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Sep 28, 2021
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#taekookau The day Taehyung kidnapped the youngest heir of Jeon Corp in corrupt reverie of a fat ransom, the boy had giggled in ridicule saying how no one would give a penny to save him. A month later, he’s /demented/ on how someone could dare not care for this precious?

T/w: abduction Taehyung had mastered all the didactic verses that books might class as kidnapper-y. y’know, the scary-aura, passer fighting skills, knife-spinning, rope mallakhamb, creepy laugh. You name it.
But the heart, he reckons, is less of a wood than it should’ve been.
And he started good, he swears. Knocked jungkook out every time he acted turbulent on the way to the village. Aggressively splashed water on his face (drop by drop, but that doesn’t matter) to wake him up, threatened him (gently), shouted at him (in low volume) EVERYTHING.
But then when the boy, (the absolutely glass-like embodiment of grace with little trinkets of endearing antics studded on it like some godly abstract, just sayin’), brought his palm to his mouth and /giggled/, Taehyung wasn’t sure if he did it right. Giggled?
As much as it was head-tilt-confound to him, the cracking blow on his concrete ego was more, because… did he just giggle? “No one’s going to a spare a single penny for me, silly.” He had added later.
Of course Taehyung had acknowledged that with a barren eye roll, perhaps another spiteful chloroform-hanky jab, but he sure had that sentence imprinted on mind. Because it was true. Nobody came to Jungkook’s rescue.
Taehyung’s metaphorical flailing-hand desperation took careful unsharp turns from ‘for ransom and riddance’ to ‘dejection and rejection’. All not for himself, but..
Jungkook gelled with his village like he was here to be. Like all parts of him that stood out, fit into a military queue in this place. Like this was home, and his bungalow with thriftless luxuries, exuberances back in town were actually the place he was ‘kidnapped’ in.
The transition is slow like august weather, Taehyung is far too stricken to notice. Notice when this village became Jungkook’s Notice when Taehyung became the bakery grandma’s ‘2nd’ favourite customer. Notice when little Jane started preparing not one but two guest tea while
playing kitchen. For him, it feels like yesterday he was sitting outside Jungkook’s room listening to the boy sniffle in the blanket of dark at another day without his family giving a fuck if he is still breathing or not. While. In the morning he would giggle again,
sometimes at Taehyung’s failed attempts to terrorise him, or almost always after his bashful ‘good morning, are we hungry?’. I’m the abductor! Taehyung had told himself. He should be fine, if not elated, that his captive is uneasy in his holds. Except he wasn’t.
That one night, (9th one but who’s counting lol) when the timid sobs were particularly hiccupy, Taehyung couldn’t refrain himself from barging in.
He thought he knew pain. Anyone with fate as luridly unkind as his would think. Yet the plush bright face that only ever was seen parting into teasing grins, and heavy-dinner flushes had a sheen of tears mantled over the pink and Taehyung, Taehyung doesn’t know anymore.
He had wondered if there was anything his futile self can do for the silver spoon inheritor of all things gold. He gives in to the deep menacing whisper of his heart with a palpitating throat brought his fingers to run through the bestrewed black hair sticking on the
forehead that isn’t meant to fold into frown. All it took is Jungkook’s indulgent lean into the hand and a leg instinctively thrown over his as if in a dreadlock, closest possible human gesture to a cat’s purr… and suddenly Taehyung’s heart was a borrowed property.
Then it was a ritual, for Taehyung to cradle Jungkook in his arms on the nights of low. Let him know how they’re wrong in thinking that tears are a poor man’s luxury. It’s not his fault he was born in the grey part of what condescending havoc the high status can create.
Taehyung could barely make ends meet but it was at the wondrous glitters in Jungkook’s starry eyes, that he thinks he can possibly join the two ends of the world.
Snuggled on the spring popped couch like the sequoia branches that one cannot tell apart, Taehyung watches another day of no news about a missing-son-of-stately-empire His chest swells with something akin to /vanity/ maybe /arrogance/ when he hears Jungkook sighing in relief.
For the first time in his years of (barely) living, Taehyung finds his heart paradoxically grow and break at the same time, when Jungkook lifts his head from his chest, with something in his irises burning like twin moons on an eclipse. “I’m so happy they don’t care about me.”
~fin~ (whatever this was) I wrote this bored ‘during’ a work meeting so I’m not complaining but IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PROMPT CHWWHSHAK
My inquisitive feline go drop prompts for papi


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