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yoonkook ;; au. - a/b/o ‼️ - sunkissed.☀️ where yoongi and jungkook had a summer love that ended with a surprise.

Hello, everyone! Thank you for giving my story a chance. First of all, my first language isn't english, but, I tried my best writing this. I hope you like it :)
tags: - main pair: yoonkook - side pair: vmin (others will added as the story passes) - fluff, tiny angst (don't worry... too much) - a/b/o (jk alpha, yg omega) - ynkk being parents
- i don't think there will be 🔞 scenes... like, very explicit ones. but if something changes, i'll warning ahead. - time stamps and hair color doesn't matter. fun note: i asked my mum some specific facts about babies for this, so... expect a lot of random things about them 😅
- 1. - around two years ago. - Monday. Jungkook yawned and sank on the couch, still trying to figure it out how Jin actually convinced him to take vacations. He was in a hotel in Jeju Island. The receptionist told him that they still needed to do some things in his suite,
like supply his minifridge. But she told him that some minutes ago. So, probably it was even more stuff than just the minifridge. He was already used to wear suits all the time, and felt a little out of place wearing shorts and a shirt.
But probably, it will be weirder wearing a suit on the beach... Jeon Jungkook was a CEO of a small travel company. For him, it was small... But probably for other people was different. It was a company that passed from generation from generation. First, his grandfather.
Then, his father. And finally, him. All of them alphas, of course. That wasn't what he really wanted to do for his life... But he didn't have other choice. His father had his life planned even before he was born.
But it wasn't bad at all. At least, Seokjin, his childhood friend, worked there too. He came out of these thoughts when a sweet smell invaded his nostrils. It smelt like a field of flowers. He tried to find the source of the smell. Probably, it was an omega.
But it was weird. Almost all the workers in the hotel were omegas or even betas, and no one of them caused special interest in him due to their smell... Until now. And he saw him. An omega, carrying his bags, walked towards the reception and show the receptionist a tiny smile.
"Hello," he said, "I've a reservation for today..." "Sure," the receptionist said, "Name?" "Min Yoongi." The receptionist nodded and probably started to look for his reservation. But for Jungkook, it was like time stopped.
He couldn't stop staring at the omega. And the omega, turned to look to him. They exchanged a stare for a few moments and the omega smiled at him. "Of course, sir," the receptionist said, "Here's your key. About the other rooms..."
"Yoonie!" a loud voice, "You got so ahead that we were literally running after you." "Sorry, Hobi" Yoongi softly laughs, "But you took much time taking pics of the beach." Jungkook felt how disappointment seized him.
Of course, a pretty omega like him would have a partner... What was he even thinking...? "There you are!" a lot of other betas walked into the room, "You literally ran!" "That was I was saying to Yoonie," Hobi said and all of them laughs.
Now, Jungkook was confused. So... they weren't together? It looks like a group of friends is having a trip. "Mister Jeon," a voice at his side, "Your suite is ready. You can pick your keys at the reception."
"Ah, yes. Thank you," he stood up. With all his thoughts of the omega, he almost forgets what he was initially waiting for. He took a deep breath before walking. For some reason, he was nervous of being near the omega...
"Hello," he said to the receptionist and felt how the bunch of people stared at him, "Someone told me that the suite was ready." "Of course, here's your keys," the receptionist handed it to him and Jungkook took it, "Enjoy your stay."
"A suite, huh?" someone said to him, "It must be nice to have one." Jungkook turned to the voice and exchanged a new look with the omega, who was already giving him a smile. He ran out of words. "C'mon, Yoonie," one of the betas took his wrist, "Let's go to our rooms."
Jungkook was static, just staring at the omega who was walking away with his friends. That was... really something. ***
- 2. Tuesday. Jin would probably scold him if he knew that he spent all the first day of his vacations locked in his suite, instead of knowing the place. But he didn't have enough energy to do something... Besides, for some reason, he was so shy about meeting the omega again.
Probably, he didn't even remember him anymore... but for Jungkook... He sighed and pressed the button of the elevator. He was coming back after spending time in the gym. Maybe, he can take a shower and after, go and do some sightseeing.
When the doors opened and he went out, the same smell of yesterday almost active his instincts and turned his head just to find the same omega in front of a vending machine. Probably the omega smelled him too, because he also turned back to him.
"Ah, it's the suite guy," he said with a giggle. Jungkook blinked. "Y-Yes... H-Hello..." "Hi!" he responded, "You think you can help me?" "What's wrong?" Jungkook felt like a teenager with his legs almost trembling while he was walking to him.
"I was trying to buy a chocolate," the omega explained, "But it got stuck..." "Ah," Jungkook understood and saw how the chocolate almost fell, but it got stuck in one of the springs, "Let me try."
He placed his hands in the edges of the vending machine and shook it softly. He didn't want an employee saying something to him. Just with that soft moves, the chocolate bar fell. "Ah!" the omega said happily and took it, "Thank you very much!" "It was nothing..."
"No, no," Yoongi smiles and opened the chocolate. After that, he split it in half, "Take this. It's my way to say thank you." "No. I mean, it's fine... You don't have to..." "I insist," the omega said and Jungkook took the half Yoongi was offering to him.
After giving a bite, he noticed how it was really tasty. "It tastes good, isn't it?" "Yeah," Jungkook smiled, "Thank you." They remained silent for a moment. "Are you free later?" "Uh?" Jungkook was surprised. Oh, wow... He didn't expect the omega to ask him out, "Yeah."
"Nice! My name's Yoongi, by the way," he giggled, "Meet me at the dock in around two hours. I'll be waiting for you, suite boy!" Jungkook just nodded and let out a smile when the omega almost collides with an employee for keep turning back at him.
"Be careful," Jungkook mocked and Yoongi pouted at him, after, he apologized to the employee. Jungkook happily sighed without noticing. But, then, he realized that, "I didn't tell him my name..." ***
Two hours after, just like Yoongi said, Jungkook went to the dock. For some reason, the sun was really warm instead of hot and the wind was fresh. A nice day for a walk. The sand was filled by people enjoying their day, most of them being families.
Even if he is only 23 years old, Jungkook thought of the feeling of having a family. He didn't see his parents often due to work and it's not like their parents made an effort to see him too.
Thinking about this right now wasn't a good idea, so he shook his head and start thinking something else. After he saw Yoongi, he took a shower and tried to dress himself to impress. His suitcases were filled by floral patterns shirts, courtesy of Jin, so... probably this would
help. With a pair of sunglasses and wearing shorts again, he approached where Yoongi was standing, looking at the ocean. Jungkook felt like in a movie when Yoongi turned to him. It was possible for a person to be this gorgeous?
"Oh, suite boy. You actually came," Yoongi smiled to him. "I did," Jungkook responds. "It was hard to find me?" "Not at all," he also smiles, "So, what's the plan?" "Ah, yes. I hope you like extreme things."
"Extremes?" Jungkook remembered that time when he went to a mountain with Seokjin and his other friend Namjoon. They were just exploring around, but probably Yoongi was talking about things like that, "Well, it depends."
"Great!" he moved his hand, like he was making signs to someone, "I did actually ask my friends, but all of them said no. They went to the bar at the hotel yesterday, and now they're having troubles with hangover." Jungkook hummed. "You didn't drink?"
"Nope. I don't usually drink that much," he says, "But I'm glad they had fun." After that sentence ended, a tiny boat approached to them. It was guided by an old man. "Hello!" Yoongi said, "I'm ready for the wander." Jungkook frowned. This was what Yoongi considered extreme?
Besides tiny, the boat also looked old. "Don't worry, suite boy" Yoongi said after seeing Jungkook's frown, "If you're scared, you can take my hand." "I'll think about it. Also, the name's Jungkook."
"Cute name," he says and board the ship. Due to the tide, it was instable, "Okay..." He managed to seat and the old man gave him a float saying, "just in case." "In case of what?" Yoongi sound a bit worried while Jungkook was sitting at his side.
"It's just precaution and follow the protocols," the old man answered and started the engine, "Ready? It will be a tour around the beach." After Jungkook put the float too, they both nodded and the boat moved. "Oh god," Yoongi holded from the seat, looking scared.
Jungkook was enjoying the views. Actually, this was nice. He can actually feel the sea breeze on his face. The boat passed over a tiny wave, making it give a little jump and Yoongi took the first thing he could find. And it was Jungkook's hand.
Jungkook looked at him. Probably Yoongi did it without noticing it because he looked really scared for some reason, so Jungkook let him. "It's fine," Jungkook tried to calm him, "It was only a tiny wave. Nothing to worry about."
Yoongi nodded and tried to calm. His hand was trembling but as he tried to focus on the landscape, he felt calmer. The rest of the wander was peaceful. They only exchanged a few words about the scenery in front of them, and they didn't let their hands loosen.
When they returned to the dock, Jungkook helped Yoongi to get out of the boat, lifting him up by his waist. "Oh," Yoongi was surprised when he felt the firm ground under him, "Thank you." Both of them thanked the old man for the trip and started to walk to the sand.
"W-What did you think of the trip?" Yoongi asked. "It was nice," Jungkook said, "Very extreme, like you warned me." Yoongi softly laughs. "Sorry about me being scared half of the trip... It was my first time. I mean... I always wanted to tried it but..."
"Don't worry, it was fun," Jungkook reassures him, "I was also scared, and that's why I took your hand." That didn't happen... at all. But it worked to make Yoongi's cheeks turn to pink. "Ah..." he says, "Your hand was warm."
"I'm glad to hear that," Jungkook smiles, "So, what now? Any other extreme plan?" "Not really," Yoongi admits, "You want to do something?" They keep walking until they find a shady place and sat down there. While staring to the beach again, they start knowing each other.
After talking for a long time, Jungkook notices how one of Yoongi's friend is approaching to them. He presents himself as Hobi and tells Yoongi that they need him to talk about the school opening after vacations.
Jungkook learned that Yoongi was a school teacher, so that makes sense. "I've to go, Jungkook," Yoongi says as he stood up, "Will we see each other again?" "Yeah, of course. And thanks for the extreme trip on boat."
Yoongi laughs and starts walking with his friend. Jungkook even heard how Hobi said, "A extreme trip?" He stays there for a few moments. Jin planned all of this to make him rest, but he doesn't really know what to do. "Well," he stood up, "Going back to the suite." ***
- 3. Wednesday. These vacations aren't the most exciting, but at least Jungkook feel nice of not working for a few days. He also keeps thinking about Yoongi.
Probably for Yoongi, he had a nice day and that's it. He told Jungkook that his friends didn't say no, so that's why probably Yoongi asked him... "Thinking about that won't help me..." he sighs. It was almost afternoon, so he went down to the restaurant to have lunch.
To smell flowers again. Yoongi was there with his friends on a table. It looked like they didn't order yet, because they still had the menus.
Probably Jungkook was just imagining things, but he almost could tell that Yoongi, someway, also feel every time they're near. Because he looks to where he's standing. "Jungkook!" he calls and immediately walks to him, "Seems like we keep encountering each other!"
Yoongi's friends were staring at them with curious eyes. "Yeah," Jungkook answers, "I was planning to get something to eat." "Nice! Can I eat with you?" "Hey!" Hobi says, "And what about us?"
"We see each other almost every day," Yoongi says playfully and took Jungkook's wrist, guiding him to a near table and Jungkook lets him. "It's fine, Yoongi," Jungkook says, "You can be with your friends." "Nah," he responds, "Like I said, I see them every day."
That made Jungkook to let a smirk out. He's not going to admit it, but he likes it that Yoongi is with him. "And how was your day?" Yoongi asked. "For now, it's been fine. And yours? How the important meeting went?"
"It wasn't a meeting," the omega laughs, "Well, it was fine. We'll be departing on saturday, so it's better to have things decided before we came back." Saturday. Jungkook hummed. His vacations are supposed to be the whole week so he's departing on sunday.
"I see," he stares at the menu. "You said yesterday that you're a CEO," Yoongi says, "You have time for vacations?" "Well," he smiles, "Yeah, but I don't usually take them. My friend planned all of this, and I couldn't say no because he already had bought the tickets."
"You should thank him." "I will." They keep talking and both of them agreed to order seafood. "Eating seafood while being on the beach... Sounds nice," Yoongi says, "By the way, how old are you?" Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "23." "Wow! Really? And being a CEO at your age..."
"It's not a big deal," he tries to downplay. He was on that position due to his father, "And you?" "24," he said, proudly, "Seems like I’m your Hyung." "Looks like it," he agrees. They keep talking between giggles and Jungkook is really having a great time.
"And you know," Yoongi munches his food, "People usually tends to say that alphas are scary and mean... But I don't think so. Well, probably there are some alphas that are mean..."
"I understand what you say," Jungkook agrees, "When I presented as an alpha, my friends at school started to avoid me. Probably they thought that I changed, but I was still the same."
"Oh, sorry about that," Yoongi comforts him, "In my case, my classmates made fun of me. I got involved into too many fights because of that." "Fights?" "Yeah, but don't worry, I always won!" he says proudly, "An omega kicked their asses."
That statement made Jungkook laugh out loud. "Then I'm glad." They keep talking about trivial things until they finish their food, and decides to take a walk on the sand. "See you later," Yoongi says to his friends when he passes near their table.
"Take care," Hobi responds and stares at Jungkook for a second. With all of this chatting, Jungkook understood that Yoongi is really sweet and smart. He knew random facts of almost about everything.
"And you see, I think less than 10% of the ocean had been explored," Yoongi says, "Probably we've explored more space than the ocean itself. So,I must say that mermaids are real." "Mermaids?" Jungkook asks, "I agree. I believe they're out there, but humans haven't seen one yet."
"Right? I'm glad that we think the same. It's just a matter of time," he nods. Near them, a wandering vendor passed and Jungkook gave a quick stare to the products he was selling.
"Come here," Jungkook tells him and Yoongi follows him. Now that they're near, Jungkook places his look in a small sea shell. He took it and gave it to Yoongi, "Have this. As a memory of your vacations."
At first, Jungkook didn't understand why Yoongi was staring at him with a surprised face. But then, he remembered. When an alpha gives something to an omega, he's trying to start the cortege.
"It's made of cabochon," the seller explains, "So, it's not real. I particularly recommend to not take real sea shells. Some animals need them to live." Yoongi's cheeks turned into pink and his eyes were glowing. Jungkook felt how his heart started to beat faster just by the
view. "T-Thank you..." Yoongi took the sea shell and looked at it, amazed. After an alpha gives something to an omega, to officially starts the cortege, the omega needs to do two things: first of all, obviously accept the gift. And later on, give a gift to the alpha too.
Jungkook still can't believe that Yoongi accepted the gift. When the seller left, he started to feel shy. "It's really pretty..." Yoongi mumbles and Jungkook just nods. Oh, god. He started the cortege without even trying... But he's not going to complain.
"Sorry if I made this uncomfortable... I didn't remember that..." "It's fine," Yoongi interrupts him, "I really like the gift. Thank you." They keep walking. But obviously, this time... it feels different. ***
- 4.
- 5.
- 6. Thursday. Jungkook is remembering how after the gift, they kept walking until Yoongi said he has to go. He's sinking his head into his pillow, trying to drown all his embarrassment.
"What did I do..." he murmurs. It was his instincts? He saw the sea shell and immediately thought giving it to Yoongi, "Probably my alpha likes him... But... does he feel the same?" He almost growl just by the thought, making him more embarrassed.
"I can't believe you're almost growling just by this," he scolds himself and then sighs, "I hope he's fine..." And just like that, a random thought appeared. "Wait... What if he also gives me something?" Oh.
"No, no," he shook his head, "It's more probably that Yoongi have fled from the planet... than he gives me something back..." Did he mess things up? He sighs and took his phone. Maybe, talking with Jin will help him to clarify his head. ***
- 7.
- 8. Friday. He didn't see Yoongi yesterday. And he hasn't seen Yoongi today. "I said that he fled from the planet as a joke..." he mumbles, "But I'm starting to believe it."
Just like any other day of his exciting vacations, he went to the gym,then he ate something and later on he went to the beach to enjoy the sun. The other days it was a usual thing to spot Yoongi or even his friends at random places at the hotel or around the beach... But now...
"I really scared him... Seriously..." The alpha wanted to believe that they just didn't coincided in the same places as they did before, but it was starting to really make him worry.
It was friday evening and Jungkook was in the bar at the hotel, enjoying a live music show. He wasn't even drinking anything, but he just wanted to focus in something and stop thinking about how probably he ruined things with Yoongi.
The atmosphere of the place was nice and the music was enjoyable. He also felt a little better after talking with Jin, and how comprehensive he was. They know each other for a long time, so that's why probably Seokjin understood him.
He felt how someone touched his shoulder and he turned back. "H-Hello..." it was Hoseok. He looked nervous for some reason. And the music wasn't so loud, so he can clearly hear him. "Hey. Hobi, right?" Jungkook asked and Hoseok nodded, "Everything's nice?"
"Yeah. I just can't believe that Yoongi makes me do these things..." he sighed and Jungkook was confused, "He's waiting for you outside. In the dock." The alpha almost threw up the chair where he was seating when he stood up.
"Thank you," that's all he said, and after he practically ran to the outside. Usually, the nights at the beach were cold and this wasn't the exception. He can feel the cold breeze on his cheeks while he was running.
Just like Hoseok said, Yoongi was standing in the dock. Exactly the same way as when they went on the boat trip. And this time, Yoongi turned back to him. "Jungkook," he says, "You actually came."
"Yeah," he was almost out of breath, "Is everything alright? I mean, I don't want to intrude because probably you were busy and that's why we didn't see each other for..."
Yoongi giggles. "Everything's fine, but thanks for your genuine concern," clears his throat, "Actually... I hope you remember that you gave me something." "Ah, yes," the alpha gulps, "If you feel uncomfortable about that... It's fine... and it wasn't my intention to..."
Yoongi get close to him and take his wrist, making Jungkook to stop talking. "I made it myself, so I hope you like it. It took me time to do it, so that's why we didn't encounter each other the past days."
The alpha felt how Yoongi put something on his wrist, and when the omega removes his hand... He can see a bead bracelet.
"My friend Hobi always carries with himself materials to do bracelets," Yoongi explains, "So I thought that probably it was a good idea to make you one. And I put flowers because I know that's my scent."
The predominant colors were yellow and orange and Jungkook really didn't know what to say. Yoongi... gave him something back. That means he accepted the cortege. "You..."
"Yeah," Yoongi responds, "I don't know what happened, but I really wanted to give you something back. I think my omega really likes you." Oh. "Come with me," Jungkook took Yoongi's hand and started to guide him. And the omega lets him.
On his sightseeing these past two days, Jungkook found a place where there was a hammock. "When I found this place, I thought being here with you," he explains, "Want to try?" Yoongi nods, with curiosity. Just with that, Jungkook sits on the hammock and then he fully lies down.
"Come here," he took Yoongi wrist this time and pulls the omega towards him, making him fall above him. "Ah," Yoongi gaps but he didn't move, instead of that, he tries to find a comfy position and raises his head, connecting looks with Jungkook dark gaze.
In that moment, Jungkook heard it. Bells. "You heard that?" he asked, a bit confused. Bells at this hour? "What? I didn't hear anything," Yoongi responds, "Well, only the waves."
Jungkook frowned. Probably, he was just imagining things but with that, he noticed how close he was to Yoongi's face. "Rain," Yoongi mumbles, "You smell good." "You too."
After he pronounced that words, their lips finally met. And Jungkook can't handle to place his hands in Yoongi's hips, trying to be the closest they can.
As the kiss went deep, Jungkook also started to feel how the bracelet in his hand keep getting more and more heavier. Like he was getting attached to something. "I want to- ah," Yoongi tries to say. "What?" "I want to scent you."
"Me?" Jungkook never heard of an omega actually scenting an alpha, but he didn't dislike the idea. "Yeah... I want to know how our scents are together. You can scent me if you want too..." "Fuck, yes. But not here... I don't want the whole hotel to know."
Yoongi laughs. "It was your idea come to the hammock. Can we go to your suite? I'm still very curious of how it looks!" "Sure. Let's go." ***
They arrived to the suite between messy kisses and almost crashing with everything at the room, even the door. "You're so needy," Jungkook growled and Yoongi groans.
The alpha let his neck free and closed his eyes when Yoongi buried his nose into it. He was starting to feel dizzy in a good way, only able to smell and feel the omega. It didn't last long. And when Jungkook opened his eyes, he saw how Yoongi was also presenting his neck to him.
"I've to admit... That you really smell good," Jungkook mumbles and Yoongi just nods, feeling his body limp but the alpha's strong hands held him. Yoongi let Jungkook to stay scenting him the time he wanted to, just to feel how the alpha's body was starting to get hot.
"Can we..." Jungkook starts. "Yeah," Yoongi breaths and interrupts him. With that, Jungkook lets Yoongi to lay back on the bed while he starts to take his shirt off. "It's my first time doing something like this," Jungkook express.
"Don't worry," Yoongi gives him a lazy smile with glowing eyes, "It's my first time too." The room was filled with their scents mixed, and that only encouraged them to go for more, almost blinded by their instincts and desire.
The alpha gets on the bed and the omega stares at him with expectation, just to find themselves kissing again. ***
- 9. Saturday. Jungkook woke up agitated and covered in sweat. Was that... a dream? A good dream. The room was still filled with their scents mixed, so... it really happened.
At his side, there was a hoodie and a note. He took the hoodie and buried his nose into it after feeling Yoongi's scent on it. "Ah, yes, the note," he remembers and starts to read.
- 10.
- 11. Jungkook sighs and starts to feel how the bracelet is heavy on his wrist again. He didn't know if it was Yoongi first time in a cortege, but probably he took it in a serious way. "At least I've his hoodie..." tries to feels better.
A few minutes later, he decided to depart that day as well. The alpha was supposed to left tomorrow, but he didn't have any motivation to stay another whole day. He just wanted to stay in his bed and sleep.
