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/‘And lastly..’/ /‘The most important..’/
Jeongguk takes a deep breath as he exits out of his office and finds Secretary Kim behind the reception desk working on his computer.
He’s wearing a fuzzy purple sweater today, the piece of clothing a couple sizes big that makes the omega look like he's drowning inside it. It was kind of cute, he looked soft.
A strawberry dangles in between two of his long fingers, the omega mindlessly turning the fruit around with one hand as he’s focused on his work before he brings it to his plump lips and bites it in half, the juice of the strawberry making his already pink lips even more pinker.
The alpha watches as the omega chews on it slowly, hyper aware of the sound of the other’s lips smacking quietly as he devours it, and quietly wondering if the omega’s lips were as soft as he looks as he stares at them.
The CEO halts in his steps as he realizes what he thought of and shakes it off as it was inappropriate to think of a subordinate like that. But then again, it was kind of okay since he was kind of trying to court him. Keyword: Kind of.
Jeongguk clears his throat as he goes to walk in front of Secretary Kim’s desk, making the latter look up and stand immediately to bow to him respectfully. Putting the uneaten part of the fruit on the container sitting on his desk.
“Sajangnim,” the omega greets with a warm smile before standing up straight. “Is there anything I can help you with?”
“Uhh,” Jeongguk says as he scratches the back of his head. A blush appearing on the apples of his cheeks as the advice Yoongi and Jimin gave him appears in his mind and thinks of a way to execute it.
Secretary Kim raises an eyebrow at him questioningly. “What is it?” he asks, concerned. Always in tune with the alpha. “You look flustered, Sajangnim.”
“It’s nothing, Secretary Kim,” Jeongguk says, clearing his throat as he does so to compose himself. “Why don’t you sit down? I only came here to chat.”
Secretary Kim gives him another questioning look before he finally takes a seat, eyeing the alpha wearily as he does so. “Uh, okay.” he says slowly. “What did you want to talk about?”
“Nothing, really.” Jeongguk says casually, stopping in front of his desk and resting his tattooed arm on top of it, flexing his muscles a little in the process. He swears it isn’t intentional.
He sees the omega, from the corner of his eyes, stare at his arm for a quick millisecond before they clear their throat and turn to face their computer. A blush creeping at the tip of his ears. Jeongguk smiles at that secretly.
“Alright,” Secretary Kim says, eyes trained on his computer. Fingers typing furiously on the keyboard. “Did you want to go over something with me before the meeting later?”
Jeongguk shakes his head. “Nope,” he says, resting both arms on the table this time. “Just wanted to talk about you.” “Me?” Secretary Kim asks, surprised. Switching his attention from his computer to the alpha in front of him. “Why would you want to talk about me?”
“Well, in case you forgot, I do want to court you, Secretary Kim,” Jeongguk replies easily. He sees the omega turn a shade of red as his words. “Naturally, I want to get to know you personally. Not just as Secretary Kim.”
“Oh,” Secretary Kim mumbles, fiddling with the rings on his fingers. “You still want to push through with that?” Jeongguk furrows his eyebrows at that. “Of course,” he tells him. “Why? Are you still not convinced?”
“Well,” Secretary Kim says hesitatingly, refusing to look him in the eye. Still playing with his rings.
Jeongguk’s eyes widened at that. “Didn’t you like the gifts?” he asks hastily. “Strawberries are your favorite, right? I could have sworn you told me that they’re your favorite.” “They are,” Secretary Kim smiles. “I probably have enough to last me for two weeks.”
“Were the compliments too much?” Secretary Kim gives him another weak smile. “A little,” he admits. “But it was sweet.”
“It was the staring,” Jeongguk mutters under his breath. “Fuck, I knew I should’ve kept them subtle, but I how am I supposed to give you all the attention if I can’t even smell you.”
Secretary Kim seems to hear his quiet debacle. “You were actually cute, Sajangnim.” he tells him, making the alpha blush this time.
He hears his secretary chuckle at his reaction and Jeongguk tries his best to play it off as nothing, only to fail as his entire face continues to turn into a shade of a tomato. He’s been called handsome countless times. Even sexy or hot or models and actors. But never -
“Cute,” Secretary Kim giggles, making the alpha look at the omega with his doe eyes wide. The omega has his chin resting on one of his palms, trying to hide a boxy grin behind it. He feels the skip thing inside his chest again.
