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Aug 22, 2021
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yoonmin nsfw au - after a stressful day of work, yoongi has a lot of pent-up frustration. of course, jimin doesn’t ever make things easy for yoongi, so the elder takes matters into his own hands.

tags: - nsfw 🔞 - more pwp - ceo yoongi - dom yoongi/brat jimin - rough sex - light bondage - some degrading language - spanking
Jimin isn’t exactly surprised that dinner doesn’t soothe Yoongi. Food was a good bandage, but it wasn’t a complete fix all. Especially as Yoongi details all of the things they’ll have to go over
at the company where he’s the CEO over dinner. He thought this executive was a good fit, but clearly his intuition had been wrong. They have to go over the entire budget, account for every single last won that’s gone
in and out of their company in the past six months. That in itself is a pain, without the added stress of finding a new executive director as quickly as possible.
Jimin cleans up after dinner while Yoongi takes a bath. Yoongi puts in one of his luxurious bath bombs and uses some of the oils that he’d gifted Jimin only to steal just a few days later. The dishes are finally washed and dried when Jimin hears the bathroom door open. A moment
later, he hears Yoongi’s wet feet on the floor as he crosses the hallway to the bedroom, but he doesn’t close the door behind him. The younger’s in the middle of putting their bowls from the stew away when he hears his husband yell, “Jimin, get in here.”
His voice is harsh, sharp, and the tone makes Jimin snap to attention immediately. If his husband was using that voice, then it could only mean one thing. He decides to push his luck, instead continuing to put the dishes away, reaching up to put away the pot he’d used to make the
stew when Yoongi steps into the hallway. “Jimin,” Yoongi says harshly, “I said come here.” Jimin looks over his shoulder, purposefully stretching up as high as he can to make his shirt ride up a little bit, knows how the little sliver of pale skin drives his husband mad.
“Did you?” Jimin asks as he pushes the pot firmly onto the high shelf, hearing Yoongi walking down the hallway towards him. He’s only wearing a pair of loose, grey sweatpants, droplets of water still hanging onto the tips of his hair. “I don’t recall-“
Yoongi pushes Jimin up against the counter forcefully, grabbing onto the younger’s hips and grinding into him hard. He shoves the younger’s chest down onto the counter with a wide hand splayed between Jimin’s shoulder blades, holding him in place. Yoongi’s so hard already
that Jimin can’t help but wonder what he did in the bath. “I said. Come. Here.” Yoongi repeats, rolling his hips so his dick purposely digs into Jimin’s ass. “Are you going to be a brat?”
Jimin gasps at how hard Yoongi’s grip is on his hips, the way he’s being pushed against the countertop by his husband, “Are you going to make me behave?” Jimin spits back, grinding his ass against Yoongi’s crotch just to hear him hiss in response.
“Fuck,” Yoongi curses, removing his hand from Jimin’s hip to slap one ass cheek hard, “If I have to, then I will.” Jimin cries out at the slap, even though it’s through his jeans and his underwear and not nearly as pleasurable as if he were bare.
“Get on your knees and open your mouth like a good boy, yeah? Or else.”
Jimin swallows hard. He loves sucking cock and getting manhandled, but he loves being bratty even more. “Make me,” Jimin spits out as he grinds his hips back again. He expects the slap on his ass for being bratty, but he doesn’t quite expect Yoongi to move so damn quickly.
In half a second, he’s being thrown over Yoongi’s shoulders, one of his husband’s arms around his waist and the other cradling his neck. “Yoongi!” Jimin cries out in surprise, the elder already making his way to their bedroom.
He feels so helpless like this, lightning zipping down his spine as the elder carries him, like he’s nothing more than a piece of meat, a prize that Yoongi’s won. He’s quickly thrown down onto the edge of the bed,
barely bouncing on the plush mattress before Yoongi’s grabbing at his shirt and pulling it off. Once he’s bare, the elder grabs at Jimin’s wrists, pulling them up high above Jimin’s head and quickly wrapping Yoongi’s tie from work today around them before
tying them together. Jimin hasn’t seen Yoongi move this fast in quite a while, his head still spinning from being picked up and tossed around so carelessly.