And, when he passes through the reception, he notices how the receptionist stares at him. Probably, it was because of his smell... mixed with Yoongi's. And also, probably that happened with the omega too. ***
His house greeted him with silence and peace. It was big and had a lot of room without any use because he lives alone. "Home sweet home..." he mumbles as he starts to unpack his bags. He needs to recover about anything he's feeling right now before monday,because he has to work.
Just like he said, he spent the whole day on his bed, thinking about everything. Probably he fell in love with Yoongi. That was pathetic? Maybe. They barely saw each other...
While staring to the bracelet again, he remembered how his father told him that on monday he would send him the list to see the candidates to marry to.
For his father, at least, marriage was synonymous of business. He wanted his son to marry someone that can help the company... some way or another. "Probably this is temporary... And also... It's not like I can fall in love with anyone I actually want..."
Even so, he never took the bracelet off. And used the sleeves of his suits to hide it. ***
- 12.
- 13. Just like that, days kept passing by. Yoongi returned to his work at Seoul and everything was normal... Until that day.
It was around two months after his vacations in Jeju Island. He was with Jimin and Taehyung, a pair of alphas and also his best friends, seeing their home remodeling. "And I think we should have a fireplace," Jimin says. "For what?" Tae asks.
"To cuddle there when it's too cold, dummy!" "Fine. Wrote it down," Taehyung says and Jimin happily writes it. Yoongi is there... but he's not there at the same time. He feels strange.
Since yesterday, he has been feeling dizziness and sickness. Probably it was the Tteokbokki he ate... But he wasn't sure. "Yoonie," Jimin called him, "Are you alright? You seem... off." "Yeah," he says, "I just..."
He can't finish the sentence, because everything turns dark and the next thing he knows, it's that probably, he hit the floor. When he regains consciousness and open his eyes, he finds a pair of eyes staring at him with worry. And also, too close.
"W-What happened?" Yoongi asks. His head hurts. "You fainted!" Jimin says, "We should go to the doctor. You're probably sick!" "I'm fine..." he tries to stood up but the dizziness doesn't let him, "Okay... probably you're right..."
"You have dizziness... And you fainted out," Taehyung says, "It's like you were expecting a baby." The room remains silent. "Taehyung!" Jimin scolds him, "You can't say that kind of things just like that."
"It was just an opinion," he shrugs, "Probably it's another thing. Right, Yoongi?" For his part, the omega is staring at the floor. With his cheeks covered in a pale pink. "No way..." Jimin says, "Yoonie... You have to tell us something, right?"
Yoongi nods. "You see... I met a kind and handsome alpha in Jeju Island. He was really sweet and..." "No way!" Jimin repeats, "I'm going to be an uncle?!" He practically starts jumping around the room. "Why you didn't tell us before?" Tae ask, "Don't tell that the alpha..."
"No, no!" Yoongi stops him, "His name was Jungkook, and he was amazing. You know... sweet, caring, funny, smart..." "I still can't believe it, but I'm so happy for you," Jimin smiles, "And now, we really need to see a doctor and make sure that the future baby is healthy."
Yoongi just nods. He feels happy... and excited. He didn't ever think to try to contact Jungkook. He only knows his name... And probably. They were a lot of persons with the same name out there. Even so, he was ready to welcome a new family member. ***
- 14. - present time. - "I leave everything ready for Minjun," Yoongi arrives the living room, "He's wearing clean clothes and I changed his diapers. Also, if he starts to..."
"I know, Yoonie!" Jimin smiles, "You always tell me the same thing every day. He'll be fine. Also, we can watch again that movie of dinosaurs he likes!" Yoongi sighs. "Fine... And thanks for helping me. I'm leaving to work."
After this time, Yoongi still works as a teacher. During that time, he leaves his son, Minjun, with this friends Taehyung and Jimin, who care take of him. He never tried to contact Jungkook or look for him. It was just a summer love and probably, Jungkook already had someone.
Even so, in Yoongi's closet, he still has the shirt he stole from Jungkook and the sea shell he gave him. The shirt doesn't smell like him anymore... but he kept it anyway. When Yoongi already was already gone, Jimin started to scroll through Twitter.
Yesterday, they had a little party because it was Minjun's first birthday and they had fun. Just some friends came as well as some of Yoongi's coworkers, but it was enough. Jimin smiled at the memory.
"Wait," he checks twice the tweet in front of his eyes. It was Yoongi "talking" to the CEO, aka the father of Minjun and he was asking him to come and meet his pup, "Oh..." It was already viral. "Yoongi... What did you do...” ***
- 15. Jungkook sighed while he was typing on his computer. It was just the first hour of work and he was already tired. "Here's the paper work you asked," Jin enters to his office and smiles at something in his phone.
"You can't use your phone while you're at work," Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "Relax. I was just checking something. You see, people love gossip, so it became viral a tweet of an omega asking the father of his pup to come and met him," he explains, "It's really sweet."
Jungkook doesn't understand why it's sweet... But he doesn't say anything. "Look," Jin turns his phone to Jungkook. Yoongi. "Wait," he snatches the phone to check and... it is. Yoongi, "No way... I can't believe it..." "What? What happened?" Seokjin asks.
"This... This is my pup. I think." Jin's expression changes of frown to surprise. "Your what?! You're the CEO he's talking about?" "I-I think so..." The bracelet, that almost never left his wrist... it's starting to feel heavy again.
He actually never stopped thinking about Yoongi and probably... he'll be able to see him again. ***
- 16.
- 17.
- 18. Jimin was walking to one side to another in front of the main door, waiting for Yoongi. He knew that the omega usually arrives at this hour, but even so, he's worried.
"So..." Taehyung, who was sitting on the floor, placed two plushies next to another, "You prefer one plushie or two plushies?" Minjun stares at the plushies and with his tiny hand, he chooses the two plushies over only one.
"I see," Tae put another plushie, "And between two and three plushies?" "What are you doing?" Jimin looks at him. "I'm teaching Minjun the numbers." "By making him choose between plushies?"
"You know that choosing your favorite number could be tough, so, that's what we're doing!" he smiles, "Besides, I gifted him a lion that teaches the alphabet, but he didn't like it."
Jimin remembers it. It was like an animatronic lion and when you press on his paw, it says the whole alphabet. Taehyung was an owner of a tiny art shop. He sells almost any materials an artist could need, traditional or digital. And, he also offers his own abilities.
Making portraits was his specialty. "Or maybe we can use the xylophone..." Taehyung says, "You want that, Minjun?" The baby, now one year old, happily laughs and tries to say Taehyung's name. Only a cute "Ta!" comes out. "Nice," Taehyung smiles.
"You know... Minjun can almost say my name," Jimin mocked. "He's just learning!" Tae responds, "He can already say appa to Yoongi. It's just a matter of time." With just of the mention of Yoongi's name, Minjun turns to the main door. "What?" Tae cutely asks and the door opens.
"I'm back," Yoongi announces and Minjun gets up, running to Yoongi, "Minjun!" The omega crouches down and lift his baby off the ground, carrying him on his arms. "How was your day?" Yoongi asks, "What did Taehyung tried to teach you today?"
Minjun smiles, but when Yoongi looks at Jimin... he doesn't seem happy. "What?" Yoongi asks, "Did something happened?" "We need to talk," Jimin responds and carries Minjun, "Tae, take care of Minjun for a moment."
"Sure," now Minjun is on Taehyung's arms, but he keeps staring at Yoongi while they're walking away. "Could you care to explain this?" when they're alone, Jimin shows his phone screen to Yoongi with his tweet.
At first, Yoongi doesn't understand... it's his own tweet. With a lot of interactions. "Wait... That amount of people have already saw it?!" "Yes!" Jimin responds, "What were you thinking?"
The omega sighs. "I don't know... I mean, yesterday was Minjun's birthday and I couldn't help remembering Jungkook. That's why I posted that... but I didn't think that amount of people would saw it." He finally took his shoes off and starts walking to his room.
"But don't worry, Jimin," Yoongi checks his phone, "It's not like Jungkook is going to saw the tweet or something... I mean, it's not like destiny is on my side." Minjun's cradle and all his toys are on Yoongi's room, so most likely Taehyung went there.
Suddenly, he stops in the middle of the hall and Jimin collides with his back. "Ouch," the alpha complains, "Why did you stop like that?" When Yoongi turns back at him, he can see how his eyes are literally glowing in happiness, even if he tries to hide it.
They don’t share a word and just by sharing a look for a second, Jimin understands. "Jungkook... right?" Yoongi just nods and finally Jimin is able to see the phone on Yoongi's shaky hand. Three simple messages. He wants to meet his pup.
"Well, it seems like your message was fully delivered," he giggles and Yoongi doesn't responds, "We need a plan." ***
- 19.
- 20. They're back at the living room. Jimin walking to one side to another again, while Taehyung and Yoongi were on the couch. And of course, Minjun was fully asleep in Yoongi's arms. "He missed his appa," Tae smiles with the view.
"So, Jungkook, more known as Minjun's dad, wants to meet him," Jimin says, "But why?" "Because it's also his son?" Tae answers, "And Yoongi asked for it... on Twitter." Yoongi blushes at his side.
"Well... yeah. But the last time they saw each other was like, two years ago? He accepted it so fast..." "Maybe he always wanted a family," the alpha on the couch shrugs, "I don't know, probably you're thinking about it this too much." "I... I want to see him."
Yoongi's voice was low and shy, but both alphas heard him clearly. "See?" Tae says, "End of the conversation. I'm going to sleep." "Wait!" Jimin stops him, "Yoongi, what did Jungkook said?"
"Well... he wanted to meet me and Minjun as soon as possible. He said it was fine on his office, but I needed to tell him in advance." "You're going tomorrow." "But he said that-"
"I was just thinking... that probably it was better appearing there by surprise. You'll see his true and natural reaction." "Maybe... but probably he's busy and I just can't appear just like that."
But Yoongi knew that Jimin had a point. If Jungkook already has a partner, probably he'll tell them to no appear the day Yoongi go to his office. He lowered his gaze, meeting with Minjun's cute hair.
This happened almost two years ago... probably Jungkook already has someone in his life. "Fine" he says as he stood up, "I'm going tomorrow after work. He already told me the company's name" He didn't say anything else and the alphas only heard how he closed his bedroom's door.
"Did I say something wrong?" Jimin was worried. "Nah," Tae says, "Probably Yoongi needs his time alone after all these emotions. You know that the thing he had with Jungkook was kind of intense. They even start the cortege." Jimin just nods.
By his part, Yoongi is putting Minjun in his crib, trying to not waking him up and stares at him. "Your appa wants to meet you..." he says, "But I'm not sure if it's a good idea..." Minjun sighs in his dream and Yoongi smiles. "I just hope for the best." ***
- 21. On the next day, everything was normal in the morning. Yoongi left everything ready for Minjun. His diapers, clothes, baby food...
"Today probably I'll come back later than usual," he says at the door, "I'm going to see Jungkook after work. Be sure to take care of Minjun, he gets moody when I'm gone for too long." "Leave him to me," Jimin smiles and Minjun waves his tiny hand, saying bye to Yoongi.
"Taehyung taught him that too?" Yoongi asks and Jimin just nods, "Probably it's time to teach him how to play the piano, then." "He likes to play his toy xylophone, probably he's going to be a future musician," Jimin nods, "Good luck." Yoongi closes the door and Minjun pouts.
"Don't worry, Minjunie," Jimin says, "He'll come back soon. And depends of how it goes... you may be able to meet your other appa." After a few minutes, Taehyung was also ready to leave. "See you later, Jimin," he said, "Probably, I'll buy food before I come back."
"Okay!" now, he was all alone with Minjun, "Hm... what we should do, Minjun?" The baby stared at him with his big doe eyes, curious. "Now that I kind of know how Jungkook looks... You're pretty similar to him," he admits and Minjun just happily laughs. ***
- 22. Just like Yoongi promised, he was outside Skyline office. A small travel company. That was Jungkook said... but for Yoongi, this wasn't small at all. It was a whole building of three floors. How this was supposed to be small? And it wasn't really difficult to find it.
He tried to calm before walking inside. Nervousness was almost making his legs to shake. Even Hobi noticed how he was nervous for something before saying goodbye, but he didn't say anything.
The place looked even more huge inside, and Yoongi noticed how employees were walking from here to there. "H-Hello," he tried to said to the receptionist. Everyone was wearing suits and all kind of formal clothes, Yoongi started to feel out of place with his sweater.
"We can't buy anything you're selling," the blonde girl didn't even give a stare to him. "N-No! I-I'm not selling anything," the omega responds, "I'm here because I want to see Jungkook...?"
This time, the girl, most probably an omega too, raises his gaze and stares at him. Yoongi hopes he's seeing wrong, but it looks like the girl is holding her laughter. "You need an appointment in advance," she says and Yoongi sighs.
Probably that's why Jungkook told him to notify him before. "Y-Yeah, I know... But, I know him... My name's Yoongi, if you can call him and tell him that I'm here, maybe-" "You need an appointment in advance," now her tone is more abrupt, "Anything else?"
The omega clenches his fist, ashamed. Probably this was a bad idea. "Excuse me," a voice interrupts their conversation, "Did I heard right? You're Yoongi?" "Eh?" Yoongi turns just to find a handsome man talking to him, "Yeah... Do I know you?"
"Probably not," he laughs, "I'm Jungkook's friend, I can take you with him." "R-Really?" he feels relieved. "Sure, come with me," he smiles and Yoongi decides to follow him without doubting. They keep walking until they stop in front of the elevator door.
"I'm Seokjin, by the way," he says, "The responsible that you're here today." "Oh?" Yoongi is confused. "I'm the friend who planned the whole vacation stuff for Jungkook," he sounds proud of it.
"Ah!" the omega smiles and both of them enter to the elevator. Seokjin press the button to the third floor, "I should thank you, then!" "Nah," he smiles, "Actually, it's a good thing that you came today. Jungkook's on bad mood, probably he'll feel better after seeing you."
Yoongi gulps as the elevator stops. "W-Well... If he's not feeling right, I can come back other day..." "It's fine," Jin says and both of them walk outside. This time, Yoongi notices how this floor is quieter and even bleak. "Where's everyone?" he asks.
"On the other floors," Jin says, "It's very unusual that someone comes here." Yoongi is surprised. He remembers Jungkook as someone kind and funny, but that was only his perspective from only one week...
A door is in front of them, and Yoongi also notices how a desk outside is alone. "Oh. Jungkook has an assistant?" "Nope," Seokjin smiles, "I mean, he should have one. But he's very meticulous when it comes to choose a candidate to be his assistant, so, no one's has passed his
test." After that, he opens the door without even knocking and Yoongi follows him again. The office, just like the omega imagined, was huge and had amazing views of the city. "Jungkook, here's what you asked for," Jin left something on his desk, "I'm leaving."
Seokjin left and Yoongi is standing on the middle of the office. "You should fix that," he hears Jungkook's voice. The back of the chair is the only thing he is seeing. It's a swivel chair and it's moving little by little, "I mean, that's why I said yesterday that-"
The chair turned fully and now Yoongi can see Jungkook. The alpha is surprised to see him as well. He only remembered Jungkook wearing shorts and floral pattern shirts. Now, he looks even more intimidating wearing a suit. "I'll call you later," he hangs.
They stare at each other for seconds that feels like forever. "It's really you," Jungkook says, "I thought I was imagining your scent." Oh, god. "Hello," he smiles, "Long time no see." "Yeah," the alpha responds, "Please, seat." Yoongi smiles. "Thank you."
While Yoongi seats, he notices how Jungkook wrinkles his nose. "Other scents," he explains, "Sorry." "Don't worry. Probably you smelled Tae and Jimin's scent," the omega responds. What.
"Ah," he tries to calm down. Make a scene won't help in anything, even if his alpha wants to growl, "You are with someone, then." "Nope," Yoongi giggles, "We just live together." Jungkook is confused. "So... they're your pack?"
"Nope! I mean, we're just friends that live together," he says, "We've known each other since a long time. But they're together, I mean, Jimin and Tae." "Both alphas?" Yoongi nods. "I see," even if he doesn't want to admit it, he felt ease, "How's... our pup?"
"Healthy!" Yoongi smiles, "His name's Minjun. I didn't bring him with me this time because I came after work, but next time... I can bring him with me!" Yoongi's smile is contagious to Jungkook. "Tell me more about him."
"Well... He can already walk. Usually,babies start walking even before their first birthday, but obviously, that may vary," Yoongi starts with his random facts, "He can also know how to say appa, yes, no... How to wave his hand to say hello or goodbye... He also likes dinosaurs."
Jungkook listen carefully to everything that Yoongi has to say with a soft smile on his face. "His favorite plushie is a brontosaurus that Taehyung gave to him," he explains, "Is a character from an animated movie called Dinofriends. We've watched that movie a lot of times that
I already know the dialogues by memory." That makes the alpha laughs. "I should watch it too." "You should!" Yoongi keeps talking and talking about Minjun, looking excited and with love in his eyes.
"And look, I even took a video of when he took his first steps," Yoongi is showing his phone to Jungkook, "Now that he can walk, he likes to run around the apartment. Sometimes he still falls, but he always stood up very quick! But don't get him wrong, he also likes to be in
someone's arms if he's too tired." "I see." "Yeah," the omega laughs, "He's fine around other people, also. I work during mornings, so he spends that time with Jimin," Yoongi stares at Jungkook, "Probably I'm talking too much..."
"No, it's fine," Jungkook shook his head, "I like hearing you." Yoongi blushes. "But I'll like to hear you too!" "I've been fine," Jungkook sighs, "You know, only working. The only exciting thing I can remember, it's that I saw a TV show."
"It must have been interesting," Yoongi giggles, "So, you're still single?" That question came out of his mind without thinking about it before. "Oh- uh, sorry. I mean, I didn't-"
"I'm single," Jungkook clears his throat, "It seems like I still can't forget about a cute omega I met around two years ago." Yoongi seems surprised. "O-Oh, I see..." Jungkook turns his chair a bit, followed by that, he pats his thigh. "Want to come here?"
The omega hopes that Jungkook doesn't notice that he's actually scenting the whole room due to his excitement, but it's practically impossible. "B-But... What if someone enters...?"
"Probably Seokjin already told you... But usually, no one come here," he pats his thigh again, "I know you want to." Yoongi blinks and he stood up slowly, not breaking eye contact with Jungkook. Just a few steps are needed to be in front of the alpha. "May I?"
"All yours," a smirk appears when Yoongi is finally sitting on his lap. The omega wraps his arms around Jungkook's neck, "Nice, right?" "Y-Yeah," Yoongi can already feel his body getting hot, but maybe it's because Jungkook is also scenting the room.
"I want your alpha friends to smell me when you come back home," he growls, sinking his nose into Yoongi's scent gland on his neck, "Just in case." Yoongi purrs and clings to Jungkook, closing his eyes. He didn't expect this kind of reunion, but it feels so amazing that
he's starting to feel floppy. "Ah," he groans, "I want to scent you too... Just in case." Jungkook laughs and starts to unbutton the first buttons of his shirt, making for easier to expose his neck.
"Do it as you please," and Yoongi doesn't need any second more to sink his nose in Jungkook's neck. That action, makes the alpha to tighten his grip on the omega's hips, "Ah, fuck."
Jungkook has to suppress a growl. He's starting to feel dizzy again, and the heaviness in his wrist because of the bracelet isn't helping. "Y-You liked it?" Yoongi's trembling voice gets him out of his thoughts.
"Yeah. I wasn't going to admit it loudly, but my it feels nice to know that you smell like me." Yoongi just nods with his shining eyes and snuggles with him, "I get sleepy by your scent." "You can rest," Jungkook says, "Like I said before, usually, no one comes here."
The omega doesn't respond and Jungkook concludes that he fell asleep already. Just like that, an entire hour pass. Jungkook keeps working, typing on his computer and he also checked what Seokjin brought before. And every Yoongi breath, he feels tickles on his neck.
"I don't understand why you keep calling me," Seokjin enters to the office again, "I told you that I work in finance, I'm not your personal assis-" He stops when he sees how the omega is peacefully sleeping above Jungkook. "Uh..." even the office is filled with their scents.
"Cute, isn't it?" "You only called me for that?" Seokjin sighs. "Yeah," Jungkook smiles, "I just wanted to show off my cute omega." "I'm leaving," he turns and starts walking outside the office. With the noise of the door closing, Yoongi blinks and start to wake up.
"Oh, I fell asleep," he yawns and focus his gaze in Jungkook's face, who's already staring at him, "I am dreaming?" he mumbles. "No," Jungkook responds, feeling warm by the view of Yoongi with his eyes half opened and being sleepy, "But that means that you've dream with me
before." "I did," Yoongi snuggles with him again, "During my last heat. Actually, during all my ruts..." "Oh? What kind of dreams?" Jungkook heavily breaths. He also dreamed with Yoongi during his ruts. "Uh... don't laugh..." "I won't."
"Okay," Yoongi responds and bring his mouth to Jungkook's ear, "Do you remember what we did during my last night in Jeju Island? Well, I always dream when you took my hand and..."
He whispers the rest of his dreams into Jungkook's ear. The alpha listens attentively all of it, tightening his grip in Yoongi's hips. Strong enough to left marks. "And that's it," he finishes, with his cheeks painted with pink.
"Don't tempt me, Yoongi," Jungkook breaths in the omega's neck, "Another conversation like this, and Minjun will have a sibling." Yoongi's legs trembled. "B-But... Y-You wanted to know..." "I know," this time, he left a kiss in Yoongi's cheek, "You're really soft everywhere."
They stay snuggling just another few minutes, until Yoongi says he has to go. "This time," stretch his arms, "I'm giving you my phone number." They exchange phone numbers and Jungkook feels nice about it.
"And remember, if you want to visit Minjun, you can tell me and go to my apartment," Yoongi smiles, "Or I can bring him here, he'd love to run through all your office." Jungkook's heart gets warm. "I'll accompany to the entrance."
"Are you sure?" the omega asks, "I don't want to bother you." "It's fine." He didn't say it to Yoongi, but he actually wanted the whole company to notice how their smells were mixed. And it worked.
