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Oct 7, 2021
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#taekookau Jungkook likes his very old fashioned professor.

- short au - crack - this is fiction - don’t take the “old jokes” too seriously - university professor taehyung - university student jungkook - the profs are 29 bc I can the first two tweets are inspired from:
4 *flashbacks of when I created Facebook just to ask about my science project*
19 🐰 angered 🥸
25 student of the year
The exam is rough. Jungkook feels like his head is spinning by the time he finishes. After Mr. Kim finished reading his essay yesterday, they both talked for a little longer and the professor admitted he did not make the exam any harder, instead left it as the curriculum asked.
Thankfully, Jungkook did stay up until late studying. He even did video call with Jimin and Yoongi so they could ask each other questions. Regardless, the exam was horrible and all he wants to do is hide under his blanket and cry himself to sleep.
The class ends and no matter how much his friends try to get him to leave his seat, Jungkook stays there, face on the table, arms over his head. He whines onto his notebook and mumbles for his friends to leave, that they are allowed to, so they do.
Jungkook feels the chair beside him being pulled back, a hand softly landing over his back. It pats him twice before trying to remove his bangs from his face, index finger pointed and carefully touching his face. "I failed it," Jungkook murmurs to his professor. "So bad. Sorry."
Taehyung sighs and leans back. Jungkook follows his movements and watches what he does. He takes out the five page exam, the name "Jungkook" right on the top. "Let's go through it." Jungkook—with his head pounding and his eyes become wet—asks, "Really?" "Yep. Come on."
Taehyung is known for this. He's one of the kindest teachers to ever be on campus, which is why most students adore him. He doesn't mind helping them—doesn't mind giving extra classes. He's kindness is what also had Jungkook falling into a deep crush. Taehyung is wonderful.
"The multiple choice is almost perfect. It's the essay section you did poorly." Jungkook bites his nails, nodding his head. "I think you were so pressured at finishing your other professor's essay, that you were not, well, pressured enough to do well on this one." "I'm sorry."
A small giggle comes out of Taehyung's lips with a shake of his head. He squishes Jungkook's shoulder before carefully ripping the essay section from the staple. "No need to apologise. Work a little harder on it next time." Taehyung passes the paper to him. "Take it, ok?"
Jungkook's eyes widen as he holds onto the paper. "Are you kidding? Prof—" Taehyung shakes his head, a wider smile on his face. "Call me Taehyung. We're already friends in Facebook." Then he stands up and walks backwards. "Bring the essay on Monday. I expect only perfection!"
The student watches him turn around, tall frame and broad shoulders heading back to his seat. His heart is pounding like crazy, hands shaking because Taehyung just—holy shit. Taehyung just gave him a second chance and touched his shoulder and hair. How will he get over this?
“Stop!” Jimin throws himself on top of Jungkook and forces him to drop the phone on the bed. “Don’t let him go! Continue talking to him, dummy!” “But what do I say?!” “Tell him to stay! Ask him what he’s doing.” Jungkook nods nervously and takes the phone again.
It's right after lunch, maybe a few hours later. Jungkook is already lost in time with all the thoughts inside his head. The cafe is quite empty, except for a few teenagers sitting near the windows. Jungkook immediately spots Taehyung sitting alone, a book open.
Jungkook rushes over, whispers a "hello" before sitting down. Taehyung smiles at him, hair falling over his eyes as he places his bookmark in between the pages, then silently closes the book. "Hello, Jungkook." He scoots a little closer, arms crossed. "How are you today?"
"I'm—great! Yeah, definitely." Jungkook scratches the tip of his nose with his sweater covered hand. "So, should we order something? Or have you already ordered?" "No, no. I was waiting for you, actually." Jungkook's eyes widen. "Am I late? Did I make you wait?" "Not at all."
They share a shy smile and stand up, heading for the counter. Taehyung is already taking out his wallet. He places his hand under Jungkook's elbow, as if telling him to not take out his own. "Is there anything you want?" Taehyung asks while pointing at the menus.
"Don't worry, I'll order my own." Jungkook says, completely ignoring his eyes. "I can pay for yours by the way. I invited you here, anyway." "But it's /my/ exam you failed." Taehyung laughs adorably, covering his boxy smile. "I'll pay, don't worry. Do you like muffins?"
So they end up ordering three different muffins, all different flavours and to share. Yes, you read that right—share. Both are spooning on them, either giggling or gagging. Their drinks are completely different; Taehyung has tea while Jungkook orders a caramel coffee.
Their table is full of papers, books, and pens. Taehyung sips from his tea before pointing over to a highlighted section of the text book. He explains a few things to the student, but he can barely pay any attention. Taehyung is way too close. His long lashes are distracting.
"So, the change in required reserve regula—Jungkook, are you listening to what I'm saying?" Taehyung's glasses slide down, almost to the end of his nose. Jungkook, instead of replying, nods with a soft hum and pushes Taehyung's glasses back to their place. "Yes I am."
The wide smile that appears on Taehyung's face is out of this world. He looks up at him, hand dropping the pen on the book as he straightens up. "You're not paying attention." He says it like a statement, and Jungkook can't do anything but agree. "I'm not." "Neither am I."
It catches Jungkook off guard. He tilts his head with confusion, an eyebrow raised. Taehyung takes a sip of his tea and then takes a spoon from the muffin. He scrunches his nose. "This one is yucky." "Mr. Kim—" "—Taehyung." Taehyung swallows, takes another sip. "What is it?"
Many thoughts run through Jungkook's mind. Questions that go from "Why did you agree to come?" to "Did I make you distracted the same way you distracted me?" But he stays quiet, drops his eyes to Taehyung's lips and licks his own. To his surprise, Taehyung does the same.
Not even a second later, Jungkook is leaning over the table and kissing Taehyung right on the lips. He almost misses and kisses his chin, but it's thanks to his professor (and now friend) that he doesn't miss, because Taehyung is who grabs his chin and makes sure their lips meet.
It lasts for a few seconds. It's soft and so, so nice. Taehyung smiles while he kisses, rubs his thumb over Jungkook's cheek, hums as if he's having a blast. When he leans back he pinches Jungkook's cheek and pecks him one last time. It's confusing but adorable.
"Were you planning on kissing me?" Jungkook asks while being a little out of breath. "A little," Taehyung admits with red cheeks. "It's like the email. Of course I sent it because class is boring without you." "So you do admit it!" Jungkook exclaims. "I knew it!"
Taehyung bursts out laughing. His attitude outside of chat is completely different, ten times cuter and sweet. He pokes Jungkook's hand before taking a hold of it; such an adorable shy gesture for a twenty-nine year old. "Do you like me?" Jungkook asks. "Of course."
All Jungkook can do is smile. He's always had a feeling that Taehyung felt a little more for him. His attention would always be on him, he would always ask how he's doing, would always look over at him during exams or working hours. Jungkook's cute as fuck of course he knew.
"Well, I like you too. Obviously." Jungkook holds his hand back just as tight. "And I promise to keep whatever this is as professional as possible." Taehyung smiles thankfully. "You're my boyfriend, then?" "If you want me to be." Taehyung nods and leans over to kiss him again.
49 time skips bc this is a short au
— the end 🥸
This short au became so long, I apologise. I hope you enjoyed it and laughed. I haven’t done an au in a while so I’m very happy at the interactions and love it received, seriously thank you ilysm 💗


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