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Oct 5, 2021
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a yoonmin au where— Yoongi loves to dress up in pretty skirts and dresses so working in a maid cafe seems to be the perfect job for him. But what happens when the school's resident bad boy recognizes him?

tags ; 🌸 college students bangtanies 🌸 soft yoongi ! 🌸 whipped jimin 🌸 might contain 🔞 🌸 little to no angst 🌸 just an au full of fluffness ! 💌 commissioned fic for @||| Yoongi's ⁷ 🐱 <333
important notes ; 🌸 this is purely fictional. please do remember that. the cafe mentioned hire waiters / waitresses with cute-sy outfits ! i mean no harm with this fic ! 🌸 timestamps and hair colors do not matter unless i said so !
profiles :
jimin's friends ; maknae lines are juniors
yoongi's friends ; hyung line are senior students.
💌 will start soon if i got time to make updates ! i have classes, sorry.
yellow and iced coffee
math classes r kinda boring, ya know
maybe, enemies to lovers jinkook, who knows ..
Yoongi whips his head at the entrance of the university cafe. The noise became whispers as the three men walked through their usual spot. Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, the big 3 of SNU. "Please do they think they are celebrities?"
Seokjin murmurs as he munched on his food. "Hyung, why are you so mad at them?" Hoseok asked and stopped staring at the three juniors. "I just feel like it." Seokjin shrugs and makes Yoongi chuckle. "Yah Yoongi-ah, what's so funny?"
"Nothing, hyung. You just kept on saying that nobody cares about them yet here you are, throwing daggers on them." Namjoon slightly chokes at what he hears and the flustered face of the older doesn't escape Yoongi's eyes.
"Let's just finish our food. I bet they cut class again. Junior's lunch is still later." Namjoon shakes his head and proceeds to grab a bite as he reads his syllabus. "Namjoon must've wiped all the intelligence from their family that there's nothing left for Taehyung."
Seokjin smirks and continues with his remarks. The three of them eyed each other and shrugged. His hatred is really something else. They proceed to eat when Yoongi notices something.
His gaze lands upon Park Jimin and he gasps when the younger is looking at them then his eyes go back to Jungkook who's currently speaking, almost avoiding his gaze. "Hyung, let's go lunch is almost over." Hoseok calls and Yoongi immediately nods as he fixes his things.
He took one last glance and when their eyes met, he immediately turned around and chased his friends. "Your eyes, Park Jimin." Taehyung scolds as soon as the group of seniors leaves the cafe. Jimin chuckles and drinks. "Are still attached, Kim Taehyung." He sarcastically said.
"They're off limits, hyung would go mad if any of us tried to hit on his friends." Jungkook scoffs and places his fist on the table, "Who would try to hit on his friends? The shoulder guy alone is so fucking annoying."
Jimin figures out the shoulder guy must be the one who spilled Jungkook's drink on his shirt, he's not really the type to hold grudges unless you did something to him first. "Even then." Taehyung sighs and gives him a knowing glance so Jimin raises his hands in defeat.
"Fine! It's not like I would do anything though." I'm just appreciating beauty, he wants to add but decides to shut his mouth before Taehyung smacks his head. Seems like the pretty feline-eyed senior wouldn't be with him anytime soon. What a shame.
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Jimin looks up at the sign of the cafe in front of him. He observes the inside before he goes inside. Although it’s not new to him about such cafes, it’s still his first time going into one. One lady with maid outfit greets him and asks if he’s with someone
so he said he’s just waiting for his friends and the waitress immediately guides him to his seat. The interior of the cafe is actually very pretty and really suits the concept but the food will dictate if he’ll come back again here.
He orders a croissant and a frappe as he waits for his friends. Luckily, he brought his laptop with him so he wouldn’t be ashamed to stay that long inside the cafe, the customers aren’t that much too. “One croissant and a frappe for table 7.”