Almost every employee looked in their direction, where Yoongi was happily walking next to Jungkook, talking about something and Jungkook was just humming. "Thank you for today," Yoongi giggles when they're in front of main door, "Probably, I'll start to come here every day!"
"You can sleep above me while I'm working," Jungkook agrees with the idea. "I bet it's not that comfy," he says. "It is," Jungkook admits. Yoongi looks at him, softly. "Okay! But don't complain if I start to pass too much time here!"
"I won't," Jungkook leans towards Yoongi and give him a kiss. A kiss that Yoongi happily responds and cause everyone around them to loudly gasp, "See you... tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow!" he takes the lapels from Jungkook's suit and make him to lean this time, kissing him again, this time deeper. After that, he happily runs outside, with Jungkook staring at him fondly.
"Sweet omega..." he whispers to himself, while he walks back to his office and ignoring all the surprised eyes staring at him. ***
- 23.
- 24.
- 25.
- 26. "Okay, so he might need... toys... clean clothes... Maybe shampoo too? Just in case..." Yoongi was accommodating Minjun things in a huge backpack. Today, Minjun was going to spend the whole morning with Jungkook at his office.
When the omega told him that, Jungkook said yes without even doubting about it. Yoongi thought, that probably, he was excited to meet Minjun. "Ugh," Jimin covered his nose when he entered the kitchen, "You still smell like Jungkook."
A tiny smile appeared on Yoongi's lips. Although he took a shower, he still has Jungkook's scent. And he likes that. The omega hopes that Jungkook also still smell like him. "I know," Yoongi answered, "Are you ready?"
"Yeah," Jimin says, "I've everything ready for the festival. I hope the kids have fun." "I'm sure they will," the omega smiles, "It's just a play and some games."
Yoongi, Hoseok and the other teachers thought that it would be a great idea to have a whole day at school to kids to have fun. They even prepared various activities. Before Jimin goes away, he looks at the huge backpack. "How many things are you putting there?"
"Just things that Jungkook might need," he explains and Jimin took a soap, "See? Hygiene is important." "I don't think he will give Minjun a bath in the middle of his office," the alpha laughs, "Also, are you sure it's okay? Probably Jungkook has a lot of work to do."
"He said it was fine." Jimin only hums, and this time, walks to the living room where Taehyung is with Minjun. And now, they have like a whole mountain of plushies. "Every day that passes, you're adding more plushies," he says, "At this rate, we won't be able to walk due to the
them." "That's the cost of learning," Tae says and Jimin notices the dark circles under his eyes. The same that Yoongi has. They spent almost the whole night making a guide for Jungkook, of how to take care of Minjun.
Yoongi had the idea, and he asked Taehyung to illustrate it. They called it, "How to take care of a baby named Minjun." "Let's go," Yoongi arrived to them, carrying the backpack that was almost bigger than him. "I should get going too," Taehyung stood up, "Good luck."
Minjun was already in Jimin's arms and Tae opened the door for them. ***
- 26.
- 27. "You want me to come with you?" Jimin asks. They were outside Skyline building. "Nah," Yoongi says, "I think this time I won't have problems." Jimin nods and Yoongi cross the door, meeting with the receptionist again. "Hello," Yoongi says, "I'm here to see Jungkook."
The receptionist raises her eyes, showing a confused face seeing that the omega is carrying a baby. "One moment, please," she presses a button in the intercom, "Seokjin, Yoongi is here." The omega feels relieved. Maybe Seokjin told the receptionist about him.
Just a few minutes later, Seokjin arrives to his side. "Hello," he says, "Jungkook told me to greet you. Come with me," Yoongi starts following him, "This is your pup?" "Yeah," Yoongi answers, "Say hello, Minjun."
"How cute," Seokjin smiles when the baby waves his tiny hand, "He looks like you." They get in the elevator as the last time and Yoongi feel even more nervous this time.
He hadn't thought about it too much, but Jimin told to him that it was a bit strange that Jungkook accepted Minjun so fast. The omega purses his lips. "I can't go with you this time," Seokjin says as the elevator stops, "But you already know the way to his office."
"Yes," he says and gets out of the elevator, "Thank you." Jin gives him a small bow and the elevator doors close. Now, he's all alone in the almost ghostly floor. "It's kind of scary that Jungkook's office is the only here," he mumbles to himself, walking to the office.
Minjun, for his part, he's staring at everything with curiosity. The omega knocks the door, just to receive an "Enter, Yoongi." With his shaky hand, he opens it and the first thing he sees, it's Jungkook adjusting a coffee maker.
And yes, Jungkook still has Yoongi's scent as well. "Hi," Yoongi shyly greets, "How did you know it was me?" "You know, other people usually don't come here," he says, "And Jin doesn't even knocks the door”, he continues, "About the coffee maker, I just bought it."
The alpha turns to him. He stares at Yoongi's face first, then, he looks at Minjun and finally, the huge backpack. "Hey, little boy," Jungkook greets at Minjun, who was staring at him with his big doe eyes, "He looks like you."
"Seokjin said the same thing," Yoongi says, "Thank you for taking care of him today. I know that probably you're busy..." "I said it was fine," Jungkook reminds him, "So, what's with the backpack?"
"Oh, yes. I put in there everything you might need for Minjun," he explains, "Also, I made an illustrative guide of how to take care of him." Yoongi lends Jungkook a tiny book and Jungkook took it, leafing through it.
"Just in case," he says, "Taking care of a baby is not that easy." "You made this?" it was a sewn book, filled with tutorials of basic things about babies, like how to change a diaper or even the correct way to carry them.
"A friend helped me with the illustrations and sewing it," Yoongi says, "Tae is an artist and he likes to do that kind of things." "It's amazing," he admits. "Thanks," he gets shy, "It also has some specific things about Minjun. Like, what he likes to do or his favorite toys."
"Don't worry, he's in good hands," he notices how Yoongi's eyes shine with his words. "Thank you," he repeats, "I've to go now. Minjun, behave well!"
When Jungkook is carrying Minjun in his arms, he feels something indescribable. He can also feel how his alpha almost purrs, feeling comfortable.
"In case something happens, you can call me," Yoongi continues and he leaves the backpack on the floor, "I'll have my phone all the time with me." "Sure." Jungkook tries to walk back to his desk, but Yoongi's stops him, grabbing one of his sleeves. "And my goodbye kiss?"
The omega cheeks are pink. "Oh, how I could forget such an important thing," Jungkook says with his heart beating fast and leans to give Yoongi a tiny kiss on his cheek, "See you." "See you!" Yoongi responds, "Jimin's waiting for me outside, I should get going. Bye, Minjun!"
He runs and Jungkook is left alone with the baby. "Well, Minjun... Is just you and me now," he stares at him, "We should look of what Yoongi prepared in your backpack?" He sits on the floor after putting Minjun at his side and opens the backpack closure.
"Clothes..." he starts to take out some things, "Hey, it's the plushie you like," it was the brontosaurus Yoongi told him about. "Ta!" Minjun points to the plushie.
"Ta? That's its name?" he hands him the plushie and Minjun starts playing with it, "I think I saw something about that in the guide Yoongi gave me..." He starts to leaf through the book, and Seokjin opens the door.
"I'm here to see this cute baby!" he practically runs towards Minjun, making him laugh, "Did Jungkook already scared you?" "Hey," Jungkook tells him, "I'm not scaring Minjun."
"Look, Minjun," Seokjin points to Jungkook's face, "That scary man with a grumpy face, is your appa too." Jungkook sighs and returns his attention to the tiny book on his hands. "Appa!" Minjun calls him. Seokjin loudly gasps and Jungkook is surprised.
"I can't believe he actually did it..." "Appa!" the baby calls him again, with a smile. "So smart," Jin smiles, "I wonder what other things he can already say."
"Yoongi wrote here that," Jungkook starts to read, "If he says Ta, he's talking about Taehyung. And if he says Mimis, he's talking about Jimin." Seokjin gets closer to him. "What is that?"
"A guide that Yoongi made for me," he says, proudly, "It also says that Minjun usually calls Yoongi appa too." "He even made a book for you..." Seokjin is surprised, "Well, you need it. I think this is the first time you're around a baby." Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "Maybe."
They stay silent, with Seokjin making funny faces and noises, making Minjun happily laughs. While Jungkook is still reading, he notices how at the last page, it says who made it. "Written by Yoongi...," he reads, "And illustrated by..." Taehyung. Yoongi's favorite alpha.
"Ha, you wish," he clenches his teeth, feeling jealous, "Seokjin, look at this." Jin stares at him and starts to laugh. "I can't believe you're jealous because of that," he says, "It's obvious he put it there with that purpose." "But Minjun almost say his name..."
"Oh, god," Jin rolls his eyes, "Yeah, and Minjun called you appa." Well, that's true. "By the way," Jin says, "I hope you remember that you've an important meeting today," Jungkook looks at him, "Your face is telling me that you forgot."
"Shit," he says, "I did. I thought I didn't have anything important to do today, that's why I told Yoongi that I could take care of our pup." "Well... You can bring him. I don't think it's a problem." "To the meeting?"
"Yeah... I mean, he's really calm. But if he starts crying or something, probably Yoongi's book says something about it." "It does," the alpha confirms, "With his pacifier. It usually helps Minjun to stop crying."
"Yoongi really thought of everything," Jin says and Jungkook just nods. Just like that, the whole morning starts to pass by without any trouble. Minjun had already eaten and now he was running around all the office.
"Minjun, come here," Jungkook calls him and Minjun runs to him, "You'll see how a business meeting is." In the pockets of his suit, he puts the pacifier. Just in case.
When he arrives to the meeting room, obviously everyone, mostly betas, are looking at him because he has a baby on his arms. "Let's start," he says, like everything was normal. "Uh... Mister Jeon..." one of them tries to say. "Yes?" "N-Nothing."
The meeting starts and progress without any inconvenience. Minjun is just staring at everyone and everything, until he starts to feel sleepy and falls asleep in Jungkook's arms.
"That's the monthly income we expect for the company," the alpha explains and everyone present takes notes, "Any comment?" he asks and they shook their heads, "It's over, then. See you at the next meeting."
They start to collect their things and Jungkook finally leaves the meeting room, checking on Minjun. "You fell asleep," he mumbles and goes to his office. A few minutes later, he receives a message from Yoongi, saying that he's already arriving to the building.
"Morning ended so fast," Jungkook says, "... I should wake him up or not?" It wasn't necessary to make a choice, because Minjun starts waking up by himself and he turns to the door. "Hello!" Yoongi opens the door, lively and being followed by Jimin, "Minjun!"
Jungkook noticed how the baby was staring at the door even before Yoongi opened it. Minjun extended his arms, trying to go with Yoongi. "That's why I got after spending the whole morning with him," Jungkook jokes and smiles with the view of Yoongi carrying Minjun in his arms.
"Your company is nice," Jimin says, "And hello, I'm Jimin." "Nice to meet you too," Jungkook responds, "And thank you." Jungkook was a little surprised by Jimin being an alpha. He imagined him and Taehyung in a different way... now he wonders how the other alpha looks like.
"Everything went well?" Yoongi asked. "Yes," Jungkook says, "Even Seokjin was here playing with Minjun." "I hope my amazing guide helped you!" the omega smiles. "It did. Actually, your friend Taehyung, wrote something..." "Tae?" Jimin stared at Jungkook. "Last page."
Jimin takes the tiny book in his (tiny) hands and goes to the last page. After reading it, he lets out a funny sigh. "Ah, don't take it too personal," Jimin smiles, "Probably it was his way to take revenge because the whole apartment is filled with your scent due to Yoongi."
"Jimin!" the omega tries to stop him. "I see," Jungkook hums, "That's why I wanted, actually. I'm glad it worked." "Alphas... always being so territorial," Jimin comments, "I think we should get going, Yoonie. It's getting late."
"Sure," Yoongi agrees and Jimin picks up the backpack, "Jungkookie, thank you again. You can come to our apartment any time." "I will," he promises. Yoongi giggles and finally, he walks outside the office along with Jimin.
When Jungkook is alone... he finds himself reading the guide again. *-*-*
- 28.
- 29.
- 30. "What I'm even doing here...?" Seokjin gets off of Jungkook's car, looking at the toy store that was in front of them. It was a cold Saturday and Jungkook is wearing a jacket. Several days after Jungkook met Minjun for the first time.
Everything between Jungkook and Yoongi was going smoothly. They even had talked about getting in a serious relationship, but nothing happened yet. "This was supposed to be my free day," Seokjin sighs.
"It is," Jungkook responds, "But I can't tell Yoongi to come with me. I want the toys to be a surprise." Jin doesn't say anything and they walk to the front door.
"I mean... The Friendly Friend isn't a friendly name for a toy store," Jin looks at the huge letters above the toy store, "Actually... Jungkook... I wanted to ask you something." "Sure." "Uh... please don't get mad."
Jungkook stares at him. "Depends of what are you going to ask me." "You see," Seokjin clears his throat, "Most of the employees at the company also were there when your father was the CEO, so they're still pretty loyal to him..." "I already know that."
"Yeah... I just wanted to ask if you father didn't tell you something about Yoongi going to your office very often, or even about a baby running in your office or attending the meetings."
"Now that you mention it..." Jungkook says, "No. And it's weird, he sometimes even called me to talk about the company..." "I knew it. I was thinking about that because Hyori has not gone to the company as well..." Kim Hyori. Heiress of automotive company, "Kim Holdings."
And the omega who was supposed to get married with Jungkook. Just a few months ago, Jungkook was considering to get married with her if that helped the company, even if he wasn't in love with her. But he didn't expect Yoongi to come back to his life, and with a pup.
His father always told him that, if a marriage can help their business, it's a double win. And of course, they also needed an heir. A travel company getting an agreement with an automotive company was a huge boost for both. That's why Hyori was the best candidate for marriage.
She usually went to Jungkook's office and they talked a lot, trying to know each other. Jungkook wasn't really interested in her, but he was always kind. He didn't even notice that she stopped appearing in his office because Yoongi was there almost every day, and sometimes even
with Minjun. "Probably it's just nothing," Jungkook says and they finally enter to the toy store, "Maybe they decided to stop the marriage thing." Seokjin just nods, but the worry doesn't go away.
That day, Jungkook decided to buy something for Minjun. He doesn't know too much about toys for babies, so that's why he asked Seokjin to come with him. "I don't know either," Seokjin says, "I'm not a dad!" Without even trying, they look intimidating for other customers.
"Hello, good morning," one of the employees approaches to them, "May I help you?" "We want toys," Jungkook answers, causing a confusing look on the employee and a sigh on Seokjin.
"Let me talk," he says, "Hello, we're looking for something for my nephew. He's around one year old." "Sure," the employee smiles, "Anything special you're looking for? Baby toys are usually to help them to develop various skills and polish their five senses."
"He likes dinosaurs," Jungkook talks again. "Ah, maybe for the movie called Dinofriends?" the employee asks and Jungkook nods, "It's very popular these days, we even have a whole corridor for their commodity. Come with me."
Both of them follows the employee, and even from afar, Jungkook can already see the toys. "I don't know if you've watched the movie, but like its names says, it about friendship," the employee took one of the toys, "A friendship between a tyrannosaurus rex and a brontosaurus."
"He already has that plushie," Jungkook points to the brontosaurus near them, the same plushie Minjun has, "It's his favorite." "In that case, I highly recommend to buy the tyrannosaurus plushie!"
"Fine," Jungkook stares at the plushie. It looks more friendly than a real tyrannosaurus would be like. "Anything else?" the employee asks. Just like that, Jungkook and Seokjin leaves the store carrying a lot of bags.
"Make sure to come back!" this time, all of the employees were bowing at them, grateful because they almost bought all the store.
"I can't believe we ended like this...," Seokjin says while Jungkook opens the car's trunk, putting all the new toys there, "It's a lot of toys for just one baby!" "He'll like them," Jungkook simply responds, "I'll take you home and I'll go with Yoongi later."
Jungkook closes the trunk and Seokjin gets up on the car. "You'll give me a raise for this." "Deal," Jungkook agrees. ***
- 31.
- 32. "Where are you going?" Jimin asks when he sees Yoongi putting on his shoes. "Jungkook told me that he was at the parking," the omega says. "Uh... he can come here..." Taehyung looks up from his book, "He knows that, right?"
"Yeah," Yoongi opens the door, "But he said he needed help with something. I'll come right back!" The apartment stays silent for a moment after Yoongi left. "I just hope don't they don't scent the whole apartment," Tae says and makes Jimin laugh.
By his part, Yoongi is on the elevator. He lives in the fourth floor of an apartment complex. When he arrives the parking lot, he can spot Jungkook's car and of course, the alpha as well.
"Jungkookie!" he happily runs towards him, jumping into his arms and with Jungkook catching him without problems, "Hello!" "Hey, you look happy today," Jungkook smiles. "That's because you came to visit me!" he giggles, "Smooch?"
"Don't need to ask me twice," Jungkook gives him a sweet kiss, feeling warm, "How's Minjun?" "Really fine!" Yoongi responds, "He was trying to say your name the other day... I was teaching him!" "How it went?" "Well... For now, I think it's better if he calls you appa!"
Jungkook laughs. "It's fine, he's in the process of learning. Actually, I brought some things for him..." The alpha opens the car trunk and Yoongi gets surprised. "You bought all of that?!"
"The employees were happy," Jungkook says, "And yeah, that's why I told you that I needed help." "Minjun will be so happy!" the omega smiles, "Thank you... You didn't have to..." "But I wanted to. Later, maybe I can buy pretty things for you too."
"It's not necessary..." but even so, he also has a smile on his face. Both of them carries some bags in their hands and they head to the elevator, talking about anything that it comes to their minds. "I'm back," Yoongi announces when he opens the door, "And Jungkookie is here."
Alphas tends to be territorial, especially in their own houses, but Jungkook hopes everything goes well. The apartment looks like he imagined, homey and comfortable. "Hello," Jimin was wearing a huge sweater, "It's cold today, isn't it?"
"Yeah," Jungkook responds, taking his shoes off and gives a tiny bow to Taehyung, "A bit." "Jungkookie bought a lot of things for Minjun," Yoongi says, "But he's sleeping right now..."
"Don't worry. The toys aren't going anywhere, he can see them later," Jungkook said, "No need to wake him up." "Okay," the omega starts walking, "But we should leave the toys at my room."
Jungkook follows Yoongi trough the hall. He opens one of the doors very slowly, and even the lights are off. "His crib is next to my bed," Yoongi explains in a whisper and leaves the bags with the toys on the floor, "If you want, I can show you my bedroom later."
Jungkook nods while Yoongi closes the door. "Sorry... You probably wanted to see him..." "Yeah, but waking him up just to see my face it's not fair," he jokes and Yoongi smiles, "We can watch a movie or something."
They end up cuddling in the couch, watching the first movie they found and giving each other lazy kisses. Jimin and Taehyung went to their bedroom, leaving the lovebirds to have their moment. "Come closer," Yoongi mumbles, "I'm cold."
"I'm here, I'm here," Jungkook responds and brings Yoongi closer to him, "Probably you need a blanket." "Maybe..." Yoongi responds, and they stay like that for a long time, enjoying the warmness the other provides. Without knowing what was coming. ***
- 33.
- 34. When Jungkook opened his eyes, he also noticed how his neck was hurting. "Uh..." he tried to move, but something was above him. More specifically, someone. Probably it happened during the night, but Yoongi was on his lap.
Yoongi and him fell asleep on the couch, and that's why his neck was hurting. The position wasn't the most comfortable. "At least it's sunday..." he mumbles. It wasn't on his plans to stay here during the night, but Yoongi looked very soft and cute while sleeping.
And now he has his scent all over him. Checking his phone, he saw how it was just morning. And he also some messages from his father. "Good morning," it was Jimin's voice, he was carrying Minjun in his arms, "Did you sleep well? Yoongi seems comfy, he usually wakes up earlier."
"A bit," Jungkook answers and he feels how Yoongi snuggles with him, "It wasn't a very comfortable position." Jimin laughs. "That's true. Would you like to have breakfast with us?" "I've to go," he says, "Maybe later."
Jimin just nods and he starts walking to the kitchen, with Minjun on his arms staring at Jungkook. "Yoongi," Jungkook calls him, "Hyung." "It's too early..." Yoongi mumbles, still half asleep. "Hyung," he calls him again, "I've to go."
The omega squeezes his eyelids, and he finally open his eyes, meeting with Jungkook sleepy gaze. "You called me Hyung..." he says, "Smooch?" They met their lips in a sweet but short kiss.
"Sorry, I didn't realize I called you that way" Jungkook closes his eyes when Yoongi approaches him again for another kiss. "It's fine... I like it..." he snuggles into his chest, "You really have to go?"
"Yes," Jungkook sighs. He didn't check the messages from his father, but probably it wasn't a good thing, "I've to check some things, but I promise I'll come tomorrow." "Take me with you." "You would like that, eh?" he asks, playfully and Yoongi nods, "I'll think about it."
"Okay," the omega responds, "But... can you scent me before you go?" "Yes," Jungkook buries his nose in Yoongi's neck. Scenting each other it's now part of their goodbyes, "Done. You want to scent me too?" "You already smell like me," he giggles, "But okay."
In their festival of scenting each other and forgetting where they were, Taehyung arrived to the living room. He stares at them for a few seconds without saying anything, and then he turns around to where he was coming before.
"Now you smell nice," Yoongi hugs him and Jungkook closes his eyes. Probably he was being selfish, but for some reason, he wanted to spend more time with Yoongi today.
"I do," he responds, getting up from the couch and causing a pout in Yoongi's lips, "Don't pout, Hyung. It's not like I'm leaving forever." "It's like forever to me." The alpha stares at him. "Okay, one last kiss."
Yoongi closes his eyes even before Jungkook approaches him and the alpha took that opportunity to admire his pretty facial features.
"Pretty and sweet omega," he mumbles before kissing Yoongi again. The omega happily responds to the kiss, "If we keep like this, I'll not leave ever." "Then don't."