When Jimin is firmly tied up, Yoongi pulls him back up onto his feet only to shove him down onto his knees roughly. The elder slides a hand into Jimin’s short black hair as the other one pushes his sweatpants down, cock red and fully hard in front of Jimin’s face.
“Open your pretty lips like a good boy,” Yoongi instructs. Jimin doesn’t even think about it before he’s parting his lips, letting his jaw hang slack as his husband pushes his cock into his mouth. He can’t help the moan that slips out as the elder fills his mouth, the dick heavy
on his tongue as Yoongi pushes himself in as far as he can go. The head presses against the back of Jimin’s throat before Yoongi’s pulling back just a bit before he pushes back in. He starts off shallowly fucking Jimin’s mouth, making the younger’s head dizzy as he focuses
on pressing the flat of his tongue against the underside or tracing the veins with the tip. “That’s it,” Yoongi praises as he slowly fucks Jimin’s mouth. His eyes are dark as they watch his dick disappear into the younger’s wet mouth.
Jimin purposely lets the saliva pool in his mouth, so that when Yoongi pulls back, some of it spills from Jimin’s lips. It's so messy and filthy that Yoongi can’t help but curse as he thrusts back in with a snap that Jimin doesn’t expect.
He gags slightly at the suddenness, but that only encourages Yoongi. Soon his husband is fucking his mouth in earnest, Jimin making filthy sounds as he purposely gags around the head of Yoongi’s cock. He wants more,
rising up a bit onto his knees and pushing himself further, letting the head of Yoongi’s dick stretch into his throat.
Another curse falls from Yoongi’s lips as he digs his other hand into Jimin’s hair, fingers scratching roughly at the scalp. “Such a pretty mouth,” Yoongi says as he fills Jimin’s mouth completely,
pushing himself in until Jimin’s nose is buried in the thick patch of hair, “deserves to fucked doesn’t it?”
Jimin can’t say anything when his mouth is so full of cock, opting instead to moan around the hardness in his mouth. Yoongi moans as the vibrations from Jimin’s throat travel up his dick, pulling Jimin off for a brief second before he’s thrusting right back in. “Take my dick
like a good slut,” Yoongi instructs as Jimin looks up with wide eyes, tears collecting at the corners. Yoongi begins thrusting hard into Jimin’s mouth, dick sliding into Jimin’s throat and cutting off his air with every thrust. The tears begin pouring down Jimin’s cheeks
with the roughness. “You look gorgeous like this,” Yoongi coos, though his movements are the opposite of how soft his voice sounds.
The elder continues fucking Jimin’s mouth until his movements become more erratic, hands gripping hard at Jimin’s head as he pulls the younger down onto his cock. Jimin’s head is fuzzy with how good it feels to get so used like this,
his dick so hard in his pants but unable to touch himself with his wrists tied together. “Gonna come,” Yoongi pants out as he snaps his hips hard. Jimin moans, cut off with every time Yoongi fills his mouth completely. The gagging sound is loud in the otherwise silent room,
interrupted only by the sound of the blonde’s groans as he abuses Jimin’s throat, “Swallow it all, whore.”
Yoongi pushes Jimin’s head onto his cock completely, shooting down Jimin’s throat as he lets out a loud, guttural moan. Jimin purposely doesn’t swallow it all, though his reflexes tell him to. When Yoongi finally pulls his dick out of Jimin’s mouth, they’re both dizzy. Jimin
lets his tongue hang out, droplets of come mixed in with his saliva, spilling out of the corners of his mouth. He looks up at Yoongi, seeing how the elder’s jaw tightens when he catches sight of the come dripping out of his husband’s mouth.