Jimin looked up to the owner of the voice and it seems like they both got startled when they recognized each other. Jimin trails his vision to the uniform of the feline boy, he’s clearly working here and Jimin couldn’t help but to notice how he
looks prettier than the other girl working here wearing the same clothes. “Hi..” Jimin said after he recovered from the shock. There’s panic in the eyes of the senior as he quickly placed his order at the table, almost knocking off the cup of frappe.
“Hey, calm down. It’s okay.” He hushed while smiling softly. When the guy heaves a deep sigh, Jimin speaks. “First day?” “H-huh?” He gasps. “Is it your first day working here? You seem nervous.” Jimin tried to strike a conversation with the pretty boy in front of him.
“Yes.” But the reply of the senior sounds dismissive so Jimin didn’t try further. He smiled politely, “ Can I have your name, please?” “Yoongi.”
Yoongi clenched his chest as soon he got out of the sight of Park Jimin. He doesn’t even know why his heart is beating rapidly, it must be the adrenaline of having someone in the uni recognize him in his work, wearing a maid outfit.
It’s not like he’s ashamed but that’s Park Jimin, SNU’s known junior, his stare alone could send shivers down his spine. “You okay, Oppa?” Dahyun, one of his co-worker said, when she noticed the flustered face of Yoongi. “Yes, Dahyun-ssi.” He sighs in relief.
“Can I ask for a favor though?” He reluctantly said. Dahyun nods so he leans closer to whisper, “Do you see the man in table 7?”  The lady’s eyes roamed around the cafe and she nodded afterwards. “Why? Is there something wrong?”
“Ahh nothing. Could you tell me if he’s about to go so I can go outside?” He instructs and although there’s questions in Dahyun’s eyes, she still agrees. “Are you gonna stay here until he leaves?”
Yoongi bites his lower lip; he has no clue why he’s avoiding the junior but ever since their gazes met at the uni cafe, he becomes conscious whenever the younger is around. It should be the other way around because Yoongi is older than him but Yoongi shrugs all the thoughts off.
“I’ll probably accommodate other tables that’s far from where he is.” He simply said, so Dahyun smiles and immediately goes back to what she’s doing. Bean and Bréw isn’t something college students would go to, so Yoongi doesn’t know why Park Jimin is here,
casually enjoying his drink, looking out of place from the colorful aesthetic of the cafe. He must be waiting for someone, a date? Who knows? Yoongi doesn’t want to invade his privacy.
It’s almost an hour yet the junior is still here, it’s also his second frappe and Dahyun was the one to serve the drink for him. “Oppa!” Dahyun excitedly runs to him after she places Jimin’s order on his table. “You wouldn’t believe it.”
“What?” He curiously asked as he wiped the counter, eyes lingering on the lady. “He was asking for you.” Yoongi furrows his brow and blinks, stopping what he’s doing. “M-me?” Dahyun nods enthusiastically.
“He asked me where’s the guy who served him earlier so I told him you’re doing something else at the counter.” She narrates. “Why is he looking for me?” It came as a mumble yet Dahyun seemed to hear it. “He seems curious about you, Oppa.
Maybe he’s wondering why you are working here.” Dahyun’s statement has a point and Yoongi likes to put it that way. “He’s attractive though.” Dahyun winks before she gets the tray and continues to serve the newly arrived customers.
Yoongi tried to take a peek but when he saw that Jimin was looking in his direction, he immediately hid behind the counter. The wind chimes ring and Yoongi furrows his brow when Taehyung and Jungkook come in. What are they doing here?
“Man, you really stayed here.” He heard Jungkook’s voice since he’s not that far from them. “How’s the food?” “It’s great.” Jimin simply said. “You should try.”
The two settle in their seats and ask for a waiter but Dahyun and the other girls are already occupied since the volume of customers is gradually increasing so Yoongi doesn’t have the choice but to sigh and take their order. “Hello, are you ready to order?”
He narrates his greeting shyly. Seems like Taehyung and Jungkook recognized him as well. “Oh hyung! You’re working here?” Yoongi nods and smiles, still avoiding Jimin’s gaze. “Namjoon told me that they’re hiring.”