"But I've to," this time, for real, Jungkook starts walking to the door, "I'd like to stay just to see Minjun's reaction to his new toys, but..."
"It's fine," Yoongi responds, walking to him with a smile, "Don't worry too much. I know your work is important too. Just be sure to comeback." "I will," Jungkook answers, putting his shoes on, "I had a great sleep, even if my neck hurts due the position."
Yoongi stares. "We can sleep on my bed later, if you want." Probably it wasn't Yoongi's intention, but that sounded... so flirty. "I've to go before you keep flirting with me and I decide to stay," the alpha says and causes a laugh on Yoongi. "It's working, then."
They stare at each other for just a second, and Jungkook leans to kiss Yoongi again. "Bye," he says and Yoongi waves his hand, saying goodbye with a soft smile. That was the last thing Jungkook saw before closing the door. ***
- 35.
- 36. "He knows," it's the first thing Jungkook says when Jin opens the door of his apartment, looking half sleep. "Uh... Who knows what? You know, it's a sunday morning. Even if I appreciate your friendship a lot, sometimes I need to rest as well."
"My father," Jungkook answers and shows his phone. Just with that, he captures all the attention from Jin, "About Yoongi and Minjun." "Ah..." he responds, sitting on the couch and trying to fully wake up, "See? That's why I asked you yesterday."
"They can't do anything, right? I mean, my father and Hyori. I never said yes to the marriage,I just said that I was going to think about it." Seokjin shrugs. "Nope. Besides, what's the worst thing he can do? Remove you from the CEO position?" Jungkook frowns and stares at him.
"He can't do that... right?" "No... I mean, can he?" Jungkook sits at his side, "Probably... He needs the opinion of all workers? I don't know, that never happened before."
"Well, my answer will be no. So, he can't do it," Jin says, "Even so, you're an adult now. He can't keep controlling you, even in an important thing such as marriage."
"It’s just... I was fine with the idea. In the past," Jungkook remembers, "But now Yoongi's here... I want to be with him and our pup." "You need to talk about that with them," Seokjin sighs, "It's not that difficult and they can't force you. Are you going to tell Yoongi?"
"Yoongi? Why?" "Well... just in case something goes wrong. At least, he'll have heard it from you first and not from someone else." Yoongi's soft smile comes to his mind. "What if... What if he wants to leave me?"
"Don't worry, I think he'll understand the situation. It's not like you're already married." Jungkook looks away. Maybe Seokjin is right... but... What if that really happens? "I'll tell him," he lies, "Thanks for your advice."
"It's fine," Jin smiles, "But if talking doesn't work, you can always scape from the altar." "We're not in a movie," Jungkook sighs, "And I don't think that will be necessary."
"Just imagine... Yoongi arrives to your wedding and he says, "I oppose!". You'll be so flustered but in love with him, so you'll only stutter "H-Hyung..." just to run after him."
Jungkook stares at Seokjin, with a serious look. "... You've watched too many movies, and I don’t talk like that." "You do. And admit it, it sounds nice." It does. Escaping from everything with Yoongi sounds nice. Jungkook thought, but he doesn't say it out loud. ***
- 37.
- 38. "What do you mean by no?" Hyori asks. After a few days, Kim Hyori is on Jungkook's office, staring at him with a surprised face. They haven't seen each other for a long time, and the first thing that Jungkook says to her, it's that he doesn't wants to marry.
"No," Jungkook answers, writing something on his computer, "That's what I meant." "Suddenly?!" she almost shouts, "You already said yes to the marriage!" "I didn't say yes," the alpha replies, calm, "I just said that I was going to consider it. And my final answer is no."
"B-But... Why? I'm not pretty enough? Or are you interested in another candidate?" "Hyori," Jungkook stops her, "I met someone. It's just simple as that. I don't think it's fair to any of us to get marry if we aren't in love, even if it's for business."
The alpha hopes she understands. And, she's now able to marry with someone she really loves. "Fine," she sighs, "But don't regret your decision." "I don't think I will." After a few seconds, Hyori takes her phone out and sends a message.
"And..." she continues, "I know the person?" "Nope," Jungkook doesn't want to be rude, but probably giving too much information about Yoongi to her isn't a good idea. It's not like he doesn't trust her... he doesn't trust his father.
"I see," Hyori says, "Actually,you still smell like her. I mean, flowers." "Him," he clears his throat. The omega hums. "Ah." She finally stood up and starts walking to the door without even saying goodbye and just the sound of her high heels can be heard in the silent office.
When Hyori opens the door, she meets with a cute omega that smells like flowers carrying a stack of papers. He even has Jungkook's smell as well. They share a look for a second, and that's enough to make Hyori get in a bad mood.
"G-Good afternoon," Yoongi greets her, but Hyori is already far enough to be able to hear him. Or probably she just ignored him, "That was strange..." Didn't Jungkook said that usually no one comes here?
Yoongi does not give more importance to that, and he finally enters to the office, smiling just by seeing Jungkook. "Jungkookie!" he calls him, walking to his desk and noticing how he has a frown, "It's everything alright?"
"Yoongi," Jungkook gives him a tiny smile, "Yeah, now's everything better with you here. Those are the exams you've to check?" "Yeah," the omega sits, "It's a lot, right? Exams period can be stressful..." Jungkook took one and starts reading it. "I see..."
Yoongi giggles. "It's not that difficult. We've a paper sheet with the answers." "In that case, I can help you." "You want to? Usually Jimin and Tae helps me sometimes..." "Yeah. If that helps you to feel less stressful, I can do it."
"Thank you," he smiles, "I was planning to do it on my apartment. Want to come? Only if you are done with your work." "I'm the boss. I can leave when I want," he jokes to show off and Yoongi rolls his eyes in a funny way, "But it's true!"
"Fine. But if Seokjin scolds you... this wasn't my idea." Jungkook smiles. He feels nice like this. The confidence between him and Yoongi has grown enough to have conversation with friendly jokes.
Probably for anyone else, this is what you usually do with your friends and it was a normal thing, but for Jungkook... it was something else. Something that is meaningful. He hopes this can last. Forever, at least. ***
- 39.
- 40. "We can divide it," Yoongi mentions, giving half of the exams to Jungkook, along with a paper sheet with the answers. He also begins to explain how to check them correctly and Jungkook hears him with attention.
At this point, it was very usual for Jungkook to be in Yoongi's apartment almost every day. Probably, he now spends more time here than in his own house.
He likes being here, seeing Minjun and play with him. Sometimes, he even has tiny conversations with Jimin or Taehyung, where the alphas, not directly, tell him that they're fine with him being on their house.
The first thing they did when they arrived was to see Minjun. The baby is always so happy when he sees Yoongi, but for some reason, he's even more happy and excited when he sees Jungkook.
Minjun was with Jimin on his room, watching that movie about dinosaurs he really liked. And Jungkook felt nice when he saw how Minjun was hugging the tyrannosaurus plushie he gave him.
When they were fully immersed and focused on the exams, Jungkook noticed two things. First, Yoongi tends to slightly open his mouth when he's too focused, and second, he looks so cute. He also likes and feels nice about this... it's so domestic for some reason.
"Yoongi, are you busy?" it was Jimin's voice, coming from the hall. "Nope," Yoongi responds and Jimin arrives to them, carrying Minjun. "It's just that Minjun draw something for Jungkook," Jimin smiles and the alpha is surprised.
"For me?" he's surprised, but Yoongi seems like he's about to cry of happiness. Minjun is staring at them. "Appa." And points to Jungkook. "See?" Jimin continues and hands Jungkook a paper, "He likes to draw."
The paper only has scrawls made with blue and purple crayons. But that was enough. "Wow..." "He'll be an artist in the future," Jimin says and Minjun laughs, "Seems like he likes the idea." Minjun extends his arms, trying to go with Yoongi.
"Oh?" he smiles and carries him, "It's fine, Minjun. It's not like I'm jealous..." he jokes, but it seems like Minjun understands. "I'm going to sleep," Jimin announces, "It's getting late. If you want, I can help you with the exams tomorrow."
"Okay, we almost finished," Yoongi says and Jimin returns to his room. When the omega looks to Jungkook again, he's still staring at the draw with a melancholic look. "I always wanted to be an artist," he mumbles, "This means a lot to me." Yoongi stares at him, in silent.
"But my father had other plans for my future..." "Well," Yoongi says, "You can always return to what you love. It's never too late. Even just as a hobby is enough." The alpha lets out a shaky breath. "Can I take a pic of you and Minjun?"
"Right now?" Yoongi asks, surprised by the conversation change, "Uh... I don't look very photogenic right now..." "It's fine. You look gorgeous as always." He opens his mouth to say something, but closes it due to the embarrassment.
"Fine..." he's now blushed, "Look, Minjun!" he points to Jungkook's phone, "Look there!" The captured picture was Yoongi pointing to the camera with a smile and Minjun staring at it with a surprised look in his big eyes. "For the memory," Jungkook smiles, "Of our family." ***
- 41. Later, that night... "Minjun!" Yoongi suddenly wakes up and runs to the crib after he heard Minjun crying. Yoongi checks him, and everything seems alright. "What happened?!" both Jimin and Taehyung, looking sleepy, appeared on the door of Yoongi's room.
"I don't know..." Yoongi replies, "Maybe he's sick? He's been restless all night and just wants to be in my arms." Minjun is hiding in Yoongi's neck, looking calmer now. "Probably it's a good idea to see a doctor," Jimin suggest.
"He looks fine now..." Yoongi says, "He'll sleep with me today. Probably that helps." Both alphas nods and they returned back to their room. For his part, Yoongi feels sleepy but he'll try to stay awake until Minjun fully asleep.
"Minjun..." he says, "Probably you've the same feeling as me... That something is going to happen." But the baby was already asleep. ***
- 42.
- 43.
- 44.
- 45. Yoongi yawned as he was walking outside his room. He didn't sleep at all, making sure everything was alright with Minjun during the night. Probably it was just a momentary thing, because after Minjun was snuggling with him, the baby slept all night.
And now, he's even walking behind Yoongi, following him. "Good morning," the omega said, arriving to the living room and encountering Taehyung in front of the door, "Minjun has a lot of energy today."
"That's great," Jimin's voice came from kitchen and Minjun went there, "I was really worried last night." "What are you doing?" Yoongi asked, looking at Taehyung who was still in front of the door, with his gaze fixed on it.
"I'm waiting something I ordered on internet. It says that it will arrive today." Yoongi hums. "But what if arrives later?" "Then I'll be here," Tae smiles. After finishing that sentence, someone knocked the door and Taehyung opened it really fast.
Yoongi could see the stars on his eyes while receiving the package. "Thank you," he said to the delivery man and closed the door, "Finally... on my hands." "Books?" Yoongi took one of them. More specifically, books about omegas.
"I saw a conference on the TV yesterday," Tae explained, "And the lecturer was really smart, so I wanted his books." "You can also say that he was really hot," Jimin arrives to them, with Minjun on his arms.
"Kim Namjoon..." Yoongi read the author's name. It was really a handsome man, with a sweet smile adorned with dimples, "An alpha that research about omegas?" he raised an eyebrow. "With respect, of course," Tae says. "I know," Yoongi smiles, "For science purposes, I suppose."
"He fell in love with him," Jimin rolls his eyes. "Are you jealous, Jimin-ah?" Tae asks, playfully, "Don't need to be, my dearest soulmate." Jimin pouts in response and Tae stares at him fondly.
"I should get going," Yoongi interrupts their moment, "Today I'll be busy with the exams, so I'll come back later than usual. Probably I won't visit Jungkookie today."
"Okay," Tae says and notices something else with the package, "Uh... I think they sent something else," he took it out, "Pajamas?" "Wait," Yoongi took them, "I ordered this." "Matching pajamas? And why they sent it with the books?"
"I don't know," the omega responds, "Probably because it was the same address." The pajamas were simple. They had a fully plaid design, one was blue, and the other one was red.
"I bought them for me and Jungkookie..." Yoongi's cheeks turned pink, "You know, my heat is near and..." "Wait... Are you planning to ask him to spend it with you?" Jimin looks at him. He shyly nods. "Only if he wants... of course." "I don't think he refuses," Tae intervenes.
"I hope so," Yoongi smiles, "I'm going to take a quick shower." The omega places the pajamas on his chest, like he was giving them a hug and smiles to himself, disappearing in the hall. "It's the first time Yoongi wants to spend his rut with someone," Jimin says.
"Yeah," Tae responds, "The things with Jungkook are getting serious." "Well... If he's happy, so am I," Jimin's statement made Minjun smile, "Right, Minjunie?" "Appa!" Minjun said, pointing to the picture of Namjoon at the back of one of the books.
"What?!" Tae is surprised, "Minjun... he's not your appa..." "I think Minjunie likes Namjoon as well," Jimin says and Minjun stares at him. "Don't worry, Minjun!" Taehyung smiles, "I'm going to marry him one day, so you'll be able to see him every day."
Minjun happily laughs and Jimin sighs, with a smile on his face. "I hope I'm part of that marriage." "Of course you are," the alpha responds and Jimin hums. ***
- 46.
- 47. Jungkook entered to his parents' house without let them know before. He still has a copy of the keys. Also, the employees knew him, so they let him pass.
It was a big house surrounded by a beautiful garden, and really luxurious. He could only hear his own steps before going to the dining room. "I know it was you," it was the first thing he said when his eyes noticed his father was there, having breakfast.
"Son, what a pleasure to see you," his father responds, "I'm glad you're spending your free time with us." Jungkook clenched his teeth. "Jungkookie?" his mother's voice. A beautiful omega walked to him, "You should have told us you were coming!"
"Omoni," Jungkook said. Unlike with his dad, the alpha had a great relationship with his mother. "Following with your accusation," his father cleared this throat, "If you're talking about the marriage with miss Hyori, it was already settled down."
"It wasn't," Jungkook responded, "I never said yes. Even Hyori was alright with cancelling it." "Son," he continued, "You know it's the best for the company..." He doesn't seem like he wants to cooperate. Jungkook already knew that his father has knowledge about Yoongi.
He didn't want to bring that theme, but it was the only choice. "I met someone," that statement made the room to stay in silent. "Oh, Jungkookie!" his mother was the first to speak, "Really? That's so sweet."
"That's why I can't get married with Hyori," he continued, "I don't think it's fair. Also, she agreed." Just like Jungkook remembered, his parents had very different reactions. For her part, his mother looked very happy. But his father...
"Fine," his father sighed, not very satisfied and standing up, "But don't regret the decision." "I won't," Jungkook answered, following with his eyes to his father until he left the room. The conversation went really similar like it did with Hyori.
This went more easier than he actually expected. Why his father agreed so fast? Jungkook didn't wanted to draw unsubstantiated conclusions, but his father isn't usually like this. "What are they like?" his mother voice took him out his thoughts.
"Amazing," Jungkook replies, "He's really sweet... and we had a pup. That's another reason to be with him." "That's really sweet," his mother smiled, "And I want to meet my grandchild, of course."
"Yes, probably Yoongi will love that..." Jungkook's heart felt ease and happy. Probably his father wasn't very happy with his decision, but if someone supported him, that was enough, "I've to go, Omoni. I'll try to come and visit you more often."
"Ah, don't worry. I know you're busy," she says, "Take your time." They shared a hug and Jungkook finally left his childhood's house.
"I can't believe Jungkook really believed in what that shitty omega said," the old man arrived when Jungkook left, "I didn't raise an alpha to be that naive." The omega didn't say anything and just stared at him.
"Does he really think that bastard is his son? What a joke," he continues, "It's obvious that it's a way to have status and money. The omega it's just a professor, he can't offer anything to us."
"He doesn't need to offer anything to us," the lady said, "And neither to Jungkook. Love is not about that." "But business is about that," he continued, "The company is about that. And I know Jungkook eventually will come out of that bubble where's right now, being seduced
by that bland omega." The lady sighed, not happy with his husband's answer. "Or probably he won't. Love works like that." ***
- 48.
- 49. "I'm home!" Yoongi said while he was closing the door of the apartment, taking his shoes off. He was expecting to encounter a lot of pics of Kim Namjoon adorning the walls, but the apartment was like always.
There were two different things. The silent in the whole apartment, and Jungkook not answering his texts. The omega usually doesn't care about things like that. He knows that Jungkook is a busy man, and they don't talk a lot during the day.
Sometimes, they have night calls until one of them falls asleep. And most of the times, it's Yoongi. But he remembers one night where Jungkook was really tired and the omega was able to hear his calm breathing, indicating that he fell asleep.
But today... no messages. Not even a good morning one. "Minjun!" Yoongi called his baby. Other reason to be puzzled about the whole situation, it's the silent in the whole apartment. Minjun always runs happily towards him when he arrives, but today... nothing.
"Probably it's the day of ignoring Yoongi," he mumbles. Even Hoseok was strange today at work, like he knew something Yoongi didn't. He walks towards Jimin and Taehyung shared room and opened the door. Jimin was there, with Minjun sleeping at his side.
"That explains everything," he smiles and closes the door. Probably Taehyung is still at work, so he walks to his room this time. Turns the lights on and falls on the bed, enjoying the softness of his pillow.
He stretched like a cat and started to scroll on his phone. He wasn't able to check it at its fully until this moment. Exams period usually takes almost all of his time. Suddenly, he stops to make sure he read something right. Kim Hyori... getting married with... Who?
He even enters to the link and reads the whole article. It has a picture of Jungkook as well. The beats of his heart are almost out of control. He feels like it can jump out of his chest anytime.
Jungkook always said that his company wasn't really huge, and it looks like it's true. Almost all of the article headings refer to Kim Hyori and all news portals are talking about it. Yoongi recognizes her. It's the beautiful omega he saw leaving Jungkook's office.
But he doesn't understand. "Oh, fuck," the tears are already falling through his cheeks, "I didn't even notice when I started to cry..." With his blurred vision due to the tears, he tries to stood up and walks to where Jimin is.
He needs to talk with someone. He needs to talk with Jungkook. He needs to... "Yoongi?" Jimin's voice. The omega didn't notice that he already opened the door. Jimin was in front of him, carrying Minjun with a worried face, "Is everything alright? Your scent is getting really
strong. It even woke me up." "J-Jimin," he tries to say, with his shaky voice, "I think Jungkook o-only played with me." "What?" Someone knocks the door, and Yoongi's skin bristles. "It's him."
"Who? Jungkook?" Jimin is confused, "Yoongi, I don't understand. What is happening?" Minjun is also staring to the door, aiming to see his appa.
Yoongi is conflicted. He wants to go and open the door, just to see Jungkook. But for other part, he also wants to hide in his room and never get out of there.
His emotions are out of control and he feels in conflict. He thinks it's because of his near heat, but also because it's the first time he experiences a broken heart. Yoongi wiped his tears away. "Read this."
With his free hand, Jimin took Yoongi's phone while the omega started to walk directly to the door with his shaky legs and a lump on his throat. He never ran from a problem before, and he's not going to do it now. Took a big breath of air and opened the door.
"They told me that they will remove the articles by tomorrow," Jungkook was talking on his phone, "They can do it now, but they like to delay the inevitable for more clicks." The alpha turns and notices Yoongi staring at him.
"I've to go, Seokjin," Jungkook now sounds worried, "See you later." He hangs and keeps the gaze with Yoongi. The omega's eyes are red and puffy, just like his button nose. With a quick glance to the inside of the apartment, he also notices that Jimin is looking at them,
with a frown. More specifically, at him. "Since when?" Yoongi asks and Jungkook blinks. "Since when... what?" The omega feels how the tears are falling through his cheeks again. "Since when are you engaged?!" He shouts. Sad, mad, disappointed and wounded.
Yoongi has to bite his lips, trying to stop the sobs that threaten to leave. Jungkook's heart sink just with the look. "Never, I never was. Listen, Yoongi. This is just a misunderstanding-"
"Then why everyone's talking about that, eh? You think I'm an idiot?" he interrupts him, "Probably it was fun for you. Playing with a poor omega, right?"
"Yoongi, please don't say that," Jungkook answers, "You know it's not like it. I care about you and Minjun. That's why I went to many companies to ask them to take down the articles. I never agreed to the marriage.” Yoongi narrowed his eyes and sniffs.
His heart was already accepting this? His heart was already satisfied with just these words? Probably it was the worst moment to realize it... but... He already fell in love? "B-But you lied," he clenched his teeth, "You didn't trust me."
"Yoongi," Jungkook took his hand, "I do... Please, just let me explain everything-" "Don't touch me!" he came loose from his grip in a very aggressive way, surprising both Jungkook and Jimin, "Y-You... You!" "Yoongi!" Jimin stopped him, "Calm down, please."
"Jimin," Yoongi said, "Take Minjun to your room." "But-" Yoongi turned to him, and whatever it was the way he looked at him, it worked. "Fine," Jimin mumbles and he walks away, with Minjun staring at Jungkook. Extending his tiny arms and trying to go with him.
They remain silent for a moment, until Yoongi hears how the door of Jimin's room is closed. His omega feels betrayed and hurt. If Jungkook says this is a misunderstanding, why he didn't tell him before?
He would have understood the situation. If he didn't tell him,it was because he didn't want to do it. As simple as that. "We're done," he turns to Jungkook again. That words are enough to make Jungkook to open his eyes in a surprised way, "If we ever had something,it's the end."
The alpha could hear the beats of his heart. Clear and loudly. "No," he tries to say, "Yoongi, no. Listen, I'm sorry, I was just trying to-" "Aren't you happy?" the omega asks, "You can be with Kim Hyori. Isn't that what you wanted?"
Even if Yoongi's words tried to sound inexpressive, Jungkook could still hear the anger in them. "It's over," he says and tries to closes the door, "This wasn't important to you, anyway." No. Jungkook stops him from closing the door. "It is." "Huh?"
"It is important," he says, "More than anything." Yoongi sighs, trying to hold his tears. "Jungkook, please..." Jungkook begins to roll up his suit sleeve, exposing his wrist, and with that, the beaded bracelet Yoongi gave him almost two years ago.
