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Aug 23, 2021
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Yoonmin au where jimin is basically a needy baby who needs attention but to shy to show his recent first boyfriend that he is needy but yoongi just knows how much needy jimin is and gives him all attention jim wants.

//tags// <Unhealthy past relationship <Flustered jimin <Straight forward yoongi <Dates <Fluff <Cuddling <Happy ending <————————————>
It wasn't that jimin didn't had relationship before,he had one and it wasn't good so jimin considers yoongi as his first boyfriend. He is scared that their relationship will not last long because of him, well, he is a needy baby, who always wants attention but jimin is too +
scared to show his clingy side to yoongi. They have just recently started to date,its been like 6months and jimin was honestly in love with yoongi in just 6 months and he is scared. They have met each other through their friends group and known each other for 2years.
On the top of that jimin knew yoongi doesn't like skin ship very much. Not that yoongi said it but jimin has seen the way yoongi always walks away whenever taehyung or Hoseok their friends came to hug him. So he always kept his distance. —“huh??” jimin blinks when he feels a hand
+on his head, he hears a chuckle. “what are you thinking sunshine???” it's yoongi. Jimin looks at yoongi who is looking ahead,his side profile handsome as always. Sunshine. The nickname yoongi has given jimin when they started dating, he said his smile and his hair looks like+
A sunshine always bright and beautiful. But jimin thinks he doesn't deserve that name. sunshine. He isn't bright, beautiful like yoongi thinks. He has a dark past that only his bestfriend taehyung knows. Jimin doesn't know if he will be ever ready to tell about his past to yoongi
Jimin winces when something hard hits his face “ow!”and he realises it's yoongi’s broad chest.“what are you thinking huh?” yoongi asks. “n-nothing” he stutters, catching his breath because yoongi is too close to his him. “are you sure?”he asks again. Big hands cupping his face
“y-yes”jimin stutters,cheeks heating up at the closeness. He feels a peck at his forehead and looks at yoongi. “okay then,let's go”. And they make their way to their date. “ice-cream?”yoongi asks jimin. “yes!”jimin answers to happily, and he is about to apologise for+
Answering too loud but he is interrupted by yoongi’s chuckles who is looking at him with a fond looks in his eyes. “cute”yoongi mumbles under his breath. And jimin’s cheeks heat up again at it, he shyly takes yoongi’s hand in his. Unsure he looks up only to find yoongi+
Looking at him with a questioning gaze. He is about to leave yoongi’s hand,but stops when yoongi closes their hands together, tightly. Jimin’s tiny hand secure in yoongi’s big hand. Jimin bites his lips to stop smiling so big, he feels so giddy, yup. He is definitely in love.
Jimin freezes when he feels yoongi’s arm in his waist. Gulping he slowly looks up and finds yoongi directly staring at him. They make an eye contact before jimin quickly turns his head, heart beating faster,cheeks turning red. Jimin tries to focus on the movie playing infront of+
Them but it's hard when yoongi has his arm around his waist. His back leaning on yoongi’s chest. Jimin moves forward so he can't lean much on yoongi’s chest. Only he himself knows how much he is resisting to just climb on yoongi’s lap and cuddle the hell out of him right their.
Yoongi frowns when he sees jimin getting away from him. Yoongi is confused, he knows how much jimin likes skin ship,he has seen how jimin hugs their friends,laughs, happy. But why he isn't liking when yoongi does it? Only if he knew.
“does he not like my skin or something?” yoongi mumbles under his breath. Jimin turns his head,“did you say something?”. “huh?no” yoongi answers, turning to see the movie,with a pout sitting in his lips. “are you sure tho?” jimin asks again, looking at yoongi who just nods.
Jimin suddenly feels cold, fiddling with the strings of his yellow sweater he moves a little close to yoongi. Eyeing yoongi carefully, making sure he isn't to much close to him so yoongi doesn't feel uncomfortable. Shoulders touching,he moves a little more closer to yoongi.
A smile blooming on his lips when he feels warmth coming from yoongi’s body. A few minutes passes before yoongi sighs, turning his head to look at jimin who looks so attractive in his yellow sweater which is too big on his small frame,blonde hair sticking in his forehead.
And fuck. Those sweater paws. Those sweater paws will be the death of him. Yoongi swears. Jimin looks so warm and cuddly that yoongi can't resist anymore and he hugs jimin. A gasps is heard when yoongi hugs jimin. Eyes wide jimin looks at those feline eyes,“w-what?”he stutters.