Seems like Taehyung is already satisfied with his answer so he drops his gaze and proceeds to scan the menu to order. He cites his order, then Jungkook comes right after. Yoongi smiles before he heads to the counter and processes the orders of the two juniors.
Thankfully, Jimin became so busy with his friends that he didn’t spare him a glance the moment he went back to give their orders. “You look great, hyung!” Taehyung compliments him and he feels his cheeks flushed.
“Thank you.” He shortly said and sprinted back to the counter. He already hung out with Taehyung before when their squad went to Namjoon’s house so they’re not really strangers to each other but Yoongi really can't say that they're friends.
Since the end of his shift is just at 6 pm, he quickly changed his clothes and signed his name to the record. By the time he's done, the three juniors are still talking at their table. Yoongi thinks they'll stay until the cafe closes so he wears his hoodie and decides to go home.
It's just the first day yet he had already bumped into the famous trio of SNU, he wishes that it would be the last time though. Especially Park Jimin, the man's stare is just too much to handle, Yoongi felt like he's looking right through his soul.
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Yoongi heard Dahyun squeals when he went to the storage room for a bit to get table napkins. Yoongi shakes his head and proceeds to go back to what he's doing, the young lady must've seen someone attractive to squeal like that. But when he's at the door of the storage room,
Dahyun rushes to him and pouts. "Yoongi oppa! You wouldn't believe it." Yoongi furrows his brows and looks at him, "what?" "The guy who was here yesterday is here again!" Yoongi's blood ran cold and realization hit him. Park Jimin is here again but for what reason?
Yoongi tried to peek but he immediately backed off when he confirmed that it was indeed Park Jimin. "He must be waiting for someone. What's his order?" Dahyun immediately hands him a paper which contains Jimin's orders and Yoongi decides to make it himself.
His order is just the usual Americano and cheesecake, Yoongi knows how to perfectly make an Americano since it's his favorite too. He gets two slices and hands Dahyun the tray. The lady looks at him with a sheepish smile, "Sorry need to do something. Go deliver it on your own."
Yoongi scowls and sighs, of course Dahyun would pull a stunt like this. Unlike him, Dahyun didn't go to college so she's a full time employee at the cafe. It's also the reason why she doesn't know about Jimin's reputation. "Here's your order, Sir."
He simply said as he transferred the food to the table. Jimin smiled too. "Hi." Jimin starts. "Didn't expect you here." Yoongi hugs the tray, "Ah most seniors don't have classes on the weekend so I get to work full time today." He explains and the younger nods.
"The cafe doesn't have many customers." His eyes roamed around the place and Yoongi couldn't help but to agree. “It’s still early though. It will be packed later.” Yoongi reassures. It’s still 10 am and the volume of the customers usually increases at noon.
Jimin nods, “Could you join me for a while? You can go if the customers start filling in.” “I’m sorry?” Although he heard him loud and clear, Yoongi still wanted Jimin to repeat what he said, just to be sure.
“I’m sure the manager wouldn’t mind if you join me? For a small talk of course. I’m kinda a little lonely.” Jimin shyly said as he bites his lips. Yoongi is hesitating although his manager isn’t around since it's the weekend, he still doesn’t know if it’s a good idea to join him.
“Will your friends won’t join you today?” He carefully asked. He first thought that Jimin went here because he’s waiting for his friends but that doesn’t seem the situation right now. “Ah yes.” Jimin’s gaze softens.
“They have plans and staying at home is kinda boring so I guess being here would lessen my boredom.” Yoongi nods and in the corner of his eyes, he sees Dahyun cheering for him and urging him to agree.
Well, a little talk won’t hurt and Jimin seems kind, different from what he heard from Seokjin and others. He carefully sits down in the vacant chair in front of Jimin. “I won’t stay that long.” He said and he saw the younger giggles as he nodded.
Talking to Jimin is actually entertaining because Yoongi got to know a different side other than his bad boy reputation on SNU. This Jimin in front of him is very sweet and full of stories that makes both of them laugh.