"Always with me," probably, at this time and with his shaky voice, he sounds and looks pathetic. His father probably would scold him for showing his emotions, saying that he didn't raised a feeble person... but he doesn't care. Emotions are part of what you are.
Yoongi looks at the bracelet, with his shiny eyes, but this time, due to the tears on them. He doesn't say anything else, and just with that, he closes the door. Jungkook hears Yoongi's steps inside, like he's running... but he stays there. Like he's stucked to that place.
He can't move. He feels like a ringing on his ears, and an emptiness in his stomach. "Oh, Jungkook," it's Taehyung. He's arriving from work, but he wrinkles his nose when he's near the apartment, "What happened here? It smells like someone had a fight of scents."
But Jungkook hears him like he's actually far way, even if he's by his side. Taehyung frowns when Jungkook doesn't answer him, but his phone starts to ring.
"Jimin," Tae answers, "Yeah, I'm actually outside, I just arrived... Jungkook is here-" he stops, and as Jimin explains the situation, he stares at Jungkook, "Yoongi locked himself in his room? I'm going."
Jungkook thinks to himself, that... probably he deserves this. Probably... it his fault. He was afraid of Yoongi leaving him if he told him about the marriage thing, and that's why he avoided it. But it happened what he feared the most. Yoongi saying, "it's over." ***
- 50. "A nest, a nest," Yoongi repeats frantically. Usually, the omega nests require time and previous preparations, like scenting the clothes and sheets you're going to use. But Yoongi needs it right now.
The nests help the omegas to feel safer and calmer. Some of them, even become aggressive during their heats, not wanting anyone near their nests. Yoongi's heat didn't started yet, but he felt the need of making one. Trying to comfort himself.
While he was adjusting everything and Minjun was on his crib, staring at him, Yoongi noticed something. Above his bed, he had a shelf with some important things. Like, a picture frame with a photo of Taehyung, Jimin and him.
He remembers that day. After a long day of college, they went to an arcade where Taehyung got a plushie in the claw machine. He was so happy, and literally asked someone who was passing by to take a photo of the three of them, immortalizing the moment.
Yoongi felt nostalgic, and his heart hurt. Next to the photo frame, it was the sea shell Jungkook gave him. Of course, he kept it, like it was the most precious thing on earth. It was inside a tiny crystal box, stopping dust to fell on it.
The omega took it, and observed it. "Cortege..." he sighs. He stood up and walked towards his closet, looking in the back of it. It only took him a few second to find the shirt. Jungkook's shirt.
He smiled at the flower pattern and put it on. Obviously, the shirt no longer smelled like the alpha... but he wanted to wear it. Hugging himself, the tears started to fall again. "It hurts..." he says, "It hurts..." ***
- 51.
- 52.
- 53.
- 54.
- 55.
- 56.
- 57.
- 58. "Good morning, star candy!" Seokjin said out loud, opening the door of Jungkook's room and making a lot of unnecessary noise, just to make sure he wakes him up, "How your morning has been? I brought you food."
He didn't get a response from Jungkook, but Seokjin knew that he was already awake. It's been only around three days since the incident with Yoongi happened and Jungkook believes the best place in the world is his bed, trying to hide himself between the pillows.
Seokjin saw how Jungkook's computer was on the floor. Indicating, that he already made his today's work. "Don't leave it there, you could step on it." Despite to what many would think, everything in the house was pretty normal to Seokjin.
Obviously, he has been here before a lot of times, even if Jungkook spends more time in the office than here. "Namjoon says hello, by the way," Seokjin continues, putting the computer in a safer place, "He's busy, you know, unpacking and scheduling new conferences."
Jungkook sighs. "That's great." While the birds are singing outside and the sun is trying to warm everyone in this cold winter, the alpha stares at his bracelet for a moment. "I ruined everything."
"Before thinking that, you should try to actually talk to Yoongi," Seokjin suggest, just like he has done the past days, "Thinking that way won't help us at all." "I bet he doesn't want to talk with me."
"You won't know if you don't try," he took Jungkook's phone and opens Yoongi's chat, "Well... what I should write? Dear Yoongi, my love for you is like the shine of thousands of stars and the creation of new galaxies..." Jungkook snatches the phone. "What is that? Poetry?"
"You can say that. I thought that starting the conversation with something romantic would help," he sounds very proud for some reason, and that only makes Jungkook to return to his pillows. Having Yoongi's chat in front of his eyes is tempting him, so he closes it.
"Just think about it," Seokjin doesn't insists anymore. He knows that his friends still need time, "Be sure to eat and take a shower. And if you can, check your e-mails later. I’m going back to the office."
Jungkook only hums, and his friend finally leave. He knows that Seokjin is worried about him. They have known each other since they're children, and their confidence increased through the years. Even so, he stood up and starts eating. ***
- 59.
- 60. Tick tock, tick tock. Yoongi turns in his bed once more, clearly hearing the sound of the clock that is not even in his room but the apartment is enough silence to be able to hear it. He's still in his nest, feeling how, inevitably, his heat is approaching.
"The tracking app says..." he mumbles to himself, trying to not make any noise to let Minjun sleep, "Around two days..." He sighs and looks out the crib. Minjun is still sleeping, but it has been such a challenge to make it happen.
For some reason, he has been crying a lot and only calms when he hugs the plushie that Jungkook gave to him. He neither wanted his pacifier, baby bottle or the xylophone he really liked. Only the tyrannosaurus plushie.
Yoongi feels bad. Probably, Minjun got used to see Jungkook every day, and now he misses him. With that on mind, he reached the chocolate bar he had on the nearest desk. He opened it and split it on half without even thinking it.
The chocolate was called Starry Night, and it was the same he shared with Jungkook in Jeju Island. "Even you're in the chocolate," he mentions to himself and takes a bite.
They haven't talk, and by the day after, all the articles disappeared. Probably it was Jungkook's way to sort things out? But he hasn’t sent a message...
He should do it first? But... what if Jungkook's mad? Or what if he decided to continue the marriage thing? His heart hurt only with that thought, but it was a possibility. Maybe he realized that Yoongi was just a professor, and he can't offer him anything other than his love.
"And maybe my abilities in piano," he tries to comfort himself, but it only makes the situation worse. Yesterday, even if his heart almost shouted at him to not do it, he searched about Kim Hyori online.
She wasn't only the heiress of her family's company, but also had knowledge in many branches, knew more than four languages and studied abroad. Perfect for someone like Jungkook.
"This doesn't help," he stood up and decides to go outside. Minjun almost stayed awake with him during all his sleepless, so Yoongi wanted him to fully rest. And maybe, he can hug Jimin or Taehyung for a while.
The first thing he sees, is Jimin sitting on the floor, watching the TV. "Jimin," he calls him, trying to get his attention. Jimin stops the movie almost immediately and turns to him.
"Yoongi!" he says and hugs him, "How are you? How is Minjun? You were locked in your room and only came out when we’re sleeping or outside!" "Sorry about that," he feels guilty for making them worry, "I just needed time alone... Well, with Minjun, but you understand."
"Everyone has their way to react to that kind of situations," Jimin guides him to where he was seating, "Even so, all the articles disappeared." "I know..." "Have you talk with Jungkook, then?"
Yoongi shakes his head. "I-I can't... W-What if... He already decided to keep going with the marriage…" "Calm down. I don’t think a marriage works that fast," Jimin says, "I know it can be difficult, but talking about it can help. Now that a few days passed, you're calmer."
Yoongi remembered how his emotions surpassed him and feels a little embarrassed. "Y-Yeah. I feel like I can have a proper conversation now..." "Excellent," Jimin smiles, "Call him."
By only the thought of calling him, Yoongi already feels nervous. But, he knows, that it's necessary. "No!" Jimin shouts out of nowhere, "Wait, I've a better idea. Go to his house." "W-What?! I-I don't know where he lives..."
"Ask Seokjin. It's better to talk these serious things in person!" "I don't have his number..." "We're going to call the company!" Jimin starts searching the contact number of it and Yoongi's head already spinning.
Seeing Jungkook again... and maybe they can hold hands? That would be nice... He knows he's been convinced really easy, but he can't help it! He really wants to see him! Probably he's weak towards his alpha.
"We'll ask the receptionist to pass us with Seokjin," Jimin is already calling, and Yoongi isn't sure if that's how it works, "Hello, good morning. Can you please pass me with Kim Seokjin-ssi?" "Uh, Jimin," the omega tries to say, "Probably that won't-"
Just after a literally second, Jimin says: "Hello, Seokjin. I'll pass Yoongi to you." Now, Yoongi has the phone on his ear, trying to formulate something to say.
"Hey, Yoongi," it was Seokjin's voice through the phone. The omega expected him to be mad or sharp, but he sounds kind as always, "What a surprise that you called me to the office. Did something happen?"
"U-Uh... You see... I want to see Jungkook, and I don't know if you can help me..." "Yeah," he quickly agrees, "I'll call him right now." "N-No!" Yoongi stops him, "I-I mean... in his house...?"
"Like, in a surprise?" He asks and Yoongi nods, even if Seokjin can't see him, "Well, it's fine. I'll give you my number and I'll send you the address."
Yoongi writes it down and they say goodbye. With Seokjin's number in his hand... he starts to think if this was really a good idea. But he decides to trust his intuition for this time. ***
- 61.
- 62. "Yoongi, hey," Seokjin greeted him with a smile, "Long time no see." "H-Hey," Yoongi didn't know if he was nervous because of seeing Seokjin again, or the giant house in front of his eyes. Jungkook's house. But the right answer, was because he was about to see Jungkook.
He even tried to look the most presentable he can. With a mask on his face, he also thought of wearing sunglasses to hide his puffy eyes. At the end... he didn't wear those. "I'm just waiting for a friend," Jin said, "And I'll leave you alone with Jungkook."
They were standing outside the house, and Yoongi noticed how even the garden was bigger than his whole apartment. "Uh... are you sure? I mean, p-probably he doesn't want to be alone with me and..." "It's fine," he interrupted him, "Don't worry."
Yoongi only nodded, but he wasn't sure about this at all. Appearing by surprise... probably Jungkook won't like that. But he decided to trust Jimin. "He's here," a car parked next to them and someone got out of it, "Namjoon, he's Yoongi." What.
The omega couldn't hide his surprise by seeing Kim Namjoon in person. "Nice to meet you," his dimples showed and Yoongi was still in shock, "Huh..." "Oh, probably Yoongi is your fan!" Seokjin said, "Are you, Yoongi?"
"U-Uh!" he tried to say, "N-Not really... I mean, I'm not saying his work is bad but I'm just..." Namjoon laughs. "It's fine." "I've a friend... Well, two friends... They love your work! They bought all your books, and I already know them by memory due to them."
"Ah, that's cute" Jin smiles, "We should get going, probably you've a lot to talk with Jungkook." Seokjin took out a key and opened the front door, with both Yoongi and Namjoon following him inside after taking their shoes off.
Jungkook's scent it was barely perceptible from the outside... but Yoongi's nostrils are being filled with it now. "I've a copy just because Jungkook didn't know what to do with the other one," he explains and spears the key towards Yoongi, "You can keep it if you want."
Just like he imagined, the furniture was minimum on the inside. Probably because Jungkook don't spend a lot of time here. "I-I'm going to ask Jungkook," he replies but catches the key. With his gaze in the white walls and the deep silence, Jin stops in front of a door.
"It's here," he turns to Yoongi, "Good luck, but I don't think you're going to need it." "Nice to meet you," Namjoon says, "If your friends want, you can contact me and I'll sign their books."
"Sure," the omega responds and his nervousness increases staring of how they're leaving, "I can do this, right?" he mumbles to himself, turning to the door and taking the handle, opening it.
The alpha's scent hit him like a hurricane this time. Of course, in Jungkook's room it will be stronger than in any other part of his house. There was only a desk, a closet and a bed. Yoongi noticed a lump between the sheets and pillows, deducing that was Jungkook.
He was asleep? If he was... probably he can return other day. "Seokjin," a deep and husky voice came from the pillows, "I told you to leave me alone." Yoongi closed the door and take his mask off. "I'm not Seokjin."
Jungkook got up so fast that pillows ended on the floor. And of course, he's shirtless. The tension grows by every second it passed. Jungkook has dark circles under his eyes, but they're shining. Yoongi thought he looked cute.
Little by little, surprise in Jungkook's face changes to a serious one. "You should go, Yoongi," he says and comes back under the sheets, "I don't want you to see me like this." Yoongi doesn't understand, but he thinks that probably he's referring how he's looking right now.
The omega always saw Jungkook in his best clothes, combed hair... and he doesn't look like that right now. Even Jungkook’s cute nose was red. "No," he walks to the bed, "We need to talk."
Where he's standing right now, he was a better view of the whole room, including the door. And it's that moment, when he notices it. On the door, something was hanging. And Yoongi didn't need to come closer to knew what it was. Minjun's drawing.
"You kept it," he says, with his heart beating really fast. It can't be considered a drawing, but Jungkook kept it and even hang it. Other thing he noticed, was on the desk. Intact, there was the guide he made for him, specifying things about Minjun.
"Of course I did," Jungkook responds, with his voice being muffled with the pillows. Even if he wasn't looking what Yoongi was staring, he knew what he was talking about, "My pup did it for me."
Yoongi sits on the edge of the bed, sinking it a little and making Jungkook to come closer to him and notices he's also wearing the bracelet.
"Sorry for being mean the other day," he says, "I was... sad, mad, gutted. My omega didn't understand why my alpha was marrying someone else." Jungkook sighs and moves, uncovering his face and making eye contact.
"It's fine, I deserved it. Seokjin told me that talking about it with you was the best thing... but I couldn't," he says, "I was so scared of losing you... And it happened anyway."
"It didn't," the omega's gaze was soft, "I fell for you when let me hold your hand in the boat trip." Jungkook finally sits, and a tiny smile appears on his lips. "I should've taken it before, then."
They stay silent for a moment, and Yoongi moves one of his hands, until it reach Jungkook's and caress gently his knuckles. "You can take it now."
The alpha intertwines their fingers without any doubt. Secondly, he guides Yoongi's hand to his lips and leaves a kiss on the back of it.
"All of this started like three years ago," he says, "My father wanted me to marry someone and have a baby. Our heir," he sighs, "I was fine with the idea... If it was for business, it was alright. But then I met you." Yoongi remains silent, indicating him to continue.
"Our summer love," Jungkook smiles, "After our days in Jeju Island, I returned here and convinced myself that I'd never see you again. You didn't give me your number or something to contact you..."
"I know," Yoongi responds, "It was intentional. I thought that, even if we shared numbers, it was going to be difficult to see each other."
Jungkook hums. "Probably. But with that idea on my mind, I continued with the marriage thing. Until... you came back into my life. And with a pup." The omega lows his gaze, shy. "Yeah." "It was difficult?" Jungkook asks and Yoongi seems confused, "The whole process."
"Ah," he understands, "A bit. You know, it was always on my plans to have a baby, to form a family. But I didn't meet someone that made me think on that... And when the doctor told me that a baby was on their way..." He stops.
Yoongi remembers how his feelings were mixed between happiness and worries. He even asked himself if he was ready to be a dad.
"I was happy at first. Then, I was still happy but worried," he says, "It wasn't an easy decision, but in the end, after thinking it... I wanted the baby. My friends and family supported me, and that gave me courage."
"I see," Jungkook stares at their intertwined hands, "I'm sorry for not being there." "Dummy," Yoongi says, "You didn't know about it." "But still," he says, "When we decide to have another pup, I'll promise I'll be with you every moment of it."
He said that without thinking, but it was enough to make Yoongi blush. "Sorry," he quickly says. "No," the omega responds, "It's fine." Probably this wasn't the right moment to think about this, but Jungkook mind was filled with images of Yoongi and an adorable belly.
"What are you thinking?" "N-Nothing!" he knows he's blushing as well, but he couldn't help it. He clears his throat, "And, yeah... After your return, I wanted to get rid of the marriage. I never said yes, so we weren't even engaged. And when I talked with Hyori about it,
she said it was fine," he says, "And sorry." "It's fine, Jungkookie," Yoongi smiles, "Thank you for explaining me."
"You don't have to thank me. That's what I should've done since the beginning," the alpha lows his gaze, "Besides, why I would want to marry someone else when I have the prettiest omega of all time by my side?"
He hears how Yoongi's breath stops for a second, and starts to scent the room. "And that pretty omega, already gave me a pup," he continues, "I don't think I need anything else in life." The next thing Jungkook knows, is that Yoongi is sticking to him, trying to scent him.
The alpha hugs Yoongi, and he restrains himself from start growling in happiness. "Ah," Yoongi whines after Jungkook kissed his neck, "Again." He keeps doing it until they are laying down. This time, Yoongi is still snuggling with him and Jungkook is staring at the ceiling.
"When I was around six years, I saw a TV ad about crayons called Prisms," the soft Yoongi's breath is tickling him, "They told how that crayons can help you to achieve your dreams by drawing with them. I was just a kid, but I really wanted them," he says, "Even so, I never
told anyone about it." "Why?" "My father... you know, he said that was a waste of time and I should be studying," Jungkook sighs, "And I still don't know how, but my grandfather gave me the crayons as a gift. I was so happy and I tried to make drawings in every opportunity
I had." Until... "One day, my father found me while I was drawing instead of studying," he remembers, "He took the box full of crayons and... stepped on it. Breaking all the crayons. I cried a lot because it was a gift and..."
"I'm sorry that happened," Yoongi tries to comfort him. "Yeah, me too," he sighs, "I tried to find the same crayons years later, but they were discontinued." "I didn't want to say it like this... but I don't like your father. He's...," Yoongi stops, "Sorry."
"You're not the first person that tell me that," Jungkook smiles, "It's fine. I understand the feeling." "You said the crayons were called Prisms?" "Yeah," Jungkook answers, "Why?"
"Curiosity," he responds, "I have a similar story. I always wanted to be a musician, and I even learned how to play the piano... But it was difficult to enter the industry... So, I became a professor."
"I see. Actually, you've an aura of a musician," Jungkook says, "You should return to it... even just as hobby." Yoongi smiles, and he notices how Jungkook words are similar of something he said before. "I've been thinking about it, actually."
Jungkook feels so happy and he can starts purring anytime. Having Yoongi by his side, snuggling with him and talking about some trivia things, makes him feel happy. And when Yoongi starts talking about Minjun... he feels completed.
"Actually," Yoongi clears his throat, "I wanted to ask you something." "Sure," Jungkook answers, "Go ahead." "You see," he's nervous, "My... My heat is near. Probably it will start tomorrow... And I was thinking..." Yoongi swallows at the dark gaze of Jungkook's eyes at him.
"Would you like to spend my heat with me?" ***
🌸- author's note, hello!. just to quickly mention that we've some slightly 🔞 scenes. it's nothing too explicit, but i thought it was better to warn ahead.
so, have that in mind before reading, and i'll put 🔞 when that part starts and when it ends, so you can skip it if you want. ps: it's literally just a paragraph 😭👍 but, i like to say... just in case ~
- 63. Jungkook yawned and knocked the door. When Yoongi asked him to spend his heat with him... He was surprised. But obviously, he said yes.
Even so... he's worried, and also feeling shy. It's the first time he's spending a heat with an omega, and he doesn't want to do something dumb or that it might hurt Yoongi.
That's why he spends almost five hours in a video call with Namjoon, who kindly explained him everything about omegas and their heats. What to do, what not to do... he also told him about the bond, and more specific, the bite.
Jungkook isn't sure if Yoongi is going to ask him to settle down the bond. Usually, it starts with the alpha biting the omega's neck. But he didn't talk about it with Yoongi.
"Come in," Jimin opened the door and returned back quickly, "Probably we might need some toys for Minjun as well." "Got it," Taehyung responds and Jungkook take his shoes off, closing the door behind him.
Tae is filling a backpack with a lot of baby things and checking the hour in his clock constantly. "Uh... hello..." Jungkook says. Jimin opened the door for him, but they don’t seem very friendly as always, "Where's Yoongi?"
"At work," Jimin responds, "And what is that?" he points to the suitcase Jungkook is carrying. "What?" Jungkook is suddenly alarmed, "How he can be at work? It's dangerous to be outside, he's in pre-rut!" Jimin calms him. "Don't talk too loud, Minjun's sleeping."
"B-But!" when omegas are on heat, their scents attract a lot of attention due to intensity and makes them easy targets, "W-What if..." A cry stops him from saying another word. "I told you," Jimin says and practically runs to Yoongi's room, where Minjun was sleeping.
When they return, Jungkook could see how Minjun's cheeks were shiny due to the tears. "Don't cry. See? Your grumpy appa is here," Jimin says and Minjun stares at Jungkook.
"I'm not grumpy," Jungkook protests and Minjun extends his arms to him. But when he's carrying him... he starts to cry again, "D-Don’t cry, Minjun! What happened?"
Jungkook starts to make funny faces, just like he remembered Seokjin did when he met Minjun, trying to make him feel better. Minjun's cry calms little by little, until the baby lies down in Jungkook's shoulder, with only a few tiny sobs being heard.
"Better?" he asks, and even if Minjun doesn't responds, Jungkook already knows the answer. "Probably he missed you," Jimin explains, "He has been sleeping with the plushie you gave him." Jungkook blinks in surprise, and a smile appears. "Is that true, Minjun?"
The baby clings on him even more. "Seems like it," the smile grows bigger and he stares the door, "It's safe for Yoongi to be outside?"
"Yeah," Taehyung places the backpack in the floor, "He usually goes to work when he's in pre-rut, to leave nothing pending and have a peaceful heat."
"I see..." He understands that because he did the same, leaving everything ready at work for the next days... but he's still worried. "So," intervenes Jimin, "We've a lot to talk." He guides Jungkook to the sofa and pushes him gently until he's sitting down.
"We've some things to say, about the situation," Jimin starts, "Number one, the whole apartment will be for Yoongi and you. Taehyung and me will be in another place, where we usually spend our own heats and where we stay while Yoongi's on his rut.