“what?” now it's yoongi’s turn to ask. And oh god jimin looks so cute. Just like a cute puppy, eyes wide, cheeks red, mouth agape. “h-huh? nothing?”yoongi chuckles,“that was a question?”. “huh?” jimin is so nervous that he can't say a word, their noses are touching,+
They are breathing the same air, A-are they gonna kiss now?omg it's my first kiss fuck oh my god how will jimin kiss y— And all thoughts get disappeared when he feels yoongi’s face on the crook of his neck. Okay. So their aren't going to kiss but YOONGI IS CUDDLING?!
“sunshine,Hyung is so tired and sleepy,let me sleep like this please” he hears yoongi mumbles. “b-but hyung?” jimin asks, their position is not too comfortable. “goodnight sunshine”yoongi whispers, pecking jimin’s neck and he dozes off. Jimin freezes,“did he just kissed me?”
He whispers,“did he just kissed me on my neck? ohmygodd”. Jimin takes a deep breath to calm himself, before he carefully wraps his arms around yoongi,and whispers back“good night hyung”. Infact it was a good night.
“stop glaring at him Hyung” Hoseok states. yoongi scoffs, eyeing the way jimin is clinging into Jungkook the youngest of their group. “who is glaring?I am not,why would I even glare?”yoongi said, stabbing the meat in his lunch tray. Their whole group—namjoon,jin, Hoseok+
Yoongi, taehyung,jimin and Jungkook are having lunch together on their cafeteria. Hoseok laughs catching the others attention. “please you are jealous hyung”hoseok said, laughing at the way yoongi narrows his eyes.
“and jealous what,you horse”yoongi talks back, taking a bite from his food. “jealous of the way jimin is hugging jungkook you rude cat” Hoseok said. Yoongi is silent, looking how happily jimin is hugging jungkook,his big smile blooming.
Sometimes yoongi wonders whether he will be ever be the one to make jimin laugh and happy like that. yoongi doesn't realise he is spacing out until he feels a hand on his hand under the table. Yoongi turns to look at it's jimin, staring at him with a worried expression.
Jungkook is talking with namjoon and jin meanwhile Hoseok and taehyung are discussing about how the pink blush is better than the red one. “are you okay?”jimin asks, giving a squeeze to yoongi’s hand. “yes I'm okay but can we cuddle when we arrive home??”+
Yoongi asked without thinking anything. “huh???”jimin freezes for a moment,ears not believing what they just heard. Did yoongi just asked for cuddles???? CUDDLES??so that means jimin can cling into yoongi from now??? “can we cuddle at home?”yoongi asks again,slowly.
Jimin is silent for a moment before he answers,“o-oh yeah! Of course, I would love to Hyung!” jimin said with a big smile on his face,eyes turning Cresent moons, blushing cheeks pink in colours. “okay let's do it”yoongi said,gummy smile back on his face as he clasps their hands.
Jimin pants. He ran all the way from uni to their apartment. It's yoongi’s appartment but they stay together. He directly goes his room, leaving his backpack on the ground and he quickly goes to shower. “god I'm so sweaty”jimin mumbles, rubbing the soap on his body.
“i need to get ready before yoongi comes home”he goes to the tub, sighing in relief from the lukewarm water. “i hope everything will go smoothly” jimin said,with a excited smile,with a thought of Yoongi and him cuddling together.
He gets out of the bathroom with a rob and a towel in his head. Water dripping from his wet hair. Jimin chooses his favourite big hoodie, well not his,it's yoongi’s but he has been wearing it from months and now it's his. He slips the hoodie, taking some yellow shorts.
“okayyy done!”he says, drying his hair. Applying just a little bit of makeup and lip balm. He goes to living room, keeping the cusions into their place,he switches on the TV and patiently waits for yoongi to arrive with a heart pounding and a nervous smile on his face.
Yoongi arrives at home feeling tired and sleepy. eyes closing and opening,he sleeply punches the password and the door opens, greeting him with aroma of fresh coffee. “im home~”he says leaving his back pack on the coffee table and directly slouching down on the couch.
Eyes closed, yoongi hears the socked feet steps coming towards him. “waw,I think you are really tired hyung”jimin says and giggles when he sees yoongi nodding with a pout sitting on his lips. “yess,I'm so tired and sleepy, today it was so busy and I didn't even get to make a +
+a coffee for myself even”yoongi said rubbing his eyes with his hand. He works as a barista, usually he comes back from work at 7pm but today it was so busy and he arrived at home at 8:30pm. Tho he doesn't need to work because he comes from a pretty wealthy family but he likes +
+ to work and it's a good job with a good payment so yoongi doesn't mind. “did you already ate dinner??” yoongi asks, looking at jimin. He has sent a text to jimin to eat without him today because he knew he will come late. “yess Hyung, should I serve you?” jimin asks.
