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CJ (plz follow the back-up too)

CJ (plz follow the back-up too)

Aug 18, 2021
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~Pretty Liars~ This was the 2nd time in 4 days when Taehyung had woken up to his boyfriend hovering over him, trying to reach Taehyung’s bedside table. "What are you doing?" Taehyung asked sleepily, switching on the lamp. Jungkook turned around at lightening speed n slept off.

"I swear he suspects me of cheating, Chim." Taehyung whined to his best friend on his way to work next day. "Why else was he trying to reach my phone?!" "You're so dramatic, Tae" Jimin snapped. "Jungkook adores u n that boy can't hide things from u to save his life!"
But Taehyung couldn't get it out of his mind. His worst fears were confirmed when he saw Jungkook trying to force open his cupboard the next day, as he emerged out of the shower. "Baby?! What do you want?! I locked my wardrobe because those repairmen were here earlier."
"Aah, n-nothing... I couldn't f-find my black leather jacket..." Jungkook stammered. Taehyung bit his lip nervously- "Its right there Kookie." He said, pointing to the chair next to their bed, his voice laced with concern. Jungkook didn't meet his eye n left in a hurry.
"This is the beginning of the end of our relationship, Hyung." Taehyung wailed to Namjoon as they drank soju on the pavement, late at night. "Jungkook thinks I'm cheating on him, he doesn't trust me anymore!" "Since when did you two start having secrets Tae... just talk to him."
But Taehyung could hardly catch hold of Jungkook. Whenever they were home, he looked as if he was on the edge, scurrying around, avoiding Taehyung’s eye, any conversation or any confrontation. Taehyung decided to catch hold of him on the weekend.
That Saturday when Taehyung woke up and did not find Jungkook next to him or anywhere in the house, he decided to take action. Enough was enough! "TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE JEON JUNGKOOK, I AM COMING RIGHT OVER. WE NEED TO TALK!" He bellowed on the phone.
An hour later he was next to Jungkook in a crowded mall. "Why did u have to come here?" Taehyung prodded as he tried to grab Jungkook’s hand as they walked side by side. But Jungkook gave a non-committal shrug avoiding his grip. When Tae persisted he loosely grabbed his finger.
They'd hardly walked 10 steps when the place was swamped with people heading towards the movie screen. Taehyung stepped aside to give way to people n found that he'd lost Jungkook in the crowd. And when the crowd thinned, he realised that his boyfriend had abandoned him again.
Something in his chest felt heavy. The message was clear- almost symbolic- Jungkook had left him alone in the crowd n Taehyung needed to come to terms with the fact that the most important relationship in his life had come to an unceremonious end. He left the mall to be alone.
// Jungkook didn't wait to see his boyfriend leave. He was already hurrying through the crowd, avoiding bumping into them. 5 minutes later, he entered a jewelry shop, panting, and help up his hand- his finger n thumb forming a small O. "This is his ring size! I finally got it"
// It was past midnight when Taehyung unlocked the door to their apartment. The place was plunged in darkness. He hadn't expected to find Jungkook, but he was disappointed nonetheless. He picked up his pillow and decided to sleep on the couch in the living room.
He'd barely settled on the couch when he realised that the door leading up to the patio was open and that's why the room was so chilly. He got up to shut it and froze at the sight.
There was a small table on the patio, laid like a restaurant- a champagne bucket next to it- the ice in which had melted. The candles on the table had burnt down flat. He looked around and found Jungkook, sitting on the floor resting against the wall, fast asleep. "Oh fxk!"
// Jungkook woke up to sun in his face n left side of his body feeling numb. It took him a few secs to realise that he was on the patio floor, under a thick blanket n Taehyung was curled up against him. He looked around n panicked-he slept waiting for Taehyung to propose to him!
"Oh fck fck fck!" He cried out loud. "Ugh! Shut up Jungkook." Taehyung groaned, burying his face in Jungkook’s neck. "Argh! I can't believe I blew this up!" Jungkook screamed. "Shhh! Quiet please." Taehyung rebuked, a little louder.
"No u don't get it Tae! I was planning for this for so... I hate myself!" He bawled out loud, as he sat up, disturbing Taehyung’s comfortable sleeping position. "You know what, Jungkook" Taehyung said getting up. "Had u not been my fiancé, I'd have been really made about this"
Jungkook saw him walking away. "Tae, please you don't..... HAD I NOT BEEN UR WHAT?!" He screamed, suddenly registering what Taehyung said. He heard Taehyung’s giggle from inside the house and ran inside as fast as he could.
Or Taekook AU, where Taehyung walked in on his sleeping boyfriend's surprise. And so he drank the champagne, ate the food, pulled out the ring from the boy's pocket, wore it, said Yes and waited for Jungkook to wake up, so that they could kiss and seal the deal!
A/N Lets call it my Non-Conventional proposal kink and look away.
CJ (plz follow the back-up too)
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