Yoongi didn’t think twice to share how much he loves dressing up when the younger asked why he was working here. “So dressing up is solely your reason to do this job?” Jimin sips on his Americano that’s no longer cold due to the fact that it was forgotten the moment Yoongi sat.
“That’s part of it but I really need this job to afford pretty dresses.” Yoongi chuckles. “And make ups too!” “Woah, that was so interesting. Do you know how to apply makeup?” Jimin asked out of curiosity.
“Yeah, I studied on my own. Thanks to the beauty gurus, I guess.” Yoongi jokes. He noticed that customers started coming so he immediately stood up. “I’m sorry, I think I need to do my job now.” Jimin flashed a wide smile and nodded.
“Thank you for accompanying me and sorry for disturbing your work.” “Oh no please, don’t say that. I enjoyed it.” Yoongi was about to go when the younger called his name. “Hmm? Anything else you need?” “Maybe you could try putting makeup on me. I would love to see your work.”
Yoongi’s breath hitched and the only response he could utter was a silent “okay.” before he went back to his spot. Dahyun's sly smile welcomed him but she didn’t say anything further.
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time skip ; sunday and makeup day !
Yoongi could feel the piercing gaze of his two friends at the back of his head. He smiled at Jimin who's handing him the bags. "Hello, hyung. I would be ashamed if I just used your products so I bought you lots of makeup." Jimin said, face beaming with pride.
"Ah Jimin, you don't have to! It's too much." Yoongi shyly said. "It's okay, hyung. It's also my gift since you agreed to me." Although Yoongi loves makeup, he couldn't bring himself to accept it.
"I really can't accept it Jimin, I'm so sorry." Yoongi saw how Jimin's face fell but immediately changed his expression. "Oh, It's okay hyung!" He said. "I'm sorry, did I make you uncomfortable?" He asked in worry. Yoongi smiles and shakes his head,
"No! I appreciate the gesture but I just don't like if someone is wasting their money on me." Yoongi stops and looks at the bags in his hands, "But maybe I'll get an eyeshadow and lipgloss." Jimin chuckles and nods before he gets the bags on Yoongi's hands. "I'm really sorry."
"Don't mention it." Yoongi looks at the time. "By the way, it's still early and I still have a job. Are you gonna wait for me?" Jimin hums, "Yes. I told you, I have nothing to do on weekends." Yoongi watches as Jimin settles on a table not far from his friends.
He gulps when he sees the piercing gaze of Seokjin, looking directly at him. He approached them to bid goodbye. "I shall work now. Are you gonna stay longer?" Yoongi pouts when he sees the familiar grin of Hoseok, he just knows his friends won't let him hear the end of it.
"What was that, hyung?" "Nothing. We just have an agreement." He simply said. He doesn't need to explain in full details because that's just really it. "We'll go later." Seokjin speaks and Yoongi turns at him. "Is there something going on between the two of you?" He whispers.
Yoongi felt his cheeks heating up at the sudden question. "No, hyung. What are you saying?" Seokjin lets out a loud sigh, "I won't invade your privacy, Yoon. But I just want you to be careful. Don't trust a bad boy or else he'll ruin you."
Seokjin flashed a light smile before he picked up his bag and left together with Hoseok. His words get engraved inside his mind and at the same time, he's wondering how his friend came up with such a conclusion when Seokjin doesn't personally know Jimin's circle of friends.
When the clock struck 5 pm, Yoongi immediately went to Jimin who had been patiently waiting since earlier. "Hey, I just finished my shift and I'll just change my clothes." Jimin takes the last bite of his cinnamon rolls and nods, "Go ahead, hyung."
Yoongi changes his clothes immediately. He didn't forget to say goodbye to Dahyun before he stormed out of the storage room where employees keep their things. "Enjoy your date, Yoongi oppa!" Dahyun said cheerfully and Yoongi let out a small scowl.
Ever since Jimin frequently dropped by at the cafe, the teasing remarks from Dahyun didn't stop. "Let's go?" Yoongi's apartment and the cafe are just a 20-minute bus drive and 15-minute walk from the stop.