“huh?no I already ate too.” “okay”. “im so sleepy,I'm going to sleep now Jimine,come on” yoongi mumbled sleepy, going into his room with a thought that jimin is following him.
As soon as yoongi leaves the living room,jimin deflates. Oh,how much he was excited to cuddle with yoongi today but here he is now, sitting in the couch with knees close to his chest. “why did I even expected him to remember about it,it's not like it's a thing to even remember”
Jimin whispers to himself, eyes getting teary he sighs. And suddenly all the memories of him and his ex-boyfriend sung-hoon comes back. And tears starts to fall. “w-why I am like this??” “i should forget about it...” he whispered to himself,voice getting hoarse.
“why I always get my hopes up..?? W-why do I always need someone to assure m-me??” jimin tries to keep his voice low, but it's hard. He sighs,he doesn't want to disturb yoongi anymore,he is already tired,jimin switches of the tv and prepares to go into his room.
yoongi...… Listen to this while you read :)!!
Jimin feels a hand on his shoulder before he can stand he turns around and a gasp is heard. In a moment jimin sees yoongi, cupping his face, a worried and shocked expression on his face. “jimin-ah??? What happened??? Why are you crying??” yoongi asks,thumbs caressing his cheeks
Shit. He not only disturbed yoongi but woke him up too. Jimin feels a guilty eating him up. “huh?”jimin’s eyes frantic, looking everywhere other than yoongi’s face. “baby what happened??? Why were you crying???please tell me baby,I'm worried. Did I do something wrong?”.
Yoongi babbles, worried. No. Jimin can't just tell yoongi that he was crying because of a stupid reason. Because yoongi forgot about their cuddle. Not knowing what to say jimin stutters out,“t-tv” when his eyes fall on on tv in front of him.
“TV??”yoongi asks,confused. Jimin nods,“was watching a-a sad movie”jimin says with a smile to yoongi but jimin knows he is not a good liear. yoongi stares at him for a while before he sighs,he knows jimin is lieing. “look I am not going to force you to say the truth but+
+why didn't you come to my room??”he finally asks,and the reason why he is here. Yoongi was waiting for jimin to come to his room and they will cuddle but there's no sight of jimin and so yoongi came to see in the living room. “y-your room??”jimin asks,unsure.
His cheeks still blushing because you called him baby and yoongi’s face is too close. “yeah,I was waiting for you to come so we could cuddle but you never came and so I'm here” yoongi said. Wait. Wait a damn minute. "So the whole time I thought yoongi didn't wanted to cuddle?"
Jimin thinks. Jimin wants to cry. “m' such a stupid” he mutters under his breath. Cheeks red at embrassment. “huh?” “i,-i thought you didn't wanted to cuddle”jimin confesses. yoongi’s eyebrows furrows,“did I say that?”he asks. “no,but I thought because you r tired and+
+I didn't wanted to disturb you” jimin mumbles, a pout on his lips,head hung low. They are in silence for a minute before jimin is up,yoongi carrying him bridal style. “what??!!yoongi keep me down I'm heavy!”jimin yells, suprised clutching into yoongi tight.
Then he feels the mattress on his back and yoongi tickles him. Jimin laughs,“oh! S-stop! Y-yoongi hahaha”. After requesting so much yoongi finally stops. His face closer to jimin's. Both of them smiling wide, eyes looking at each other. So close.
“dont you think you think too much sunshine?”yoongi says,his voice low. They are breathing the same air now. So close. “y-yeah,” jimin agrees. Jimin wants to kiss yoongi so much. And for once jimin doesn't think. Jimin pulls yoongi close and captures his lips.
They fit so good and like they are made for each other. They don't stop,they do what they want. Jimin is the one who pulls out first, gasping before yoongi kisses him again,with a little more force. His arms finding jimin’s waist. Jimin safe and secure in his arms.
That night they kiss,they cuddle to bliss. jimin in yoongi’s embrace,so warm, safe and secure. That night jimin doesn't have any nightmare and that night yoongi doesn't any insomnia. They sleep a loving good night with no worries.
yoongi did noticed the change in jimin, the way jimin clinges into him more,the way jimin gets excited over small things, babbling about small cute things and honestly yoongi is loving it. He is glad jimin is getting more open with his feelings, things started to change from+
That night,when yoongi found jimin crying in the living room. Yoongi knew jimin was lieing to him,jimin still haven't told anything about why he was crying that night but yoongi knows for sure that jimin was definitely not crying from watching a sad movie besides the tv was off.
“hyungieee,good morning” jimin Greets yoongi, hugging him from behind, yoongi woke up earlier than jimin. “morning jimin-ah, breakfast is ready”yoongi says, flipping the pancake. Mostly jimin is the one who makes breakfast but today they both have day off from work and uni.
