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Oct 2, 2021
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yoonkook au in which yoongi goes crazy over jungkook's new piercing. he just used the wrong account.

som notes just to clarify!! - jk and yoongi are in two different idol groups - their separate fandoms are at war let's say armys vs exols 2.0 - does that stop yoonkook from being gay? absolutely not !
might continue if enough people want it lol in the meantime have a lil bit more of the aftermath!
more notes lol -im back ! u thought uve seen the last of me nuh uh ! -this is just an idea i had with jungkook lip piercing on the brain so it may be a short au may be a long one, literally don't know yet -mostly crack and fluff! if angst gets in i take no responsibility
-will have sexual jokes, if i ever write any nsfw scenes there will be a 🔞 warning -au will start a few days before the pics seen in the main au prompt -pls enjoy and be nice, qrting along the way is always a good motivator for me so yeah 🥰
yoongi's group: 4MOONS fandom name: starlights
jungkook's group: 00:00 (also referred to as zero) fandom name: noons
yoongi's fan acc 🥺
1. sleep well
2. pixels on the internet
3. aotd (ass of the day)
4. my dilf
5. gatekeeping sexy men in suits
6. not again
7. parasocial relationship
8. yeah it's totally namjoon
9. unquenchable pain kink
10. the little guy
11. in 3, 2, 1...
12. idk how to caption this..well..
13. straight from the convent
14. fast forward to d-day!
15. above water
16. who's doin it like zero
17. point and laugh
18. down bad
19. feelin sick
20. already did that
21. multi struggles
22. there he is!
23. [20 minutes later]
24. kinda cool wow totally-
25. [another 25 minutes later and the end of yoongi being on edge]
26. oh?
27. before the dm, the aftermath of yoongi's live
28. please give yoongi strength for the conversation ahead
29. good enough
30. gain views
31. the way you look
32. means a lot
33. yes yoongi he listens
34. asking for a friend
35. i do now
36. cute
37. wanna try?
38. u kno it's serious when yoongi tweets memes on main
39. good talk
40. a mistake?
41. i can fix you
42. very calm civilized human being
43. not friends
44. he makes me consider
45. the next day...
46. (forgot to say at the start but timestamps irrelevant unless i point them out!!) cool metal against warm skin
47. sit down
48. pain kink
49. dark jungkook account
50. 4lyfer
51. in 4k
52. and so it goes...
53. and there it is
54. over men who are gay for each other
55. sorry to this man
56. a cute guy
57. begone, demon !
58. standards
59. losers on the internet
60. hobi accidental wingman era
61. what hobi do
62. as cute as you
63. he really does
64. 2 am booty call?
65. a dog date
66. he 🥰
67. d-day
68. gays always have terrible timing
69. wash everywhere
70. yoongi expose
71. not for long
72. jungkook hates buttons
73. get well soon
74. something of dreams
75. to touch and maybe come closer
76. worst things
77. no pretenses
78. someone help user mintynkks out
79. “Shit! It’s almost 2 PM, how were we talking for almost 4 hours?” Jungkook exclaimed suddenly after glancing at the clock on the wall. “Because I’m the best company you’ve ever had,” Yoongi quips while watching Jungkook try to discreetly pack a few of his things.
“You’re not wrong,” Jungkook agreed, but still continuing to pack up Gureum’s water bowl and chew toy, “Look, Yoongi, today was so fun but I know I probably shouldn’t keep you longer. You have your comeback to prepare for and uhm,
I kind of have a tattoo appointment at 2 and it completely slipped my mind because I just love talking to you and-” “Hey, hey, it’s okay you don’t need to explain. I don’t have any schedules until around 5 so I’d be fine either way,
but we should go so you don’t miss your appointment,” Yoongi smiled. Jungkook couldn’t help noticing the sad tilt to his smile, though, and he would never want him to feel anything but completely satisfied with his time. “Well… how about this?
We drop off our dogs at home and you come with me to my tattoo session! Oh you’re gonna love it, hyung! Come on, say yes, please?” Jungkook pleaded, big doe eyes once again at play. Yoongi’s breath hitched.
