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Sep 21, 2021
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#taekookau where ceo alpha guk keeps baking omega secretary tae cookies evey chance he gets because tae has been very helpful at work, so it's really just him paying him back... right? taehyung misunderstands and chaos ensues or an accidental courting au no one asked for.

love by accident » alpha / beta / omega, office au » alpha jeongguk, omega taehyung » ceo jeongguk, secretary taehyung » unrequited crush, pining, one sided fake dating, light angst » happy ending
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The elevator ride up is deathly quiet The meeting ended a little after an hour later with a working plan in place. -- with Director Min working on speed-developing their next season’s release that had twice the specs as the original one so they could release that instead;
and with Director Park working on the legal side of things, and in charge of finding out if their blueprints were indeed leaked so a lawsuit could be filed.
It was a plan that Sajangnim thought of within five minutes, after each manager and director explained everything to him for more than half an hour.
They end the meeting after polishing said plan, and the next thing Taehyung knows, he finds himself following Sajangnim behind as they make their way to the elevators to head to the alpha’s office located at the very top floor of the building.
Taehyung is once again grateful that he’s wearing a new pad of scent blockers. He’s sure he would’ve reeked of discomfort as the events of his and Sajangnim’s last meeting looms in the elevator air.
He’s fidgeting in his own two feet, trying to think of a way to both thank the alpha for standing up for him at the meeting and to bring up the incident that happened between them so they could clear the air between them.
As soon as the elevator opens to the top floor, Taehyung pounces on the opportunity immediately to make things right.
“Sajangnim,” he says, speeding up his steps to walk beside him. Thanking his angels that the managers were still in the conference hall discussing some last minute things.
The alpha halts in his steps. Taehyung hears a defeated sigh coming from him but he opts to ignore it as Sajangnim turns to look in his direction, looking slightly sullen. “Secretary Kim,” he replies.
Taehyung notices two things: the lines under Sajangnim’s eyes and the slump on his shoulders, something that the omega has not seen before since the alpha is -- maybe, kind of, a little (a lot) narcissistic and is very much invested in his appearance,
plus he’s the type of wolf who oozes confidence. The scene at the meeting was proof of it. So he wonders why the alpha is like this suddenly, but he shrugs it off, wanting to make sure he /finally/ clears the air between them first.
“Sajangnim, listen, about our last meeting..” the omega starts to say. “You don’t have to mention it, Secretary Kim,” he replies quietly, “I mean, I realized my mistake and you have the right to do what you have to do and I respect it.”
Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him. “Well, things were kind of going a little too fast, sir, Sajangnim.” he says slowly. “You do understand that I had to take a step back from all that. Right?”
The CEO purses his lips at him. “Yeah like I said, I will respect and support your current and future decisions and I’ll make sure I’ll make these last few days count and memorable.”
“Really?” Taehyung asks, stifling a smile. “So, you’re still good with all this? You’re not upset about the whole -”
“I’m not upset, Secretary Kim.” Sajangnim intervenes. “If anything, it made me appreciate you more and I remembered what you told me before one our.. date” he trails off, scratching the back of his head.
“You said you didn’t like that I mixed my personal feelings with work; and just know that from here on out, I’ll keep it all natural and keep everything organic. No more showing off and stuff.” the CEO adds.
Taehyung smiles at him. “To be fair, I’ll like that better.” he says. “I mean, those last few days were a bit too much, Sajangnim.. but I'm grateful you're onboard with this.”
The alpha nods at him. “And you’ll get it. The two of us like how we always are,” he attempts to smile. “And I’ll make the days count.”
“I know you will.” Taehyung says, looking down before they both clear their throat and starts taking a few tentative steps to the reception desk. "Oh, and thank you for standing up for me earlier, sir. I appreciate it."
“You always have my back, Secretary Kim.” the CEO replies with a small smile but it looks genuine nonetheless. “You always had and don’t let those stupid alphas tell you otherwise. You’re.. You’re important. Always remember that.”
Taehyung gives him a shy smile before they finally part ways, with the omega going around his desk and taking his seat behind the computer, booting it up so he can start working again and while Sajangnim begins to make it through the door to his office.
But as the alpha reached the door, Taehyung sees him freeze and turn around to head back to his desk, making the omega raise a questioning eyebrow at him before the alpha deposits something on top of his desk.
It’s a bag. “What -?” Taehyung asks as he retrieves the bag and takes a peek inside and lets out a quiet gasp as he sees the inside of it. “What’s this for?”


#태태 — i love you more than yesterday but less than i'll love you tomorrow ♡ • my aus ⇝ @bunnybeardiary
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