So yoongi decided to make breakfast today. Pancakes and coffee. “mmmm,thank youuu” jimin mumbles. Feeling sleepy again from yoongi’s lavender scent and warm. “did you slept well hyung??”jimin asks, pressing a kiss on yoongi’s shoulder. Jimin always asks that from that night.
And yoongi’s answers are always yes. True. Yoongi never slept this best because of his insomnia but with Jimin he sleeps so good. “sunshine,I always sleep the best whenever we are sleeping together”yoongi said in a gentle voice, turning to see jimin looking at him with doe eyes+
Blushing cheeks with his pillow lips agape. “so cute” yoongi whispers pulling jimin close by waist,tucking a strand of his hair. And jimin pulls yoongi for a kiss. They kiss together with no worries.
Wait— No. They do have a worry. Jimin gasps when pull apart, breathing quick. yoongi pulls for another kiss but jimin stops, frowning. “hyung,do you smell something burning??”he asks, sniffing. “huh? burning??”. “hyung pancakes!”jimin exclaims looking behind yoongi. “shit!”.
A/N AHHHHHH!! Fluff so much fluff! Sorry for not updating guyss!! :(( I was busy. But today I finally got time and here we are!!! Thank you so much for liking this au🥺 also this au is coming to end :] but not soon so no worries:)!
A/N : guysss can you quote how would you like the au to be continued??like what's should happen nextt?? Quote please! I will choose some and continue!!
yoongi sighs,tired. They both are slouched on the couch feeling tired from work. “i think we should take a break” yoongi says, eyes closed. Jimin sits up, eyes wide looking at yoongi,“w-what??” yoongi groans before siting and looking at jimin,“break. I think we should+
Take a break” yoongi completes. Jimin sighs, suddenly feeling nervous, fiddling with his hand,“well it depends on what break are you talking about?” jimin is proud that he didn't stuttered. yoongi looks at jimin, confused before he pulls jimin in his arms,face nested on his neck
“what are you thinking? I'm talking about a vacation, maybe daegu? Or Busan?” Jimin sighs in relief when he hears yoongi, happy he nods excitedly,“yess!! Let's go to Busan!” he says. yoongi chuckles at him, pressing a kiss on mole on jimin’s neck.
“yes,let's go I will book tickets tomorrow but before it tell me what were you thinking about hm? You were suddenly nervous” yoongi asks. “what are you talking about haha?no I was not” jimin lies again. He doesn't want yoongi to know he still is thinking like this.
They have talked many times over this matter yoongi assuring jimin that he is not annoying ever to him.that he is the perfect boyfriend yoongi ever had But Who can stop his thoughts?? He knows it will take time to not always doubt himself because he has this habit from childhood.
“jimin-ah.”yoongi said his name in that voice jimin knows very well. “hyung”jimin says before sighing,head hung low in shame. “i-i thought y-you were talking about breaking up with m-me”jimin’s voice cracks. "Oh baby”yoongi gathers jimin in his arms, caressing his back in a
Comforting manner. “why would you think that? I'm never ever going to break up with okay?? I will only when you want me too okay??” yoongi says pecking jimin’s forehead. “i would not ever want that”jimin whispers.
“good. Now now don't think like that! We are having a great vacation ahead! Let's enjoy ourselves hmm?” yoongi says in a cheerful voice making jimin laugh. “hahaha yes Hyung!!” jimin answers,his famous eye smile back that makes yoongi fall for him every second.
They were currently sitting in the train seat, the train is from Seoul to Busan. Yes they decided to go Busan. —yeah so I had one ex”yoongi says, turning to answer only to find jimin asleep in his shoulder. His mouth agape,eyes closed while his shiny hair falls in forehead.
Jimin had asked yoongi about his past relationship and he didn't realise he has taken long time answer and jimin has fallen asleep. Giving a kiss to jimin’s forehead yoongi brings jimin a little close to himself and whispers “sleep well” and they continue their journey
(time skip 3hrs later) Yoongi hears they are getting closer to their destination and the train is getting more crowded now so he wakes jimin up. “jimin-ah?? Baby??” yoongi taps jimin’s cheeks who whines at sudden disturbance. “sorry baby I need to wake you up,our destination+
+is close and the train is getting crowd” yoongi says giving jimin a sad smile when he opens his eyes. “no Hyung it's okay, I needed to wake up anyway. I'm excited to finally arrive busan”jimin speaks while he rubs his sleeply eyes. Yoongi smiles and says,“yes me too baby”.
They don't realise that someone is looking at them with shocked eyes.
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