This was not in his plans today he didn’t get to mentally prepare to see Jungkook get fresh ink, see his skin bloom red under the new art that would adorn Jungkook’s gorgeous body and- “Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.” Yoongi was setting himself up at this point.
“Great! Let me get the bill and we’ll go. We don’t live too far away from each other so we’ll make it on time, come on,” Jungkook got up excitedly, holding out a hand for Yoongi to take.
Yoongi looked at the pretty hand with the pretty tattoos and took it, not knowing if he should regret his decision or be grateful he chose it. It’s not looking too good for his sanity.
80. warm and raw (remember to read from bottom to top!)
81. kids these days
82. escape from the psych ward
83. pretty pretty pretty
84. right here
85. he's not okay
86. personally apologize
87. fun's over
88. make it believable
89. a better idea
90. that damn lip ring
91. vmin's sugar baby
92. consolation prize
93. another monday
94. his person
95. deep desire to be railed
96. suga_twt
97. another day another defamation
98. and if i am?
99. for your pride
100. [REST.]
101. blood moon prod suga
102. laced in gold
103. i want a jungkook too :(
104. a million kisses
105. kchartsmaster our bestie
106. a simulation
107. god complex
108. my baby
109. a versatile man
110. deal
111. #1, baby
112. soft laugh and softer smile
113. hand holding is yoongi's weakness
114. fruit of my womb
115. do you remember
116. step by step
117. the next day
118. the truth hurts
119. flirting on the job
120. “Hyung!” Yoongi immediately looked up from his phone to see the man that would not leave his mind bounding up to him excitedly. The rapper couldn’t help the smile that bloomed on his face, pocketing his phone just in time+
to be engulfed in the strong arms he’s slowly getting to know better. “Hey, Kook,” Yoongi greeted, wrapping his own arms around the taller one’s shoulders as Jungkook’s arms slid down his waist. “Missed you,” Jungkook mumbled into the tuft of Yoongi’s hair, making him giggle.
His breath was warm against his scalp, but the weight of Jungkook was calming, grounding. Staff bustled around them, some running frantically, some shouting orders. There was a group of idols chatting by the water station, a few others doing some vocal warmups.
The lights overhead flickered every five seconds, the thump of the bass blasting from one of the group’s comeback songs could be felt. None of it could sway either one of Yoongi’s nor Jungkook’s attention from one another. “Okay, that’s enough, break it up.
Jungkook, look now you’ve messed up your hair and foundation,” Jimin berated the younger. He had just come backstage alongside Taehyung, who in turn had a knowing smirk on his face, “Yoongi hyung! It’s nice to see you again!” “You too, Jimin,” Yoongi replied warmly.
He would have bowed back and hugged him in greeting if Jungkook would just, let him go. Not that he minded being in Jungkook’s arms. Yeah, not at all. “Congrats on your comeback, hyung! I’m so excited to see it performed live!” Taehyung remarked excitedly,
somehow slightly buzzing in his stance. “I’m excited to see your stage too,” Yoongi said. “I would be excited as well, now if Jungkook would come with us so we can actually perform said stage,” Jimin started to tug Jungkook away from Yoongi, which made him pout.
Ultimately, Jungkook went with his members, still keeping his priorities in check. But he didn’t leave without looking back at Yoongi, winking slyly as he said, “I’ll make sure to look good, for you.” “You do that.” Yoongi shook his head, a fond smile betraying him.
Looking away from Jungkook as he left the room, he turned his head to see Jin, Namjoon, and Hobi all looking at him expectantly. Yoongi opted to walk right past them, calling out a tired “Don’t even start,” before any of them could comment.
He had to be alone for a moment to prepare himself mentally. Jungkook was actually going to kill him today.
121. the fans react, including the #1 fan himself,
122. first win!!