They aren't literally talking, just some short lived conversations and it all ends there. Yoongi was shy and he could feel that Jimin is just the same. "Sorry for the mess." Yoongi said as soon as they reached his home. He carefully opens the door and invites Jimin in.
The younger silently follows Yoongi. "Your house is actually neat." Jimin couldn't help but to point out. His eyes roamed around Yoongi's things, it's properly organized. "Thanks. I don't like messy places." Yoongi laughs and gets a pair of chick slippers for Jimin "Wear this."
Jimin cooed at how cute the furry chick is. It adds to the fact that Yoongi owns it. "Do you have a pair of cat slippers?" Jimin hums. Yoongi furrowed his brows and stopped for a second to think. "I don't think so. Why? Do you like cats?"
"Not really. You just looked like a cat." Jimin giggles and Yoongi jokingly rolls his eyes as he gets a snack from the cupboard. "Am I?" Jimin fished his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his pinterest.
When he finds a perfect cat picture that looks like Yoongi, he puts his phone beside the older's face as he laughs at the resemblance. "See? Just copy the cat's expression and it could pass as your twin." Both of them laugh.
Jimin notices how cute Yoongi is whenever he flashes his gummy smile, he's like a kid. "I'll just get my things and let's start." Yoongi said after a couple of minutes. He guides him into the living room, Jimin opens a can of soda.
Yoongi came back with a pink bag full of makeup. Jimin smiles fondly, he must really love dressing up to own this much cosmetics. "Okay let's start." Yoongi said and he quickly went in front of Jimin.
"I searched for a makeup look that suits the structure of your face but in the end, let's just settle for a light makeup to highlight your face. You are naturally pretty already so you won-" "You think I'm pretty?"
Yoongi isn't done with his statement but Jimin couldn't help but to cut him off the moment he heard the older call him pretty. "What?" Maybe Yoongi realized how close their faces were right now that he started blushing and averting his gaze.
"You really think I'm pretty?" Jimin mumbles, repeating what he said earlier. "Yeah, I thought you knew how pretty you are." Yoongi bites his lower lip and Jimin couldn't help but to follow it with his gaze. "You're very popular because of your look."
"Well, I don't really care what they think." Jimin adds, eyes not tearing off from Yoongi. "But I'm glad that you think I'm pretty." Yoongi clears his throat and tries to get the foundation on the table. "Let's start, for real."
Jimin smiles before he nods and watches him as Yoongi puts a small amount of foundation on his palm. The whole time Yoongi was blending the foundation on Jimin’s skin, his hands were shaking because of how intense Jimin’s stare is.
Yoongi couldn’t even focus on what he’s doing because of the younger. When it was time for the eye shadow, Yoongi leaned a little closer but since they are in a couch, their position is kinda uncomfortable plus the fact that they are just about the same height.
Jimin must’ve noticed his struggle so he moved, trying to give Yoongi easier access to his face. Yoongi sighs and bites his lips, he has one solution but he’s too shy to even do it. “Are you okay?” Jimin worriedly said.
Fuck it. Yoongi holds his breath as he leaned in and sits on Jimin’s lap. He hears the younger inhale sharply as his hands find their way on his waist, holding him firmly. “Is it okay?” Yoongi mumbles, voice comes out rather weak.
Jimin, who finally looked at him after being lost in deep trance, nods and gulps. “Yeah.” He hoarsely said.  Jimin’s eyes are rounded and his monolids blend with his eyes so well that Yoongi decides for a smokey eyeshadow to make it even more noticeable while maintaining the
natural makeup look at the same time. Yoongi observes Jimin’s face a little longer while the younger’s eyes are closed; the makeup didn’t do justice to Jimin’s face and Yoongi felt like it was illegal to stare at his beauty like this.
If he saw Jimin in a crowd, he would assume that Jimin is actually a God, dressed himself as a human to check on his creations. That’s Park Jimin’s beauty, alluring and dangerous. “Is it done?” Jimin asked while keeping his eyes closed.
