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Oct 7, 2021
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#taekookau On the strongest of his days, Taehyung had decided he isn't going to hold Jungkook back anymore. On the worst of his days, Jungkook found out that Taehyung isn't going to hold him anymore.

okkkaaay stopping here for now lets not even act surprised that this oneshot is going to be a full fledged emotional potpourri au (WHICH I PROMISE I'M FINISHING TOMORROW)
Missed tags bc small brain big tk — angst with happy ending — hurt-comfort — taekook in love bc what else ever? interactions heavily appreciated 🥺🤲🏻
So same and so different
A tiny random old chat during work hours
Hiii thank you for sparing your time!! its 2 am i have work tmr but fck that lets write tk 🥲🔫 Also how do my 2 liner brain drafts become 2k words on the computer😭 this is so much longer than i had initially thought.
meanwhile during the days...
gracias por leer *dramatic bow* i shall see you tomorrow. Same place, same time (hopefully)
*AAAAND SCENE* This will be called "The Intermediate."
Even if not intended so, this is my first long(er) complete twitter au. Thank you for sparing your time :) Feedbacks and interactions will be highly highly appreciated! [I will link below whenever I refine and repost this on ao3]
Find me here :}
These are a few tweets from them while on separate roads. I chose not to post them bc it didn’t seem necessary but now i will dump this here


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