123. Yoongi was on a high. His limbs felt heavy, but his heart has never felt lighter. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, coming to light the moment their name was called. He felt the way Hoseok cheered, so full of life, he felt the way Jin pumped his fist in the air,
a release of tension, he felt the way Namjoon pulled all of them into a crushing hug, abounding in gratitude. This has been their most successful comeback to date, and it had only just started. It felt so reassuring, that they had chosen the right path,
that all their hard work paid off, that they still have further up to go. There have been so many days when each one of them felt defeated, their own past selves their worst enemies, their biggest rivals. Trying to be better than your last was always a hard endeavor,
a hurdle continuously getting higher and higher. It took a lot of soul searching for 4moons to find their passion again. It’s hard work, to stay true to who they are while learning to evolve as artists. That balance hadn’t been met for a long time. Until now.
A music show win was just the start. It wasn’t necessarily that important in the grand scheme of things, but it was the first win they had in a while with music that truly felt like them, music that wasn’t catered to a market or forced by any trends.
It was wholly them, and that’s what made it special for people to love them for them. Yoongi couldn’t stop smiling, the corners of his mouth pulled up high, his gums on full display. He was the last one to stumble backstage after their encore,
having taken a moment to thank the fans and revel in the flashing lights, the confetti in his hair, his own music being played back to him. It was surreal, and it was good. Backstage was dim, most of the lights just spilling from the main stage area. The staff were ever-present,
still milling about doing their respective jobs. Some idols lingered, recording a few videos for social media or talking with their friends from other groups. But there was one man still casually leaning against a back wall, arms crossed as he watched Yoongi come closer.
His raven black hair was a bit messed up, the tips just touching the cold metal against his eyebrow. He looked ethereal, bathed in purples and blue and yellows. “Congratulations, #1 artist, composer, and producer,” Jungkook said in lieu of greeting,
holding out his hand for Yoongi to grab, pulling him closer, closer. “Thanks,” Yoongi replied bashfully, looking down towards their tangled fingers. He rubbed his thumb over Jungkook’s heart tattoo gently, back and forth like an unsaid letter full of words unsaid.
“Hey,” Jungkook whispered. His right hand let go of Yoongi’s to come under the blonde’s chin, tilting it up so their eyes could meet, “you were beautiful on stage. I felt every word you sang up there. You deserve this win, so much.” “Even if we beat you?”
Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head, “Losing doesn’t matter to me when I know full well we weren’t the rightful winners among us.” “You would have deserved the win, too,” Yoongi countered. “We’ve had many in the past 2 weeks, it’s okay,” Jungkook explained with finality.
Another hush fell over them, huddled close in the shadows and dim colored strobes of light hitting them every so often. Neither one broke eye contact, not when Jungkook carved out a trail on Yoongi’s skin with his fingertips, starting from his chin, up his jawline,
down his cheekbones, closer to the plush of his lips. Yoongi’s breath stuttered, his own hands coming up to play with the tiny hairs falling over Jungkook’s face, letting it lead his fingers to touch the rounded nubs of his eyebrow piercing, down soft sunkissed skin,
all the way to the cool ring against warm lips. “Yoongi,” Jungkook breathed, eyes flickering to Yoongi’s lips before coming back up to his eyes, “can I…” they both knew what he was asking for. What he didn’t know is that Yoongi would let him do anything.
Not trusting himself with his words, Yoongi nodded, chancing a glance at Jungkook’s lips before looking him in the eyes. He had to let Jungkook know that he was sure. They’ve both gone this far.
Neither of them knew who closed the gap first, but what they both knew was that their kiss was magic. But at the same time, it felt all too real. Like a fading rainbow after a summer rain, like the credits rolling after a film,
like the last few fireworks disappearing into a starry night; when they kissed, it led them from a world of wonder to a world of each other. Together, they felt right.
124. so.
125. ruined me
126. no next time
127. send nudes?
128. a promise
129. funny story
130. inkigayo shenanigans
131. hide the body
132. i'm happy
133. like an old married couple
134. tiny bare waist
135. third eye opened
136. 5 stars to anyone who guesses who their company is
137. koo our lil fashionista
138. another date?
139. men aren't supposed to be perfect
140. in the confines of my heart
141. the next day announcement
142. a singer who sings
143. escape my pocket
144. just me?
