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fuwagumi ☁️

Aug 26, 2021
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#gofushi AU -Bratty but soft Megumi who is absolutely adored by his sugar daddy Satoru. (A bit like a master and their dog. Plus I really enjoy imagining Megumi dealing with a clingy Gojo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Satoru wraps his arms around a slim waist. Enjoys the weight of his cute lover on his lap. Buries his face into the delicate neck in front of him. Presses a kiss now and then. “You’re heavy.” Pouts into soft skin at Megumi’s words. “I need to recharge baby.” Feels his pretty-
sweetheart squirm in his hold to turn around. “But you’re heavy.” He can only sigh and lift his head up. Megumi turns so he’s sitting astride. Gorgeous green eyes blink at him, plump lips in a cute pout. Satoru is only a man (a weak one for this boy) so he can’t resist-
leaning in for a kiss. Only to be stopped after the briefest press of lips. It’s so much worse only getting a meagre taste of divine lips. “Baby let me kiss you.” His adorable blessing frowns at him. “Where are your manners?” He perks up at that. Remembers the present he got-
for Megumi. One hand fumbles in his jacket pocket and he pulls out a black box. Opens it with haste because he knows Megumi hates waiting. “Sorry ‘Gumi. Here’s the Buccellati earrings you wanted!” If he had a tail it’d be wagging in anticipation for Megumi’s reaction. He even-
had them customised; the only one in the world, had the opera tulle’s enamel replaced with emeralds the same shade as his darlings eyes and made them drop earrings. Just knows Megumi will look breathtaking with them on. (Then again he looks beautiful with anything. Deserves-
everything and more.) He can only truly feel content when green eyes look at him and light up. Surprised when Megumi doesn’t put them on immediately and instead puts it to the side. Satoru starts panicking when his lover gets off his lap. Immediately makes grabby hands at him.
“If you don’t like them I can get them changed!” There’s a frantic note to his tone but he’s worried that his pretty Megumi’s disappointed in his gift. Satoru wants to have him on his lap again. Maybe he should’ve added more emeralds. What good is his money if it doesn’t make-
the most important person to him happy? “No I love them. Thank you ‘Toru.” He calms down at the nickname. Feels himself relax as happiness floods him that his precious person likes his gift. Reaches for Megumi again. “Then sit on my lap? I want to kiss my ‘Gumi.” Puckers-
his lips because he knows it’ll make the younger smile. “Mm but I thought you’d want to recharge in bed.” Oh. It’s so rare for Megumi to take the initiative that he stands up so fast he’s a little dizzy. The giggles coming from Megumi has him reaching out to hold him. Heart-
thrumming in excitement. Thankfully Megumi takes pity on him and pulls him down by his tie into a filthy kiss. It’s sloppy and hot. Moans loudly when his beautiful boy finally lets him touch. Satoru licks his way into an eager mouth. Could kiss Megumi for hours until their-
lips are sore. His pants are beginning to feel far too tight so he lifts Megumi up, getting him to wrap long legs around him. Walks blindly until he finds a wall. His hands can’t get enough of the smooth skin under the jumper Megumi’s wearing (definitely one of his if the-
cashmere softness is any indication). Hips grinding hard against Megumi’s, intoxicated by the whimpers that escape those pouty lips. When he adjusts his hold so he can reach inside sinfully short shorts, fingers trailing towards what he wants, his blessing breaks their kiss.
Satoru’s not ashamed of how he chases after those addicting lips, his eyes half lidded and mind consumed with tasting them again. ‘Ahh Megumi’s so cute.’ Moves his hands so he’s bracing them against wall. Eyes savouring the image in front of him. How could he possibly tear-
his eyes away from the delectable sight in front of him. Eyes dazed and dilated until it’s more black than green. Lips shiny and wet. His cock throbs with want. “‘Gumi?” “Let’s go to bed.” Satoru runs to the bedroom like his life is on the line with Megumi in his arms.
Later: Megumi huffs a little as he continues carding his fingers through white hair. They’re on the couch after a moment (or three) in the bedroom (and bathroom). His lover still needs ‘recharging’ which apparently means using his lap as a pillow. Despite his grumbles he’s-
secretly pleased at how clingy Satoru is. The older man had been stressed and too busy with work the past week which is why he’d asked for the earrings. He knows how much the idiot likes to buy him stuff. He’s always being told how it helps him de-stress buying stuff for him.
Megumi doesn’t really need or want the gifts. Just likes to watch the way the older man lights up in excitement when he presents them to him. Plus if it helps Satoru relax then it’s a bonus. (He does love this idiot even though he acts like an eager dog half the time.) Staring-
down at the content expression on Satoru’s face Megumi’s struck by an urge. So he gives in and leans over to steal a kiss. Heart going soft at the sky blue eyes that open to look at him with such adoration. The happy smile that blooms on Satoru’s face makes him melt into the-
next kiss even more. (“Please can we go for another round? I promise I’ll be gentle this time!” He feels no remorse as he pushes Satoru off his lap and onto the floor. Smirks when he hears him almost fall running after him when he realises Megumi’s heading for their bedroom.)
fuwagumi ☁️

fuwagumi ☁️

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