Yoongi isn’t gentle when he hauls Jimin up and onto the bed, barely giving the younger time to catch his breath. “I said swallow it you slut,” Yoongi growls as he turns Jimin onto his stomach, unbuttoning the younger’s jeans
and tugging them down and off of his hips harshly, along with his underwear. “You’re such a fucking brat,” he spits out as he slaps his hand down squarely on Jimin’s ass. Jimin can’t help the moan that falls out at the spank, so much better now
that there’s no resistance between his husband’s hand and his skin. “Do I always have to make you behave?”
“Yes,” Jimin says, his voice absolutely gone with the way that Yoongi has so thoroughly used his throat. The next slap is harder, enough that Jimin cries out at the shock from it. “Fuck! Yoongi!”
Yoongi slaps his hand hard again, “What did you call me, slut?” Jimin gasps at the slap, his ass already feeling warm from just the few swats he’s gotten.
“Yoongi!” Jimin repeats, moaning at the way Yoongi gives him three quick, successive slaps, each one of them hard and deliberate. “Sir!” Jimin moans finally, head absolutely swimming with how aroused he is now. “Please sir, touch me.”
Yoongi scoffs as he keeps slapping at Jimin’s cheeks, seeing how bright red he can turn them. He isn’t keeping count and neither is Jimin at this point. “You think you deserve to be touched?” the elder taunts, continuing to spank hard and fast,
“you’re lucky I don’t pull out the cock ring. Make you really beg for it.” Jimin whimpers at the threat, knows that if he pushes his husband’s buttons too hard that Yoongi will do it.
“I’m sorry sir,” Jimin says weakly, moaning wantonly to try and spur Yoongi into touching him. Of course, Yoongi knows him better than that, slapping his ass again and making Jimin jump in his skin. At this rate,
it’s going to hurt to sit tomorrow. “Use me as you please, sir,” Jimin begs, “I’m nothing more than a hole for you.”
Yoongi growls as he flips Jimin over onto his back, wrists tied uselessly in front of him. “Good whore,” Yoongi says as he runs a hand up Jimin’s torso, tweaking a nipple on the way up just to hear the younger moan. When Yoongi reaches his throat, Jimin swallows hard,
imagines that large hand pressing down on his windpipe and cutting his breathing off. He cants his hips a little bit at the thought, a soft whimper escaping as the elder’s fingers brush his collarbone. “So fucking pretty.”
Yoongi pulls away entirely, Jimin letting out a soft noise of protest before he sees his husband digging out the lube from the dresser drawer, tossing it on the bed carelessly. Yoongi comes back to the younger, who’s not moved a muscle. “Decided to finally be good, baby?”
Jimin smiles a bit at the endearment, nodding enthusiastically in hopes that his husband will finally touch him. “Let me make you feel good then.”
The elder pops open the cap on the lube, pouring a bit onto his fingers and pushes Jimin’s legs up, until his knees are touching his chest. Yoongi presses his fingers against Jimin’s hole,
making him gasp at the coldness of the lube, only for the gasp to turn into a moan when Yoongi presses one finger inside. Yoongi isn’t in the mood for something sweet though, immediately pumping his finger in and out of Jimin quickly,
trying to open the younger as quick as possible. It’s only a few moments more before Yoongi’s pressing his second finger in, stretching Jimin fast and hard.
Jimin can’t help the moans that spill out of his mouth at how rough Yoongi’s being, opening him up just so Yoongi can use his body however the elder sees fit. “I’m ready,” Jimin pants out, toes curling at the way Yoongi’s fingers press against his prostate. The tortuous movement
continues though, as Jimin throws his head back and lets out a long moan. He’s going to come if Yoongi doesn’t hurry up and fuck him properly, “Sir, please, I’m ready for you.”
Yoongi looks conflicted, like he doesn’t believe that the younger is really open enough. Of course, his husband had always been extra cautious when opening him up, sometimes to frustrating degree. Luckily, the way he wiggles his ass is enough that the elder can’t help but pull
his fingers out and lube up his dick. “Yeobo,” Jimin whines quietly, catching the soft look in Yoongi’s eyes at the name, “please, my dick hurts so bad.”