You know, omegas need to be in a place where they feel safe be able to make their nests." Jungkook nods. Namjoon told him that. "Number two," Taehyung raises two fingers, "Minjun will come with us."
Jungkook tries to say something, but Jimin stops him. "I know, but it's usually that way. Yoongi agrees with that and you don't need to worry." "Right," he directs his gaze to Minjun for a second, who's already falling asleep on his arms, "I understand."
"Number three," Jimin continues, "Yoongi is... really special with his nest. I mean, he doesn't like anyone being near it. Actually, none of us have seen one of his nests, he tends to get aggressive if we're close."
"Yeah," Tae lets out a smile, "Don't tell him that we told you this, but the day Minjun was born... He made a nest hours before, aiming to receive his baby on the nest. We told him that it was safer in a hospital, but he didn't want to listen."
"Instincts," Jimin shrugs, "At the end, we only entered to his room when he undid the nest... It was a wild day." "Ah," Jungkook can't help to smile as well.
"Yeah... But we're telling you this because we're not sure if he's going to let you see his nest...," Tae scratches his neck, "Probably you'll sleep in the couch." "I'm fine with that."
"If you say so," Jimin laughs and gives to Jungkook a tiny paper, "Here's some other things you might need to know for Yoongi's heat."
Jungkook read it. There were basic things like Yoongi likes to be wrapped in warm clothes, he likes to eat sweet things during the heat, and that he also needs to drink tea sometimes, to calm the hurt he might have in his belly. "I'll have this in mind," he assures.
Jimin nods. “I think that's all... Now, we'll talk about omegas heats in general." Jungkook frowns when Taehyung comes back with a huge book that has a cover he recognizes. "Chapter one," he reads, "Omegas and their..."
"Wait," Jungkook stops them, "Why are you suddenly reading one of Namjoon's books?" "It's Namjoon-oppa to you!" "Oppa?" he raises an eyebrow. "In case you didn't know, Kim Namjoon is one of the best lecturers, if not the best," Tae says, defiant.
This is the first time Jungkook encounter with a Namjoon fan. Seokjin told him that he has a lot, but he never expected Yoongi's friends to be one of them.
"I know..." he responds, "But I already know his books by memory. Actually, we refreshed our memory yesterday talking about them."
That simple words are enough to stare at him with surprise in his eyes. And when Jungkook started thinking why Yoongi didn't tell him that his friends were Namjoon's fans, the door opened.
"And I told them to pay more attention to what his son really wants," Yoongi's voice were kind of off, and just like the alpha imagined, his scent was almost out of control, "Dreams starts since we're little." "I see," this time, Hobi's voice, "It was a great advice."
Yoongi took his shoes off, and his eyes went to Jungkook. "Jungkookie!" he ran to him and he controlled himself of not jumping over Jungkook. Instead, he seated next to him and snuggled both him and Minjun, "Hello..." he happily hums.
Even if the clothes are on their way, Jungkook can already feel how Yoongi's body is warm, near to what you might call hot. "Since when you know Namjoon?!" Taehyung suddenly asks. "... A lot of time passed since I said it." "I needed time to process," he says, "So?"
"Since college," Jungkook answers. He wants to focus on what's Taehyung asking, but having Yoongi at his side and Minjun on his arms... he can feel how his alpha's already feeling smug and happy at the same time.
"Yoongi!" Hobi's still at the door, "'I'm going! See you later and good luck!" "Bye, Hoba!" Jungkook doesn't know if he imagining things, but Yoongi seems more playful than he usually is.
"We should get going as well," Jimin starts walking, "Probably Yoongi wants to be alone with Jungkook." "But I want to know more about Namjoon!" Tae protests. "Later," says Jimin and Taehyung follows him without saying anything else.
They're now alone, with the soft Minjun's breath as their background noise. "You brought what I asked?" Yoongi starts rubbing his cheek on Jungkook's neck, more specifically, on his scent gland. "Yeah," his voice comes out shaky, "I literally brought all my closet."
"Thank you," he whispers, stroking Minjun's hair, "He missed you... And I feel guilty because I separated him from you." Jungkook hums. "Would you've opened the door if I had come?" "Not really..." he answers.
"See? And it was only a few days," said Jungkook, "Don't worry too much." "But still... sorry." Yoongi snuggles even more, closing his eyes. He was always been clingy, but Jungkook can't believe he's surpassing himself. He's loving it.
"Everything's ready," Taehyung approaches them, and takes Minjun on his arms, "It's time to go." "Take care, Yoonie," Jimin looks at him, "And see you in a few days." "I will," he mumbles, "Bye, Minjun... Behave well..."
The baby's still asleep in Taehyung's arms and both alphas walks to the door. After finally closing it, they gave Yoongi a smile. Now that they're alone, the apartment is filled with silence.
"We should go preparing everything," Yoongi stood up, and Jungkook notices how he quickly wiped his tears away. "Wait," Jungkook softly takes his hand, making Yoongi to look at him, "Are you crying?"
"A bit..." he admits, shyly, "It's always hard saying bye to Minjun, even if it's just for a few days..." The alpha leans and leave a kiss on Yoongi's forehead. "It's fine." This time, Jungkook follows Yoongi to his room while carrying his suitcase.
He knows that omegas tend to build their nests with his alpha's belongings, but Yoongi specified that he needed all his clothes. "Sorry about the mess," he turns the lights on and walks to a desk, accommodating his bag and other papers from his work.
Although Jungkook spent a lot of time here, he never saw Yoongi's room until now. On the left, he had a desk and next to his bed, a tiny bureau. And on the right, there was Minjun's crib, some of his toys and a closet. "Don't stay in the door," Yoongi playfully says.
"Oh, right. Sorry," he quickly enters and leaves his suitcase in the floor. Yoongi walks to him. "This time, I need to make the nest bigger... That's why I required all of your clothes." "I only brought shirts and hoodies."
"Perfect," Yoongi hums and starts taking everything out, "I need you to scent it..." Without any word, Jungkook takes one of the garments and put it directly on his neck, under watchful Yoongi's eyes.
"This one too," he walks to the closet and take the floral pattern shirt out, throwing it towards Jungkook. "You kept this?" he sighs in a funny way.
"I did," the omega returns to him, "I stole it from a handsome alpha in Jeju Island, but I left something in return... I hope he remembers me." "Actually, he never stopped thinking about you." Yoongi simply hums. "I kept the sea shell as well. It's over there."
He points to the shelf in his wall. Next to a picture frame of Yoongi and his friends, the sea shell was. Jungkook remembers how he gave it to Yoongi without thinking about it too much, but because of that, all of his happened.
Because of it, he's now scenting his own clothes to build a nest. He didn't want to admit it, but that makes him feel amazing. Yoongi kept these things like they were really precious to him, just like Jungkook did with the bracelet.
Yoongi places his hand above Jungkook’s. "My alpha." “Yes, my omega?” And just like that, when Yoongi smiles at him with love and affection as a response, Jungkook feels like a dawn, rising with happiness and serenity.
With them enjoying the silence, Jungkook finished scenting all the clothes he brought. "Thank you," Yoongi said softly, took one of the clothes and sniff it, "Smells nice." "Hey," the alpha took it out from his hands, "The source of that smell is right here in front of you."
Yoongi giggles. "Are you getting jealous of your own clothes?" "... No." "I think you did," he's already blushing and look at the pile of clothes, "But thank you, really... It's a lot." "I'd do it again, if you ask me."
"I know you'd," the omega responds and this time, he stares to the door, looking nervous for some reason, "I-I need to start the nest, b-but..." Jungkook understand it quickly. "I'll leave you alone."
"Thank you," Yoongi gives him a quick smoochie on his cheek, and Jungkook left the room. While he's waiting until Yoongi's done, he starts thinking that probably he might need a pillow to sleep in the couch.
He's fine with that. Namjoon clarified to him that the nests are really important to omegas, and they don’t show them to anyone. For omegas, showing their nests to someone is showing vulnerability and a lot of trust.
So that's why they usually only show to their life-partners and pups. And he's getting nervous again. "Kookie," Yoongi's voice made him turn and his heart stopped with the view. The omega was only wearing the floral pattern shirt, "It's d-done... Y-You want to see it?"
Jungkook doesn't know if his heart is already beating again because he's focused in Yoongi. He can't help but to scan the omega, from top to bottom. He clears his throat, trying to calm down. "Y-You want me to see your nest?" "Of course... I made it for us."
He can feel how something awakes in him when Yoongi reaches out his hand to him and he takes it. To this point, he can feel how his alpha wants to jump over Yoongi and claim him as his. Yoongi's neck... seems so soft...
"W-What you think?" the omega asks, shyly. Jungkook sees the nest. It his first time seeing one, and it covers all the bed. The clothes are perfectly accommodated and he just wants to praise Yoongi.
"You did an amazing work," he says and Yoongi smiles, "I can't believe my omega did such an amazing nest for me." "O-Of course, Kookie," he tries to say, "I'm glad you liked it..."
While their hands are still intertwined, Jungkook guides Yoongi to the nest. And without saying any word, Yoongi enters, being followed by Jungkook. The inside of the nest is warm and more spacious than it looks from outside, and with the scents mixed in the air.
The omega lays down and Jungkook caress his face in a soft way, making Yoongi to let out a tiny sigh. Their looks connect for a second, and Jungkook leans, kissing Yoongi with fierceness. ***
- 64.
- 65.
- 66. When Jungkook wakes up, he's covered in cold sweat, shirtless and with Yoongi hugging him. Rubs one of his eyes, and checks Yoongi. The omega is peacefully sleeping, and his body temperature had increase in a notorious way. A sign that, finally, his heat began.
He rubs Yoongi's hair, but stops when he notices how all over the omega's neck and chest is covered in hickeys and bites, noticing even more because of Yoongi's pale skin. For some reason, he feels shy about it. He's not usually that feral and he hopes it doesn't hurt.
With that, he decides to make tea, just in case Yoongi belly hurts when he wakes up. Jungkook let go of Yoongi's embrace very slow, trying to not waking him up. Probably, he can make tea and also something to eat... but a hand stopped him.
Jungkook turns to Yoongi and he's still asleep, but his hand is wrapped around the alpha's wrist. He is surprised of how well Yoongi's instincts work, even if he's asleep, he felt how his partner is leaving the nest and wanted to stop him.
"Kookie," he mumbles, still half asleep, "Where you going?" "To the kitchen," Jungkook answers, "To make your tea. Jimin told me that it usually helps you during your heat." Yoongi slowly open his eyes. "Don't go..." "I'll come back quickly; I promise."
"No," clings to him, "Don't leave me alone." "Never," says and Yoongi pouts, "Want to come with me?" "I don't feel like walking..." "No problem," Jungkook rapidly carries Yoongi in his arms, and the omega wraps his arms around his neck, "I can take you there."
Yoongi doesn't say anything else, and he just closes his eyes, loving the feeling of being carried on Jungkook strong arms. When they arrive the kitchen, Jungkook leaves Yoongi in a gently way on chair.
He starts looking for the things he might need. A teapot, cups... And when he finds the teapot, a pair of arms embraces him from behind. Yoongi rest his head on Jungkook's back, while his hands are exploring and fondling the alpha's chest, "Boobies," he mumbles.
Jungkook sighs, but smiles. He continues with his tea mission, and lets Yoongi do what he wants. He's loving it, anyway. He made green tea and found some bukkumis on the refrigerator. Jungkook thought that those pan-fried rice cakes dumplings were nice to be eaten with tea.
"Sit," he says to Yoongi, but he stands still. "I want to..." he points to Jungkook's lap, "Sit there." The alpha smirks, but does as Yoongi please and he sits first, "Sit."
This time, he happily obeys and sits, starting to eat. They eat in fully silence, but Jungkook doesn't feel it awkward, on contrary... it feels at ease.
When they finish, Jungkook washes the dishes and takes with him some oatmeal cookies packages with him, along with bottles of water and a bar of chocolate, just in case Yoongi feels hungry later and he doesn't want to stood up.
He notices how the chocolate bar is the same brand he shared with Yoongi at Jeju Island, and that makes him smile. Yoongi jumps over him, crossing his legs around Jungkook's hips and putting his arms around his neck as well.
They return to the omega's room that way. While Jungkook is placing all the food on the near desk, Yoongi returns inside the nest. "Don't take too long, Jungkookie," he says.
"I won't," Jungkook checks his phone as fast as he can, just in case something important related to work has been send, but that wasn't the case. After that, he returns inside and draws Yoongi towards him.
"The tea was nice," Jungkook is surprised that Yoongi is falling asleep this fast, "Thank you." "You're welcome," he leaves a kiss in Yoongi's forehead, "Anything for you."
The omega softly giggles and snuggles even more. Jungkook doesn't feel sleepy, so he scrolls through his phone. Even if he's not sleeping, he'll stay by Yoongi's side. After a few minutes, and when he thought Yoongi was already fully asleep, he hears a soft sigh.
"... Love you." He stops. The whole world stops. Slowly, he turns to see Yoongi... but he's really sleeping. He's imagining things? But... now he wants to touch and feel him. Everything of Yoongi. "Yoongi," moves him gently, "Yoongi."
The omega opens one eye. "W-What... Something happened? I think I just fell asleep..." "Yeah," Jungkook's breath was hot, just like his body temperature... increasing with every second, "You fell asleep, but I woke you up because I want to touch you."
Just with that sentence, it's like Yoongi fully wakes up, and he notices Jungkook's eyes. "Kookie... Your eyes..." Jungkook's eye irises were golden, instead of their usual dark brown color.
For omegas, showing their nests to someone was the most important thing. And for alphas, it was their golden eyes. Golden eyes in an alpha means that they fully accepted the omega as their life-partner.
Yoongi thought that Jungkook didn't even notice of what he's doing, but in his heart... he already accepted Jungkook as well. And his proof was that he showed him his nest for his own will.
🔞 "Aren't you mad? That I woke you up?" Jungkook's hand goes all the way down Yoongi's back, reaching his underwear and put his hand under it, already feeling his slick, "You're already so wet." Yoongi trembles. "N-No, I-I’m not mad... I like it when you touch me." 🔞
The alpha was trying to control himself the best he could, but Yoongi wasn't helping him. "The most precious..." he mumbles, saying the first things that came into his mind, "All mine..." Yoongi hides his face in Jungkook's neck, ashamed. "W-Will you mark me?"
"Oh, I bet you'd like that," he says, almost out of breath, "You'll be able to show everyone that you're mine." Yoongi whines and he nods quickly. "Y-Yeah, I'd love it..."
Jungkook separates abruptly and push Yoongi against the mattress. Later, he licks his own fingers, enjoying Yoongi's sweet taste. With this view, the omega can fully appreciate Jungkook's golden eyes, and how now he's running his tongue over his fangs.
Like he's ready to hunt a prey. "You're going to be fully mine," he's almost growling and Yoongi is trembling just by his words, "I'll claim you and you're going to have more of my pups." He's talking being completely blinded by his instincts and Yoongi loves it.
So, he moves his head, giving Jungkook a full view of his neck, presenting it. He wants it. Jungkook's golden eyes shine with the view, a smug smile appearing. "So needy."
The alpha goes straight to his neck, passing his teeth over Yoongi's scent gland and making the omega to tremble and trying to move. "Don't," Jungkook put Yoongi's arms above his head and stops him from move with his hand, placing it on the omega's wrists, "Don't move."
Yoongi only nods, already feeling lost in Jungkook's scent. He keeps passing his teeth over the scent gland, accompanied with his tongue, trying to prepare the zone. "Ready?" he asks. "Y-Yeah," Yoongi shaky responds.
Without any more preambles, Jungkook open his mouth the biggest he could and fit his teeth in Yoongi's scent gland, causing a scream of both pain and pleasure. The omega tried to move, but Jungkook stopped him. Jungkook felt Yoongi's skin shattering and he knew it was done.
He gave a few licks before he separates completely, and to check on Yoongi. His cheeks were wet with his tears, but a tired smile appeared on his lips. He looks beautiful this way... at least in Jungkook's eyes. "It hurts," he says, with loose limbs, "A lot."
But in the depths of his being, he's starting to feel something else. Jungkook's emotions. Being mated to someone means that they now share a connection. They can feel each other emotions. Jungkook wipes his tears away. "You're mine." "I am."
It feels nice and refreshing, like a new beginning. And this time, Jungkook kisses him more softly and embracing him with delicacy. "Move in with me." It's, indeed, a new beginning. ***
- 67.
- 68. "Feels better?" Jungkook asked, cleaning with the back of his hand the saliva left on his cheek. Yoongi had his eyes closed and a frown. "A bit." Jungkook felt bad about being a total inexpert to be able to care of his (now officially) omega.
Of course, he can keep asking Namjoon, but he doesn't want to bother him too much. He remembers friend saying once that it was normal the bite hurt, because it needs time to fully scar and to settle down the bond.
But, if the pain was unbearable even after he licked it, they should go to the doctor. Alpha's saliva works as a numbing for the bond scar, but even so, Namjoon recommended disinfect the area if the color changes, at least, once per day.
And other thing to worry about, was that Yoongi seems tired. Namjoon also told him that it rare that an omega feels that way after the bite, but not impossible. And Jungkook also needs to be alert, because he can feel the same way.
"Yoongi, if you're feeling bad, please tell me," Jungkook says, observing his omega, "We can go and see a doctor." "No," Yoongi replies, "I don't want anyone to see it... not yet," unconsciously, directed his hand to the newly bite, trying to cover it.
"But was if an emergency happens?" "I'm fine, Jungkookie," Yoongi smiles and bring their foreheads together, "Are you regretting?"
"No!" the alpha almost screams, "Never. I'm just worried about you. I'm an inexpert of what I can do and what I can't. I just want to keep you safe." Yoongi flutter his eyelashes. "I feel you. I only feel you. That means I'm more than fine."
The alpha hugs him in a softly way and lets Yoongi to snuggle. They really feel like the nest is protecting them. "Okay," he mumbles, "You should rest." "My handsome and amazing alpha," Yoongi responds, "Always taking care of me."
The omega quickly falls asleep and Jungkook starts searching on his phone. Destined mates, he wrote in the searcher. Probably it's just the recently emotions of being just mated with someone, but Jungkook is starting to believe Yoongi is his destined mate.
That happens in reality? The trope is used in romance movies and TV shows, just because is very unusual or even possible to find your perfect partner. He's believing it more than ever after the bite. It was like something guided him to do it in a correct way.
His instincts? Maybe, but he also thinks it's more than that. Putting his phone away and embracing Yoongi, he really believes this is destiny. That even if they hadn’t met that day in Jeju Island when Jungkook was waiting for his suite, they'd eventually meet.
Sooner than after. ***
- 69. They spent the rest of Yoongi's heat like that, cuddling and Jungkook taking care of him when the omega needed it. It was the last day and probably, Jimin and Taehyung will come tomorrow. "K-Kookie," Yoongi whined, squeezing his eyelids tightly and clinging to Jungkook.
"Sensitive, right?" he asked and Yoongi nodded. Jungkook loved licking that zone, only because it makes Yoongi to lose himself in the strong feeling.
Of course, he was still worried about Yoongi. They needed to past together, at least, two weeks for the bond. If the couple gets separated in the first days, it tends to become painful. The alpha buckled Yoongi's pajama, reveling with the view of Yoongi shining eyes.
When Yoongi gave him the matching pajamas, Jungkook wore it without saying anything. And he didn't say it out loud, but wearing matching pajamas... it feels like a honeymoon.
"I always thought you'll meet Jimin before me," Yoongi is with his eyes half closed. His body temperature it's starting to decrease, along with his instincts to procreate, "Or his family." "Jimin?" Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "No, I didn't."
"I see," he says, "Well, his family it's also part of the world of business. But he was disinherited because of his relationship with Taehyung." Jungkook blinked in surprise. Probably this is a personal theme for Jimin, and talking about it wasn't the best.
"Are you sure you can tell me that?" Yoongi nods. "Yeah, Jimin is proud of his decision, anyway."
The omega starts saying that he met both Jimin and Taehyung during his college days. The first time he saw Jimin, he was being intimidated by a pair of alphas who looked stronger in the library, just because of his family status.
But he got rid of them very easily. And when he noticed a scared Yoongi observing the scene, he invited him to eat lunch. After that, they got along really well.
And that's when Taehyung entered the scene. Just like always,he attracted attention everywhere he went, and college wasn't the exception. Jimin was captivated by him. He was shy to talk with him, but one day, Yoongi started the conversation with Taehyung and they became friends.
Even if Jimin tried to deny his own feelings, he declared it to Taehyung. And he felt the same way. But Jimin's family was against it. They needed an heir from their only son, and a relationship of two alphas can't gave them that.
They asked him to end his relationship with Taehyung and find an omega, but Jimin refused. "They're now happy, and that's the only thing that matters," Yoongi smiled, "I love them, and I'm proud for their bravery."
Jungkook sighed. Seems like his family isn't the only one that gives more attention to business than their own family members happiness. "I'm glad for them," Jungkook says, "They're happy and together." "Yeah," the omega takes Jungkook's hand, "How did you meet Seokjin?"
"Seokjin?" he thinks, "Well, he lived near to my neighborhood and we played sometimes together when we're children. He was always really smart, creative and witty." The omega smiles. "And you said you met Namjoon in college."
"Yes, even there, he did conferences for the student body," Jungkook smiles at the memory, "With him being a student. He had clear what he wanted." Yoongi loves this kind of conversation. Something smooth and loose, just the two of them sharing anecdotes.
"My alpha," Yoongi calls him, "Can you please give me a kiss?" "You need more than only one," Jungkook leans to him, making Yoongi to let out a softly giggle. ***
- 70. "Back, back," Jimin opened the door, being followed by Taehyung, "Glad to be back." The apartment (at least the living room) remained the same. The five days of heat already passed.
Omega's heat last five days. The first day, also known as pre-rut or pre-heat, it's when the omega's body start to get ready for the upcoming three days.