“Secretary Kim,” he tries to say. “I’ll have you know that I was nominated as the hottest man alive last year.” “I know,” the omega chuckles. “I had to answer the interview for you because you had to go on that date with that omega Idol.”
Jeongguk groans at that. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” he whines, making the omega chuckle some more. The alpha likes the sound of it.
“I literally had to book myself for three months straight just so I can avoid going out on another date with her. Seriously, I can’t believe my mother set me up with that tissue paper.”
“I recall,” Secretary Kim replies. “I had to barricade the door a couple of times so she wouldn’t barge in unannounced.” “You did?” Jeongguk asks. He wasn’t aware of such an incident.
“More than a couple of times.” the omega sighs. “She’s quite persistent but lucky for you, your secretary is more persistent.” Jeongguk smiles at him. “I am lucky.” he says, smiling at him. “I was always lucky to have you.”
They find each other’s eyes and hold it for a few seconds as they let the weight of the alpha’s words linger in the air.
Jeongguk notices two things that he should have noticed some time in the last five years he and Secretary Kim have worked together. The first are the small moles littered all over the other’s skin placed in the most delicate parts of his face;
his left cheek, bottom lip and in one of his lower eyelids. There’s nothing really special about them, except for the fact that it perfectly highlights the features in the omega’s -- beautiful face.
The bread cheeks that make him look cute despite the strong jawline. The plump lips that are still red due to the strawberry he ate,
and his eyes that manage to somehow look at him softly, as if Jeongguk was someone precious, a look close to something akin to love despite the sharpness at the edges.
And the second -- his scent, that makes the alpha lean in close so he could get a whiff of it. The omega’s scent is barely there due to the scent blockers he’s wearing but Jeongguk manages to make it out. It’s a scent he smelled before.
He doesn’t recall when or where but he somehow associates it with safety. Home.
Jeongguk doesn’t even realize that he was inhaling deeply and that his own pinecone scent was being released in waves that made the omega’s already wide eyes widen.
He eyes the other’s scent glands peek from where the latter’s oversized sweater, the patch of skin inviting and he could feel his inner wolf’s tail wag at the sight.
“You smell like -” Jeongguk tries to say, but before he can complete his sentence, Secretary Kim shoves a strawberry inside his mouth, nearly choking him. He takes a step back, coughing. He didn’t even realize that he was in the omega’s space.
“Sajangnim,” Secretary Kim whines, alarmed. Standing up to hand him one of the bottles of water he had lying on his desk. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to -”
Jeongguk sees Secretary Kim walk to his side to rub circles at his back as the alpha downs the bottle of water in one go, still trying to recover.
Once he’s able to breathe through his mouth and the strawberry he was fed is in his stomach, he turns to look at the omega whose face is bright red, looking down at his feet in shame.
The alpha tries to step closer to him, only to find the omega taking a step back. Jeongguk frowns at that. “I’m sorry, Sajangnim.” the omega mumbles under his breath. Ashamed. “I saw what you were trying to do and I, I -”
Jeongguk sighs, his shoulders hanging in disappointment. “Don’t be, Secretary Kim,” he replies, stoic. An air of professionalism in his voice as he tries to compose himself. “I should be the one who should be sorry.”
Secretary Kim only looks at his feet, making Jeongguk turn to the direction of his office. “Cancel my meetings for the afternoon. I’m going home early.”
“Sanjangnim, wait,” he hears the omega call behind his back. Jeongguk stills in his steps as he waits for the other to continue. Holding his breath as he waits for what the other has to say only to sag in disappointment even more after he hears a faint,
“I’m sorry.” Jeongguk only nods.
» implied and mentioned mpreg
The office doesn’t smell like its usual pinecone anymore.
Three days have passed since Taehyung has last seen a certain wolf who smells like it. Three days since the last time he woke up at six o’clock to make sure he arrives at a certain CEO’s house on time -- not that he was complaining, the extra hours of sleep is very much welcomed,
but it has been three days. A whole seventy-two hours since he rejected a certain sajangnim's attempt in scenting him. And he, quite stupidly, misses it.
