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Sep 17, 2021
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y opens the door of the singing class, and walks in with an annoying step under SeokJin's questioning look. "Why do you look disengaged? Why do you look so pale?" the singing teacher asks as he rushes to Jimin's side.

y closes the door. In an ideal situation, he knows that it's better to enter a room after Jimin than before him. The singer may open the doors violently, but at least if Taehyung is behind him, he doesn't slam it with a bang.
his arms over his chest and goes to sit in front of the piano. "I'm not late, so be happy!" growls Jimin. SeokJin stands next to him and in a gesture without gentleness, he takes his face in order to direct it towards him.
e, Jimin's cheeks are brought closer to the center of his face and his mouth is even more pouty than usual. The teacher examines his face carefully with a frown as Jimin tries to struggle to escape the older man's grip.
makes panicked hand gestures towards his assistant and grunting incomprehensible things because of Seokjin's grip. "He's not sick." says Taehyung, rolling his eyes.
" asks Seokjin not at all convinced, but his worried look turns to surprise and then disgust when he feels the singer's breath. "Have you been smoking?!" "Just one smoke!" replies Jimin once he manages to get out of the singing teacher's grip.
back at Taehyung with an indignant look, and Taehyung backs up in his chair, sticking his shoulders against the backrest. Pissing off Seokjin is definitely something to avoid. "Did you let him?" the oldest asks, ready to pounce on him and pull his ears.
ew manager's fault! He's the one who should be watching me, not my assistant!" rushes Jimin, making puppy dog eyes at the tall, broad-shouldered brunette in front of him. In reality, Jimin isn’t a real smoker, he may smoke occasionally, but it’s still exceptional.
at even an exception would not pass for the closest thing to a spoiled big brother in this company. And then Jimin doesn't even have to lie to direct his heart's anger at his new manager.
es Seokjin curtly before continuing, "Let's start your class, I'll deal with this later." Taehyung swallows, if he could he would have stopped Jimin from smoking, especially right before his singing class.
oud that he managed to keep the singer from smoking in his presence 97% of the time. The remaining 3% is when the blond guy smokes for a specific reason, like when it's one of his elaborate plans.
was 6 months ago when Jimin did it to approach a very famous producer smoking outside the building with a "do you have a light?" This was followed by collaboration on music that was a global hit.
dvantage of the two hours of singing lessons of the singer to study the documents given by Taehyung. The financier nods slightly several times, he is pleasantly surprised, the assistant's notes are very complete.
the phone numbers and names of the people he has to call in order to finish organizing Jimin's performance series, for the release of his next single. He can actually see that Taehyung is used to managing the transition of projects from one manager to another.
would bet his life that Jimin doesn't know half of what's written in these documents. After a few phone calls advised by the young assistant, he looks at his watch and sighs. It is almost noon.
Jimin's schedule and frowns when he notices a detail he hadn't seen earlier. The idol has a photoshoot scheduled on his lunch break, then he goes straight to dance rehearsals. But he doesn't see the time scheduled for lunchtime.
gest will eat a sandwich on the way? He closes the schedule, his assistant must have already prepared something.
the classroom. He has to accompany Jimin in all his outings because obviously, he is the one who has to discuss, negotiate and give the necessary instructions to the photographer and the art director.
s in front of the room, he checks his watch, he is right on time. He was about to knock when the door opened with a bang.
his office is, I have two words for him, this- Yoongi-ah? What are you doing here?" asked Seokjin completely lost, a rolled-up set of sheet music in his hand not holding the door handle.
gloating to see Yoongi finally get scolded by someone who doesn't care about hierarchy, loses all the color in his face, and gives Taehyung a surprised look. Does SeokJin know Yoongi? The assistant seems equally confused.
ick up Jimin-ssi." Yoongi simply replies. Jimin wrinkles his nose at the impassive face.
ly is the director of the finance department interested in him?" Seokjin asks with a raised eyebrow, leaning on one of the legs where his wrist rests holding the sheet music roll. "Didn't Nam tell you? I'm his new manager." Yoongi explains.
who Namjoon was talking about…" the teacher glances sideways at Jimin behind him before turning his attention back to the manager. "And you're the jerk who let him smoke?" reproaches Seokjin while now resting the top of both wrists on his hips.
slightly and glances at Jimin who is behind Seokjin. The blond returns a dazzling smile delighted that the fact that the two know each other personally doesn't prevent his teacher from saying what he has to say. Let the show begin.
esn't have time to retort as Seokjin continues. "Well since it's you, I'll speak your language, ok?!" it's not a question. Jimin gloats as he sees Yoongi raise an eyebrow and pull his head back slightly.
tion. Jimin smiles and without taking his eyes off his manager, he reaches out to Taehyung, who quickly hands him his plastic water bottle with its aluminum straw.
th water flavored with slices of yellow and lime lemons that Taehyung prepares several times a day in the building's cafeteria.
e that his voice is worth billions? Hell, it could be listed on the stock market! I'm pretty sure your dad put an insurance policy on his vocal cords!" yells Seokjin
a moment before lifting the roll of paper to point at the manager's torso and continuing. "And you, you let him smoke?"
drink, watching Yoongi's face as it returns listless. He knows his teacher is far from finished.
ow better than anyone that for every cigarette smoked, it may be several hundred million won lost!" exclaims Seokjin, frantically shaking the roll in front of him.
about to continue scolding the manager, but the manager surprised everyone by cutting him off. "You've got 2 minutes 30 left, hyung." said Yoongi looking at his watch.
the teacher can say, too surprised to have been cut off so abruptly in his monologue.
far from being done for the day. And if you keep bellowing, not only will you get wrinkles, but you'll lose us more than a few hundred million won because of the delay in his schedule." Yoongi explains in a neutral tone while looking Seokjin straight in the eyes.
jin inhales sharply, shocked by the manager's words, while Jimin and Taehyung take a step back in unison, their eyes wide. They are far too afraid of Seokjin's eventual reaction.
i talk about Seokjin's "possible" wrinkles? "1 minute, now." adjusts Yoongi while looking at his watch.
at! You'll see when you need someone to watch Holly on your business trips!" shouts the teacher as he tries, and fails, to hit the top of Yoongi's head with his sheet music roll.
use this. You are his godfather. It's your responsibility to him, not to me." yoongi says impassively as he deftly avoids another blow from the paper roll with a brisk backward motion of his head.
nd wonders if Yoongi has a child. He glances questioningly at Taehyung who returns his gaze with a shrug. "Let's go." he says to Jimin and Taehyung as he turns and walks down the hallway towards the elevators.
owls Seokjin, still annoyed, as he points to the elevator with his roller. Jimin and Taehyung almost run towards the elevators, afraid to take Seokjin's anger in their face. Once in the elevator, silence sets in as it descends towards the parking lot.
yung, who are behind the manager, give each other a pointed look. Jimin didn't think that one day, someone would dare to stand up to Seokjin.
n is surprising, to say the least, but Jimin hasn't said his last word, he just hasn't had any luck with these two being close. "Pack." says Yoongi without turning around, but raising one hand, palm facing the ceiling.
s he notices that the hand is the one on his side. He reaches into his bag and places his cigarette pack in Yoongi's hand with an annoyed gesture.
t the pack, and even though he only sees a third of his face, for the first time Jimin sees a real expression. It's a disgusting look. "Minty?" the manager growls through his teeth.
his nose at the thinly veiled judgment and puts on his sunglasses. What an asshole. Once the elevator doors open, the dark-haired one tosses the pack into the nearest trash can, before heading to his car.
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