145. flattery will get you everywhere
146. always ready
147. burnt out
148. enjoy it
149. the bare minimum
150. the yoongi bucketlist
151. very much
152. little kitty
153. stop looking at me like that
154. a whole nother sentence
155. a professional
156. 37th bank MCs (for my sake pls imagine jungkook has mint hair for the following posts thank you)
157. me and who?
158. break the music industry
159. balance each other out
160. after the encore
161. thank you bighit for giving me content
162. the best for last
163. into the throes of pleasure 🔞
164. leave it on 🔞
165. a sight to behold 🔞
166. real 🔞
167. we'll let them figure it out
posted the uhhh smut scene as a stand alone fic with a slightly different plot if any of yall are interested 🥰…


he who has his heart | #슙국 #yoonkook • 3.3k • explicit • friends with benefits, canon compliant jungkook and yoongi fuck with only the body chain on. yoongi's emotionally invested, but they don't talk about it.
168. of all places
169. no regrets
170. part of it
171. giving and receiving endeavors
172. red and bruised
173. hold my hand
174. the duality~
175. for yoonie
176. closed era (real)
177. back by unpopular demand
178. complete
179. deliberately
180. it can be
181. christen the couch
182. we got the whole gang here
183. he's planning smth alright
184. he likes him :(
185. "Holy shit." "Yeah." The pair giggled, basking in the afterglow, sweat coating their bodies, still feeling each other's hearts beating fast, coming down from the high. Yoongi pressed his nose deeper into the crook of Jungkook's neck, breathing in and sighing.
This, whatever it is, felt good. They probably need to talk about it, but he didn't want to shift this into anything different than what it is now. Now, it's Yoongi on Jungkook's lap after another round of mindblowing sex. They're both a little loopy,
but that only made the feeling of it all more surreal. Now, it's Jungkook gently pulling out, tying the condom and throwing it in a nearby wastebin before gathering Yoongi up in his arms again, pulling them flush to each other once more, not wanting to let go of that closeness.
They let the silence surround them, much like they normally did. Jungkook swirled his fingers in Yoongi's newly dyed platinum blonde hair. Somehow, despite all the bleach, it was still so soft. Yoongi pressed soft kisses along Jungkook's skin, featherlight, more of a whisper.
"You let me defile your sacred place," Jungkook comments. Yoongi huffed out a laugh, pulling back a little to look at the flushed man. "And I'd let you do it again. Honestly, what we did makes it feel even more sacred now." "My dick a holy entity now?"
"Hmm, maybe not quite there yet. Gotta use it a bit more often." "I'll keep that in mind," Jungkook winked. From where he was seated, Jungkook had the full view of Yoongi's entire studio setup. The screen displayed a wide array of production programs and his piano and
electric drum set were all hooked up; it was a musician's dream. It made Jungkook think back to what was floating in his mind for a while. He looked back at Yoongi, who was already staring at him with the softest expression on his face.
God, he's the prettiest person Jungkook has ever seen. "Yoongi?" "Hmm?" "Do you wanna make a song with me?" Yoongi's eyes widened comically, sitting up much straight, hands planted firmly on Jungkook's shoulder, trying desperately not to vibrate with too much excitement.
"You're serious?" Yoongi asks expectantly. "Absolutely. Hyung, you know how much I love your music and just getting to work with you for our joint stage made me realize I want something of our own, together," Jungkook smiles, watching as stars started to burst in Yoongi's eyes.
"Fuck, I thought you would never ask. Of course I'd love to, are you kidding? This is everything I could have asked for!" Yoongi dives in for a kiss, Jungkook eagerly kissing back. It could barely even be called a proper kiss,
what with their unabashed smiles and so much laughter out of joy for what's to come. "We're gonna make a fucking amazing song and it's going to shake the music world as we know it," Yoongi declares. "Oh I know we will," Jungkook agrees, kissing a trail up Yoongi's jawline.
"This is kinda getting me going, not gonna lie." "Hmm, round two and then we start brainstorming?" "Great plan."
186. full circle
187. nothing?
188. marry me
189. brain and heart
190. oh yoongi...
191. this company starting to sound familiar
192. new beginnings
193. hoe anthem
194. music is their love language
195. the next morning they're still saps
196. memes as a coping mechanism
197. gayass
198. there's more?