Taehyung remembers the incident vividly. The scent of pine cones coming in waterfalls, how his inner omega purred in anticipation at how the alpha was close to scenting him again, to being marked.
Taehyung remembers leaning in and nearly baring his neck in submission to present his scent glands before his human side, the more rational side, took over and handled the situation -- quite poorly, if he might add.
It’s not that Taehyung doesn’t like the alpha. He’s felt something for the alpha since the first time he saw him. But it wasn’t something as deep as to what he’s feeling right now.
Back then, it was merely a heat in his cheeks. A /thump thump/ in his chest. A butterfly in his tummy; versus now that it’s a fire in his bloodstream. A /boom boom boom/. A thousand fluttering butterflies.
Taehyung doesn’t even know how it came to that, all he knew was that sometime in the last five years working by the alpha’s side, things just escalated and now he’s here.
He guesses it’s why his inner omega has been whining in frustration at him, why he hears a growl-like sound in his ears whenever he looks at the empty office in front of him. It kind of makes him regret his decisions but Taehyung knew it was a decision he needed to make.
The alpha messaged him on the night he went home early, advising Taehyung that he didn’t need to come by his house and pick out his tie since he’ll be working from home.
The omega asked if there was anything he could do for him, if Taehyung needed to drop anything off from the office.
It was also a way he could reach out to him and apologize, only for the alpha to wave his offer off, saying he’ll get Director Min to get him all the things he needed.
At first, Taehyung was a little relieved at the thought of not seeing the alpha for the meantime. After the incident three days ago,
the omega could not help but feel a little embarrassed at the thought of nearly choking his boss to death because he was a little too close for Taehyung’s stupid heart to handle but after a whole seventy two hours with the alpha’s absence,
with other alphas -- alphas he did not like, getting into his space and attempting to woo him, he missed him and the security the pinecone that clung to his clothes gave him.
So he drowns himself in work to distract him, not paying attention to the unwanted company and the longing howl his inner omega is singing.
“Secretary Kim?” The sound of his name being called instantly makes Taehyung look up and stand to find Manager Kim in front of him with a folder in her hands.
“Manager Kim,” Taehyung replies in what he deems is a polite tone. “How can I help you today?” “Is Sajangnim still out of the office? she asks, looking in between the omega and the alpha’s empty office.
Taehyung swallows a sigh. “I’m afraid so, Manager Kim.” he replies amicably, causing the alpha in front of him to huff lightly.
“This is the first time I’ve seen him away for this long,” Manager Kim notes, placing the folder she has in her hands on top of the omega’s desk. “I wanted to give him my thirty day notice.”
“Notice?” Taehyung asks, taking the folder to review it. It’s a resignation letter. “Oh, you’re leaving?”
Manager Kim smiles at him sadly. Out of all the alphas Taehyung has worked with, Manager Kim was one of the most bearable. Mainly because she was already mated and had made no attempt to court the omega.
Any alpha who doesn’t get into his business with a good wolf in his books. Maybe he’s a little biased when it comes to a certain CEO but he won’t admit that out loud.
“Unfortunately.” she replies. “My mate is expecting twins and I think it’s finally time I take a step back and take care of them.” The omega smiles back at her. “Congratulations. You two must be excited.” he replies.
“We are,” Manager Kim says, grinning. “It’ll be our first and I don’t want to be stuck in the office all day and miss out on my pups’ firsts, you know?”
Taehyung nods at her, understanding since he’s an omega who longs to have and raise his own pups. He’s always told himself that the moment he finds out that he’s expecting, mate or not,
that he’ll take a step back from his hectic life to make sure his future pups will get the love and care that they need. It’ll probably be the only thing that could convince him to resign so he understands where Manager Kim is coming from.
“Of course,” Taehyung smiles as he gets up to get the alpha’s documents scanned so he could send them to their CEO. “I’ll send this Sanjangnim as soon as possible so it won’t be delayed.”
“I appreciate it, Secretary Kim.” the alpha beams before bidding he farewells and heading back to her office.
Taehyung brings the paper to where their scanners are at, waiting for the machine to load and taking a minute to stretch his legs. It’s barely a minute later when the omega’s nose catches a spicy and strong scent of cinnamon that makes him scrunch his nose in distaste.