Even though he’s been bad this entire time, his begging seems to have worked as Yoongi wraps a hand around him, stroking Jimin’s cock just to alleviate some of the pressure. The younger nearly cries in relief at the sensation, head falling back onto the mattress
at the movement. But just as quickly as Yoongi’s given him reprieve, he takes his hand away. Jimin lets out a frustrated moan as Yoongi pushes his legs up higher, effectively bending the younger in half.
The slide of Yoongi’s cock between his cheeks, teasing over his hole and brushing against his balls makes his head spin. “Use me sir,” Jimin begs, stretching his arms above his head and trying to look
as submissive as possible. Yoongi groans as he pushes inside of Jimin, making the younger cry out at how good it feels, “Thank you sir!”
Yoongi’s pace is rough and brutal, hard and fast. Jimin can barely catch his breath from how much he’s moaning at the sensations. His husband fucks him with abandon, balls slapping heavily against Jimin’s sensitive skin, his ass still red and tender from the spanks earlier.
He can’t even remember what he’d done to deserve getting spanked so thoroughly anymore, not with the way that Yoongi’s fucking him.
He can feel all of his husband’s tension bleeding into every thrust, how he fucks his rage into Jimin. Jimin loves it, hands fisting in the bedsheets as he lays there and takes every single movement, unable to move or squirm in this position. Yoongi’s gasping hard as he
pounds into Jimin’s willing body, his cock dragging along the younger’s inner walls roughly. “Holy fuck,” Yoongi curses as he continues fucking Jimin senseless, “So fucking tight.”
As if to prove a point, Jimin clenches tight around Yoongi, moaning at how good it feels when Yoongi fucks into him as he tightens. “Shit, Jimin!” The elder’s movements are sharp, angled perfectly to make Jimin moan loudly with every thrust, now aiming specifically for the bundle
of nerves that makes his vision white out. Jimin feels like he’s on the edge, close to coming, just a little bit more to make him tumble over. Yoongi slides one hand up Jimin’s torso again, skating over his prominent collarbone, only to rest over Jimin’s neck. “Please,” Jimin
whispers, punctuated by a moan as Yoongi fucks harder at the plea. Yoongi slowly presses his hand down, cutting off Jimin’s airway. A few more thrusts from Yoongi as his head slowly begins to fuzz over and Jimin’s coming hard. He’d moan, but he can’t get anything out now.
His body spasms as his orgasm crashes over him, so forceful that a few spurts of come land on his chest. He’s vaguely aware when Yoongi comes as well, the corners of his vision blurring as he shudders through the rest of his orgasm.
When Yoongi pulls his hand off of Jimin’s throat, Jimin sucks in air desperately, head finally returning to conscious space. “Oh holy fuck,” Jimin mutters, lips and mouth dry, eyes unfocused. He feels Yoongi untying the tie from his wrists, letting them fall limply
once they’re freed from the restraint, “Jesus Yoongi.” “Good?” Yoongi asks simply, Jimin nodding without really processing what his husband’s said. “I wasn’t too rough, was I?” Yoongi grabs a pack of wet wipes from the table stand and begins cleaning up the younger. He takes his
time as he cleans Jimin of his own come, brushing over the younger’s nipples with the cloth just to hear Jimin's sharp gasp. “You were perfect,” Jimin says as Yoongi comes back to the bed after tossing the wipes in the trash. He pulls Yoongi into his arms, running his hands
through his husband’s hair. “Feel better?” Jimin asks as Yoongi settles his head on the younger’s chest. “Much better,” Yoongi says softly, intertwining their fingers together and kissing Jimin’s knuckles as they slowly drift to sleep.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ finished! thank you for reading!!
elle 🐈‍⬛ - 🌊💙

elle 🐈‍⬛ - 🌊💙

RPS, trying to be a writer, mostly yoonmin but not picky, mostly porn fics, minors dni with nsfw tweets 🔞 bts blocked, yoonmin switch she/her. yoongi's age
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