The next three days, are the actual heat. Omega's body temperature is high and depends of the omega, but they can be aggressive or lovely. There's no between. Also, their scents become detectable more easily.
And finally, the last day, post-heat. Omega's body starts to return to their usual way and starting this day, they can return to their normal activities. "Wait," Taehyung, who was carrying curious Minjun, stopped him, "What if Jungkook is aggressive?" "Eh? Why?"
"What if he... mated with Yoongi..." Jimin gasped. "No way... you believe it?" "It can be..." "But we live here..." "Yeah, but..." They exchanged a look.
Meanwhile, in Yoongi's room, Jungkook woke up of nowhere, alarmed. Something was screaming to him that there was danger. That someone is near the nest. It was like a pressure on his chest. A feeling he never experimented before.
"Kookie...?" Yoongi called him, "Why are you scared?" Ah yes, the bond. "Sorry for waking you up," he apologies, "I just feel that I needed to stay alert." "Probably Jimin and Taehyung came back," he mumbles, "Don't worry." That makes sense.
"Before us encountering with them," Yoongi sits, "Please help me to bandage our bond." Just like Yoongi already knew the bond will happen during his heat, he had a first aid kit in his room.
Slowly and carefully, Jungkook put the bandage around Yoongi's neck. Just like their nest, when an omega was mated, it was really difficult or impossible to them to show their mark to anyone who wasn't their alpha.
"Thank you, my alpha," he says when Jungkook finish and gave him a kiss on his cheek, "You gained a smooch." "Hmmm... that's debatable. I want two smooches." Yoongi quickly agrees, and this time, the kiss went directly on Jungkook's lips.
"Just because you made me feel nice during my whole heat." Jungkook blushes. "I'm not usually that wild." "Don't worry, I liked it."
Yoongi dismantle their nest, marking the end of his heat. The first of many heats he'll spend with Jungkook. Before going outside, they intertwine their hands and Yoongi opens the door. And when Minjun happily runs to them, Yoongi knows everything is alright. ***
- 71.
- 72. Negative. A few days after and when the omega started to pack his things, he decided to take a pregnancy test. Probably it was because the usual main goal of the omega's heat was having more pups, but he felt... bad and disappointed.
Now that he was mated, probably Jungkook wanted more cubs. Or at least, that's what he believed. During the first days, it was really difficult to stay apart from Jungkook when they returned to their normal life’s. His omega whined and called for his alpha every day.
He threw the test to the trash and came out of the bathroom. At least, Jungkook came and visit him every day, until he said he wanted Yoongi to move in with him as soon as possible.
He mentioned it during Yoongi's heat, but probably he wanted to have all ready before the omega's arrival. "Probably this will be enough for now," Jimin was closing one of the boxes, "You can come back for the rest later."
Jungkook was still alert around his friends, and everyone in general who were near Yoongi. Yoongi's gaze explore the now, almost empty room. There was just left some furniture. "This is Minjun's box," Jimin took a marker and starts writing, "I'll put Minjun's name here."
"Thank you for helping me," he says. "Nah, it's fine," a smile appeared, "Are you excited?" "Yeah, a lot," Yoongi admits, "But nervous too..."
"It's a whole new start, isn't it?" Jimin stares at him, "A new place for Jeon-Min family. Or bunny and cat family, my favorite way to call you." "And why's that?" "You look like a cat." "I do?" he asks.
Jimin just nods, and they both start laughing. Probably it's a selfish thought, but Yoongi will miss this kind of moments. He got used to live with both Taehyung and Jimin for many years. And of course, they're going to visit him, but it's not going to be the same.
Of course, Yoongi is happy, excited and many more things to move in with Jungkook. But that feeling is still there. "Jungkook told me that Minjun will have his own bedroom," Yoongi walks towards Jimin, stacking the boxes, "Probably I'll need help with the decoration."
"Count on me with that," Jimin smiles, "Ah, and Taehyung said that he's already looking for what you asked. He has a friend who collects art supplies, so probably he'll have it." Yoongi nods, as he remembers what he asked to Taehyung after his heat ended. "I hope he does."
To make everything easier, they move the boxes to the living room. Jungkook can arrive in any moment, and that's making Yoongi more nervous. "We're back," Taehyung opened the door, along with Minjun in his arms, "Our walk to meditate was successful."
"Minjun is half asleep," Jimin points out. The baby is trying really hard to keep his eyes open. "That's why it was successful," Tae stares at the boxes, "Everything's done? Or you need help with something else?" "It's fine," the omega sighs, "I'm still nervous." "Don't be."
While they waiting for Jungkook to arrive, they start to talk and share old memories. Filled with laughs and good vibes. And just then, someone knocks the door.
Yoongi doesn't even had to look to the other side of the door who know who is it. He can already perceive in a soft way Jungkook's scent, along with his omega feeling excited. His hand places above the bite, even if it has bandage.
"Don't let him wait too much," Jimin says and Yoongi finally stood up. He doesn't understand why his legs are shaking, his hands are sweating and his lips are now parched. In his mind, just like a flash, the negative pregnancy test appeared, making him frown.
He needs to calm down. Even if the bond still needs time to fully settle down, if the emotion it's too strong, Jungkook still can feel it and he doesn't want to make him worry. The door opens and just by meeting Jungkook's shining eyes... everything else disappears.
"Hey," he greets with a soft smile, looking shy as well, "My omega, you look gorgeous today." "Just saying hello is enough," Yoongi replies, but he can feel how his cheeks are pink now.
"But it's true," the alpha smiles, "I cleaned our home a bit," Jungkook explains, "Well, there wasn't a lot to clean... But I wanted everything shimmering for you and Minjun." Our home. Yoongi can't help but to smile. Jungkook is already calling it that way...
"We should get going," he continues, taking one of the boxes and finally noticing Jimin and Taehyung, "O-Oh, hello." Yoongi noticed how Jungkook straightened up and raised his chin, in a defiant way.
The omega knows he's not doing it on purpose and it's his instincts fighting over him, but it's pleasant for Yoongi. Probably because he likes to have all Jungkook's attention.
"Calm down, boy," Taehyung says in a playful way and Jungkook's gaze hardens when he sees Minjun in his arms, "We wanted to help Yoongi to carry his boxes to your car. We can do that?" Jungkook quickly accepts. "Of course."
Yoongi lets out a sigh he didn't know he was holding. He's still a bit worried about how can Taehyung and Jimin, both alphas, can react to this kind of incitements, but he's glad they're the pacifist kind.
The walks back and forth to Jungkook's car were almost in complete silence, just sharing some quick words occasionally.
Yoongi knows it's because probably Jimin and Taehyung doesn't know how Jungkook can react to other alphas, especially if they're near to his omega and being newly bonded. Some boxes were put in the trunk, and some others in the rear seats.
"Bye, Minjun," Jimin lets a kiss on his hair, "Behave well." "You can come and visit us anytime," Yoongi says. "I know," the alpha smiles, "I'll practically live there." Yoongi smiles and hugs Jimin. "Mimi, are you crying?"
"No," Jimin responds, "My eyes are sweating," he defends himself and the omega giggles, "I suppose I get used to live with you." "Nah,it's fine. Like I said, you can both come and visit us anytime, "he stares at Taehyung as well, "Besides, it's not like I'm leaving the country."
"Not yet," Jungkook says, leaning in the back of his car and with a smug smile. "Okay," Jimin sniffs and ignores what Jungkook said, "Love you, Yoonie. Take care."
Even if in the depths of his being, his omega is starting to feel alarmed by someone that is not his alpha being near to the bond, Yoongi hugs Jimin for a bit more. In that time, Taehyung walked towards Jungkook and Minjun was now in his arms.
"Take care, Yoonie," Taehyung joins the hug, with Yoongi being in the middle of them, "The next time you came to visit us, I'll have tons of portraits of Namjoon in the walls." The omega laughs. "I like the idea." Even if it feels the hug lasted forever, it doesn't.
Yoongi gives them a warm smile, and he finally gets in the car. Just a few seconds later, Jungkook does the same thing. "Sorry for taking so long," the omega says.
"Don't have to apologize," this time, Minjun is now in Yoongi's arms, "They can come and visit us anytime, like you said." The way to Jungkook's house was fast. Yoongi stared through the window, and Jungkook put one of his hand in the omega's thigh, caressing it softly.
"I bought a crib," Jungkook opens the door and Yoongi follows him inside, "It's in our room. Since Minjun's bedroom it's not ready yet, he can sleep with us." It's not the first time Yoongi's here, but it feels like it. This is now the place he can call home.
And he thinks it might be a silly thing, but his heart feels at ease and happy every time Jungkook keeps referring at everything in here like "our". "It's fine," Yoongi says, "There's no hurry."
"Right," Jungkook nods, "There's also an empty room you can use as a studio or something when you need to work. I just need to equip it with-"
"Kookie," Yoongi softly laughs and puts a hand on the alpha's cheeks, drawing his attention, "My alpha, it's fine. We can work on it together." Jungkook sighs and leans on Yoongi's touch. "Sorry, I just want everything to be perfect for you."
"It doesn't have to be perfect," the omega says, "It just has to be us." And later that night, when they finally unloaded all the boxes from the car and placed almost all of them in Jungkook's room, Yoongi is softly humming to Minjun, making him fall asleep.
The alpha is sitting on the bed, enjoying the view with a smile. "He likes when I hum until he falls asleep," Yoongi turns to Jungkook, giving him back a soft view, "But you've to know that sometimes, he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying."
"I know," the alpha pats the bed, wanting Yoongi to come closer to him, "While he's growing up, his sleep cycle will regulate and he'll start to sleep more hours in a row." "Oh?" Yoongi smiles and joins him in the bed, "You searched info about babies?"
"I did," he's now shy, "Having that kind of knowledge is important." "Ah, my alpha is the best one in the whole world," Yoongi says and Jungkook just gets shyer, "How lucky of me." The alpha feels how his cheeks are warmer and his hand aiming to touch his omega.
"Yoongi," Jungkook says and the omega sits next to him, "Can I see our bond?" "Yeah," responds, almost out of breath already. The bond is still covered with bandages and Jungkook starts to remove them with delicacy. Just a few had passed, so the bite hasn't fully scarred.
"The proof that you're mine," he can't help but to feel proud about it. Yoongi's already trembling under his touch, so he decides to leave a path of soft kisses, until he reaches the bite. "I've always been yours," the omega shakily says, "Even before the bond."
"I know," Jungkook leaves a kiss on his cheek, "Can you sleep with our bond without the bandages?" Yoongi nods and Jungkook guides him until they're laying down. The omega closes his eyes. "You make me so happy," Jungkook draws Yoongi to him, embracing him.
"You too," Yoongi responds, "Thank you for being with me." They fell asleep like that, with Jungkook's phone vibrating and receiving messages. ***
- 73.
- 74.
- 75.
- 76.
- 77. The alpha's entered to his office and walked towards his desk, where the picture he took of Yoongi and Minjun is on a frame. This was, officially, the first day he woke beside Yoongi in his own bed.
A smile appears on his face when his remember how both of them brushed their teeth in front of the mirror, at the same time. Jungkook's house was a bit far from the school where Yoongi works, so they needed to wake up a bit earlier. He's fine with that.
After leaving Minjun with Jimin, Jungkook parked in front of the school. Yoongi was shy, Jungkook's car brought a lot of attention. With a quick kiss, Yoongi got out of his car and practically ran inside.
"How cute," he mumbles to himself. While he stared at the starting screen of his computer, he remembered all of Namjoon's messages. Destiny... It seemed closer than before. If he didn't have meet Yoongi that day... they would encountered later?
With that on mind, he started to search through the archives, looking for a specific last name. Park. Yeah, Jimin's family was one of the business associates for Skyline since... two years ago.
Even if Jimin wasn't in contact with them anymore, Jungkook was surprised of how close Yoongi actually were. "Sooner than after..." he says, more convinced than ever. ***
- 78.
- 79.
- 80. Yoongi sat down and started to eat. He usually made lunch for himself to eat in his free time at work, but he didn't had time today. So, he ordered something. He's also trying to slip past, but Yoongi's sure everyone saw his arrival in Jungkook's luxury car.
"What a day," Hobi entered to the professors’ room. It was a small room where professors can, like Yoongi's doing, eat, check their student's works, exams... or only relax a bit, "Hey, Yoongi." "Hey," Yoongi said back. They usually talk during this time of day, "Going to eat?"
"Yeah," he nodded, "Just I'm not sure what to order..." Yoongi hummed and kept eating. He's wearing a sweater with turtle neck, trying to hide and protect his bond the most he can.
Other people can notice if you're already bonded, because your scent changes a bit, being mixed with the scent of your partner. And Yoongi is sure that Hobi noticed, but he didn't say anything... He appreciates that.
"Yoongi," one of the other teachers opened the door, "Someone's looking for you outside." "Right now?" he asked and the teacher nodded. How strange. He checked his phone and Jungkook didn't send any new message, so it's not him. Maybe it's Jimin?
He left the professors room and walked to the main entrance, went down stairs and saw Taehyung. "Ah, Tae," he called him and Taehyung turned back, "I think it's the first time you visited me here."
"I know," he responds and hands Yoongi a bag, "But I thought I needed to give to you right now." Yoongi inspected the inside of the bag and felt how a smile started to grow on his face. "Prims Crayons," he mumbles. The same ones that Jungkook used to had when he was little.
Just after his heat ended, this was the first time he asked Taehyung search for. "It was difficult to get them, they were discontinued long time ago," Tae says, "But a friend of mine, who collects art supplies, still had this. The box might be look old, but..."
"No," Yoongi interrupted him, "They're fine... More than that. They're perfect. Thank you." "It's nothing," the alpha smiled, "They're for Minjun? Those crayons used to be really popular years ago." "Yeah," Yoongi lies.
These are for Jungkook. But he's not going to tell Taehyung that, because his alpha trusted him with that story from his childhood. The first thought Yoongi had when Jungkook told him that story, was to give him the same crayons as a gift.
He doesn't know how the alpha is going to react... but still. He wants to do it. "Thank you, again," Yoongi's really grateful, "How much it was?" "It's a gift," Taehyung smiles, "Just take care of them. They're like relics now."
The omega knows he's probably joking, but smiles anyway. They say goodbye and Yoongi returns inside the building, holding the crayons like the most precious thing. ***
- 81. Jungkook opened the door and took his shoes off. It was a long day, filled with meetings and reading documents, but finally, he's home. And he can already smell Yoongi approaching him.
"Jungkookie!" the omega happily runs to him and gives him a kiss, "You're back! How was work?" Jungkook holds him tight, making Yoongi to giggle. "It was fine, but now my day's better. Where's Minjun?"
"He already ate and fell asleep really quick," Yoongi explains, "Jimin told me that they played a lot today, so probably he was tired." "I see," he says, "And how was your work?" "Fine," the omega responds with a smile, "We are going to stay here next to the door talking?"
"Yes," Jungkook playfully responds. "Oh, right," Yoongi separates from the hug and the alpha already misses his warmth, "I've a surprise for you." Yoongi seems nervous for some reason. And Jungkook's hand, by instinct, places itself above Yoongi's tummy.
"How many weeks?" he asks and sees how color pink advances until it's covering all Yoongi's face. "W-Wait!" the omega is embarrassed, "It's not that!" "Oh," Jungkook blinks, "Sorry, I thought that..." Yoongi looks away. "Y-You want more pups?"
"Of course I want," he quickly responds, "If you want as well." "Y-Yeah," the omega heavily breaths, "But! We can talk about that later..." The negative pregnancy test appears on his mind once again. Of course, his alpha wants more pups... but...
He kind of feels like he somehow failed him. Yoongi shook his head. He doesn't need that type of thoughts right now. "Come with me," Yoongi took Jungkook's hand, taking him to his room, "I hope you don't get mad..." "Get mad?" Jungkook frowned, "I can't get mad at you."
The omega sighs and opens the door. As they both enter, Jungkook sees how peaceful Minjun's sleeping. "Close your eyes," Yoongi says, lowering the tone of his voice, "And extends your hands."
Jungkook follow his indications, and the next thing he knows, is there's something on his hands. "I hope you like it...," his voice is almost shaking, "Open your eyes." The alpha's gaze directs to Yoongi, who is staring at him, nervous. And then... to his hands.
His eyes widened in surprise along with his mouth. "I remembered what you told me," Yoongi says, "About that you really liked those crayons... And I thought that it was a good idea to give them to you..." Yoongi bites his lips when Jungkook doesn't responds anything.
Yeah, he got him mad. When the omega's eyes return to Jungkook's face... his cheeks are covered with tears. "Jungkookie!" Yoongi jumps to him, embracing him and taking Jungkook out of shock, "W-Why are you crying? You didn't l-like it? I'm so s-sorry, I shouldn't..."
"I didn't notice I was crying," Jungkook wipes his tears and softly stares at Yoongi, "Sorry, I was in shock by the gift. I can't believe you obtain them for me." Yoongi sniffs. "Y-You scared me... I thought you were mad at me..." "Wait," the alpha says, "Why are you crying?"
"Because you're crying, dummy!" the omega pouts and buries his face in Jungkook's chest. Jungkook laughs with love. "Every day you still amaze me and I keep realizing why I fell in love with you. Thank you for the gift, I'm pretty sure the little Jungkook would be so happy."
"And the giant Jungkook?" a softly voice, "Is he happy as well?" "He is," the alpha confirms, "He has the most amazing and lovely omega by his side and a cute pup. How he cannot be happy?" Yoongi leans into him even more. "Then I'm glad."
They close the distance between them with a soft, tender and sweet kiss filled with all their emotions; love, happiness and joy. "Woah," Yoongi stumbles and falls into the bed, with Jungkook above him, "Be careful, Kookie." Yoongi's giggles are like music for Jungkook's ears.
"Always careful," he responds, continuing the kiss. Now, Yoongi's snuggled up with Jungkook, with his softly and sleepy breaths as the only noise. Jungkook isn't sleepy at all, so he took one of Yoongi's hand, inspecting it. Soft and big.
"Soft fingertips," touches them softly. The crayon box was on his desk, and Jungkook still can't believe Yoongi got them for him. When he told him that story, he didn't expect this. He thought that probably, Yoongi will forget about it eventually... but the opposite happened.
"My omega..." with delicacy, he held his hand, "I keep falling for you,and when I think my love reached its limit... it's keeps growing." Jungkook gave Yoongi a kiss on his cheek. "I love you. When I look at you,sleeping this peaceful, I know all of this is more than worth it."
All the response he got, was a Yoongi's soft and happy sigh. ***
- 82.
- 83. As the days passed, it became a routine to wake up together and then going to work. Jungkook loved that. Yoongi even started to feel more comfortable in his now house, ordering various things on internet for Minjun's bedroom, that was still in construction.
That day, typing on his keyboard, loosening the collar of his shirt a little and feeling a bit dizzy, Jungkook looked to the door before it was opened, already perceiving his omega's scent. "Kookie!" Yoongi's entered to the office, with a smile.
"Yoongi," he quickly stood up and walked to him, "What are you doing here? I thought I was going to pick you up later at work." "Yeah," he says, "But I ended early today, so I came. It was a bad idea?"
"On the contrary," the alpha took his hands and guide him, "I feel a lot better with you here." Jungkook sat and let Yoongi accommodate on his lap. "Were you busy?" he stares at the frame with the pic of him and Minjun, with surprise.
"No," Jungkook starts to remove the bandages in Yoongi's neck, looking a little restless and in a hurry, "Not at all." "W-Wait," Yoongi whines and clings into him, "W-What if someone enters?"
"They won't," the alpha lift Yoongi and lays him on the desk, putting all the things there aside and almost throwing them to the floor, "Can't wait."
Yoongi blinks in surprise but closes his eyes when Jungkook start licking his sensitive zone on his neck and his hands are finding their way through his back.
It's not like he doesn't like it... he loves it. But Jungkook is usually gentler and more careful. This time, he seems erratic and gruff. It reminds him when they spent his heat together. Heat.
"K-Kookie," Yoongi tried to call him, but a voice outside stopped him. But not Jungkook. "You can't enter, Hyori," it was Seokjin, "I told you that he's with his omega right now."
"I told you that I already know that," she responds, "But I'm not longer interested in him and you already know it." Seokjin sighs. "Good for you, but I need you to wait." "This is important," Hyori grabs the doorknob and pushes it, "And I'll be quick. Jungkook, I wanted to-"
Yoongi clings to Jungkook's neck the most he can, trying to hide himself while he's trembling. The situation doesn't leave much to the imagination and Jungkook growls at the interruption.
"We're coming back later," Seokjin grabs Hyori by her shoulders and takes her out of there, almost escaping, just to later say a tiny but scared, "I told you to wait!" The omega doesn't want to let Jungkook go and his scent shot up, filling the whole office.
"T-They saw it... T-They..." he's all mumbling nonsense things that brings Jungkook back to himself and looks at him, "O-Our bond..." Oh. "They didn't," Jungkook responds, "The computer screen covered you."
Yoongi turns softly and encounters with Jungkook golden gaze. "Kookie..." "Sorry, Yoongi," he says and kisses his nose, "I don't know what happened to me. Sorry for almost showing our bond." "N-No," replies, "B-But w-we should be more careful, alpha..."
At least, they weren't actually doing a big thing. Their whole clothes are still on, and it's not the first time they do something like this in Jungkook's office. But Jungkook's eyes... "Kookie," the omega puts a hand in the alpha's cheek, "Your heat is near?" ***
- 84.
- 85. "I need the thinner brush," Taehyung said, and Jimin gave it to him. It was a Friday evening after work, when they decided to start decorating Minjun's room for once and all.
Taehyung was more than willing to be in charge of the wall’s decoration. He decided to fill the room with a pale yellow and decor it with some drawings. "If the yellow's too bright," he says, cleaning his hands in his working apron, "Can make the babies cry."