Taehyung sighs. “Fancy seeing you here, Secretary Kim,” Manager Park Seojoon says with what the omega feels a permanent smirk embedded at the corner of his lips. He tries not to roll his eyes on him.
“Manager Park,” Taehyung replies in a stoic voice. Standing up straight as he watches the machine scan Manager Park’s documents. “We work here. Naturally, we’ll see each other here.”
He hears the alpha snort out a chuckle, making him curse the machine for taking ages to complete its task. He’ll have to talk to his boss about having their equipment updated, for now, he’ll have to deal with it. Like he always does.
“Always feisty, Secretary Kim.” Manager Park replies casually, taking a couple of steps closer to the omega and making Taehyung take a three steps away. “Or is it okay if I call you Taehyung?”
“Secretary Kim is fine.” Taehyung replies. The machine finally finishes the job, making him sigh in relief as he sends the documents to his email so he can forward it to Jeongguk. He steps out of the printing room and goes back to his desk.
Unfortunately though, the alpha follows him behind. Taehyung doesn’t hide his groan this time. “Is there anything I can help you with, Manager Park?” Taehyung asks stiffly as he takes his seat behind the desk.
Manager Park responds by placing a cup of coffee on his table. “For you,” he smiles. “I don’t drink coffee, Manager Park.” Taehyung smiles at him icily as he pulls up his email and searches for the files he needs to attach before sending it to Sajangnim.
“Oh,” he hears the alpha say dumbly, making the omega scoff lightly. “Well, what do you want then?” “I would like to be left alone to finish my tasks, Manager Park.” Taehyung replies in a clipped tone.
“Would you like one of those sugary drinks?” the alpha asks, ignoring his requests. “I saw Jeongguk give you those before.”
The omega gives him a piercing gaze. “That’s Sajangnim to you, Manager Park.” he corrects. “And no. As I said, I would like to be left alone to complete my tasks.”
“Some baked goods then?” Manager Park persists. “Do you need me to call our company clinic to get your hearing checked, Manager Park?” Taehyung says as he types his email, fingers clicking the keyboard with a little too force. “I said no.”
“Why not?” the other asks with an eyebrow raised. “You accept them from Jeongguk and everyone knows that that wolf has commitment issues. It would do you good not to keep your hopes up, Taehyung.”
“Again, Manager Park.” Taehyung says, frustration in his voice. “That’s Sajangnim and Secretary Kim to you. Don’t make me take corrective measures. I may just be a secretary but I know our CEO would not appreciate you addressing us casually in this professional setting.”
“You really do like being chased, Taehyung.” Manager Park smirks, pushing himself off of Taehyung’s desk. “I’ll make sure to bring the sugary drinks next time.”
He finally leaves the fuming omega alone to send his email with Taehyung calling, “That’s Secretary Kim Taehyung to you,” he calls to the alpha’s retreating back, typing and hitting his mouse with force as he sends the email to Jeongguk.
Taehyung takes a deep breath, whining quietly at the absence of pinecone and completely unaware of a major slip up that sent the alpha who received his email into turmoil.
drop off*
The office is in complete chaos to say the least. It started with a post from one of their rival electronic companies saying that they will be releasing a new mobile phone.
Usually, everyone in the office wouldn’t blink an eye at that since Jeon Corporation’s electronic line is the absolute best in the world. But the thing is --
“How the hell did they copy our next release?” Director Min Yoongi of the Electronic Department growls from the far end of the conference table, emitting the strongest scent of black coffee mixed with dominant alpha pheromones that had every wolf sitting up straight.
A mix of different scents instantly spike at the Director’s words coming from the alphas that were present in the meeting, the room smelling mixed alpha scents and Taehyung could not help but lift the clipboard he had on his hands to cover his nose at the intensity of it.
The incident happened around two hours ago, sending all the managers and directors inside the room they’re in to conduct the meeting. It was one of the most intense meetings Taehyung has had to sit in.
The omega tries to breathe through his mouth and tries not to let it show that he’s affected. That he’s strong as he sits by the wall that's a little far from the wolves discussing, to take notes for his boss.
But as time continued to drag on, and the different scents in the room only continued to battle in the small room, Taehyung could not help but slightly fidget in his seat. It also doesn’t help that he’s the only omega in the room.