199. what happens at music bank, stays at music bank 🔞
200. not with his heart
201. dykwymth (take a shot every time i manage to include that in my aus)
202. and a hand to hold
203. just a little bit more
204. it's happening
205. hyung is okay
206. his babies
207. broken and loss
208. peak domesticity
209. it's easy
210. not that simple
211. give your love a chance
212. feelings suck
213. in its simplest form
214. the start of a promise
215. ok grandma
216. not official
217. yours, mine
218. the next night...
219. the man the myth the legend
220. there was an attempt
221. last minute
222. if he wants to
223. so far away
224. creativity and vulnerability
225. two days later...
226. and then 2 weeks later...
227. everything good the world has to offer
228. tiny nation
229. you would know
230. gay for pay
231. get over themselves and ___
232. trouble's brewing
233. marry me
234. the solo?
235. and then he sees it
236. not your solo
237. ur done
238. whose side
239. the contract
240. never the same
241. the kind of person
242. you deserve respect
243. we love a name drop
244. at first glance
245. only then
246. he'll be okay
247. meet him halfway
248. a whole night later
249. is it okay
250. intellectual property [disclaimer: im not a lawyer and what im saying probably doesnt make sense this is what 10 minutes of googling does]
251. zero freedom soon?
252. the last straw
253. a mess
254. almost two weeks
255. in a heartbeat
256. so bad
257. goosebumps
258. for the lolz
259. starlight side
260. the original plot
261. falling
262. here comes the company talk don't cancel me over fiction pleek
263. with me, all over me
264. 3, 2, 1...
265. who home is
266. never alone
267. ready?
268. departure
269. their music
270. say it
271. vminkook live (real)
272. trending
273. except jungkook
274. a huge step forward
275. nothing else
276. a lot of celebrating
277. in this zero shit for life
278. slipped it in
279. what's next?
280. we're dropping the l word
281. make waves
282. shit to say
283. banging
284. wife him up
285. not just any man
286. the day has come
287. here comes the chelsea boots
289. here comes the waiting game
290. they won
291. what yoongi wants
292. we need to talk
293. unapologetically ourselves
294. where do i fit
295. something stupid
296. a risk
297. on blast
298. feet pics?
299. weighing options
300. get in
301. out the window
302. first brick at stonewall
303. behind bars
304. you know i love you, right?
305. doing it
306. more
307. hello. this us bighit ent.
308. noons vs starlights
309. here come the yoonkookers 🙄
310. that loud
311. yoongi defense squad
312. knife at his door
313. trying and failing
314. we love a vers
315. a bright future
316. on the table
317. down bad
318. my view
319. the go signal
320. domesticated
321. poly negotiations
322. simple as that 🔞
323. unstoppable
324. world peace
325. the two sides ruminate
326. new home
327. stream super tuna
328. these were self indulgent tweets
329. whiskey or milk (whispers watch bad buddy on youtube)
330. lemonade style
331. so far away - the unit
332. out of court
333. slipping away
334. may your trials end in full bloom
335. because of that hope (ty tuna for ur own thoughts on so far away 🥺)
336. you own my heart
337. [ 🔴 LIVE ]
338. built different
339. change for the better
340. it can be
[EPILOGUE] +1. the fan account...
+2. escaping psych ward era
+3. he's back, one last time,
+4. oomf reveal?
+5. the start of it all
+6. for tonight?
+7. play by play
+8. love runs deeper
+9. [OPEN.]
~ fin. ~
still feels...unreal that it's finished. thank you to everyone who's stuck till the end, endured my extra slow updates, and especially those who gave me feedback. each one meant a lot. 🥺 endlessly grateful to you who read this silly lil au bc +
jungkook's lip piercing shook me so hard to the core i made a silly lil prompt that turned into this whole whirlwind :') gonna miss these horny boys :)) if u wanna hmu, my dms are open and i got retrospring!! again, thank you so much for reading 🥺🥺🥺
if you wanna support me (only if u can and want to!!) i have a kofi!! love u guysss
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