~~
Thank you for sparing your time. This was birthed from a very random conversation and, well, taekook :] Hmu 🤙


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