“I swear I don’t know what happened, Director-nim,” one of the managers says. “My team and I have been checking our systems since we heard the news to check if there was breach but found nothing.”
“Well keep looking,” Director Min retorts, eyes blazing with anger. “We’ve been developing that piece of thing for months and they’re releasing the /exact/ same thing. That is not a fucking coincidence.”
“Does that mean that we need to reschedule the release of ours then?” the Marketing Director asks, his tone annoyed. He was always known as the most short tempered amongst the other directors. Everyone says it’s because his omega mate left him. “Or is it okay to proceed?”
“We need to cease the release,” Director Park Jimin tells him, clicking the pen he has on his hands. “At least until we check all the legal records to make sure we came up with the design and specs first otherwise we’ll be looking at a potential lawsuit.”
“But we already announced it,” the Marketing Director, Director Jeong, rebuts. “We’ve already spent a total of fifty million won in just marketing the gadget alone.”
“If we proceed without proper research, Director-nim,” Director Park replies in a seemingly angelic voice but his alpha dominance is emitted in waves. “Then we’ll be spending much more than that and I don't think Sajangnim would want that. Don't you think?”
Director Jeong seems to take that as a challenge as his own cedarwood scent challenges the HR Director’s own burnt caramel scent. Their eyes staring at each other, as if daring the other to bite back.
The air in the conference hall is tense. Charge with pheromones and alpha scents. Taehyung’s inner omega is distressed to say the least. It’s currently scratching its nails on the walls, wanting to get out as it’s sensing danger amongst the alpha that surrounded Taehyung
-- but the latter tries to sit still with his back straight, trying to prove to the wolves in the room that regardless of being an omega, he can stand his ground and can take their awful pheromones.
But he has to admit, he’s feels like he's been sitting at the edge of his seat and has been eyeing the exit every couple minutes whenever the room would reek with even more alpha pheromones.
It actually irks Taehyung why his wolf is currently uneasy -- why /he’s/ uneasy. He’s no stranger to alphas losing their tempers during their meetings since it was somewhat the norm. He’s always been able to sit through them easily with only just a scrunch of his nose.
He supposes that it’s the nature of the meeting, the suddenness and the urgency of it, are causing alphas in the mood to be in a more challenging mood and is behind the spikes of their scents.
But at the back of Taehyung's mind, he feels like it’s something else. Like there’s something missing that has always kept him protected from these unwanted pheromones, these unwanted scents.
He eyes the empty chair in front of him longingly and tries to stifle a sigh, as Director Min joins in on the two alphas’ tense debacle.
“Park, Jeong,” he chides. Taehyung sees Director Min look in his direction. “Keep your pheromones down. We have an omega here.”
Director Park seems to consider Director Min’s words as his alpha caramel scent slowly dwindles, but the fire in his eyes remains blazing.
Director Jeong scoffs though. “Kim can take it,” he waves off. Pheromones still high. “Right?”
Taehyung immediately nods at him. “Yes, sir,” he tries to say in a confident tone but it comes out breathless since he hasn’t been breathing through his nose for the past hour already. "I can."
Director Min seems to observes this and goes to release some comforting alpha pheromones in the omega’s way, which Taehyung appreciated. But it wasn’t enough. It didn’t satiate his distressed wolf as much as he preferred. His omega craved something different.
“Geez,” Director Park spits back. “I know Sajangnim is gone but that doesn’t mean that you get to act like the big bad wolf. And regardless, even if Secretary Kim can take that repulsive scent of yours, there’s this thing called being considerate. We are in an office after all.”
“Well, Sajangnim kept him around for a reason, don’t you think?” Director Jeong scoffs as he looks at Taehyung, making the omega bow his head, refusing to meet the challenge in the alpha’s eyes. “I don’t really care if it bothers him. All I care about is fixing the damn problem.”
“Then calm down, Jeong.” Director Min chides. Eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. “Your short temper is not gonna fix it. So I suggest we go back to the main problem and think of solutions.”
“Secretary Kim,” Director Park says. Taehyung looks up to find a sympathetic look on the alpha’s eyes. He also sees Director Min looking at him calculatingly. “Have you heard from Sajangnim? Is he aware of the situation?” the alpha asks him.