Yoongi hummed and opened another drawer of the bureau, fitting some of Minjun's things there. Clothes, skin creams, brushes, another one for his toys... all next to the crib. Even if Yoongi didn't see him, he felt how Jungkook walked through the hall,
probably going to the kitchen and with Minjun on his arms. The alpha was still alert about Taehyung and Jimin's presence, even if he was the one who invited them... but having Minjun with him, calmed him.
And just like he expected, Jungkook's heat was near. And it was, at least, three weeks early. He thought that probably his own heat, triggered Jungkook's one and made it happen earlier.
"It's an omega," Taehyung said, still focused on his brush strokes, making Jimin and Yoongi frown. "What?" said Jimin. But before Taehyung could reply, Yoongi sniff her. It was Hyori. She was, probably, at the door.
"Wait..." Jimin concentrated, "Now that you mention it, it's true... How you smelt them that quick?" Tae smirks, showing off. "Practice." Yoongi's mind was already out of there. Only focused in the fact that, the omega who was almost married with Jungkook was there.
His bond started to itch and placed his hand above the bandage, trying to calm the discomfort. It's happening because he doesn't like the idea of Hyori being there, but if the emotion keeps growing... Jungkook is going to feel it. He sighs. "I'm going to the kitchen."
His friends stare at him, worried, but they didn't say anything. Tries to walk without any sound, even if Jungkook can smell him. "I never expected to see you wearing something like this," it was Hyori's mocking voice, "And you're the one carrying your pup..."
Yoongi clenches his teeth without realizing. He's in the middle of the kitchen, without knowing what to do. Jungkook hums. "Wait a moment." "Oh? Of course."
Jungkook stood up and starts walking directly to the kitchen. Yoongi opened the fridge and stared at it like something's really interesting was inside. "Yoongi," he calls him when he's near and the omega turns to him.
His heart felt emotional and loved just by seeing Jungkook. The alpha was wearing the matching pajama Yoongi gave him, and he was carrying Minjun. "Everything's alright? I felt you uneasy."
"Y-Yeah," he tries to say, "I came because I needed..." he pulls off the first thing he found, "Jangajji." A jar filled with pickles in soy sauce. "Right," Jungkook nods, "Just wanted to be sure."
Yoongi freezes when Jungkook leans to him, bringing his mouth closer to his ear, whispering. "Don't need to be jealous, my beloved omega. You know that I can only think of you," a kiss on Yoongi's cheek, "You're the only one for me."
With that, Jungkook smiles and returns to where he was. Yoongi blinks, with his trembling legs and burning cheeks, feels how the itch disappears. He puts the pickles back in the fridge. "It's not fair... Why he’s so cool and handsome..."
When Jungkook was sure that Yoongi returned with Taehyung and Jimin, he resumed the conversation. "So, what brings you here today?" he asks, and Minjun places his tiny hand on his nose, "Minjun, wait."
Hyori chuckles and hands Jungkook a folder. "You might find that interesting." The alpha raises an eyebrow and inspect the content. "Kim Holding's is getting a new agreement with Gwan Enterprises?" he read, "And you're also getting married with the owner..."
"Yeah," she responds, "I met him the other day,he was really sweet and charming." "I see," Jungkook responds, "Congratulations." He didn't understand at all why Hyori's is telling him this,but it's not something rare. More than other thing, they consider each other as friends.
"Thank you, but that's not the reason of my visit," she continues, "You see, I talked with my fiancée, Hyowook and he agreed making an agreement with Skyline as well. Gwan Enterprises is also an automotive company, you needed that, right?" "Excuse me?" Jungkook was surprised.
The omega laughs. "Why you look so surprised? This is beneficial for both companies, and it's also my way to say sorry." "Sorry? For what?"
"When you cancelled the marriage," she sighs, "I didn't take the notice in the best way and I was mad... And when my mind was calmer, I remembered your words. It wasn't fair to get married if we aren't in love..." Jungkook listens to her.
"So, I gave up," she finishes, "And decided to cherish you in your new relationship... Just look at you, wearing pajamas and carrying your cub. Probably that's what happiness is about." The alpha's eyebrows relax and the frown is gone. "Thank you. You didn't have to do this."
She stood up. "But I wanted to. Hyowook will visit you in a few days to settle everything in your office." "Thank you," Jungkook walks her to the door.
"You can thank me when everything is done," she sounds nostalgic for some reason, "Say hi to your partner from me, and bye little one." She waves to Minjun, and the baby returns the wave but in tiny.
If the agreement happens... Probably... his family will accept his relationship with Yoongi. It's not like he cared a lot about their opinion, but Jungkook knows that Yoongi does and that he doesn't like to get him into trouble.
"Minjun," he sighs, in relief and stares at his pup, "Probably the happiness we live will be at its full." ***
- 86.
- 87.
- 88. When the room is finally ready and Taehyung and Jimin already left, Yoongi is amazed. It's exactly what he imagined for Minjun. "Even the floor is upholstered with a soft carpet," Jungkook notices and leaves Minjun on the floor.
The baby starts exploring the whole room, with a happy but curious look. "Tae gave me this baby monitor," Yoongi shows it, "It's similar to a walkie talkie. We're going to put one here and one in our room. If Minjun starts crying, this is going to help us to listen clearer."
Jungkook moves his head, in approval. "That sounds fine." They stay there for a long time, passing time with Minjun and trying to cover all of his curiosity about everything on the room.
"Minjun, time to sleep," Yoongi says when the baby is getting sleepy, "Your appas need to rest as well." Minjun lets Yoongi carries him, put him into the crib and covers him with his blanket. And with that, Yoongi starts humming a lullaby, making Minjun to close his eyes.
Yoongi softly giggles. "That always helps him to sleep fast." He feels how Jungkook rests his head in his shoulder, "Your sweet voice made me sleepy as well." "It did?" the omega feels warm, even if he knows Jungkook was already tired, "You want to sleep? I wanted to take a
bath." The alpha hums. "I can take it with you." They close the door the most quietly they can, and heads to the bathroom. Having a bathtub is usually really expensive, but Yoongi isn't surprised Jungkook has one. It starts filling with shinbone water.
"Come here," the alpha starts to undress his omega, but some way, it feels more intimate and near for some reason. There are not carnal desires behind, just a sleepy Jungkook trying to have a great time.
When he finished and caress the bond in Yoongi's neck with softness and love, Yoongi did the same thing, under watchful Jungkook's eyes, the ones that were looking at the omega's with adoration and devotion.
The first one to enter the bathtub was Jungkook, followed by Yoongi, who rest his back in the alpha's chest. The omega sighs, and Jungkook leans his head in Yoongi's shoulder again. "Can you wash my hair?"
"Sure," Yoongi takes the shampoo, pour some in his hand and stands face to face to Jungkook. Starts massaging the scalp and Jungkook lets out a sigh of satisfaction, with his eyes still closed. His hair is already getting long and Yoongi loves that.
Noticing that Jungkook was almost getting asleep, Yoongi started to make fun hair styles with the alpha's hair and the foam. He raised Jungkook's hair in little spikes, simulating a star and making him to softly giggle by his own creation.
When he finishes, pours water in Jungkook's hair, until the rest of foam is eliminated. "Hey," Yoongi softly calls him, "You can't fall asleep here." "I'm not," he tries to say, "Let me wash your hair."
Yoongi giggles again and Jungkook starts the same process. Taking the shampoo, pours some on his hand and enjoy Yoongi's hair silkiness. The omega can't help but to purr. It really feels nice.
"Soft and pretty omega," Jungkook mumbles and kisses the bite in Yoongi's neck, "All mine." Yoongi blandly breaths, with a smile on his face. "Yeah." It goes like that until they're drying their hairs while already wearing comfy clothes to sleep.
"Still tired?" Yoongi asks as they walk to their room. "Yes," he admits, "But I can't wait to kiss you until I fall asleep." "I like that idea." Obviously, Jungkook keeps his promise. ***
- 89.
- 90. Yoongi knew something was different today. Jungkook woke up earlier to make him lunch, and told him to relax because he was going to pick up Minjun at Jimin's apartment. Or probably Jungkook just was trying to help.
He opened the door, being greeted by a very heavy silence. Doesn't want to think something bad, but this reminds him when all the internet was talking about Jungkook and Hyori. "Kookie," he called him, entering the hallway, "I'm home."
His footsteps echoed on the floor, but were silenced by a voice. "New socks," Jungkook's voice was calm and frolicsome, "For the cutest baby." He sighed in relied and opened the door, encountering Jungkook playing with Minjun and making him laugh.
"Hey," Yoongi smiled and Jungkook turned to him. "I bought him a new pair," Jungkook said, "Had dinosaurs on them." The omega placed next to Jungkook, staring at Minjun who was on his crib, hugging his tyrannosaurus plushie. "Nice choice," Yoongi says and his alpha nods.
"Right?" he responds, and took Yoongi's hand, "Just like you did the other day, I've something for you this time." Yoongi cocked his head. "Kookie, I didn't expect something in return. I did it because I wanted to make you happy."
"I know," says, "And that's what I want as well. Make you the happiest." Yoongi felt like tons of flowers bloomed right inside his chest in that exact moment. He was already the happiest person.
The omega batted his eyelashes. "Okay, but you should know that I was fine with nothing in return." "I know," Jungkook kissed his soft cheek, "Come with me." Before leaving the room, they gave Minjun a quick glance. He was still on his crib, focused on his plushie.
"Remember when I told you about the room you can use as a studio?" Jungkook says as he walks, leading Yoongi. "Yeah?" the omega responds. "I furnished it for you," the alpha opens the door in front of them and Yoongi can't respond. A piano. A piano is right there.
"Mahogany piano," Jungkook starts, "Edition from 1908 and it's already tuned up. But if you want to do it yourself, I also got the materials." Yoongi ran his trembling hands over it. It was a big brown piano. "Want to play it?" Jungkook asks.
Yoongi shyly shook his head. "It's been a while... probably I lost my touch." "I don't think so. Besides, despite of how you play, I'll think you're the best." Yoongi sat on the piano stool and extended his hands. This felt so familiar... but so distant at the same time.
With the beats of his heart being listened on his ears, he said: "I'm going to play the easiest song I know." Doubtful fingers started to play "Für Elise", just by memory. Even if it was a piece that other musicians will find easy, Yoongi's hands felt heavy.
When the song abruptly stopped, Jungkook made a surprise noise by his side. "That was nice," he praised him. "R-Really?" his hands were sweating for some reason. Yoongi doesn't understand why he's all nervous, "It's was "Für Elise" by Beethoven, and that's what you call a
trifle." Jungkook leaned to him. "You should compose a song titled "For Jungkook", then." The omega giggles and felt how his nervousness started to low. "I've another name in mind," started to write in his phone, "If you like the name, I'll make it for you." ***
- 91. author's note: it says "for the person who was always by my side" :)
- 92. A smirk appeared in Jungkook's mouth. "I like that name." "I'm glad," Yoongi stares at the piano, "Thank you for this. It wasn't necessary... I only gave you a box of old crayons..."
"I wanted to give you something," the omega moved a little and let Jungkook to sit next to him, "But I'm glad you liked it. Now you can play songs for Minjun and me all day."
"Y-You want me to keep playing?" Yoongi turns to see him, meeting with Jungkook gaze, "W-Well... If I can get partitures, I can play more songs..." "Okay," Jungkook mumbles, "Another song?"
"S-Sure," this time, Yoongi felt more confident, "This one is called "Clair de Lune" by Debussy. This is a suite divided in four movements." "Go ahead." Unlike the first song he played, his fingers were moving with skill and grace.
The song felt a bit nostalgic and that surprised Jungkook. It felt like he was standing on the edge of a building under a starry night having his arms extended, along with the cold breeze hitting on his face, wearing a plaid shirt and waiting for someone to call him.
Waiting for his phone to ring and see the name of that person on the screen. Or probably, he should be the one calling that person. Should I...? "Sorry for my mistakes," Yoongi's voice brought him back to reality, "Just let me practice and I promise I... Kookie?"
Jungkook gasped, surprised and stared at Yoongi. "Sorry, I wasn't listening... It was like I was somewhere else..." The tears didn't fall, but they were there. On the edge of his eyes.
"Music usually causes that effect," his omega takes his hand, "Don't worry. We should eat something? Probably Minjun’s hungry as well… And I can keep playing for you later." "Yeah, let's go."
Yoongi's hands were warm on his’. And Jungkook felt safe, but he was still thinking about that vivid scenario he witnessed... like it was a memory. ***
- 93.
- 94.
- 95.
- 96. The wind blew, carrying the days with it and bringing Jungkook's heat closer. Two days before it, the alpha was on his office, signing tons of papers along with Seokjin. Gwan Hyowook just left, and the agreement was made.
"Congratulations on the agreement," Seokjin said, arranging the papers in different piles, depending on their content. With his right hand, Jungkook was signing, while with his left hand, his fingers were moving above the table, looking a bit desperate. And he was, actually.
He can feel how his heat was getting closer, so he wanted to end all of this and can go home. "I didn't do anything," he responds, "Hyowook was already interested in the company, and Hyori has an important participation as well."
"Right," his friend smiles, "The wedding invitations are cute, by the way." In addition to Hyowook's visit, he also left some wedding invitation for Jungkook and his friends.
This reminded him how Hyowook told him that Hyori contacted him a long time ago... Probably, since the day Jungkook said no to the marriage. The alpha's gaze headed to the cute and pink invitation over his desk, and a smirk appeared. "She decided to get married really quick."
"Jealous?" "Nah," he shakes his head, "Surprised, I should say." Seokjin hummed. "If you say so." Although Jungkook already felt his mind being a bit cloudy and needed to blink a few times before getting clear vision, he sighed at the presence of his father opening the
office's door. "It's just an overhaul without much importance," the man said to his assistant, as they entered the room. Seokjin stood up and bowed, while Jungkook stared at his father.
"There's no need for so many formalities," Jungkook's father laughed, "Nice to see you, youngster. Seems like you're the only one that keeps enduring the bad mood of my son." Seokjin smiles. "It's not like that, we're friend and I'm not the only one anymore."
Returns to the desk and collects all the paperwork. "You know what to do," Jungkook says and Jin nods, walking to the door and closing it behind him. When Jungkook is alone with his father and the assistant, he returns to his computer, almost ignoring him.
"It seems like everything's in order," the man points out, "Any news you want to tell me?" "I just made an agreement with Gwan Enterprises. Just in case you were still worried about the agreement cancellation with Kim Holdings."
That statement left the whole room in silence, and only the sound of Jungkook's fingers over the keyboard can be heard. He knows his father didn't care that much about the agreement with Hyori's company. He just didn't want Jungkook to have something with Yoongi.
But now... he has nothing to complain about. "I see," his father coughed, after a few minutes, "Congratulations, son." Jungkook doesn't answer. "All of this... to be with that omega?" He stares at his father.
"No," he says, "I was going to spend my days with him and my pup even if this agreement was made or not. I just did this for the company." He hears of his father sighed. "Can I meet him, at least?" Jungkook pretends to think about it. "Probably in our wedding day."
They stop talking about Yoongi after that, and the conversation theme about the company comes back. His father usually comes to see how it's everything going, so this visit wasn't a surprise for Jungkook at all.
Later, he apologies because he has to go to a meeting and leaves the room. "Jewon," the man's voice sounds different and somehow emotional, "Cancel the meeting of revocation of CEO." "Understood." ***
- 97. "Minjun, wait!" Yoongi runs after him, inside the Skyline building. "Appa!" the baby happily says, bringing everyone's attention. "Hey, hey!" Yoongi picks him from the floor, still with the baby laughing, "We can't scream here, Minjun. This is an office."
Minjun pouts. "... Appa?" "Yes," Yoongi says, "Jungkookie appa is here, but we need to wait. He told me that he was in a meeting." The baby rests his head in Yoongi's shoulder, and this is when Yoongi notices that everyone seems so... serious?
Well, every time. This is an office, like he said. But... they look extremely serious this time, even gloomy. "I wonder if something happened..." he mumbles to himself, and someone touches his shoulder. "Yoongi, hey," Seokjin looks out of breath, "Come with me."
The omega follows him, "Uh... Seokjin..." "Jungkook's father is here," he explains, even if Yoongi didn't say anything, "He told me to be with you." "Oh," Yoongi is now surprised and scared. His father-in-law is here?, "Wait! It's not time to call him like that."
"What?" Seokjin asks, confused. "Nothing...," the omega blushes, "U-uh... And how's Jungkookie?" "Fine," he opens a door and Yoongi encounters with the office's dinning. It was a small room filled with tables, cupboards and a microwave.
"We can wait for Jungkook here," Seokjin says and extends his hands, wanting to hold Minjun on his arms, "Hey, little buddy. Are you sleepy?" Yoongi bites his lips. Probably he doesn't need to be nervous at all... He sits next to Seokjin and gets surprised when the door opens.
"I'm done," Jungkook's voice was rough, "We can go home, Yoongi." "Kookie!" Yoongi runs to him and hugs him, "Minjun came to see you as well!" The alpha notoriously seems calmer just by seeing Yoongi and his pup.
"Hey," he caresses the omega's hair, "Everything's done. We're going to spend some peaceful days." "I doubt it," Seokjin jokes and Yoongi blushes again, "Well, I'm going, then." Minjun's on Yoongi's arms again, and Jungkook says: "Don't forget you're in charge while I'm not
here." Seokjin smiles. "I know." "H-How was the encounter with your father?" Yoongi shyly asks, as they start walking. "Fine. Don't need to worry about that," he leaves a kiss in Yoongi's forehead and the omega hums.
"Okay," he says, starting to feel how Jungkook's scent it's getting stronger and thicker. **
- 98. "Are you sure, Jiminie?" Yoongi says, carrying Minjun's bag to the main entrance of the house, "I'm here, and I can take care of him..." When Jungkook and Yoongi arrived, he noticed how the alpha's body temperature and even his breath was starting to get hot.
His heat, most likely, will start today. "Of course, Yoonie. Don't worry," Jimin smiles, "Me, more than anyone, knows how hard it's to deal with an alpha in heat. I even think you'll need luck." Yoongi purses his lips and feels how the tip of his ears are warm.
When an alpha is on heat, their most carnal and wild side appears, almost being blinded by their own desires. "Okay, you've a point..." he responds.
"See? Besides, Taehyung and I were planning to go to an amusement park. Minjun can come with us!" the baby was resting in Jimin's arms, "So, enjoy these days," a smile appeared and Yoongi sighed, "By the way, have this."
The alpha handed Yoongi a bag. Without inspecting the inside, Yoongi took it. "Minjunie, when you come back...," the omega says, "I promise we'll see Dinofriends as many times as you want."
The baby softly kicked the air, showing off his dinosaurs socks that Jungkook gave to him in response and Yoongi closed the door. Although Jungkook was on their room, the omega already felt affected by his scent. It was almost like he can touched it in the air.
Still with his back leaning on the door, he sees what the bag has in the inside. "W-What?!" he almost chocked with his own saliva by the surprise, feeling how his own scent became stronger. Lingerie.
"What was Jimin thinking..." he already feels warm, "And I don't think Jungkook likes this kind of stuff..." He shakes his head, still a bit shocked and walks to his room... where Jungkook is already waiting for him. ***
- 99. author's note: it says "dinosaur socks for babies" :)
- 100. After opening their dorms door, Yoongi felt like a whole hurricane happened inside the room. The rain's scent was so strong that if someone told him that a huge cloud was above his head, he would believe it.
The alpha's golden gaze directed to him. Jungkook was shirtless, already resting on the bed. "Hey," his voice was both rough and tired, "Minjun left with them? I stopped smelling him."
"Yeah," Yoongi left the bag on the floor, walking towards Jungkook, "Jimin told me that they will go to an amusement park." The alpha hummed. "What's on the bag? I smell perfume."
"You can? I can only smell you," Yoongi said, not trying to sound provocative or flirtatious... but it was the opposite. He was all affected and not thinking straight at all. Just being seduced by Jungkook's dense scent.
"How inconvenient, right? That you can only feel me..." the alpha extends his hand and Yoongi reach it, without thinking too much and Jungkook makes him to sit above him, "But that's what I wanted."
"It worked, then," the omega closed his eyes when he felt how Jungkook's lips were spreading kisses all over their bond. Placed his hands on the alpha's shoulders, trying to hold on into something.
"All mine..." the alpha mumbles, almost out of his and tightening his grip in Yoongi's waist, "I can already imagine you with a cute belly... carrying my pups..." Wait. Yoongi opened his eyes as fast as he can. "W-Wait..."
It looked almost painful for Jungkook to stop, but he did. Just as Yoongi asked. "What happened?" he was almost out of breath and his eyes were shining at their most. "I need to tell you something..." he looked away, "W-We spend my heat together and..."
Talking about his heat in front of an alpha near his... was dangerous. But the omega took the risk. "The pregnancy test... was negative... And... Sorry..." He felt someway tinier and tinier as the time passes and Jungkook didn't said a word.
He hugged him, trying to look for the alpha's warm and sighed in relief when Jungkook returned the hug. "Sorry... I know you wanted more pups..."
"Why are you sorry? Don't be," the alpha caress his hair, "I know I wanted more pups, but this is also your decision and only if you want as well." Yoongi didn't needed to think about it twice. "Y-Yeah... B-But I wanted to tell you that anyway..."
"I see, thank you for telling me," he leaves a kiss in Yoongi's cheek, "And don't worry too much... We've many other tries." The omega blinks in surprise as Jungkook pushes him gently over the bed.
"I'm going to fill you up until you've a cute belly..." he places his hand over it, making Yoongi able to feel how hot the alpha's skin actually is, "And until the result is positive." A tired smile appears in Yoongi's face, placing his hand over Jungkook's.
"I can already imagine our whole family... Our cubs running all over the place..." Yoongi feels his bond hot, hot, hot. "I love you, Jungkookie. I'm so happy that it's you. You've always been the only one for me."
The alpha stares at him, with a bunny smile and eyes full of affection. "The only one...," he mumbles. Jungkook leans and kisses Yoongi, sealing like this their aiming for a happy future.
- the end. -
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