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Sep 4, 2021
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#taekook ABOau where omega Taehyung falls in love with his FWB Alpha Jungkook but he knows the rich goody two shoes boy would never like, let alone mate, an omega who beats up people and wins at motorcycle races past midnight for a living.

He would never. Taehyung remembers the first time he met Jungkook and remembers how the alpha tried to gauge his shock with an uncomfortable smile when he saw an /unruly/ omega for the first time. He remembers how the alpha was wary of everything little thing the omega did
because it was considered improper in his perfect world. How he was still attracted to his beauty and wanted to have a taste of him still, which he admitted while intoxicated. How the other was adamant on keeping whatever this was temporary
++++++++ -ABOau -angst with a happy ending -strangers to FWBs to lovers -πŸ”žnsfw, like a lot -angst, angst, and fluff -crass language and too perfect one -mpreg??
Jeon Jungkook -an extremely rich heir -is a proper boy who has never seen the other side of the world -sweet and strict -extremely powerful yet prejudiced -27 -knows he has to marry an heiress
Kim Taehyung -an omega -is also a leader of a biker gang, one of the ruthless ones -doesnt give a sh-t to anyone -cold and a rule breaker -powerful in his own means -29 -knows he can get anyone in his pants if he tries
Min Yoongi -another heir who just doesnt care -in the middle, he is the one who introduced Jungkook to the 'dark' side -already has a mate who is also an heir and is happily married -Jimin doesnt really know about Yoongi knowing the dark side so closely, he knows he raps tho
Park Min Jimin -mated and loves his world -hasnt been in one of his mate's rap gigs yet because his mate is against it for some reason but he wants to -babies Jungkook -sweetest person ever, but so dangerous
Kim Namjoon -alpha -plays a very important role that is unknown for now -has his eyes set on someone -Taehyung's brother -secrets are his forte
Kim Seokjin -another one in the middle -an omega, Yoongi's best friend whom Jimin knows -he comes from a rich family but his family isnt as strict as the others -secrets are his forte too
Jung Hoseok -an alpha -Namjoon's best friend -knows what Namjoon wants and also knows its somehow related to the riches -still will help him even if he gets in trouble
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A/N: there is going to be a lot of.prejudice and sh-tty remarks in here from the main characters so trust the plot and the characters the will get better
β€” The neon lights throbbed irritatingly against his eyes. The music was too loud, were they animals? Jungkook closed his eyes for a second and walked among the throng of people to not loose Yoongi in these horde of partying animals. He had no idea why he was here
except for knowing that he was here for Yoongi. The older alpha wanted to show something to him-which he claims is another part of him- and bought him here, to this hell hole where the wolves had no semblance of manner nor dressing sense. The only reason he wasnt walking
out yet was because Yoongi was the one who drove him here tonight and he would not call his driver to come pick him up because he didnt want anyone from his world to know he actually visited a place like this, this abomination of a place like this. "Yoongi hyung"
The alpha turned to look at him, as did his other 'friends', "what is Jungkook-ah?" He looked at the older's friends staring at him curiously. The polite etiquette in him did not allow him to talk bad about this place in front of the other wolves so he just shook his head,
"Who are your friends?" The other alpha turned excited as he turned to introduce him to Namjoon and Hoseok, both of them his alpha friends who raps along with him. Jungkook shook their hands, he was glad at least their hands looked clean and not how this cheap place looked.
"Its nice to meet you." he says. Namjoon smirks at him, "its always nice to see wolves from the /other/ side. Very refreshing" He opened his mouth and then closed it again. Was everyone really as crazy as they looked like? Because they looked plenty crazy. He just smiled
#kookv and nodded. The one named Hoseok just blared a smile at him that half blinded him but he was better than other, he thinks. Jungkook stands with them and just occasionally glances here and there.
A/N sorry if the writing is all over the place, I have being having very bad days and I didnt feel up to myself. I will try to do my very best and I hope you keep interacting because your interactions are what keeps me going. Enjoy!! πŸ’πŸ’
He was wondering how long it was going to take for Yoongi's performance to come up so that they could finally leave the area but to no avail so he tried to observe as much as possible because it was like he was in a completely new world and Jungkook was a naturally
curious wolf even when it came to things he didnt particularly think was good so he just noted down everything that was happening around him as a part of a hellish experience. That led to his eyes skimming over the makeshift dancefloor where wolves were more
grinding against each other obscenly than actually dancing. That led to him noticing a particular group of /dancers/ that even Hoseok was eyeing for sometime now. Infact, the alpha looking at them consistently was what even grabbed his attention.
He could really tell if the group consisted of omegas, alphas or betas because they were all dressed pretty similarly. Which was also weird to him because omegas and alphas in his world dressed pretty different from each other. The alpha's more rotated around
dark clothes, while the omegas rotated around lighter colours but he guesses the dancers were all probably alphas because they were wearing gothic clothes and had tattoos, piercing, every /weird/ things you name it, they had it in their group.
But if they were alphas why would Hoseok even look at them, unless...he was into an alpha. Dear Moon, the many things he was finding out actually existed tonight but he was not going to comment on it either because this was not his headache. He was going to turn
around to look elsewhere when one of the silhouette from that group grabbed his attention instead. It was like time stopped for him. In the most bizzare way possible. The man had the darkest shade of hair he had ever seen. His shoulders were broad and especially
in the leather jacket, it stood out more proudly. His black pair of jeans were hugging him as if they were keeping him in a vice like grip. He couldnt see his face, just the backside. But what grabbed his attention was the way the man swayed his hips. It looked downright
scandalous, obscene in the most inappropriate way and thinking that an alpha was dancing like that just didnt sit right in him, because to be honest even an omega or a beta wouldnt dance this way. It was so inappropriate that it made his blush from the root of his hair to the
tip of his toes. He burnt in embarrassment all over but for the love of everything moon he just could not look away. There was just something really captivating about seeing the other alpha dance. Not in a good way, mind you, but more like he was watching something that
was bad for him because of how unholy it was. He gritted his teeth because he had no other way but to force himself to look away. He couldnt watch this excuse of sh-t show anymore.His mind wanted him to see but the good in him knew it was just not what he was so he looked away
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