Every wolf, every alpha, in the room turns to look in his direction. Their scent and pheromones now directed his way. Taehyung gulps.
“I -” the omega tries to say, trying to collect himself. “I sent him an email as soon as I got word of it, Director-nim, but he hasn’t responded yet. I also called his phone several times but he hasn’t answered or called back.”
Some of the alphas, Director Jeong included, clicks their tongues at him. Taehyung starts to fiddle with his rings and sends a prayer of thanks that he’s wearing a fresh pad of scent blockers that’s effectively hiding his /distressed/ scent.
“Did you try reaching him again?” Director Jeong asks, eyebrows furrowed. “I did, sir.” the omega replies respectfully. “I tried calling his phone seven times but no answer.”
“You’re his secretary,” the alpha bites back, making Taehyung feel small. “Isn’t it your job to make sure Sajangnim is updated in a timely manner? My secretary, an /alpha/, has me informed the second something comes up. You’re the CEO’s secretary. You’re expected to do better.”
He wants to answer, to bite back. Taehyung knows that he’s damn good at his job. He knows that Sajangnim knows it too.
But he also knows that he’s only going to get himself in trouble if he does so, and without Sajangnim around, the omega is sure that he'll only be getting more than he can chew. The alpha /is/ a director after all, and he’s merely just a secretary.
So he bows his head in shame, in disappointment at himself, and apologizes under his breath. Trying to bite his tongue at the process as he fiddles with the rings on his fingers.
Director Jeong isn’t satisfied with the omega’s apology though and continues to berate him, ignoring the warnings coming from both Director Park and Director Min. Obviously letting his temper and distaste towards omegas to get the better of himself.
“You’ve been working here even before Sajangnim became the CEO,” he continues to say, his scent strong and the tone of his voice is accusing. “You’d think that by now you’d be on top of everything.”
“You’re getting too personal, Jeong.” Director Min grunts. “What?” Director Jeong says with a raise of his eyebrow. “It isn’t personal. I’m just saying that Sajangnim should be here but he isn’t all because this /omega/ couldn’t do his job right.”
Taehyung’s bottom lip begins to quiver but he attempts to hide it by looking down on his lap, his fingers fiddling with his rings as the scent of cedarwood envelopes the whole room.
He’s resisting the urge to either bite back at him or run away. Trying to will his inner omega to stand its ground and not be intimated by the burst of dominance coming from the alpha.
But that’s not how nature works and he feels instantly small at the way the alpha is lashing his tongue at him. He takes a few breaths of air but manages to get a whiff of the combined /alpha/ scents and regrets it immediately as his wolf is triggered by it.
“I- I’m sorry, Director-nim,” Taehyung tells him. A crack in his voice. “I can leave and try calling him again.”
“That's fine, Secretary Kim,” Director Min says soothingly, still permeating calming black coffee scented pheromones. “It’s no use continuing the meeting since none of these wolves had come up with a solution. Everyone's just angry at this point.”
“And with the absence of Sajangnim,” Director Park adds. “We really can’t move forward since we need his approval before executing anything first.”
Taehyung nods at them but the shame bubbling at the pit of his stomach continues to boil. It was his job after all to make sure his boss was at the top of everything.
“Yeah they’re right.” Director Jeong sighs. “No use continuing since you couldn’t do your job, Secretary Kim.”
Taehyung purses his lips at that. His hands clenched into fists at the alpha’s demeaning words. The intensity of the pheromones in the room may be uncomfortable, but he's the type of wolf who wouldn't take shit from anyone. Pheromones be damned.
“With all due respect, sir,” Taehyung replies in a quiet yet confident tone. Willing his inner wolf to stand up for himself. “I did my job right. It isn’t my fault that Sajangnim is preoccupied with something else and that couldn’t be here.”
“So aside from being a worthless omega,” Director Jeong replies in a tone that's mixed with icy amusement and irritation. “You also do not know how to respect your superiors and wolves with higher ranks?”
“That was not meant to come across as disrespect, sir.” Taehyung retorts. Feeling more confident. “I was merely just explaining myself.”
He sees the alpha stand at his words and slowly approach him. Director Min and Director Park copies him and also walks to stand by the omega's side to act like some sort of shield as the emitted calming pheromones.