Yoongi shrugs all his thoughts off and clears his throat before he gets off on Jimin’s lap. “Ah yeah, I’ll look for a mirror so you can see it.” But before he could walk away, Jimin’s voice stopped him. “No need.” “Huh?”
Jimin turns to him and glances at the huge mirror in his living room. Yoongi pouts and wishes for the ground to swallow him whole. Being with Jimin also means further embarrassment for Yoongi. "Oh right." Yoongi chuckles his awkwardness away.
Jimin stood up in front of the mirror, carefully checking his face. He turned to Yoongi as he smiled, "You were really great, feline boy." Yoongi shyly scratches his head as he stands beside Jimin. They're almost at the same height but Jimin is a bit taller by an inch.
"We look great together." Jimin hums softly but it's enough to send shivers down Yoongi's spine. "You think?" Yoongi giggles. "Yeah."
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Yoongi keeps glancing at the door of the university cafe every time someone walks in. He knows that seniors' lunches are 30 minutes ahead of juniors but he couldn't help but to wait for the younger. "Are you waiting for someone, hyung?" Namjoon said as soon as he noticed.
"You keep glancing at the door." "Ahh, nothing." He reasons. He couldn't say the reason why he's behaving like that or they'll know there's something going on between him and Jimin. Also, Yoongi doesn't exactly know if there is really something between them
or if it's just the heat of the moment. The whole cafe filled with noise as Jackson, one of Jimin's friends, welcomed the three juniors as soon as they entered the cafe. "Man, it's my birthday next week." Jackson cheered and fist bump with them.
"As usual, my favorite trio is invited." His loud laughs echoed to the whole room and the majority of the students' eyes lingered on them, including Yoongi. "Expect us, man." Jungkook answers and his gaze flies on their table but it immediately goes back
to Taehyung who's now speaking. Yoongi caught Seokjin staring at them as well. The older must've noticed his stares so he looks at Yoongi with curious eyes, "why?" Yoongi only shakes his head and grin meaningfully. When he was sure that Seokjin wasn't looking at him anymore,
his gaze searched for Jimin but the younger is too caught up with his friends to even spare him a glance and it somehow makes him feel a little tug in his chest. They were fine last night until this morning but then again, maybe that was just it.
They both benefited from what happened last night and of course who is he to assume that the SNU's most known bad boy would continue to talk to him?
Jimin could actually feel the tension at their table. It feels like something is going on between his two friends without his knowing. He can't even look at Yoongi because Taehyung would immediately sense it. "Care to tell me what the fuck is going on?" Jimin said in confusion.
Jungkook only scoffs and proceeds to eat like nothing happened. "Jungkook is flirting with Kim Seokjin." Taehyung said in a low voice but with conviction. Jimin is actually grateful that he's not chewing anything or else, he'll choke on what he heard. "Taehyung." Jungkook said.
"That's the reason why you're always busy, right? Because you're with him!" Taehyung accused him but still maintained the volume of his voice, after all they do not want further rumors. "What's it with you? Don't fucking give me the reason that they are your hyung's friend
because the fuck I care about your hyung?" Jimin straightens his back, Jungkook snapped and hell, he could sense this isn't going anywhere good. Taehyung didn't answer so Jungkook clenched his fist on the table, "what now? Cat got your tongue that you couldn't speak?"
Unlike Jungkook, Jimin knows exactly the reason why Taehyung couldn't answer his question. "You two, stop." He tried to get in between them but he just received death glares so Jimin kept his mouth shut. "Stop dating him."
Taehyung said, voice is marked with finality but Jungkook laughs sarcastically. "Stop telling me what to do." And with that, Jungkook left the university cafe, not even bothering to leave them a glance. "How do you know he was dating someone?" Jimin carefully opened the topic.
Taehyung sighs, "I saw his phone when we're together. Seokjin is messaging him." Jimin clicks his tongue and nods. "You know you couldn't stop him, right?" "I know." Taehyung puts down the spoon and looks directly at Jimin. "But why can't it be me?"
