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The Festival of Bharat


Sep 10, 2021

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Apparently there's a conference seeking to "dismantle' #Hindutva. Slight problem: the speakers don't actually know what Hindutva means. So we made this #Shorts video titled #IamHindutva ft. REAL Vedic scholars, Dharma gurus & others who actually know what they're talking about:

2/n The rise of #Hindutva is a response to 1000 yrs of supremacist attempts to 'dismantle' the world's longest surviving civilisation. If you truly wish to discern Hindutva, watch this #Shorts text-video to understand why the ONLY winner from #DismantlingGlobalHindutva is Dharma:

3/n | "My name is Jeffrey Armstrong & I am #Hindutva." The latest video in our #IamHindutva series is now live. If there is anyone still out there who doesn't 'get it', send them this thread. | #Shorts Follow us | | @Jeffrey Armstrong

4/n | "My name is Sinu Joseph & I am #Hindutva. If you try to 'dismantle' me, my resolve will only grow stronger.." | #Shorts Follow us | | @Mythri Speaks #IamHindutva

5/n | "Hindu civilisation is the oldest in the world & nurtures everyone like a mother, irrespective of their religion. So here I am, saying it with pride: I am Subuhi Khan, & I am #Hindutva." Follow us | | @Subuhi Khan #IamHindutva #Shorts "

6/n | "Civilisationally, Hindutva gives me a benign core, so that I can perform my Karma Yoga as my Dharma Yoga." Neemrana Chairman & Indian heritage pioneer Aman Nath speaks on the beauty of #Hindutva: Follow us | | @Neemrana Hotels #IamHindutva #Shorts

7/n | "Hindu Dharma makes me a global citizen, who respects all cultures. And #Hindutva is simply that Hindu Dharma - which resists. My name is Shefali Vaidya, and I am Hindutva." Follow us | | @Shefali Vaidya. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ #IamHindutva #Shorts

8/n | "Being a seeker of truth is #Hindutva. Sharing knowledge for the benefit of mankind is Hindutva. Not being apologetic about speaking the truth is Hindutva. My name is Sahana Singh, & I am Hindutva." Follow us | | @Sahana Singh #IamHindutva #Shorts

9/n | "What integrates the culturally diverse Bharat as one is #Hindutva. The tattva to love all living beings as myself in Hindutva. My name is Esther Dhanraj, & I am Hindutva." Follow us | | @Esther Dhanraj #IamHindutva #Shorts #Sanatani #Hindus #Hinduism

10/n |"Hindutva helps us decolonise our minds & lives. #Hindutva also holds solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face today. My name is Kamal Madishetty, & I am Hindutva." Follow us | | @Kamal Madishetty #IamHindutva #Shorts #Sanatani

11/n | "Hindutva is the very essence of the oneness which unites all who associate with this land. #Hindutva is the all-embracing identity of every Indian. My name is Pujita Krishna, & I am Hindutva." Follow us | | @Pujita Krishna #IamHindutva #Shorts

The Festival of Bharat


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