“You dare answer back?” he growls. Cedarwood spiking and emitting a strong burst of dominating pheromones that instantly washes away the calming pheromones that were coming from both Director Min and Director Park. “Isn’t that insubordination?”
“I -” Taehyung tries to reply but his words come out as a whine since the scent of the other wolf is overbearing. “I- wasn’t trying to be defiant, sir. I was just -”
“Listen here, Kim,” the alpha spits, taking a few steps towards him. “Everyone here in the room, every alpha here, has no time to listen to some disrespectful omega run their mouth. So submit now before I file an incident report.”
Taehyung stands his ground. He’s trying to collect his thoughts to answer back in a professional way but the overbearing scent, the strong pheromones are getting too much and is clouding his head.
He sees Director Min and Director Park try to push the angry alpha back, telling him to get a grip and to calm down only for the alpha to push them off.
Taehyung is looking at the ground, trying to block his nose from the scent, to calm his inner omega down but his attempts were futile. Until -
“What the fuck is going on here?” A strong booming voice says that instantly breaks the start of the fight from the three directors, and immediately making Taehyung less tense.
Taehyung finally breathes in through his nose as the scent of pinecone engulfs the room.
The room instantly stills at the sound of a /certain someone’s/ voice, only the sounds of heels clicking on the carpeted floor is heard as this /certain/ alpha fully enters the room.
The scent of pinecone is practically enveloping Taehyung, but not in a way that is unwelcomed.
If anything, the omega embraces it and bathes in it despite the pheromones being thick with dominance to fight off the other scents that occupy the room. Taehyung looks up and stifles a gasp as he sees him.
He’s wearing the usual minus a tie with his hair brushed up, revealing his undercut and the CEO’s strong furrowed eyebrows. The threatening scowl on his face directed at everyone -- well, everyone except Taehyung.
“Sajangnim,” all the wolves in the room echoed, all bowing down to show him respect, Taehyung included.
The omega hears the alpha walk further inside the room, not bothering to answer and feels him stop in front of him. Pinecone stronger now.
“Secretary Kim,” Sajangnim says in a stern voice, but Taehyung hears the concern in them. The care. “Stand up straight. Your back must be uncomfortable.”
Taehyung nearly cries out in relief and in longing as he hears the words spoken by the CEO; words that were uttered in a hushed tone but loud enough for just the omega to hear, tone woven with sternness and alert but there's an underlying softness in them that Taehyung catches.
He stands up straight at Sajangnim’s words, with the rest of the other alphas' still bowing down towards their direction as they wait for the CEO to acknowledge them.
Taehyung looks at soft eyes. Soft doe eyes he missed in the last five days they were apart and stifling a relieved sigh as he does so.
It's kind of funny, Taehyung thought. It's funny how it's only been five days, and yet it felt as if the alpha was gone for longer; and it wasn't like they were always stuck to the hip -- okay, maybe they were, --
-- but there were days when the alpha needed to go and do some personal matters alone without Taehyung by his side that stretched on for days; but there was something about their short separation this time around that definitely made Taehyung ache to be by Sajangnim’s side.
Of course, it had something to do about the last time they saw each other, which Taehyung was adamant on clearing before everything goes to shambles.
And knowing Sajangnim and his nature to not speak his mind and make Taehyung guess everything, the omega figured that he’d have to make the first step to make that happen.
But in that moment, those thoughts were pushed to the very back of his head as round bambi eyes meet sharp yet soft eyes.
“You okay, Secretary Kim?” Sajangnim asks quietly, his piercing yet unbelievably gentle eyes directed at him. Focused on him. He can sense the alpha trying to tap into their telepathy.
Taehyung nods and breathes in again through his nose, taking as much of the pinecone scent he missed before replying, “I'm good, Sajangim. Thank you for coming.”
Sajangnim nods in return and emits a comforting bout of calming pinecone scented pheromones before he tears his gaze away from him and turns his attention to face the wolves who were still bowing in their direction.
“Get back to your seats before you piss me all off,” Sajangnim threatens, his tone sharp and instantly sending every wolf in the conference hall rushing back to take their seat. Not bothering to look in the CEO’s direction since there’s a hint of murder in his eyes.
Director Jeong was just about to take his seat when Sajangnim called his attention, “Jeong,” Sajangnim says in a calm yet deathly tone as he takes the notes that Taehyung wrote down and takes his designated seat at the end of the table. “Get out of here.”