Jimin smiles sadly, sympathizing with his best friend's unrequited crush on Jungkook. "Because you're his friend." "Sucks to be me, I guess." Taehyung picked up his bag and walked away, leaving Jimin behind. The seniors' lunch is already over so he won't see Yoongi anymore.
Jimin pouts and rests his head on the table, he needs to talk to Yoongi, he needs his feline boy right now.
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Yoongi pouts as soon as Jimin settles on the couch. "So what makes you go here?" The younger chuckles and glances at him, "I told you I missed you." Yoongi thinks it must be Jimin's nature to be a natural flirt because how could he be so good at this?
Yoongi felt his ears and his cheeks heat up at the younger's bold words. "You didn't even spare me a glance at the cafe." Yoongi hums and sits beside him. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I really wasn't expecting my two friends to have a fight." Jimin guiltily smiles at him.
It's not that Yoongi's mad, he just doesn't like the idea of Jimin ignoring him after the sexting. "It's okay. Do you want to eat something?" Yoongi glanced at him and the younger leaned in to rest on his shoulder. Yoongi's breathing hitch as he feels how warm Jimin is.
"Anything. I'm not really hungry." Jimin hums and closes his eyes so Yoongi stayed still, with his chest thumping loudly. "Jackson invites me to his birthday." Jimin speaks after a few moments of silence. Yoongi furrowed his brows, why is he saying it to him?
"Hmm? You will go?" "Depends. Do you want to come with me?" Jimin opens his eyes and stares directly at Yoongi.  "What am I even gonna do there?" Yoongi chuckles. Going to such a party isn't his thing, especially that he doesn't know anyone there.
Parties are loud, one of his pet peeves. "Anything." Jimin chuckles. "Party would be better if I'm with you." "I'll see." Jimin's eyes light up at Yoongi's response. "It's not really my thing." "Don't be pressured to say yes. I just tried my luck to be with you at the party."
Yoongi pouts at Jimin's gentleness towards him. He wonders if Jimin is always like this to his past flings but he decides to shrug off the idea. It gives him a sour feeling to even think about Jimin's hookups because of the reputation Jimin has at school.
But if Yoongi were asked, the three juniors are actually nice. They just protect their peace by keeping their circle small, it's not entirely their fault that they are one of the most attractive students in SNU.
lunch !!!!
Seniors' lunch are always ahead of juniors to prevent the amount of people going in the university cafe at the same time but seems like some of the juniors don't care at the fact that they might be called to the guidance office if they didn't follow the school regulations —
and that includes the famous trio of SNU. Jimin and his friends having their lunch the same time as seniors is just a normal thing for the students since they do it frequently but what surprised them the most is when Park Jimin went directly to Min Yoongi's table.
"Hey, hyung." Jimin greets as soon as he sits down beside Yoongi. Hoseok, who's about to bite his food, freezes and looks at them dumbfoundedly. Even Namjoon, whose eyes are fixed on his syllabus most of the time, couldn't take his eyes off them. "Oh hey, Namjoon hyung."
Jimin smiles. Yoongi felt his ears heat up at the sudden attention they're getting. Surely, he could see some students whispering while looking in their direction. "Jimin." Taehyung calls, yet his eyes go directly to Kim Seokjin, who's also looking at him with dark eyes.
"Are we gonna join them today?" Taehyung said as he turned his gaze on his friend. "Ah, yes. It's up to the both of you if you also want to join us." Jimin said carefully. Jungkook is just behind them, looking at them silently.
Taehyung sits beside Hoseok and scoots closer to give Jungkook a space beside him but the younger leaves and drags an empty chair beside Seokjin. The crease on Hoseok and Namjoon's forehead deepens as they observe them.
Jimin doesn't have to check his friend just to see the pained expression on his eyes. Yoongi clears his throat to ease the tension. "Hello, Taehyung-ah and Jungkook-ssi." The two juniors nod acknowledging his greetings.
Jimin softly taps Yoongi's thighs under the table and when the older gazes at him, he pouts. "I told you, see you at lunch." He whispers. The atmosphere slowly becomes light as Hoseok's bright personality makes them laugh. As much as Yoongi wants to listen to them,
his mind is focused on Jimin's hand on his thighs as it slowly caresses him. Yoongi thinks Jimin is doing this on purpose but when their gazes would meet, the younger would just give him an innocent smile.
