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Sep 22, 2021
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#namgiau "So I gave the speech, did you see?" Yoongi smiles, nods, "I did. I was there, remember. Right beside you." Namjoon fumbles for words, "oh, yes. I," he shakes his head, "I kind of," he knows his face is heating up, "I forgot." Yoongi chuckles, "you forgot I was there?"

"Everyone said they are proud of me," Namjoon rolls the hem of the hoodie around his finger, "even the president said it too." Yoongi hums, "you deserve all the praises." Namjoon frowns, gestures, "all of them are proud of me." A playful smile crosses Yoongi's lips, "I know."
Namjoon lets out a breath, "would it kill you to tell your own boyfriend of ten years that you are-" "I am proud of you, Namjoonah," Yoongi smiles, big, gummy, cheeks heating up, "you know that." Namjoon feels the way his heart still flutters in his chest, "say it too."
Yoongi rolls his eyes, "the person who gave two speeches at the gathering. The leader of our group who got praised by everyone, what else he might want from me, huh?" Namjoon's eyes are on him and Yoongi knows. Of course he knows. He reaches, grasps Namjoon's hand, "what else?"
"Say you love me," Namjoon blushes bright red, a trait they both share, even after ten years, "please." Yoongi looks down at the ring on Namjoon's ring finger, chuckles, "I love you, dear husband." And the smile Namjoon gives leaves Yoongi breathless.
Those dimples prominent, those eyes hidden because of that huge smile. Yoongi finds himself smiling too, he closes his eyes when Namjoon leans to steal a kiss from him. "I love you more," Namjoon murmurs against Yoongi's lips, "I love you the most."
Yoongi opens his eyes, taking in that face he came to adore the most in this world, "we will have ten more years to settle that thought of yours." Namjoon shakes his head, tugs Yoongi on his lap, "we will have forever to settle that thought of mine. Yeah?"
And some times Yoongi indulges in Namjoon's sappy words. He nods, leans against his husband and closes his eyes, "fine. We will have forever to settle that thought of yours. Now can we sleep?" Namjoon nods, "of course,but..." Yoongi smiles, "one last time? I am proud of you."
--- I don't know what this was, I just really wanted to write a soft Namgi drabble where the leader craves the elder's praises --- BYE!
Amy 🪄

Amy 🪄

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