The conference room immediately falls silent at his words as the Marketing Director looks at a seemingly calm Sajangnim.
Taehyung sees the alpha suck in a breath and looks from him to the CEO, making the omega slightly fidget in his seat but he still feels safe regardless. He knows he is.
“Sajangnim?” Director Jeong asks, confused. Shooting an eyebrow up at him questioningly. “Is my presence in the meeting not needed?”
The CEO scoffs. “More like your presence in /my/ company,” Sajangnim replies nonchalantly before he finally looks up from the omega’s notes to give the alpha a hard gaze. “You're fired.”
Strong alpha pheromones must’ve risen at the CEO’s words but Taehyung wouldn't know since all he could smell is the pinecone scent that the alpha in front of him is permeating,
the scent that’s practically embracing his body as if to protect, to keep safe. His inner omega purrs at the thought of it.
“Under what grounds?” Director Jeong retorts, sitting up straight. “I was just disciplining your secretary, Sajangnim. It was his responsibility to make sure that you were informed of urgent matters in a timely manner, --
-- plus I didn't appreciate his tone with me when he answered back disrespectfully.” Sajangnim scoffs again and Taehyung could practically see him roll his eyes at the other alpha even though he was sitting behind him.
“First and foremost Director Jeong, Secretary Kim does /not/ need to be disciplined, /you/ actually need it more than anyone else in this room,” Sajangnim replies in an icy tone.
“My secretary did his job, in fact, out of everyone who texted and alerted me in this whole company, it was Secretary Kim’s countless messages that made me rush outside my house to get here. It’s why I couldn’t respond to anyone. --
-- He even alerted the chairwoman, /my mother/, even before everyone else could think of it. Something none of you alphas could do because he’s the best at what he does.”
Taehyung flushes at the CEO’s words, his inner wolf purring more in content at the indirect praise the alpha gave him.
“And second of all, under what grounds, you ask?” Sajangnim continues, sitting up straight and taking a dominant stance as his scent encompasses the whole room, but not in a way that Taehyung found discomforting.
“You just berated him for being an omega. I don't fuck around with that shit. Tell me, what's under clause 7 of the code of conduct?”
No one answers him. The other alphas in the room looked at each other for answers. The Marketing Director stays stiff in his seat as he looks at the CEO. “Anyone?” Sajangnim asks the room. The corner of Taehyung’s lips twitch at the alpha’s question before answering,
“Clause 7 states that any discriminatory act shown towards a certain person or group on the basis of age, gender, race, place of origin,” the omega says, feeling empowered. “Or /rank/ is deemed automatically terminated.”
The CEO chuckles at him. “Like what I said,” he says. “The best at his job.”
Director Jeong pales at that. “But sir,” he argues, a hint of desperation in his voice. “I didn’t intend to discriminate. It was nothing personal.”
“Oh really?” Sajangnim says, raising his eyebrows at him. “I could have sworn you called my secretary a disrespectful /omega/, or did I misheard?”
He sees Sajangnim turn into the direction of the two other directors present in the room. “You heard right, Sajangnim.” Director Park says, a hint of a smile in his tone with Director Min nodding in confirmation.
“There you go,” Sajangnim says, finality in his tone. “Clear your desk and I’m sure Director Park can take care of your exit and send you your final pay. Thank you for your service.”
The Marketing Director stays rooted in place at the CEO’s words, lips opening and closing as if trying to pick out the right words.
Sajangnim looks up from the files once more and gives him an icy stare. “Do you not want a graceful exit?” he says, leaning both his elbows on the table. “Do you want me to put in your records that you were terminated due to discrimination?”
The other alpha purses his lips at that and shakes his head, before he shamefully gets up from his seat and slowly makes his way out the door.
The remaining alphas in the room stay mute as the CEO nonchalant starts reviewing the files that Taehyung gave him, as if it was completely part of his day to day routine to fire someone who’s worked for the company for more than twenty years.
Taehyung on the other hand is bowing his head but not out of shame but with the intention of hiding the shit eating grin on his lips. “So,” Sajangnim finally says, looking up from the file with a stoic look on his face. “What solution have you thought of so far?”


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