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s | writing hiatus ☁️

Sep 28, 2021
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Here Comes the Sun (The My First, My Last Archive) A series of oneshots about the events that happened in between MFML's story– from Jısoo planting flowers for Seokmın to Jıhoon proposing to Soonyoūng, let's take a glimpse of what life was for our characters outside Jisoo's POV.

Here Comes the Sun Filo AU (BUT) Mostly written in English Narrations Angst, Crack, Fluff, Smut, Slice of Life Main Ship: Seoksoo Side Ships: soonhoon, jeongcheol, minwon, junhao and verkwanchan (still a maybe? 👀) rts, qrts and likes are appreciated 🤍
Tags: boys in love | cuddling | established relationships | fluff | friendship is a powerful thing, so is communication | hurt with comfort | jealousy | kissing, a lot of kissing | messy time line |
Content Warnings: alcoholism | car accidents | cheating | emotional constipation | hurt without comfort | main character death | recreational drug use | sex Mentions of: anxiety | depression | insecurity | minor character deaths | suicide
Disclaimer: This is is only a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Do not take anything out of context, don't post on other sites.
Please read these first before proceeding. 1) Friends, Lovers or Nothing link:… 2) My First, My Last link:…
My First, My Last (Sequel to Friends, Lovers or Nothing) A SeokSoo AU wherein Jisoo returned to Seokmin with two goals– to take all of his firsts and to be his angel's last. "You've done it, Jisoo," Soonyoung mumbled, almost mockingly as he wept, "You've become his last."
Author's Note: This is a self-indulgent series I want to make to quench my thirst in writing narrations, and to of course, hold on to the ghosts of the characters I can't let go. Enjoy!
I feel the end is drawing near, would time be so kind to slow? You are everything to me, my dear– you are all I really know. But as I sit and wait and fear And watch the hours go– Everything that happened here, happened long ago. – Lang Leav
Dancing in the Kitchen — a my first, my last snippet A MFML seoksoo oneshot wherein Jısoo and Seokmın celebrated their first Valentine's Day together.
Twilight — a my first, my last snippet A Seoksoo oneshot wherein Jısoo was an in-denial sap who literally crossed oceans and dragged a blindfolded Seokmın across a foreign airport for a Christmas surprise.
Cinnamon Sugar — a friends, lovers or nothing snippet In which Sėungcheol's job was to make sure Mıngyu wouldn't do anything stupid in his first NYE party in the city and ended up being the idiot instead. But who could blame him? Jėonghan asked for a kiss, who was he to say no?
s | writing hiatus ☁️

s | writing hiatus ☁️

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