The bell rings which indicates that lunch is already over so they fix their things. Taehyung was the first one to stand up. "Where are you going, Tae?" Jimin asked. "Restroom." Taehyung shortly replied without looking back.
"My class is still later, want me to walk you to your next class?" Jimin suggests and Yoongi nods and looks at his friends. "Go, hyung. I'll take Hoseok with me to the library to return this book." Namjoon gently said and smiled at the two of them.
Yoongi notices Seokjin so he waves at him in which the older returns with a light smile. "Let's go." Yoongi said as Jimin followed him. They were just silent as they walked to the music dept. building. "Everyone would surely talk about you." Yoongi mumbles. "Why?"
"Because you're with me." Jimin chuckles and closes the distance between the two of them as his hands slowly wrap around Yoongi's waist. "Then let them talk." He whispers to his ears which send a shiver down Yoongi's spine.
They reached his room and Jimin was about to bid goodbye but Yoongi stopped him. "See you at the party." It took Jimin minutes to realize what Yoongi meant in his words and when it finally sink in, he laughed. "I'll pick you up." Jimin's last words before Yoongi goes inside.
time skip ; party !
did a thing
The party is loud, something Yoongi already expects. Thankfully, Jimin never leaves his side. They were with Jungkook and Seokjin earlier but the two went somewhere else, probably to dance. Yoongi doesn’t catch what Seokjin told him because of the loud music banging in his ears.
This party proves how opposite his world is compared to Jimin, there’s a lot of strangers trying to win Jimin’s attention but Yoongi wants to laugh at them because whenever there’s an attempt, the younger would just pull him closer indicating that Jimin isn’t interested with them
“How’s the party?” Jimin said after he came back with another glass of beer in both of his hands. “It’s great! Are you enjoying it?” Yoongi smiles fondly. The younger’s lips curl into a wide smile. “I’m with you. Of course, I am.”
Yoongi drinks the beverage in his hand and yawns. It’s already been two hours since they arrived at the party and he’s starting to feel sleepy. The younger must’ve noticed his tired expression because he immediately chugged down his beer and held his hand. “Wanna go home?”
He softly said, almost inaudible that Yoongi almost missed it if they weren’t too close to each other. “You seem to be enjoying the party. I could go home first.” Yoongi offers. It’s not like he would prevent Jimin from enjoying the party, it’s really not a problem for him.
Besides, he trusts the younger. “I’ll take you home.” Jimin beckons as he walks through the crowd of drunk strangers. When they successfully reach the garden of Jackson where there’s not many visitors, Yoongi sighs in relief.
“I would never get used to this kind of lifestyle.” He chuckles. Jimin walked beside him, the wind was softly blowing to their skin but the night was undeniably warm. “Yeah, I rarely see you interact with other people. You’re just always with your friends.”
Yoongi yawns again, “I’m definitely a Team Sleep. Socializing was never for me.” They reached Yoongi’s home despite walking slowly, Jimin thinks it’s because it’s too near to where the party is. “So..” Yoongi pouts, feeling the sinking feeling in his heart too.
“I’ll go inside now. I still have a shift tomorrow at the cafe.” Jimin nods, “Thank you for being with me even though it’s not your cup of tea.” “I still enjoyed it too and besides, Seokjin hyung is there too.” They fell into an awkward silence, just staring at each other,
probably waiting for one another to end the conversation so Yoongi could go inside and Jimin could go back to the party. “Goodnight?” Yoongi said. “Goodnight.” Before Yoongi could turn around, Jimin engulfs him into a tight hug.
It took him minutes before he responded and indulged himself in smelling Jimin’s scent — his perfume mixed with the scent of alcohol. Intoxicating and addictive. “I’ll see you at school then?” Jimin mumbles as he softly plants a kiss on Yoongi’s hair. “Yeah..”
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♡ — chapter closed.
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